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Entry 58: Vengeance Granted



Hello.  This is Damien.  I feel like it's been a week since I made a journal entry, so I'll sum up what I've been doing.  


After the Thalmor war I found the secrets to chronomancy in Viranir's notes and found she was going to try and change history, so I cast her spell and ended up 200 years in the past.  I found I was thrust into the role of the Hero of Daggerfall.  After meeting Ocato (The Eternal Champion) and Uriel Septim VII, I went off to fix all of Illiac Bay's problems.  I became weak because of the transfer and had to rebuild my power from scratch.


I'm currently in a small town near Daggerfall, named Whiteford.  I feel like with the recapture of Elemental Bolt, Wards and some Illusion spells, I’ve progressed in power level from House Cat to Ocelot.  They call me the Ocelot, the terror that meows in the night.   I decided I would spend a few days recapturing spells like Calm, Harmony, Frenzy, Fabricate Object and an old favorite: Chameleon (and not doing anything else, certainly not getting to know Brisienna).  Ok, I’m a liar.  I spent most of that time with her.  




It's a slippery slope.  It started out with talking, her being intent on cleaning me up from all the blood and dirt that'd gotten on me from having to fight through those dungeons.  That ended up in us kissing.  Which ended up in me pleasuring her.  The next day I came back again, ripe with muck and this time it went beyond me pleasuring her to her insisting on taking it further.  I counter-insisted on non-vaginal entry, which she found weird, but she accepted.


After a few days of this, her charms got to me.  We grew quite fond of each other, but after so many days, she was insistent that I needed to finish my mission.


It was the 10th of Sun's Dawn when I finally decided to continue my work.  


I'd heard Cyndassa  at Castle Daggerfall had more information for me.  It being right next to where I'd been, I hit her up.




"Yeah, I'm Cyndassa, what's it to ya?"

"Were you Mynisera's chambermaid?  Do you know about the Emperor's letter to Mynisera?"

"I might know somethin," she replied, "But I ain't giving it away for free.  You scratch my back before I scratch yours."

"Sure," I said.

"Ain't but a fleck to the world I am.  Just a maid, my needs ain't big.  Werewolf needs done in.  I can't tell you why.  But it's in some Arkay-forsook hole named Wormhenge."


It was just a short journey north so I set out right away.  Next to the entrance was a large henge (go figure) made of stone.  A stonehenge.




I set my Mark, and went into the first room, which was just a large elevator.  When I hit the lever, the entire room moved down, and when the wall opened up, all I could see was a burned-out floor and a cadre of monsters waiting for me.  I readied my Staff of Frost (the one that creates a line) and Elemental Bolt, getting in stealth.  I started blasting as soon as I could see them, and when the elevator reached the bottom, I retreated, using freezing cold to keep them at bay.




All-in-all a dangerous welcoming party, with a Centaur, Dryad, Nymph and a Giant.


I pushed forward, finding a locked door.  When I got it open, a wereboar charged at me, taking a couple swipes that cut me deep.  I blasted him with cold, doubled back, and blasted him with double-handed Elemental Bolts while I continued retreating.  Then I healed myself.  Just to be safe, I cast Cure Disease.  Gods, I love being a spellcaster.  I'm pretty sure training for were-creatures had not advanced as far as it had in present day and I'd be left to die out in the cold or by the spear of some big game hunter.


When I entered the next room I found a Circlet of Waterbreathing.  I had the simultaneous responses:  "Great.  Water puzzle time." and "Well atleast the designers of this dungeon provided this."  I slipped it on, forcing it to fit over my horns.  This section was an underwater maze, but it didn't have many dangers.  When I emerged from the water, another door stood in front of me.


I opened it, and again I was rushed.  This time it was the werewolf.  I shut the door.  He opened the door.  I casted Summon Familiar inside and shut the door again.  I could hear my spectral wolf doing badly against him for about thirty seconds, but making some headway.  During this time I healed, casted Iron Will, and charged up a double-handed Elemental Bolt.  When the were opened the door again, I blasted him back.  But He'd been joined by a dragonling.  I casted Summon Familiar again and kited the werewolf while my familiar distracted the dragonling.  


I won, but this time it wasn't as easy as the other dungeons.  I ransacked the treasure (finding a golden Daggerfall icon dagger worth a fortune).  Then I casted Recall and returned to Castle Daggerfall.

