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  1. From the road go behind the shop and just past the smelter and it right in front of you. There is a ramp leading up to a small wooden entrance at the large rock (small mountain).
  2. Make sure he has a whip or something like that equipped from ZAP. You can use help cane and look for an item starting with zbf (prefix for ZAP items), select him in the console and use equipitem <item ID> and that may get him started. Select him in the console the first time you see him then if he does not appear use moveto player and it will move him to you.
  3. During the punishment don't sleep much past 6 am but it sounds like he may not be there for the scene to run properly (he wanders off sometimes for whatever reason). If you are stuck in the rack you can try running one of the following scenes: Pillory scene ID: xx242678 Rack scene ID: xx24267a xx is the mod ID in the load order, use help cdx and it will be the same as the first 2 digits of any other item that starts with CDx Use Startscene <id> in the console. If that does not work let me know and I will look up some scenes to see if they are playing so they can be stopped and the release scene started.
  4. The ones I had available before were made using the standard CBBE and UNPB presets in bodyslide. You need to select both the base body and the preset you want to use, if one of those is not set correctly (such as one is set to a piece of armor or something) then it will not come out right.
  5. The list of devices not working tells me that DDa was not being completed. This is how you should do the initial setup in the first place. Also, steps 6 - 13 can be done with the game running and without exiting the game (I do it all the time). Simply remove the items you are changing, build them in bodyslide and when you re-equip them they will be changed. This also works for any armors and the base body (just equip some armor and the new body will be there when it is unequipped).
  6. The patch for DD v4 only changes the main device equip / removal functions. The only thing the change does is check the version of the DD MCM menu and if it detects the v4 menu it changes the keyword used with armbinders and similar items from the individual keyword to the heavybondage keyword. It should not affect any other devices since it is keyword driven. I have the patch installed and still use v3 without issue.
  7. If properties were not filled in then the link to the item is no longer there. This could happen if the original mod changed the device and the ID number was no longer valid (remade the device) or repeating errors such as dump stack errors can damage scripts and properties. Looking at the log shows the error originating from the script that equips items and saying that no item was selected. Make sure you have selected the material types in the devices section of the CD MCM menu as it may be trying to call that information.
  8. If all of the properties are filled in then there is nothing wrong with the script, likely your script environment (Papyrus) is overloaded and can't process the DD command to equip the item. Enable papyrus logging (these lines in the Skyrim ini file): Play the game a bit and the next time it does not equip items upload the log ( my games/skyrim/logs/script/ ) and look for Papyrus.0 and upload the file here. Tell me what was supposed to happen so I can look and see what went on. Also, make sure logging is turned ON in DD's MCM menu.
  9. In the console use SQV CDxSlavery_Functions and look at the properties to make sure they are filled and that the quest is running. Do the same for CDxFramework as these two quests are what equips devices (first one is for quest items, second for standard items). Also, I do not have quest versions of the gags so they would use the standard DD devices. Also, there has been no updates in a year so this would have come to light much sooner than this and it has worked perfectly fine for DD v4.0 and v4.1
  10. On the subject of items not showing up: If it is CD custom colored items ONLY that don't show up then it is possible the DD team has changed the mesh file structure. If standard DD colored items do not show up or standard DD items are not showing up then it is an issue with DD. All CD custom items that use standard DD colors use the DD armoraddon parts which contains the location of the meshes and are taken directly from DD. If someone can list what items specifically are not showing up and give specific details such as device, color and whether or not it is a CD device (color or quest item) or standard DD device (standard colors and keyed as normal) I can pinpoint the problem a bit better.
  11. Part 4 of the CD files was only a set of pre-built meshes made using DD's bodyslide files and a matching body (standard presets in bodyslide), nothing else. Also, the last version I had up was based on the DD v3 bodyslide files which had a bug in the ebonite corset w/ belt that caused ctd's and is missing everything added by v4. The ONLY files you run CD is parts 1 and 2. Part 3 is the bodyslide files for the catsuit which are included in DD now and Part 5 has the optional esp's and UNPB meshes for the chastity piercings.
  12. Any items from DD itself use the current scripts and should work fine. Any CD items will still work except the armbinder and everything should show up. Do they show as equipped on your character in your inventory? If so then this is an issue with the meshes, try rebuilding them in bodyslide and if that does not work then contact the DD team about the devices not showing up as all the device meshes used are theirs.
  13. 1- The armbinder was built using v3 scripts which are no longer present in v4 as they have been put into the central equip script. It also still calls on ZAP animations for the arms which are not part of v4 (or not in the same naming format). 2- The standard DD items are included in an array (for faster equipping) which get them directly from DD. It is possible that something has damaged the array and can be reset on the reset page using the quest item array reset (resets all arrays). If that does not happen then either something has stopped / damaged the scripts (dump stack errors will do this) or something has changed with DD and the inventory items are not the same as in v4.1 (doubtful though as I would have heard of this already). If dump stack errors have damaged the scripts and your game there is nothing I can do.
  14. It may be too big to be able to be uploaded here. If you have issues getting it contact t.ara about it.
  15. Tru the 'Reset Player Idle' button on the player page in the MCM menu.