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Entry 68: Double Princess'ed



Hey, this is Runa.  Recently I got some new weapons and fought Molag Bal with Boethiah's help.  Morag Sethius was killed in the blast and we (Calleius, Jura and I) made our way back to Quintus' camp, meeting up with Rigmor, Sethri, Quintus and Camaeus.  Sorella and Casius left with his crew and I was surprised to find Chancellor Blackwell, waiting for us, ready to discuss terms.




Rigmor and I sat at the table.  I said, "You took a risk coming here, Blackwell."

"I have no choice," Blackwell said, "I am caught between a rock and a hard place.  The Emperor needs me now more than ever, now that Morag has been destroyed."

"He's not my Emperor," Rigmor said.

"But he is 'the' Emperor, Countess.  And as long as there is breath in his lungs, I am sworn to protect him."

She sighed, "Call me Rigmor."

"I have a proposition for you.  The demise of Morag changes things, putting the Emperor in a very vulnerable position.  Not only from your army, but Leyawiin.  I want to strike a peace deal, or come to an understanding that allows the Emperor to remain on the seat of sundered kings," Blackwell said.

"Why's he in danger from Leyawiin?" Rigmor asked, "Aren't they buddies?"

"He was always in the most danger from Leyawiin.  Haven't you been studying?  There's going to be a quiz later," I said.

"Ah, geez," Rigmor said.


"Leyawiin has the ear of Cheydinhal and Chorrol.  Even the Count of Bravil is on the fence and may be swayed.  But I fear in defeating you, Leyawiin will descend upon the palace and take all.  If that were to happen, we'd all come to our grisly end," Blackwell explained, "Morag's original plan was to seize Bruma and balance the power against Leyawiin.  Robere's plan to marry you was a brilliant masterstroke to bring Bruma over to the Leyawiin camp.  Now the other counties seek a deal with Leyawiin to destroy you and their payment for backing him is Bruma.  And in the future, probably Kvatch, who has remained neutral."


"Right back where we started," I said, "I want to level with you, Blackwell.  I came to Cyrodiil to talk about peace with Skyrim.  I now see Cyrodiil can't even make peace with itself.  How could they possibly expect to re-create the Cyrodillic Empire?"

"You are, perhaps, correct.  We haven't had the manpower to muster a retaliatory strike against Skyrim to take it back, and now I hear you defeated the Thalmor.  Of course, part of that move might've been our forcing the Thalmor from our borders in a similar time frame."

"If so, thanks for that.  But I think they were using teleportation to move their armies to the borders, then chronomancy to assault our towns.  We've seen the worst of their might up there.  They probably thought they had you beaten and they'd move in for High Rock and then pincer Hammerfell before moving to the East."


"In any case," Blackwell continued, "You'll hear nothing of alliances if the Imperial City is burned to the ground."

"Alright.  Continue," I said.

"Bravil is reluctant and the weakest link.  Chorrol will only commit if he thinks there's a chance to defeat your army.  Cheydinhal has reinforced Leyawiin at the siege of Bruma," Blackwell turned to Rigmor, "Already your garrison has been forced back inside the walls.  It's only a matter of time."

"What's your proposition?" Rigmor asked.

"Marry Robere de Medalius," Blackwell said.

"No way!" Rigmor said.


"Here is our plan.  Allow Leyawiin the power he desires without a fight.  It frees Robere, and with Bruma, Leyawiin will no longer need to split his winnings with Chorrol and Cheydinhal.  They'll return home.  With Bruma and Leyawiin in an alliance he'll make his play for the Imperial Throne.  We will deal with the Count of Leyawiin, and Bruma will be exonerated of any accusations.  Quintus will likewise be pardoned.  If this all goes through, the Emperor has promised to offer you the position of Countess of Leyawiin, Runa."

"I don't know..." Rigmor said.

"This sounds fishy.  I figure Bobby would suspect something if his dad was killed," I folded my arms, "I have another solution."

"What's that?" Blackwell asked.

"I'm tired of all this maneuvering.  We're going to defeat Leyawiin in battle.  And anyone else that gets in our way."


"That'd be a roll of the dice," Blackwell said.

"Would you stand in the way of the Gods and Destiny and Prophecy?" I smirked.

"Who are we to interpret the will of the gods?" Blackwell replied, "As you know, my loyalty is to the seat of the Empire.  Whatever will be, will be."

Rigmor stood, "I say screw the gods, and the prophecy."

She walked out.


"You know what's a better way of picking rulers?  The ability of a person to rule.  Not some god telling you you're destined, or some lady giving you a sword from a lake or whatever.  Skyrim is more a rule-by-the-strongest, but we're on our way, I think," I shrugged at Blackwell, "But, concerning this deal, I guess we'll get back to you."

"I want the Leyawiins out of the picture.  Sethius, for all his failings, isn't a bad Emperor.  He's brought stability and prosperity to Cyrodiil," Blackwell stood to leave.

"One thing.  You guys should stop thinking of this as the Empire.  It's not coming back.  Gods be damned," I stood as well.

Blackwell sighed and shook his head, "We'll see what strings the gods pull.  You know, I like you and Rigmor.  From what my spies tell me, you're one of the strongest warriors in Skyrim... and one of the best assassins.  And Rigmor was given her seat by Titus Mede II himself.  You have my word that no harm shall befall her, come what may."


He walked out.  I thought about the options presented, but I had already made my decision.  I walked out of the tent to find the whole command group waiting for me.




They waited for Blackwell to round the corner, then Quintus said, "What did he want?"

"Give me a minute.  Going to talk to Rigmor about it," I said.


I walked into Rigmor's tent.

"You should never show your enemy how you feel," I said.

"Sorry.  I'm bad at this.  So what now?" She asked.

"This is a lot more messy.  I wish he hadn't come.  It was simpler to just kill everyone," I said.

"Yeah, I'd prefer to be done with this," Rigmor said.

"Done with what?  You being the cHoSeN quEeN?"

She pushed me, "Stop it."

"Well, what do you want to do?" I asked, "This is your life."


"Do you trust Blackwell?" She asked.

"I do.  He's just on the wrong side, doing his job," I said.

"I don't think I could even look at Bobby again," she said.

"That's fair," I nodded, "Me neither.  And I wasn't nearly as betrayed as you were!"

"You decide.  I'll go along," Rigmor said.

"Kill em' all, let the divines sort 'em out," I smiled.

"I'm going to sleep a little.  We stayed up all night," Rigmor said.  


I returned to Quintus.

"So what did he want?" 

I explained the situation.

