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Entry 24: Stormblade Company Resurgence!



Hey, it's Destana.  I'm headed to Riften to find Malburn.  It's First Seed, 4E 210.  Been a while since I pulled off the Emperor's Assassination, and still no waves in Skyrim, though I imagine the ship made it's trip back by now carrying the body.  Too bad I'm currently infertile as a vampire, because there could be a whole 'lost hidden heir' of the Emperor ala Oblivion Crisis.  But I don't want to go through pregnancy again.  I think I'm done having kids, even if I do get 'cured.'


Currently hunting for Elder Scrolls and we have two of the three.  The Dragon Scroll eludes me, but I figure it will have something to do with me fighting Alduin.  I remembered I can just summon Serana and I don't need to go get her, but I figured I'd summon her straight to Riften so she didn't have to make the walk. 


I decided I would hit up the Bee and Barb and have a drink, though it got me thinking about Sanguine and the first time we met.  I sometimes wonder what he's doing.  I'm sure I could probably visit... but I think I was feeling stubborn.  I summoned Serana.

"Oh!  I'm here now I guess!" She said, surprised, "Do your other friends ever complain about this?" 

"Yep.  But I do pay them pretty well," I said, then I turned, "Speaking of!"

Inigo had just walked into the tavern.  I looked at the waning daylight and noticed it was evening.

"My friend!  You've actually come to me for once!" He slapped me on the back.  Most people would've been giving me shit, but Inigo was generally happy to see me.  Always the purest companion.

"I know we've fought together a couple times, but I don't think we've ever actually been introduced.  Our friend here likes to pull us out of thin air on a whim, much to my chagrin, at least.  I'm Serana," she extended her hand.

"Uh.. hey.  So this is where vampire types relax?" He asked awkwardly.

She chuckled, "Most people can't see the obvious signs of vampirism.  Either they're not magically perceptive, or their eyes are blinded to the truth."

"So THAT's why!!" I said loudly, "I guess it's because I'm a bit of a mage that I can tell.  Or A dragonborn.  Not THE dragonborn."

"I would recognize your smell anywhere.  And... you smell hungry," Inigo smiled sheepishly.

"Interesting.  I've never really been sniffed... before.  I am a vampire.  But not the blood-thirsty monstrous fiend you're thinking of.  I don't have any interest in sucking your blood, and I doubt I will," she explained, "I eat bad people.  And I don't think you're one."

"Whew.  I am pleased to meet you.  My name is Inigo, as you may already know," he replied

I'd already taken a seat at a table and invited them to join.  Inigo ordered food and we sat down for a while for dinner.  Serana drank a blood potion and I only drank Ale.  At this point all the rampaging as a Vampire Lord had kept me pretty sated and I hadn't actually had to use my fangs in quite a while.  

"How does it feel?  Being a vampire I mean," Inigo asked us, taking a drink.

"Pretty great, actually," Serana answered.

"How so?"

"It just does.  It's hard to explain.  Perhaps it's the power.  But... nevermind," she trailed off.

"What is it?" Inigo asked expectantly.

"Something just came to mind that I don't want to talk about."

"I understand," Inigo said, taking another bite of chicken.

"Hey, you milk drinkers have room for one more?" A figure asked.  I looked up, and it was Sofia.

"Sure," I said, "What brings you to Riften?"

"What brings YOU to Riften?" She asked back, "I've been living with Inigo for a couple months."

"Oh really?" I looked at him, "Where?"

Inigo shifted his eyes uncomfortably, "Honeyside."

First, I knitted my brow.  Then I got a big smile, "Yeah, you can use it.  I've been treating you guys like summoned creatures a little bit.  You deserve some fringe benefits.  I don't even go to my BIG house anymore.  It helps not needing to sleep very much."

I took a long drink of Ale, "So are you guys an item or something?"

"Yes," Inigo said.

"Really?  Amazing!" I shouted.  

"Yeah," Sofia said, "I guess all that time we spent together during your campaign in the Civil War really brought us closer together.  Though it took this one long enough to realize I was coming on to him.  Like six years."

Inigo coughed on his bite.

Sofia turned to Serana, "I haven't introduced myself to you, have I?  Destana keeps calling us mid-quest or mid-battle and we never get a chance to interact.  I'm Sofia, but you probably already knew that.  I'm quite well-known in Skyrim, but sometimes I'm not sure it's for the right reasons."

