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Entry 62: Adventures on the High Seas!



Hey, it's Runa, one more time.  Last time Jura, Calleius and I rescued Rigmor from the Roscrea prison, during an unexpected attack by Akiviri.  We traversed the frozen Tundra and found the southern, alpine portion.  Rigmor got sick from the Akiviri's disease called the Living Death, and an old woman in the woods cured her, with my help.


I woke up in the chair.


As I was rubbing the sleep from my eyes, Rigmor, up and about, was saying, "So you spent how many years as a slave?  How did you make it through?"

"If somebody got me, I'd kick em in the cobblers!" The woman laughed.

Rigmor laughed back, "Being tortured by the Thalmor was pretty bad."


I remember that now.  That splinter group called the New Order (more deranged than the Thalmor), torturing her because she was 'special.'  Maybe it was the early form of what the Thalmor would eventually do to my mom.


"Don't feel sorry for yourself.  Keep your head held high.  Don't let them see weakness.  It only adds flames to the fire.  You dominate them through your confidence," the woman said.

"You sound like my dad," Rigmor said back.

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said.  Then she looked over to me, "As you can see, she's made a full recovery and my word... some of the things she has to say about you.  Remember how I made the concoction and you'll be fine if this happens to any of you."


"I don't suppose you have a recipe to make my hair regrow overnight..." Rigmor said dejectedly.

"Sure I do.  But it'll take the blood of a werewolf, as they have natural regenerative properties," the woman said, "And a lock of your hair."

"Well, that sucks!" Rigmor said.

"Ahem, actually, weirdo Morag Sethius dropped a lock of your hair into the labyrinth, before Jura tried to blast her.  Think she wanted to antagonize me," I said.

"And you kept it?"

"Yeah, I actually forgot I had it," I said, "I'm kind of a packrat.  Though not as bad as my mom."

Rigmor furrowed her brow, "Well, this seems pretty frivolous.  Probably too dangerous to take a chance killing a werewolf for me.  We've wasted enough time as it is."

"Eh, I'll do it.  Two birds with one stone: I'm going to make sure it's not a danger to any of the southern villages," I said.

The woman marked the location on my map.  I got on Shadowmere again and rode northwest, reaching it in about an hour.


When I reached the cave, there was a fire, a few boxes of supplies, a tanning rack and a fishing net there. 

The werewolf walked out of the cave and I drew my greatsword, on edge.  We stared at each other for a few, pregnant moments.  

Then he said, "Did that old crone send you to kill me?"

"Huh," I said, "You're in control?  That's pretty rare.  Usually have to be taught."

"Who said I wasn't?" He spat, "Tell the crone to mind her own business.  I'm not hurtin' nobody.  What do you need from me, anyway?"

"I came to get your blood to make a hair tonic for my friend," I replied.

"You came all the way out here... to kill me... for a hair tonic?"

"I mean, it's kinda stupid when I say it out loud," I said.

"So you wanna fight or not?  You look pretty tough, but I'm no slouch.  A worthy opponent."

"Have you been hurting anybody?  Humans?" I asked.

"Look at all the bones.  They're animal bones," he said, "Tell you what.  If you sit and talk to me for a while, I'll give you some of my blood."

I shrugged, "Got anything to drink?"

"Here, have a beer," he grabbed a drink in his clawed hand and tossed it to me.

I sat on one of the crates, "I'm Runa."




"Davinius.  My friends call me Dave.  Though I don't have any anymore.  I grew up in Chorrol.  Got bitten in Skyrim.  After I turned a few times, I knew I had to get away from civilization.  I had no control at the time.  I stole a boat from Solitude and ran aground here," he pointed to the maidenhead of the ship sticking out of the water, "This island has a lot of free space.  Been out here for years.  Plenty of game.  Ships run aground from time to time and I salvage."

"So the old woman said you never change back?" I asked, taking a long drink.


"Yeah, I fought some Akaviri a while back and got sick.  When I woke up (werewolf healing, I guess) I was better, but I was like this.  Don't ask me to explain why, but I have easy full control and can't change back," Dave shrugged, taking a drink, "But just as well.  I love it here.  Your friend must be pretty special for you to tangle with the likes of me."

"My mom was a werewolf for a while," I replied.

"What?  There's a cure back in Skyrim?"

"Well, becoming a vampire," I smirked, "And yeah, Rigmor is a pain in the ass, but I like her."

"Hang on," Dave walked back into the cave and produced a vial.  He slashed his wrist with one of his claws, filling the vial, then he licked his wound, closing it instantly.

"Thanks," I said.

"Could you do me a favor?" He asked.

"No prob," I replied.

"If you go to the village to the south, could you put in a good word?  I'd like to trade with them.  Maybe they could send a guy every now and then.  Also - come back and visit sometime," Dave handed me the vial.

"Done.  And I'll bring some good drink too," I replied.

"Gods be with you," he said as I rode off on Shadowmere.  All in all, didn't take very long.  The old lady made the potion and Rigmor drank it.


"By the next moon, you'll wake up with a full head of hair," the woman said, "Now, haven't you got someplace else to be?" 

I nodded.  We all got on the road, when I heard a voice from the shack.  A different voice.

"Dragonchild," she said, and I turned.

"What the heck?"





The woman was wearing a gossamer white dress, basically glowing.

"I TOLD YOU!" Jura shouted.

I ran back into the house to find... it was covered in cobwebs.  All accoutrements were gone save a table with a note on it.  It read, "I'm sorry."




I backed outside, slowly.  Then I said, "Time for us to go."

"Yeah," Jura said, "Let's get the fuck outta here."

"What's wrong?" Rigmor asked.  I guess she didn't see the woman or the interior.

"No more questions," I said. 

We passed into the woods and eventually ran into the coast.  Then we followed it a few miles until we found the village.  


The Inn was the first building, and a small mass of people'd gathered outside.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"You must be the group he was talking about.  You better sort your friend out before we hang his sorry ass," one of the men said.

"Hmm... friend?" I asked, puzzled, "Oh hey, before I do, have you ever seen a werewolf, north along the coast?"

"Yeah, the beast doesn't come down here though.  Thank the gods."

"I've met him, face to face.  Talked to him," I said.

"I find that hard to believe, considering you're still alive."

"His name is Davinius.  He's in control in his wolf form.  He wanted me to bring you a message.  He means you no harm.  He'd be willing to trade goods."

"Shoo-wee!  I doubt anyone will take him up on that offer.  But I'll let everybody know.  Maybe we'll have some brave souls," the man said, "Now go sort out your stinky friend."

Jura said, "C'mon Calleius.  Let's go see if the trading boat is here."


"Stinky?" Rigmor asked, then she walked in.  I followed.

When I caught up she said, "Sethri."

"Greetings Runa.  Rigmor.  I knew you'd be coming here.  Waited since yesterday to give you information from Azura, though I can't recommend the service.  It stinks!" Sethri chuckled.