"He's dead.  Whew, those creatures were tough."

"Poor thing," Cyndassa said, "He were my brother, but we could find no cure for him.  Got locked in that ruin with the rest of the beasties.  He died long ago if you ask me."


She sighed, then she said, "I remember ya letter.  It's not every day that you gets a letter from the Emperor hisself, especially since the King ain't too fond o' him.  I gave it to her majesty, she rips it open and says, 'This isn't for me, this is for Mynisera.'  Then boom!  Her jaw falls open and eyes get real wide.  She say she'll be sure the queen mother gets it and I don't have to worry meself none about it.  Thank you so much for my brother."


I found the Dowager Queen Mynisera in her room below the royal dais.




"M'lady, I was sent by the Emperor to find a letter he sent you."

"Ah yes... I have heard much about you."

"Cyndassa told me Queen Aubk-i was mistakenly given the letter."

"Hmm... I can tell you she never delivered such a letter to me.  I should like to know what happened, if you're investigating further," Mynisera said, "But you should do so without alerting Aubk-i or Gothryd.  I have my suspicions about their loyalties to the Emperor."

"Do you have any leads?"

"The Emperor uses Sir Regebert as his messenger in Daggerfall.  I believe Lord Bridwell knows where he's delivering.  I saw him on the dais earlier.  Here, take my signet ring as proof of your service to me."


As I walked back upstairs, I found the perfect random occurrence that distracted the King and Queen and most the court.  Two guards having sex.  The royal couple was watching joyously so I can only imagine they commanded them to do so.  Gods, these people...




Anyway, I walked over to a balding knight, who was standing on the other side of the dais, averting his eyes.

"Excuse me, are you Lord Bridwell?" 

"Yes, I am."  

"Queen Mynisera asked me to find Sir Regebert.  Do you know where I can find him?"  I showed him the ring.

"I would not normally tell anyone who is not a knight of the Dragon where to find Sir Regebert.  However, I am loyal to Queen Mynisera.  Regebert also disemboweled the last person who tried to ambush him.  He is due to be at Gothway Garden.  Check the Dwarf and Huntsman tavern."

"Thank you sir," I nodded.


I traveled to the town, only being about a mile away, and found a lone knight enjoying an early dinner.  I sat down across from him.

"Excuse me, are you Sir Regebert?" 

"Ho!  You should be warned that I am a Knight of the Dragon in the service to the Emperor himself.  If this is a ruse to ambush me, you will surely not live to regret it."

"Oh yes, ambushing from the front," I chuckled.  Then I showed him the ring, "I work for the Emperor as well and am doing this job for Mynisera."

"Ah yes, indeed."

"Did you misdeliver a letter a while back from the Emperor?"

"Some time ago I delivered a letter from the Emperor addressed to the Queen of Daggerfall.  Aubk-i is the queen of Daggerfall, not Mynisera.  Tell her I take my duties very seriously.  I would never knowingly deliver a missive to the wrong party.  Here.  Take my amulet of Arkay to show her I am faithful to her and the order."

I shrugged, taking the amulet, "Alright."


I returned to Mynisera and explained.

"It makes sense.  Uriel Septim addressed the message to the Queen.  Because of the war, the letter was delayed.  By the time it got here, Aubk-i was queen," Mynisera leaned forward, "We must find out what was in that letter.  I have never trusted Aubk-i.  Yesterday I received a letter from Morgiah of Wayrest saying she knows the whereabouts of the letter.  Keep the Amulet as payment for your service so far."

"Actually, I know Morgiah.  She told me it was stolen by the Thieves Guild, who sold it to Gortwog," I explained.

"Drat.  I think I have a way to get him to give it up, if you'd fancy a trip to Orsinium."

I smirked, "I've never been there.  I'll do it."

"Gortwog wants very badly to be recognized by the Empire.  Present this letter to him.  Hopefully it will persuade him to cooperate," Mynisera handed me a letter.


So I traveled across the country again, taking two days.  I rested at Wayrest then traveled north to Orsinium.  Strangely, the Orcs there didn't seem to offer me resistance.  They let me walk right up to Gortwog.




"King Gortwog, I have a letter for you from Queen Mynisera."

