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Hey, it's Destana again.  Last time, I got ready to call Odaviing and fight him and find out where Alduin is hiding, but decided I would take care of the vampire problem first. 


With both Elder Scrolls, I headed back into Castle Volkihar and found the Moth Priest, Dexion Evicus.  And I noticed he has a blindfold on.  He said, "I'm sorry, I won't be able to read another Elder Scroll for you.  I'm afraid in my haste to read the first scroll, I neglected the time I needed to prepare.  The failure is purely mine to bear.  As you can see from my bandages, I am physically unable.  Oh please, milady, forgive me!"

"I don't suppose there's a cure for permanent blindness?"

"If only such a miracle existed..." He said.

"Then I have no further need of you..." I said, about to tell him to go home, but I considered what accommodations he would need.

"Although I would gladly die by our hand, perhaps I could offer an alternative way to read the scrolls?" He said quickly.

"Dexion, I wasn't going to kill you.  But, go on."

"Thank you for letting me continue to serve, m'lady!  There's an Ancestor Glade in Skyrim, in the pine forest.  Someone could use the ancestor moths within to read the scroll.  You remove the bark from a canticle tree, which attracts the moths.  Once enough moths are gathered, they'll provide you with second sight needed to decipher the scrolls."

"I assume this is the 'proper' way to do this, that moth priests usually go through?"
"Yes, m'lady.  There should be a draw knife available at the glade to cut the bark," he said, "Not even every moth priest ever gets to do this!  You should count yourself blessed if it works."


I gathered up blood potions from the table and set back out to the Ancestor Glade with my group.  Looking down, I saw a lowered clearing with many waterfalls, moths gathering at the trees.  A stream of light cast on the center, which is where I found the draw knife.  

"This is beautiful.  I doubt there's any other place like it in Skyrim," Serana commented.


I cut a bunch of bark and rubbed it on myself and ran around.  When I'd gathered a shitton of moths, I started to glow.  When I stepped under the shaft of light, I knew this was the place.  I opened the Elder Scroll, just like I'd done a couple days ago in the Time Wound.  When I did, an image was burned into my vision. 


I felt faint, and when I knocked the cobwebs out of my brain, Serana was helping me up.

"Are you ok?  Almost thought I lost you there... you went white as the snow," she said.

"I doubt that," I commented on my dark skin, "But I do know where we need to go."

It was burned in my brain.  I pulled out my map and marked it, "Darkfall Cave."


Just then, I heard a noise.  Dawnguard!  I hid behind one of the rocks while the group dealt with them, I adding an arrow or two.  My vision still wasn't fully recovered.  Maybe I should stop reading these things.


When we got to Darkfall Cave (it was very dark) we walked past a wooded clearing in the cave, up a path to a rickety bridge.  As I neared the middle, only Sofia and Serana had stepped onto it when the bridge broke apart.  We were all dunked into a rushing river, swept downstream.  When we got to the end, I casted a Perpetual Light and we were immediately beset by Cave Spiders.  The three of us cut them down.  I summoned Shirley and Inigo and we ventured on. 


We reached a camp covered in blood and Serana said, "Why would anybody set up camp here?"  Then, realizing I was being dumb, I activated Night Eye, because I was a vampire.  


Venturing on, we encountered a couple of Cave Trolls, then in the distance I saw what looked like a Falmer.  I got out my bow and took aim.


"You have nothing to fear from me," the figure said, and I put my bow away.

"Who are you?" I said as I approached.  And I realized he was an elf, but white as the snow.

"I am Knight-Paladin Gelebor.  Welcome to the Great Chantry of Auri-El."

"This cave is a temple?"

"Auriel, Auri-El, Alkosh, Akatosh... so many different names for the sovereign of the Snow Elves."

Pretty sure Auriel is not Akatosh, but ok.  I said, "You don't look Falmer."

"I prefer Snow Elf.  Falmer is what we call the Betrayed."

"I imagine you know why we're here," I said.

"Of course.  You're here for Auriel's Bow.  I can help you get it, but I need your assistance," Gelebor said.

"What do you need?" I folded my arms.  I'd already been down a dank Falmer hole recently.  Guess it was already time for another.

