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This mod adds several new NPCs, quests, and mechanics to better incorporate Devious Devices into the world of Skyrim.


As you adventure across Skyrim, you may stumble upon strange items; abandoned crates, ancient urns, and other containers. It is likely worthwhile opening them (select them in your inventory), they may contain some gear useful to adventurers, but they may also contain some more devious things; skin-tight dresses imported from the Summerset Isles, ancient engraved steel jewelry used by the Dragon Cult, extreme restraints of Daedric origin. Depending on how aroused you are, it's possible that you will find yourself locked in these devices! Fear not, as blacksmiths, lockpicking experts, some of your allies, and even some of the guards may be willing to help you out of your predicament. Be warned, the blacksmiths and lockpickers will charge you for their time, the guards may take advantage of you, and your allies may come to enjoy seeing you bound up and helpless.


If you aren't able to find someone to help you, and don't want to risk talking with the guards, you can ask the local innkeeper if they've seen anyone strange recently. There's a chance one of the Lore-Mongers has come to town, and may help you if you complete their quest.


Blacksmiths, Fences, Guards:


If you find yourself in any restraints, you may be able to seek out blacksmiths you've befriended, or fences you've recruited to the Thieves Guild. Blacksmiths will be able to cut off any generic device, for a price. Fences and Lockpicking Experts will be able to un-jam and unlock the devices, but will cost twice as much to hire.


You may also approach any hold guard for help. They may be able to get you out of heavy restraints; like yokes, armbinders, bondage mittens; ankle chains and hobble dresses; gags; and chastity items. Keep in mind that being a guard is a boring job, and they may decide to have some fun with you after unlocking some devices.


If you want to avoid getting locked up in jail. You might also be able to convince guards to have some fun with you. Surrendering to them and pleading with them may result in them simply locking you in some iron chains and letting you go. Keep in mind that most violent crimes won't be able to be blown over that easy.




In each hold there is now a jail-master, in charge of overseeing the prisoners the guards bring in, usually found in the prisons or barracks of the hold capitol. They are incredibly suspicious, and will refuse to talk to you if you are wearing any restraints, as they will suspect you are an escaped prisoner. If you aren't bound in any way, then you will be able to buy generic iron restraints from them, or sell off any of the more devious items you've collected in your travels. You will also be able to buy restraint keys from them, though at a high cost.


Devious Allies:


The friends and allies you've made in your travels can now help you with the strange items you find. If you find you are too 'distracted' to open those items safely, simply ask your allies for their help, and they'll open them for you. Keep in mind, if both of your minds are wandering and daydreaming, you may both end up bound.


If you've managed to pick up a large assortment of devices and keys, you can give them to your allies for safekeeping. You can then ask your allies to try to unlock devices locked on you. Your allies will likely break the keys and tools you gave them, but there will be no risk of jamming the locks on your devices. If your allies unlock several devices of the same type, ie devices that come from the same strange item, or are sold by the same vendor, they will become more skilled with those devices, and less likely to break keys and tools when removing them.


If your allies are skilled warriors, mages, or thieves, they may be able to remove devices locked on you without keys. Keep in mind, warriors and mages may end up breaking the restraints, and thieves will require several lockpicks to get through most restraints.


If you are in a playful mood, you can also ask your allies to lock devices on you or tie you up. They will use the the devices you gave them, or, if you haven't given them any devices to hold onto, they will use simple rope and tape restraints. You can ask any friend to untie you, but the regular devices will be more difficult to remove. If an ally locks several of the same type of device on you, they will become more skilled with those devices, making it easier for them to unlock those devices later.


Note, that whenever an ally locks, unlocks, ties, or unties you, they will become slightly more dominant towards you. Eventually, they may refuse to unlock or untie you for up to two in-game days, depending on how dominant they are, and will persuade your other allies to wait as well.

Struggle Minigame:


As a replacement for the standard timer-based struggle system, you can now struggle out of your restraints in this new minigame!


If you are bound, you can select lockpicks or standard restraint/chastity/piercing keys in your inventory to start the minigame. Or you can use a hotkey you define in the MCM. You can then select the device you want to struggle with (heavy restraints like armbinders, yokes, and bondage mittens have to be removed first before you can struggle out of anything else), and what you are trying to do with it: unlock it, pick its lock, force it off, cut it off, or repair its lock.