"Hi," Serana said, but Sofia continued her introduction.

"I see myself as an adventurer, though it's no fun without someone to witness my heroic deeds such as... well I'm sure there's probably something.  I do like to get drunk, kill things and be a nuisance.  What about you?" Sofia finished.

"Bit of a chatterbox once you get started, aren't you?  And yes, I've heard ... stories.  About you.  Not a lot of good ones, I would say. You sure do have a way with how you rub some people," Serana started.  I smiled a greedy smile.  Truth be told, I didn't like Sofia very much.  She annoyed me.  Bit of an airhead, and you know how much I value being a woman who actually knows what she's doing.  But I'd never seen Serana be scathing like this.

"Anyway, my name is Serana.  Besides being a mage, like our friend here, I'm an adventurer too.  It's a pleasure to meet a fellow Nord.  I am one myself, but I haven't spent most of my life in Skyrim."

"Well, it must be your lucky day.  I know Skyrim like the back of my hand," Sofia smiled, taking it all in stride.  Or, not noticing the thinly veiled insult.

Serana continued, "Killing the things that threaten us would be good.  Getting drunk and being a nuisance, well ... maybe.  Let's just say there's a time and place for everything."

I stifled a laugh, and Serana elbowed me.

"So, my friend, you have finally attained full dragonborn status?" Inigo asked, "Being shouted at by old men has never been so rewarding!"

I laughed out loud, looking at Serana, "See, this is why I bring this guy.  To be honest, I'm only going to do it to a certain point right now.  Then, well... maybe you'll see.  So, I know these two are from here but why did you come to Skyrim, Inigo?"

"Well, that's a long story.  I guess, I was an orphan, saved by a soldier.  My brother and I were adopted by a pair of assassins.  I guess the orphanage doesn't do a background check," he chuckled.

"Where were you born?"


"Well, duh.  I guess I don't know much about Elswyer.  I have been thinking that would be the first place I visit if things get too hot up here.  Metaphorically, with the Emperor's death and all."

"It is a beautiful place," he replied.

"Maker, haven't you heard?" Someone asked.  I turned around to find the Innkeeper, Keerava.

"Heard what?" I asked.
"The Emperor died in Skyrim almost two months ago.  The Imperials were clamoring for war.  When it came time for the Elder Council to make a decision about it, they kept splitting votes.  Finally, somebody got mad about it," Keerava said, "There's a bandit leader, Ariel Sethius.  He had a lot of bandit groups working for him, maybe even some here in Skyrim.  They started calling him the bandit king a couple years ago, operating out of the lands around Bruma.  He saw an opportunity.  In the confusion of not having a functioning government, he has laid siege to the Imperial City.  Some say the Thalmor are involved in disrupting Imperial supply lines.  So they're losing, badly."

"Holy shit, are you saying Cyrodiil might fall?" I asked.

"I'm not sure what the assassins expected," the bard in the revealing blue dress said, "If the Thalmor are making this happen, I bet they're going to ally with the new Bandit King if they take Cyrodiil and then, Skyrim's next.  And we'll have the Aldmeri Empire ruling all of Tamriel."

I paused there for a minute.  What have I done?  I could feel a cold sweat forming on me.  Gods, I need to do something about this.  I should go to Cyrodiil and personally deal with this problem.  But what about the dragons, and the vampires?!  Velvet Acid Talos, how does Tamriel have so many problems right now? 

No,  I paused, I need to deal with the dragons first.  Skyrim is in no shape to defend against that kind of attack with dragons beating at their backs.  

"Well, what brought YOU to Skyrim in the first place?" Serana asked, snapping me back to our conversation.

I answered, "Chaos back home.  Looking for a way to make a living.  Oh, and I was stranded here with no money and no way to get back."

"Ever think of going back?  You know, sail the high seas?" Serana asked.

"I was a sailor.  And I wouldn't mind going on some nautical adventures with you.  Eventually I think I'll go back to Hammerfell.  For a visit, at least," I sighed.

We continued that conversation til the early morning, and when I walked outside (sun be damned)... another dragon was attacking.  I looked down at the purple dress I was still wearing.  

"Well, there's already a couple of blood stains, I guess," I sighed.  The crew jumped in and with the guards we took it down.  I wasn't feeling much like a DKO this time, so I fully absorbed the dragon soul and prevented it.  I was ready for a little sleep and a real drink, maybe.  I meant blood, not ale.  And I promised the guys we'd go on a proper adventure soon.