He grabbed it and read it.  Then he said, "So she wants to sweet talk me.  Bah!  Her Emperor's letter is of no value to me.  She may have it.  However, my people may not be so lenient toward an outsider wandering the halls of Orsinium.  If you can survive my realm and find the letter, you may take it back to her.  I will also consider you to be worth of the title, "Blood-Kin."

"So you want me to kill all your men to get the letter?"


He just stared at me.  I bought and sold at his forge-wife, Marked and then journeyed down into the depths of Orsinium.  


I decided, I didn't have a problem with the orcs, and I didn't see a point in this.  When the first orc drew his weapon and charged at me, I blasted him with a Calm spell.  

"Magic is for the weak.  Pick up some steel if you want to fight me," the orc growled.

"But I don't want to fight you.  I'm just here to grab a letter," I replied.

"Bah," he balked as I walked by.  


Most of the exchanges went similar to this, though I met a couple tigers that I killed.

About midway through the journey I found a difficult locked door that I had to use both Locksplitter (which only makes locks easier to crack) and Unlock (which has a limit on what it can unlock) to get by.  And ... theme of today's entry, I heard a growl and found something charging at me from the darkness.  


I cast Calm, and it resisted.  I casted a Pacify, it resisted.  It roared as it got near.  Some kind of lizard man, but not an Argonian.  It was like a wild beast given humanoid form.  Some form of daedra?

"What the fuck is that thing?" I shouted.  I chugged a magicka potion and tried throwing out an Elemental Bolt.... but my magicka pool was bone dry.  

I shut the door, holding it against the creature.

I found my magicka was not coming back.  

Shit.  This is bad.  This is VERY bad.  


I pulled out a Daedric Tanto and Orcish Shield I'd been hanging onto, though I never thought I'd have to use it.  After a moment of no magicka, it returned, reacting to the magicka potion.

I opened the door, blasting it with a couple elemental bolts before he roared and I went dry again.  I turtled behind my shield and poked the thing, keeping myself in the door's threshold.  Then I shut the door again.


I drank a healing potion, then a magicka potion and waited for it.

I kept doing this for several minutes, until the thing took its last breath, and I was on death's door, even with my crummy tactics.  It slumped against the wall with its eyes open, looking almost alive but being motionless.

I waited for my magicka to come back and healed myself.  

"I need another vacation," I said.




I took a breather, skimming a book of daedra from my pack.

"Oh.  That was a Daedroth," I said, "Fuuuuuck."


After a bit, I continued on and mixed Calm with Chameleon to wind my way through Orsinium.  Eventually I came upon the note, on a pedestal like a holy document. 




I nodded to the guards, all Calmed, casually grabbed it and used my Recall go to back to Gortwog.

"So hey, why are you keeping a Daedroth in your tunnels?"

Gortwog's eyebrows raised, "So you found it then?  We did lock it away, but it made getting between the lower and upper levels very inconvenient.  Looks like... you killed it too."

"Yeah.  I only killed the Daedroth and about four Tigers.  No orcs.  I know my mom and sister have orc friends and figure if I kill a lot of you guys there won't be any orcs left, as there are not a lot of orcs, generally speaking," I replied.

"That opinion is soaked with weakness.  But you did solve our Daedroth problem, so you must be strong.  I guess I can call you 'Blood-Kin," Gortwog replied.


"Fantastic," I said back, sarcastically.  

From there it was a short journey to Castle Shedungent to see Nulfaga and get that Unicorn Horn.

She was, of course, unhelpful and still completely insane, so I braved her dungeon again and retrieved it.  I decided this was not an interesting thing to describe so I'm glossing over this here.  I used a scroll to teleport back to Medora Direnni.

"Oh!  The horn!  You have succeeded in a most dangerous enterprise."  

I guess, the tower being free from monsters and her being free to leave didn't mean she actually wanted to leave right now.  She just sat there.


I put my hand in my pocket and found a note from the Underking.  Magic!

Sigh... he wanted to me to meet him in Sentinel.  

It was about night on 13 Sun's Dawn, so I camped and did the smart thing, I meditated for Flight.

I'd also come upon the thought that my gear hadn't all been obliterated when I traveled here.  Maybe it was as recallable as my powers?  Food for thought.  


