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Introduction, my backstory ramblings. (And my mods for this playthrough).



Hey, it's me, Destana.  Not sure where to begin.  So I'll just dive in.


I was born out of a Civil War, but not the one you think.  Everybody knows about the Great War and the White-Gold Concordat.  Elvish bastards.  I am *technically* a worshipper of Satakal, but he is eerily similar to Alduin.  I'm not down with him destroying the world.  On the other hand, Talos is my boy.  Now THAT's something to aspire to.  A man that became a god.  Another reason to stronkly dislike the Aldmeri Dominion.


Not a lot of people know that Hammerfell rejected the White-Gold, left the Empire, and continued fighting the Aldmeri for another five years, and they left because they lost.  Then there was a civil war in Hammerfell.  These things were happening right around when I was born.  I think... 4E 182?  One thing to know about me is I don't like the Aldmeri, much like the Nords.  Talos notwithstanding, they ravaged my homeland.  And I usually take any chance to undermine them whenever possible.  My father died in the Aldmeri conflict and my mother was left destitute, so I was left to fend for myself while she spent all her time making ends meet. 


I sailed for a little while.  Redguards are known for their sailors, though I was never really much good at it.  But I can cook!  And the boys liked me.  Eventually (when I was about 19) because of pirates the Captain's business went belly up.  We had one last job, ending up in Skyrim, and I had no money and way to get back.  In fact, our last job had us shipwreck off the coast in northern Skyrim so the captain could collect insurance money.  *sigh* ahhh fraud.  Delicious.  One of the members of the crew said that I, being small and kinda mousey, should go check out Riften and talk to Brynjolf about being a professional thief.  


"Well, I used to pick pockets in Gilane in Southern Hammerfell.  Sure, why not?" 


Hopped a carriage and there I was.  


Game story:


Using Alternate Start, I tried using the shipwrecked start.  Something went wrong and I was stuck inside the boat with no way to get out.  Me, not yet knowing console commands very well, didn't use the tcl code to get out of there and just started a new game, picking the 'join the thieves guild' option.


My mods:

I didn't start out with every mod enabled, and some mods I add later as the playthrough goes on.  As you can see this is a NSFW playthrough, but it also encompasses regular gameplay overhauls for a more complete package (combat, thievery, LOTS of spells).  My main thought was to do a normal playthrough and the many new quest mods I've missed over the last 9 years with the option of having sex with anything and everything.


Add Item Menu
All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently
Alternate Start
Amorous Adventures + Player Dialogue Rewritten
A Matter of Time
Ancient Blood Magic 
Animation Crash Limit Fix
Apocalypse + Compat for Ordinator

Arcanum Magic
Become a Bard (Later replaced with Bards Reborn, which causes issues)
Better Dialogue Controls
Better Telekinesis
Better Dark Brotherhood 
Beyond Reach
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma  + Moonpath Patch (Because another mod overwrote the location for the wagon)
Bijin Bodyslides
Choose your own Archmage
Creature Framework
Cutting Room Floor + Voices
Deadly Dragons (Activated after Alduin is defeated and ramped up.  Dragons are vying for kingship)
Demoniac HQ Female Body Texture
Devious Devices
Disable Follower Collision (Installed when I have 4 followers)
Dragon Age Spells
Faction - Pit FIghter
Fertility Mode+ and Fertility Adventures
FNIS + Data
Folkstead and the Border of Hammerfell
Forgotten City
FusRoDoor (Which I haven't been able to get to work to this day)
Fuz Ro Doh
Growl Werebeasts
Haafstead and the Border of High Rock
Hearthfire Children Grow Up

Helgen Reborn
Immersive Citizens

Immersive Creatures
Immersive Speechcraft
Immersive Wenches
Immersive World Encounters
Improved College Entry
Individual Shout Cooldowns
Kimonos and Blades Armor
KS Hairdos + Wigs
Left Hand Rings (I have never actually seen any in-game, maybe I'm doing it wrong?)

Maximum Carnage
MCM Helper
Moon and Star
Moonpath to Elsweyr + Unofficial Patch
More Nasty Critters
Multiple Followers Framework
No More Letters of Inheritance (Started when I was in the DB and I started getting Letters every mission)
Nyhus and the Border of Cyrodiil
Obscure's College of WInterhold
Ordinator +50% More Perk Points (Because it adds the ability to do more things and not just specialize)
Organic Factions + Organic Factions Extension + Advanced AI Framework
Papyrus + Extender
Phendrix Magic World
Prison Overhaul Plus
Positive Undressed Reactions
Quality World Map
Refined Volkihars
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
Retimed Hit Frames
Rich Skyrim Merchants (Added during TG questline, when I had so much loot I had to start throwing it away)
RSSE Children Overhaul
Runescape Alchemy
Sanguine's Debauchery
Serana Dialogue Addon + AA Patch
SexLab  (I did some experimentation on just what worked with my load, and SLSO seemed to mess everything up, among others)
SL Advanced Cum Stages
SL Animation Loader
SL Aroused
SL Body Search + Voice
SL Confabulation + Voice
SL Dangerous Nights 2 
SL Defeat
SL Deadly Drain (This broke iNeed and/or Sancrosanct, so I tried it then disabled it when I got to the DG portion)
SL Dialogues
SL Eager NPCs
SL Lightmeup

SL Random Sex
SL Solutions + Voice
Simple Obvious Spellcrafting
Simple Slavery PlusPlus
Simply Climb
Simply Knock
Skald's Mail (Added when I noticed all the couriers weren't bringing anything, but this works better)
Skooma Whore
Skyrim Borders Disabled (I know I could've done this manually, but I'm lazy)
SKSE, Address Library
SlaveTats + Magic Manager
Sneak Tools
Spectator Crowds

Spell Perk Item Distributor
Summermist Enchantments
The Brotherhood of Old (Which actually complements Better Brotherhood and doesn't conflict)
The Eloquent Reader
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
Thieves Guild Bounty Clearer + Audio Remaster
Thieves Guild Redone
TK Hitstop
True Directional Movement
UI Extensions
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Follower Overhaul
Unlimited Sprinting
UNP Blessed Body + Female Body Renewal + Vanilla Outfits
UNP Clothing Merchants (Added Later, because there's not enough clothing)

Unslaad + Patch + English Voices
Useful Alteration
Viewable Faction Ranks
XP32 Skeleton
ZAZ Animations

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I forgot a mod in the list.


Recommended Comments

For future reference, 'Skyrim unbound' is probably a better choice than 'life another life' for a not the dragonborn playthrough. It bypasses the first steps of the mainquest, and allows you to set yourself to not be dragonborn.

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I may be giving away future information here, but part of the idea I'm going to be exploring later is I intentionally put off doing the main quest until very late because Destana doesn't buy into the 'Dragonborn crap,' but finally drawn to it because of the power of the shouts.  


Edit:  Reluctant 'hero,' it comes to fruition in Entry 14.

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