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  1. Found the issue and why some work and some don't. When I copied Vivi's items it removed the alternate texture info from all of the items, the ones that work have the textures embeded with the mesh. All of the rest need the textures set, the Inventory picture is easy as it is 2 textures for each male and female but the actual items on the actor are 10 textures for male and 10 for female. This may take a bit to change as it makes me cross eyed looking at the tiny lists to choose textures from. This needs done with Argonian, Khajit and general races for each of the items.
  2. Yeah, I had recently noticed that a number of the items did not have the correct textures set. I think these were all ones added later so I copied existing devices but apparently the textures did not get changed.
  3. Do you have access to the slave arena? I have seen it point to a different interior if you can't get to the one you need to go to for whatever reason (door is disabled or something). If something like that happens (I have done what I can to make sure places are accessible but it sometimes picks places that aren't) then just reset the quest and it should be available immediately so you can try again.
  4. There are a number of errors involving Deviously Enslaved, some minor and don't seem like they would cause a crash but others are much more serious and even include its MCM menu in the errors. There are some property errors from CD due to the script differences between CD's custom device script which are still based on v3 and the updated equip script in v4 but these should not be enough to cause crashes. If you updated from v4.05 to v4.15 of CD in an existing game there are a number of changes that would cause issues with CD but would not show up until you tried using the quests where these changes are located. My suggestion is to disable Deviously Enslaved and see if it works, if it does make sure you are using the most recent version. If it is the culprit then check with them to see if it has issues with running alongside CD especially if it has updated to using v4 of DD.
  5. The issue is within DD itself and is linked to the base device type listed within the script and would require rewriting the DD sex scene handling system so it was more flexible. DD was OK with handling sex scenes when there was a limited number of animations available back when it was first created as you would not notice the lack of animations used but with hundreds of animations available it is still limiting itself by using an internal list of animations which are either part of SexLab or included in DD instead of taking advantage of SexLab's own filtering system and making use of any / all of your installed animations. Unfortunately if you are using v4.1 of DD then the limitations still exist even though it was rewritten (I am pretty sure I know who rewrote it but I don't know if it was implemented without changes). This is why I disable the filter (and the one for ZAZ Animation Pack) and just change the animations with SexLab's hotkeys until I get an appropriate animation (or I believe the mod SexLab Tools allows you to choose a specific animation from you installed animations without cycling through all of them). One of the primary dev team members has never been one to include males in their mods and actually would block them and this has made its way into DD. DD v4 was written where it deliberately blocked sex with bound males (at least where it concerned DD's custom animations for armbinders and the like) which was supposed to be fixed in v4.1 but it sounds like there may still be issues with it.
  6. I was looking into another issue with DD animations and DD includes a number of sex animations but likely the only other animations it would use would come from the animations included with SexLab itself. If an animation is not playing you can look at the currently playing animation and it will tell you the tags that are on it and see if it is anal or vaginal, I know a lot of the cowgirl animations are vaginal which would be blocked by the belt. The other possibility is that if it is an anal animation that DD is broken as far as open back belts are concerned (these would be considered one technically) and won't do anal animations with them. Another possibility concerns males being blocked in animations where a device would possibly hinder things and just skips them instead of checking to see if it can do anything. To check that we would have to know if the open back belts work properly with females. I still use v3 of DD so I would not know.
  7. Do you have any mods that modify the areas around the Half Moon Mill (north of Falkreath) as that is where the shop is or anything that modifies the areas of the Solitude lighthouse or the area along the road that goes under Solitude on the opposite side of the docks area? Those 3 areas have modified navmeshes (2 have added doors while anything that modifies the lighthouse door could conflict but I don't touch the door). All of the device meshes are from DD itself, everything I have as far as they go is just new textures. The other items are from other mods and work with the existing skeletons as there isn't much of anything special about them. What did you do to install the mod? You only need parts 1 and 2 to use the mod. Part 3 was for the catsuits but DD v4 has those in it. Part 4 was pregenerated meshes if you needed them (sounds like you don't since you can use bodyslide) and part 5 has some optional files that are zipped within the folder so they would need extracted separately.