Levitate still had its purpose.  It offers more fine control, but Flight can be used for much faster overland travel.  These guys were sending me back and forth across this province so much and nobody seemed to know directed teleport spells (or maybe they hadn't been invented yet) so I figured this was the next best thing.  In the morning, I followed Illiac Bay in flight back down to Sentinel and found the Underking's agent at Zenithar's temple, dressed as a priest.  


"You were described as a hero by Prince Lhotun.  We have reason to believe the Necromancers have made a move against the Blades.  They stole a magic dagger from us and cursed it.  Then they placed it in a treasure room in Castle Llugwych, an ancient haunted castle.  Then, all they had to do was spread rumors of great treasure there.  From the Underking's scrying, he knows the Blades are currently raiding that tomb.  The Underking has his reasons for not wanting the Blades to be harmed.  If you wish to save them, reach the end before they do and prevent anyone from activating the dagger.  Be careful, for there are monsters and other tomb raiders to contend with."


Blades, huh?  

The Castle was north, past Daggerfall, so I returned the letter to Mynisera.  I popped by to see Brisienna, but the Innkeeper said she'd gone out for the day.  I raided the blacksmith, and remembering my daedric encounter, I bought adamantine armor (still light armor).  I enchanted it (destroying the waterbreathing circlet), a ring and a good necklace, went ahead and put my Mark at Windmaison (the house Brisienna had loaned me).  Then I kept going, arriving at Castle Llugwych around noon.  The Underking's man wasn't lying.


It opened up to a green room filled with many ornate statues.  Groups of thieves, orcs and skeletons were fighting and I casually slipped by unnoticed.  




I found a room with a bear, to which I used Calm on him (hopefully he can find his way out of here).  Then I found another room with a group of thieves and mages fighting each other.  I was barely having to lift a finger here.  






I finally came to a hallway with several heavily armored mercenary types who were just searching the area.  I kept up my stealth and pegged one of them with a Rage spell, causing him to attack his friend.  With Chameleon, I slipped further in.   


I finally came face-to-face with vampires and gargoyles.  And I used the same trick.  I hit both Gargoyles with Frenzy, and between the two groups only a single vampire remained, which I exploded with Elemental Bolts.

This is definitely stealth caster style.


I finally stepped into the treasure room and found the Blades that'd been engaged in a fight with the vampires before I incited a riot amongst them.  Two of them were wounded, one of them near death, and the last two were only lightly damaged.


"Damien," she said back.

"So you're a Blade huh?  Is this still during your 'secret police' phase?  So now you have to kill me?" I folded my arms, smirking.


"Look out!" 

An arrow streaked into the room.  One of the early groups had found us.  I turned, shut the door and used Lock to hold the door.

"What're the chances they have a mage or a lockpicker amongst them?"

They started bashing at the door.

"Ok, third option.  Hey, this might look bad, but we're going to be fine," I said as I was dumping the piles of gold into my bag.

"Fine?  How?" One of the others asked.

I grabbed the cursed dagger, being careful not to activate it and slipped it into my bag.

"Trust me.  Brisennia does.  Everyone grab onto me," I said.  They figured, I guess, nothing more to lose, and they did it.  I casted Recall, and we ended back up at Windmaison.  I quickly casted my highest level area heal spell to prevent them from dying outright.


"Whew," I said.

Brisennia pulled me to her and kissed me, "If you weren't my hero before, you definitely are now.  For now, I'm going to deputize you.  You're an honorary Blade."

"Well, in repayment, I think you should stay in Daggerfall at least a little longer.  I think we should travel together after we're done here," I said, "I'd love to know more about you."

Of course, I was not sure how I was going to make that work.  But I had ideas.


I rested, spending the night with Brisennia.  She and I waved goodbye to the Blades the next morning.  The dagger had just been a side quest after they'd completed their actual job here, which I did not inquire about.


I went to see the Underking's agent in the morning and gave him the dagger, "They're all safe."

"Well done!  Here's your reward:  King Lysandus did not die in the battle of Cryngaine as everyone thinks.  He was slain by treachery.  His remains are not in his tomb.  They're secretly hidden in an ancient tomb in Menevia.  I do not know who betrayed him."


Thinking maybe someone who was a spellcaster who knew him well would know what to do, I used another scroll to teleport to Medora Direnni in her tower.  

"I found out where he's buried.  Thanks to the Underking," I said.

