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Entry 67: Behold, My Otherworldly Weapon



Hey, this is Runa.  I'm carrying the Eye of Boethiah and Scourge, Malacath's mace. Continuing on our journey to Table Mountain, Calleius, Jura, Rigmor, Sorella and I found Casius' camp near the Cyrodiil-Hammerfell border.  It was pouring rain, it was the middle of the night, we'd fought two battles at Bruma and a small skirmish on the way.  The men were dead tired, setting up the big tent and going to sleep immediately.  I sat with the girls and Casius, finding a strange sort-of energy carrying me through.  We all grabbed hearty soup Casius had prepared.


"Glad you made it.  Run into any trouble?" Casius asked.

I sighed, "We met some New Imperial troops."

"Did you conceal the bodies?" Casius asked.

"We didn't have time," I said, "But they were off the road.  Hard to notice."

"Good.  Make yourselves at home.  We'll rest until morning.  We need to be properly prepared to cross the mountain ridge."

"How's Quintus?" I asked.

"He's well.  I didn't even need to persuade him.  My marines are with his Legion and they await our arrival.  Also, Sethri infiltrated the area.  He should have info for us when we get there."

"Excellent.  Have you met Sorella?"  I gestured to her.


"Not since she was a little girl," Casius turned to her, "You're very brave coming all the way here.  But I bet you don't remember me."

"You know Yngol?  My father?" Sorella asked.

"Yes.  Want to know how I met him?" Casius smirked.

Sorella nodded, and Casius started, "It was a cold, dark night.  Just like this one.  We had been attached to the 4th Legion patrolling the road between the Imperial City and Bravil.  A citizen ran up to us, out of nowhere... 'Quick! Come quickly!   They're all dead!' he says.  We follow him as quickly as we can.  Our torches ablaze, our hands sweating, gripping tightly to the hilts of our swords, not knowing what danger could appear in the darkening gloom.  We arrived at a farm... there was blood everywhere.  We thought, what could have done this terrible crime?  The culprit comes out and we draw our swords.  We see the chickens in his pockets and realize, it was a chicken thief.  It was chicken blood.  Your father...from then on he was always known as 'the Fox."

Sorella giggled, "Whoa!  What happened then?"

"They beat him with sticks and let him go," Casius chuckled, "It's the truth.  You can ask him when you get home."

Sorella laughed, "Oh my gods."


"Come on, Sorella.  Let's get some sleep.  We've had a long day," Rigmor said.  And they slipped into a tent.


"So what did Yngol say about all this?  I bet he wasn't happy."

"Nah, he was pretty pissed.  He said you're personally responsible for her safety," I said, "The only way Angi would agree to this is if you're her protector, and you don't engage in the main battle."

"Hmm... I expected as much.  How goes the siege?" Casius asked.




"Thanks to my friends, we captured Robere, who happened to be the commander at the time.  We broke the siege for now with Yngol's help.  But they'll send more," I replied, "This is a dirty business.  Scheming, power plays, machinations, not knowing who your friends are.  At least when we fought the Thalmor, they're gold and we're blue.  Or red, thanks to Sialius' Legion."

"Welcome to civilization."

"If Skyrim is savagery, I prefer savagery," I chuckled, and so did he.

Casius nodded, "When Sorella fires the shot, I'll be sure to get her out of there, to my ship, and back to savagery at Falkreath.  You'd better get some rest.  This is a hard road."

"What about you?" I asked.

"I had a good sleep before I trekked up here.  And I haven't had a bunch of battles in the last few days.  Go," Casius replied.


I hadn't noticed we'd been sitting there for a few hours at this point.  Time flies.  Jura, then Calleius got up, and I went and laid in the small tent in the middle.  The boys ate and talked, but I was dead to the world in the meantime.




In just a few hours, we got up and got moving.  It was a clear, new day that filled us with hope.

"We should keep a steady pace and not falter.  Conserve your energy for the climb," Casius said.


We made our way up into the hills, finding a good view of Bruma and the Imperial City in the distance.  Then we took a long, winding path up the mountains.  After a few hours, we got a fantastic glimpse of Hammerfell, and took a break to take it in.  




Rigmor sat with me for a few minutes overlooking the Imperial City.  She rested her head on my shoulder for a minute, "Hey, when this is all over, where will you go?"

"Probably back to Skyrim," I said.

She sighed, then she put her hand on my face, "I think I'm going to miss you even more this time.  We were just friends before.  I feel like this is more now."

She kissed me softly.

I wasn't sure how to feel at this point, "I don't know how I feel.  I've said before I never want to get married.  We're still young.  We have our whole lives ahead of us to be trapped in marriage.  I just don't know yet."

"That's... fair," she said.

"I do know I want you to be happy though," I said.

We didn't really say a lot after that.  She went over to talk to Sorella, and Calleius came over to stand next to me.

"Eavesdropping?" I asked.

"I am known for my keen senses," he replied.

"I wish this was as easy for me as is it for my mom.  She just throws herself into every relationship with her soul out for the world to see.  I feel like I'm... living in a suit of armor," I said.

Calleius hugged me and I laid my head on his shoulder.

"Want another friend kiss?" He asked.

I couldn't help but laugh, "Maybe a little."

So he kissed me too.




"I like the new helmet.  Easy access," I smirked.  When we stopped, I noticed Rigmor was watching us.  

We got on the road.


A few miles down the other side of the mountain, we found a carriage with a dead horse and dead driver.  I hopped up on it, finding their cargo ransacked.

"Border thieves," Casius said, "Let's go."

We found them a stone's throw down the road when they attacked us.  We dealt with them handily.

Saying nothing about it, we continued down the road until we reached a supply cache Casius had hidden off the road.  


Rigmor turned toward a waterfall a bit upstream, "Casius, can we stop for a little bit?  I haven't washed myself in a few days.  Feel like the enemy'll smell us coming a mile away."

"Not sure this is such a good idea.  There are more raiders in the hills," Jura said.

"It's alright," Rigmor grabbed my arm, "Runa'll come with me."


Casius sighed, "Just hurry.  We'll pack up the supplies."

Calleius and Jura exchanged a glance, but said nothing.  I chased after Rigmor, and found her running down the riverbank towards the falls when I crossed over the mound we'd been standing on.  I ran after her.

"Hurry up, slowpoke!" She said back.




Near the waterfall was a Shrine to Mara.  We stopped in front of it.

"Hey, check it out," Rigmor pointed, "This shrine's been cleaned recently."

"Huh," I said, leaning on the shrine, "Well, what are you waiting for?  Go take a dip.  I'll watch."