"I'll see you," Sofia said, "As much as I know none of you like me, except Inigo, but he's good to everyone.  I think I'm valuable."

I frowned, "Just because you annoy me doesn't mean I don't appreciate your company.  We all need people that keep us on our toes.  And I usually can't anticipate what you're going to do next.  And Inigo, he's the glue.  What say we go out dungeon crawling tomorrow?  I feel like one might be coming up soon in this Blades-Dragonborn business I'm stuck in."

"Of course," Inigo said, "The Stormblade Company shall ride again!" 

I slept until that afternoon, then I decided I would leave Serana in the Inn and go to the sewers alone due to it being a tight squeeze.  I got back in my armor, of course.  I decided I would pass through the guild.  It was lively, full of people today.


As soon as I walked up to the bar, I heard a shout, "What are you doing, friend?" And a blade being drawn.  Then another.  When I caught sight of him, he was dead, and Dirge was laughing.

He picked up a note from the man's corpse after ransacking the pockets, "Figures.  The Thalmor sent this guy here for you.  I figured he was a little fishy."

Vekel added, "Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice because we've added so many recruits down here."

"Don't say I never did anything for you," Dirge smirked.

"Oi!  Did I miss all the fun?" Delvin walked in, "How you doin, boss?"

"Yep, sorry," Vex laughed, sitting at the bar, not having even having moved from her spot.

"How's everybody doing?" I asked, but I didn't pause for them to respond, "The Thalmor are looking for a guy hiding in the Ratway.  So keep your eyes out.  I'm more inclined to get there first."

"Yeah, I spotted a couple," Vekel said.

"Ok, I'm off," I said.

"Wait!" Vex said, "We were waiting for them to die to the traps in the Ratway before we looted their bodies.  And while we wait, I've got a request."


"Yeah.  You were the guild's cumdump right?" Vex asked.

"I don't really have time right now," I responded.

"I know, you're important. We won't take up much of your time.  I just wanted to watch you get pounded," Vex smiled devilishly, "Let our traps do their work.  Your target will be fine."

"Well, okay...I guess," I said, and men surrounded me and picked me up, carrying me off to the Cistern, Vex following.

"This is motivated by love, hon," Vex said, "We're all some of the richest people in Skyrim now.  Even the castoff scraps you fence here from time to time are worth a king's ransom.  We know you like a good fucking, so we're giving it to you."

They set me down, and lovingly started to strip themselves and me. 

Etienne was sitting on one of the beds across the cistern, wide-eyed.  He was probably thinking he didn't know what he signed up for.  Sapphire walked in, but it seemed like she only wanted to watch.

Delvin, Niruin, Cynric, Rune, Thrynn and Vipir were all gathered around me now.  Brynjolf slowly walked in, in his Nightingale armor.  He stripped down, and the guys got in line.  It seemed this time it was going to be one at a time instead of in groups like last time.

"Hey boss," he said as he stepped behind me. 

I bent over, accepting him, and said in between thrusts, "You know, I was coming here to kill the Thalmor, but I guess this is a nice way to take my mind off things."

He got faster and I said, "I've been meaning to talk to you about turning over guild...master."

"We can talk about it after this, lass," he grunted, finishing in me, "Or are you skilled enough to talk about this while being fucked?"

I nodded.

Next, Delvin.

"Sure you're okay doing this, right in front of your fiancee?" I asked him, looking at Vex.

Vex shrugged, "I don't mind."

He used the piledriver method.  

When he was done, Delvin said, "Who do you nominate to take guild master next?"

Next was Cynric, who lifted me off the ground and I took the hint, wrapping my legs around him.  

"I think it should be Brynjolf.  Even if he doesn't want it," I said.  Then Cynric finished.

"Maybe it should be Delvin or Vex, lass," Brynjolf said.

Niruin motioned for me to get on my knees, and I did.

"Alright.  Maybe we should take a vo~" I started, but Niruin stuffed his dick in my mouth, and started to fuck it.

"I second the call to vo~*cough* *gag*" Delvin chuckled, "I vote for Vex."

Vex said, "Am I allowed to vote for myself?"

As soon as the dick pulled out of my throat I said, "I don't care."