Quintus said, "Well, if Chorrol has joined him, that leaves us exposed if we take the Gold Road."

They talked for a few minutes about possibilities, during which Camaeus said, "If I may, the Elder Council's signature on the decree allows me sanctioned use of my forces within Cyrodiil."

"How do we know this isn't just a way to have a large Thalmor army in Cyrodiil when the chips fall and all the noble houses are low on men and tired?" I asked.

"For now, you don't have a lot of options," Camaeus said, "Did you say Yngol's men were forced back into Bruma?"

I sighed, "Yes..."

They spoke for a few more minutes, Jura and then Rigmor walking in and adding their two cents.  It sounded like it was going to be a long campaign, with us taking Fort Ash with a small strike force, waiting for Leyawiin to move, then Yngol and Bruma beating down Cheydinhal's forces and drive our way to the Imperial City.

"Let's go!" Rigmor cheered as we all stood up.  She looked at me as I turned toward her, "Runa, are you okay?  You don't look so good."

"I'm... fine..." I said, then I collapsed onto the rug at my feet.


Usually not sleeping doesn't lay me out.


A few minutes later, my vision dark, I heard them talking.  Sethri said, "Looks like the Living Death."

"But she took some of the potion," Rigmor said.

"Looks like it isn't strong enough for the 'kiss of death' from a broodmother," Sethri said.

"What do we do?" Rigmor asked.

"Give her more, carry her with us.  Nothing more we can do out here," Sethri said.

"Please... don't die..." Rigmor said, and all my senses went numb.




I awoke in a blank, dark room, casting a light spell as I stood.  It didn't help.  Just white stone.

I moved forward through the door before me, finding a broken bridge over an infinite-depth chasm.

This is one of those times I wished I had the Whirlwind Sprint shout.  Or I could fly. 




Luckily I can jump good.  I took a few steps back and leaped, barely making it across. 

There was a cage with a child on the other platform.  I picked the lock, and the door swung open.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"You came.  This way, dark to light.  Follow me," she said.

We walked around a corner, then onto a platform with another long bridge.


"What's happening?" I asked.

"She sent me because you're dying.  She wants to see you," the child said.


"Al-Esh.  You are between the dark and the light.  Akatosh brought you here," she said, "Your friends need you."

We stopped on another platform before more bridge and the child said, "Cross the void.  Head towards the light.  They will be waiting for you.  Do not vary from the path.  I must go now."

I pat her on the head and she smiled, fading away.  Then I continued on the bridge until it ended, finding a dark void and clouds in the distance.  I took a meek step forward and found I could walk in the darkness.




When I reached the clouds, I could continue walking on the clouds.  Great mountains were below me in the distance, and a purple spiraling sky above.  I felt, like this was a place of comfort.  I could feel in my heart... this was Sovngarde, but I'd been brought here in an unusual way.  My mother described it as being a great wilderness and a mead hall where heroes of old feasted (and fucked) forever, and I was sure that's what I was looking down on.


I continued walking as I thought, finally coming to a shining lady, surrounded by children.

"Alessia," I said, remembering her form from the cabin, "So I'm dead, then?"




"Hello, Dragonchild.  Don’t worry.  I’m right here," Alessia said.

"How does everybody know I'm the Dragonborn's adopted daughter?" I asked.

"That... is not why I called you that," she replied.  She stepped forward as I walked to her, then she said, "It's not your time yet.  Lord Akatosh will send you back."

"But... I have so many questions," I said, "Like..."

I looked over to the ghost children surrounding her, then I whispered to her, "Am I going to have this giant thing in my pants forever?"

But she touched my shoulder and everything went black.  I swear I could see her pursing her lips as she did.


"Runa!  Wake up!" Rigmor shouted, "We need you!"

I shook the dust off my consciousness, standing up from a hay bedroll, and found myself in the pouring rain, surrounded by Rigmor and other friends.

"We took Fort Ash, joined up with Yngol at Fort Empire.  Quintus is holding Leyawiin down at Fort Nikel.  Camaeus is holding Chorrol at Fort Ash.  Bravil abstained.  They say some old court wizard told them they should stay out of this.  And you'll ever guess what happened at Bruma!"

"What?" I asked, still coming to my senses.

"An airship just showed up and started blasting the people at the siege.  Like, a ship, flying in the air!  I didn't know such things existed.  They were too high up for the New Imperial Troops to retaliate and forced them to retreat.  Then a larger force from Skyrim led by General Sialius joined."


"I bet this is my mom's doing.  But who the heck has an airship?" I asked.

"I don't know them, but they say they know you," Rigmor replied.  Then she hugged me, "I thought you weren't going to make it."

"Alright.  Where are we?  What's going on?" I asked.

"If we take the farmhouse ahead, we have the middle ground.  Then it's a straight shot into the heights, then the Imperial City," Rigmor replied.


The fighter's guild members with Calleius were fending off the few New Imperial Troops who dared approach where we'd boxed in.  

Calleius hugged me after killing the one he'd been fighting, and I grabbed his butt.  He jumped.




Jura yelled, "Glad you're up!  Ready for some combat!?"

I cracked my neck and took out my sword, "Game on!"


We ran forward to find Yngol and his men, getting ready for the charge.  The rain sprayed, drowning out the clamor of men in the distance.  Catapults and trebuchets were firing, hoping to find some purchase in our makeshift base.

"She's up!" Jura yelled.

"Good!  Jura's a bit too slow for a useful point man!" Yngol chuckled.

Jura jabbed him, laughing back.

"Men!  It's time to show these New Imperials how the Nords fight.  Onward, to victory!" Yngol yelled, and we charged forward.

The first base was just a fortified wall with archers set up by a windmill. 




As the two forces clashed, I did what I usually do, and threw an Unrelenting Force at the archers to knock them off-balance.  Then I ran up around the wall and started laying into the archers and backline.  Rigmor and Calleius joined me.  This time the enemy was ready for this tactic, because a large group of New Imperials engaged us as I rounded the wall.  


We fended them off for a minute before our forces entered the main gate (a small opening in a small wall) and rammed into the backs of the remaining New Imperial troops.  And as if the gods smiled on us, the rains vanished as we fought them off.  




We kept pushing to a catapult, and I threw down heals as the men engaged.  




I even killed the leader of the catapult team myself.  




As we finished them off, Rigmor said, "The farm is ours.  We need to push on and take the heights."


Runa and Co, Pushing for the Imperial City


We streamed to the heights, fighting our way up a road and past an over-turned carriage.  As we reached the hills, I aimed to use the same tactic as before, taking down the archers.  I ran in through one of the huge openings near the back of the wall while the men fought the enemy.  I found one guard rushing at me, but I shot a "FUS!" At him and continued straight for the arrow boys.  This time another group of New Imperial Troops engaged me, but I was alone. 

