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  1. Teaser for what's coming next from the Toys Team... Keywords: Hot Wet Arousal Thermal Fondle Denial Oversexed Overheating Freezing Pass Out
  2. Either of those errors means that some animations were never generated. The case of too many animations is most likely your problem. You can't expect things to work without clearing ANY error from FNIS. Skelton compatibility is key. Race, maybe, I don't know. You did not say if the in-game "run installation test" fails. If it does, expect problems, no reason to wait for a scene. Also word wall and standing stone is just scratching the surface, you will have many other scenes that fail. No point in showing me the log until you have fixed the FNIS errors and ensure you using the supported skeleton. Cover all the steps in troubleshooting before we mess with a log please. Both Toys and SLaVE come with their own animations. SLaVE does also use sexlab in addition, so that is with whatever you choose to install and the requirements does recommend installing multi-actor animation packs. Toys requirements does mention... Known Mod Conflict: SexLab - Remove Standard Animations - will break Toy's Spontaneous Orgasm
  3. This is actually very common. The check you refer to is just for what's in your save, to warn that you HAD that mod before and now its gone. In this case it was not about a mod you had before, it was about a missing asset. Because something it needs was not installed. I can promise you, Load order for the bodyslide package was not a solution because that package has no plugin. In other words bodyside is not part of any load order, so talking about load order for it does not compute. ZAZ in relation to toys is also not important as the two have no dependency on each other. This person may have solved a problem between ZAZ and something else though, but more likely it was wrong version of ZAZ due to having 2 versions installed. This was your problem and solution. The only thing that could be added to troubleshooting is... make sure you don't have two ZAZ mods at the same time. Note that this is not at all unique to this mod.
  4. You've not installed something correctly. You will likely see many other scenes failing. Most common cause would be FNIS was not generated, or it was but with errors. Run the Installation test in Toys, MCM, Setup tab. If it fails, follow it's instructions Even if it does not fail, carefully walk through each step in Troubleshooting #3 If that does not solve your problem, I need your papyrus log to help further. The log should cover... startup up the game, load a save close to a word wall or standing stone, let the scene play out, then exit the game and grab the log to attach here. If you need info on how to get the log, its in the Toys or SLaVE FAQs.
  5. oh ya, thanks. I'll fix it when I next update, since if I do it now, it will show as updated.
  6. Temple of what? Temple of Dibella has no cages, so I'm going to guess you mean Twilight Sepulcher. See Troubleshooting #24. Its a vanilla location, not SLaVE that is killing you or making it hard.
  7. Carefully do each step in Troubleshooting #3. The final step is Use "Run Installation Test" option in Toys MCM first tab. This must succeed or nothing is going to work well. If this does not help you, I can try to help by seeing your papyrus log. There's a "How to get a Papyrus Log" in the FAQs if you need that. Get me a log that include.... you start up the game.... load your most recent save... Run the Installation test (as above). Exit the game and grab that log. (My focus above is for Shout Like a Virgin since I'm the author. Sounds like you have a problem that effects both mods, so this will help for this mod too.)
  8. Sorry somehow I missed seeing this post earlier. No you cannot disable it. But if you press and hold the "advance hot key" (spacebar by default), you can skip though the scene quickly. Same applies to all scenes in SLaVE and Toys.
