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  1. Would it be possible to detect shock events from the devices? If a e-stim module for bplug is available it would complete the package
  2. Will give it a look trough this weekend. Health been acting up so hopefully by that time I've got a bit of a clear head. I don't use SE but as it does not have custom animations you could try to do the default method of opening the ESP in the SE Creation Kit, saving it and converting the files with this tool: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23316 If you have a working version (or anybody else) please post it here so other SE users can use it. Did you check the requirements for the quest to start on the homepage of the mod? Make sure you ha
  3. Does it also work with reference aliases? You could force a NPC to a quest alias to "create" it. See if that will work on unique NPC
  4. The check should do a pass of the required devices and check if the renderend item is worn. Only thing different between the final stage and the one before is the full mask. Perhaps I put the wrong rendered device to check somewhere then.
  5. Does it also happen when you stop moving? Perhaps the 'refresh armor' function keeps running fired by the location change event?
  6. Will fix that, player needs to be removed from that faction until later when the harvest quest starts (WIP). Thanks for checking.
  7. Did you got the message after leaving the BTR cell and got the restraints removed? It's location bound, not time bound. You need to get away from the BTR cell's for the rest to continue but perhaps I forgot to change the factions somewhere. Cheers, wil look into it.
  8. Quite a nice addon to DD-ify the cities of Skyrim A couple of idea's came to mind. -Change the way the guards interact with you based on your faction/position (Imperial CW choice in a Stormcloak town or being a Thane etc) -Add amusement scene for the guards in the barracks when out at night. Because you can't be up to anything good stalking at night. So they capture you for inspection -Small courier quest. Guard X from town Y has some goods he promised to Guard Z in town V -Tie into other mods. Like the DCUR prison (tip use modevents and getforms to prevent
  9. I didn't mess with those checks so unless the strings are modified they should still work. Only simplified the requirements for the intro to start (location and DD items). I'm not sure if it's possible to change/suspend the start of the SD spriggan quest but I guess it's quite obvious the 2 can't run at the same time If I recall correctly the SD one only triggers on a 'surrender' event so it should be avoidable.
  10. It doesn't really fit the scene but will put it on the idea list. Thanks for posting And some teasers of the new Cell with custom glass meshes. Got the idea from the new test version of 'The Facility'.
  11. This. Had to do the same with my Fallout 4 game as NMM messed up my game folder. Luckily I started modding Skyrim with MO1 so 1 time fixing the mess was enough. NMM is funny for a few mods for a novice that just wants to try some mods (I think it's focus lies on those players) But everything else it's just inferior. It takes some time to get it fully working but when you do MO2 is hands down the best tool for Skyrim and you wish you did it earlier.
  12. I can change it to an 'hello' dialogue. That way an NPC will randomly say it to you without you needing to speak to them. Perhaps giving you a note will help? Does she speak to you at all with the roots equiped?
  13. Thanks for the update. If there are no other issues with that part I will upload it to the main mod page. A random NPC should point you to Danica with dialogue. It should say something after selecting "can you help me". I can make a quest marker for that but I'm sure everyone knows where she is?
  14. @Kimy did you get the chance to look at my code proposal a few pages back? While working on the Spriggan quest mod the regular events are bit immersion breaking so if it could work that would be great
  15. I just started making the cell for the quest. So it's in a very very early stage. Expect at least 1 or 2 months depending on how the story turns out.
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