But I felt powerful.  My blade, though large, seemed to dance and block their blows, moving and striking faster than I thought possible.  I spun and struck them, dodging out of the way of what might hurt me.  Heck, even when they did hit me, my armor threw their blades aside.  Was this some kind of battle lust?  They finally managed to put a dent in me and I just healed myself, hands-free.

"Runa!" A soldier yelled as the troops joined me, "You're like a demon up here, fighting them all by yourself!"


Bonus 68l.jpg


When we had the heights, Jura shouted, "We have the momentum, now push on to the bridge!"

And we charged north toward the Imperial City.  We got back on the road, our dwindling forces colliding with their now scattered troops.

I moved around, throwing heals and killing.  At one point, I was faced with five NI Troops, but I felt a sudden burst of speed, my massive blade cleaving through them faster than any of them could see.


"Sithis?  Happy with me to fill the void?  Akatosh?  Wanting me to fulfill destiny?  I don't care which!" I shouted.


Runa and Co, Pushing for the Imperial City Pt 2


We pushed for the bridge, only our command group and a few soldiers left.  As a group of NI legionnaires turned a corner, I shouted to Yngol, "Now's a good time for some reserves!"

Our small, motley group fought them off, with some trouble.


"We hold the bridge," I said, "What now?"

"We're going to enter the Imperial City," Jura said, grabbing mine and Rigmor's shoulders, "Quick, before they regroup."


We three ran into the city.




None of the Praetorian guard stopped us as we ran all the way to the palace.  At the door, Rigmor said, "Runa, wait."

I turned to her.

"Before we go in, what do I say to them?"

"You can leave the talking to me," I said.

"Well I'm certainly not going to marry that asshole Robere, so check that off the list.  The best he can hope for is his freedom," Rigmor said.

"We've got the upper hand," Jura said, "Relax."

"Something I didn't think about," Rigmor continued, "What if they want me to marry the Emperor, to cement his throne?"

"No deal," I said.

"They'll stoop to the lowest of the low just to get power.  That's what really pisses me off.  The power doesn't belong to them.  It belongs to the citizens," Rigmor said.

"Well said," I commented.

About this time, Calleius joined us, "By your leave, I will help protect you."

"Good.  We were waiting for you," I smiled at him.  He knew I was joking.


We walked inside.


Rigmor and I stepped to the top of the stairs in the entryway, and still, the praetorian guard stayed their weapons.

I wasn't sure what was going on.

"You fools have allowed them all the way to the audience chamber?  Men!  Kill these traitors!" Sethius stood from the throne.

He started to walk down the stairs.

"Blackwell!  Order the men to kill these traitors!"

"Hold your swords," Blackwell said flatly.

"I am your Emperor!" Sethius shouted at Blackwell as they met eye to eye.  Blackwell made no motion to comply.

Sethius turned to one of the nearby men, voice getting frantic now, "You!  I demand you kill them, you... you must obey me!"


He continued, "You will cut them down this instant!  You!  Cut them down!  Cut them down I say...!"

Sethius slowly walked toward us on the stairs, look of hopelessness in his eyes.  I smirked at Blackwell, who returned a rare smile.  These men knew everything.  They'd been killing children.  They'd been giving humans as food for the Akaviri.  The few amongst them who had to see it firsthand had had their fill and were done with this dynasty.


"Then... I am undone," Sethius still walked toward us, slowly, "I-I-It wasn't me... I am innocent.  It was her... Morag... she murdered the children, not me!"

He took a step up the stairs, "You can keep the crown... here, here, take it."

He took another step, "Please... quarter... quarter... mercy."


Rigmor's face filled with dread, and she bent over to puke on the pillar to her left.  I looked back at Jura and Calleius, like, 'Is this guy serious?'


When I turned back, Sethius was nearly upon me with a dagger.

Jura, fast as a ram drew his sword, "You can't win this!"

I could feel the fatigue of the long string of battles and the Living Death get to me as I put my hand on my sword.  Taking it out was like slow motion as Sethius slashed me across the chest.

"You're taken your last breath!" Jura yelled, stabbing Sethius in the side.  Still, Sethius tried to slash at me frantically.  

Calleius stepped in front of the blows meant for me, slashing at Sethius' hands to try and disarm him.

I finally had my big honking sword out, and I blocked a slash from him.

Then Jura came from his side again, dealing the final blow.  Sethius slumped to the ground, dead.


I put away my sword, casting a heal on the men and myself.  

"It's done then," Jura said as they sheathed their swords.  

I rushed over to Rigmor, put my hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

She took a deep breath and whispered, "I'm okay."


"The Emperor is dead!" Blackwell shouted, "Long live the Empress!"

The praetorian guard shouted, cheering in unison.


Runa and Rigmor Reach the Audience Chamber


"Wait!  Wait wait wait!" I shouted.

"What is it?" Blackwell asked.

"I didn't do anything here.  I was too slow getting my sword out.  My grandfather, general Jura dealt the killing blow," I explained.


Blackwell turned to Jura, "You know the rule.  Just as Titus Mede and Tiber Septim before you, whom so ever takes off the head that wears the crown, reigns supreme.  Take your rightful place upon the Ruby Throne of Sundered Kings!"


Jura smiling triumphantly, but saying nothing, walked up the steps and sat on the throne.  Rigmor and I followed, she sitting at the throne on his left, and me standing between them.

"Tyroni Calleius, get your ass up here!" Jura said, "Ever wanted to be an Emperor's personal guard?"




The crowd of guards went wild.  So many of them had seen him in battle, or had heard of him from the Great War, or knew who he was by reputation.  There was much cheering, and Jura dismissed the guards after a few minutes.

"Emperor Jura.  Like the sound of that," Jura smiled at me, "So this means, since I'm your grandfather, you're Princess of two nations now.  And Rigmor.  Since you have the rightful claim to the throne, you're also a Princess here."

He turned to Blackwell, "I can do that right?"

"Technically, you can do whatever you want.  Make a decree, highness," Chancellor Blackwell said.

"Alright," Jura cracked his knuckles, "By Imperial Decree, Blackwell, you're to remain the High Chancellor.  Rigmor, you're a Cyrodiilic Princess.  Runa, you're a Cyrodiilic Princess.  Et cetera."


