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Entry 73: The Gods Must Be Assholes



Hi.  This is Runa.  Its been a while.  A little break before the end of my mom's Grey Cowl adventure.  This story happens completely before my mom went to the Alik'r Desert. (It's the very end of Sun's Dawn).  Last time I told the story, my little group fought their way to the Imperial Palace.  When Ariel Sethius attacked me, Jura killed him, making him the new Emperor.  We were immediately heralded into the new titles by Blackwell, and they wrote letters to the other nations about the coronation and joining forces against the Thalmor.  I took Rigmor back to Bruma where we made 'wedding' plans and I found my brothers, mother, and my birth mother, who I met for the first time.  Sofia was made Countess of Bruma, seeing as how she's actually the rightful heir.


Rigmor made the oddly specific request of a wedding ring - the ring of Pilvi-Hinnesh.  Fenrir and Valiana were up for an adventure, so we returned to Nagasel to find it.  We had a stop in the Imperial City with the family, though, because they wanted to see it, and ride the airship.  While my mom talked to Emperor Jura, the rest of the assembled company annoyed me while I was trying to talk to Tyroni Calleius.


"Hey, wanna get out of here?" I asked him.


We actually went out to that bar we'd all gone to when we first came here, but it was crowded and annoying, so we went back to his room in the palace.

"It's only been a few days, but I already missed you," I said.

"Ah, seems like you got used to my company," Calleius smiled, "Traveling around with somebody really puts their mark on you.  I noticed you always cleaned up the same things when we camped, and so did I.  We made a good fit for traveling partners," I said, "Nice shiny new armor, by the way."




"Thanks," he said.

I sat down on his bed.

"How's the 'wedding' planning going?" He asked.

I sighed, "I feel like I'm being trapped here.  At least they made the concession that we're not actually getting married.  I'd have already gotten the heck outta here."


He stood in front of me.

"Calleius, I wanted to tell you something.  Something weird.  I've changed," I said.

"Runa, you know you can tell me anything," he said back.

"I get the feeling this is going to change how you think of me," I said.

"No, it isn't.  I swear to you.  The first time I saw you, I saw a beautiful, powerful woman.  And being around you these few months only strengthened what I knew - I'm in love with you."

I smiled, "I feel like you've never actually said those words."

"Well, I didn't want to trap you," he smiled back, "You're a majestic bird who needs to be free.  Even if you don't end up being with me, I will still love you."

"Tyroni, that is beautiful," I replied, "So this life-changing thing - Rigmor is pregnant.  By me.  Did you consider how?"

He shrugged, "I figured it was some sort of aedric mumbo jumbo."

"Well yes.  But it's more technical that that.  More, 'meaty' you might say," I pulled up the skirt on my ebony armor, pulling aside the black underwear.

He blinked, "Wow... that's a.."

"Yep, that's a penis.  I don't know if it's here to stay, but I did the deed and it hasn't gone away, so..." I threw up my hands.


Calleius looked back up at me, "I love you.  Whatever body parts you have."

I smiled, feeling my vision getting wet.  He wiped my cheek with his hand, and I grabbed it.

"I mean, there's always two other places to put your penis," I said, smiling deviously.  He smiled back.


We quietly got undressed, kissing and touching, and eventually I put my mouth to work on him as he laid on the nice carpet under us.  After a few minutes, he stood up and thrusted between my boobs.

"Oh please," I moaned.

He grunted and came all over my chest, "Oh, sorry!  Didn't expect it to come on so fast."




I smiled, "Yum."

When I started to get up, he grabbed me and flipped me onto the bed, head hanging off towards him.

"Oh, ready for another rou~" I started, but he thrusted his cock into my mouth again.  It seemed he'd ben saving this up for a while and he knew how much punishment I could take.  I eagerly accepted him, my throat singing out with gargled spit.  This time, after a few minutes he stopped to prevent himself from finishing, then laid me on the floor on my side and gently pushed into my ass.  It hurt a little at first, as always, but then it felt good after a minute.  I had such a massive erection it flopped around as he manhandled me.




He came again.  I was seething with an ocean of lust at this time after being thrown around so much.

He said, "Stand up."

"Wow, not even done yet?" I smiled, standing.

He pivoted and got on his knees, and took me into his mouth.  I gasped at the warmth, at the attention.  Honestly, he wasn't as good as Cerys, but he'd built me up so much it didn't make much for me to explode.  He pulled me out of his mouth, moving aside and stroking me as I painted the priceless rug at our feet.

I let out a laugh, mostly panting, "You know this rug probably costs a fortune."

He smiled up at me, "Well it's not my cum on the rug."

I shut my eyes, smiling, "Asshole."

"First lesson my father taught me when I was old enough to pleasure myself.  'Be careful where it goes.  It's hell to clean up.  And accidents cause babies."

I laughed, "Good advice.  But then, I'm a Princess.  A Double Princess.  I'm sure there are people to clean this up."



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We actually ended up cleaning it ourselves, to save the embarrassment.  I stayed the night there and found Fenrir and Valiana in the morning.

"Did the others go back already?" I asked.
"Yeah, mom and Damien flew off late last night with Sofia," Fenrir replied, "Where'd you go?"
"Had drinks with Calleius.  Then spent the night in the palace.  How about you?" I asked.

Fenrir and Valiana shared a quick glance, then he said, "Nothing much.  Just hung out."

I narrowed my eyes, smirking a little.  But I didn't press on with it.  We got on the airship and across the mountains, eventually finding the Hammerfell border and the entrance to Nagasel.


We perched just above the ruin, Fenrir asking the cats to stay on their guard, then we dismounted.  (Fenrir and I just both jumped off the airship, loving those Cushioned enchants.  Valiana slid down the rope ladder like a normal human-being).


We found a small group of bandits that'd filled in the vacancy left by the mercenaries I'd killed with my group last time I was here.  Though they were well-armed, they didn't stand much of a chance against the three of us.  I opened the door and we ventured in.  Most the gore from the previous time had dried up.  We ventured through three gates and found the entryway to the Bridge of Sighs was not entirely blocked, though the bridge had collapsed.  But... a small wooden bridge had been constructed in it's place.  