"Damien!" She sounded excited, "Good.  I've found a way to speak with the dead and have condensed it into an item.  Here, take this powder.  All you need to do is sprinkle it on his true corpse.  I must warn you, it will not put his shade to rest, it will only allow you to speak with him.  The final exorcism is for Lysandus to choose."

"Thanks," I said.

"Wait.  When you speak to him... could you tell him I still love him?  Death will not be a barrier to us... for long."

That was heavy.

"I'll tell him," I said.




So I traveled to the tomb.  There was a hall of statues at the front.  This gave me 'coming to life' vibes, so I hurried on.




This tomb was another string of hard battles.  This place was filled with undead.  Hey, at least there were no magic-draining Daedroth here.  

I fought vampires, skeletons, zombies, until finally I came to a large green room.  I found a hidden lever in a nearby hallway, which made the center of the floor start to lower, like another elevator.




I walked into the open tomb area below, and two liches awakened, blasting me with cold.  This time I used fancy footwork to dodge the slow moving cold and get a few shots on them.  




Through a combination of flat dodging and wards, I managed to kill the left one first via Elemental Bolts.  The right one gave me a bit more trouble, but I was feeling like my full power was right around the corner.  It took a while, but I got him down too.  


I took a breather, then I sprinkled the dust on his tomb.

A spirit, raging with fire appeared before me.  

He said, "I am soothed... for now.  But my vengeance is not quenched."

"Who killed you?  Maybe I can do something for that vengeance," I replied.

"If you'll truly lay my spirit to rest, be the instrument of my vengeance against Lord Woodborne of Wayrest."


"Hmm... I wonder why he would want to kill you," I said, "I'll do it.  Also, Medora Direnni says death won't separate you for long."

The ghost blinked, "Oh, could you please tell her not to kill herself?  I want her to live out her life and be happy.  I'll be an old ghost forever.  She has time and doesn't need to rush into her death."

"My sentiments exactly," I replied.

It was the 15th of Sun's Dawn.  I flew to Wayrest, reaching it by the afternoon.


I entered the castle, and I found another castle built on top of another strange ruin.  

"Gods, I hate this country," I said to myself.

I plumbed about in the tunnels for a little bit, fighting guards, before returning to the entry room and realizing the lever I'd pulled was lowering bridges in front of me to get to the tower above.  What a 'villain' thing to have in your house.




I smirked.  Then I casted Levitate on myself and just floated up to the top.  I got nearly to the top of the castle without much more trouble, only having to ice a couple more guards.

It was then that I entered a tunnel and I heard a familiar roar.

"Ah gods not again..." I said.  I double handed Elemental Bolts until the thing neared, then I took out a Daedric Katana and an Admantine Shield I'd picked up for this occasion.  




This one was easier than the first, but I didn't have the added bonus of the door and using cheese tactics on him.  When he was downed I asked myself, had this Daedroth been trapped on Nirn for a very long time, and was thus, very weak?  Or was I actually getting ok at fighting with a sword?


I put them away, "Well I'm not going to make this a habit."


I finally approached a chamber near the top and Woodborne was waiting there for me by a cozy fireplace.

"Ah, yes.  I've been expecting you.  You're the emperor's spy.  You've been a thorn in my side for a long time now," Lord Woodborne said, "You should've let sleeping kings lie.  Especially when I've gone to such great lengths to kill them.  Yes, I killed King Lysandus.  And now it will be a pleasure to kill you.  Engarde!"

"Prepare to die," I said back.

He drew a sword and shield.




And I decided to prey on his weakness.  I used my Frost staff, staying just out of his reach while I burned and electrified him.  


After a few minutes, he dropped, "I am... done in....It is up to Gothryd now.  May you... rot in Oblivion.  I most... certainly shall...."

With his life snuffed out, I could feel the damning sense of malaise and hate upon the province begin to lift.  I'd been here long enough and it was so dull and subtle I hadn't even noticed it until it was gone. 


sighed in relief.  I ransacked his treasure room (including a very damning journal), and as I was walking out, the Blades were storming in.

"Damien, what are you doing here?" Brisennia asked.

"Taking vengeance for King Lysandus.  It's done," I pointed to Woodborne's corpse.

"It's not here!" One of the other Blades shouted.

"Dammit!" She said, "Did you find the Totem of Tiber Septim while you were taking Woodborne's treasure?"


I dumped out what I'd just taken.

"Damn.  Not here.  Where could he have hidden it?" A blade asked.