"What do you mean you'll watch?  Don't get any weirdo ideas," Rigmor smirked at me, "Turn around."

"I mean I'll keep watch, you dummy," I said as she walked out to the water, stripping off her armor, "It's not like I haven't seen it."


"Gods!" She shouted.

"What?" I turned toward her, hand on my greatsword.

"It's fucking cold!" Rigmor said back.


I leaned back on the shrine again.

"When you carry the load of others, as well as your own, the Nine shall help carry your burden," a voice spoke softly from behind me.  I whipped around, hand on sword again.




It was the strange priest from the temple in Bruma.

"Hey, um... I already figured out you're not who you say you are.  What are you, some sort of ghost?" I asked, ready to spring into action.

"I am whom so ever you want me to be," he replied.

"That's the worst possible answer," I said, "You know I try not to make a habit of killing good people, but if you don't give me some answers, I might have to make another mark on my list of exceptions."


"Who are you talking to?" Rigmor shouted, "Is something wrong?"

I looked over, then turned back to the priest, "Can she... not see you?"





"She does.  And she calls out," the priest said.

"Everything's fine!" I shouted back, then I turned to the priest again, "This cryptic speech is starting to get on my nerves, old man.  So, if you won't tell me who you are, or what you're doing, I'll just say - I'm not going to let you harm her."

"She is in no danger.  The Nine have listened and granted you your wish," the priest said.

"How... so?" I asked.


Rigmor called, "Hey!  Why don't you come in with me?  I was just playing before!  You can probably just shout at raiders if they come!"


The priest continued, "She is released from her curse and can live a normal life."


Rigmor yelled again, "Runa!  Y'know talking to yourself is the first stage of madness."


"All you must do is touch the shrine," the priest said finally.

"So her being the 'Chosen Queen' or whatever nonsense... that goes away?  But how?  Are we just resigning Cyrodiil to continue this path of war?" I asked.

"Another chosen queen will be born," the priest replied, "When the time is right.  And you will be her guardian."

I wanted to ask how he could be sure I gave a shit about a new chosen queen.  But I didn't say anything.  He was probably just going to make another useless cryptic statement.




"Runa, help!" Rigmor yelled, and I turned to her.  She was in no danger.  I stared flatly at her.

"That got your attention didn't it?" She smiled.


The priest continued, "You will fulfil your destiny, as it has been written.  You will soon see clearly."

When I turned to look at him, the priest was gone.  Of course.

I walked over to the shrine.  He said I needed to touch the shrine, to free her, right?  But it would doom some other child to this annoying fate.  Certainly, the gods had some sort of plan... Gods, there were too many variables.  I shrugged, and touched the shrine.  I felt the Blessing of Mara wash over me, just like it normally would.  I squinted, slowly shook my head, not sure if that was what was supposed to happen.


I turned toward Rigmor, and she was on the shore, getting dressed.

"Runa, I don't know what's with you.  You're so godsdamn hot and cold.  I was inviting you to come join me.  Maybe something would happen, maybe not.  I figured at least you'd want to get clean," Rigmor shrugged, "Who were you talking to?  Whoever cleaned the shrine?  I don't see anybody."

I sighed, "So, something.  I was talking to something."

"You don't know?"

"Not really.  But it seems.. benevolent.  It said that if we touch the shrine, we'll be released from the prophecy," I said, thinking I might've misinterpreted it when he said 'you touch the shrine' to mean me.  He may have actually meant 'both of you.'


"What does that mean?  Tamriel at war forever?" She asked as we walked over to the shrine.

"Apparently, another chosen queen is chosen.  And I... or we... would be her protectors," I replied.

"So we'd be stuck together forever?" Rigmor asked.

"Well, that wouldn't be so bad," I said.

She smiled, just a little, "I'm finally getting your tough shell to crack a little."

"So you want to do this?" I asked.

She grabbed my hand, then she asked, "Do you?"

"Yeah, ok," I said.  Then she put our hands on the shrine.  We both received a Blessing of Mara.




"Easy enough," she smiled at me.  Then she said, "You know I worry about you sometimes.  All this destiny crap is really getting to you."

"I now see why my mom told the Greybeards they could cram her destiny up their asses," I laughed.

We made our way back to the camp, and they were already packed up.

"Ready?" Casius asked, throwing us some rations.

We made our way along the river for some miles, seeing a small fort in the distance with a ship parked adjacent to it on the river.





The gates swung open, a welcoming party with Zan (from Casius' ship) and a few of the Marines and Legionnaires waiting for us.  Zan hugged Rigmor and one of the soldiers said, "General Quintus is expecting you."  He pointed to the command tent on the left.  

Casius nodded to me, "I'm going to rally my men, you go ahead."


Rigmor hugged Sorella before she went with them, "You do everything Casius tells you to, okay?"

"I'll be brave," Sorella replied.

"And guess what!  You'll be getting a ride home on a pirate ship.  How cool is that?  When this is over we'll come see you in ...happier times," Rigmor said.


Jura, Rigmor and I stepped into the tent with Sethri and Quintus, Calleius going off to speak with some of the Legionnaires.  

"Guardian.  General.  Countess," Quintus nodded, and sat beside Sethri.

"Allow me to offer you a..." Quintus said to Jura, but he responded, "It's ok, I'll stand."




"Well met," I said, "How are things?"

"It's been years.  You've both grown up," Quintus said.

"Pity the reunion isn't under more pleasant circumstances," I replied.

"Indeed.  Sethri told me everything.  I couldn't figure it out at first, but the Emperor, so called, sent me all the way out here.  And we're not allowed to pursue the raiders, just prevent further excursions into Cyrodiil.  The real reason is because they don't want word getting out of the depravity at Table Mountain," Quintus folded his arms, "I thought they were just slavers.  But now it's clear.  My sword is yours to command.  Damn the consequences.  If this is what our Empire has become, damn the Empire."


Sethri started, "There're raiders at the base of the mountain, and mercenaries defending the ruins that hold the Bridge of Sighs.  An army of leeches are down there.  The soul gem is protected by an elite group of Tsaesci, and General Oxi-Amaka."

Quintus said, "We persuaded the Count to allow us to build a pontoon.  None of the noble of the Gold Coast know the truth.  I told him it was imperative to stop the slavers.  So this makes crossing the river easier for us.  We've also been sending small parties across the border.  Our presence won't alert them immediately if we're seen.  Also, Sethri was able to get a map of their defenses."

"So if we're going, we need to go full force, strike them all at once.  They won't suspect anything until we're right on top of them," I said.

"Agreed," Quintus said.

