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Hey, it's Destana.  I called a moot in Skyrim.  And, for the most part, it seems like the Jarls are willing to go along with my plans.  But I had a lot of work ahead of me.  This had gotten bigger than just gathering Elder Scrolls to finish the vampires' fool plan.  Now, I was on my way to kill Alduin and Harkon. 


I took Serana to High Hrothgar, leaving the others. 

I approached Arngeir, "I need a shout that will kill Alduin."

"What have you heard?  Who have you been talking to?"

"Alduin's Wall."

"The Blades.  Of course.  They specialize in meddling with matters that don't concern them.  They've always sought to turn the Dragonborn from the path of wisdom.  Have you learned nothing from us?"

"They're helping," I meant it as both an explanation and a rebuke for the graybeards.

"Of course.  Unfortunately, I can't teach it to you, because I don't know it.  It's called 'Dragonrend,' and we do not regret this loss."

"Sounds pretty legendary," Serana said.

"So how can I defeat Alduin then?" I asked.

"Only Paarthunax, the master of our order, can answer your questions, if he chooses," Arngeir said.

"Why haven't I met this guy before?" I asked.

"He lives in seclusion on the top of the mountain.  We will teach you a shout to open the path," he said, and the old men started slowly walking out back.

"Well, congratulations.  You're officially Skyrim's errand girl.  Even if others don't appreciate you, I do.  I hope your name echoes through the ages," Serana smiled.

They taught me Clear Skies, and I made my way up the mountain, throwing out the first word of the shout to clear the path as I went up.  We only met an Ancient Frost Atronach and an Ice Wraith on the way up, then we were at the summit.


A dragon roared, landing in front of me.  

"Of course this is the secret.  I bet you're Paarthurnax," I laughed, "And that's where the Graybeards learned shouts.  And why you are a master of the voice."

"Greetings, Dovahkiin.  You are correct, I am Paarthurnax.  I am as my father Akatosh made me.  Why have you disturbed my meditation?" 

"I need to learn the Dragonrend shout."

"Drem.  First we must greet each other," Paarthurnax said.  He had a wizened, old voice.  If dragons could grow beards, I imagine his would have been gray and long.  

"A... dragon?" Serana had lagged behind and just reached the top.

"Keep up, hon.  This is the leader of the greybeards." I said.


Paarthurnax turned to the stone wall across the summit and blasted it with fire, "A gift, Dovahkiin.  Understand fire as the Dov do."

I walked over to the smoldering fire and power drew into me, teaching me, 'Yol.'

"Now, show me what you can do.  Greet me not as mortal, but as Dov!" 

"Okay," I smiled, "YOL!"  And fire burst from my mouth onto Paarthurnax. 

He chuckled, "YES!  Sossedov los mul!  The dragon blood flows strong in you.  It is long since I had the pleasure of speech with one of my own kind."

He swooped into the air and landed on the wall he'd burned earlier, "Greetings.  You have made the journey here.  Not so easy for a mortal, even one of dragon blood.  What would you ask of me?"

"I need to learn Dragonrend."

"Prodah.  I have expected you.  You would not come all this way just to speak with an old Dov.  You seek a weapon against Alduin.  But I do not know the shout you seek.  It cannot be known to me," Paarthurnax said.

"Well, shit," I said.

"Your kind created it as a weapon against my kind," he explained, "Our minds cannot conceive of the concept.  But I know of a way.  Drem.  All in good time.  First, a question.  Why do you seek to learn it?"

I paused for a second, then said, "I guess... I like this world.  Even for all its faults.  I don't want it to end."

"Some would say that all things must end, so the next can come to pass," he replied, "Perhaps this is only the egg of the next world, destined to be born.  Would you stop it?"

"The next world can take care of itself," I replied.

"Paas.  Well said.  Maybe you only balance the forces that bring the end of this world.  Even we who ride the currents of time cannot see past time's end.  Those who seek to delay it may bring it forth.  Those who seek to end it may delay it.  But... you have indulged my love for speech long enough.  Do you know why I live here on this mountain?"