"When he was dying he said something about King Gothryd."

"Of course.  They were friends.  I bet this was all a plot to secure Gothryd as king of Daggerfall and use the Totem to secure himself as king of all High Rock," Brisienna said.

"We definitely don't have the numbers to assault Castle Daggerfall, if that's where it is," another blade said.


Brisiennia nodded, then she put her hand on my shoulder, "I believe I have a plan, if the hero here is willing to help us."

"What's that?" I asked.

"We will erase all trace of what happened here, that way word does not get back to Gothryd.  This is an isolated castle, so we have a few days before they get suspicious.  Before they fortify, you must sneak into Castle Daggerfall and retrieve the Totem.  It's most likely in the treasury, a huge room deep in the underground."


I smiled, "For you, anything."


First, I decided I was going to take a slight detour while they hid the bodies.  I recalled back to Windmaison and slept the night.  I meditated again, but this time I decided I would try recalling objects.  And after a few tries, I managed to summon a staff from the void.  Good.  Helpful, and it confirmed my suspicions.  


Now it was the 16th of Sun's Dawn.  I'd been collecting tomes and books (as you do) and during my break earlier this month, I'd figured out the ritual.


I rented out one of the large upstairs inn rooms (as it gave me enough privacy) and I drew a large magic circle.  I poured magicka into it and cast the spell.  A small woman in a red robe appeared.  I looked at her, puzzled.


"Did I... did I mess it up?" I asked.

"No, no, you did it right.  He's just getting a lot of summons today you see.  He sent me to give you a mission.  You know, weed out the riff-raff," the woman said.




"Okay, well I get to see him after, right?" I asked.


"What does he want me to do?" 

"A gang of monks killed some of my brothers and sisters.  They're brothers, and they're pretty mean.  Kill them and return to me," she said, "They live in a house on the other side of town."

"Okay," I said, "I've killed for less."


I traveled to the destination and knocked on the door.

"Yeah, what Khajiit do for you?" A man answered the door.  They were all hanging out, drinking and having a good time.

I blasted the room with a Frenzy spell and shut the door.  In a few minutes I opened it and only one brother remained.  I pulled the door shut behind me.

"By the gods, what have I done?" He yelled.

"Don't worry.  You can join them," I said, blasting him with an Elemental Bolt.




"That was pretty cold-hearted, but I'm no angel," I said to no-one.  I thought I briefly heard the sound of clapping, but I couldn't place where.

I returned to the Inn and the woman was sitting there still.  

"It's done.  What now?" I asked.

"My lord requires a sacrifice to appear in person," she said.  She pulled out a dagger and thrust it towards her chest.

"No, wait!" I said.

"What?" She pushed the tip of the blade to her top button and popped it off, then she started to disrobe, "It always gets stuck.  I'm just trying to make it easier for you.  You must copulate with me to get my lord to come to the mortal realm."


I sighed, "I guess!"

We undressed and I started, pretty mechanically.




"Just so we're clear, are you some kind of daedra?"

"Oh, no, I'm a Breton," she said, "I am infertile though.  Don't worry about what happens."

"Thank the gods," I replied, then started pounding with wild abandon.  After we were done, we dressed again and the woman left.  I sat on the bed.

"Ahem..." I cleared my throat, "I think that woman just fleeced me."


"You'd think so, but no, she was telling you the truth."

"Bah!" I jumped.  And there he was.  Sanguine, my father, was before me.




"Power is such a lovely word, isn't it?  It drips from the tongue like honey.  If power is your aphrodisiac, I would be ecstatic to present you with the Sanguine Rose..." He started, but I cut him off.

"I don't need the staff.  Actually, yes, I'll take the staff.  I am a spellcaster.  But, I also wanted to talk to you," I said.

"Ah, an adoring fan, eh?" Sanguine asked.

"No, well, I guess, in a way.  But the real thing here is, in about 200 years you're going to be involved with a woman."

"I'm involved with a lot of women," he replied.

"Yeah, but this one's different.  You get her pregnant and she bears you a son."

"Not likely.  Mortals can get pregnant by daedra, but carrying it always kills them, and the child never makes it.  When the reverse happens the unborn child doesn't really... thrive in a daedric uterus."


I pursed my lips.  So... that's why I've never heard of a half-daedra/half-mortal throughout recorded history.  