"Somebody's been here, it seems," Valiana said.  She got out her greatspear.

As I approached the dais, I heard a man say, "She couldn't have gone far.  Little bitch ran this way."

I took out my bow (rare, I know) and crept up the stairs.

"Oh no!" Another man said.


"She stole my sweetroll!" 

The first man replied, annoyed, "Keep looking.  She's around here somewhere.  If she tries to escape the boys outside will get her."

Little did they know we'd already iced the boys.  But who were they looking for?  

I let loose an arrow on the sweetroll guy, nearly getting him on the first shot.  Then while I was hot-swapping to my greatsword, Val and Fen had taken a step in front of me and were supporting my shot with their bow and dwemer crossbow, respectively.






As they ran for us, the two switched to their melee weapons and I charged straight for the boss, that Valiana's arrow had pegged squarely in the chest.  I isolated him from his group with my threatening, wild greatsword attacks, then I went for the kill.  I thrust, but he rolled, getting a lucky shot on me.  Then I parried his next attack and brought the sword down, bloodying him.  I took advantage of him being on the backfoot and cleaved through his chest, ending him.




I turned to assess the situation.  Fenrir and Valiana were handling the bulk of the group, but a mage was off to the side, harrowing them with ice spells.  I leapt over the stairs between us.  He dodged my initial downward strike and I spun, but he healed and dodged my second strike as well.  I stopped the sword with my offhand and slashed the opposite direction as I continued to move forward, getting him in the back.  I turned to my companions and the rest were dead. 




I threw down a heal - these guys had actually done some damage in their short fight with us, then walked up to the uppermost pedestal.

There was a crash and I sprinted back down the stairs to find what it was.  "She" had already crossed the bridge and a loud snap accompanied the bridge falling limp to either side of the chasm.  

"FUS!" I shouted, staggering her on the other side.  She returned fire, and my companions fired in kind.  After a couple shots, she realized she didn't need to stick around, but away her bow and ran for it.

"Fuck," I said, "I wish I knew Whirlwind Sprint about now."

I backed up, saying, "Guess we'll have to settle for regular sprint."

I ran as fast as I could, knowing if I missed I would land safely at the bottom of the chasm with my Cushioned enchantment.  Taking after my mother's amazing jumping skills, I stamped down at the very edge, slipping but grabbing the ladder.




I rolled onto the ledge and sprinted after the thief.

"Hop on my back," Fenrir said to Valiana.  He casted Levitate.

She shrugged and jumped on him, piggyback.

"Oof!  You're heavier than I thought," Fenrir muttered.

She slapped him in the back of the head.


I was hot on the woman's heels until she turned to face me.  She was standing on a rock formation by a tree.

I drew my greatsword.

She said, "Back off.  You'd look pretty stupid with an arrow sticking right out of the middle of your face, bucko."

"And you'd look stupid with a sword stuck up your ass!" I rested Eternal Abyss over my shoulder.

"Keep your hands where I can see 'em," she said.

Fenrir and Valiana walked up behind me, ranged weapons drawn.




"No, you keep your hands where I am see them," I said back.

"Okay, okay," she put her bow away, "What do you want from me, anyway?"
"First, information," I replied, "I came here looking for a red diamond."

"Nope.  Didn't see anything like that."

"Hmm," I said, not fully trusting her, "See anything else unusual?"

"Well... there were some Thalmor sniffing around a few days ago.  Watched 'em make that bridge over the drop," she said, "Whatever it was they were after, however, they seem to have found it.  They didn't hang around long."

She folded her arms, "So, now that I've answered your question, you can go back the way you came and forget you even saw me."

"I'm also looking for leads on how to find Nagasel.  The actual city," I continued, and we put away our weapons.


"It was buried under the earth by Molag Bal's lackey King, who was spurned by the Ayleid princess Pilvi-Hinnesh?  What are you, an archaeologist, or just some chancer looking for a quick septim?"

"Neither.  Who are you, by the way?" I asked.

"Who wants to know?" 

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I replied.

"You never know til you try," she said.

"Princess Runa Septim of Cyrodiil and Skyrim," I replied, then I gestured to my group.

"I'm Fenrir Stormcloak, Prince of Skyrim," he said.

"I'm Valiana Direnni," she pursed her lips, "Nobody of particular importance."


She laughed out loud, "At least you got your story straight.  You guys are funny.  You and I, we're gonna get along."

"And.. you are?" I asked.

"I'm an...archaeologist.  C'mon, this way," she said, leading me to a crevasse in the wall, "The city is below, centered around the Tree of Life.  Real original, I know.  I think we might be able to squeeze in through here.  C'mon Princess whatever."

I smirked, "Runa."

"Pff, whatever," she replied.

"You remind me of someone," I said.



"That's some fancy name.  Let's get moving," she said.


We pushed on through the small tunnel, crushing medium spiders as we went, and found ourselves in a small web-filled cave.  

"So you never said why you were here," the woman said, continuing to walk through the corridor.

"I'm looking for a ring."

"Could it be... the white-gold diamond and ruby encrusted ring of the lost Ayleid princess Pilvi-Hinnesh?"

"That's the one," I replied, "It's for Rigmor."

"You must really love her," she said.

"She's a real pain in the ass," I said.  

"Where's she from?"

"Bruma," I replied.

"Are you for real?" She asked, incredulously.

"What's the problem?" 

"Nothing.  Forget it.  C'mon," she said.


As we entered the next room, we found a purple barrier, a white stone platform, and what looked like an ancient Oblivion Gate, completely covered in burnt bodies.  They lay motionless there , like they used their bodies to block the way through the gate.




"That's morbid," I said.

"Wow!" The woman said, "Look at all these dead.  Must've been one bloody battle.  I wonder how we get inside this barrier."

"Hmm," Fenrir said, "Looks like a blood seal."
"That's what I was thinking," I said, "Guess there's no going forward."

"What's a blood seal?" The woman asked.




"I don't know why this thing is here, but only a Dragonborn can activate it.  Our mom's the Dragonborn," I said.