Once you have chosen the restraint, and what you are trying to do with it, you'll start the minigame. Your character will start playing a struggle animation (if one is available) and your stamina will start to drain. What you need to do is press and hold one of the WASD movement keys to keep struggling and slow the rate at which your stamina drains. Holding the correct WASD key will slow the drain on your stamina, and improves your struggle attempts. Holding more than one key at a time, or spamming them, will cause you to run out of stamina more quickly. The key you need to hold changes every few seconds. If you fail to escape or repair the device before your stamina runs out, you'll get a temporary stamina regen debuff, preventing you from trying again until you wait for it to wear off or you drink a potion.


The Devious Devices global difficulty settings, device difficulty settings, and your skill in Smithing, Lockpicking, and Pickpocketing will all determine how long it takes you to struggle out of a device, and you will gain some experience in the relevant skill through attempting this minigame.


The Lore-Mongers:


These six individuals are women researching, collecting, or distributing those same devices you may find. If you find them out of their laboratories or shops, then they are looking for one of those strange containers. If you help them, they will help you out of your predicament. They can also give you gold, useful gear, or keys if you decide you enjoy your situation. Ask the local innkeepers if they've seen any strange people recently, they may point you to one of them.


These women will only start venturing out of their shops once you've found and opened one of their associated items. Once you encounter them in a town and city, after asking the local innkeeper about odd-people visiting the area, they will open up their shops.


While out of their shops, they will be looking for an item found in a nearby dungeon.

  • If you retrieve it without opening it, you will receive a random reward of gold, gear, or keys.
  • If you open the item and then are bound by the devices enclosed, you can return to the loremonger to be unlocked and given a random reward.
  • If you open the item and avoid being bound, you can ask the loremonger for a specific reward. Or, you can simply give the item for no reward, which increases your favor with the loremonger.


Once their shops are unlocked, you can ask the loremongers for a variety of things.

  • Each loremonger sells a variety of useful items; scrolls, potions, robes, armor, etc.
  • After asking about the items they're looking for, you can bring one to them for a random reward.
  • If you open up one of the items they're looking for while retrieving it for a loremonger, you will discover the restraints they're actually looking for. Once you do this you will be able to ask about them, and you'll be given the option to buy a set of restraints from them.
  • If you've gained the loremonger's favor, you can ask them to unlock devices locked on you.
  • If you've gained the loremonger's favor and asked about the devices they're interested in, you can ask and receive training from them that gives you unique benefits while wearing devices.


Hjorni the Distracted, the Scholar


Hjorni is searching for information about her ancestors: members of the Dragon Cult. She has found texts discussing rituals involving virgin women, and the ornamental gear used to keep them virgins. She is currently looking for more sets of this ornamental jewelry, and some clues as to how to recreate the rituals. Her last attempt left her locked in the jewelry for months, and has left her...distracted.


The jewelry she's looking for are stored in nordic Ceremonial Urns. They are most often found in Nordic Ruins, but might be found in Giant Camps, Vampire Lairs, or as cargo of shipwrecks. It's possible they may also contain some more practical enchanted jewelry. Once you open your first urn, Hjorni will begin gathering information on the various nordic ruins from the people living in towns and cities.


She is currently working out of the Nordic Archives outpost, located on the road West of Windhelm. There she also sells a handful of enchanted jewelry she has found in her excursions. Hjorni will open up her shop after you first speak with her in a town or city. Though, she may not remember your conversation.


If you've gained Hjorni's favor, you will be able to receive training sessions from her. Currently only one kind of training is implemented. More will be added soon:

  • Frustration: After this training, weapon damage is increased if wearing a chastity belt without plugs while arousal is over 50.
  • Fury: After this training, shouts are stronger and intimidation attempts are easier if wearing a chastity belt and plugs.
  • Focus: After this training, spells require less magicka to cast if wearing a chastity belt and bra.


Llathesi R'uer, the Scribe


The Dark Elf, Llathesi R'uer, has spent her life studying the Dwemer. She was certain she could find some technology in their brass ruins to help make life in Morrowind more hospitable. While she was exploring ruins in the Eastern side of Skyrim, she discovered a brass vial of some strange fluid, and some tomes discussing a new use for Dwarven Oil. She has fallen in love with the skin-tight suits she has made from the stuff, and is always looking for fresh vials of the material.


The viscous fluid she is looking for is found in Dwarven Vials, most often found in Dwarven Ruins. Falmer hives and Bandit hideouts might also have a set stored away. It's possible these vials may instead contain some useful potions. Llathesi will begin asking townsfolk of nearby Dwarven Ruins after you find and empty one of these vials.


