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  1. If you have equipped the whip or crop (whatever he had on him) he should use it, if not you can use the 'EvaluatePackage' console command on him and it should get him to evaluate his AI packages and start the scenes AI package. Otherwise you can try waiting 1 hour using the wait command and see if he goes back to his routine. Since he would now have the whip / crop he should perform the next scene properly.
  2. Look to see if he has the whip equipped (in his hands) or not. If not, use the console to select him and use 'showinventory' and see if it is in his inventory, if so use 'equipitem <item id>' and it should start. If he does not have it use 'help whip' and find one from ZAP (prefix will be zbf and the ID likely ends in 006004 or 006001) and use the equipitem command as above. This is an error that happens from time to time, not sure why as I have it set both via the AI package and script for him to equip and draw the whip.
  3. 1- There are errors all over the place from being female, at least 1/3 of the log is errors from it (makes it hard to read as well), 2- During the SexLab scene the mod HDT Sextoys is throwing an error concerning an array. This may be related to your problem as the array may be a listing of SexLab animations and is causing it to default to the one you are seeing (happens at 06:21:41 PM time stamp).
  4. While there are some incompatibilities with v4 just about every item will work as intended (as far as I know only the custom armbinder does not). The worst thing that should happen is an item has some features (animations for example) that do not work, I know about this, the paralysis spell is keeping the scene from continuing but the spell effects won't end until after the scene does v4.05 is very old and the translation was done by CGI I can see points where the customer is trying to equip a gag on you but is getting a 'None' error in referencing the player alias. Use SQV <quest> on these three quests and check the 'PlayerRef' alias to see that it is populated (should be by default): CDxPackageDelivery CDxSlavery_Functions Overall I can see where you enter the shop both initially (devices being equipped on slaves and tags being set for items) and when you return (items being equipped on npc's again). Because of the errors with the gag I can tell that you are at the customer (CustomerUnhappy function is triggered and that is where errors referring to the gag are happening). The last thing in the log concerning CD or DD is: After this the log ends. Try the following from a previous post: At what point does the punishment fail? What is the last bit of dialogue from Master? That will help me determine if the handoff between the delivery quest and punishment quest worked or if the problem is happening in the punishment quest. Since there are no errors in the log referring to these quests (at least nothing after you return). Another thing to check is to check sqv cdxPunishmentSet01 and tell me if the aliases are filled or not (should be visible on the screen as soon as you use the command as they are listed last). This will tell me if the punishment quest was even initialized. If not then I can tell you how to start the quest and get it going. There is one thing going on from the Hearthfires DLC, this keeps happening once you visit your home from it (can also see that you are a vampire and sleep in the coffin - not that it matters to CD): This repeats fairly often and has caused issues for some people, not sure why it does cause issues for some and not others or why it does at all. Last thing: which version of Skyrim are you using? Original or Second Edition?
  5. You are still getting multiple errors from Being Female, Creature Framework, Devious Followers (I believe, is at position A0 now) and NIO. Another mod that is doing quite a few things is FNIS Sexy Move. There are other mods that do constant checks running as well, I don't remember what mods these script prefixes go with but the prefixes are CRDE (commonly used DD mod), SGO and RNPC (don't recognize these two at all). These are running at intervals as often as 15 seconds for each mod I do think I found what may be interrupting things (at least in this case): Lovers Comfort These lines are near the end of the log several times: Lovers Comfort may be trying to initiate something between Master, Tessa and Nissa which would interfere with the scene. Another mod that has interfered with CD before is Sanguine's Debauchery You also may want to try some ini file changes, particularly these two values in the Papyrus section: These are the values I use, yours are set to 1.2 on each. This would give a bit more time for scripts to run, you can try increasing these in your ini file a bit (maybe half as much of an increase) and see if that helps.
  6. The CD couriers dialogue is in its own quest and but is controlled by the CDxTaskManager quest (cdxtask_manager script). If you are wanting to use her to send messages or letters send me a pm with what you are looking to do and I can explain what you will need to do. It isn't too difficult to do but you will have to tap into her dialogue and the CDxTask_Manager script, I can tell you how to do what you need to do.
  7. If you want me to look at a log of the ctd's with slaverun send it to me in a pm and I will see if I can figure out what is going on when it crashes, it may just be an incompatibility with another mod. If you are using one of the texture sets other than the original size I think the watermark image was resized and Skyrim is really picky about the size of images that go into letters and such. You can either install the original set or just pull the texture from it (is in data/textures/devious/shop and is called 'watermark').