  9. When you first installed Toys, did you start a new game?
  10. My feed back... Nice change up for the that first warehouse scene. It was not clear to me that I could move out of the contraption when I was released. Maybe I missed the line. It was there in the past... but instead... you can do a Toys.FixIdle() and she will get out of the furniture Could not see some of the lines. For example, after he said pat her down, lips are moving, but no text. This seems to happen a few other times but hard to know what's meant to be there (we've discussed this one in more detail in discord). I don't see that problem in LE, only SE Love the refinements and added scene while on the ship. Some lines not seen though Bardal's Company Collar should not be Insignia. Give it your own brand (the toybox property). This is not just cosmetic, its a property used by GetToy(). Same goes for other toys you've cloned and setup within the mod Seems something is leaving mod Toys busy state (Toys.SetBusy())... I noticed when becoming free for the first time at the shop (we've covered this in discord and turns out its not going to be noticed unless people leave the shop instead of proceeding with the quest, so minor) Another example of lines missed being seen... I think previously he said something about putting plugs on, before the cross scene, but this time, just long pause and then equip of plugs Can't read some of the self-recharging plugs notification text. Too long, thus too small font. Maybe use "Voice in my Head". Also should there be any actual event after 2hrs? I see this in the log... ----LTPS---- Checking if actor passed out... but no passing out event after 5hrs, but maybe that's a change and intentional now At the Thalmor place, wearing a Gag breaks the scene when you are seated. The Gag leads to signing and the singing makes her stand up on the chair, and the scene freezes. You could use Toys.Hide() and just get rid of the gag, or use the Toysnogagsigning faction I tried again but came without a gag.... all worked fine, but the important instruction.. "I should look around", is very easily missed as only a notification. Will leave people confused. Use the Toys.FixIdle, she will be out of the chair, and then the quest steps ahead to next stage and that instruction is now clear. fixIdle() after adventurer cuts you down I like the 2 toys that have nasty effects (collar and workout plugs). Makes you setup to run future errands etc. This is a nice start of a foundation to having this become a sandbox style mod. Also the concept of rating for bratty or submissive. So I'm looking forward to where this goes. I will be best brat!
  11. You can use FreeCam. It's a hot key in Sexlab. I forget the default for it but you can see it in MCM. But I should mention, when there is dialogue, you will not see it when freecam mode is on, so when they get close to you, need to toggle back. Maybe not the best idea due to that.
  12. You have a collar that cannot be removed, so you are coming back sooner or later. Plus its good that you are free to leave at this point and do other things. Plus I found that the collar has a little surprise or two if gone too long. I told the guy, "put your damn goods in the basement yourself" and left.
  13. That's cool. If you put the Crawl keyword on the nipple rings, but did NOT get the sprinting on all fours, that's either a Toys bug I need to look into, or a freak case. I should be impossible for that keyword to NOT cause the sprint on all fours. If you do still have your nipple rings and can recreate that, and grab me the log, I'd love it. And when testing, keep in mind that the MCM lets you Crawl on "chance" so it might have switched to not crawling, rather than actually not sprinting.
  14. You could add the ToysEffect_Crawl keyword to any toy. Done, that's all you need. Instead of messing with Toys.esm, which is harder, you could do that in the Classic Toy Box for example. You'd have to re-do if there's an update. But if you know CK or XEdit, you can do this in a minute. Better yet, make your own tox box. Guide is here. You could clone toys from Toys, and do your own effects, like the crawl. Maybe even make or find your own meshes and textures and make a new toy box that you publish! No scripting required.
  15. Crawl uses Alternate Animations (AAs) through FNIS, just like like arm binding and yoke. You can see in the Toys FNIS definition file, right in the header... Version V1.01 ' Toys Framework LE '.......... AAs '0 = Arm Binding - by MaikCG & Audhol '1 = Yoke Binding - by MaikCG '2 = Crawl = from Crawl on All Fours & Sprint on all Fours '3 = Blind - by Audhol AAprefix toy AAset _mtidle 4 'just mt_idle - all AAset _mt 4 'mt_runforward mt_walkforward - all AAset _mtx 4 'mt_run mt_walk - all AAset _sprint 4 'various sprint incl dodge, bow - all AAset _sneakidle 2 'just sneakmtidle AAset _sneakmt 2 'sneakrun sneakwalk AAset _jump 2 'mt_jump AAset _shout 2 'various shout AAset _mtturn 2 'mt_turn AAset _h2hidle 2 'h2h_idle sneakh2h_idle AAset _h2heqp 2 'h2h_equip h2h_unequip AAset _h2hatkpow 2 'h2h_attack AAset _h2hatk 2 'h2h_run and various AAset _h2hstag 2 'h2h_stagger So from that you know the mod name the animations are from (its 2 different mods if I recall correctly, I did this ages ago originally in SLaVE). And you can see that the prefix is "2". So that means it the animations files it uses are these (incomplete list shown)...
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