Llathesi works out her labratory in a small Dwarven Ruin on the road running along the Velothi Mountains, South of Windhelm. She still has a decent collection of potions from her alchemical experimentation, and is willing to sell some of them off. Llathesi will open up her laboratory after you first encounter her in a town or city.


Mistress Elarie, the Seamstress


This Altmer ambassador has taken it upon herself to show the women of Skyrim the refinement of her people. Specifically, the skin-tight dresses and nine-inch heels worn by so many in the Summerset Isles. She claims these items, among others, train a women's posture and poise to the highest degree. She also claims the women of Skyrim, wrapped in naught but fur, are in need of some serious training.


Elarie makes most of the dresses and other devices herself, but also often receives shipments from the Summerset Isles through the East Empire Company. These East Empire Company Crates have a habit of not making it to her shop, and can end up in nearly any hideout in Skyrim. The crates occasionally carry some enchanted clothing from the various magic guilds on the isles. After you first find one of these lost crates, Elarie will start making appearances in towns and cities, looking for them.


Mistress Elarie works out of her shop, Aldmeri Imports, on the road between Dragon Bridge and Solitude, and only a short distance away from the Thalmor Embassy. In addition to the tight dresses she herself wears, Elarie also has a large collection of mage robes to sell. Elarie will open up her shop after you first encounter her in a town or city.


Vigilant Laekette, the Seer


This Vigilant of Stendarr has ended up in an unfortunate predicament. A perverted Dremora has asked his worshipers to create sets of brightly colored buckled gear to completely immobile their victims. His worshipers end up binding their sacrifices in this gear before sending them to their master. Laekette managed to remove a set from one such victim, but was locked up in the same devices herself! No magic she knows has been able to weaken the locks, so she has spent her life since seeking out the remaining sets so that no one ends up in the same situation she's in.


Laekette knows that this perverted gear is sometimes transferred to its victims through a Daedric Charm, a miniature Sigil Stone. The devices are thrown through a portal the charm creates, locking onto whatever poor soul is before it. She aims to collect and disarm these charms before they are put to use. Strangely, some charms may instead spit out staves and soul gems. Vampires, Warlocks, Necromancers, and Forsworn are the most likely to carry one of these charms. After your first encounter and use of one of these charms, Laekette will start venturing into towns and cities looking for them.


Vigilant Laekette is stationed at her vigil, an old imperial watchtower set on a hill North-East of Whiterun, South-East of the Hall of the Vigilant. Laekette is in charge of hoarding magical items deemed to dangerous for the general public, including staves and soul gems. Laekette will open up her vigil after you first speak to her in a town or city.


Thelia, the Stable Master


This redguard blacksmith girl was sent across the border by her master in Hammerfell. She is to tame and send back servants to her master. Since being renounced from the Empire, Hammerfell has grown more hostile to outsiders. Thelia's master has taken this to his advantage, and has been smuggling in servants of other races across the border, where no one will search for them, and no one in Hammerfell will care about them. The restraints Thelia's master uses are designed to resemble horse harnesses, to further disguise his actions when the devices cross the border.


Thelia makes these restraints herself, and sends them off to other servants of her master, and the occasional deviant noble. However, the couriers she sends are not of fighting stock and are often lost along the way. The Smuggled Packages end up in any number of locations. Some other group has also been shipping similar packages, but they seem to be smuggling enchanted weapons and armor. After you find one and take a look inside, Thelia will start showing up in towns and cities looking for the couriers she sent with them.


The new servants Thelia corrals end up at her farm, Hammer-Worn Stables, along the road between Whiterun and The Reach, South-East of Rorikstead. Thelia master has incredible resources at his disposal, some of which is spent on Thelia's creation. Powerful enchanted armor and weapons are often being made at her stables, and she may part with a few. Thelia will open up her shop after you first talk to her in a town or city.


Mirtienne the Mix-Blood, the Sorceress


Mirtrienne claims to be an Imperial mage, though her nickname doesn't agree. She has moved slightly North of the Cyrodiil border to set up shop, and now travels the province looking for the work of one of the last members of the Mage's Guild. The binding and animating spells he created are of incredible interest to her, and their results she finds very precious.


The old mage's work lies within Old Grimoires, which can be found in most hideouts, but most often with Vampries and Warlocks. Inside you will find the remnants of one of the mage's binding spells, still waiting to be activated. You may also find grimoire's from other mages, which will still hold useful pages which can be used as scrolls. Once you find one and start looking through its pages, Mirtrienne will start appearing in towns and cities looking for hints of their location.