Jura folded his arms, "Once we hit them hard and force our way into the mountain, you guard our rear and baby girl while the core group pushes into the Ayleid ruins and takes down the Akaviri."

"Is Morag Sethius there?" Rigmor asked.

"She's been in there a few days," Sethri replied, "And, just to let you know, I managed to get my hands on some of the curative for the Living Death and we made a huge batch.  The soldiers all have a bottle."


"Excellent," I said.

About this time, a runner entered the tent, saying, "General, there's an envoy here to see you."

"Who is it, soldier?" He asked.

"Not sure, sir.  But they're asking for you, the Countess, and Princess Runa."

"Hmm... princess," I said.  That really hasn't been brought up here.  This envoy must know me.

We walked to the gate, which swung open at Quintus' command.  A small contingent of Thalmor, a few on horses.  I put my hand on my greatsword as we approached, "What do you want?"

"Greetings, to the Princess of Skyrim, and... the Princess of Cyrodiil.  We have a dossier on you milady worthy of its own library shelf."

"Like Runa asked, what do you want, justicar?" Rigmor asked.

He dismounted, "Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Count Valeronin Camaeus of Lillandril, envoy of the Aldmeri Cominion, Commander of TESO, ahem... the Elven Special Operations.  The mercenaries at the summit of Table Mountain are Thalmor criminals and defectors.  I have been sent here to offer my services.  As a gesture of good will between the Empire and the Dominion."




"Fuck off," I said, and Rigmor said, "No deal."  Almost in unison.

Quintus and Jura exchanged glances.


"I don't ask they you like us, I only ask for your trust," Camaeus said.

"Trust?  Wherever the Thalmor tread they leave a trail of misery, torture and death.  The only good thing Sethius did was kick you out of Cyrodiil," Rigmor said.

"Are you aware the Thalmor just fought a whole war with Skyrim?  And you guys kidnapped my mother and tortured her.  NO.  FUCKING. DEAL!" I said, I took a deep breath, "F~.."

Jura put his hand on my shoulder, stopping me.


"We owe you a debt of gratitude for taking care of the New Order.  I want to take this chance to personally apologize for the suffering you endured at the hands of that traitor Thalmor General..." He said to Rigmor, then turned to me, "And for the traitor Interrogator for your mother."

"Oh, now he's a traitor when it inconvenient for you to be associated with him.  This reminds me of the Moons, the Hist and the Oblivion Crisis.  Thalmor always making the facts line up for their own benefit," I said.

"Nothing can excuse the Thalmor's cruelty," Rigmor showed her teeth.


"My apologies for my insensitivity.  Please, General Quintus, General Jura, Countess, Princess.  We have a common enemy in what lies at the Bridge of Sighs.  My special forces are at your disposal.  At the very least, please offer me the courtesy of parley.  This letter of introduction should suffice to prove my intentions are genuine," Camaeus said.


Quintus took the letter and read it, "Gods.  This is signed by Baa'Ren-Dar.  Emissaries from Valenwood and Elsweyr.  And the Elder Council... in Exile?"

I raised an eyebrow, "In Skyrim we got told they were all dead."

"That's what we thought as well," Quintus said, "But I've seen at least a couple of these signatures before.  They're genuine."

"What makes you so special you got all those signatures?" Jura asked.

"Quintus, you can't trust this asshole.  He's a justicar, a Thalmor," Rigmor folded her arms, "I don't care about the document."


"Ahem... it's pronounced Justiciar."

"We should give him a chance," Quintus said.

Rigmor replied, "Whatever.  I think I'll just go take a walk.  The air around here has become... unpleasant to say the least."

She walked away.


Jura put his hand on my shoulder, "You know we could use their help."

I growled at him, "They'll stab us in the back.  You of all people should know that."

"Usually, yes.  I fought the Thalmor in the Great War.  Then again in Hammerfell.  Then again in Skyrim.  I hate them as much as you do.  But this may be the one exception," Jura said.

I held back my rage and said, "I'm going to go take a break.  Could you get the Count up to speed?  You're the General here, so ultimately I'll go along if you think it's right.  But!  If they betray us, the blood will be on your hands."


I turned and walked away.  I saw Calleius sitting with the Legionnaires, eating a meal. 




"How goes it?" He asked.

"You'll see," I said.  He turned his head to the procession walking into the camp.

"Gods, the Thalmor?" Calleius looked up at me, and I grabbed the slab of meat he'd been eating and took a big bite of it.  Then I handed it back.

"Need another friend kiss to calm you down?" Calleius smiled.

I laughed, "Now you're just milking this."

"Maybe," he said.

I leaned over and kissed him, and this time he grabbed my cheek and held me there for a minute, working his tongue around mine.  I wiped the sauce off my cheek and stood, deciding I would go find Rigmor.

But as I stood up, I felt something strange.  

"You ok?" Calleius asked.

"I dunno.  My skirt feels tight.  Weird pressure in my..." I whispered to him, "Crotch area."

Calleius smiled, "So, you're aroused then?"

"I mean, I guess.  But it feels weird.  Different than normal," I replied.  Then I shrugged, "I guess I'm going to go find wherever Rigmor stormed off to and storm there as well."


I searched the tents, and finally found hers.




Rigmor sighed as I walked in, "If you're here to talk some sense into me, don't waste your breath." 

"Oh, no.  I completely agree with you.  But I think Quintus is going to end up taking their help and get all of us killed.  I guess on the bright side maybe we can use them as human shields.  Elven.  Elven shields."

"I don't trust them.  Damn elves," Rigmor said, "The enemy of my enemy... is still my enemy."

She stood up and started pacing as she talked, "They murdered my father in the worst way possible.  Paraded him around the streets of Alinor...  People spat on him, kicked and beat him.  Publicly hanged him.  They tore my family apart, enslaved us and flogged me to within an inch of my life.  I will not forget it.  I will not forgive."


"What did he mean," she looked down at me, "What happened to Destana in that war?"

I shut my eyes and said, "At the Battle for Riften, we lost her in the turmoil.  They took her to a prison and used their chronomancy to torture her for three months while we looked for three days.  She said it was every torture we could imagine... and she even described one that I couldn't possibly imagine.  They used some kind of beast... she said when she got out it attacked the Thalmor and they died instantly from the pain alone."


Rigmor stepped up to me and held my head against her stomach, "I know you.  You're blaming yourself aren't you?"

"Maybe..." I said.

Rigmor said, "Now's my chance to comfort you.  It wasn't your fault."

She held me for a moment, then she leaned down and kissed me.  It felt good.  When she tried to pull back, I held the back of her head and pushed harder.