Valiana shrugged, "Well, you and I are Septims.  And he's blood related to the Last Dragonborn."

"Worth a shot," I shrugged.  

We all cut our hands and put them on the platform.  The white circle seemed to hesitate for a moment, then symbols appeared on the wall in front of us."

"Hold on, it says... un ... relenting... unrelenting force," the woman said.


"Well, I know that one," I said.  I took a breath and shouted, "FUS - RO!" 

"Whoa, Dragongirl, you were telling the truth all along.  So are you Dragonborn?" The woman asked.

"No, many Nords can use the Voice.  Then there's the fact that I'm related to the previous line of Dragonborns," I replied.

Valiana shrugged, "Maybe I should give that a shot someday."

The ground shook and the wall started to pull away.


There was a dead stillness inside.  We walked slowly, carefully, disturbing the ancient dust of millennia.  As we got further inside, the woman said, "Sorry I doubted you guys.  I'll follow your lead."


"By the gods!" She said, basking in the blue glow of a beacon in the distance, "They survived, and must've stayed down here.  Look at the graves.  So many graves.  This is the saddest thing I've ever seen."




"I see something in the Temple ahead," Fenrir said.

We continued forward.  I stepped past the curtain at the entrance, and a gentle voice spoke, "Wait."


"Is it you?  Have you come back for me, Auri-El?" The voice asked.

I looked around, trying to find the source of the voice.  There was a throne, similar to the Ruby throne, across the room, illuminated by a single shaft of light.  

"Should I be afraid?" She asked, and I could see her head poking out from behind one of the pillars.


I stepped forward, a light-skinned elven woman with light violet hair stood before me.  I couldn't place the type of elf.  

"There's no need to be afraid," I said.

"I waited... I waited like you said," she explained.

"How long?"

"Oh..." she turned her back to me, "Millenia."


I could feel my heart sink.  This was Pilvi, in the flesh.  I knew not how.  


"They're all gone now.  A long time ago.  What of the world outside?" She asked.

"The world has changed... quite a bit since your time," I replied.

"Did Auri-El send you to free us from this place?  Because if he did...  You are too late."

"Only he knows the answer to that," I replied.


Pilvi walked past the curtain, finding Fenrir and Valiana there.  She smiled gently.  Then she looked down at the woman in the distance, still marveling at the beacon and the graves.

"Who are your friends?" She asked gently.

"Fenrir and Valiana.  And her down there, I don't know her too well but she helped me find the city," I replied.


"Wonderful.  I haven't talked to anyone in... such a long time."

She saw us at the edge of the stairs and came running.


"Pilvi-Hinnesh?" The woman asked, "As I live and breathe... by the gods.  Please forgive me Princess... my lady."

Valiana was standing next to me now, just keeping quiet.  Fenrir looked over the city, scratching his chin.  He met eyes with me for a second, and I asked with my eyes, 'Don't you want to stand here and talk to this lady, and marvel at her beauty and whatnot?'

Fenrir smirked a little, suggesting he was on the lookout for baddies, interested in the city, and he looked back out as if to say, 'I'm constantly surrounded by beautiful women.  You, mom, Valiana.'




"What is your name, little one?" Pilvi asked the woman.

"My name is Loona Shadow.  I'm from Morrowind actually I was born in Bruma and my dad owned a stable and I had a big thing with horses but he wanted to get rich so he sold everything and we moved out many years ago but it didn't help because he died..." She said all in one breath.  


"We thought a big fight had happened and all those dead burned bodies in the chamber and I always wanted to find the lost city of Nayasel and the city of life..."

"Well now you've found it, Loona Shadow," Pilvi said.

"And... I was kinda hoping you could tell us what happened," Loona said.

"You want to hear my story?  I'm afraid it's not a very happy one," Pilvi sighed, "Many millennia ago, my people forsook their gods.  The world as we knew it began to change.  They turned to the Daedra for power and riches.  They became corrupt and perverse.  Auri-El came to me in a dream, and told me to lead the last of his truly devoted out of Cyrodiil and build a new city away from the madness.  We came to Hammerfell and discovered the tree of life.  It had wonderful magical properties, and we decided to stay and build our home here.  Nayasel.  From the heights we could defend our home.  You see, this, what you see here, is all that's left of my people.  The mad god king called upon the power of the daedra and buried us deep into the earth when I refused to accept his love.  And they sent daedra to attack us, they were too many.  As we prepared to do what must be done so we wouldn't be taken alive, Auri-El appeared as a flame god in the form of a dragon and breathed fire fown onto them, destroying their gates.  He created a seal with their bodies for the gate, and a seal for the city and promised he would return to free us when it was safe.  He gave me a diamond and ruby encrusted ring, which continued a drop of his blood.  As long as I wore the ring within the seal, I would live forever."

"What about the others?" Loona asked.

"They all perished over time.  We had no desire to be trapped under the earth forever.   So to save any suffering we had no children.  It was better that way...  But I realize now Auri-El wanted us to flourish and we failed.  This was my fault that he abandoned us."




"You don't know that.  Maybe he couldn't reach you," Loona said.

"If he couldn't reach you, maybe he sent us," I said.

"So... I can go home now?" Pilvi turned toward us.

"Things have so changed now.  Cyrodiil is completely different.  You could come with us," Loona said.

Pilvi laughed quietly, "You are so kind, Loona Shadow.  But I would probably stand out and get some strange looks."

"Nonsense.  Alls you gotta do is change your clothes and you'd pass for a Bosmer.  Maybe an Altmer.  A pretty one," Loona smiled, "I have an extra set of clothes in my bag.  Lemme go get 'em."

Loona san off, and Pilvi looked at me, "Did Auri-El truly send you?  Are you an avatar of Auri-El?"

"No.  And in fact, him and I aren't on the best of speaking terms," I said, thinking of my new appendage.  That weird priest was almost certainly a messenger of Akatosh/Auri-El.  

"I know it must be you, please don't deny me..." She started to plead, "I have always loved you.  Why do you forsake me?"


"Pilvi, please," I said in protest.  Man, Auri doesn't have a great track record with his favored children.  My mom had told me about the true fate of the Snow Elves as well.  