"Ok.  I vote for Delvin," Vex said, mixing it up.

"I vote for Brynjolf," I said.  Rune gently pushed me to the ground and entered me, prone.  

"You guys are being really aggressive today," I said.

"Vex said that's how you like it!" Rune said, pounding.

Brynjolf said, "I vote for Delvin."

Tonilia shouted from the edge of the area, "You guys almost let me miss the show.  I vote for Vex."

"Hmm... who else... gets a vote... these days?" I asked.

"We had a few council meetings between your visits," Delvin said.

"Did you..." I started, and Rune came on my back.  Then Thrynn bent me over backwards.  Before he could get in my mouth, I said, "Did you decide to do this in a meeting?"

Then he entered and it was all gags.

"Yes, actually," Vex said, "You know, this might seem mean-spirited, but I remember you volunteered for this job."

"Karliah isn't here," Brynjolf said, "Who's that leave?"

Thrynn came in my mouth, and I came up for air.

"I vote for Brynjolf," Vekel the man said.  He'd been watching from the doorway.

"That leaves me!" Vipir the Fleet said, and he meant both that it was his turn to fuck me and his turn to vote.  He entered and finished in what seemed like no time.  Then he said, "It's nice being the tie-breaker.  Brynjolf."

I smiled awkwardly, "Alright.  I'm going to go check those traps now."

"Yeah, he pays us to bring him food now and then, and to leave him be.  Strange old coot," Vekel said. 

"Oh, by the way," Vex said, "The whole council gets a cut, so this doesn't change much about your position here."

"Well, thanks for the thorough fucking, I guess.  Probably not the best time, but I'll live with it."

"Oh, so I guess Brynjolf is the new guild leader!" Delvin shouted, "See you later, Destana."


I rinsed off and threw my armor back on, moving to the warrens.  

There were three dead Thalmor, and another one messing with a tripwire.  He finally got it loose and dodged the trap of two spiked balls, only to have my arrow in his back.  I made my way past an imperial soldier talking to himself, and a chef talking about cooking (down in the sewers, ew).  Then I found a door with a slit.  I knocked.

The slit opened, "Go away!"

"Esburn?  Open the door, I'm a friend," I replied.

"No, that's not me.  I'm not that one," he said.

"Delphine sent me."

"Delphine?  So she led you to me like a rat in a trap?"

"She said, remeber the 30th of Frostfall," I said.

"So it's true then.  You'd better come in before they find us," he opened the door.  But, it took a couple minutes with his multiple locks.  I stepped in and he shut the door behind me.  He was an old, tired looking man.

"So Delphine's still keeping up the fight?  Hasn't she realized it's hopeless?" He asked.


"Alduin has returned, just as prophesied.  He will devour the world, and it will end."

"I'm pretty sick of prophecies," I said, "So far I make my own destiny.  Also, I'm dragonborn."

"Then there is still hope!  Take me to Delphine," Esburn said.  Just.. let me gather my things. 

"Now we're talking."

He ran around for a minute before I said, "Esburn.  The Thalmor are in the sewers.  Granted, not very good ones.  But if they start taking this seriously, you could get hurt.  Let's go."

"Now, now, can't leave secrets for them," he said, and then, "Done.  Let's run."

We stepped out to find a detachment that had walked in after us, but I was being stealthy out of the gate.

"Who's there?" the wizard said, and I shot him in the chest.  Esburn threw up a fire cloak and engaged the other two with spells while I snuck up on the third and slit his throat with my sword.  I popped a lock (I'd had to jump down when I came in) and made my way back to the Flagon.  

"Bye you guys, see you next time!" I shouted, and went up the hatch that led outside Riften.  

I summoned Serana and we traveled back to Riverwood on our magic horses.  This time, I used Shadowmere.


"Delphine!  It's good to see you," Esburn said as we entered.

"Good to see you too, old friend," she said, "Orgnar, hold down the bar a minute."  She led us downstairs to her secret room.

"So I assume you've heard?" Delphine asked.

"Yes.  Dragonborn.  This changes everything.  There's still hope," he started to dig through his pack, "Where is it... ah yes."  He pulled out a book, 'Annals of the Dragonguard.'

"Sky Haven Temple.  This is where they built Alduin's Wall.  All the accumulated dragon knowledge passed down by the blades.  Unfortunately, the location was lost to time," Esburn explained.