She pulled back, blinked and stammered, "Runa..."

Feeling captivated, I guess, she wrapped her arms around me and sat on my lap, continuing.


We sat there a few minutes until she pulled back again.

"Um... ow," she stood up, "Your armor hurts a little bit.  Very pokey."

"We should probably talk to this asshole," I said, and I stood.  That tight feeling was back.  What the hell was going on?  I looked down, started messing with my armor to try and get it to fit right.

Rigmor sat down where I'd been, looking through her pack, "Have you seen my hat from Roscrea?"

"Umm..." I said, "Umm... "

"Are you okay over there?" Rigmor asked.

"Hey, can I show you something?" I asked, "I need you to promise not to freak out.  Because I'm 100% freaking out."

"Ok... sure.  I can pretend to be strong for you," Rigmor chuckled.


I pulled the straps on my chestpiece and undid the buttons on my skirt, then I let them fall on the floor, kicking them away.  Then I turned around.


"Okay.  You didn't need to be so dramatic to show me your naked body.  You're hot.  Whatever."

I stared blankly off at the tent behind her and said, "No.  Look down."

"That's completely... oh my gods!  What the fuck!?" She covered her mouth.




"Well, I don't know... if this is a gift... from Mara... or that weird priest guy.  But I don't think I want it," I said.  It was a penis.  I held the penis in my hand, let it flop back down.

"Oh... um..." Rigmor said, "It's getting bigger."

I looked down at it.

Rigmor took it in her hand.

"Oh wow," I said.

"What?  I'm dumbfounded.  I need to make sure it's real," she said.

"Sure... you do," I said.  I wasn't stopping her.  It felt really good to be held.  Like this was a greatsword growing from my body, but her touching it was like drawing the string back on a bow or loading a crossbow.  It felt powerful.  It felt tight, like I wanted to use it.  Gods, it was intoxicating.


She let it flop down again, but it pointed straight out at her.

"If it feels like one... I wonder if it tastes like a cock," I said, then I covered my mouth, realizing I wasn't thinking when I said that.

Rigmor rubbed it on her face, "Well it smells like one."
She licked the head, and it reminded me of having my clit licked, though more spread out.  I moaned a little.

"Yeah, it tastes like one," she said.

"You're... evil," I said.  I could feel myself starting to breathe hard as she swirled her tongue around.


"Wanna test this thing out?" Rigmor asked.

My brain was mush as she started to take her armor off.  While she wait for me to doff, she put her hat on.

I squinted, smiling.

"What?  My head is cold," she laughed.  She got on all fours, not even bothering to take her underwear off.  But I didn't care.  I felt like a ravenous dog hungering for some meat.  I pushed it aside and slid in.

"Gods!  Not so hard!" She said.




"Sorry, I don't know how to control this thing," I said.  I thrusted for a while and we both enjoyed it.  Then I emptied my... balls?  Yes, I had balls.  They were sensitive too.  I flicked one and winced in pain.  Gotta remember not to do that again.

She sat down on the chair again, letting out a breath in relief, "Well, I'm less pissed now."

"I have so many questions," I sat down next to her.

"Does it feel better or worse than doing that with a vagina?" Rigmor asked before I could continue.

"Don't get me wrong, it feels very good.  About the same really, just different.  I don't know that I have enough experience with my vagina to make a judgment call on that one."

"Really?" Rigmor asked, "I'd think a girl like you has had like... sooo much sex."

"Only like a dozen times with a vagina," I replied, blushing, "And all the same two men.  Mostly on the same couple days."

"Who?  Aventus and Calleius?" 

I nodded.

"So what are your questions?" Rigmor asked, "Not that I could answer them."

"Well, first, is this thing going away?  Do I need to use it a requisite amount of times before it does, or am I stuck with it?  Why the fuck did they give me this thing?" I pressed on my stomach, "Do I still have a uterus, or was this a total conversion?  If I have both, where do I pee?  Do I still menstruate?  If so, where does it come out?  Is my anus a cloaca?"

"Those are all valid questions," Rigmor said.

"Oh, what the hell... am I supposed to do with this, in a skirt?" I grabbed my penis and flopped it around again, "Ah great it's getting hard again."

"Most men would kill for that refractory period," Rigmor said.

"The legion armor has a tunic that looks like a skirt.  Could you... get Calleius for me?" I asked, throwing my armor on.

"Sure," Rigmor smiled.

When Calleius entered, I was fully dressed, "Hey, I want to ask you a strange question."

"Sure," he said.

"In those imperial uniforms, how do you keep your junk from hanging out the bottom?" I asked.


Blinking, maybe thinking it was a joke, he answered me with a straight face, "Mine's not nearly that long.  But we did have some men who had to tuck theirs up into their belts."

That is true, the imperial skirt-thingy was definitely longer than mine.  Damn my want to show off my legs and be able to squat and pee.  Guess I wouldn't need to squat anymore... and that was a plus.  I waited until he awkwardly shuffled out, then I tucked mine up into the belt of my armor.

"Not exactly comfortable, but it's all I got for now," I said to Rigmor.


We walked out, it now being nighttime, and then into the command tent.

Quintus looked up at us, "We've decided we're going to attack the base camp with a pincer movement.  We don't have to mix, and also we can be of help to one another."

"Yeah, fine," Rigmor said, quite a lot more docile now.

"I suggest my forces accompany the Countess' group for the ascent.  We can offer protection and take out the renegades," Count Camaeus said.

"Sounds alright," I said, then I stepped up to him, "But if you step out of line for one second, I'm going to kick your ass all the way back to Alinor."


"Fair," Camaeus replied.  Then he turned to Rigmor, "Please excuse my rudeness, Countess.  But, are you with child?"

"What?" Rigmor asked.

Jura slapped his forehead, "You really are the charmer, Count Camaeus."


"The fuck is wrong with you?" I asked.

"As soon as you've dealt with your renegades, I want you out of here," Rigmor said.

"My apologies, I assumed..." Camaeus started.

"Assumed what?" I looked around.

"I'm sorry, can we talk in private?  I can explain," Camaeus said to me.

"Okay," I said angrily.


We stood out by the horses and he said, "I didn't handle that in there in the most delicate way."

"You don't say," I said.

"A man claiming to be the priest contacted me some time ago," he said.

"Ahh.  Do you know anything about him?" I asked.

"He wouldn't reveal who he was, but he seemed to know way too much about me, told me of my 'destiny.'  He also told me about the Countess, and you.  He said she would be with child.  I had assumed it would be with you, not having met you, I thought you might be a man.  But now I'm not certain how what the priest said could play out," Camaeus said, "But it's none of my business."

