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Entry 79.5: Group Therapy Session



Author's Note: Not a full entry, just wanted to drop a video of the thing I did not describe or show.  May be a little rough, and is uncompressed so probably good quality.




Also, going to say I'm going to be gone for a couple weeks.  (Next week and the week after).  I'll probably be working on an entry, but it might be a little slower than usual.  



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Haven't watched the video yet because of my slow internet-connection. However, I noticed, that this is technically the 80th story-entry (without the introduction) and that it's been 8 month (and 2 days) since chapter 1. Also: The blog got to 10000 views. Sooo... Congrats EB. It has been quite a wild ride so far.👍🎉1263760946_80entries8month10000viewsDestana.jpg.a0f9edc74dd4c57471d434fbc49a50d9.jpg


Edit after watching: Looks like all of them had their fun. But I have to say, that D.'s excuses used to be better. I mean: I totally believe, that she needed to get some "sleep" after watching the others, and was certainly not wandering off to find Galachad, in the hope, that he's in the mood for a good "conversation". Nope, not at all.😉


Btw, am I imagining things, or did you modify the body/skin of the ladies again? 


p.s. I hope, the reason for the 2-weeks-break is a vacation or something like that. If so: Have fun.

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Galachad is with the fleet. 


I haven't messed with the ladies (I mean except for Roheisa's hair and eye color).  But I do have the mod that focuses on them close up when talking. 


Also nope. Not a vacation. Naval reserves duty. 


Crazy, 10000 views. Feels like I should makd a speech or something. It doesn't feel like 80 entries. Or about 50 entries since "I guess I am the Dragonborn."  I've wondered whether I should change the name of the blog.

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 Must have been my imagination then.


Also: Reserve duty. Something, that I never had to deal with after I left the military. Fingers crossed, that your "duty-time" goes smoothly.👍


Nah, I don't think big speeches are needed. We can call this entry the (un)official "10000-blog-views"-video and move on. Towards the next 10000. It certainly fits the "spirit" of D.'s story, so why not? 😁


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In-line with my graphical updates, I added CBPC Anal Collisions, which is pretty new here on LL.  (Been using Faster-SMP, which, you can use them at the same time, just for different body parts/clothing items).  I went in, tested it out (troubleshooting).  Destana, tested with rando Imperial guard.  Unfortunately (I guess fortunately for him) he rolled the dice well and has a HUGE tool, and out of the box the mod has belly collision too, so I was getting hentai-esque belly bulge.  But I turned the max down for that and now everything's good.  Also tested it with Roheisa, to see if her hair and scarf still have physics, and it works.  The collision is very 'immersive.' 

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Well as Destana stated herself, she isn't the type for big speeches and I guess Ulfric is currently a bit indisposed, so no speech required I guess. ^^
Video seems unwilling at the moment, so I will check it out later today.

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Weird question, but what is the point of HIMBO?  Is it just customization?  The vanilla body looks pretty good, but I guess everybody's just the same

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I guess customization plays a role. I'm using Autobody to assign various body types to NPC's automatically, really helps diversify things. That's not possible with the vanilla bodies (AFAIK).
Of course it could also be about gender equality. Skyrim girls got improved bods available, so gents stand to get some as well, no? 😛


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One thing I'm worried about autobody is - can you exclude people from it?  


I'm worried it'll autobody my Proteus NPCs. 

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9 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

One thing I'm worried about autobody is - can you exclude people from it?  


I'm worried it'll autobody my Proteus NPCs. 

Yes you can, for example my current morphs.ini (still in it's infancy, I plan to get much more detailed in the long run), looks like this:

ALL|Female|ElderRace=- Zeroed Sliders -
All|Female|YW_BuxomWenchesFollowers=- Zeroed Sliders -
Skyrim.esm|1347B=- Zeroed Sliders -
Skyrim.esm|13B99=- Zeroed Sliders -
Skyrim.esm|A2C8E=- Zeroed Sliders -
Skyrim.esm|C19A3=- Zeroed Sliders -
Skyrim.esm|1A696=- Zeroed Sliders -

Those are the NPC's that will not get a body assigned by Autobody, so aside from the elderly and Buxomwenches it's Carlotta, Camilla, Lydia, Sapphire and Aela. To be extended as mentioned. Those NPC's retain the body defined in either Vanilla or whatever overhaul mod you might have installed.
That jBS2BG tool recommended and explained on the Autobody page is really nifty. Pretty easy to get the (basic) hang on and very powerful.
Two things I would recommend is to go over the bodymorphs you've installed and perhaps remove some. You can also remove them from being used in jBS2BG but it's easier if you can see them in Bodylisdes preview IMO. The other thing I would recommend is to set the bWeightOptions in the Autobody config to 0 (i.e. use the weight defined for the actor). I find that usual more appropriate than the preconfigured 1 (assign a random bodyweight). Matter of taste of course but if you got used to say a rather slim Isolda and all of a sudden she is the straight opposite, it can be a bit jarring. ;)

Of course rather the just saying do not assign any body preset, you could also assign a specific body preset in this ini file.


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Yeah I might stay away from autobody while I'm doing the big collabs.  Because as I'm logging in to several different characters the NPCs are going to look very different.  


Then again, I don't know the next time I'll do a big war or whatever.  This might be my last for a good while.

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