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  1. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Well, either way its your choice between having the effects or having the color change (not all enb's change them). You can enable and disable it within the ENB settings panel which is far easier than editing the ini file for the enb. I don't know why the STEP guide tells you to edit the ini file as editing it in the enb panel in game is far easier and on most things the effect is immediate and can be saved as well. Not that I pay any attention to the STEP guide anyway.
  2. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Not really. The issue has been known for some time with nightvision and enb's and the only part affected is the post processing, all the other effects still work.
  3. If there is anything good about the entire situation is that I tend to work on the mod more, mostly to keep myself occupied. Much of 4.9 and it updates afterwards were done around the time when my mother passed away, if I just sit then I am likely to linger on it and get depressed as I don't handle death well and still have not come to terms with her passing away. At this point Thanksgiving isn't a holiday I likely won't be celebrating anymore. Going to my mom's house for it was how we celebrated it as she got everyone together but that has pretty much ended. On top of that my mother in law's funeral is the Saturday after Thanksgiving so the holiday sits squarely between the death of both of our mothers. Also, my wife's mother passed away 11 days after our wedding anniversary and my mother passed away 3 days before my wife's birthday (and 18 days before mine). The last 2 months of the year were full of celebrations for my wife and I, these are not the sort of thing I wanted to include.
  4. I think the hardest part for my wife and I is that her mothers death comes just under a year after my mothers death, both due to cancer. Before her mom became very bad off a few weeks ago (doctors gave her 24-48 hours, she lasted 3 1/2 weeks) we were hoping to go out to see them next year if I got my disability. Now I wish I had been able to take her out there before this but it just wasn't possible (money, my mental issues etc...). My mother was 66 when she passed away, her mother was 78 and she and her husband were married for 58 years.
  5. Milk Mod Economy [2017-05-31]

    On my custom furniture I already have scripts that hold the player in place so I thought yours would be similar. I think what I am looking at is making a version of what you use on the bound milkers that would either go until done or until a timer has expired. What I am more concerned about is the scripts that you have in place to run the machines so I would probably start with one of your machines and its scripts, make two new versions (one for property slave, one for chaste life) and make what adjustments are necessary for them depending on their role. I already use milking machines, the ones in the embassy are standard ones so the changes may come across and work on the npc there. The other is in Chaste Spouse but it is a custom version so your changes would not have be applied automatically. I don't expect too much trouble with connecting to your mod seeing as the devices have what is needed to do the milking, I just need to add everything else, particularly quest changes. Since the changes will be somewhat major I am looking at making a separate esp to do them and would include replacement scripts for some existing ones.
  6. My mother in law passed away today, the funeral will be held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov 25th) and my wife will be flying out to Utah on Thanksgiving day and return early the following week. Her family is paying for her ticket so that helps us immensely and offered to pay for me to go as well but making that trip would pretty much set off every mental issue I have and I would likely be heavily medicated the entire trip so we decided it would be best for me to stay home. She was 78 years old, married for over 50 years and even though we didn't share the same religious beliefs she treated me like family. She was a good woman and will be missed.
  7. If they are not respawning then something has broken the scripts, either the alias used for the current dust pile or the properties. Upload a log file from a session where you are assigned the task so I can see what error's are being generated.
  8. Milk Mod Economy [2017-05-31]

    Well, I could switch it to something like this: 1 - Chaste Spouse - it would use the bound milker and you would be put on it until you were dry. You would be allowed to leave if you want and go do something but you would have to either have nipple clamps or a bra on if you do so when you wanted milked again you had to come back. 2 - Property Slave - From the start of Property Slave you would start each day by being milked in the morning then go on to do your normal routine. The pump would run until you were either dry or were on there for a certain amount of time (about 6 hours) whichever came first. You would be clamped or have a bra put on the rest of the time. When sent on quests you would be clamped or have a bra as well. During the post tasks out by the road you would be put into a milker while waiting for a customer to come and enjoy a 'free sample'. The milking could extend into Manor Slave as well. There would be adjustments made to the quota's for each stage. 3 - Bad End - You would be given to Elenwen to use and abuse as a personal cow and play toy. There would be opportunities to escape during this, probably several but you would have to work at it (there would be multiple stages to the different escape possibilities). The Skyrim embassy quest would need some changing if you were her cow before you do this quest to disguise you, likely a spell that altered your appearance for a set amount of time. After that was up, who knows what would happen. The only change I would have to make to the milkers is have a version that had a maximum time limit. I got to a point in my game that I could end up in the bound milker all day if full even with it set to 5 seconds for feeding, 10 seconds for milking and turned off the fuck machine. The hourly milk production amount was set to half of the standard and lactaid was set to 2.5 and I still produced just over 100 units of milk in 12 hours and was finally dry. That was set with no limit to how much you could hold and the amount you made an hour was enough that towards the end you would think you would be finished but it would update and have more added. It was enough that you had to be nearly dry at the last update as the production amount was just low enough that it could be milked in under an hour so you could just make the cutoff finally.
  9. Milk Mod Economy [2017-05-31]