A day or so passed with us staying at the Imperial Palace.  The Counts and Countesses of Cyrodiil coming in to grovel and swear their allegiance.  Blackwell informed us that he'd had the traitorous Counts of Leyawiin, Cheydinhal and Chorrol 'taken care of,' which annoyed Jura.  

"Don't do that without my permission," he commanded.  Then he looked at me, still talking to Blackwell, "And don't kill any more Dark Brotherhood."

Jura went on to reorganize the Imperial Legions and pardon Quintus, and finally General Sialius came to see what had happened with the invasion.

"Oh my gods," Sialius said as he approached the Emperor's dais, "Holy shit."

"General," Blackwell said.

"Oh, I mean, your most grand imperial majesty," Sialius bowed.

"Cut the crap Sialius," Jura chuckled, "Do you want to return to Cyrodiil?"


"Before you answer, keep in mind I won't take it as an insult if you don't," Jura said.

"I think... I'd prefer to stay in Skyrim, crazy as that may sound.  A lot of my men have set down roots there.  And we generally like the wildness of it."

"I know what you mean, Sialius.  Fine.  You can stay in Skyrim.  And you can have free passage to move between the two nations," Jura said.

"Thank you," General Sialius bowed.


Later that day, Yngol visited, and he had much the same reaction.

"Well I'll be a son of a bitch," Yngol said as he entered.

"Oh, hello, Jarl, didn't see you there," Jura laughed out loud, acting like his friends being a Jarl was old news and small potatoes.

"You old dog," Yngol said finally.

"Hey, Yngol, who should I make the new Count of Leyawiin?" Jura asked.

He shrugged, "I think Casius Veron would be good."

Blackwell chimed in, "Excellent choice.  His naval expertise would suit the county, and protect the Niben Bay.  Especially as the disbanded bandit army has gone to ground in the border regions."

"Sounds good," Jura said.

"Sethius did have one bright idea," I said, "I say we should offer the bandits their jobs back.  We're going to need them."

"For what?" Blackwell asked.

"The whole point of me coming here was to ally against the Thalmor.  There's an enemy everyone in Cyrodiil can get behind," I said.

"So I'm guessing I should answer no to the letter from the Thalmor asking if we will reinstate the White-Gold Concordat?" Blackwell asked.

"Fat chance," I said, "Skyrim fought an entire war over that."

Jura nodded, "Blackwell, I want you to send out couriers and invite the bandit legion back.  Tell them they'll be pardoned if they want to fight for us.  Give them the details."

"Of course, your majesty," Blackwell said.


During another break, Jura said, "Blackwell, please take a letter."




"What should the letter say?" Blackwell said, producing a pen and a scroll from his pockets.

"To the King of Sentinel.  You can take my job and shove... actually, just tell them I'm tendering my resignation, and give them the details of my new office."

"Indeed.  I will also take the liberty of sending correspondence to the other Royal Houses in Tamriel.  They'll be invited to the coronation.  I suggest the three of you take new surnames, as well."

"What do you mean?" Rigmor asked.

"Princess Rigmor, you should take the name of the House of Mede.  Princess Runa, perhaps Stormcloak?" 

"Meh, I dunno," I said.

"Think on it," Blackwell said, "Only a suggestion.  Your majesty, do you have a surname?  Perhaps you can give yourself a title.  Similar to but better than Thules the Gibbering."

"How about Jura the Foxy Grandpa?" He smirked.

"Think on it," Blackwell said, but I could see him starting to smirk, "Majesty, tell me if I'm overstepping my bounds."

"Oh, no," Jura said, "You're doing a hell of a job.  Hopefully you keep doing this job long after I'm gone.  I want you to fill me in on all the things Ariel Sethius and Titus Mede II did right.  You have a lot of experience and I'm going to be the best damn Emperor you've ever seen."

For once, Blackwell smiled really big.  To have an Emperor that listened to his advice, he knew it was going to be a good dynasty.


Rigmor sighed, "I think I want to go home to Bruma."

"Indeed, Lady Rigmor, take this opportunity to relax as best you can.  Of course, return home.  But soon, you will need to adapt and come to terms with your new situation," Blackwell said.

Rigmor sighed even louder, "I put up with this crap from Malesam.  Not you too!"

"There's something big we need to get out in the open," I looked at Rigmor, and she immediately knew what I was talking about.

"What is that, your highness?" Blackwell asked.


"Well, according to the prophecy, and a lot of gods, aedra or whatever, she is supposedly pregnant with my child," I said.

Blackwell raised his eyebrow, "If this is indeed possible, through some form of immaculate conception, then I suggest you two get married."

Rigmor grimaced, looking at my reaction.

"To be honest, I was prepared for that answer," I said.

"If you find that arrangement to be impossible for whatever reason, there are alternative ways to proceed," he said, "A partnership ceremony for the child's sake, it would not be binding and you could both live separate lives."


I shrugged, "We'll have to get back to you."


"In the mean time, when you get to Bruma, please appoint a lady-in-waiting and send her here to the palace to arrange the new royal suite," Blackwell said, then he turned to me, "Before I forget, have you decided the fate of Ser Robere?"

I blew the breath out of my lungs, "Well, I'm probably gonna kill the slimy bastard, but I haven't done it yet. 

"Then I leave his fate up to you.  If you will permit me, I have matters to attend to.  I shall send word if you are needed," Blackwell said, then he walked out.


"Would you mind escorting me to Bruma, Runa?" Rigmor asked.

"Of course, Princess," I smiled.

"After you, Princess," she smiled back.

I walked over to Calleius and kissed him one more time before I left, "This isn't goodbye.  I swear we'll see each other again."

"Count on it," Calleius said. 

We walked out the main gates and found Shadowmere waiting for us, riding to Bruma at breakneck speed.




When we reached the gates, Rigmor said, "So what are we gong to tell my mom?  I'm pregnant, which defies logic."

"Did you actually test?" I asked.

"Yep.  The test tasted sweet.  I'm definitely pregnant," Rigmor replied.

"I guess the truth?" I shrugged.

"Ok, leave mom to me.  I'll tell her," Rigmor said.

We passed through the gates and found that airship, hanging in the air above Bruma Keep.




We walked into the keep, finding Sigunn, Freathof, Malesam and Cerys in the meeting room.

"Rigmor!" Sigunn shouted, and they hugged.


"Aaaahhh..." Malesam started with his customary noises, "Yngol informed us of Leyawiin's defeat.  There seems to be some confusion of the outcome of the war."

"The Emperor requested parley.  He attacked Runa," Rigmor said.

"Gods, what happened?" Sigunn asked.

"I take it things didn't end well for him," Malesam said.