"I need you to kill Arch-Curate Vyrthur, my brother."

"Okay, but why?"

"I don't understand what's happened to him.  It was the Betrayed.  They did something to him.  I just don't understand how Auriel would allow this to happen.  They swept into the Chantry without warning and began killing everyone without pause.  It is a peaceful place of worship.  My small group of paladins were no match for their sheer numbers.  He's alive, but he's changed.  And it doesn't seem like he's under duress."

"I have a group here.  I don't suppose you want to help us?" I asked.

"Leaving the wayshrines unguarded would be violating my sacred duty as a Knight-Paladin."

"Wow, that's some devotion.  Even after everyone and everything you knew is dead (which Auriel could've probably done something about) you still cling to this faith," I said, "Just tell me what to do."

"Let me show you how these shrines work," he casted a spell, and the shrine behind him opened up.

"Initiates completed their mantras, then they dip a ceremonial ewer in the basin at each wayshrine."

Serana said, "So we have to lug around a heavy pitcher of water.  Marvelous."

"And to enter the Inner Sanctum, you pour the pitcher into the basin there."

"Seems like a waste," Serana said.

"It's symbolic.  I don't expect you to understand," he said, "There are five wayshrines in total."

"Doesn't matter.  Are they all in caves?"

"Oh, no.  The Chantry encompasses far more than a few caves.  There will be a spectral prelate at each wayshrine," Gelebor said.  I grabbed the ewer from Gelebor, and dipped it in the shrine.  A portal opened up in one of the archways in the wayshrine, with several blank walls that I assumed would open up later.

"Alright, team," I said, diving in.


Another dark cave, I continued on with the group following.  We fought through Falmer, walked through a waterfall, then I pulled a chain that opened up a large cave that reminded me of Blackreach.  This one was rock paths over a large body of water, but the strange lights and mushrooms were the same.  We fought our way past several strangely-patterned Saber Cats, then found the first shrine.  I dipped the ewer and went through the portal.  This one opened up to a misty clearing with more strange saber cats, green deer, and colorful flora.  Most of them were in this field, but miles away, so we trekked.


"It's ironic that we're 'helping' these priests," I said.

"Honestly, I don't think they care what a bunch of vampires would do with Auriel's Bow.  They're pretty focused on the past," Serana replied.

"Yeah I don't get the sense that they care much about the sun, or even the actual god himself anymore.  It's pretty sad," I said.

After a little bit of running, we reached the second, and the third.  


I had to do a little mountain climbing to get to the fourth, and I lost most of my group.  Sofia kept up with me though.  It seemed she was intent on proving she was useful.  I looked down at a frozen lake and spied something on the horizon.  Aiming my bow, I figured it was too far away.  Sofia came up behind me and nudged me a little.  I lost my footing and fell.  My cushioned boots protected me from harm, but I turned to see a Frost Giant right behind me.  He slammed his greatclub onto the ice and I fell backward.  This one attack, even missing me, left me quite injured!  I backed up, dodging the next attack.  Knowing type matchups, I casted a double-handed Elemental Bolt to catch him on fire.  Sofia engaged and I took him down with a bow.  Whew.  I stepped out onto the ice, as the shrine was nearby.  My group was just coming around the mountain when two ice dragons burst out of the frozen river.


Not dealing with this alone.  "DUR - NEH - VIIR!" I shouted, and the undead dragon appeared.  Immediately hungry for battle, he engaged the far away dragon while we engaged the nearby one.  This time, through ranged attacks of the whole group and me using Dragonrend, we were able to fell them both.  Another Frost Giant (who I'd been initially aiming at) was at the far end of the lake, but I started shooting at the edge of my range and he was dead before he got to us.


I collected the fourth shrine, and turned toward the last one.  This one led us into an icy crevasse in a mountain spiderwebbed with Falmer construction.  We fought our way up icy cliffs for a couple hours, me primarily sniping them with my bow (and if they ever got close, I gave them an Unrelenting Force to send them into the pit).  I spied a beautiful elven bridge high above us.  When we ran out of falmer homes and places to climb, I scratched my head.