I groaned, taking a wild guess now what this thing in my pants was for.  I asked, "Is he a god or something?" 

"Perhaps.  Or an instrument of them, such a minor Aedra.  We are just pawns in a game not of our making."
"I agree with you.  Damn this business," I said.

"I was chosen by the priest to gather a force to help you.  He set the wheels in motion, even those to convince you to accept our help," Camaeus explained.

"Well maybe I should just refuse your help.  Do it on our own, or go out fighting.  Spit on this destiny," I said.

"You blind fool!  You would choose death over help?  Do you even know who you are?  No.  No... of course you don't."

"Tread carefully," I growled, "I don't care what the damned Aedra told you about us.  You don't know anything about me or Rigmor."




He growled at my obstinance.  He said, "Runa Fair-Shield, adopted daughter of Queen Destana of Skyrim.  Listener of the Dark Brotherhood.  Rigmor, child of Ragnar.  Chosen of Azura.  Countess of Bruma.  Princess of Cyrodiil, descendant of Morgan Mede.  She is born to reign.  She is destined to bear a child.  Auriel.... sorry... Akatosh wills it, and it will be done.  It's too late to defy the gods now.  You've chosen your path.  Rigmor is of the Mede bloodline, and will take her rightful place.  Have you spoken with her about all this?  You should trust her and stop treating her like a porcelain doll.  You may come to find that actually, she does have what it takes after all."


I folded my arms as he started to mount his horse.


"The child will be a Septim and she will be called Kintyra.  Who you are should be as plain as the nose on your face.  Until next time," he said, then he started to trot off.

Wait, Septim?

"She's a Mede!!  Not a Septim!!!" I shouted to him, but he was already gone.  Must've gotten his prophecies crossed.


I found Rigmor laying down in her tent.  I sat down beside her as she sat up.  Before I could say anything, she said, "So, what did that voice say about the chosen queen?  It seems like the gods gave you your... gift for a reason."


"Well, Camaeus just said you were destined to bear a child.  He didn't have all the information, but that's why he thought you might be pregnant," I pursed my lips, turning my head slowly towards her.

Rigmor looked down, "Well, shit.  I guess we know why they equipped you."

"Another question - if you did have a child, what would you name them?" I asked, fiddling with my fingernails.


"If it's a boy - Ragnar, like my father.  If it's a girl - Kintyra," she said.

And I laid my head back and laughed.


"Fucking gods.  They released you from your curse of being the chosen queen.  By giving you an heir and a whole new burden," I said.

"Well, if I do have a child.." Rigmor smiled, "At least it's with you."

I smiled back, "I think Quintus said we're going to attack at midnight.  Let's get some rest."


We cuddled for a while, until Jura woke us up, "Let's go!"

We traveled out to the field, moving into position by about 2 am.




Quintus said to me, "Runa, the men are in position and await the call.  So far, the enemy has ignored us.  We have the element of surprise."

"I'll take your Legionnaires with me.  Once we've reached the summit, bring up Casius and the reserves with Sorella," I said.

"Alright.  Let's get this show on the road," Quintus said, "Signifier, call the assault."


We rushed over the hill under cover of darkness and attacked a small contingent just off the main base.  They weren't expecting it, and fell with minimal casualties.





I casted a light spell as we ran over the hill, sleeping New Imperial Guards still waking up from the commotion we caused in the distance.  We did the same, beating them while not suffering many casualties.

"So far so good," Jura said, "Let's move uphill."

We kept going and found the mercenaries.  Seeking speed and not stealth, we charged into their campsite, this time being joined by Camaeus' elves.  A few of these guys had some nice looking glass armor.  I threw down a heal as we were finishing them off.  




"Alright, Quintus.  I'm on point.  You follow me, Camaeus on the flanks.  Let's move out," I said.

"Of course," Quintus said, then he turned to the men, "Look lively.  You know the drill.  No quarter, no prisoners, show no mercy.  There are not men or mer.  They are monsters to be slain!"


We made our way into the Ayleid ruin, finding piles of human entrails strewn across bodies.

Quintus said to the men, "Look.  We're up against devils."

We came to a large open room, and I spotted some of the Akaviri.  I took out my rarely used bow, and shot at one from the stealth of the shadows. 

Surprisingly, it clipped him in the neck, but didn't put him down.  The soldiers at my back rushed forward, taking that as a signal to charge.  The Akaviri drew their weapons and fought back.





I stayed in the middle of the pack and threw group heals to keep our men up.  We had no casualties.  When they were down, the men mustered up and I took the lead again.  I passed through another passage which opened up into a cave filled with shallow water.  Quintus and I crept forward into the water, finding nothing.  Suddenly, Akaviri burst out from everywhere.  This time, I got involved.  Throwing heals, shouts, killing the horrible snake men.  




Throwing honor out the window, Jura and I fought General Oxi-Amaka together.  As their forces faltered and ours pulled toward triumph, we were joined by Calleius and Rigmor.  We sustained fairly heavy casualties, and I healed those who were still up.  Jura grabbed Oxi's katana, adding it to his collection.  Our core group ventured to the mouth of the next tunnel and we knew we were at the end.




This one opened up to a massive room with a great stone bridge before us.  And a sheer pit below.

"There it is, the Bridge of Sighs!" Rigmor said.




Camaeus said, "Careful.  I have a feeling we're not alone."

Quintus said, "You can feel it.  Like a tinderbox, ready to explode."

I approached the stairs, Rigmor to my right and Calleius to the left.

On the platform there were three old rusted out Oblivion gates and small glowing pillar.

Rigmor said, "We can just take it.  There's noone here.  Go get the soul gem."






Morag Sethius emerged from behind the glowing pillar.  

"Of... course," I said.

"No, I don't think so.  I underestimated you.  It pains me that you've come all this way just to die," Morag said.

"So you're going to kill all of us?" I asked, "You have some of the strongest warriors in Tamriel in front of you."

"Aww... we could have made such a lovely couple..." Morag said.  

"What the... fuck are you talking about you crazy woman?" I asked.

"Over my dead body!" Rigmor said.

"That can be arranged, peasant wench..."

I cut her off, "First of all she's not a peasant.  What are you even talking about?" 

"I shall enjoy disemboweling you and devouring your entrails... just to make sure, after my children have had their fill ravishing you again and again."

"Alright," I said, pulling out my greatsword.


"But you, manslayer.  You have my full attention.  We've reached a stalemate you and I.  But I have a proposition that would benefit us all."
"Don't trust her!" Rigmor said.