As we sat around the table with him, I realized he was completely naked.

"You stink Sethri," I retorted, "You cleared out the whole bar!"

"Good beans, m'lady.  Good beans."

Rigmor said, "You're unbelievable.  Please stop so these poor people can come back to their Inn."

"Also, might have some sort of gastrointestinal problem," I murmured.




"I'll behave," he replied.  Then he asked, "Ever heard of Table Mountain?  It's just over the border with Hammerfell, North of the Brena River.  This is the place Morag Sethius goes to gain power.  She uses a living soul gem with the souls of children.  On a plinth below the mountain in the catacombs.  Called the 'Bridge of Sighs.'  Those vampires at Bloodlet Throne were harvesting for this.  Azura herself informed me Molag Bal intends to use this location once it reaches full power to bridge the gap to the mortal world.  Once Alessia's curse is lifted, Morag Sethius plans on using this event to take the mantle of the 'Chosen Queen,' perverting the prophecy.  She got you to kill the last Minotaur, didn't she?"

"Hmm... I thought she wanted him to kill me.  I guess she thought only me and Jura could actually kill one of the strongest minotaurs.  But he just offered himself to me.  She played me... again!"  I banged the table.

"What do you mean usurp?" Rigmor asked, "I thought she was the chosen queen."

Sethri turned to me, "She's really quite innocent, isn't she?" 

I blew out a breath, flapping my lips, "Pbbbtt....who here has a royal bloodline?"

"Ugh..." Rigmor winced, running out of the room, "I think I'm going to puke."


"Can we destroy it?" I asked.

"Yes.  The rift created might still let Molag Bag through.  But Malesam has a backup plan," Sethri said.

"Seems like he always does," I smiled.

Rigmor sat back down, "Let's talk about something else besides me."

"That's what I keep saying!" I laughed.

Suddenly somebody shouted from outside, "The village is under attack!" 


The three of us rushed outside in the sunset to find Jura, Calleius and a bunch of the locals fighting more Akaviri.




This was again, a small strike group.  I guess they underestimated how much the locals were itching for some action.  We rushed around fighting their scattered forces for a bit.  Dave jumped out of the woods and I nearly attacked him.  He helped in the defense and spoke with the villagers directly.


When it was over, Jura held up a note written in Akaviri and read, "Kill the girl or die trying.  M.S."

Sethri folded his arms (now wearing robes), "There are many of these guys at Table Mountain.  Tsaesci and vampiric thralls.  I advise you to get to Bruma right away and speak with Malesam.  One more thing.  The soulgem can only be destroyed with the bow Xenia's Wrath, and by a child tainted by the calling."

"We've got Sorella," Rigmor said, "Destana and Runa saved her from being a victim of the vampires years ago.  But she's still just a child.  Must be about twelve by now?"

"Yngol is her adopted father now.  Married her mother Angi, who is a crack shot with the bow," Sethri said, "Yngol'll want to come along and crack some skulls, I'm sure.  Check in the Falkreath area."

"I remember him.  He's a Stormcloak commander," I said.


Jura nodded, "Our trader waited for us.  I guess he's pretty impressed with the amount of wealth you throw around.  Let's get outta here."





Sethri called out to us as we boarded the boat, "I'm going to clean up this mess then head to Table Mountain.  See you there!  Azura be with you."

"It's been fun!" I shouted to the shore as we pulled away.

I immediately turned to the boys, "You guys do whatever you want.  I'm going to go to sleep while we sail."

"Me too," Rigmor said.

"We didn't contribute much today," Calleius smiled back at me, "We'll take the watches."


Rigmor laid down on the only bed, "Runa, I'm having a hard time taking all this prophecy stuff in."

"You're the chosen of Azura.  I'm the chosen of Sithis.  Gods like to play favorites.  It's a lot more shitty than it sounds, you know?" I stated.

"I'm so stupid not to realize it earlier.  What if I don't want to go along with this?  I want to tell the gods where they can stick their master plan," Rigmor sat up.

"You're not stupid.  And for now, it's their rules.  Their way," I said.

"I love you, Runa," she said.

About that time, Jura walked in and laid down in the bed behind her.  She ignored him, but I gave him the angry eye.




"What? Calleius has first watch.  Man's gotta sleep," he smiled, closing his eyes.

So when Rigmor laid down, and the two barely fit, I leaned back in the chair and we all fell asleep.


When we awoke, Jura was opening the door.  End of his watch and daylight.


"There's a pirate vessel out here," he said, and I walked out with him.  

Floki was out on deck staring at it, "At least it's not another Akaviri ship.  It was hell getting away from that thing.  But Roscrea has a lot of shallows."

"What's that symbol?" Calleius had stepped out too.

"East Empire Trading Company, but blacked out," Jura said.


"Best thing you guys can do is hide in the cabin.  No way we can outrun them on the open ocean.  I'll try and parley.  Once they realize I sold most my stock in Roscrea, they might leave us be and go on their way.  Not the first time I've had dealings with them.  Not as cutthroat as some of the pirates I've seen," Floki said.




So we waited quietly.  What else could we do?


About an hour of them slowly gaining, and Floki walked in, "They know you're here.  They asked for you by name.  They promised safe passage to the mainland.  Oh and better hurry, they say an Imperial War Galley is tailing them."

"This should be interesting," Rigmor said.


We stepped out on deck and a man said, "Well if it isn't the VIP's.  Come on, this way."

We walked over the gangplank and the man shouted, "Hey, Zan!  Got some buddies for ya.  You ain't the only girl on this ship anymore."

"Up yours Karles!" A woman yelled back.  

"Just you two," Karles said to us, motioning for Jura and Calleius to stay outside.

Rigmor and I followed Zan into the captain's cabin.


"Casius!" Rigmor yelled.  She ran up and hugged him.

"Aventus?" I asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I got worried.  You have been on a far off island for at least a week," Aventus said.

"The boy told us about your predicament, wanting to hire us, and I recognized you two from the description," Casius smirked, "I'm captain of this ship, so naturally, I was happy to oblige.  Good for him too.  He couldn't have afforded us."

Aventus threw up his hands.

"And look at the two of you!" Casius shouted, "I remember when you showed up in my camp.  We were across the Pale Pass from Yngol's camp in a stalemate while the Civil War was just starting and this Redguard woman, and two Nord girls come strolling in asking for help.  Little did I know you were going to become Queen and Princess of Skyrim and Countess of Bruma!  By the gods, you're taller than me now, Runa!"

"It's so good to see you, Casius," Rigmor said, "What are you doing here, are you a pirate now?"


He sat down at the table, "Sit.  Drink.  We'll catch up."

We both sat, Aventus standing behind him.  

"After I retired, I took odd jobs.  Tried fishing, then trading.  Finally got good enough the East Empire Trading Company offered me a job.  Shipping goods from Solitude around the coast all the way to Torval," Casius explained.

