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  1. It's not from SLaVE. Toys does "fondle thyself" which can look similar, but does not have anything to do with being nekid. I know the feature you mean, its from another mod, but I forget which. Maybe DCL. Anyone else know? Oh yes we have big plans for Toy Story. The quest is a "tribute to Zed" (the original lost mod of DD3/pre-DD3). Not a copy, but a tribute, and that's all I'm gonna say
  2. You running LE or SE? People in Toys Discord are saying they can't help me test because its known that Sisterhood CTDs in the temple all the time (only for SE).
  3. ok so problem solved? I don't have something wrong in Toys to worry about?
  4. I don't see how SLaVE can block dialogue, or how it's gone unreported in so many years. SLaVE does not use the same NPCS. You see Hamal for example, out in the world, but she's a clone. Not only that but dialogue from one mod does not block from others. I'm not saying its not possible, but let's see if it recreates without SLaVE like you are already doing. EDIT: ok so it does not recreate without SLaVE. I will try to figure it out. That's a necessary unsolvable reality of the statue "hanging/asphyxiation" it uses. It's listed in the troubleshooting, and
  5. Sisterhood is listed as a mod conflict for SLaVE, in Troubleshooting, Mod Conflicts. Its also in the install instructions on on the main page, saying to place SLaVE after Sisterhood in the load order (otherwise you won't be able to do the Shrine Love Quest). In other words, Its expected that SoD breaks SLaVE, if in the wrong load order. This has been known and stated over 4 years and you are the first to find that conflict can happen in the opposite direction. I suppose this could be due to some recent updates within SoD. So I'd like more details please. Is SoD before or af
  6. Did you start a new game after first installing Toys? If no, its likely the problem. Have you followed the Golden Rule? If no, its likely the problem. Because crashing would need something like that. Note that Toys, Toy Story, and SLaVE have no role to play in "when character says I can take of you". I don't know that that means but would assume its something in Troubles of Heroine?
  7. Unregistered toys like that will cause more problems than just stripping. As was suggested by another user, I plan to make quest books/notes un-drop-able, till the quest is done, so discarding them wont always be possible. I'd suggest that using Project Porteous is just a bad idea, and would be a big mess for other mods like DD, where those toys (Devices) would be left in a worse state, not so easily fixed.
  8. Initially the dialogue failed because Monilee was already in a conversation with Auryen That's a good thing, not a fail! I know you meant that but its worded kinda like its bad. Observed SLaVE/Toys successfully prevent a save attempt by a third party mod (CASM auto-save manager) while an animation was playing. OWNED!
  9. Now that Toys has released HERE this thread is redundant and will no longer be used.
  10. Go HERE this thread no longer used. Toys has Toy Story; and Shout Like a Virgin Evolved, using it so far. There's a new mod for it coming soon that distributes keys and toys, which should be out before we exit beta. There's also a Classic Toy Box coming very soon
  11. Do you remember at what point in the Toy Story quest this happened? There's a point during the quest when they ARE removed, and so if you looked then, this would be working at expected. If you don't mind, I'd love it if you could try and recreate the "no toys shown in the worn toys tab" (going back to an earlier save) and grab a screenshot, and even better, grab the papyrus log to share if you are familiar with doing that (the "how to" is in the FAQs). But first, can you confirm... did you start a new game after you first installed Toys? If no, that's a requirement
  12. Toy Boxes, MCM Interface Teaser The next release includes the Toy Box feature. This is like animation packs without the need for any SLAL-like tool. Instead of loading up animation packs, you are loading toys, just by installing them with your mod manager. Literally, no other steps as Toys will just see them and use them. In the video, 4 Toy Boxes have loaded into Toys. The first 3 are included with Toys, but load and work as a Toy Box. The 4th is called the Classic Toys Box and is a separate mod (ESL flagged if using SE). You will see it work seamlessly within the Fram
  13. Each toy as a method of escape. You can see the details using Toys MCM - Worn Toys - Click on a toy to see detail The method of escape is also hinted in the description for each toy You also have a "debug/cheat" option in Toys MCM - Misc, which can be used to remove "the MCM says i am not wearing any toys" - where does it say that?
  14. To anyone who might know!!... Is there a way for script to get the description on an armor item? Like for example the description in this pic...
  15. You must mean the video on the front page. There's recent video in a post just a few back, but its a teaser/coming soon.
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