"Have I not suffered enough?  Please say you come to take me home... I beg you, please don't leave me here..." Pilvi said weakly.

"We're not going to leave you here," I replied.

"I'm... sorry.  I don't know what came over me," she said.

"After thousands of years of solitude... I'm surprised you're not much worse," I said. 

Then Valiana put her hand on Pilvi's shoulder, "There's no way we're going to let you suffer anymore."

Pilvi nodded, "Thank you."


"Thank you for freeing me.  Please, take this," she smiled weakly, offering her ring, "Please.  It would mean a lot to me."

"I couldn't..."

"Please.  Auri-El said I should give the ring back to him when he returns.  Or whoever breaks the seal," Pilvi explained, "Your little friend returns.  Wait for me here while I gather my things."


Loona ran up the stairs, shouting, "Pilvi!  I got you something to wear!"

She pushed aside the curtain.

"No!  What happened?!"

I stepped inside to find the beautiful corpse of Pilvi-Hinnesh.  Loona pushed past me, running away.




You mean to tell me she never had to take the ring off and wash her hands?

"Auri-El, you cruel bastard," I said under my breath.  I grabbed a book marked, 'Pilvi's Testament,' and the three of us ran off after Loona.


I found her sitting on a broken stone, contemplating.

I walked up to her slowly.

"Maybe... maybe it was for the best.  I don't think our minds were meant to live that long.  Auri-El really is a bastard.  Wish we hadn't broken that seal," I said.

"Yeah, but... we didn't know," Loona said.

"Maybe she went to see him.  A better place," I said, "What are you going to do now?"

"I dunno..."

"Why not come back to Bruma with us?  I think I know someone who'd be real happy to see you again," I said.

"I think I know who it is," Loona said. 

We made our way back to Bruma, taking a few more hours to fly over the mountains and across Cyrodiil.  When we got there, the lights in the sky were looking beautiful.




We stepped into the main drag and found Rigmor and Casius Varon talking with the guard captain about some late night trouble.  The captain walked off and she turned to find the four of us approaching.




"Runa!" Rigmor yelled, grabbing me in a hug, "And... Loona??  Is that you??"

"It's a long story.  Still living in your old house?" Loona asked.

"Long story?  Yeah right!" Rigmor smiled.  She ran off with her old friend.

"Runa," Casius said.

"How's it going, old friend?"

"Congratulations, Princess," Casius slapped me on the shoulder, "I heard the big news about the wedding."

"Same to you, Count of Leyawiin," I smiled back, "And it's a sort of 'friendship ceremony,' not a real wedding.  Come, let's go to the keep.  I need to speak with Malesam about things."


I walked into the keep with my small posse in tow, and found Cerys, sitting with Damien.  

"Haven't you gone home yet?" I asked.

"I did, and came back for the wedding," he replied.

I shrugged, fair enough, "Where are your horns?"

"I decided while I'm just hanging out a simple disguise glamour would be a good idea.  Makes me look like a normal person with commoner's clothes on.  Especially after a kid screamed when seeing my unusual appearance."

Fenrir laughed.

Cerys said, "Majesty, I have the dress.  All that need to be done is arranging the ceremony with the priest."

"Allow me," Casius said, "I want to be of some use while I'm here."

"All the guests have arrived.  Is there anything else you need before I retire?" Cerys asked.

"Is my mom coming?" I asked.

Damien chimed in, "She told me to missive her and she'd teleport in when it was time.  Said she was doing something related to a... museum?"

"Can you tell your father I'm here?" I asked Cerys.

I sat down at one end of the table with Casius, while Fenrir and Damien sat at the other.  Pretty sure Valiana was already asleep, on the airship.  And I'm pretty sure Sofia was in the background, walking around naked (now that this was her house).


"Do you have a second for the wedding?" Casius asked.

"Not yet."

"It would be my honor, if you'd permit me," Casius said.

"Thank you, Casius.  Anything you need on the Count Leyawiin front?  You know I have the Emperor's ear?" I smiled.

"More gold, to repair our ships and docks.  He's put out a tall order, and I know where this is headed.  Blackwell mentioned about the possible involvement from Black March, and High Rock.  He seems concerned about a Lord Malakai.  Do you know of him?" 


"Since the High King is ailing, he's been muscling in on dynastic affairs.  Indeed, he has the king adopt a young wastrel, convincing him she was related and nobility."

"Odd," I said.

"Malakai was not a friend of the Empire under Mede II.  I have suspicions about his plans.  And... possible connections to the Akaviri.  Blackwell's already investigating."

Malesam walked in, "Ahhh. Count Varon of Leyawiin.  I do like a happy ending."

"Malesam, I don't believe we've actually met, though I've heard all about your deeds," Casius said.





"Yes, hopefully all good.  Now then, your majesty... I would imagine you'll be summoned to the Palace for the Coronation.  I do hope my advice is welcomed, as I thrive in situations like these.  You know, what to watch out for."

"Of course," I replied.

He looked at Casius, "Would you mind if we spoke privately?"

"I'll... take my leave and go see the priest," Casius replied.

"Make sure you get him to move the pews.  We're expecting a lot of guests," Malesam said.  

After Casius left, Malesam turned to me, "Now then, did you find the diamond?"


"I think the Thalmor have it.  I made a friend in the ruins.  One of Rigmor's old friends, Loona.  She claims as much," I replied.

"You should tell Blackwell about it.  He can have his spies investigate."

"You trust him?"

"I do.  He's shown his true colors," Malesam replied.

"We should ask Camaeus about that diamond."

"He'll be at the Coronation.  He's been promoted to envoy of the Aldmeri Dominion," Malesam said, standing, "It's late.  You should get some sleep for the big day."

I nodded, walking over to my brothers, "You guys need a room?"

"I have a room at the Inn," Damien said.

"I think I'll just stay on the airship," Fenrir said.

"With... Valiana...!" Damien said mockingly.

Fenrir shoved him, smiling.

"Well I'm going to bed," I said, and shuffled off to get a few hours of sleep.  It was around midnight, and at 9 I was woken up by Casius casually walking in.