"Jura stepped up and killed him.  And you know what they say - he who takes off the head who wears the crown reigns supreme.  Jura's the emperor now," I explained, "By the way, whose airship?  Rigmor said they know me?"


Malesam replied, "Delegation from Skyrim awaits you on the airship.  The pilot claims to be your brother."

"Wow.  We have a fucking airship now," I pursed my lips, "Fenrir or Damien?"

"Oh, your highness, I believe both are aboard, and several others," Malesam replied.




"Princess Runa, Princess Rigmor," Freathof nodded.

"This is quite a shock," Malesam said.

"You got that right," Rigmor said, "Blackwell suggested we change our surnames."

"What do you mean, child?" Freathof asked.

"Rigmor Mede," Rigmor replied.

"Might I make a small suggestion?" Malesam asked, "As you know, Cerys and myself have always worked tirelessly to protect and serve the descendants of Morgan of Winterhold.  You could respect her memory by assuming the name of Rigmor Morgan-Mede.  Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"


"Y'know, I really like that," Rigmor smiled.  Then the smile drained from her face as she remembered the other news, "Mom, I need to talk to you.  In private."

"What is it dear?  Is something wrong?" Sigunn asked, then she complied, going with Rigmor to their bedchambers.

The others turned to me.  Malesam asked, "What happened majesty?  And what about Morag?"

"We defeated Morag at Table Mountain.  She summoned Molag Bal.  We summoned Boethiah."

"Who would ever conceive of such an epic event?" Malesam mused.


"Did you by chance pick up a red diamond?" Freathof asked.

"Red?  No..." I replied.

"Apparently the destruction of the Bridge of Sighs would ultimately cause it to collapse in on itself," Malesam explained, "Didn't Sethri tell you about what would occur if the soul gem reached it's zenith?"


"If the soul gem were allowed to reach its zenith, destroying itself, it would have caused a rift, created a black diamond.  If an amulet of kings made with it would have been able to reverse the sacrifice of Martin Septim, allowing daedra to interfere much more directly once again in mortal affairs," Malesam explained.

"Whew.  Dodged that arrow," I said.

"But since it was stopped, it should've produced a red diamond," Freathof said, "No telling what it could be used for."


"Well, time to tell you what Rigmor is talking to Sigunn about," I sighed, deciding to just blurt it out without preparing them, "Rigmor might be with child.  My child."

Malesam's brows furrowed, "But you're a woman... correct?  How is that possible?"

I raspberried my lips, "Well, the gods gave me an extra 'blessing,' I guess.  They were very intent on us having a child.  Though I have no idea why I'm so special.  Please, don't ask any more questions."

"Majesty...?  By the gods!" Freathof returned a face of confusion.

"I'm going to ask Sigunn for her blessing, probably going to marry her.  Or have some kind of ceremony," I said.


"No one need know lady Rigmor is pregnant," Freathof said.

"Not that anybody would believe this," I chuckled.  Neither one of them were amused.


Rigmor walked into the room as Cerys was walking out.

"Runa, I'm going to collect my thoughts at the cathedral," she said dejectedly, "Maybe find some solace."

Malesam turned to me when she'd walked out, "For now, it'd be best to speak with Sigunn."


I walked to her room to find her sitting across from Cerys, who said, "I'll leave you two alone and wait in the hallway."





"So did Rigmor tell you?" I asked, sitting across from her.

"Yes, though I don't quite understand it.  I've only ever wanted what was best for her, and because of you, we can all live, normal, happy lives."

"I guess, I've come to ask for your blessing," I said, "For marriage or.. whatever we decide."

"You will always be part of our family.  Of course you have my blessing," Sigunn responded.

"Thank you."

"This is so exciting.  Have you decided where you'll have the ceremony?"

"She wants to have it right here in Bruma," I replied.

"That's lovely.  We can hold the banquet and celebrations afterwards here at the castle," Sigunn said, "It's a pity Ragnar isn't here to escort her.  He'd be so proud.  But don't worry.  Go make sure you choose the right dress.  The best place is at the Imperial City.  Who do you think will be your man of honor?"

"I don't know yet," I said.


I walked out and found Cerys waiting.  We looked at each other for a long moment.  My feelings were a mix of uncertainty, not wanting to be chained down, but actually caring about Rigmor... and I couldn't take my eyes off Cerys.

"Hey, um... Cerys," I stammered.

"Yes, your majesty, is there anything I can do to help you?"

I blinked out of my daze, "We need to pick out dresses and such.  I'm not great at that.  I mean, I know what looks good on me, but that's about it."

"Please, let me help.  I know exactly the dress she would want to wear at the ceremony.  I have to travel to the Imperial City to speak with Blackwell, and to pick up some items for my father.  Lady Rigmor appointed me her lady in waiting."

"I assumed as much," I said.

"Do you have a ring in mind?" She asked.

"Not yet," I said, still not at all sure about this, "Figured somebody had some ideas."

"Oh well, do you need help with anything else?" Cerys asked.

I dragged my hand across my cheek, still staring at Cerys' perfect skin, "So, Cerys..."


"I remember you used to wear full robes, when I first met you," I said, "You remember when I first saw you when I came to Bruma?"

Cerys seemed a little flustered, but she smiled at me, "Yes.  But you were a girl when you first met me."

"We're both women now, though," I smiled, "I guess... you know the strangeness of my situation?"

"Yes, Rigmor hinted to Sigunn and I that the gods had.. equipped you," she said.

"Yeah well, I don't know what to do with it, really.  I feel like I have many more urges than I had before.  Maybe what I had before wasn't... hooked up right, if that makes sense," I said.

She stared at me, resting her hand on her hip.

"Don't get me wrong, I still am attracted to men.  But I was attracted to you even when I was a little numb to the whole attraction... thing.  And I just cannot stop looking at you," I said.

Finally she tilted her head and smirked a bit, "I think I can help you alleviate some pressure.  But I'm not letting you near my womb with that thing.  I see what happened to Rigmor."


She pulled me around the corner and undid the buckles on my armor, letting everything fall to the ground.  She put one hand on my right boob, and started stroking me with the other hand.


After a minute, she pulled what little clothes she had off as well.  She stroked me, then got on her knees and stroked me.  Then she took me in her mouth, and I didn't last very long.  Cerys was very good.  She smiled at me as she stood, face and breasts with my cum streamed down them, taking her leave.  I definitely came a lot.  Probably by design.




I walked outside, deciding it was a good time to visit the airship.  I found the rope ladder and climbed up.  At the top, Fenrir was having a spirited conversation with two khajiits about telekinesis or something.


