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  1. Point 1 is a lot easier said then done. Repeating jobs around the shop are of course repetitive. If I remove the reparative part it's 1 click and quest's done. That's even worse. Single play quest missions are incredible time consuming to make so are lower on the list. I'm almost done making a "chef" addon to the maid job as that seems to by far the most popular. I'm also looking into adding some kind of shopping quest that ties in to the cook quest (get flower, meat, vegetables etc). I could make some alternative rewards. Outside some random items perhaps getting "serviced" by the guard etc.
  2. You can also check this (similar steps to S.T.E.P) Basics: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/wiki/beginners_guide Guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/52iklx/skyrim_performance_guide_version_2_release/ I would start with SKSE memory patch (don't forget the preloader as mentioned) -ENB boost -Crashfixes (also has a feature similar to SKSE mem patch so use either) -Optimized (vanilla) textures, large cities and dense areas can tank your VRAM.
  3. What you should always do first if something consistency crashes is start a new game and then test it again on that new save. When in a save the loadorder of mods is changed many things break and can lead to CTD or broken scripts/quests. Also make sure you are running the known working optimizations from S.T.E.P (with ENBboost) for stuff like RAM limits.
  4. LE -> SE is somewhat supported but SE -> LE is all "at your own risk". Especially animations and pose overwrites are prone to break. Also you need to convert/check meshes and textures, so it's way more hassle than it's worth.
  5. The follow package was set to radius 128 min and 256 max so a radius of 0 on the marker could be problematic I've changed it and also did some modifications to the markers of the 'punishment pole' scenes. Also found the issue with the player items removal on the promo job.
  6. If not here are the files from the latest upload CalienteTools.7z
  7. Yeah need to remove that option. Was a dialogue oversight. What promo job did you do, the new one? It should return your stuff at the end. I could teleport near the stables? Had quite a lot of complaints that walking all the way back was not fun so need to keep an eye on that. And for a non-bound job in Whiterun I already have some plans for that. I specially designed tis one as a sort homage to Devious Regulations. Which was one of my first DD mods I played. Yeah that's the first story quest, the second one will not involve her at all. Wil remove the dialogue for that until done. Yeah the pathing in Skyrim is absolute dog sh*t so had quite a lot of time wasted getting it somewhat working. It is but still sometimes the engine spasms and weird issues happens. The pole one cost me a few days to get somewhat working. The big issue is when Elvira and the PC get outdoors the engine goes mental and sometimes the player endlessly enters the shop and exits. With some extra makers I got it quite stable on my game. Don't think I can do much about that then enlarging the radius at which the package is completed. Downside to this is that NPC's will get out of place or face the other side.
  8. It's not implemented yet The quest should start and point your quest marker to Dragonsreach in Whiterun. There is a new NPC called Alina. You need to talk to her.
  9. More users of the latest beta having issues with the new promotion job? Got a report that the scene halts at the cross in Whiterun but nothing else happens.
  10. Had quite some fun going trough the queen quest. Had some issues, haven't tried it again so might be more of a heads up if more reports come in -"transform" spell (eggs -> armor for instance) where not added to PC spells -gag/mask spell not working. Instantly unequipped again. Had to equip it via MCM -"tonal" part of the quest was not clear to me. Perhaps a quest marker will help. Also had quite a lot of issue getting mated by a Chaurus. Perhaps adding some way to initiatie mating when you cast the pheromones? Do you also have a new quest in mind?
  11. I'm also using CBBE Curvy, did you build the DD items in Bodyslide? Also the maid dress had it's own bodyslide files. Yeah don't mess with things that don't start via dialogue I have 0 knowledge about rigging stuf. "Looks at @Racoonity, Serah " So if anyone knows how to fix it, be my guest
  12. Beta 2 changelog. Due to the script changes I'm fairly certain a new game or clean save is required for everything to work properly. -Fixed: scene scripts not being compiled properly -Fixed: Conflicting Sexlab scene hooks from WIP quest -Fixed: Quest items in store sale list Deviously Pink 0.4 B2.7z
  13. I might or might not have fubar'ed the update @Zaflis I know what the issue is now. I recompiled all scripts with the mods abbreviation. But scene scripts start with SF_DDP_ so I missed those. Just recompiled them all and tested the maid job. This behavior also matches with your report as almost all jobs/quests start with scenes. Wil tweak the rogue Sexlab hook and then upload the new version when I'm back from the gym. Should be within 2 hours or something if the upload works again.
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