"Wow, Elsweyr.  Bet you made a killing while the time split was happening," I said.
"Yep.  We and a few other lucky ships knew just the right path to traverse between Skyrim's time and regular time.  We were so good I told the EE to give me a bigger ship and pay me enough gold to have my own company of marines on board.  We stopped company ships from being attacked overnight.  I got promoted fast.  Then one night we got hit by a bad storm.  We blew off course a hundred miles.  Took us weeks to get back.  We got reported missing.  When we tried to dock at Solitude, I was accused of piracy and we were made outlaws."

"Well that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of," Rigmor commented.


"It's actually common for ships to go AWOL.  You can make a lot of money if you go black flag.  They probably assumed we'd outgrown our partnership.  Baa'Ren-Dar is helping us clear our name.  He's been keeping us up to date on current events.  Seems you showed the Thalmor what for.  I only wish I could've been there.  Apparently there's a large resistance mounting in Elsweyr as well"

"Good to know.  Guessing he's how you got access to Torval," I said.

"We checked with the locals on Roscrea once we got there and they told us where you were going."

"I need to go look at this ship," Rigmor smiled, "Pleeeese?"

"Don't get in the way and keep away from the sides," Casius said.   

She charged off, giggling.


"I'd better make sure she doesn't fall off," I shrugged, getting up to follow her.  We were already underway, making good time toward Skyrim.


She was already on the bow of the ship, "Ahh, breathe in that sea air.  This is something I could get used to.  I wonder if we sail far enough, would we call off the edge?"
"Yeah.  It's all flat," I replied, smirking.

"No way!"

"Some say it's mudcrabs stacked on top of mudcrabs all the way down," I laughed.

"Har har.  Very funny."

"Hey, let's go talk to Zan.  I bet she could use some girlfriends," I grabbed Rigmor's hand.  


As we approached, Karles said, "Hey Zan, looks like the kid wants to get girly on your ass."

"Up yours Karles," Zan said.

"Don't be fooled kid, Zan's got a bigger set of balls than the Captain!" He shouted, then laughed raucously.  

"Fuck off Karles.  Have some respect!" Zan said back, "Come on girls, let's go talk in private, away from these assholes."

I walked past Jura and Calleius doing some sort of squat competition, back up to the bow.  




"So you know the Captain, huh?" Zan asked.

"Yeah.  Haven't seen him in years," Rigmor replied.

"He doesn't talk about his past.  I figured he doesn't mix business with personal matters.  Most the men are very loyal to him, including the marines."




"Were you one of Casius' veterans?" Rigmor asked.

"Nah, I was in Solitude training to be a Royal bodyguard.  Served the queen for a couple years.  I figured it'd be a change of pace working for the East Empire Company, guarding their shit.  That's where I met Karles," Zan said.

"Are you and Karles... y'know?"


Rigmor giggled and I think I blushed a little.  Still not completely open with the subject, I guess...

"Hell no.  Karles isn't my type.  Such an asshole," Zan continued, "I only tolerate him because he's good with the ropes and the bow.  And he's had my back many times.  What about you?  The Captain says you're a countess.  You don't look much like one."

Rigmor chuckled, "I'm still new to the whole countess thing.  And I'd just grown my hair back when they got it again."


Zan smiled, "You look fine.  Kinda cool and sweet at the same time."

"I'd never make it without this woman," Rigmor put her hand on me.

"Steady like a ship, eh?  Always finds her way home," Zan said.

"I don't know if we're gonna make it home," Rigmor shrugged, "I live a life of uncertainties."

"Rigmor, you make anywhere you're standing, at any time, your home.  You'll never be homeless," Zan said.

"Dang," I said.  I walked back toward the captain's cabin, realizing I didn't have much to add to the conversation.  I passed Calleius, eating with the crew.


Aventus and Casius were sitting across from each other. 

"See, one of the best things you can do, even as a legitimate trader, is get better with that sword of yours," Casius said, "That way the pirates won't mess with you.  And your men will respect you more.  When you get men."

"Aventus, how have you been moving goods around?  Have you done any business so far?" I asked.

"I've made a good deal of money," he replied, "I've mostly just been using big shipments and buying passage.  But the duty fees are killing me."

"Wanna buy a trading boat?" I asked.

"Uhh... sure?  How much?" He asked.

I thought about it for a second, "For a friend, eight thousand."

"Hmm... I can manage that.  When I get back to Solitude I can work out the details."

"Sure.  I think he's been running along behind us for protection.  You can probably hitch a ride back to Dawnstar.  I'm kinda blown to the winds right now.  If I'm not there soon, just feel free to manage the product.  Floki is the man's name.  He seems to have good business sense," I replied.

"Hold on," Jura said.  He'd been laying in the bed.  Not sure how I didn't notice him.  He said, "This woman is trying to ... what's the opposite of fleece?  Give you a handout...?"

"Grandpa.  Don't worry about it.  I don't need the money."

"I just don't want you to make bad decisions because you're sweet on some boy," he said.

"How much did you pay for the ship?" Aventus asked.

"... Ten thousand," I replied, "But I don't want to break your legs over it.  Call the two thousand... opportunity cost."

Aventus grinned, then said, "I'll just have to take two thousand out of our future interactions.  I'm going to change over to the trading boat and go to Dawnstar, like you said.  Now that I know you're safe, I will see youall later."

Then he walked out.

"Now that was a good exit," I blinked, "I wonder what that means."

"You know what that means," Jura groaned, "I told you.  Do not mix business with pleasure."


"Who're you, by the way?" Casius asked.

"I'm General Jura of Hammerfell," he said as they shook hands, "I never met you personally, but I heard you were involved in the war.  Me too."

He nodded, "Good to meet another veteran of that sham."

"I see I'm not the only one disillusioned by the Concordat.  General Sialius is probably still stewing."

"I heard the man took his whole legion to Skyrim.  Guess rumors were true," Casius said.

"They helped us out a lot against the Thalmor invasion," I replied, "But, hey.  I need your help."

"Say no more.  Well, except what you need," Casius chuckled.

"I need to bring Sorella with me to Table Mountain.  I need to get into Hammerfell unnoticed," I said.

"Once I drop you off, I can sail to Anvil and speak with Quintus.  Most of his legion are my old veterans.  I'll wait for you near Chorrol to guide you over the mountain pass into Hammerfell.  We can follow the Brena River.  Cut across the Orange Road from Bruma."




Rigmor rushed in, "A ship!"

Casius, Rigmor, Jura and I walked out and I noted the trading boat had already taken its leave in light of what was on the horizon.  

"It's that Imperial War Galley.  The Colovia.  Been following us since Solitude," Karles reported to Casius.

"Can we outrun them?" Rigmor asked.

Casius licked his lips, "Oh, I have no intention of running."

Jura slapped the man on the back, "My man!"

I could feel myself smiling a bit too.  I was itching for some action after all this sailing.

