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  1. I'll take a look but it may be a v3 vs v4 thing, not sure though I thought I had some issues with them myself a while back w/ v3 (I don't remember things very well lately).
  2. Check the hotkey page in the MCM menu. The key to change positions is the same one that opens the perk tree so I usually change it to 0 instead of o
  3. You can try moving the pelvis back a bit, I think there is an option for it but every body is different on the sliders.
  4. The only thing I can think of is the combination of body type (as in TBBP vs HDT) and the skeleton. I have TBBP armor mods that with the HDT skeleton have major differences in things like the breasts (flattened and spread) and other areas that are not affected and the same is true for a HDT armor with a TBBP skeleton. In whatever combination the body and skeleton connect in different spots resulting in different shapes. The piercings are connected to a specific bone on the skeleton and made for a specific contour of the body (I use a CBBE HDT base body that I modified most everything but the pubic area with the HDT skeleton with no alignment issues) but there are differences in the various CBBE bodies though I am surprised the UNPB body did not align either. This is pretty much everything I know from my own experiences using bodyslide and the various body and skeleton types and have been using them since they were first released. My only suggestion at this point still is to try and adjust the body in bodyslide though if it is moving bones (especially the one the piercings are connected to) then that won't work either. Beyond that it would require adjusting the piercing mesh position in a modeling program and isn't something I know how to do (others have volunteered their services on various things for which I thank them very much for doing).
  5. The UNPB one should have worked with the optional meshes as they were made for it for me though I don't know if the Animated pussy moves it as it is not far off in the picture.
  6. What body shape are you using? I know that a lot of body styles make changes to the shape of the entire pelvis area. I don't do modeling so I can't really do much about it though you may be able to make some adjustments in bodyslide and move the pubic area back a bit. I have not seen any bodyslide versions of the meshes, probably because they would just be minor movements and there really isn't much interest in making them as it would likely be more trouble than it is worth.
  7. If he is still doing part of the sexlab animation then you can end it via the mcm menu, If it does not continue once the animation is stopped use sqv cdxexpquest02 to get the stage and set the stage to 5 higher (it goes up by 5 per stage for the most part).
  8. There are optional meshes with CD for this for use with the UNP bodies as it was intended for CBBE and there are differences between the two.
  9. Which animation exactly is it repeating? If it is the initial washing animation it is likely due to Elenwen has not left the basement so try waiting an hour. If it won't let you wait, enable controls, find and select elenwen in the console then go to the door to the upstairs and use moveto player and once there she should teleport out and you then need to move back to position and disable your controls.
  10. No, it needs a several things done and the items removed via the DD remove all option. Do the following things: setpqv cdxslavery_player allowbeltremoval 1 setpqv cdxslavery_player Val_enslavestatus <x> if you have played through property slave then set <x> to 3 (refused offer) otherwise if you have not and want to have the chance later then set <x> to 0. I also suggest disabling it in the MCM menu. Set CDxLongTermBelting to 0 You need to remove yourself from several factions, use the command and insert the following faction ID's in place of <ID> player.removefromfaction <ID> xx167347 xx0aeabd xx0ab465 xx0a8e2c You will likely need to reset the quest for player slavery as well: resetquest xx167348 the xx in the above ID's refers to the mod ID which is its load position, you can find it by entering help cdx and it will be the same first two letters/numbers of the ID's of the items that come up.
  11. I still plan on working on it but there is no time frame for updates. Adding an option for setting a minimum time for the chaste life belt relief would not be difficult. I can add appropriate remarks to it as well.
  12. 1 - if you are using the premade CBBE bodyslide files get rid of them and build the items using DD v4's files as there is a bug in the v3 ebonite corset/belt combo that will cause a ctd whenever it is attempted to be displayed. 2 - if you are using a lot of mods that run constantly it can overload papyrus. I went over this same thing starting with this user in this post: 3 - upload a copy of the papyrus log file, if you don't know what it is, where it is or how to turn it on google it as it is very simple. Just look for Skyrim Papyrus Log
  13. If you are using v4.05 you need to also use the v4.051 patch which will fix the names and dialogue as there is an issue with the translation file. v4.05 is generally only for German speaking people that need it and not the English version of v4.15 but switching will likely require cleaning the save between uninstalling the old version and installing the new one or a new game.
  14. That would be a DD issue, it stores what items you have on in a file so removing items via console does not work. You will need to use DD's option to remove everything or once the boots are equipped again remove them via key or pay Master to do it (unless they are broken then the DD option is the only one). If you do use the DD option it will remove the Relationship Slave items so you may have to get them back via console. You can use showinventory on yourself and find the ID's for them in there, note them and then just add them back. As for the dialogue it is normal, there is very little done on Relationship Slave. v4.16 will add a bit (though what it adds will be available at other times). Yet another thing in development that keeps getting pushed back.
  15. Mainly the optional stuff added additional layers to escaping and for the most part it is all still there it is just a matter of how it is handled by the devices and control system. I have gone through the code and am pretty sure I could go and alter the system to use the old menu but keep the ability for modders to set the device parameters on custom items while letting the player set the parameters for the standard items. This would require modifying a number of major DD scripts though and was why I never did it.