"I'll tell you why she's unique.  She's Dragonborn.  She's supernaturally tough."

"Okay, that's more believable.  But what does this have to do with here and now?  If this happens in 200 years, I guess I'll remember it then."

"Because... that son is a powerful spellcaster who used chronomancy to travel 200 years into the past and become the Hero of Daggerfall.  And then he decided he would summon you," I smiled.

"Ah.  It's you?  You're my son?"  He looked at my horns, then my eyes that looked like his.

"You certainly look the part.  Guess I'll need to remember to steer clear of what's-her-name," he said.  

I raised my eyebrows, fearing I was about to start fading away.


He jabbed me in the gut, "I'm joking.  Geez, am I really that somber in your time period that I never taught you to joke?  Well, unless I abandoned you.  Which does sound like me."

I returned a glazed, annoyed look.

"What can I do for you, kid?" He asked, "I certainly don't know how to time travel."

"I think I've figured out how to get back home when this is over, but I need to see it through."


"What then?" Dad asked.

"Hmm..." I'd thought about this for a while, "You're immortal."

"Guilty," he replied.

"Do you think I could trust you to give me a message in about 200 years?" I asked.

"Eh, sure.  I'm not usually very trustworthy, but I do have my moments," Dad replied.


"Right after Skyrim's war with the Thalmor, could you come to me and tell me to fill my backpack with books?  Mostly history.  The Blades.  I need to know what happens with a ... certain someone."

"Oh... I get it!  You're in love aren't you?  And you want to make sure you're not going to fuck up the timeline," Dad laughed, "This is my wheelhouse.  I will definitely remember this."

"Thanks, dad," I said.

He turned to walk out of the room, starting to fade away, "Looking forward to getting to know you later.  Oh!" 


He chucked the Sanguine Rose at me, and I caught it.  When I looked up, he was gone.


I had this Inn room to myself for the rest of the day, so I sat down for about five minutes.  I definitely wasn't sure how timelines worked.  I meditated. 

In my hands, two books appeared.

The Rise and Fall of the Blades


The Warp in the West.


"Fuck yes.  It worked!" I said, and got to reading.



Bonus shot:  I decided I would turn the dirt settings down at some point, I kept having to wash all the time.




I put a huge personal twist on Castle Llugwych because the story makes no goddamn sense for this.  In the original game it is literally just a carbon copy of every other adventure - go to dungeon and beat it.  They mention the Blades, but the Blades aren't actually present in the tomb.  And it's just random creatures and humanoids.  Ah... the 90's.  I explained the humanoids being tomb raiders fighting for the treasure.


The Powder required yet another dungeon crawl to get it, and I decided I didn't feel like writing about it.  


And again, the original way the Woodborne thing goes is you immediately get a letter from Brisennia saying they sacked Woodborne's castle and the Totem wasn't there and I was like, "DID YOU, NOW!? Where were you when I was there?"  So I changed it.


The Sanguine summoning quest was pulled directly from Daggerfall, but it is not actually present in Skygerfall.  But I figured it was necessary.


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Recommended Comments

Good thing you added the chart again. Becaue this time, I just let the quests wash over me, enjoying Damien's attitude, without trying to keep track of the various NPC's overmuch. Like: Who is loyal to whom and who's the traitor in our midst.

Perhaps, it would be easier for me if I where familiar with the original, but I am not.

So, that's that.

But it looks like Skygerfall is slowly coming to an end. Meaning Damien can get back soon (?). Which I am sure, he is looking forward to. No more need to "restrain" himself for fear of creating time-weirdness.😁

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Well that was fun, especially considering it was still Skygerfall. The Sanguine part was probably my favourite. For a Daedra is quite likable. Maybe I will give SD another go sometime. ;)
I pretty much got lost with all the names ... Damian can't really I guess, but in his place, I might slowly start to develop a 'Kill them all' attitude. Given that, his restraint in Orisinium was quite remarkable. While she has her scruples too, I somewhat doubt Destana would have been so lenient.

Oh and I didn't know Daedroth have a magicka sapping ability.

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Runa gets way more views than Damien.  I guess people don't like him 😆


I did turn him into a hunky boy now though.  

Edited by EnragedBard
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Possibly. But Runa had alot more time in the spotlight previously and therefore more time to build up a fanbase. Plus she get's to be in Rigmor's fancy Bruma at the moment, while poor Damien is dealing with "ancient" Daggerfall.