"Battlestations!" Casius shouted, "Maintain 10 knots, bearing ahead!"

"You heard the Captain!" Zan shouted, "Archers!  Form up on the starboard palisade!  Marines on the main deck!  Move!  Move!  Move!" 


Casius walked into his cabin, beginning to strip off his light armor and started putting on plate.

"You mean to fight them?  That ship is huge.  How many of them are there?" Rigmor asked.

"Not enough to take on a company of Imperial Marines, and of course, us!" Casius chuckled expectantly as he strapped on his shield.

We charged out as the gangplanks were being laid.  Marines and New Imperial Troops clashed between decks.




While the two forces were swarming, I blasted the back half of the plank with a, "FUS - RO!" allowing our boys to push on through and get the upperhand.  We swept through them, just like Casius thought we would. 





After a few moments we swept up the archers and I searched the bodies for the key to the cabins.  In short order, we were bursting into the captain's cabin.  


"You'll hang for this, Casius Varon!  You and your filthy criminal scum will swing from jibbets until the ravens pick your bones clean, traitor!  You dare defy your Emperor?"

"He's not my Emperor," Casius said.

Karles took out a bow.  Casius nodded, and he shot the man.

"I was ready for him to shut up," Karles chuckled, "Lookie here..."


While the others were rifling through the various goods, I opened the chest in the corner.

"Ohhh baby!" I pulled out a black greatsword, some black armor and some gold.

"Bah," I said, "This is very nice armor, but it's plate and it's fitted for a bulky man.  Put it in the ship's sell pile.  Not as good as Jura's but better than mine.  If it fit."

"But this," I looked over it and read the inscription, "Eternal Abyss.  Even has a badass name." 

Giggling with glee, I threw it in my pack for later examination.


"Look at this," Casius said, "A map of Nirn with shipping routes to Akavir and our island chains.  He's marked points of interest along the coast of High Rock and Black Marsh."




"Landing sites?" Jura asked, "Invasion points?"

"It's suspicious.  Akavir is steeped in mystery.  No contact since the disastrous 3rd era invasion by Uriel Septim V.  Lost an Emperor and a whole Legion.  They all became undead.  Or regular dead."

Zan said, "Captain.  These are some kind of official letters.  One in a language I've never seen before."

Casius grabbed the one in our language, "M.S. to Captain Drusus of the Colovia.  Under no circumstances must you dock at the prison.  Wait in Solitude.  Deliver the cargo and inform Oxi-Amura to eliminate the targets at all costs.  Leave no witnesses.  Bring the girl dead or alive with you to the rendezvous point."


"Must have been heading there," I said.

"So Morag had the Akaviri make a detour from reconnaissance of the island chains to attempt to kill you at the prison."

Jura grabbed the note written in Akaviri, "So... they're planning a full scale invasion.  She's mad that it's taking so long to build a fleet.  Apparently their shipbuilding is not on par with Skyrim's."

"How long did they say?" I asked.

"A couple years," Jura replied.

"So she's been colluding with an outside enemy," I folded my arms.

"Yeah!  And then you came along and wrecked their plans," Casius said.




"I'm going to see what their 'cargo' was," I said, "Gold, riches, artifacts, who knows."

Casius, Jura and I walked down to the hold.




"Well, it's not gold," Jura said as we walked past rows and rows of empty cages, dried blood suffusing them.

I sighed, "The cargo was people.  So the Empire is in on this then."

Casius said to Zan as she walked in, "Take the helm of our ship.  Retrieve the boarding ramp and set sail for the rendezvous point."

"My thoughts exactly," I said, "But what to do with this ship?"

"I say we burn it," Casius said, "Wretched.  I don't want the Empire's memory attached to this foul business.  They won't suspect us in our ship - it's just a large trader."

"Fine by me," I said.

I approached Rigmor on the bow of the ship.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"The cargo is people.  Morag is selling us out to the damned Akaviri for food," I growled.

"These bastards have been trading people?" Rigmor said, "Well, are we going after them?"

"Hell yeah we are!" I said back, "And I'm gonna take a nap while we head there.  Wanna cuddle?" 

"You know it. I could use some rest to be honest," Rigmor replied.


I saw Jura on deck, getting ready to set the ship ablaze.

"How do you know Akaviri, anyway, old man?" I asked.

He sighed, "There was a secret raid in High Rock about twenty years ago.  They struck at Anticlere.  I think they were looking for some artifact deep in one of the labyrinths.  Swept through the town like a wildfire.  I came up with the bright idea of burning their ships while they were in the labyrinth.  Of course we looted the ships before we did.  Then I walked into the labyrinth and forced a procedural re-generation.  There's an obscure a long way to do it, if you're a mage.  I'm not a master, but I can read a procedure.  They were mostly killed by the creatures as they spent nearly a week down there.  We picked off the remnants when they surfaced."

"You're full of surprises," I replied, "Guessing you learned the language from their books."

"Yeah.  Apparently they've been doing small secret raids for years, stealing precious artifacts.  I figured I'd learn how to read their plans so I could inform the kings of Hammerfell and High Rock, which is where they'd been focusing their efforts.  From then on we knew where they were going to hit and the kings could plan accordingly.  Guess this is their latest scheme.  The king made me an honorary knight of Anticlere, said I single-handedly stopped the raid.  Of course, I trained with the knights for a while and earned my place.  I'd already been a knight in Hammerfell for many years."

"Well that's a hell of a story.  We're going to get some sleep," I said.  I watched the moons from the bow for a few minutes while we changed course, then I went and laid down.  One thing I could get used to was the beauty of the ocean and the night sky at sea.




Rigmor and I woke up the next morning and I went out to find deep blue waters.  

Casius and another man were watching the Galleon on the horizon.  He said, "Get the marines out of sight.  We want to appear a normal trading vessel.  Pull down the flag and fly the EE.  The one that's not blacked out."

He looked over at me, "You and your strike team wait in the cabin.  When I call, we'll storm them like the gates of Oblivion."

He called to Zan," Maintain full speed ahead on the helm!"




I walked back into the cabin.  Calleius, Jura and Rigmor were getting their equipment together.

"Ready for a fight?" I asked.

"You know it!" Rigmor said.

"I have your back, Runa," Calleius said.

I kissed Rigmor, then I pulled Calleius' helm up and kissed him.

"You're so confusing," Rigmor said.

"Friends kiss, don't they?" I asked.

"Not really.  Not like that," Calleius replied, "But I'm not complaining."

Jura looked at me.

"You don't get one," I said.

"I'd take a hug," he smiled.  So I hugged him.  About this time, Casius shouted, "Attack!" 

We flew upon them, Calleius and Jura leading the charge.  Jura roared, ready to give these bastards what for, and plowed his way through the Akaviri on the gangplank.  I swung the Moonlight Greatsword, sending a bladebeam across the gap and slashing their men.