The new shop Mirtrienne has set up is called Mix-Blood Magics, and is within eyesight of the gate to Cyrodiil. There, she has brought an extensive collection of books and scrolls, and works diligently to make copies to sell. Mirtrienne will open up her shop after you first talk to her in a town or city.


The Skeleton Key:


One final way to get yourself out of any device. If you manage to find and secure the legendary Skeleton Key, you will be able to remove any device at any time. Simply examine it, and it's power will unlock you.



Kimy, creator of Cursed Loot, which was my inspiration for this mod.

The Devious Devices Dev Team, who made this game much more interesting


Use only one of the following patches:

Devious Devices - Struggle Idles Patch, Updated 4/16/2020 (Currently includes all devices up to DDi and DDx 4.3)

-Almost all devices, apart from corsets and petsuits, now use available and somewhat appropriate struggle animations.

-Several ground models have been fixed as well.


Devious Devices - Lore Patch, Updated 4/16/20 (Currently includes all devices up to DDi and DDx 4.3)

-Includes all changes in the Struggle Patch

-Renames all devices to be consistent with the main Devious Lore mod.

-Descriptions from devices have been removed.

-Devices can be enchanted.

-Various other fixes and minor changes to the base Devious Devices mods.


Change Log:

2.2.1 (6/5/21)

-Fixed quest device removal, and re-enabled the three training quests that are now available.

-Made gear and keys more likely to be given as random rewards.



2.2.0 (6/4/21)

-Implemented two more trainings, but had to disable all trainings because I can't seem to get quest devices working properly.

-Back-end rewrite of Monger dialogue and statuses. Shouldn't cause any issues and shouldn't require any special update directions.

-Added option to disable ally dialogue and to treat all allies as expert doms.

-Think I fixed a few other bugs, can't really remember.


2.1.0 (4/5/21)

Added the first "Devious Training". After you gain Hjorni's Favor by retrieving and opening one of the urns she's looking for, without being bound, and after asking about practical uses of the restraints she collects, she will offer a simple training regiment: raise your weapon skills 5 times while wearing a full chastity set. Doing so will give you a buff that increases damage done with weapons while chaste and aroused. Three more trainings are planned for Hjorni to give, and the other loremongers will soon offer trainings for their own devices.


2.0.5 (4/4/21)

-Fixed a formlist that was causing issues with the status of the loremasters and whether or not they would appear in towns and cities or whether they opened up their shop.


2.04 (3/27/21)

-Updated Struggle Patch, Lore Patch, and main mod to Devious Devices 5.1

-Copied over the standalone Apprentice Mage Robes from Remodeled Armor for UUNP by gamefever to be worn by Laekette to help prevent clipping between her restraints and her robes.



-Fixed suit costs being set in MCM.

-Friends can now look at Old Grimoires.

-Updated emotions and animations for some 'Devious Allies' dialogue.



-Fixed more missing properties in Llathesi's Retrieve Quest.



-Fixed missing properties in Llathesi's Retrieve Quest.


2.0 (Overwrite or Replace to update, no clean save needed)

-Complete rewrite and rework of most of the dialogue within the mod.

-Added new dialogue options to the lore-mongers to get new information on them.

-Reworked Lore Monger ai packages and factions. They now have associated crime factions, and will lock their homes at night.

-Added Old Grimoires, which give rope restraints and scrolls.

-Laekette and Daedric Charms no longer give scrolls.

-Added Mirtrienne the Mix-Blood, a lore-monger associated with rope restraints.

-Lore Mongers only show up in towns after you have been exposed to their associated restraints.

-Changed how device purchasing works: now you can only purchase from lore-mongers after being bound during one of their quests. You can then offer 1000 gold for a complete set of restraints. (Price adjustable in MCM)

-You can now buy and sell certain vanilla items from lore-mongers.

-After asking about the items the lore-mongers are searching for, you can bring these items to them at any time for a random reward.

-Allies are now able to remove restraints with strength, magic, or lockpicks

-Jailmasters now sell device keys, but only if you aren't bound.

-Removed all NPCs from the FavorExcludedFaction.

-Changed how stamina regeneration is stopped during the struggle minigame.

-Added a check so that the struggle minigame won't trigger when you are in menus and hit the struggle hotkey.