"Well," I shrugged, "Dragons like mountains, right?"

"True.  But not many know this is the spot where Alduin was slain.  Perhaps none but me remember how he was defeated."

"Dragonrend?" I asked.

"Yes and no.  The shout weakened him.  It was an Elder Scroll," he said.

"Ah, there's our scroll," I said.

"Yes, they used it to cast him adrift on the currents of time.  Time flows ever onward.  He has returned," Paarthurnax said.

"How does this help me?" I folded my arms.

"Patience.  With the Elder Scroll used to cast Alduin to the future, you may be able to peer back through the wound in time.  See how your shout was done," he explained.

"Hmm... do you know where to find it?"

"No.  Thousands of years have passed since then.  You are likely better informed than I," he replied, "When you find it, return here.  You may be able to see my friends Hakon, Gormlaith and Felldir."


"Three mortals I first taught Thu'um, who created Dragonrend," Paarthurnax said.

"Oh, one more thing, if it doesn't kill dragons, what does it do?"

"I've never seen it done.  It is said to force immortal dov to experience the concept of mortality, weakening them greatly for a time," he explained.

So we trekked back down the mountain.

As we walked, Serana said, "I'm at a loss for words.  I just saw you talk to a dragon.  Not just with words, but literally breathing out fire.  Just don't do it to me, ok?"

I smirked, "Of course not.  But I guess that leaves us nowhere."

I went and talked to Arngeir (and got in a sneak feed, and he was a blue blood, as I suspected), who basically told me if Paarthurnuax wills it, then I should go find that elder scroll and learn Dragonrend.  Of course, a stodgy old man in a mountain also had no help for me. 


I stopped by my Private Tower in Helgen to pick up some new clothes.  I disenchanted everything that'd been lying around for a while, then used a 'High Alchemy' spell (that was alteration) to transmute all the junk I had into gold.  Not quite as lucrative as selling it, but way more convenient.  I kept the Crusader Armor, but fished out some new sets of clothing (the joke had worn pretty thin) and enchanted them to my liking.  One of them was a leather set from UCM, the other a brown leather set from a mix of places, making me look pretty barbaric.  That last one was for much later. Meeting the Forsworn. Though I could just go topless.  Then I headed to Sky Haven Temple to ask Esburn about that scroll, who I saw had found a way into the Armory there and was wearing a kimono.  Delphine was wearing Akaviri-style armor, and I figured it might be time to take a look.


"That's a pretty puzzle," he said in response to the Elder Scroll, "The college of winterhold may be able to help."

"Hmm, good idea!" I said. 


I looked at the armory, though it was mostly heavy armor.  But I did find a katana that dealt huge extra damage to dragons: Dragonbane, so I grabbed that.  I traveled over to Little Vivec.  

I asked the dunmer hunter there, "Have you seen any new people pass through here recently?"

"Strange question.  Stranger still for a stranger such as yourself," he said in deep, dulcet tones.  

I folded my arms, "Okay, what do you want for the info?"

"There's a bandit camp just south of here that've been trying to rob us.  So far they've only gotten arrows."

"Say no more.  When I get back, I expect information," I replied.  But when I got there, the bandits were already dead.  Well, that's never happened before.  Had somebody else been fighting them recently?  I took the leader's distinctive helm as proof and walked back.

"Curious," the hunter said, "This is his, but you said it was done already?  It could have been him."


"You tried to do our village a service, you have a right to know.  A warrior passed through here wearing armor from Morrowind.  Powerful and honorable.  We talked for a time.  I mentioned the bandits, but didn't ask him for help, and gave him no reward.  He mentioned a dwemer ruin named Kagrenar."

"Thanks," I said, turning to leave. 

"Wait," the hunter said, "That warrior.  He is more than you can imagine.  Keep your wits.  Azura guide you."

"Yeah someone else said something to that effect too," I said, "Now I'm excited to meet him."

I looked at my map, "Oh wow, that's east of Windhelm.  