While Jura went straight for the archers, and Rigmor and the marines were fighting the mass to our left, Calleius and I punched through their lines.  We got pinned behind five of the Tsaesci.  Calleius acted as my shield as I swung my new sword around him.  When Calleius was beaten down and fell to one knee, I put my hand on him, picking him up.




"We fit together pretty well," I said to him as we continued to fight more Akaviri swarming to meet us.

"I'll remember that later," Calleius grinned.  

"Finally coming out of your shell, I see?" I laughed, slashing over his head.

"It's your fault!" Calleius slammed his shield into another.  


Jura was blown back off the helm platform and I turned, finding their leader.  Casius and I rushed from different corners of the ship.  I swapped to Eternal Abyss.

"How do you challenge them to single combat?" I shouted as I walked up the stairs, deflecting his blows.

"They know!" Jura healed himself, standing.


The Tsaesci and Marines gave us a wide berth as I matched blades with Oxi-Amura.  We clashed, moving around the helm deck.  

He came down in a downward strike and I sidestepped.  It was almost like everything around me was in slow motion for a tick while I swung for his head.  He just narrowly avoided.  

"Aka!" He said as he swung.

"My response:  KRII!" I shouted, marking him for death.  He steeled himself, making three strong swings, then disarming me of the Eternal Abyss.  I pulled out the Moonlight Greatsword again.

We circled each other for moments while the two forces continued to clash around us.




Taking a page from my book, Jura stepped up behind him and stabbed him in the back.

Oxi-Amura collapsed.

Jura grinned, "I owe you one from earlier!"

We rushed down the remaining Akaviri in fairly short order.  


I snagged a key from Oxi and the group ventured into the cargo hold.

Before us were prisoners in filthy cages and rags.  They cowered as we entered.

Casius shouted, "You have been rescued!  Please be patient as my crew brings food and fresh water.  You will be administered an antidote and the cages opened."

I was unlocking as he was talking.

"You must stay here in this holding space.  Please try to remain calm.  We will be traveling to Torval and safety shortly," Casius continued, "Karles, take the helm of this ship.  I'll meet up with you later."

Rigmor administered the antidote.  I looted the Akaviri, and we retired to the cabin on Casius' ship.  


A couple days later, we arrived off the coast of Dawnstar.  They gave us a small rowboat to make our way to shore. 


When we made it, I asked, "Hey, wanna check and see if the tonic worked?" 

Rigmor pulled off the hat she'd been wearing since we picked her up, and long brown hair spilled out.

"Wow.  Well I guess that's magic for you.  How does it look?" She asked.

"Looks great!" I replied.




While we were there, I left the group at the Inn and visited the brotherhood.

"Hey, Listener," she said, "Intel we have about Robere is he's leading the siege at Bruma.  Someone was sent from the Falkreath Sanctuary earlier this week."


"Good.  We're going to be down there shortly," I replied, "It's good to see you."

"You know, I never got to tell you this, but, it always made me feel bad that you had things figured out and you were only fifteen.  Now I don't feel as bad since you caught up with me a little bit.  And I have actual direction in life."

I chuckled, "You're doing great."




Then I walked by the docks and found Floki and Aventus talking about the business arrangement.

"Yeah, he's with me," I said, "He's quite the gifted trader.  I just wanted a ride and have more money than I know what to do with."

Floki shrugged, "I'm still getting paid, so, whatever floats yer boat!  Literally!"

He chuckled to himself.

"Speaking of money.  This is 4000.  I can get the rest when I get to Solitude," Aventus handed me a large sack of coins, "Care to settle up.... that 2000 now?  I could grab that cabin again."

I blinked.

"What are you asking?"

"I think you know what 'm asking," Aventus put his hand on my shoulder.  When I didn't argue, he put his arm around me.

I stared at him for long moments.  I was considering what he was saying.  Then I shook my head, "I seriously doubt you could provide 2000 septims worth of gratification.  You're awfully full of yourself."

Aventus turned to Calleius as he was walking by, "Well, I bet both of us together could do that much work."

I blinked again, my eyes getting wide.

I stared at Aventus for what seemed like an eternity.

"I'm not hearing you say no," Aventus said, "I was just being flirty... but if you want, I'm sure we could make all your dreams come true."

"Well...I...uh..." I stammered.  Was I actually considering this?  Jura and Mom made it look so easy to just fling themselves into these things.


Calleius looked confused, "Just what service are we providing, sir?"

Aventus took a step and whispered something into his ear.

"My gods.  How crass could you be?" Calleius rebuffed.

"C'mon, man," Aventus said, "Look at her.  She's into it.  She's heavily considering throwing caution to the wind.  Have you and her...?"

Aventus looked at me, then at Calleius, and he had his answer with our silence.

"I mean... I wouldn't be... opposed to the idea," I said meekly.


"What about Bruma?" Calleius asked.

"You could send Jura and Rigmor on their way on horses.  Then you and Calleius follow on Shadowmere," Aventus grinned, thinking himself a godsdamned genius, "C'mon, you know you want to try this out."

I smirked, saying nothing, as if me not saying yes wouldn't implicate me in any wrongdoing I was about to commit.

"You know, you don't have to do this," Calleius said.

"Do... you want to?" I asked.

"If it makes you happy," Calleius replied.

"You're a treasure," I said.  Then I looked at Aventus, who'd been looking at me expectantly, "FINE!  Book the cabin."


I told Rigmor and Jura some BS thing about doing jobs for the Dark Brotherhood and told them the plan for us to catch up with them.  I think Jura was onto me, but he didn't say anything.  They got horses and rode south for Falkreath.  We got the cabin and stayed there all day and all night, until the next morning.





I went in first and got down to my bare armor.  Calleius walked in in full armor and started to undress.  Being the giving lover that he was, he tenderly helped me get undressed, then went down on me until I was very into it.  Aventus had snuck his way in at about this time.  Me being awkward and inexperienced wasn't sure what to do, I let Aventus direct me.  Apparently, he'd been making a lot of friends in his travels as of late, sometimes a couple at once.  I knelt between them, alternating sucking both of them.  From there they traded me sucking one and being taken by another until I'd had many orgasms and they both had their first.  We slept for a while, then went again, similar things happening.  Then a third time.  Then a fourth, but this time through badgering Aventus convinced me to try DP.  And let me tell you... it's intense.


When I realized we'd been napping, eating and having sex for about 20 hours when the sun came up.  Calleius and I got up and left.  I awkwardly thanked Aventus for introducing me to the debauchery my family is known for.


As we were riding on Shadowmere, Calleius and I were pretty quiet most the way.  Finally, he asked, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Ahhh...." I sighed satisfied, "Yes.  Let's just... have normal sex for a while."

"You would like to... continue having sex with me?"

"Yeah, I'd like that," I said.


We reached Falkreath only a few hours after Rigmor and Jura did.  They'd gotten there during the night, taken a nap and were sitting down to breakfast in the Dead Man's Drink when we walked in. 