-Added a patch that adds KS Hairs to the mods NPCs.

-Lore monger retrieve quests now activate the map marker of the dungeon they're leading towards.

-Lore monger retrieve quest objectives now include the name of the dungeon.

-Lore mongers will now start traveling back to their home after you complete, refuse, or abandon their quest.

-Removed the delay between consecutive quests between different lore mongers. There is still a delay between quests from the same lore monger, but this is now configurable in the MCM.

-Some other stuff I'm probably forgetting.



-Fixed bugged guard dialogue when the player has a bounty

-Fixed a bug that prevented full hoods from being removed by Llathesi at  the end of her quest

-Fixed some navmesh issues around Aldmeri Imports

-Added MCM options for Dominant Allies

-Added a MCM Title Image using a DDa image

-Removed Pony Tails from Thelia's Ponies, which will hopefully make them visible

-Added all NPCs to the FavorExcludedFaction



-Added Jail-masters to each hold. You can find them in either the barracks or prison of each capitol. Or in the Frozen Hearth for the Jailmaster in Winterhold.

-Improved dialogue.

-Lore-Monger quests are changed. You can now simply return the item for a random reward, or risk checking it to be given the option to choose your reward, if you manage to resist tying yourself up.

-Fixed a bug with guards trying to add golden restraints.

-Fixed a few other bugs with the device variants system.



-Fixed a few issues with the new back-end device system.

-Fade-To-Black should now work with ENBs.

-Allies can now open 'strange items' while you are currently running an errand for one of the lore-mongers.



-Major back-end optimizations and changes to choosing and equipping devices.

-Can now be given all 16 color variants of the rubber catsuits.

-Added rubber hoods for all of the catsuit variants.

-Can now be given silver and gold chastity sets.

-Changed how 'strange items' behave visually when you try to open or use one. Added fade-to-black and sound effects.

-You can now open 'strange items' while currently running an errand for one of the lore-mongers.

-Added Whiterun Jailmaster. She is found in the Whiterun Jail. She sells basic iron restraints, and will buy any spare devices you have, if you are not currently restrained. In a future update Jailmasters will be added to other holds, and they will be given more dialogue and quests.

-Added "Concealing Robes", which can be bought from the Whiterun Jailmaster. These robes will cover up all of your devices, including dresses and catsuits. These will be used in the future when device comments are implemented.



-Devious Allies can now remove gags

-Fixed relationship dialogue with Devious Allies



-Devices removed by allies are now added to the player's inventory properly.



-Added Devious Allies system

-You can give your allies keys and devices to hold onto.

-You can ask your allies to unlock devices, they'll only succeed if you gave them an appropriate key.

-You can ask your allies to equip you with a set devices from the devices you gave them.

-As your allies add and remove devices from you, they will become more dominant and more skilled with certain device sets.

-Allies that are skilled in a set of devices are less likely to break keys and tools when removing devices.

-Allies that are dominant may refuse to remove devices from you for up to two days, depending on how dominant they are.

-The Guard Help scenario has been changed, so that messages will appear describing how the guards use you.

-A lot of the dialogue branches added by this mod have 'gagged' variants implemented.



-Fixed breaking your last lockpick in the struggle minigame freezes your character



-Struggle Minigame now properly respects base struggle/lockpick/cutting escape chances

-You can no longer escape from devices that have no associated key through "Pick Lock" or "Unlock with Key" through the struggle minigame

-You will now get experience in Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, or Smithing if you use the struggle minigame.



-Added hotkey and difficulty slider for the struggle minigame to the MCM



-Added New Escape System



-Fixed Red Catsuit items not being removed

-Lore-Mongers will now remove all appropriate items, instead of one set at a time

-You can now ask friends to open the strange urns, crates, and artifacts you find.

-You can now ask your friends to tie you up. Because why not?

-More Dialogue Tweaks and Variants



-Items with "SexLabNoStrip" keywords on them won't be stripped when finding devices

-Lore-Mongers will now reward you with gold if you return to them bound

-Hammer-Worn Stables and Aldmeri Imports no longer have blinding interiors

-Tweaked some dialogue, and added some dialogue variants to help keep the quests from getting stale. More dialogue variants to come

-Guards will no longer bind criminals with rope bindings. It's now either yokes or cuffs.



-Tweaked the keys and gear given by the Lore-Mongers

-Retrieval quests won't equip devices on you if you don't have any place left to equip devices


Edited by Code Serpent
Updating description for version 2.2.1

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