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  1. I like #1. It could be even that you "touch" the shrine, altars, statues, etc, and that makes the key "clink" into your inventory, by chance as set in MCM, different chance for exotic. There would be a cool down on touching the same things again. Problem with #2 is that its too easy to just spam casting, and then it becomes tedious. Does not cause you to explore the world. Not gonna make either of those 2 mods a requirement, can learn from them if I get stuck. ummm, nooooo
  2. I did not reply right away because been thinking on it, and I like it. But I think it belongs in a separate content mod, not as a base feature of the framework. There is really 2 categories of obtaining your unlocking based freedom, one is finding a key, and the other is all the other different ways of obtaining a key which all tend to be a service/interaction with an NPC. I need a "finding keys" idea that would be new.
  3. Had a crazy thought on swimming. I can't stop the PC from going into the water and swimming, but I CAN, likely, do harm, like as if they are drowning, while swimming (would be taking their HP away fast), if they are arms tied. That could be even better than preventing swimming . You'd have a chance to try and get out of the water before you drown to death, or you could try and traverse a short river, making it, just barely alive. Difficulty setting in MCM of course! Maybe the condition would be arms tied (either the arm binding or hard core magical is active), or if there is some o
  4. I can tell you that If I had all the gold, I sure as heck would not have made this stupid rule. Who do you figure has the gold?
  5. Yes. The DD animation filter will still result in nothing playing, but less often. We are not forcing an animation filter in Toys for that, and other reasons.
  6. It has a very light requirement list. But what you are talking about is not mods required, but animation packs. You still want animation packs with 3-some 4-some, but you can get that just by including the pack from Funnybiz. SLaV for Toys will be out pretty soon.
  7. Save cleaning tools help, but the save corruption will eventually creep in. If you follow that headless horseman to his home, you will find one of the secret Nocturnal statues of SLaV (if SLaV is installed).
  8. That's a really good comprehensive list. Sound - check. We have that for bells and chains. Not for heels. Coming for gags. Heavy breathing? well that's in the Exhausted Effect at least Expressions - Ok will work with Audhol I can see he already has ideas. I just need trigger points that make sense Limitations - Slow is planned and coming, Can't use hands is done and will be doing even more with it. No swimming... I don't know a way to prevent it. Trust me, if I find a way, I would do it ! This if ever, would be after V1 Tats - problematic. Hard to get right. Sl
  9. Its script for expressions, like how the Mouth Open Wide effect works now. Optional restrictions are fine. Its up to the mod author. Toys will support both softcore and hard core play styles
  10. This would be a good feature for when using keys, and Toys does not do that for atm. I've added it to my to do list, its very doable. For other escape methods in toys, order would not matter, for example falling off when hit in combat, and blown off by your orgasm, these would never require that your hands are untied first.
  11. I have a feeling, the Toys Mouth Open Wide Effect is conflicting with something else, because that's not my open wide, wideness.... its too wide! Something else must be doing that. What you got installed there? Or any chance you are trying to NOT start a new game? Because that too, has some chance of impact. Because expressions are famously interfered with, I have a periodic update that will fix. This is also needed when you load into the game. Technically Toys never DID cause such insanity, given that Alpha 2 is the first Toys release to do armbi
  12. You should find that fixed now, in Alpha 2
  13. Looking at this does crazy things to my mind. I can't look! Stop it!
  14. *nods innocently* Yes, maybe Audhol will post what he's working on. The melting, or transform could be that the "bra" part either adds, or goes away, or changes. I'm too innocent to look at your pics, but you and Aud might be able to come up with a proper plan. As for the rest of your post, I looks like you are having too much fun. Brings a whole new meaning to the saying "nice tail!".
  15. As far as I know, DD does not distribute keys. You have other mods doing that. Or do I have that wrong? This is an idea for removal services. For a feature built into the framework we need something more generic, and not having the feel of a quest, since a framework is not a quest mod. Randomly found in chests is an example method, but I want to think outside of that "box". Great example for a quest mod. No mod that is a plugin with script, can be safely uninstalled, unless its the last mod in your load order (and a framework never is). In all cases
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