"Rise and shine your most royal majestic highness of highnesses," Casius teased.

"You should knock.  I could've been naked," I said.

"I know you sleep in your armor half the time," he said.

"While you are right, I do need to be changing into something presentable," I replied, "Turn around."

He did, and I starting changing into a slip, and a black dress.  I really hadn't gone all out and bought an actual wedding dress, like they had for Rigmor.  I was just trying to look presentable.




When I was done, he said, "Hand me your ring for Rigmor."

I did.

"Runa, just wanted to be sure.  Are you marrying Rigmor?"

"It's only a ceremony for the child's sake.  I told you before," I replied, putting my hands on my hips, "Why ask again?"

"Oh, it's nothing," he replied.

"It's definitely something.  Spit it out," I folded my arms.

"I just want to say... I think you're beautiful..." He said.

"Whoa... you mean..."

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.  I know you're not getting married for real."

"No, please.  Now that you have said something, you might as well lay it all out," I said.

He kicked the door closed behind him and continued, "Well, it's like... not a day goes by when I don't think of you."

"When did this start?" I asked.

"I must admit, in the old days when you and your mom came to me I was always kinda blinded by her larger-than-life presence.  Then, if you don't mind me saying, Rigmor is an attention sponge."

"I totally agree on both counts," I smirked.

"I didn't really notice your beauty and strength until I saw you again in the Sea of Ghosts.  I thought you needed rescuing, but you'd become the hero of the story now.  I felt a bit of pride, but then I also started to feel... different things."

I continued smirking.  It was flattering to hear.

He continued, "I didn't even realize it at the time.  But I promised myself I would make it clear how I feel about you."


I blew a little piece of hair out of my face, "That's certainly... a lot to think about."


"No, no.  Don't apologize," I looked back up at him, "I've never thought of myself as beautiful.  But then, I was an orphan.  I didn't have boys chasing after me when I was a little dirty blond-haired child.  I'm not sure what the Dragonborn saw in me when she decided to adopt me."

"But you are," Casius said.

"Well, now, I have at least four people who have similar feelings about me, yourself included," I said.

Then I sighed, "I'd be lying if I didn't admit I was at least attracted to you.  Part of it is also the fact that you're in your thirties, maybe forties."

"I'm older than you think."

"Well if you're older than that, you look really good for your age," I replied, "How much of this is an attraction to me because I'm 20?"

He shrugged, "Maybe some.  You've done a lot in your life already.  I'm attracted to success as much as beauty."

I smiled, "I'm not saying there's no chance.  But then, I'm not saying yes.  I can offer you something for now."

"What's that?" 

I leaned in and kissed him.  He kissed me back, passionately.  It ... really got me going.  When I pulled back, I sighed, "So... how long do we have until the ceremony?"




He blinked, knowing what I was implying.

Not really wanting to get into the explanation for my new appendage, I ended up just giving him a blowjob on the rug.  Also, he was big.




When I'd put back on my dress and cleaned his cum from my hair and chest, I said, "I'm starting to feel like my mom.  I'm surprised she didn't bang you."

"Who said she didn't?" 

I blinked, "What??"

"Sorry, that was a joke.  Poor taste, I know."

"Well, in exchange, I think you should tell me how you look so damn young," I smirked.

"Well... I probably shouldn't be telling you this.  But Titus Mede II is dead, so who cares, really?  As a concession as part of the White-Gold Condordat, the Thalmor gave the Emperor a potion that slows aging.  The Imperial Battlemage at the time was able to reverse engineer it and make ten copies of it.  I think he used some of them to grease palms, but he also gave his most prominent Legion Generals a dose.  I wasn't a general at the time, but mine gave his to me.  Said he had no use for it."

My mouth was agape.  After a minute I said, "Do you know who else got them?"
"I know Ulfric got one.  I mean how else could a nearly sixty-year-old man have a physique like that?"

"Wow, well this is a mystery for another day," I sat on the bed, getting my shoes on, "So, between us, I want to let you know I'm not trying to lead you on.  This might never go any further.  It might.  But whatever happens I want to be your friend.  Let's not be awkward about it.  I'll come see you in Leyawiin after the ceremony.  Maybe... a few days?  I tend to get pulled from place to place without my consent sometimes.  Besides, I need to take stock of what you need for the Invasion."

"Fair," Casius said.  


We cleaned up, fixed our hair and walked out to the cathedral to join the wedding party.  Damien and mom were just outside talking, Valiana, Fenrir and Sofia inside waiting with the scores of Rigmor-adjacent people we'd met in our adventures.


"Where's Jura?" I asked Mom.

She said, "Welcoming the emissaries from all over Tamriel.  Your coronation is set to this evening in the Imperial City!"

"Yeah, not sure why we decided to do both in the same day," I said.


I took my place, and after a moment, the big double doors opened, Baa'Ren-dar appearing with Rigmor (in a beautiful white dress) to give the bride away.  I hadn't seen the cat in years. 




When she stood next to me, I feel like my black dress and her white gave us a nice contrast.  She smiled at me as if to say, 'My dark princess.'




It was a beautiful ceremony.  But you guys have seen a real wedding before, so I'll spare you the details.  Rigmor gave me Ragnar (her father's) ring and I gave her Pilvi's ring.  Which, let me say, a ring of ancient power on a pregnant bride had the little hairs on the back of my neck standing up a little.  I mean, you're not supposed to drink or do a lot of other things.  What about magic?


At the end, Rigmor, playing the stateswoman, thanked everyone individually for coming (including, last, but not least, the Dragonborn) and invited them to the reception feast in the keep.  

Then she told me Baa'Ren-Dar wanted a word with me and mom.  Everybody cleared out of the church, leaving the three of us.

"Walk and talk, friends," he said. 


"Well met, old friend.  Been a long time," Destana (Mom) said.

"This one had been waiting for a good time to visit my child, Khajiit didn't want to interfere in Rigmor's life too much, and has been advising Rigmor and Sigunn through missives and periodic visits.  But this one thought it would be wise to travel in person for this ceremony.  

"How are things in Elswyer?" I asked.

"Things have not changed.  For time that is long, two tribes, two factions.  