You remember waaaaay back when I was infiltrating cities and using rope arrows?  Well, I got out a bundle of them, dusted them off, and shot about ten of them across the rocks above me.  It was still a hard climb, and my jumping abilities certainly helped, but eventually I reached the bridge.  The only one to tail me properly: Sofia.


"How the heck are you so good at keeping up with me?  Not even a powerful vampire can do that."

"I'm good at being on your ass you say?" She chuckled.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  


I walked over to the last shrine and dipped the ewer, and noted that the Inner Sanctum was across the bridge.  I summoned the others who were having trouble climbing, we took a short break (them for food and me and Serana for a blood potion) then poured the ewer in the final basin and headed inside.


"My friend, you never stop do you?" Inigo smirked.

"Haven't considered it, no," I said, "Maybe when I'm old.  But if I stay a vampire, I guess that's not going to happen." 

We laughed.  


Inside were numerous ice statues.  Some of them holding pretty good-looking weapons and items.  

"Nobody touch anything," I said, "I know enough to know if you touch these, they'll probably come to life and try to kill you."

I placed the ewer on a pedestal that looked like it belonged to, which opened a side door.  We ventured forward, only to find a trapped Frost Giant and some treasure, both of which we dealt with.

"Sometimes I wonder if we could make peace with the monsters too.  The Forsworn seem to have done so," I said.  Then we walked back in the main chamber and I took the ewer back.  We walked forward, not disturbing anything, until we found a room filled with the statues and another Snow Elf sitting on a throne.  He looked bored.

"Did you really come here expecting to claim Auriel's Bow?" He asked.  I assumed this was Vythur.

"You've done exactly as I predicted and brought your fetching companion to me."

"Oh, you mean me?" Serana asked.

"I'm sorry, but your usefulness is at an end," Vythur said to me.  Knowing exactly what was coming, I started my transformation as he was talking.  The group got the hint and started to draw their weapons as the ice sculptures burst forth, waves of Falmer rushing us.  


After a few waves and me drinking my fill of Falmer with blood storm, he cast a spell at the ceiling, bringing it down above us.  Another wave of Falmer with an Ancient Frost Atronach, then he brought the rest of the roof down, and I was knocked out from a stone hitting me on the head.


The next thing I knew, I was waking up in my human form, Serana slapping me gently on the face.


"C'mon," she said, "He's retreating!" 

We rushed forward to a balcony overlooking the valley and Serana grappled with Vythur, "You're going to give us that bow!"

"How dare you!" He struggled, and it seemed their strength was nearly matched, "I was the Arch-Curate of Auriel.  I had the ear of a god!"

"Until the betrayed corrupted you.  We heard," she replied.

"Look in my eyes!  What am I?" Vythur shouted, raging against his god.

"You're... a vampire?" Serana asked, "But Auriel should have protected you."

"Daddy Auriel seems like he doesn't give a shit about the elves," I added.

"I was infected by one of my own initiates, and Auriel turned his back on me.  He may have been beyond my reach for revenge, but his influence on our world wasn't.  All I needed was the blood of a vampire and his own weapon to cut off his influence in Nirn," Vythur said.

"Can't say I blame Vythur," I muttered.

"I created the prophecy that led you here," Vythur continued, "Because I needed one final ingredient.  A Daughter of Coldharbour."


Serana gritted her teeth.  I'd never seen her this mad.  She reached for Vythur again, grabbing his neck and lifting him off the ground.  But he put his feet on her chest and kicked off, landing on his feet.  Everyone's drew weapons.  He quickly casted a spell, summoning another Ancient Frost Atronach, but there were five of us.  He lasted approximately six seconds.


A moment later, the shrine in the Inner Sanctum rose.  Door opening, Knight-Paladin Gelebor walked out of one of the portals.  

"This wayshrine is active.  Vythur must be dead," he said.

"It wasn't the Falmer's fault," I said flatly, "He was a vampire."

"That explains much.  Deep inside, it brings me joy the Betrayed weren't to blame.  Perhaps..." He started.  Maybe someday the Falmer could be cured, but that wasn't happening anytime soon.