I raised an eyebrow, looking at Rigmor, "Yeah.  I know."

"Quiet whelp!  Know your place!" Morag said, "Come forward so we can speak intimately.  Let me enlighten you on all the questions you want answered."

"Believe me, I have a lot of questions you couldn't possibly answer..." I stepped forward onto the small steps, "Here's a question.  What do your insides look like?  Think Eternal Abyss can answer it for me?"

"How about this question?  Is the mortal world even worth saving?" Morag folded her arms, "The gods are crueler than any daedra.  They meddle and plot in everyone's affairs.  Mortals murder and commit atrocities in the name of their foul gods.  What would you give to curse and banish the gods from this world?"

"More nonsense.  What do you want, anyway?" 

"I want you.  I would have you lie by my side in a heartbeat.  I would carry your child.  I would slay the false Emperor and place you on his throne, next to mine.  I would have them forge a new Amulet of Kings and relight the dragonfires, not to banish the daedra, but the gods themselves," Morag said.

"I don't think any of this works like that.  The Amulet is from Akatosh."

"Who here has the ear of a powerful daedra and is hundreds of years old?" She asked, "Destroy the pillar and the children are freed."

"But there's the whole Molag Bal thing.  He's the daedric lord of rape.  Not so good for this world," I said.

"It'll be a new world, where everyone is equal under the great Lord Molag Bal.  You and I will reign supreme over all..." She said.

"You're deranged," I put both hands on my greatsword, but something... stopped me.


"What the hell... are you doing...?!" I said, and my sword clanked to the ground.

"Come to me... my love," Morag said, and I stepped forward, not of my own volition.  She wrapped me in her arms and kissed me.

I pulled back as soon as I was able, gritting my teeth, I took a deep breath to shout, but then I coughed blood on the floor.  Morag touched me on the shoulder, wielding some form of dark power... and I flew into the air.  




As she cackled in my distant reckoning, I slammed into the cold stone, knocking the wind out of me.

"Runa!  No!" Rigmor shouted.

Someone else yelled, "Take the shot!"


Morag, who had been looking down at my crumpled form at the base of the stairs, looked up and found a child.  

"No!" She screamed as Sorella took the shot and hit it!  Deadeye shot straight into the pillar.  The dais erupted into flames as Morag screamed.  I finally collected myself as the others had moved up to shield me from whatever the witch was going to pull next.




I took a step back, sheathing my sword and used Quintus to steady myself.  Coughing, I said, "Quintus, get the hell out here!"


"I'll be fine!" I replied, "Take Rigmor with you.  She's going to need you if I don't make it."


Behind us, the flames beat back Calleius and Jura while Morag slowly, weakened, made her way to the top.  

Rigmor found me, "Runa!"

"I don't think we can stop this now.  We freed the children.  But Molag Bal is coming," I drew my sword again, "Go with Quintus.  It's the only way."

Rather than protesting me, she said, "I love you."

"Don't worry.  Azura, Sithis, Malacath and Boethiah are all behind me."


I imagined Sithis hearing his name and shrugging (as much as an incomprehensible over-deity of change and death can shrug), Malacath wondering what we were doing with his mace, Azura being interrupted in a conversation with the Nerevarine, and Boethiah eagerly awaiting me to activate the Eye.


Rigmor nodded, and left with the rest, leaving Calleius, Jura and myself to deal with this world-shattering problem.  Jura put his hand on my shoulder, blasting me with a top-notch heal, "You ready for this?"

The blackness of the cave metamorphosed into a green sickly copy of the night sky, the pillar and portals rumbling with activity.  Morag Sethius slowly walked back to where she'd been before, a triumphant smile on her face.

I smiled to the boys, "This is one for the history books."

"Good day to die, I guess," Jura chuckled.

"It has been an honor," Calleius said.


A figure coalesced in the distance.  Growling, a great demon feeling the air of Nirn for the first time in many years.

Standing twenty feel tall, Molag Bal's voice thundered through the cave, "Akatosh.  Watch and tremble in your nest of filth as I drag your cities into Coldharbor.  Watch in powerlessness as I drink to my victory from the skulls of your champions for eternity."




Molag Bal stepped forward, his footsteps rumbling the foundations of the platform.  He raised his hand and a horde of daedra charged at us from the portal he'd walked through.  Calleius and Jura engaged them, working in tandem.  I had other responsibilities.  I reached into my pack, producing the Eye of Boethiah.  It burst into a dark flame and vanished in my hand, then another figure formed at my side, also twenty feet tall.


Molag Bal's voice thundered again, "Boethiah!  Why are you here, you bitch?!  Have you come to foul up my plans??"

"Ohhh..." Boethiah nearly moaned, "The thought of devouring you has made me... I am in rapture!"

Molag Bal drew a titanic mace, "Enough talk!" 

He swung for her head, but she produced a giant, golden sword and deflected the blow.  While they clashed, I ran up the dais and helped the men with the daedra.  Molag Bal and Boethiah's battle was like thunderclaps when they struck.  It shook the ground around us as we fought like ants below.


Calleius and Jura were standing on a mound of dead daedra, Jura healing as I got there.  I buffeted a group of them with a, "FUS - RO!" Then threw down a heal to help.

The three of us stood back to back, taking hits, slaying daedra, healing ourselves for several minutes.  Molag Bal and Boethiah made their way around the platform, eventually fighting their way back to us.




I felt a tingle.  I reached into my pack.  Scourge was rattling around like it was ready.  I took the thing out, and I could barely contain the power that was leaking forth from it.  Malacath wanted in on this battle, even if it was just through me.  


"STRIKE HIM!  MAKE HIM BLEED!" I heard a voice like a giant Orc yelling a battle cry in my head.  I sheathed Eternal Abyss and charged toward Molag Bal with Scourge.  


With all the strength I could muster, I slammed the thing into Molag Bal's calf.  It would've felt like an ant bite... if not for Malacath.

The great daedra prince parried a blow from Boethiah and looked down at me, "WHAT IS THIS?" 


It served as distraction enough for Boethiah to plunge her sword through Molag Bal's chest.  He shouted in rage, a huge blast of fire engulfing everything and blowing all the ants away.  My back slammed into one of the pillars and I fell unconscious.




When I woke only a couple moments later, Calleius was picking me up.  Molag, Morag, Boethiah, Scourge, and all the daedra were gone.  

Jura shouted over the flames coating everything, "Let's get out of here!"

But the entrance had caved in.  The bridge was collapsing.  The entire cave was shaking violently.

"Where do we go?" Calleius asked.