  8. I didn't look at the mod list prior to looking at the log. Generally there are 2 causes for instability, mods causing constant errors or mods (or multiple mods together) that run things frequently causing an overload of papyrus. This overload does not always result in dump stack errors and instead just causes general instability. An example of this (from my own experience) is Creature Framework as at normal settings it scans every actor (creature or npc) about every 5 seconds in a 2 cell radius. The mod allows you to adjust the times between scans and distance and I have found that a time of 20-30 seconds and a radius of 1/2 cell allows the mod to work perfectly fine with no instability. You may want to try Slaverun Reloaded again once you make adjustments and see if it has any options to increase the time between events (if it has any and if they are under 10-15 seconds - I don't use it myself). Overall, XPMSE and the two SOS mods were the largest problem makers but XPMSE may have damaged the SOS mods in the first stack dump as it was mainly looking for an alias (as I remember) and that may not have been set due to the stack dumps from XPMSE. Also, your current save games may have damaged script aliases, settings and other issues that may make the affected mods I listed not work properly. Two mods to look at specifically for issues in game is Cursed Loot (the timer script was hit in the first stack dump) and Being Female as that ended up with multiple errors on its own after it was affected by one of the stack dumps. DD, CD and Vilja may not have been affected as these generally have many individual scripts (most of the issues in CD were with device scripts so removing or replacing them would fix whatever script issue was caused, DD as well).
  9. First thing that says there is an issue is the logs are over 1mb, I rarely go over 800kb with a multiple hour session. I will go with log 1 since it is the largest (65,000+ pages according to Word Pad). The length of the session looks to be about 1 1/2 hours starting at 1:27 and ending at 2:50W Skipping to 1:33 as most of what is in the first 5 minutes is the initialization of mods. Errors are common at this point so I won't comment on those. At 1:33 I can see the devices starting to be equipped on shop npc's At 1:34:07 the first dump stack error occurs due to XPMSE. I had this happen to me constantly and have seen the same thing in a number of other logs. If you don't use the added features in the XPMSE mod for using alternate animations for the player and npc's I suggest you disable the esp. Sometimes the dump stack errors only affect the mod that caused it but I can see where several other mods are caught up in it including DD Integration causing some of its scripts to fail. Being female, Vilja companion quest, Cursed Loot, mods at load location 72, 93 and 6B (not sure of the mods, don't recognize the script prefix) and CD custom device scripts all get dumped during this causing their script's actions to not be done. Most of these mods (especially DD) are hit multiple times by this. At 1:34:23 thru 1:38:18 Multiple errors on the script at location 6B (various SOS config scripts such as civilization, the wilds and dungeons) all start throwing errors - this mod was among those in the first dump stack. Errors for this mod continue to show up fairly consistently as time goes on. New errors show up at 1:39:00 on script with prefix of _Dtick at location A4 in the load order At 1:46:56 more dump stack errors from XPMSE start. Mods affected are SOS (hit hard), NIO (hit hard as well) and the mod at location 5C At 1:58:02 FTM throws errors, I suggest increasing the time for the scripts in it to run (is able to be set in the MCM menu). Usually happens when a generic npc is unloaded while trying to equip items on them. At 1:58:03 the SOS mod at 6A starts throwing errors and degenerates into dump stack errors at 1:58:08 hitting Being Female (hard), another mod at location 8F, 0F, Skyrim quest MS08 (Saadia's quest), XPMSE Various errors until 2:28:03 when XPMSE starts another dump stack. DD equip scripts hit (including items being equipped by CD), being female, Vilja, mod at location 8F, Skyrim's Creature Spawn script At 2:28:31 the SOS mod at 6A starts erroring again leading to more dump stack errors at 2:29:00 with being female hit first, XPMSE, mod at 0F (bathing in skyrim possibly?), Vilja and Skyrim Critter Spawn Looks like a save may have been loaded around 2:30 as there are mod script initialization checks happening again. My recommendation is to dump the XPMSE esp and check the SOS mod at 6A as it is constantly having errors. I don't know if your game is damaged or not as some scripts that were supposed to do things were unable to do them, some are short term (DD equip scripts) but some like being female may have lasting consequences.