"Hey!  Bro!" I shouted.

He ran over to me and hugged me, picking me up.  Fen had always been taller than everybody else in the family, even with Ulfric.  

"I'll go get everybody," he said.  He returned with Mom, Damien, Sofia, and another woman I'd never met.




"Mom!  Damien!" I hugged her, then Damien.

"Sofia, how've you been?" I asked.

"Well, I was in a Thalmor prison in Elswyer for a while.  Otherwise, can't complain," Sofia said, "Though I'm getting really weird vibes from this town.  Can't quite put my finger on it."

"And who's this?" I asked.

"Hi, I'm Valiana Direnni," she replied.

"Nice to meet you," I said, shaking my hand.  Her grip was strong.

"So what's the news?" Mom asked.

"Well, there's a lot," I said, "I think you're getting your alliance."

"Why's that?" Damien asked.

"I'll give you the summary.  The new Emperor was in bed with a child-killing monster who had ties to the Akaviri.  We killed her, and with your backup stopped all the in-fighting.  And when we got to the palace?  He groveled and apologized.  Then he attacked me.  Grandpa killed him."

"That means..." Mom started, and I finished, "Yep.  By right of combat, it's Emperor Jura now."


"So you're saying we have our Cyrodiilic alliance?" Fenrir smiled, folding his arms.

"Yep.  Also, there's some... weirdness I should discuss," I said.

"Hon, I'm the queen of weird.  Lay it on me," Mom said.

"Well, the gods really freaking want me and Rigmor to have a baby for some reason.  So now we are.  No more questions, next topic," I said.

Damien and Valiana shared a glance, but they didn't add anything.

I continued, "I'm a Princess of Cyrodiil by Imperial decree, and Rigmor is also because she's a Mede."


"Hey, um, Runa," Damien said, "I might be able to shed some light on why the gods are being so picky."

I tilted my head, "You know something about my situation that I don't?  Gods, Damien, how do you always do this?"

"Well, this might've been my ... fault?  Maybe?" Damien said.

"How so?" I asked.

"Well, allow me to summarize now.  Of course you know I went to the past and became Hero of Daggerfall.  I brought back Brisienna, but I also brought two other people.  There was a slight hiccup.  They got stranded in the year 175.  And you know, as people do, they settled down and formed a family.  They had a kid, and that kid had a kid," Damien said.

"What are you getting at?" I asked.

Damien turned to face Valiana and myself, "Without rehashing her past, I'm going to say that at about 196, Valiana had a daughter and gave her to the Honorhall Orphanage. 

"Are you saying....?" I asked.

"Yes, Runa.  This is your birth mother," Damien said.

I looked at her, "Well, she looks like me."  

Then I squinted at Damien, "But how can you be sure?"

Damien replied, "I went and checked Constance's immaculate records, and indeed, it was you."

I could feel my brow furrowing.  I asked Damien, "So you're the reason I even exist?"

"I blame destiny.  Who's to say?" Damien surmised.

I turned to the woman.  An old, strong, beautiful woman.  Strong.  Even stronger than me.  I asked, "How do you feel about all this?"

"Well, beats raising a rugrat," she chuckled.  Then realizing I wasn't amused, she said, "Honestly, I've been a fugitive for twenty years.  I've really never been attached to anybody expect my own mom.  My dad died when I was very young.  So if you want to get to know me, that's fine.  If not, that's fine too."




Mom (Destana) said, "Well, this is dour.  I thought you'd be happier about this."

"I mean, make no mistake.  You're the one who raised me.  You're my mom.  This is Valiana, a woman I just met.  Why'd you give me up, anyway?  Couldn't hack it?" I asked, knowing I was probably being a little rude.

Valiana's lips tightened a little bit, "I knew this was a mistake."

She walked away, sliding down the ladder to Bruma.

I raised an eyebrow, "What's her deal?"

Fenrir sighed, "I'm not sure you want to hear this."

"I just uppercutted Molag Bal and toppled an empire.  Just tell me," I said.

"She was raped," Fenrir replied.

"Okay," I blinked, "That was a sucker punch.  Now I feel bad.  I'm not going to get all in my head or anything because I'm a product of rape.  Nobody chooses where they came from or who their parents are.  But damn, now I feel like an asshole.  Who was the dad anyway?"

"Beorlin Silverblood.  Uncle to the ones you know," Damien replied.

"Well, I'd like to sucker punch him.  Like when your dick misbehaves and it becomes back to slap you in the face.  His own bloody offspring kicking him in the balls," I said.

"We already killed him," Fenrir said.


I shook my head, "So why do you think the gods want Rigmor and I to produce offspring anyway?"

Damien replied, "Her mom was Medora Direnni.  Her dad was... Calaxes Septim."

"Septim?  Like... Uriel, Tiber?  Those guys?" I asked.

"Yep.  The other misplaced bastard of Uriel Septim VII was Calaxes Septim.  Less well-known than Martin Septim.  He disappears from the history books because I brought him forward in time," Damien explained.

"So I'm a fucking Septim?" I asked.

"Yeah," Mom said, "Which means your kid with Rigmor will be Mede-Septim."

"Joining a dynasty of strength and one of ancient dragonborn," Damien said.

"I'm starting to wonder if that is why I've learned shouts just a little faster than other Nords do.  I'm mean, I'm half Nord.  Quarter Imperial.  Quarter Breton?"

Damien nodded.

"Ah, Talos.  That means one-eighth elf," I said.

"You're a mutt, sis!" Fenrir smirked, and I slugged him in the shoulder.

"Hey, who is her best friend here?" I asked.

"Fenrir," Damien smirked at him, and he rolled his eyes.

"Why do you ask?" Fenrir asked.

"Well, I think I should apologize, and I'm going to take you as a mediator," I said.


We both slid down the ladder, but the others followed us into Bruma.  

Guards said, "Skyrim delegation, right?  She went into the keep."


We walked in, and I found her, standing in the Great Hall, just outside the audience chamber.

"Hey, Valiana," I said, "I'm sorry.  I was an asshole back there."

She looked at me for a few seconds, then she said, "S'alright.  I've had a pretty shit life.  But you seem to be doing very well for yourself.  Like I said, You can accept me or not."

"Well, maybe I'd like to see what you can do with that spear.  We should go on an adventure sometime," I smiled.

She smiled back, "I can skewer a man from two paces away before he can even reach me."


After a huge period of adding nothing to any of this family reunion, Sofia did what she did best, and made a joke, "I'd bet you could split me open with that weapon."


"Young lady!" A voice called from inside the audience chamber.


Sofia squinted, like there was an itch she couldn't scratch.