We walked and he continued, "It is the job of Khajiit to keep abreast of the politics of the realms Elswyer deals with.  The disappearance of the Emperor was to cause for this chain of events."

Mom and I exchanged glances, both looking sheepish.  

"Sethius' campaign sent the Elder Council went into exile, but which also allowed them to escape Blackwell's scrutiny.  It upset a lot of people that Sethius was making a success of his rule.  They feared to re-intervene because of Morag.  But now because of what transpired in the Imperial City, they fear you and the new Emperor," he said to me.


"Camaeus presented himself and they couldn't resist sending him to Table Mountain.  They wanted to eliminate Blackwell and reinstate the Thalmor, who promised to also reinstate their power.  Did you suspect anything untoward from Camaeus?"


"Rigmor and I both suspected him from the moment we saw him," I replied.

"They presented only half-truths," Baa-Ren'dar said, "They thought getting Rigmor on the throne would be the end of Blackwell.  Azura assured me my signature was crucial to moving this forward, but I now know it was to come to this eventual end: you, Jura and Rigmor were to work with Blackwell."

"That's some revisionist bullshit and you know it," Mom chuckled.

"Maybe so," Baa-Ren'dar said, "But it worked out for the best, correct?  Furthermore, Camaeus appears to be working for the best interest of the Elder Council, he is indeed only working to the Thalmor's ends, playing them at their own political game.  Of course, the Thalmor also did not project you, Jura and Rigmor working with Blackwell."

"Sounds like their gambit failed," Mom said, "Have you heard our plans?"

"This one knows you are planning something, but your men and Jura's have been tight-lipped."

"Good.  But I'm going to clue you in.  Do you have any contact with the Elswyer Resistance?"

"My good Queen, you're looking at one of the primary organizers."

"Could you tell them that we're coming for Valenwood... and we'd appreciate the backup."


Baa-Ren'dar smirked a little bit, "Of course, majesty."




We gathered in the little audience chamber, somebody pulling up extra chairs so Rigmor, myself, and my mom could sit together.  




Baa'Ren-Dar said a few words, highlighting Rigmor finally finding true happiness.  

"Rigmor, may all your dreams come true, and the Gods look favorably down upon you," he said.

"No matter how many mountains you have to climb, now matter how many times you get knocked down... I am living proof that anything is possible.  That you can achieve whatever you wish if you believe in yourself," Rigmor said.

"No matter how dangerous or illegal," I said.  She jabbed me in the side, still smiling.  

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a little nap.  I'm tired," she said.

I sat with her in her room, and a few hours later, Cerys came and got us for the coronation, saying the Lord Chancellor wanted to speak with us before the proceedings began.

Fenrir flew us to the Imperial City.


We found Jura standing in the courtyard and he told us to come on to the royal mausoleum, where Blackwell was waiting.

"How creepy," Rigmor said, "Best be on our guard."

We entered to find  


"Ah," he said, greeting us from the far end of the chamber, "You must be wondering why I asked to meet here, in this place of death.  Be assured there's good reason.  You see, this is the Royal Mausoleum, and I have been attending it for many years."




"You do the Empire a great service," Jura said.

"I've studied and kept record of the dynasties that have come and gone.  You might want to read my work," he continued, "It's very extensive.  Peruse at your own discretion."

"So why are we here?" I asked.

"Some of the guests have arrived.  Notable representatives from the major powers.  Count Camaeus has arrived for the Aldmeri Dominion, along with a leading member of the Elder Council.  You can only discuss what they want to discuss before they leave," Blackwell continued.

"Probably something about subjugating the Empire," I said.

"As long as I'm Emperor, they're not going to get anything from us," Jura folded his arms.


"Of course," Blackwell said.

"Pfft, the only good thing Sethius did was kick them out," Rigmor said.

"I thought it prudent to bring you here so you could, if you want, be better prepared," Blackwell said, "Also, I would like to show you something.  Please this way."

We walked over to the big sarcophagus at the end of the row.

"This is the armor of Tiber Septim," Blackwell said.

"Wasn't it destroyed when Martin Septim made his sacrifice?" Rigmor asked.

"Supposedly, but it returned here some time later," he turned to Jura, "Now it belongs to you, majesty, to do with it as you see fit."

"As for you, m'lady, this way," Blackwell took Rigmor over to another sarcophagus.  I followed, but Jura stayed to examine the armor.


"This is the burial place of Rigmor, the original.  Before Titus Mede has the infant Morgan sent to Winterhold, he had Rigmor laid to rest here.  Some say he never recovered when he lost her."
"What do you know about her?" Rigmor asked.

"She was initially a mercenary.  Rumor has it that she played a big part in the Oblivion Crisis by helping the Champion of Cyrodiil close some of the gates.  After Martin Septim's martyrdom, she joined the ranks of the Colovian Warlock Titus Mede and helped him wrest control of Cyrodiil from the hands of Thules the Gibbering.  His dying wish was to be reunited with her in this small antechamber.  It was a well-kept secret, with almost no record of it."

"That's so sad," Rigmor said.

"The crowning armor she never got to wear is preserved in the accompanying chest.  I think it would be fitting and respectful to her memory if you would wear it, m'lady.  Please, if you would, change into your new attire and meet me at the audience chamber.  It is customary to meet with the guests before the ceremony," Blackwell started to walk out.


"Hey, Blackwell," Jura said.

"Yes, majesty?"

"This seems like some great armor.  But dude was probably six inches shorter than me," Jura shrugged.  I approached and he handed it to me, saying, "I think as a Septim, Runa should wear it."

I squinted, "You don't think my boobs will get in the way of this fitting me?"

Jura winked and whispered, "Try it on."


"I'm sure you're aware that most magic armor will resize to fit the wearer," Blackwell turned around, "Bah, wait."

"Too late, Blackwell, I already put the breastplate on," I raised an eyebrow, "Wow, this looks really good on me."




"Yeah, golden cuirass goes with your golden hair beautifully," Rigmor smiled.


Blackwell slapped his forehead, "It should be worn by the Emperor as a show of power."