"My thanks, to both of you," Gelebor said, "You may have the bow.  You've restored the Chantry.  If you wish, I can create Sunhallowed Arrows for you, from normal elven arrows."

Of course it had to be elven arrows.  I pulled out a roll of them from my pack.  Usually I just use whatever arrows are closest to the top.  Thank gods I hadn't used all of them.  I had him make me 40 of them.

As Gelebor handed me the bow, he said, "This bow was said to be created by Auriel himself in battle against Lorkhan in ancient times.  It draws power from Aetherius, channeling it through the sun.  With these arrows, the effect is even greater."

We got on the road to Volkihar Castle.


Serana commented, "Not as shiny as I was expecting.  Before we visited my mother, I'd say we bring it to my father.  But now..."

"Oh, I'm going to bring him this bow.  And I'll deliver these arrows to Harkon personally," I said.

"But..." Serana said.

"You know, one at a time, at very high velocity.  I was making a joke," I smiled, "That was in poor taste, wasn't it?"

"I wish there was another way," she sighed, "I know I might seem pretty carefree, joking with you all the time... I guess I'm just trying to run away from all these feelings.  But I feel pretty overwhelmed right now."

Sofia said, "Have you ever wondered if our lives are just one big game?  That the gods are playing with us?"

"Well, Auriel doesn't seem to care about mortals, for one," I said.

Serana blinked, "That's... surprisingly profound."

"Like someone is sitting there playing with us like some adult plaything," Sofia continued.

"Aha," I said, "There's the rub."

"Where?  I want a rub," Sofia said.

"My gods, woman," Inigo facepalmed, "They're trying to have a moment here."

"Sofia is pretty good at lightening spirits," Serana said, "I have to say you're growing on me."

"Growing on you?" Sofia smirked.

"Stop..." I said.  We beached the rowboat to the island and got out.

We walked as a group to and through the castle.  I grabbed a snack from one of the human 'cattle' there, and we continued into Harkon's Room.


He was standing there, already in Vampire Lord form, "So, you return."

He motioned with his hand, and the doors slammed shut behind us, locking everyone outside the room except myself and Serana.

"You look pretty threatening right now.  Why would you want to threaten us?  We've done exactly as you asked.  Moved heaven and earth to get this bow," I said.  I was just playing a part at this point.  I wanted to see what he would say.

He turned to Serana, not even acknowledging me, "Is your pet keeping you entertained?"

"Do you actually care?" She asked.

"Of course I do," he replied, "You disappoint me, Serana.  You've taken everything I provided for you and thrown it away on this... pathetic half-breed vampire.  No more.  I'm done with you."

"You can go to Oblivion for all I care," Serana said, wearing her heart on her sleeve.

"I see this one has fangs," Harkon said.  Then he turned to me, "It appears I have you to thank for turning my daughter against me.  I knew it was only a matter of time before your ambition outgrew your loyalty."

"Loyalty?  You're hilarious.  You were always going to kill me," I replied.

"A small price to pay for the betterment of our kind," Harkon said.

"You're an insult to our kind," I said.

"Please, spare me your notions of kinship," he said.  

"But you just said our... whatever," I said.

"You've simply used Serana in an attempt to take away what should rightfully be mine.  I see you've been speaking to Valerica and she's convinced you that eternal night will plunge us into war with daytime dwellers.  If only it were so.  With the world in shadow, we would never tire, never weaken... more than a match for their pitiful armies."

I narrowed my eyes, "Are you seriously that dense?"

"How do you mean?" Harkon raised an eyebrow.

"What do vampires need to live?"

He stared blankly at me.

"Whether their armies could take ours or not, vampires need blood.  Blood comes from humans and animals.  Both of them need plants to survive.  Have you ever noticed that at night it gets cold, just like it does in the winter?  Plants don't grow in the winter.  That's because we're further away from the giant hole in the sky that leads to Aetherius we call the Sun.  No sun, no plants, no animals, no humans, no... fucking... vampires!"  

His eyes got larger, as if he'd just come to a huge realization.

"My plan was to stop you from the beginning.  You ruined your family for this idiotic plan that would've meant the ruin of all things, including yourself!" I drew Auriel's bow, "You know what?  Somebody like you doesn't deserve to be at the head of such a powerful dynasty.  I'd let time take it's course, but I know it never will.  So I'm going to do your family a favor and end you!" 