"That voice sounds so familiar," Sofia said, "But I've never been to Bruma."

Whoever had been talking to Sigunn had already cleared out, leaving the audience chamber open.  Freathof and Malesam flanked Lady Sigunn. 

Sofia walked into the chamber, "What did you say to me, old man?"

Freathof squinted at her, "Do I know you?  Those vulgar comments sound so familiar.  Come closer, young lady."




"No way, creepy old man," Sofia said.

"Now, now, we're the delegation from Skyrim," Mom said, "Try and act cordial, Sofia."

"Sofia?" Freathof took a step down the stairs, then another, until he was right in front of her and she was recoiling at the man's weirdness.

"Could it be?" Freathof asked, "But it's been fifteen years... she would be in her early thirties by now..."

"Hey!  I'll have you know I'm 29!" Sofia said.

Mom said, "Sofia, you're not fooling anybody!  You're thirty three!"

"Who is this?" Sigunn asked.

"My lady, Sigunn, this is..." Freathof stammered, "This is the former Countess of Bruma's long lost daughter... Sofia!"

"I'm....?" Sofia blinked.

"Well, what's the first thing you remember?" Mom asked.

"I guess... being an adventurer in Skyrim," Sofia replied.




"Usually people remember their childhood," I said.

"You have her face.  Her beautiful eyes!" Freathof shouted, "This is her!  The rightful heir to Bruma!"

Sigunn folded her arms, "Well, what does this mean, then, if this is true?"

"Ahhhh," Malesam said, "It occurs to me that Lady Rigmor is no longer Countess, but a Cyrodiilic Princess.  So the position is once again vacant.  Perhaps I can broker a deal here.  Excuse me, Sofia, do you have any interest in being Countess of Bruma?"

"I mean... I guess," Sofia said, "I don't know anything about being a Countess though.  If I was once, I've forgotten everything."

"Lady Sigunn, do you intend to have any more heirs?" Malesam asked.

"I'm far too old to be having more children," Sigunn replied, "I could, but no thanks."

"Lady Sofia, the former Countess allowed Lady Sigunn to bear the brunt of the responsibility of the job for her.  Would you be willing to let her, and her staff stay on to assist you?"

"Sure," Sofia shrugged.

"It appears we have an accord," Malesam smacked his hands together as if washing them, "Lady Sofia, do you have a spouse?"

"His name is Inigo.  He's training with the Blades right now.  Though I ... don't think we can have children.  He's a khajiit," Sofia replied.

"Hrm..." Malesam said.

"I know what you might be thinking," Mom said, "But Inigo is one of the most honorable, trustworthy men I've worked with.  And to be honest... except for the occasional off-color jokes, you might be better off having Sofia as a Countess than Rigmor.  She's got a lot of life experience and has her act together."

Sofia smiled at Mom, "I didn't know you felt that way."

"Yeah, well, don't let it go to your head," Mom smirked.


"Destana, besides this happy occasion, what brings you here?" Sigunn asked.

"I came to see how things were going.  I also realized one year passed in Skyrim while six passed out here, so I thought a visit was overdue," Mom replied.

"You should go see Rigmor.  You know the girl adores you," Sigunn said to Mom.


I blinked, "Ah shit, Rigmor asked me to meet her in the Cathedral!"

That was hours ago!  I ran out of the audience hall right away.  It was already dark, with purple auroras dancing in the night sky.  I paid little attention, finding my way to the cathedral straightaway.




As I walked in, Rigmor said, "Hey Runa, what took you so long?"

I mentally checked off a list of, 'Got reunited with my birth mother, saw the family, found the long lost heir to Bruma, oh and I got a blowjob.  My first ever!'

But I said, "Sorry, those old guys really talked my ears off."

Then I sat down beside her.


"I was just thinking, y'know, how we ended up here.  It's strange, because all we just went through, just seems like a dream," Rigmor said, "But I feel this sense of overwhelming peace.  Like everything's going to be alright."

I stared at her for a moment, then I said, "I guess I should do this officially.  I have Lady Sigunn's blessing.  Rigmor Morgan-Mede, would you do the honor of being my... wife?"


"Runa Septim.  Silverblood-Direnni-Septim?  No, just Septim," I corrected, "I'll tell you all about it later."

"You know you don't have to do this," Rigmor said.

I smiled, "I think... I might want to.  I never thought I would ever say that.  But I think I'm okay with it."

"Well as long as you're okay with it," Rigmor rolled her eyes, standing up.

"You know what I mean," I said, standing to follow her.

"Yeah, and the answer is no.  We're not going to get married until we're ready.  Until you're ready.  We can do the partnership ceremony now," she smiled, "And know that it doesn't mean I don't love you.  I do love you.  But I want you to want me like I want you."

I smiled a little, "I can accept that.  But hey, either way we need good rings.  Have anything in mind?"


Rigmor, who'd been pacing, said, "Have you ever heard of the legend of the White Gold, Diamond and Ruby-encrusted ring of the lost Ayleid Princess Pilvi-Hinnesh?"

"That's an oddly specific request.  Like asking for the Mace of Molag Bal as a wedding gift," I smiled.

"Oh, you're right.  Don't worry about it," Rigmor said, "Well I'm going to bed now.  You kept me waiting way too long."


I found the family again on the airship, getting ready to sleep.  

"Where are you guys headed after this?" I asked.

"Tomorrow I'm going to the Imperial City to talk to Emperor Jura," Mom said, "Of course, then I'll head back to Skyrim and tell Inigo about Sofia.  And the Jarls and Ulfric about Jura."

"Headed back to Skyrim, my work here is done," Damien said.

"Going to go on some more adventures with Valiana before we get ready for the invasion," Fenrir said.


"Well, there's a legendary ring I think I want.  It's a treacherous path, probably lots of monsters and danger," I said.

Fenrir frowned expectantly, "Sounds like a job for us.  Val?"

"I'm in," Valiana smirked.




This is the largest yet, at 8500 words.


"Hey, what took you so long?" She actually said this, and I was thinking all the many things I did while she was waiting for me.


Also the cathedral scene was nearly cut, because there's no death during childbirth thing in my version.  It was a great bit of acting by the voice actress though.


A lot of dramatic reveals in this one.  You probably already guessed every one of them.  But I really like tying a story together.  

- Jura is now the Emperor of Cyrodiil.  As you can see, he actually did deal the killing blow on Ariel Sethius (which is how I planned it, but it's nice when these things work out).

- Valiana Direnni is Runa's birth mother.