A whisper came to me, "There is a tunnel in back... under water."

Without a word, I followed the instructions, jumping off the high platform into the water below.  Calleius and Jura shrugged at each other, following.  We came out an ancient tunnel that led to a sewer, to a great pond, and surfaced.  We followed the path upstream and found Quintus' fort.


Even though we were covered in muck and daedra blood, Calleius grabbed me in front of the gates and held me.

"You ok?" I asked.

"I feel like I should be asking you that," Calleius said, "I thought we were going to die back there."

"I'm okay," I said, "I has been an honor, Tyroni."


As we stepped inside, Sethri was the first to see us, and he said, "Runa, you don't look so good."

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"Like, on death's door.  I was going to tell you they're in the command tent, but you could probably use some sleep," Sethri said.

"I'm fine."


Rigmor walked out of the tent, arms crossed, and immediately said, "You really are something you know."

"Aren't you happy to see me?  We just beat Molag Bal.  Might I add, a pretty impossible feat," I said, "I'm wiped."

"Were you and that bitch together?" She asked.

I grimaced, "Did you not see me go flying?  Spit up blood?  She used her vampire seduction on me."

"Yeah, well, it looked pretty cozy from where I was standing.  I wouldn't have blamed you.  She was beautiful."

"Yeah, if you like eight foot tall bat-ladies," I said.


Sethri added, "Sorella and Casius already left with their crew.  Said he'd try and join us later at the Pale Pass after he drops her off."

I sighed, "What do we do next, then?"

"You have a visitor," Quintus said, standing just outside the command tent, "Wants to speak with you two personally."


Rigmor and I walked into the command tent to find High Chancellor Blackwell sitting before us.




I figured the best way to make this mod make sense is just give Runa a penis.  The mod assumes you're male SO MUCH.


"Rigmor, don't touch the shrine!" 

But why?  I don't know why my character is suddenly afraid of shrines.


For some reason Camaeus called Rigmor the Princess of Tamriel.  

So... I guess he believes the Cyrodiilic Empire should come back and he need to hang up his Thalmor armor right now?  I changed this for obvious reasons.


"The child will be a Septim and she will be called Kintyra.  Who you are should be as plain as the nose on your face."

This line is verbatim from the mod.  I feel like it was a 100% confusion and not meant to imply what it did imply, but I'm leaving it in and rolling with it.  If it's not clear what I mean here, I'll explain it soon.  I guess the Dragonborn is Talos' kid in the mod?





Edited by EnragedBard


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I wanted to ask how he could be sure I gave a shit about a new chosen queen.  But I didn't say anything.  He was probably just going to make another useless cryptic statement.

Runa really is still naive at times, isn't she? I can see a very easy reason why she would care very much, though I doubt she will enjoy finding out she freed Rigmor from the curse by transferring it to her yet to be born/conceived daughter. Don't mess with the gods, for they have a quirky sense of humor.  Well that was what I first thought, but given further developments ... it appears it will be Rigmors and Runas daughter who inherits the curse ... Aedra, Daedra ... is the difference really that noticeable? 😛

Anyway I guess it will be some time until the new princess comes of age ... unless someone meddles with Akatoshs domain again (he really should check who all he allows to play around in his front yard).



  The mercenaries at the summit of Table Mountain are Thalmor criminals and defectors.  I have been sent here to offer my services.  As a gesture of good will between the Empire and the Dominion."

Oh ... my ... gosh ... THIS is a scene I would really loved to see, Runas face must have been priceless. ^^

Second thought, what do those Altmer up there have the Thalmor want to prevent falling into other hand this badly?
Turns out even more ... odd, gods, GODS!





Rigmor said, "We can just take it.  There's noone here.  Go get the soul gem."

Someone needs to explain to the girl that if something looks too good to be true, it usually is. And while at it also teach her to recognize an obvious trap when she sees one. :P


Well this was a major roller coaster ride. The battle isn't over until the Assault Mechs are done playing ...erh I meant until the demongods are done playing.^^




Minor editing comments:

"Some on, Sorella.  Let's get some sleep.

Come on seems more likely.




You're be getting a ride home on a pirate ship.

Dunno I guess the 'be' should simply be deleted.

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That was quite a wild ride.


The whole shrine-business was indeed pretty magical. The way I understand it, in vanilla RoC touching the shrine of Mara will "impregnate" Rigmor. A miraculous conception kind of deal. Wether or not that makes any sense is certainly up for debate. But since very powerful Aedra and Deadra are involved in all of this, it is probably not impossible.

However, your solution to the little problem, that Runa is a woman, is definitely more fitting for a place like LL. In comparison to just hand-waving it, and saying that it was divine intervention.  As it stands, at least Runa and Rigmor got some pleasure out of this, and Runa even got a new "toy". At least for the time being.

I take it, Rigmor was using her hat during that sceen because undressing her removed her wig alongside her armor? And you didn't want her to be bald?


Out of curiosity: Did the fight against Molag Bal go smoothly for you? Because I had it happen, that my PC got thrown out of the arena after hitting MB with scourge. Which meant: Reload.


EB:" I guess the Dragonborn is Talos' kid in the mod?"


It's not Talos. There have been hints before, as to who it is instead. Wether or not the mods idea follows established TES lore I do not know. And unless the TES character in question is somehow directly connected to him, Talos has nothing to do with this.


All in all this was a very entertaining (semi?) final part of RoC.👍


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2 hours ago, HM1919 said:

That was quite a wild ride.


The whole shrine-business was indeed pretty magical. The way I understand it, in vanilla RoC touching the shrine of Mara will "impregnate" Rigmor. A miraculous conception kind of deal. Wether or not that makes any sense is certainly up for debate. But since very powerful Aedra and Deadra are involved in all of this, it is probably not impossible.

However, your solution to the little problem, that Runa is a woman, is definitely more fitting for a place like LL. In comparison to just hand-waving it, and saying that it was divine intervention.  As it stands, at least Runa and Rigmor got some pleasure out of this, and Runa even got a new "toy". At least for the time being.

I take it, Rigmor was using her hat during that sceen because undressing her removed her wig alongside her armor? And you didn't want her to be bald?


Out of curiosity: Did the fight against Molag Bal go smoothly for you? Because I had it happen, that my PC got thrown out of the arena after hitting MB with scourge. Which meant: Reload.


EB:" I guess the Dragonborn is Talos' kid in the mod?"


It's not Talos. There have been hints before, as to who it is instead. Wether or not the mods idea follows established TES lore I do not know. And unless the TES character in question is somehow directly connected to him, Talos has nothing to do with this.