"Come then.  Let's end this!" Harkon shouted back.  He collapsed into a cloud of bats, which dispersed.  I could hear banging on the door like a battering ram now that the battle had begun.  


Lord Harkon materialized across the room and waved his arm, manifesting a shield and summoning a group of skeletons.  Serana fired ice bursts at the skeletons as I nocked a Sun Arrow and fired at Harkon.  It pierced his shield, but he used bats again, appearing to my left.  He immediately blasted me with Blood Storm, and I jumped to the side.  I returned fire with Auriel's Bow and Sunblessed Arrows.  Serana struggled to keep control of the skeletons, to which Harkon summoned gargoyles!  He darted about the room, using the architecture to his advantage.  Every time I got him, he drained it back with Blood Storm.  This was not looking good.  


Suddenly, Shirley's Ebony-Booted foot tore through the double doors.  She drew her greatsword as Inigo and Sofia rushed into the room.

"Didn't anybody tell you, don't mess with Grandma?!" Shirley shouted.  The three engaged the rapidly increasing skeleton forces in melee, leaving Serana and I to focus on her father.  Where I was struggling with him, Serana made up for my weakness by flanking him.  Between her ice blasts and my arrows (which I nearly ran out of) he fell.

"No...my daughter... how could you?" He whispered as he crumbled to dust by his blood fountain.  


I exhaled as Garan entered.  It was done.  He said, "My congratulations on defeating Harkon.  Clearly you are the superior vampire."

"Clearly not," I said, "Look at all the help I needed."

"Well, you're the master now.  We bow to your power, which includes Auriel's Bow.  The castle is yours.  We shall follow you and help spread your influence across Skyrim," he said.

"Dude, what the hell are you talking about?  That's not how royalty and nobility works," I proclaimed, then stepped aside, pointing to Serana, "She is the new master of the castle now.  Why the hell does every faction in Skyrim do that?"

Serana scowled at Garan, then giggled at me, "As my first decree, I think we need to do some reconstruction.  This castle is a trash heap.  And I want to refocus our overall mission."

"What should we change, mistress?" Garan asked.

"I want us to focus on either bringing the wayward vampires under our command, or destroying them.  Mainly the ones that are a nuisance to the humans of Skyrim," Serana said.

"But... humans are our food.  They are little more than cattle," Garan scoffed.

"No.  Humans are our friends, not food."

"Come now," Garan cringed at this talk, then he looked at me.

"Don't look at me!  I was going to say the same thing.  Though maybe not as articulately," I folded my arms, "I called a moot a few weeks ago.  I negotiated you guys becoming a part of Skyrim's people for real.  Though I imagine you want to maintain your secret location so a random Nord doesn't try to burn down the castle, you should make peace.  Make an effort to feed on humans without killing them.  Or if you do - do what we do."

Serana motioned to the both of us, "We kill bandits and warlocks and animals and drain them.  You know, bad people.  Though the cattle idea has merit, the women in the foyer look like they're good wenches, stolen from their lives."

"Hey!" I said, "I have ties with the Dark Brotherhood.  Your cattle could come from them.  Instead of kidnapping and killing, they can supply you with cattle."

Garan replied snootily, "I suppose that works."

Serana turned to me as Garan walked out of the room, "Well, seems like I have my work cut out for me for a while.  Got any more adventures to go on?"

"Well, there is at least one more, then I'll leave you to your reconstruction.  Remember that dragon trap?" I asked.  

I gathered the group and we traveled back to Whiterun.  After that marathon, we slept at the Inn until morning, but then we went back to Dragonsreach.  


"Ready, Vignar?" I asked as I approached the Jarl's throne.  Balgruuf was there too, the two seemed to be getting along famously.

"Dragonborn!" Balgruuf shouted, "We were just discussing the terms of the moot."

"I must say, I am getting on in years.  My family is already wealthy, but Balgruuf is still young.  I would be willing to step down and let him retake his place.  I'm more apt to spend my twilight years recounting my younger days with the Companions.  I don't have the time to drink with Kodlak like I used to!" Vignar chuckled, "But!  I'll be damned if I miss this scheme you've cooked up!"