- Runa is a Septim.  This is from Camaeus' random comment that made no sense to me at the time.  I moved mountains to make this a reality, while also tying all the storylines from this arc together.  I created several new characters, and used a throw-away character from the lore (Calaxes Septim) to give Runa (also an ascended NPC) a parentage.

- Sofia is the Sofia of Bruma (because I felt like it, dammit!)


There's one more Entry for Dragonchild, but other than the first little bit, it has a time skip, so I can't do it yet.  For the time being, Jura is going to be planning the invasion of Valenwood with what Sialius, Destana and Ulfric already have planned.  Runa is going to take an adventuring break (for me, anyway, this was a long slog, but still fun).  When they come back for the first bit of Dragonchild, she'll be joined by Valiana and Fenrir.  Sofia is staying in Bruma, while Inigo will be between SHT and Bruma.  Damien and Destana are returning to Skyrim, and the next episode is going to be a Destana episode!



Edited by EnragedBard


Recommended Comments

Ok, first thing: Good Job bringing everything together into one neat and tidy ending.

Personally, I was unable to find any loose ends, that weren't adressed.


Some of the details that caught my eye in this chapter:

-Props to Runa and Blackwell for staying on top of things during that meeting in the camp. Cause I certainly wasn't able to keep track of all of the noble's names and their conflicting interests.


- Runa is one hell of an athlete. Because that was an impressive jump during her trip though the afterlife.


- She certainly IS Destana's daughter: Because, just like D., the first thing she thinks about, when coming face to face with a semi-divine being, is something concerning cocks. (See chapter 31, the scene between D. and Tsun).


 - To EB: I take it, Runa was channeling her inner azurite barbarian during the battle outside the Imperial City. Shrugging off hits left, right and center as she fought her way towards the palace. But just so you know: If she get's into the habit of laughing like a crazy person when charging into fights later, than that will feel very surreal. 😉


- I did not consider Jura for the role of new emperor before, but I am here for it.


- Poor Sigunn. The news, that she will be a grandma soon(ish) must have come as quite a surprise. Even if it ultimately ends up being a pleasant one, the inital shock must have been quite something.  And even Cerys, who always seemed like a rather proper and prissy young lady to me, has been Destana-fied. Another entertaining thing, that I did not see coming.


- I really do hope, that Valianna and Runa will end up bonding well. Despite the (understandably) rough start.


- Countess Sofia... I would not be surprised, if Bruma will become famous for some sort of alcoholic beverage before long. If it isn't already.


 - The end of this entry settles it: Rigmor is an adrenaline-junkie. The party just made it though one dangerous adventure, yet she is already considering the next trip, that will no doubt place them in mortal peril all over again. And just so she can get some fancy rings. Unbelievable.😄


Overall, a big thumbs up to EB for this very nice finish to RoC.



p.s. Sidenote: I think General Sialius might be Jarl Elisif's fiancé. Now it seems even more plausible, since he opted to return to Skyrim.



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Aye it was long, but also great ... thanks for keeping me up 2 hours past bedtime. :P


"I'm tired of all this maneuvering.  We're going to defeat Leyawiin in battle.  And anyone else that gets in our way."

That's my kind girl. Of course it has to be said ... the scheming and maneuvering has one major advantage. It preserves manpower. From the description of the battle, casualties on both sides seem to've been substantial. That's the downside to war: Loss of live. Long rows of parents, wives, children who suddenly find their rulers much less endearing.


I would've expected a Warlord/Bandit King whatever to be a bit more of an actual fighter then Sethius turned out to be.
So what's been up with those 'superpowers' Runa seemingly developed on the Battlefield and then the slowdown in the Throne Room? Residual powers from being returned to the living and a sudden fatigue after the finally went?* Gods can be such a nuisance. ;)
* Ok, at least that part looked more like you intentionally did nothing to give Jura the chance to strike, doesn't seem that guy could take much.

Emperor Jura ... I didn't see that coming. I wonder what his government thinks, he sure doesn't seem to give a shit about that. Doesn't seem like relations between Hammerfell and Cyrodil will improve as fast as one might have expected from a Redguard General to become Emperor (well by now it should likely be more like King) of Cyrodiil.


Sofia as countess ... now that's going to be interesting, and Rigmor seems out of a job. Yeah I know, Princess of Cyrodiil, doesn't sound like much to do aside from representing, perhaps. But then she wasn't into ruling as Countess either and soon enough she will be mother, should keep her occupied enough to perhaps stay out of trouble for a change ... perhaps. ^^



Seems Runa might not only be stuck with a cock for a while longer, she actually seems to start enjoy having one ... wonder what Calleius will say if he finds out.
Kinda glad she isn't going to be married, that was a pretty sudden shift for her.

And yay for a new Destana episode, though I've to admit Runa kinda grew on me.

So HM thinks Elisif fancies older men? ^^ Not implausible, but really girl, how many husbands do you intend to outlive one way or another? :P


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2 hours ago, Talesien said:

So HM thinks Elisif fancies older men? ^^ Not implausible, but really girl, how many husbands do you intend to outlive one way or another?

Well, EB asked recently, wether or not anybody is curious who it might be. That's what got me thinking. Honestly, I have no idea, how old the general is supposed to be. So, I didn't consider that at all. I just figured, that he is one of the very few properly imperially-aligned people left in Skyrim, that are also of suitable rank. Because, even though they are allies now, I do not really see Elisif marrying a traditional Stormcloak. But, perhaps, I am wrong here. Wouldn't be the first time, that EB comes up with something unexpected.

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Yeah Ariel is strangely cowardly and bad for a bandit king. 


To be honest, that was how I wanted the fight to play out, and it worked on the first try.  (Also, Jura dealing the killing blow)  


But the outcome did happen naturally. In the field I kept proccing the improved attack speed buff.  But for some reason when I was getting stabbed Runa took FOREVER to take out her sword. 


Elisif's fiancee is Hrolf Witch-Slayer. He's been stationed in Solitude, they've been spending a lot of time together. 

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39 minutes ago, EnragedBard said:

Elisif's fiancee is Hrolf Witch-Slayer. He's been stationed in Solitude, they've been spending a lot of time together. 

Hahaha... So I was wrong, once again. Which is alright. Since it keeps the story interesting. 👍


For a moment I was afraid, that you would go for the maximum-drama option. Meaning: You let Elisif and Serana discover their so far undisclosed lesbian tendencies and then write  a "split" into the story. With Destana and Ulfric on one side and Elisif and Serana on the other. Like I said: Maximum drama. Even more so, considering the upcoming invasion of the elven lands. I am glad, that that's not what is going on.


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