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  1. Help! Constantly hitting the 3.1GB memory limit

    Ugrids to Load This is what I have used for some time and can change the ugrids mid game up or down. Also what RussianPrince said about changing it was said in the description of another mod (not sure if it was actually a mod or just instructions posing as one on the Nexus). I can also say that in FO4 you can change the Ugrids up or down with no issues as well with no mods or anything.
  2. Help! Constantly hitting the 3.1GB memory limit

    Many of the items I have added have been due to threads like this because I had not heard of the command before, then I do my homework. As for the command I suggested I said what it did, what the setting in the command was for and what my setup was and cautioned not to set it to the full value of ram they have in their system. Only hardware that mattered was amount of ram they had in their system. I'm just tired of people freaking out and saying 'Don't make changes the ini file' when I suggest them when there are plenty of settings that can be adjusted within it to get your system to run better.
  3. Help! Constantly hitting the 3.1GB memory limit

    Then what is the point of this entire section of the site? Besides, I wouldn't have offered the suggestion of the ini change if it wasn't something that I used myself. I may get recommendations about ini settings from threads but I consider the source and I do some checking on the command. Since you have done ini edits where did you find all of yours at? There are very few places to get this sort of info, the one I gave was from CreationKit.com on one of the pages about ini edits.
  4. Help! Constantly hitting the 3.1GB memory limit

    This command came from the Creation Kit site concerning the ini file and is something I use myself. This command is in Skyrim with a default of 4gb, increasing it lets Skyrim load more. Just because you are paranoid about changing your ini file doesn't mean you should discount ini file changes, I have made quite a few and run with no issues at a ugrids of 9. I also advised him to check what texture sizes he is using as that eats memory far faster than anything else.
  5. Beginner want to start modding

    Creationkit.com is your best resource for anything regarding building a mod. If you don't see it in the index then use its search function, there is a lot that needs found that way.
  6. Help! Constantly hitting the 3.1GB memory limit

    Try this command in your ini file: iPreloadSizeLimit= 8388608000 What it does is sets the amount of memory Skyrim can load (use), in this case it is 8gb. You can't set it to the full memory of your system or it may try and use it all and crash things, I set it to 8gb as I have 16gb of ram in my system. This will increase the load times, especially when going from indoors to outdoors. I used to have to use a 'safe' save then load the save I wanted when starting up Skyrim to play but can now load the save I want 99% of the time. This works for FO4 as well. As for using too much memory look at the textures you are using, if you have a lot of 4k textures I would suggest reducing the size of some of them or get smaller versions of them from somewhere (particularly landscape textures).
  7. Stage 300 is wrong for voluntary mining, use setstage cdxtask_mining 700 not sure why it ended up there. If your equipment was already taken, it is in a chest above the cage, get it back first or you may lose it.
  8. Use sqv cdxTask_mining and tell me the stage it is set to. Use help cdxSceneID and tell me the value
  9. I use key break but only at 5% - 10% and that is the only option I use. I can go with the notion that not all keys are well made or still in good condition especially when the only way I can get them is to find them.
  10. If there is nothing there at all then the quest did not start correctly and enable the items there.
  11. No options to use what features I do and don't want to use when it comes to generic devices? Not interested. Yes, it is nice that you can set all of that stuff for custom items but when it comes to the generic items I still prefer more control over how they operate.
  12. I have copied 4 interior spaces so far for use in quests and I have to say that it isn't as straightforward as you think to copy them. Unfortunately you can't just copy the world space as it tends to copy things used in quests that, when copied, tend to screw with the original. I found that out when I did the Embassy as it broke doors and all sorts of other things, I had to create a new world space, highlight the interior space of the original and copy / paste so things like doors and other quest related things are broken in the copy and get rid of them or replace them. They also have other things in there which tends to screw with things (double floors or outer walls), I think the people who made some of these interiors are on stronger meds than I am. I would have to move or remake the markers (there are not that many) and renavmesh the place once I did the copy/paste as that is not copied (theirs usually suck anyway).
  13. We will see what it is like when it comes out. Even if everything is restored I am going to still have to rebuild all of the Inventory devices in CD, all 120+ of them.
  14. On the wall over the table by the door to the room.
  15. It is possible but would not be terribly high on my list of things to build. Also, there is a mod that apparently overhauls all of the Jarl's castles, the Blue Palace being one of them and is completely incompatible with the quest with Elisif as it completely redoes the interior (and removes all of my markers as well).