I turned to Serana, "Let's stop in Windhelm.  I want you to meet my other son.  Then would you mind going ahead to Winterhold and talking to the Librarian?  Urag gro-Shub is his name."

"Sure.  What are you going to do?"

"I think I'm going to take a short trip to see this criminal.  Shouldn't take more than a day out of the way," I replied.

"Okay.  Just don't forget about me," Serana replied.

"Never," I smiled. 


And... three dragon attack in Windhelm!  As if I didn't need another reminder to hurry up.  Ulfric came out and helped with the battle and went back in while I was looting the dragon corpses.

We walked into the Palace of the Kings and Thane Skjorta greeted me by the door, "If it isn't Stormblade!  How you doing?  That was a hell of a moot.  People are still talking about it."

I smiled at her, "Busy on the hunt for Elder Scrolls."

I walked forward, noticing it was just after sunrise, Ulfric just sitting down on his throne.

"Hey!  Good to see you!" He shouted.

I walked over, holding Serana's hand, "Got any time in your busy schedule for me?  I know court affairs are mighty important to you."

He chuckled, "Gods, this is the most boring part about being a Jarl.  What do you need?"

I leaned in and whispered to him, making sure Serana came as well, "I want you two to be 'formally introduced."

They both raised an eyebrow.

"Hear me out," I said, "I think you're both beautiful, and there's room enough for both of you in my life.  Why not get acquainted?  I'm going to take Serana to your bedchambers.  Meet us there in ten minutes."

I grabbed her hand again and led her upstairs while Ulfric was handing out a septim award to another adventurer.

"I'm not sure about this," Serana said as she closed the door behind her.

"I mean, he's handsome, right?" I asked.

"Yes.  He looks like he's not much older than us."

"That's what I said!  Oh my gods, I'm stupid.  I assumed because I saw you at those DKOs... are you okay with the company of men?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's fine.  I think I'm like you," she replied, "It's just hard for me to open up to others, you know that."

"I know.  Just focus on me and ... this'll be fun."

"Okay," she smiled.  Good to know even with the several coming apocalypses we could take some time out to remember what we were fighting for.  I stripped off her robes (they were called robes, but they looked more like a dress) and started to touch.  The door cracked open and I peered over, still working.

"Sorry," Ulfric said, "I couldn't wait."

"It's okay," I held Serana's hand as Ulfric got out of his armor, walking over.  

First, I kissed the both of them, I laid Ulfric down, got him ready and slid on top of him.  I pulled Serana over and had her sit on Ulfric's face while I kissed her.  After a while, we switched to me sucking him while he stood, her gripping my hair and forcing me down to the hilt (they both seemed to be enjoying this).  I kept going and Serana pressed herself up against Ulfric's back.  Then he started to fuck me again.  

"Lasting a long time today," I smiled at him.  We switched soon to our original position, but Serana was laying down being fucked and I was sitting on her face.  When he was about to finish he popped off her and came on both of our faces and chests.  

"Feeling acquainted?" I smiled at them both.

"Oh yes.  You found a treasure in this one," Ulfric grinned at me.

Serana smiled back, "You're pretty good looking for an old guy."

He chuckled.

"Pretty good looking for anyone!" I said, "Did you see those abs?"

"Anyway, I should get to that Library," Serana started to dress.

"Before you go, I don't think you're met Fenrir," I said, dragging her over to his room.

"Hey kid," I said as I entered.

"Mom!" He hugged me, "Who is this?"
"This is Serana," I said.  She reached out her hand, but he pulled her in for a hug, to which she blinked.  Of course Fenrir thought she was pretty too, and he was a smart boy.  Her boobs were about face height and he was a kid, so he was doing this with impunity.  He sat back down.

"I heard you were getting married to dad.  Other dad.  Ulfric.  So what about dad?  Sanguine," Fenrir scratched his head.

"Well, he's probably going to be gone for a long time," I said.

He sighed, "I was starting to think that.  I haven't tried to contact him yet.  Now I'm starting to wonder if there's a point."

