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  1. Nothing wrong with your game, the armbinder is broken. The item was built based on DD v3 scripts and DD v4 armbinders are completely different.
  2. The files with v4.09 listed had not changed since then and go with v4.15. Generally part 1 is all that changes unless new custom items are added.
  3. Yes, it should, you will see a notification as to which version of DD you are using in the upper right of the screen. As for installation it should install as any other mod as it has the proper file structure, just overwrite CD's scripts with it. As for MO specifically I don't use it so I can't help you there.
  4. I end up just buying games during Steam's big sales. Their last big sale I picked up GTA V for $12, still have not installed it. Best I have done is 11 games for $45 with all being AAA titles, just older ones I wanted but was not willing to pay their prices for. I think I have just over 100 games in my Steam account but have not even installed let alone play half of them. I won't be getting Borderlands 3 until it comes to Steam and is on sale for cheap even though I am a big fan of the franchise.
  5. One of the biggest issues with many current games that shipped in a broken state is their development team did not have a clear direction when making the game to start out. Anthem is a perfect example of this, they were in development for 6 years but the game that shipped was produced in the last 18 months of that. The developers had no real direction on what they were supposed to be building until the 2017 E3 game trailer came out. This was supposedly made from in game footage but was completely staged and the development team had never even seen it before it was presented and were then stuck trying to develop the game that was presented. They fell flat on their face. Unfortunately the 'games as a service' model is becoming the standard and most of these ship in a broken or unfinished state with a 'road map' of where it will be some day. Tod Howard talked about this in a recent interview about Fallout 76 and they knew it was going to be bad when shipped but said it would probably be a good game sometime later (about a year is usually cited by most companies). Some actually manage to make the crap they released into a decent game while others should just be killed and put out of their misery. I think as far as Fallout 76 is concerned Bethesda is used to modders fixing their shit and they can't on this. This is why I don't buy a game when it comes out, will never pre-order a game and generally refuse to pay full price for them (I don't pirate games but I will wait until they are ridiculously cheap).
  6. Use SQV CDxSlavery_Prop_Manor and look for the variables Task_A_Status thru Task_D_Status and look for the one that has a 1 with it (assigned). Use SetPQV CDxSlavery_Prop_manor <task variable> 2 this will change it to complete. Note: This can be used for any task once it has been assigned as the task itself is what marks it as done, not dialogue with Markus as he just reacts to this.
  7. Use SQV CDxDiaErani to make sure the quest running and should be at stage 10 I believe (something like that) and check the following variables: - IsPlayerSlave should be TRUE - AssignedToPlayer should be 1 There are Object References that start with 'Marker' and have what the marker is for. These markers are used by her AI when assigned to you (and can be moved manually if used with PRID and Moveto Player) but they won't be used if the above are not set properly (sounds like they are not). The values can be changed with the command SetPQV CDxDiaErani <variable> <value> but resetting her should do that. Make sure the Aliases are set (should be visible as they are listed last).
  8. All of the errors refer to almost all of the different timers that are used in various quests but there should be at most 2 timers running: one that is the task manager and tells CD what tasks are available (since many have cool down times between doing them) and the other is when guests arrive and leave the VIP House but that only runs if it has been built. Both run once per day, the Task Manager at 6 am and the VIP House timer at about 11 am (varies somewhat). The NULL or NONE errors are because the quest is not active and the target or variables have not been set. No idea why they all went off unless you used the console command to start all quests, otherwise I have never seen this before.
  9. In DD v4 the device keywords for the armbinders and yokes were changed to a uniform keyword instead of individual ones, the new devices that act similarly to armbinders use the same keyword as well. The update has several updated scripts that will check the version of DD you are using and use the appropriate keyword when equipping and removing such devices so the mod will remove v4 armbinders and other items.
  10. There are books in the mine and the smithy that show your progress, they are open books just like the one in the shop that tells you various statistics.
  11. I can't / won't redistribute DD scripts, it may damage DD if they change the script. What version of Skyrim are you using? I don't have any of these issues with the version for the original version, may be an issue with the port to SSE which I didn't do.
  12. Use sqv CDxSlavery_Player to get some info you will need (ID's #'s of various things) Remove yourself from the faction faction_relationship and roomfaction_1stManor and locationfaction_manor (ID's from above) Also set the global variables Ownedstatus and RelationshipStatus to 0 (find the actual global variable names from the above info) Then reset the Framework (in the MCM menu) or go to a save before you tried doing what you did (no guarantee that it will reverse what you have done).
  13. Shoes don't get created in bodyslide so just installing it should work as long as you don't overwrite the existing catsuit meshes.
  14. If she says nothing at all then the likely culprit is Herran possibly being missing as he should be headed towards the landing on the stairs.
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