"Hey!" Rigmor shouted.

"Good of you to join us," Jura said, "Did you get all of your stabbing in?"

Rigmor tilted her head, "I wonder what that means..."

"Don't look into it," I said, sitting down, "Do you know where Yngol is?"

"Not really.  He used to have a camp on the southern border," Jura replied, "Believe it or not, I know him from the Great War.  Bastard didn't even come see me when I was interim Jarl."

"Interim Jarl?" Rigmor asked.

"Yeah, the Thalmor executed the Jarls of Riften and Falkreath.  We were able to get Markarth's out safely, and Morthal's didn't get killed during the war," I explained, "Speaking of which, did they ever appoint a new one?" 

"You know as much as I do," Jura replied, "I've been on the road with you.  If there is though, he'd probably know where Yngol was hanging out."

We finished up and walked up to the Jarl's Longhouse high on the hill above (except Calleius, who knew he wasn't going to be much help here).


As we approached the Jarl's throne...




"Where the hell did those boys put my damned chair?  Another prank," the man shook his head, "Such is peace-time."

"Hey, we're wondering..." Rigmor started. 

He turned around.

"Yngol?!" Jura exclaimed, "What're you doing messing around in the Jarl's Longhouse?"

"Jura?" Yngol asked, "Haven't seen you since..."

"The Great War."

"Right.  And to answer your question, I AM the Jarl now!" Yngol replied, "King Ulfric and Queen Destana handed me the decree a couple weeks ago.  It'll be official at the next moot."

"They let you sit on that throne, you fat fuck!?" Jura grabbed his arm and they shook hands like they were arm wrestling.

"Still tougher than you, old man!" 

"Who's old?  You're almost as old as me!" Jura said.

"Yeah, but I wear it so much better," Yngol spat back.

"Didn't see you fighting to take Falkreath back when the Thalmor held it," Jura said.

"No shit!  I was there, you old codger!  I was on the Stormcloak assault team!  You're so blind you couldn't see me!" Yngol said, "Figured you were ignoring me on purpose.  And that's why I didn't pay you a visit when you were keeping this chair warm."

"This chair?  What chair?" Jura smirked, "You seem to have lost your throne, you big idiot!"


Rigmor and I exchanged glances.

"Are they... arguing... reminiscing...?" I trailed off.

Rigmor shrugged, "I dunno."


Yngol peered over to us, ignoring Jura's remark, "Rigmor and Runa.  Gods, you two have grown up a lot.  What news of Bruma?"

"Well, it's under siege," I said dejectedly.

"Hmm," he was looking around the immediate area, "I take it you've come for my help.  If you'll follow me, I'm going to look for my throne while we talk business."

We followed him, walking to the Jarl's chambers, then outside to the plaza.




"Where're Angi and Sorella?  How have they been?" Rigmor asked, "We heard you two got married."

"Right you are.  Right now - hunting in the mountains.  Sorella's gotten really good with the bow."

"Got any more children?" Rigmor asked, "Oh, I'm sorry.  That was probably really personal."

"Oh, no.  But we're trying.  Who knows?  Maybe someday," Yngol smiled, "Ah, those assholes!" 

He pointed to his throne, sitting on top of the blacksmith hut.  He chuckled, "They're going to get half rations for this one."

Yngol smirked, "Anyway, what can I help you with?"


"We're going to sneak back into the city, but the garrison needs reinforcement," I said.

"Remember what I said," Jura said, "Skyrim shouldn't get involved directly."

"To hell with that!" Yngol spat, "This is personal.  A lot of my men have family in Bruma.  And they're sick as hell of not being able to see them because of the time... barrier whatever bullshit.  This siege will send them raring to go."

"Besides," I said, "I feel like Ariel Sethius is turning out to be not the Emperor Cyrodiil wants."

"Suit yourselves.  Either way I'll help fight," Jura said.


I continued, "Once the siege is lifted, we're going to travel with Casius to Hammerfell."

"That old goat is still alive?" Yngol chuckled.

"There's more.  We need to take Sorella with us," I said.

His face immediately turned from jovial and joking to stern, "This I cannot do.  You'll have my men.  I'll even lead them personally if I have to.  But Angi would never allow it."

Rigmor said, "We need to destroy a soul gem that gives Morag Sethius her power.  Only Sorella can destroy it with Xenia's Wrath, her bow."

"Enough!" Yngol replied angrily, "I have welcomed you into my house and now you've crossed the line."

"I'm sorry," Rigmor said.

"It figures," Yngol sighed, "She's been having dreams again.  She's stubborn and hasn't been wearing the protective ring.  In her dreams she fires an arrow to save many children."


Rigmor continued, "She will be protected.  Casius with his marines and Quintus' Legion will be waiting.  That gem holds the souls of hundreds of children that disappeared throughout Cyrodiil and Hammerfell.  It must be destroyed."

"I don't know..." Yngol said.

"She'll be protected," Jura put his hand on his friends' shoulder, "By the best Tamriel has to offer."

"Oh, Queen Destana?  The Ebony Warrior?  And I'm surprised you got the Nerevarine," Yngol smirked and Jura laughed.

"You ass," Jura shook his head.

Yngol stroked his beard for a moment, "Angi will take some convincing.  I'll talk to Sorella and let her know what's going on.  She'll meet up with you when the siege is broken.  Make no mistake, even if we do break it for now, they're going to bring another, bigger army."


"Hmm... one thing," I added, "How do we get over the border now?  They closed off the Snake Cave Trail and there's no way we can go through the gates."

"I think there's an Ayelid Tunnel," Yngol said, "I don't know where it is though.  I did hear there was a scholar staying at the Inn here.  Maybe he can help you."


I shrugged.  We went to the Inn and found Calleius.  I searched amidst the other patrons, and found a spindly looking man on the patio, reading a book.

"Excuse me," I said, "You an imperial?"

"Oh gods, they've finally come to drag me out of the city and beat me to death with my own books!" the man said back.

I looked behind me and found Jura, Calleius and Rigmor following.  We definitely looked like a rough-and-tumble crew.

"Take a walk guys," I said, and they sat at a table around the corner.

I continued, "I wanted to ask if you're a scholar.  The Jarl said you might be able to help us."

"Ah yes, I asked him for information when I arrived only a few days ago.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Lucien Flavius.  I'm a scientist, philosopher, amateur wizard, and something of a musician.  Though I suppose that's more of a hobby.  What do you need my expertise with?" He asked.


"Well, we're trying to get back to Bruma, but we're not exactly on the right side of the Empire right now," I replied.

"I was definitely pondering whether you were... well acquainted with the less savory side of things," Lucien said.

"Jarl Yngol said you might know where an Ayelid tunnel is that could lead us there," I said, "What would you charge for your expertise?"

"As a matter of fact, I believe I know the location.  And I would take payment in the form of an adventure."