I hugged the kid, "You be strong.  I'm sure he has very important things to do.  Anyway, I'm going to head out to a dwemer ruin.  I was just saying hi to you and Ulfric."

"I shall go.... to the Library!" Serana cheered.

I chuckled, "Yeah, I'll be there soon."

I gave them both a hug and headed over to the old Dwemer ruin by myself. 


First thing I noticed was a dead troll out front.  Inside, more dead dwemer spiders and such.  There were four pedestals with replicas of the Heart of Kagrenac, Sunder, Keening and Wraithguard.  Huh, Morrowind history buff lived here.  I took the heart as a souvenir.

In the next room I found a book labeled 'The First Question,' and a chest labeled 'The First Answer.'  Hmmm... perhaps a riddle.  I looked at the book, but it was in dwemer.  With rough dunmer scribbled in the margins:  'Powerful magic given form, two souls it binds with an ancient force.'  More wordy than I'm used to, like the olde time riddles, but ok.  In the room there were a collection of potions, spell scrolls, soul gems, and at the end, curiously, dwemer marriage medallions.  Thinking I saw the trick, I grabbed one of the medallions and put it in the chest and in a burst of green the door opened.  And of course I ransacked everything of value.  I walked through the door and could sense several presences (a new vampire power), so I stealthily approached with my bow.  Three dwemer walkers.  I shot at one, but he moved at the last second, alerting them all to my presence.  But, not a big deal, I shot the three of them down before they could get to me.  


Second room, second question:  The mightiest weapon in all creation.  With it, mortals become gods, for it can slay time.  Hmm...  I looked over to see the door was open.  Malfunction with the bots maybe?  I looked around the room, a little intrigued by the question, but just took everything (it was mostly dwemer weapons and armor, but I did get some dwarven arrows) and walked through the door.  


Third room, third question: when cold it destroys, when hot it creates.  Let it encase your heart for what lies ahead.  Sounds like water or something.  I looked around.  This room was lined with metals and gems.  I swept the table of gems into my bag and picked up a steel ingot, eyeing the bound dwemer centurion in the corner.  I put the steel in the box and in a burst of green the door opened.  Right again!  I stepped through the door to another locked door (requiring a key) and an elevator. 


When I stepped off the elevator, I heard the sounds of explosions.  A woman was yelling, "You picked a bad time to get lost."  But not at me, around the corner.  I peeked my head out and found a dual wielding man fighting a woman.  Had she followed him in before me?  I let the fight commence, and he blasted her down almost immediately. 

He saw me, but he sheathed his weapons, "Hail stranger."  It was my original target.  Wearing a set of chitin and dwemer custom armor, using two blades and casting magic like a pro.  Who was this guy?

"That's awfully dangerous to just sheathe your weapons.  I was sent after you too," I said.

"I've been expecting you, Dragonborn," he said calmly.

"You know who I am?  Who are you?" I asked.

"In a way, I know you better than anyone else.  The weight of destiny weighs heavily on your shoulders.  Just like me," he said, "I can't say I even remember my birth name it's been so long.  Mortal minds weren't meant to deal with immortality.  The people of Vvardenfell started calling me the Nerevarine."

"Get the fuck outta here.  I would be more inclined to believe you if you said you were Akatosh himself.  If you are the Nerevarine, where did you go?" I folded my arms.

"I went on an expedition to Akavir some two hundred years ago.  That much people know.  I left there for lands beyond many years ago.  Eventually I wound up here.  My thirst for adventure knows no bounds.  After I defeated Hircine in Solstheim, Morrowind seemed so empty.  I needed to see the world.  I know you've felt it too," he said.

"Okay, maybe I have.  Why does nobody know you're back, then?"

"I willed it so.  I thought maybe I could atone."

"For what?  What would the Nerevarine have to be ashamed of?"

"The oblivion crisis for example.  Where was I?" He asked.

"Good question.  But no.  You can't do that to yourself.  When big things happen, big damn heroes always seem to find their way to the problems.  Like the Hero of Kvatch.  Like the Hero of Daggerfall.  Like you," I said.  Maybe I was starting to believe him, "So why are you here now?"

