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  1. Had some weirdness with the latest catsuit patches. When I equip a red-white suit, gloves and socks on a NPC the following happens. If I remove the suit via the trade menu it's briefly visible but disappears again. But the body does not show. Equipping the black suit with the red socks+gloves is no problem.
  2. Could be, but DCW also has quite a number of bugs like the trigger rape scene because you got hit by a molerat. So it needs patching one way or another.
  3. Not that I'm aware of but there where some changes made to TD so the hobble animations are usable while cuffed or armbinder.
  4. Perhaps it would fit better as a "special event". Triggered on a striker hit with x% chance of it starting. That way more ideas can be implemented.
  5. Looks nice, there are a couple of tutorials online how to get stuff from blender into Skyrim (search blender to skyrim NIF). The Maya NIF plugin is only available on very old versions so not really used as far as I can tell.
  6. Had a small idea about the future plan 'rethinking the punishment script'. Get equipped with special gear that can't be unlocked with struggling or cutting. You need to search all the chests and corpses (or alive NPC) in the cell you got items equipped for the special key. Or magic 'unlock' event that triggers like DCUR to prevent key-cheating. As this might result in clearing an entire dungeon I would suggest not equipping stuff like mits, armbinder, SJ and petsuit. And to prevent annoyance the tight hobble dress.
  7. Both effects run in a random timer. So if you wear a matching item it can just start. The plug thing is a bit finnicky, it runs on actorvalues but for some reason sometimes they do not change. A possible solution would be to convert them to global variable as they only work on the player as NPC support is visual only at it's current state.
  8. FOmod often generates bogus errors in MO2. I can see the RH esp is loaded so it did something. If you navigate to your mod directory and then the Real Handcuffs folder, are there files there? *Makes hissing sounds* You must like BDSM a lot if you insist of using Vortex
  9. "It's not working" statements on their own are quite useless if you don't state what is not working. As I have no issues with the latest version of the mod on my game.
  10. Yeah the 'party outfit' also crashes Bodyslide preview. Same goes for 'overboss slut', 'bunny heels' and 'bunny'
  11. Getting consistent CTD's when starting the Flagpole Mason quest. Seems to crash when the hotpants and something else get's equipped. Latest version and CBBE bodyslide
  12. Do the AA priority changes also reflect in the 'device hiders' default settings? Otherwise things might not work as intended if that interferes with each other.
  13. When it's time No ETA on the new DD release so at least until then. Still working on the last scenes and troubleshooting of the scripts for the new maid quest. Turned out quite a beast to make scriptwise with almost 1100 lines.
  14. You are starting the quest after the reset right? The CK wiki says this on the reset() function. "Resets the quest back to stage 0, clear all aliases, and is the only way to utilize the quest option "Allow repeated stages". It does not put the quest back into a running state, and does not refill any aliases." If it works on other quests and you are doing the same, my guess is it's an alias fill problem.
  15. Are you using aliases on the quest? If they fail to fill due to settings on the reference. Like 'allow disabled' not being checked but the reference is disabled the quest wil fail to (re)start. You can also check if the quest is stopped before it's started again. You can't restart it with .start() if it's already running as I recall.
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