  10. Not sure why the UNP piercing fix would cause the issue as it is just a mesh replacement. As for the punishment stopping there are a few causes: 1 - Herran is not there - this typically happens if you are teleported to the shop or if another mod has taken control of him and he has left the shop in pursuit of whatever the mod is having him target (example is something like Random Attack and he is set to have a sex scene with an npc that has just left the shop and he follows). 2 - Script lag - I have set the selection of punishments to happen at the start of the Punishment quest but a combination of script lag and moving through dialogue too quickly may result in you getting to the point that punishment is ready to be given but it has not been set yet. You can check to see if the punishment has been set using the following command: SQV CDxPunishmentSet01 - look for the variable 'punishmentRunning' - if it is 0 then it has not been set (technically you should have been set free at this point) 3 - Interruption by another mod - If another mod has taken over your character (even if it is not obvious and has not done anything due to conflict) I have scenes in Skyrim set to pause until it can run the scenes. SexLab scenes are typical and somewhat problematic as they usually leave you in control of your character but much of the time disabling your controls can let the scene continue. There are some instances though that this does not work as it has interrupted scripts and leaves it unable to continue or have CD think that its scene has ended without performing the script to link to the next scene or function to advance things. My suggestion for avoiding this is to temporarily disable sex scenes or other scenes from other mods that can take control of your character or other npc's (most mods have the ability to do so in their MCM menu's), Random Attack and DCUR's Sex Attacks are a common example of this. This is not something I can stop as Skyrim will give priority to scripted events over scenes. Now, some possible solutions for when this happens: - If it happens when you are being given a punishment and you have checked the 'punishmentRunning' variable and it is NOT 0 you can simply restart the scene where the punishment is handed out - Using the command Startscene xx2472ae (xx being the load position ID of CD) will start the scene again and hand out the punishment. You need to make sure that Herran and Master is there (you can find their ID's using the SQV command in #2 above, use it with prid <id> then moveto player) and that your controls are disabled. - If the 'punishmentRunning' variable IS 0 then the best thing to do is to cancel the punishment. I don't remember if there is an MCM menu option for it but you can enable your controls (if disabled), get your gear using TCL and look for a chest under the floor near the slaves on display and then use setstage cdxPunishmentset01 900 which will reset the punishment control quest. - If this continues to happen, upload a log that contains about 5-10 minutes of normal play and ends with the failure of the punishment system (you can quit at this point or just do a copy/paste of the log0 file and upload the file here and I can look to see what is going on and make suggestions based on what I see. I know this is a bit long winded but I wanted to include as much information not only for you but for anyone else that may run into the same issue and how to possibly resolve it. Let me know what you find out and if you need further assistance.
  11. 1 - Does the MCM menu work? 2 - in the console use SQV CDxFramework and tell me if it is running and what the stage is (after you have spoken with her). 3 - Do the MCM menus for Devious Devices, ZAP and SexLab all work? Edit - I typically have my load order near maximum with a number of mods merged and test it with my full load order. What you are experiencing is not new but I just want to confirm a few things before going forward.
  12. SexLab generally plays the animations it is told to by whatever mod initiated the scene. Is this happening with one particular mod or all as some mods have a list of scenes that they use (Devious Devices and Cursed Loot - I think - have a preset list of positions as does ZAP if its filter is used)? If it is with all mods check that all the animations are enabled and try to reset the animation list within SexLab (and just to make sure re-run FNIS). Please let us know if it still does it after resetting things and if it is just with specific mods or all mods that start them. Also, if you have any mods that initiate sex between npc's does the same thing happen with them? Edit: also, are you using any restraints from DD or ZAP during these or not?
  13. Next to the mod name, it would be where the green check mark would be if it was installed. If there is no check or circle then the mod is not included in that profile at all currently. If that is the case then uninstall Enhanced Vanilla Bodies, when uninstalled it should show the red circle with the slash and then right click on it, go to the circle with the slash option and select uninstall from profile. Once that is done reinstall the mod. You will want to have the ZEX skeleton installed for the penis to work properly.
  14. If you see the red circle with the slash through it just right click on it and it should give you several options. The option you want to use has the same symbol and when you put the mouse over the option it will give several more to the side, you want the 'remove from profile' option. Do this for both body sets then reinstall the EVB body only. You will likely need to do the same thing with the AAF Compatibility patches so you can select the option for it to make use of the EVB body and have it control the penis. Do not reinstall TBOS or do anything with it in bodyslide after this or it will overwrite the EVB body. As a side note to this, if you ever have to reinstall something with a FOMOD in NMM that requires changing options you need to remove it from the profile or it will install it again using the same settings as before.
  15. If you are using the NMM something I found on this is that if you don't remove the mod from the profile as well as uninstall the mod when you reinstall the mod it will keep the same settings (priority and FOMOD settings). You need to remove it from the profile then reinstall the body mod you want to use. I had to do this with the Enhanced Vanilla Bodies - Male Nude Body and use the option in the AAF Compatibility Patches so it would use EVB and properly set the penis position. Had to drop the Atomic Lust animation set but it is a small price to pay for the males to work correctly.
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