"The Dwemer Smith Kagrenac's lab was here - one of them."

"You think he left something here?"

"Not just something.  When Tiber Septim united Tamriel, he did so with a giant golem called the Numidium.  I destroyed a second one later on.  This looks like a similar model."

"Tiber Septim.... Numidium?" I asked, nearly vibrating now.  I looked down at my hands, that were starting to shake, then I looked up at him, "Sir.  I'm probably one of your biggest fans.  I'm an even bigger fan of Talos.  And you know why?"

"Why's that, Dragonborn?"

"Both of you were mortals that reached for the heavens and found yourselves amongst the immortals.  He... embodied an old missing god and you... kind cheated I guess," I smirked, then clapped him on the shoulder, "You want me to help you fight a giant golem?  I'm game.  If you truly are who you say you are, practically nothing would stop us."


It was a pretty epic battle.  The golem had an invincibility shield at the beginning and the Nerevarine drew its attention.  Taking the hint, I deactivated the beams granting the shield and destroyed the power cores.  Then we both laid into the golem.  When it went down, we looted the scrap and he nodded to me.

"It's been a while since I could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with somebody as strong as me," he smiled.

"A good fight deserves a good reward, doesn't it?" I smirked.

"I don't have any gold, but I do have some treasures I could give you," he replied.

Not what I meant, *wink*.

"I have a mace, a greatsword and a bow," he continued.

"Oh!  Bow!" 

He handed it to me, and it looked ethereal, like a bound bow.  And when I willed it, having it equipped, it casted Invisibility on me, making my mouth water.  Speaking of which, I turned back to him, and he was readying a teleportation spell.

"Wait!" I said.

He stopped, "I'll be at the Shrine of Azura for a while if you want to talk some more.  I think I need to have a break."

"Wait," I said, and I reached out and pulled off his helm.  A dunmer, of course, with a shaven head and dark eyes.

"For some reason nobody seems to be clear on what type of person you are," I said, "I always thought you were female."

"Yeah, it happens with legends," he replied, "Probably happen with you someday.  They'll be saying you're a male Nord."

"Probably," I chuckled, and in the meantime I'd been running my hand along his cheek.

"Please, dragonborn, you debase yourself.  I left feelings such as those behind me long ago," he sighed.

"I don't debase myself at all," I said sweetly.  Also, how dare he slut-shame me?

"Think of it as the ultimate form of fan worship.  Or the deepest want of understanding from one hero to another," I said.  I started to kiss him on the neck.

I could feel him shiver, and without protest, I started pulling his armor off.  Then mine.  Eventually, he accepted my advances and laid me down on the cold stone. 

"You have a lot of tattoos," he commented.  I could feel he was enjoying my body.  It was somewhat vanilla - missionary.  But it felt pretty good.  I kissed him and he put back on his armor, then he repeated that he'd be at Azura's shrine if I needed him.  I could swear I made him blush.


So I tried to walk back toward the room that was locked, but the elevator was broken. Guess I needed to go around again.  I went out the back way.  And Mandyn Hlaalu was outside the bars of the elevator, waiting for me.  


"I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to find you.  Would you kindly return that ring I lent you?" 

"Sure.  Take it.  You didn't tell me who the target was, asshole."

"Such a shame.  If you'd killed him the ring would be red with his blood," the dunmer said, "That coward is not worthy of mercy.  And after allying with him, neither are you."

He started to draw and I squinted, "So you want to try and kill the person you think was his equal, but you weren't willing to try and kill him?"

"Whatever, fuck it," I said.  Been meaning to test this out, "YOL!" I shot fire in his face, and he stumbled back, though now he had the fire resist ring I'd just given him back. 

"Well, going with the tried and true FUS-RO-DAH!" I shouted and he ragdolled off in front of me, slamming into a tree.  When I got to him I took one swipe at him, which hurt him quite a bit.  He took a swing at me, which I knocked away with my dagger and I slashed him again.  He dropped his dagger and ran.  I took out my new bow, taking aim and getting him in the back.  I may or may not be a hero, but I'm not above shooting people in the back.  