"I've never heard of it.  How can this help us?" I asked.

"It will tell us, if there is a way, how to stop Alduin.  And I've found it.  It should be hidden in the Reach," Esburn replied.

"I know the area of the Reach you're talking about.  Karthspire might lead us there," Delphine said.

"Alright, a lead," I said, "Meet you there."

I walked up to Orgnar and paid to rent a room and have a nap. 

While I was laying down, Delphine said, "Orgnar, the Inn is yours.  I'm most likely never coming back here."

"Well now.  Didn't expect that," Orgnar replied, "Good luck with whatever you're doing."

"Farewell, friend."

I got in a power nap and headed north to the Dawnstar Sanctuary.  I knew I could beat them there on my horse.  They were on foot.

And of course, when we passed through Dawnstar.  A guy attacked me - right in front of the guards, and he was put down quickly.  He was carrying a journal, his name was Fenrick.  Trying to find sacrifices for Molag Bal so he cure for vampirism.  Okay, well, whatever.  And guess what!  ANOTHER DRAGON ATTACK!  With the guards' help, it got shot down.  I casted Doom Draw to get to it and slashed with my sword as the guards arrowed it again.  Getting tired of dragons, I headed over to the sanctuary.


I left Serana outside and walked in.  Runa was powwowing with some of the new recruits when I walked down the stairs to the common area.  

Hey Listener, you too busy to go on a little adventure with your mom?

Runa smiled, "I was wondering when you were coming back.  Did you see our new recruits?"  

"Yeah, a Forsworn woman (Averna).  And there's a man in a chef's hat and mismatched armor (Stabby).  Got some new ones in the traditional armor though.  They look decent enough.  Are you sure you don't need my help recruiting?" I asked, "Oh hey!  It's you!"

"Destana!" The jester screamed and hugged me.  It was Cicero.

"Yeah, I let her back in.  Actually, we do need your help soon.  Since Astrid's gone, we need somebody to do the whole thing in the shack.  And I don't think I'm up to that level of charisma yet," Runa said.

"Alright.  Want to come with me for a little while?"

"I dunno, I'm pretty busy," Runa said.

"C'mon!  Probably be fun.  Get away from all this for a while.  Let Babette and Nazir handle it for a few days," I pleaded.

"Alright," she acquiesced.  We walked outside and I noticed how cold it was.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," Serana replied.

"Who's this?" They both kind-of said in unison, then smiled.

"This is my daughter, Runa Fair-Shield," I replied.

"Runa, this is Serana.  She's a princess.  I'm helping her out for a little while," I explained.

"Helping her, huh?" Runa smirked, elbowing me.
"Gods, am I that obvious?" I asked, "Well, anyway, we're going to Karthspire to find an ancient temple to get more information about Alduin."

"You're finally dealing with the prophecy, eh?  Is it just a dungeon crawl though?" She asked.

"That's not all.  It's a surprise," I replied.  We got on horses and headed to the Reach, and I swear I beat Delphine and Esburn there.  I didn't know what to expect in here, but I decided I would roll deep and summoned Inigo, Sofia and Shirley right before we approached.  Along with me, Runa, Serana, Delphine and Esburn, that would made 8.  DEEP.

Shirley had upgraded her armor to ebony.  "I've gotta stay spry in my old age," she chuckled.

"Gods, I was just enjoying a nice mead," Sofia said, "I would kill to finish that mead."  She was wearing new armor too.  Actual armor from the UNP Store.

"Well, there's one thing we agree on," Serana said, "Alcohol.  Especially craft-brewed mead."

"I love it!" Sofia said.

"I'm starting to salivate..." Serana said.

"Hey.  I got you a present when we were at UNP.  A set of robes, gauntlets and boots.  And a crown," I took them out and Serana put them on. 

"These look beautiful!" She said.  Time for combat!

And when we rolled up... yet another dragon attack, though it was also attacking the Forsworn, so I guess it wasn't all bad.  A lot of Forsworn.  With mages and warriors.  I knew that I was right to bring the posse.  We fought through them, some of them retreating.  This looked like a main settlement for Forsworn.  Anyway, we made our way into a cave and fought some more, then found a puzzle with three spinning pillars.  While Esburn talked about the symbols, I just spun them until they worked.  There was no confirmation/trap so there was no danger in failure.