So, a direct comparison might not be entirely fair to our spell-slinging friend.😉

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Nah. Damien you're fired.











Seriously though I don't know if views is any indication.  I'm just gonna keep doing what I like.  And I enjoy Damien.  It's been a challenge to inject a story into his story here.  It's almost over though.  Then I'll be alternating between Runa and Fenrir, and if Fenrir finishes, then probably something with Destana again.

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Well, as long as you let him go on vacation in Daddy S.'s realm once he is back in Skyrim... or to some fancy library, then I don't think Damien would mind "being fired" all that much.

Also: I very much so hope, you ment "once or when Fenrir finishes" and not "if". Who else is supposed to wander arround in the clunkiest armor available and shoot the bad guys with a ridiculous crossbow-like contraption, if he doesn't make it?

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Dunno, it might be that Damian so far comes through a bit ... well generic. He appears as just another typical Skyrim spell slinger. Yes he is also the genius who figured out the Thalmors Chronomancy, but unlike your typical "Nerd Hero", by the time he did so the Thalmor were already pretty much done for, so he couldn't shine in that capacity.
Technically given his parents, he is literally a half-god, but that doesn't seem to have any effect on his capabilities either (ok, he could call Daddy in this latest story and even get him to do something for him, still not much to show).

Destana ... well she is the DB and hence THE Legend ... as well as the title heroine of this story we all took in out hearts.
Runa ... well she is the listener and how often do you come across a bidenhander wielding, head chopping, shouting, assassin queen? Makes her pretty unique. Also, like Destana, she is female and this is Loverslab. ;)
Fenrir ... remains to be seen, so far he comes across as the mechanical genius Dwemer wannabe with the grenade thrower (erh sorry, repeating, explosive bolts jugging, crossbow) fetish. Perhaps a bit much of a one trick-pony, but at least also pretty distinctive. Given he shares the gender disadvantage with Damian, we shall see how he does. ^^


4 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

then probably something with Destana again.

 Probably? Hey, we are getting Destana withdrawal symptoms already here!

Edited by Talesien
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I feel like Destana needed a break, in-story.  I just don't know how long RoC is going to take.  She's going to be focal point again during the Invasion.


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At the current rate, I would say, there is enough material for at least 4 more entries in RoC. Looking at my old screenshots I would have said 5-6 more parts but since EB has a knack for going though a LOT in one entry, I would revise that estimate to 4. That is, unless a cliffhanger or two present themselfs, that our dear author simply can not resist. Then it could be more then 4. So, buckle up boys, I think Destana will be on vacation a little while longer.

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3 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

She's going to be focal point again during the Invasion.

Good enough for me, though I'm still wondering if she will be as well suffered by the people after an amphibious assault on Sommerset. Unless they can get the drop on the Dominion somehow and land unopposed ... perhaps a Chronomancer might be useful there. ^^

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15 hours ago, Talesien said:

Unless they can get the drop on the Dominion somehow and land unopposed ... perhaps a Chronomancer might be useful there. ^^

That would be a way of doing it. Or, maybe, just maybe, old Sanguine can help out here. By, let's say, ensuring that there is mysterious and totally unplanned massive orgy in the local Thalmor HQ the night before the landing. So that the entire pointy-eared command-staff is feeling very limp and/or tender along with having a splitting headache when their "guests" arrive. Resulting in a suitably poor performance on the battlefield. Perhaps not very lore-friendly and quite likely not possible without vast quantities of author-handwaving, but still: I find this scenario very entertaining.

Edited by HM1919
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16 hours ago, HM1919 said:

Or, maybe, just maybe, old Sanguine can help out here.

That would be a very cool and Destana style option, but given he told her that his power on Nirn is dangerously limited right now (doubtless in part due to him spending so much time with her), that option appears unlikely, sadly enough.

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2 hours ago, Talesien said:

that option appears unlikely, sadly enough.

Yes, I unfortunately have to agree. That's why I wrote, that it would likely require massive amounts of author aunthority to make it happen. Besides, even in universe, I would imagine, that any important Thalmor strongpoint would be heavily warded against such trickery. So, even with a very strong grandpa Sanguine, success would be far from guaranteed. I suppose we will have to wait and see.

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