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"Simple.  I'm here on an academic expedition.  I'm fascinated by Skyrim: the flora, fauna, ruins - dwemer and nordic, the architecture... but I'm not much of a fighter.  So I ask when you return to Skyrim, you take me on one of your adventures."

I shrugged, "Done.  Could you also inform the Jarl of where the tunnel is?" 

Lucien nodded, "I shall go do so immediately, then we can set off."  

He walked away, and I immediately heard a nearby scream.


I turned a corner and two mages were running into town with some form of horrifying red eye-beast. 

"What the hell is that thing?" Rigmor asked.

"Skyrim's got some strange creatures these days," Jura replied.

"Stay weird, Skyrim," I sighed as my group and I drew our weapons.







Vampires don't need to rejuvenate health, which they keep saying Morag does.  So I changed it to her gaining power from the children.  


Calleius and Jura's squat competition was them doing idle animations of them warming themselves by the tiny candle.  I thought it was so hilarious I had to put it in!


So yeah, it's mostly much less action-packed to watch fights with a greatsword than Destana's chosen weapons, although I did just pick up a perk that sometimes gives me a 175% attack speed increase.


Personal note, being on the open ocean in real life, there are some beautiful deep blue waters at times.  I believe whoever made the water for the sequence with the Akaviri Galleon captured that perfectly.


Also, I figured the dramatic reveal that Yngol was the Jarl was better than them telling me and then seeing it.  This mod tends to tell you a thing (sometimes more than once), then you go see that thing.  It's much better if things just happen or if you get the explanation and then they happen not quite as expected.


In the original mod they had an explanation for why Yngol became Jarl, that he was appointed after the last Jarl did some bad things.  But in my Skyrim, the Jarl died.  Which worked out perfectly!!


Sidebar about Falkreath:  The overhaul I had slightly messed up the interior of the Jarl's Longhouse.  Enough that the throne was missing and the NPC's didn't know what to do during their scene.  I had to make heavy use of setstage to get past that part.  But it all worked out.


Also, little longer today.  But I wanted to reach a good stopping point.


Also there was a second video, but I could not get it to upload.


Also, enjoy the title picture. I was trying ti make a shot looking up at the black flag and noticed while I was taking it was also basically an upskirt.


Edited by EnragedBard


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Alright, I think I will keep this short. It was a long chapter, after all.


First Jura: I had a good chuckle at his expense this time. Because, could it be, that the Badass of Hammerfall is a little... "uncomfortable" around spirits and ghosts? Somewhat superstitious perhaps? I suppose even a gnarly old veteran like him has some sort of weakness. But also: Jura how old are you again? 16 or 60? Doing a squat competition with a man half your age. To impress the girls? My oh my.😁


Next in line: Aventus. Just an FYI my dear up-and-coming trade-prince of Skyrim: Your standing with me just took a hefty beating. Because of your suggestion to Runa, to exchange money for certain favors. That's not something you say to a friend. Not even in jest. Because you just put her on the spot in doing so: Either she looks like an ass, for wanting the money back regardless, or she basically  just agreed, to purchase the services of a professional. And only because of you, my friend, not because she really, really wanted to do it.

Nevermind the fact, that A. wanted to get his cock inside of Runa anyways. So, in the end, he got ALL he wanted: he got to have sex with Runa and was able to save some coin. Not exactly a fair exchange in my book.

If R. would have offered, to forget about the money AFTER all of them had had their fun, then whatever. Still may have set an unfortunate precedent, but I would not have seen it as too bad. But this way around, it just was a (consciously) bad move on A.'s part.


Lastly: Runa. At this rate, I half suspect, that Destana will be somewhat suspicious of the "new" Runa. Suspecting some sort of hocuspocus or a clone, perhaps. Because when she last saw R., the latter could not even look at a cock without blushing from head to toe. And now she's doing stuff, that would be fitting for mommy D. in the old days. 😉


So, overall, plenty of developments. Looking forward to see, how the story continues.


p.s. Afterthought to the whole Aventus/Runa/Caellius situation: I think that if/when Destana hears about Aventus's little stunt, she should look for a way, to give him a little warning. A shot across the bow, placed where it hurts: his coinpouch. Or, perhaps, acknowledge C.'s proper behaviour by "officially" bringing him a little closer to her "Inner Circle" and consequently closer to Runa. That would work too. After all, Destana gave Caellius a proper warning a little while ago, admonishing him, to treat Runa properly (Chapter 52). Which Aventus arguably didn't do here. And if D. wants to be seen as even-handed, she can't really let this one slide. Even if Runa is perfectly fine. And enjoyed herself. A lot. Otherwise Caellius may come to question, why HE was suspicious enough, to warrant a word of warning while Aventus seemingly get's to have his way with no consequences whatsoever.

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Once again a minor correction: the first word of "Marked for Death" isn't Tiid but Krii. Tiid is the first word of "Slow Time". (Runa used the wrong word shen fighting the Akaviri leader).

Otherwise it's well written. Aventus always seemed to be a bit of an Ass but this really proved the point. I agree with HM Aventus should be told off a bit (either by runa or destana or maybe Caellius could take the initiative to have a few stern words with aventus)

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More Akavir ... did Akaviri Hunting Tours Ltd. establish a ferry service to Roscrea?


10 Knots? 18 km/h? Hold on to your hats people the wind is STIFF. Honestly, how did a galley catch up to them under such conditions? Sure Galleys can go much faster, until the rowers tire, which does not take long, even for crack rowers, if the need to go all in.


Also Galleys had preeety large numbers (main reason why they had to beach every night), even without counting the rowers (chances are only the upper bench rowers would get involved (and be equipped to do so), crack rowers are harder to come by then common soldiers or alternately [since we are talking more medieval types most likely] the other rowers might be slaves and convicts anyway).
Now pirate ships tended to have above average crew numbers as well, still without some larger than life heroes onboard (which luckily were present) I would consider it most unwise for any pure sailing ship to mess with a galley ... of course depending on the type it's most unwise for the galley to not at least try and ram them first, a pure sailing ship has pretty much no chance to avoid being rammed, but then again medieval type of galleys usually did not feature a ram anymore. Though a galley would still tend to have catapults or even fire projectors which it could bring to bear to deplete enemy numbers before engaging them in boarding action.
And finally ... gangplanks. Did that mod author have any clue about naval warfare? <sigh>
Ships grappled and were leashed together (somewhat) and yes that meant a higher boarded ship conveyed an advantage.


While I'm at nitpicking ... how Runa 'pulled out the Moonlight Greatsword again' is something I really want to see, unless her personal henchmen held it ready for her to be pulled. :P
Ahh ... Skyrim .. or fantasy games at large, so many near impossible thing done so easily. ^^



Is that a chain collar she is wearing in those sex images? Now where does that come from?


@HM: I'm sure D. is capable of coming up with an interesting ship sales tax or something. ^^
I agree though, that was a pretty low by Aventus. At first I thought it was to get him out of the story.