    It will take some time before I do it. I have several projects currently in line but it may be something I can start and add each of the options individually between regular CD expansions.
  10. Collect the items for the cooling mixture and go to a cooking pot, under the misc group you should find the option to make the mixture there. Then you need that and a gold ingot to make the amulet at a forge under the jewelry group.
  11. Milk Mod Economy [2017-05-31]

    I am looking at including 3 scenarios within CD: 1- Chaste Spouse - Whomever is the slave of the relationship can be made into a milkmaid. The milking machine in Chaste Spouse would be made compatible with MME and would likely be the binding version (all scenarios would use the binding machine). This would also likely require Hearthfires so a stable, milker and pen could be set up for you at whichever house you choose to use. 2- Bad End to Property Slave - instead of being banished to wherever, bound and with your gear nearby, you would be made a milkslave at the CD grounds. This would involve adding a stable, miking machines and a penned in area to keep you in but that would be your life though I am considering having you be sold to Elenwen after a period of time (see #3). 3- Bad End to Property Slave Alternate - you would be sold to Elenwen to serve as her personal milkslave and playtoy and live in the Embassy Solar basement (where you were kept during the CD Embassy quest). I would give an option to be able to escape though it would not be easy. Any gear you had prior to this would be gone. If you became a property slave the hard way by earning it and were a milkmaid already you would likely be tossed into the Bad End immediately. If this expansion is installed then after the Embassy quest the assistant that was put into the milker would be sent to CD and placed in the pen, if you went through the Bad End and stayed at the CD shop then you would be stable mates. If I did these they would not be short term and other than #3 you would be stuck with no way out. In #1 your spouse would likely come play with you from time to time and in #2 some of the CD slaves may be allowed to make use of you.
  12. So How Pissed Off Should I Be?

    Let it go, I could point to half a dozen mods here on LL that do the same thing as other mods but after comparing the two mods your looks far better has more content than the other one does. Skyrim modding is at the point that there is little that is original anymore, much of what has come out recently was either inspired by or the idea taken from somewhere else. There have been a number of things that I had mentioned that I was looking to add to Captured Dreams but due to my slow update speed someone else has already done it. Overall, on a scale of 1 - 10 with your mod being a 10 the other is a 3 at best.
  13. “Your fucking life doesn’t belong to you … ”

    I can understand how your Prince feels when he wants to confront bigots and bullies but I agree that he should not have rejected the offer of help. Only defending and acting like he was defeated was a poor choice of actions as well as he could have been seriously hurt, if you decide to fight, fight to win. Those men at this point likely feel they can do that whenever they want to and they need to learn otherwise. Antonio was correct as well, his life doesn't belong to him it belongs to those that love him. I learned that several years ago when I was on the verge of suicide but didn't do it because of my wife, I couldn't leave her and my life is hers and I won't take it from her. My guess is that you don't live in the US, if not I don't suggest visiting as it has become an ugly place and a lot of people here make me feel ashamed that I call it home. I wish you and your loved ones the best and a long and happy life together.
  14. 1- Why bother asking Bethesda in the first place since Skyrim mods are allowed on Steam? 2- Does releasing it elsewhere block the usage of the Steam API since the game is played via Steam? I think they are afraid of the TES MMO losing customers to this. Not sure how well the use of other mods would work with this (if at all).
  15. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Do you use an ENB? If so have you change to a different one or changed any settings? Edit: I know that with nightvision you need to enable UseOriginalpostProcessing and the same may be true of the blindfolds since they use image space modifiers (I believe)