"I'm coming too!" Balgruuf shouted.

Vidnar continued, "The chains are all greased up and everything still works, thank Talos.  My men know what to do.  Make sure you do your part.  I'm putting the city in your hands."


"Let's go trap a dragon," we went out onto the back deck.  


Everyone got in their positions, and I went out onto the balcony, "OD - AH - VIING!"

For a moment - silence.  I backed into the massive hall, readying the Nerevarine's Bow.  Then the guard standing on the balcony got snatched and thrown to the plains below.  My group engaged him with ranged attacks and I stayed back.  When he reared his head in front of the huge window, I sent out a, "JOOR!"  Dragonrend.  He roared in pain and landed, and my group laid into him.  I backed off more, shooting him with arrows.  Not as strong as Alduin, but stronger than an average dragon.  As he started to weaken, I pulled my fighters back.  In rage, he charged at me, then the trap was sprung, a huge collar falling on Odahviing and snapping on.


"Horvutah med kodaav.  Caught like a bear in a trap," he growled, "You went to a great deal of trouble to put me in this... humiliating position.  No doubt you want to know where to find Alduin?"

"That's right.  Where is he hiding?" I said.

"An apt phrase.  One reason I came to your call was to test your Thu'um for myself.  Many of us have begun to question Alduin's lordship.  None were ready to openly defy him."

"You were telling me where to find Alduin?" I asked again.

"Innumerable pardons.  I digress.  Sovngarde.  He regains power by devouring the souls of mortal dead.  His door to Sovngarde is at Skuldafn.  One of his ancient fanes high in the eastern mountains.  So, can I go free now?"

"Maybe.  Make me an offer.  I have a dragon I can call already.  Want to be my friend? If I can beat Alduin, then you probably should."

"Alright.  There is one detail about Skuldafn that I neglected to mention.  You will never reach it without wings.  I could fly you there, were I not imprisoned like this," Odahviing said.

"I get the hint.  But do you expect me to trust you?" I folded my arms.

"Come, dragonborn, you wound me.  I do not lie.  If you release me, I promise to take you to Skuldafn and stop helping Alduin," he replied.

Farengar (the court mage) slipped in about that time, "I would be most appreciative if you would permit me to perform some, ah, tests on you.  In the interest of knowledge."

He walked behind Odahviing, "You won't even notice me."

Olfina said, "Farengar, this is a bad idea, even for you."
"What are you doing back there?" The dragon roared.

I smirked, walking casually over to the pull chain while Farengar was still gathering, "Don't forget, you promised."

I pulled it, and the collar lifted off Odahviing.  I'm pretty sure I saw Farengar go flying across the hall.  I chuckled, walking back down to where Odahviing had been collared.


"Wait, did I hear all this right?" Serana said.  I turned, and it looked like tears were forming in her eyes.

"Yeah, I need to ride this dragon here to Skuldafn, before I enter Sovngarde," I said.  It sounded a lot more trying and ominous when I said it out loud.

"That's the plan?" She said, like a weight just dropped into her stomach, "You ride a dragon to an ancient burial mound - alone - and then travel to a realm of Aetherius.  There you defeat Alduin, and somehow come back to the world of the living in one piece.  Yeah, I can't exactly say the plan sits well with me."

I put my hand on her shoulder, "I'll be fine."

"But..." She sighed, "You could die...  You've come close so many times.  And this could be the thing that does it.  I just can't imagine you dying alone up there.  You're... the first person I've ever trusted.  The first... only... person I've ever loved."

I continued to stare into her red, piercing eyes.

"There has to be another way," she pleaded.

"I don't think there is," I replied.

She took a deep breath, "All right.  This isn't easy.  Go save the world."


Odahviing turned toward the massive balcony, "Now, as promised, are you ready to see the world as only a Dovah can?"

I nodded, hopping on the dragon's back.


"Good luck, my friend!" Inigo shouted.

"Dragonborn!  You're amazing!" Sofia shouted.

Olfina Graymane chimed in, "You're crazy!"