Well, well, hopefully that's not a real beholder ... death ray ... disintigrate ... paralysis ... domination ... would be easy for Runa or her others from her ragtag band to ... move on to the next world. I've decimated well-equipped, high level D&D groups with just one.


Side note, did you consider aggregating your blogs into a PDF someday? The vids would've to be cut of course, still I imagine I might be interested to re-read the story one day and who knows ho long the blog will stay up and intact.


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21 minutes ago, Talesien said:

Side note, did you consider aggregating your blogs into a PDF someday? The vids would've to be cut of course, still I imagine I might be interested to re-read the story one day and who knows ho long the blog will stay up and intact.


I second that idea. Would be nice, to have D.'s saga secured for a future re-read.

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I would be amenable to turning this inti a pdf. I know I have atleast a novel's worth of words here. I assume with images, but what about the early ones eithout many images?


Thanks for the TIID tip. Editors are good. 


About Aventus, I'm trying to write kinda like a bro asshole, but I didn't think the septims thing was that big. They've had sex before and he was messing with her (like friends do) he could tell she was ok with the idea and pushed a little bit.  Of course, Calleius is probably going to have a word with him later. Destana isn't omniscient 😄


The collar is a Thief Collar from the UNP Shop. 


That is a Beholder, but definitely not full strength. It did paralyze me a bunch of times, but between four of us we got em. 


Runa's got that dimensional bag, just like everybody else in the family. Those backpacks are bags of holding. 😇

And I realize now I didn't get any shots of her wielding Eternal Abyss. It looks cool. 


Finally, the mod author plays pretty fast and loose with naval stuff, and I'm okay with it.  The two ships would've floated away from each other without mooring lines, etc etc etc. I know something about modern naval combat, line handling, etc. and could've done some research and corrected the mod author. But I figured laying out all the details would be boring for both of us. 


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5 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

About Aventus, I'm trying to write kinda like a bro asshole, but I didn't think the septims thing was that big. They've had sex before and he was messing with her (like friends do) he could tell she was ok with the idea and pushed a little bit.  Of course, Calleius is probably going to have a word with him later. Destana isn't omniscient 😄


Since I am the one, who started the topic, I would like to add something here. 

To me the questionable thing was not them having sex again. That I am entirely fine with. It was, that A. basically put a price-tag on their "friendship" and (without any real need) asked: "Are you willing to pay this much?". Even more so, since I got the impression, that to him the price of the ship was no "small change". Yet he made it sound, like he was doing her a favor and not the other way around. In such a case, it doesn't really matter, if Runa could easily afford it. Or if she perhaps even would have hand-waved the remaining 2000 Gold for old times sake if properly asked. IMO Aventus' move may have been fine between pure business-associates but it was a real dick move between friends. And as a side-note: I imagine, it would garner him enormous rep as a womanizer, if A. would get away with this. After all, Runa is technically the Crown-Princess of Skyrim. And how many men can truthfully say: "You know, the High Queens daughter? Princess Runa, yeah. Blonde hair, stunning face, a real nordic beauty. Yeah, you see, she wanted my cock so badly, that she paid me 1000 Septims to fuck her good. That's how much of a stud I am."  Not sure, if that is a desirable scenario.


***Edit: In retrospect I think, the above is far too rambly. And I believe, I finally was able to nail down, what irked me about A.'s behavior. It was, that he combined two things (money and sex) that he had no business putting together. And he only did so, because he believed/knew, that he could get away with it. Because friendship. If anyone was in a position, to combine these 2 things, it should have been Runa. Something like:

A.) Aventus brags about his prowess in bed at time X with Runa being present.

B.) Later  (time Y) he comes to R. and asks her, under what condition she would be willing to reduce the money he owed. Ballsy but ok.

If then R. would have said, that she would reduce the dept by x if he showed her a good time in bed, then I would have been ok-ish with that. But he did not give her that choice. Thusly treating a "friend" with less consideration then a business-partner. Instead of "more" as it should have been. I think, that's my main issue with him atm. ***

 But of course, EB has final say in such matters.👍


And of course, D. isn't omniscient. But we know, that she can be nosy. And I would imagine, that anything concerning her Baby-Girl coming out of her shell, would be something to be nosy about. Here I simply picture D. grabbing C. by the scruff of his neck, giving him a good, vampire-eyed glare and he would spill the beans. Because he certainly doesn't want to end up on her bad side.😁


Finally, I am looking forward, to see, how you are going to write that conversation between Aventus and Calleius. Because I considered C. myself and then dismissed him. I figured, that, if he came to Aventus with some "stern words", then A. could simply turn around and say: "What are you talking about? You got your cock sucked, just as much as I did. So get off of your high horse, will you? You have no leg to stand on here."

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Posted second video, on the portion with the first ship battle. 


Also side note the ship fights were fun. I get there are constraints with the engine, which the mod author had me keep zoning in and out to change outside conditions. 


I'm surprised, a lot of the mass battles in RoC didn't send me into CTD mode like Second Great War did. 

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Also, even though I'm pretty far past this entry in RoC, started Fenrir quest. 




Bonus 63a.jpg

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Looks like Fenrir brought his favorite toy to the jungle. Does that mean, we will get to see a faithful recreation of the minigun-scene from the first Predator-movie at some point?😁

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No,no,no EB. Not like that. You still have a game to play. And a story to write about it. For the entertainment of your readers. So, letting yourself get shot or stabbed by a telescope-spear wielding, shoulder-cannon toting, space-chakram throwing, spymask-wearing Monster-Hunter from outer space is not an option, that is open to you. To Fenrir it may be available, though. As long, as he only get's heroically wounded that is. So that he can then, relying on grit and determination, pick himself up and GET TO DA CHOPPAAHHH! Which in Tamriel would have to be a dwemer airship of some sort, I imagine. 👍😁

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9 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

Kill me!  Do it!  I'm right here!!

Isn't the famous Predator quote more like:

"You're hit, you are bleeding man."
"I ain't got time to bleed."

And you would be right, you ain't got time to bleed, you got a game to play and stories to write about it. ^^



On 3/26/2022 at 2:23 PM, EnragedBard said:


The collar is a Thief Collar from the UNP Shop. 

Hmm, ok, looks more like a slave collar to me, hence I wondered how that came to be on her. But really, that's an odd thief collar ... looks more like the one a captured thief would wear. :P
Not really fitting Runa IMHO, but it's one of your virtual dolls to dress. ;)

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Also, Moonpath is SO short. I doubt it's even going to take up one of my normal size entries. 


Have a bit of a side story that will fill in the gaps. Also, a lot of the time will be filled in with travel. Elswyer is pretty far away. 

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Then I hope, Fenrir brought something to deal with blisters. And maybe Trench-Foot too.


Seriously though, you managed to turn pure world-building entries as well as the very "flat" Skygerfall into enjoyable reads. I am sure this one will be just fine, despite any shortness of the source-material.


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