So I walked back to the room that was locked (by entering the original entrance again), and it was still locked.  But there's more than one way of opening doors.  When it opened, it had only a key inside... for the lower level.  So I circled around again and opened THAT door, and all that was inside was an old unreadable Dwemer tome and a couple trinkets.  Oh well.  I headed on to Winterhold.  


I walked into the Library to Urag gro-Shub walking around gathering materials and Serana just staring.

"Oh hey!" She said, "Have you ever seen anything like this?"

"What's that?"
"Books!  Many books!" She seemed to be reduced to the vocabulary of a child by this, I laughed inwardly.

"I can't even... this is too much.  I've never been to a Library this huge before.  I mean, I've never been to a proper library," she continued, "Countless tales of old, legends, whew... okay Serana.  Just breathe.  I know we have important things to do, but could we relax here a little bit?"

"Well it looks like we might have to.  How long has Urag been looking?" 

"A few hours, it seems like," she said, "I figured it wouldn't take so long so I waited downstairs and just now walked up to the higher level."

Serana and I read books for a while, and I discovered a few new bound spells lying around (whip, claws, etc) and a note and key about a secret lockbox.  Then I noticed Urag was gone.  It was definitely getting late, so I walked over to his room to find him sleeping.  


"So, any luck?" I woke him up.

"Still looking," he said. 

"Seen Damien?" I asked.

"He's over at Manantis," Urag replied, rolling back over, "I'll most likely find what I was looking for tomorrow."

"Crud," I sighed and shut the door behind me.  I sat down in the sitting area next to Urag's room with Serana, "So I guess here we wait until he can find something."


Then for a bit of catharsis, I snuck into Phinis Gestor's room and cracked open a lockbox.  Inside was a lot of gold, and a dragon icon that when I pocketed it turned into 15,000 gold.  Which, I threw onto the pile.




Just a bit of questing, and Moon and Star!


The lockbox in Phineas' room was from Ordinator, one of the lockpicking perks.  Also, the Dragon of Fate gave me a perk point.


Also, random picture of Serana sweeping the floor in my private tower while I'm trying on clothes.  What a doll of a companion.  The physics are kind to her when she has her boobs on Ulfric's back.


I think this is a bug in which Urag searches for the information forever.  Spoilers:  I just look up the next step in finding the scroll and just go do it myself.


Edited by EnragedBard


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Ah yes, the moon and stars quest. Pretty interesting one, finding targets you are sent to eliminate already dead is certainly a kinda unique "happenstance" in Skyrim. Actually made me expect an ambush or some other trap back then. ^^

Uhm .. UCM? United Caribous of Manitoba? ^^

And uhoh D. tries to establish a triangle. Be very careful there keeping a regular relationship working can be a lot of work ... triangles exponentiate that, ya know.

Ah, yes Serana in the Arcaeum  "...B...B...B...Books" That one is a truly a little gem. ^^

Very nice episode, thanks for writting it all up ah and Merry Christmas (or Happy Yulefeast if you prefer ^^).

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I know a little about throuples (the real me).  Indeed can be rewarding but difficult.  May be a little challenging in game, especially when the Kimg amd Queen thing happens and Serana is ruling over the vampires. 


Unpretentious Clothing is probably the truest name, although I can't say I agree with it. 

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 I didn't realize Destana is such a history buff, that she would recognize all those artefacts on sight. And her fangirling when meeting the Nerevarine was just adorable. Initially. Then she just had to take the opportunity to have sex with a legend, because obviously. ?

As a sidenote: I am entirely convinced that the clear sky shout is as noisy as it is, only to give old Parturnax enough of a warning, when a visitor is coming. So he can be presentable and dignified i.e. take of his plush slippers and hide his stash of whatever dragonic gossip magazine he is addicted to.


Overall a thoroughly enjoyable chapter and Merry Christmas! (or whatever holiday you are celebrating).?

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