All in all this was a very entertaining (semi?) final part of RoC.👍



Yeah the handwaving didn't go with everybody somehow assuming she's pregnant, I tried to give a good LL-style explanation for it.


You are correct on the hat.  I can not figure out how to give her hair but no clothes.  /shrug.


And yes, I was lucky enough to get thrown right into a pillar (and got a killer screenshot of it).  I was wondering if it was scripted that way or something, but now I know it is not.  


Edits will be made!


I'm hoping to wrap this up in one more entry.  I think I can do it.


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Also I have no idea who they're implying the Dragonborn is the offspring of. 


So I crafted my own story. 

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1 hour ago, EnragedBard said:

Also I have no idea who they're implying the Dragonborn is the offspring of.


Spoiler for who's child the DB is. According to RoC.


It's not just the Skyrim-Dragonborn but any Dragonborn. According to the mod they are all children of St.Alessia, presumably because she was the first Dragonborn-Empress. So yes, the woman on Roscrea was her. Or at least an Avatar of her. In her little hut you can find a container with slave-chains in it, hinting at who "Allie" really is. Also: She will briefly show up again during that Pseudo-Sovngarde-Scene that's coming up soon.


6 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

I was wondering if it was scripted that way or something, but now I know it is not.  

This was the fight, that I mentioned, when you first asked your readers about the Rigmor mods. I wrote something like: "Make sure you stand in a walled corner of the arena when you are tasked with hitting bad guy A with specific weapon B. Otherwise you may get thrown out and have to reload."

The way I see it, you are SUPPOSED to get tossed against the wall. But it's not 100% certain, because of Skyrim physics.

Edited by HM1919
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I realized the Crone wss supposed to be Alessia. But they also said the Dragonborn's mom died in childbirth. And Alessia died thousands of years ago. 


Also, who is dad?


I'm pretty confused about what the mod is trying to say.  


For that matter the motivations at Table Mountain seemed like a mess. I guess Morag both wanted and didn't want us to destroy the pillar thingy.  

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1 hour ago, EnragedBard said:

I realized the Crone wss supposed to be Alessia. But they also said the Dragonborn's mom died in childbirth. And Alessia died thousands of years ago. 


Also, who is dad?

I think the idea is, that Alessia and Akatosh (Old Priest) are like the "Uber"parents of any Dragonborn. Regardless, of who the individual mortal parents where.  Hence A. calling the DB her "child".

As far as I am aware, the question of the mortal parents of the Skyrim-DB is never adressed throughout the story.

And yes, according to RoC, any mortal woman, that gives birth to the child of a dragonborn, dies shortly thereafter.

With the possible exception, that if the woman in question is dragonborn herself, she might be ok. Not sure about that last bit, though.


I recall reading a post of the mod-author, where he stated, that he is writing his own tale with the Rigmor mods. And that they are not ment to strictly follow established TES lore.

 IIRC Rigmor's story overall (RoB+RoC) is ment to be like a coming-of-age story for R. With the DB becoming her guardian and later (potentially) her lover, who's helping her along the way.


Aside from that: the relative limited modding experience of the author at the time when he was developing RoB ment, that the whole story was set up fairly linear/limited.

So, a male DB who comes riding to the rescue of Rigmor was the default assumption for RoB. And kinda still is for RoC.


At least this is my understanding, as to why RoB and RoC are the way they are.



Edited by HM1919
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Yeah it's very clear this breaks with lore. I'm okay with it. This actually might make a good novel.  Not exactly aligned for a game.


The mother dying thing is a strong break from canon. The entire Septim line would have a lot of dead moms. 


I chose to ignore some of the lore-breaking parts to make my own story. 


One of the biggest places where I (and this playthrough) differs from the tone of RoC is I don't think the Cyrodiilic Empire is going to come back, nor do I want it to. The mod author seems to have that notion that it is destined, even going so far as to have a Thalmor Count/Commander believe it is destined. 


For the most part I think in canon the Thalmor think THEIR empire (the dominion) is destined. Or atleast imminent. 


This is going to be a big thing in the next entry. I hope to finish RoC in the next entry. 


In actual play I'm about to enter the Imperial Court, and I've seen it so I know what happens. 


Going in to this I knew there were going to be a lot of assumptions,  a lot of world-changing plot points, so I watched the whole thing (Zero Period Productions) so I could get a feel for how I could mitigate those plot points, or roll with them. 


For example: Yngol being a Jarl worked out, because I'd already established the old Jarls were dead in 2GW, and before that I established they were both living in Falkreath at the first moot. 


I think Jura was a good add to the story, because he's old, has a lot of friends among the old soldiers, can provide needed exposition amd expertise. 


I wanted to bring prople along for the ride and it not just be me and Rigmor. More people to talk to and have moments with. Though I have been struggling with what to do with Calleius during a lot of the 'Rigmor show' scenes. 

Edited by EnragedBard
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I take it, by "Rigmor show scenes" you mean parts, where Rigmor was not just present, but were important stuff happend to/with her? Like her speech in front of Blackwell and her "visit" of Robere in the dungeon?


If so, then I have to say, that I actually liked, that not all 4 of your characters (Runa, Rigmor, Jura and Calleius) where directly involved all the time.


Giving each of them their own focused scenes gave every individual scene more "weight" IMO.

For example, Runa and Calleius had their own "moment" in the wilderness of Roscrea. I figured, that Tyroni has/had enough to think about. Concerning himself and how he sees Runa. So, obviously he's still around, but we (the readers) are not constantly hanging over his shoulder.

If you would have tried to involve him more in the Runa-Rigmor scenes, then I think that might have made things messy. After all: We don't know how well Rigmor and Tyroni would get along. And potental friction among the two might end in needless drama . Alternatively, if they do get along well, then that would not have added anything new to the story. I think. So, keeping the scenes "seperated" was the right call IMO.


And as far as Jura is concerned: After the party made it back back to Bruma, I simply imagined, that he would hang around the former Fighter's Guild, swapping outragous stories with that other knight from Hammerfall, and therefor would only appear on screen when needed.


Since Runa is the POV-character at the moment, she and Rigmor will simply have to live with the lack of "privacy" until this part of the story is done.😁


p.s.Ok, come to think about it, Jura didn't get much focus recently. But he's still the reliable and knowledgeable grandpa, which is certainly helpful to the party.

Edited by HM1919
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By Rigmor show scenes, I mean, some parts of this is 


"THE RIGMOR SHOW," and when that's going on, the world revolves around Rigmor. 


But yeah, I like that I was able to have scenes with everybody. 

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