The next room looked like a huge stone checkerboard with symbols on each pad.  I motioned for everyone to stop.  

"Wait!" Esburn said, "Don't step anywhere."

"I just..." I sighed, "I have a light step, so I'm going to walk across these and deactivate the trap."  I walked forward and Sofia started to inch forward behind me.  A fireball blasted her back on her butt.  Only once though, before I was able to pull the chain.  

I sighed again, "You gotta listen if you're going to dungeon crawl with me."

We stepped into a courtyard with a giant head.

Esburn said, "It looks like it has a blood seal.  Probably your blood, Dragonborn."

"Fine," I cut my palm and squeezed a bit of blood onto the circle.  The head backed away and we were able to get inside.  

My companions and I rushed forward, finding an old meeting call with vaulted stone ceilings.  Esburn made his way in and started to look at the giant carving on the wall at the back of the hall.

"Amazing, isn't it?" He marveled.

"Just tell me how to kill Alduin," I said flatly.

"Hold on, let me find the right panel," he replied.

I waited for a few minutes, in which my group started to walk around.

Sofia broke the silence, like she couldn't stand there being quiet, "Everybody in Skyrim has such dirty minds, you know?"

"Well, everything you say tends to be overtly sexual," Serana quipped back, "More power to you for being yourself, but maybe you shouldn't say whatever comes to your mind sometimes."

"Okay...okay," Sofia said back.

"Looks like, Alduin was defeated by a shout," Esburn said.

"Well, I know who would know about it, if anyone.  The Greybeards," I said.


"But first... this place is perfect," I said, turning to the group, "I have something I've been thinking about for a while now.  You guys are free to stay or go.  Except for Runa, Delphine and Serana.  I'm going to be using this hall for something.  Something big."

"What?" Delphine said, "We just got this place back.  What do you want to use it for?"


"Well.  This is neutral ground, and we've cleared a path to safely get here," I cleared my throat, pausing for effect.


"I'm going to call the Moot."



Crosstalk between modded followers.


Yeah, and I didn't expect this cumdump thing to come back up, and I was on my way to a time-based quest, and Vex just accosted me.  


All-in-all I feel like I didn't accomplish much this time.  But I did have a lot of fun.



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I see Destana is getting better and better with the cliffhangers.

Calling in the Moot... That's big news indeed.

Also: Former Bandit King Ariel Sethius you say? In Cyrodiil? I like the sound of that.?

The dialog between Serana and Sofia during their introduction was quite entertaining. I take it, that was part of the crosstalk you mentioned in the author's note at the end. Speaking of which: The way I see it you don't need to cover several quests each time to make it a worthwhile entry. This one was more dialogue focused (even the part in the guild, surprisingly), and that's just fine. Mixed things up abit.

Oh, and one question: Did you actually manage to get Inigo to stay in Honeyside or was that just flavortext? In my game (with "My home is your home") he always insisted on going back to his cell.


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To get back into my nitpicking mode: "Delphine?  So she led you to me like a rap in a trap?"
Rat not rap ... at least I hope so, cause if Esbern starts to explain everything in rapper style on my next playthrough I'm going to deinstall skyrim, never to look back. ;)

Btw. what is going on, on the image in the middle of the lowest row? Looks like Serana got quite a bit of attention that you didn't even mention, you not envious of her, are you? ^^

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Most the time I click it off, but she got pulled into a Dragon Kill Orgy.  I killed like 5 dragons this time.  I thought I mentioned it?  Maybe it was last entry.  


Edit:  Nope.  I did not.  Oh well.  It happened.  As part of one of the SL mods, a dialogue comes up and asks if you want to join, stop it, or watch it.  I think I was just hitting tab or something and it just skipped it, and the guards and Serana got a little friendly.  Jealousy is not in Destana's vocabulary. 


Edit 2:  This is DJ Esburn and I'm here to say... I'm scared about the world eater in a serious way.

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Hahaha... I rapping Dragonborn. I am not sure if that would be hilarious or terrifying. Then again: Probably the latter, because if Alduin were to take the hint and started rapping in the Dragon-Language in response, things really would go downhill for Tamriel. Fast. And I don't even want to think about the possibility of rapping Grey Beards.

I noticed Serana being quite popular with the Dawnstar Guards as well, but simply assumed that D. was still a little tender, after the attention (read: pounding) she received in the TG.

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