  8. No idea as t how long it will be on the update at this point, Manor Slave is undergoing a major overhaul and CD is getting new content as well (not to mention a ton of fixes). In the end though it will be compatible with both v3 and v4 of DD. Other than the Inescapable armbinder used in the Delivery quest (which still has the old keyword and should still work) everything else as far as yokes and armbinders I use are standard items so you can struggle out of them if needed. Meds - not so good. I can't take any of the medications for bi-polar or most meds for anxiety or depression as they have all given me bad (and in many cases permanent) side effects to the point that I am on disability. I have 1 antidepressant that works but I can't go to a higher dose or it makes my anxiety go off the charts (tried it, not fun). For my anxiety I take Xanax and Klonopin (usually not used together) which are both also sedatives so between them I effectively take 7 sedatives a day. I have gone through at least a dozen medications to get where I am at this point.
  9. No but DD's animation filter doesn't use all of the animations you have installed and instead pulls animations from a list of about 20 positions including ones for armbinders and such. To give you an idea of how bad it is I had a character that was only in an open back belt, nothing else. Half of the time it did the titty fuck (character was female) and the rest of the time it defaulted to the frustrated solo animation. Now, that was in v3, from what I understand of v4.0 it excludes bound males from the filter completely likely resulting in either nothing or the solo frustrated animation. v4.1 includes a new filter that should allow men and larger pool of animations but it still won't make use of all of your available animations. In all of these cases that is the way it was built, instead of filtering through all of your animations by keyword exclusion it just used a small group and then eliminated animations by keywords it deemed unusable. This is why I disable the animations and cycle through them until I get a proper animation but I believe there is a mod that allows you to choose what animation sexlab uses that way you can use any of your animations. You may want to give the DD filter a try in v4.1 first but if you find it defaults to the solo or other similarly useless animations then I would turn it off as I did.
  10. Via TesvEdit? no. The scripts with the functions that add and remove the devices need updated (major scripts). There are at least 2 scripts that will have to be changed for that (quest items and non quest items) but there are likely more that are hidden among scene and quest scripts. Hunting down script to make changes like this is a pain in the ass, learned that when I had to make changes for the QuestItem command and keyword addition.
  11. Looking at it in TESVEdit and comparing Vivi's original mod and the DD mod I didn't see a difference, shouldn't be since for the DD version I just duplicatedd Vivi's items and made them into the part of the DD item that is shown (script instance item). I will have to open them up in the CK and see what is going on. I will probably download the latest version of the mod and check it against the other two to make sure that no paths or texture names changed.
  12. Well, I went through the script instance items for the DD part and the armor addon which contains the textures and such themselves and in all of them orc's are set up as part of the non beast race items (humans / elves) on everything I went through. The script instance and armor addon's were taken directly from VIvi's original mod and match the version I have (was from when I made the items). Is it only orcs that are affected? Since they are set up to use the same elements as the human/elf races then they would be affected as well. The only thing I have noticed is that a few items (ebonite confirmed but may be more as I have not checked all of them) are set up to use the steel textures on the cage.
  13. My only plans on updating CD as far as DD v4+ is adjustments to functions and a few items so my mod still works. I will not be adding any of the items from v4+ to CD at all.
  14. So far I have pretty much all of the ZAP 7 stuff that is in ZAP 8 and have had no issues other than the typical alignment issues I have been seeing (may be the way that I use them). I have been talking to T.ara about some things with the furniture and am looking to do some things with him that may be able to reduce the animation count regarding furniture as well as having it automatically align the actor to the furniture. I would likely add some things such as a timer that could be controlled by the mod using it and either have it just release the actor and/or trigger a mod event so the modder can have something else happen. In the end this will likely reduce the animation count from the furniture as well if things work as intended.
  15. Hopefully they are set up as separate objects from the dress in the mesh, if they are you can just delete them which is fairly easy to do.