"I think I can display my own power, thanks," Jura chuckled, "You look like a golden gryphon."


Blackwell sighed, "Perhaps you're right."


Rigmor changed and we went as a group to the audience chamber.  

Blackwell beckoned us over, "Please, let me introduce you to Lord Malakai, envoy of the King of High Rock."

Before me with a handsome man in well-made steel armor.  He said, "Majesty, it is my honor to finally meet you in person.  On behalf of the King of High Rock, we hope to strengthen our relationship, and bring wealth and prosperity to the northern peninsula.  We also hope to fortify our friendship with Skyrim and look forward to further talks in the near future."

Smiling, I prepared to say something, but a shorter woman behind him lightly cleared her throat.

"Oh, and this is the King's eldest daughter Potema."




I blinked.  Why would anyone in their right mind name a girl Potema?  After the wolf queen?  The necromancer?

"She insisted on coming to this most important event," Malakai said.


"Well met, Auntie.  I do hope you could visit us sometimes, as you may or may not know, my father is frail as of late and his health is waning.  Even more so every day," she said.

"Auntie?"  Don't know what she meant by that.

"Oh please forgive me, I seem to have forgotten my manners with a slip of the tongue.  It is my honor to be in the presence of the Emperor by divine grace, the Lady Runa Septim, and the Lady Rigmor Morgan-Mede."

There was another pause, and Potema turned to Rigmor, "So, when do you think I will have the honor of meeting my little cousin?"

"Lady Potema, this is not the time or the place," Malakai said softly.

"No, it's fine," Rigmor said, "Thirty six weeks."

"Please allow me to give you my most heartfelt and deepest condolences should anything... untoward happen during the birth," Potema said.


A lot of people gasped at that.  

"Do you have no sense of tact?  Even suggesting that..." I asked, bluntly, "You're not making a very good first impression."

"Oh, please, I meant no offense..."

"Please forgive us majesty, she is new to courtly affairs," Malakai said.


We took our leave of them and walked over to the next group.

Blackwell introduced them, "Count Camaeus of Lillandril representing the Aldmeri Dominion and the Elder Council in exile."

"Majesty.  Lady Rigmor.  Lady Runa," he bowed.

"Hi Camaeus," Rigmor said.  Of course she had no reason at this point to suspect him of foul play.  

"It's my honor to see you all once again under these special circumstances," Camaeus said, bowing.


He continued, "The dominion and the Elder Council in exile hope a lasting alliance can be forged to meet the upcoming threat.  Of course before such an alliance can be agreed to, there are a few important things we need to discuss."
I folded my arms, flattening my lips already.  Here this guy is speaking of alliances, like we'd even be willing to entertain the idea.  Also, what upcoming threat?  The Thalmor are the threat!  Or is this some kind of play like they did with the Khajiit, 'If you side with us we'll fix the moons.'


Rigmor interrupted my train of thought, "What kind of things?"

He stepped forward, turning his back to Rigmor while facing Jura and I.




Rigmor put her hands on her hips.

"Cyrodiil needs to return to its former glory before the events of that usurper Ariel Sethius," Camaeus started, "A long lasting and true alliance can be attained by the restoration of the White Gold Concordat and re-instation of the Elder Council here in the Imperial Palace."


"This is not the time," Jura stepped up a little, making his height and largeness obvious.

"I disagree.  We have the right o make our terms known.  After all, the Dominion was instrumental in destroying Sethius so we should see the benefits of our involvement."


Jura and I looked at each other like, 'Is this dude serious?'


"All we ask is the White Gold Concordat be restored, the Elder Council be reinstated and the lands of Southern Hammerfell be handed back to the Dominion which is legally and rightfully ours."

Jura clenched his fist.  I could see a vein popping out of his forehead.  But I took it that he was doing his best not to reveal the crux of our plans in a rage.

I said, "How can we hand over lands that don't belong to us?  Hammerfell is a free nation."

"You must think of the greater good.  I will take it upon myself to make sure the returning Justiciars act in a fair and open manner."

Rigmor walked around Blackwell so she could be next to us again and said sarcastically, "Yeah!  Right!"

"Plus, it will put me in the perfect position to return to you something of importance," Camaeus said.

"You snake.  I figured it was you," I said.

"All I ask is you discuss what I have mentioned, delay any knee jerk reactions and after some serious thought reach out to us," Camaeus said.


In somewhat of an annoyed but commanding tone, Blackwell said, "Let the ceremony begin!"

I smirked at him.  Blackwell could be a card sometimes in his own way.  We were going to cream this bastard, diamond or not.


I turned to Jura and found my mom was walking in about this time.

"Sorry I'm late," she smiled, then took her place over next to Elisif.

"Kept your spot warm for you, buddy," Elisif smiled.


I walked up the stairs, with Jura following, and he said, "I've already got my crown.  I'll stand between them and the girls can sit on the thrones today."




"You're the boss!" the priest responded.

The priest said a few words, then placed a crown on Rigmor's head.

Blackwell said, "Behold, by the grace of the divines, Crown Princess of Cyrodiil, Rigmor Morgan-Mede, first of her name."

Camaeus and the Elder Council member walked out abruptly.

Blackwell continued as the priest crowned me, "Behold by the grace of the divines, Crown Princess of Cyrodiil, Runa Septim, first of her name."

Then the priest turned to Jura, who stood a great deal taller than him, "It looks like you're already crowned, your majesty." 

"Yeah, I got another priest to swear me in a few days ago," Jura laughed, "I have a lot to do.  Lot of plans for this broken-down old Empire.  If you want you can pick it up and pt it back down on my head."

The priest shrugged as Jura knelt and he did just that.  


After everybody left, the three new royals and Blackwell were talking about the future.

"I need that diamond.  Get our people onto it," I whispered to Blackwell.

"Of course," he responded.

"And no more killing the Dark Brotherhood," I added.


"Since we're going to be working together, I think you should know, I'm the Listener.  Skyrim's got a spy network too, integrated with the Brotherhood.  And you didn't finish us off in Cyrodiil.  I just told them to keep quiet," I said, "I'm going to have my people come talk to you."

"Of... course..." Blackwell said, not sure what to think of our little motley group anymore.

Tyroni Calleius (who'd been standing with the guards) and my Mom walked over.

"So the cat's out of the bag, eh?" Mom asked. 

"Pleased to meet you again, your highness," Blackwell nodded to her.

"Oh can all the formal crap, Blackwell," Destana (Mom) said, "Of course, none of that crap that Altmer said is going to work out.  But I applaud your ability to play it cool, dad."

"What do you mean?  I'm the coolest," Jura chuckled, "But I did want to pick him up and throw him out myself.  May he never darken my door again."


I figured we'd leave mom and Jura to figure out their next moves.

I turned to Rigmor and Calleius, "Why don't you guys come to the rooms with me?  I have something I've been wanting to try.  And I think it's time the two of you got acquainted."

A few hours later we had collapsed in a heap on the rugs in Rigmor's lavish room.  Or mine... it was honestly easy to get lost in this palace.

Rigmor rolled over and crawled into the bed, going to sleep almost immediately.


"Well, seems like a good start to this relationship," I said to Calleius, "Whatever it is."

He shrugged, "I'm not going to complain."


"Gods, I'm so thirsty," I said.

Calleius threw on a shirt and simple pants and walked out the door briskly.  

But I think in my exhausted state I couldn't work out he'd been going to get water for me.

I walked over to Rigmor's bedside table, finding an unmarked bottle there.  I sniffed it.  Shrugging, I took a swig.

"Ugh!" I gagged, "What the hell is this stuff?"


Rigmor rolled over, "What, is it too bitter for you?"

"No, sweet.  Sickeningly sweet.  Like I took pure cane sugar, ground it up, and rubebd it on my tongue for about a year."

Rigmor's scowled confusedly.  She raised an eyebrow.  Then her eyes went wide.  Going through a range of emotions, I looked at the thing.  Obviously, the bottle had had a label at some point.  

"Ah!"  I found a tiny sheet with hand-written directions that seemed to have been adhered to the bottle when it'd been new.

"If it tastes bitter, you're... not..... IF IT TASTES SWEET..."

"Okay, okay," Rigmor said, "Don't panic.  What does it say for men?"

"If a man drinks this, it shouldn't have a taste."

We stared at each other for huge seconds, both trying to work out why the bottle had tasted sweet for me.


"Am I fucking pregnant?" I asked, loudly, "How is that godsdamn possible?!"

"I... I don't know..." Rigmor replied sheepishly.




I turned to Rigmor, "Not a word.  Do not say a word to anyone."

"But..." She started.

"I'm going to figure this out.  My way," I said.



Holy crap Rigmor was an actual NPC in Oblivion, I never knew that.


Also, I played right up until the time skip and then deuced out of there.  

The very next scene in Dragonchild says, "Nine months have passed since the coronation."  And of course your in-game clock doesn't change at all.  >.>


Yeah, so, Runa's pregnant with Calleius or Aventus' child.  And she has no outlet with which to give birth to this baby.  Quite the conundrum.


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Well now love, sex, tragedy, a bit of violence and intrigue, lots of humor and a dilemma ... just a perfect Sunday night read. ^^
Well, if she has an uterus, a caesarean should be an option, if not ... how can she be pregnant? Alternately, if early enough some sort of magical/chemical abortion and reabsorption should work as well, but I suppose you still want to propagate the family line.
Or the Aedra could clean up their mess for a change.. which brings us to:
Aedra, Daedra ... at least the Daedra are upfront, not real sure the Aedra are that much better, they just bother with more elaborate attempts at hiding or explaining away their bad deeds. Nasty number their big boss pulled on Pilvi, really.

Is this Potema lady from RoC? Super creepy black faery stuff. Mysterious women with the name of a feared necromancer hints at the possible death of your unborn child...

Loved the part where Runa told Blackwell she is the Listener, seems like a real WTF moment for him. Apparently his spy network isn't that good. ^^


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Potema is from RoC. Not sure what the author is planning for the next episode. Hopefully it comes out before TES 6. Same for Beyond Skyrim, before the heat death of the universe. 


Runa's biology is a mystery at the moment.  But being honest, she still has a uterus. She's got both sets.  Who knows how she would've had periods if she wasn't pregnant?  Really, the gods are assholes and they don't know what they're doing. 

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Ok, First: Good man Tyroni, for taking the big reaveal the way he did. Granted, we already knew that, but it bears repeating.


Second: Bad Rigmor (the modder), for going for a ring, that is steeped in millenia worth of misery and loneliness. Poor Pilvi.  I am sure, this doesn't bode ill for the future. -sigh-

Still very much like Rigmors saga, though.


Third: Runa really must be getting good at sucking dick. Since it sounded, as if Cassius didn't even notice her extra equipment during their little get-together. Or was enthralled enough, to not care. Either way, that's impressive.


Fourth: Blackwell's composure was quite legendary during the ceremony. I mean, being ordered, to no longer hunt the DB and being told, that Runa is the listener... Ouch! Now all that is left, is for him to find out, that even Destana is a member of that shadowy organisation.


Lastly, Calleius, Runa and Rigmor getting well acquainted. In a way, that required the removal of their clothes... I see. Runa and Destana may not be so different after all. As for the big reveal at the end: It's a very magical setting already. I am sure, Runa and company will manage to come up with a solution, that isn't just a mundane c-section. Even if the "gods" (or EB) can be jerks sometimes. I mean: Even old Auri-El probably didn't forsee, that Runa would suddenly grow a Penis AFTER she got pregnant. Which means, that this must have been deadric interference of the highest order. -cough- EB's doing -cough-😁


p.s. Digging a little deeper revealed, that there even is an ancient prophecy in Cyrodiil, regarding the "deadric interference" of EB. The relevant part seems to be the following (most likely not quite correct) line of text :


"Quidem, dii superare non possunt voluntatem irati vati. Quia verba eius mundum creant."


Sooo... Perhaps Auri-El is only partially responsible for Runa's current predicament.😉





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So... poor Runa no longer has a vag? No wonder Calleius went for the butt.


Also, how did you give her that equipment? Asking for a friend...

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