"May Kyne guide you!" Vidnar shouted.

"Talos be with you!" Balgruuf shouted.

"You better come back alive!" Serana chuckled awkwardly.



On the Harkon fight: all my followers were trapped outside when I entered, and sometime in the battle they magically made their way in.  I justified this with a good description.


The title is a reference to Chrono Trigger.  ?


If you can't tell, I'm on a bit of a Christmas break.  In between eating my own weight in food, getting a chance to write.


Here's my music pick for Blackreach and Falmer deep caves:




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Once again: good job with this chapter. Since this is all vanilla stuff there weren't many surprises as far as the story is concerned. But there were still a few bits that I quite liked, that I assume where your writing rather then the game:

- Sofia lightening the mood after the fight with Vyrthur. She really has a one-track mind. Which turned out to be a good thing, for once.

- Harkon's little d'oh-moment after Destana's explanation, as to why his plan is flat out idiotic.

- the scene with Garan after H.'s defeat. And thusly, ancient vampire customs, that had lasted for millenia, where toppled and kicked into the dust. The new Volkihar-motto is: "We are your friendly neigborhood vampires. All cuddly and such." I can forsee, that old Bal will be extra-grumpy once he hears about this.

- I know the scene with Farengar is vanilla, but I liked that you mentioned it. He just is a pompous little man, isn't he?


Finally, I have to say that I won't listen to the music you suggested, when playing any Blackreach/Forgtten Vale stuff. Otherwise I WILL expect some horribly looking Falmer-Chocobo to pop out of the woodwork at any moment. Which is just too much for me. Sorry. ?


Now I am looking forward to reading about how the big ol' Gecko himself got clobbered by Destana.


And thanks for the "Holiday-publishing-schedule". Appreciate that too.

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Sofia's two lines anout being a plaything were part of her mod, and said in natural Sofia fashion, overtop of real conversation. But yeah the response to it was me. 


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Come to think of it: You could return to the Soul Cairn after the business with Alduin is concluded. To let Valerica know that Hakon's not an issue anymore, so that she can return to the castle. May earn Destana some good will with her (for RP purposes.)

On the other hand: Having V. hang over Destana's shoulder every time she comes to see Serana may not be the best idea. If you know what I mean.



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Yeah, I think if you tell her everything is over she'll come back to Volkihar Castle.  But I always forget about that and leave her in the Soul Cairn.  Maybe I'll head on over there in a while.

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Btw during this period I was messing with armor addon mods a lot.  I may or may not have spent hours playing dress up with Destana.  Here's my Forsworn look, though I sometimes ditched the helm.  The Forsworn in Delzaron's mod are all topless, but, I make it look better.

Forsworn Look.jpg

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Is that armor your own creation (mash-up)? If so, well done.? Looks very forsworn-y. Certainly a look, that D. can pull off well. If I am not mistaken, then the helmet is from the trollsbane armorset added by immersive armors. So, now Destana can "troll" all the bad guys, beasties and general ne'er-do-well's in style!


Ok, that was a terrible joke. I will see myself out.


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Trollbane Helm and Barbarian Hero Boots from Immersive Armors

Ashara's Fur Skirt and Belt, Thief Collar (not visible), Ursine Stormcloak Gauntlets from UCM

Blade of Woe and Enchanted Ring from Vanilla

Dawnfang, Fastened Shield of the Crusader and Thief Backpack from CK Mods (I've been wearing them forever)

Wolf Facemask 2, Leather Gorget, Leather Pauldron R and L from the Amazing World of Bikini Armor


I hadn't added this mod yet, but, funny story, I tried the Bikinis and figured going fully topless was better for a forsworn armor so I just used some of the pieces.  TaWoBa armors have physics out of the box and don't need to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it to work.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. And of course: there are TaWoBa pieces in there. How could there not be? Completely forgot, that that mod adds seperate pauldrons, gorgets and so on.


Question tough: When I tried TaWoBa it allways broke Alvor in Riverwood as a merchant. Meaning he stopped restocking his merchandise and his gold supply. Did you encounter that issue as well?


p.s. Since you are using Immersive Armors already and if you are going for a "rustic" and "savage" appearance perhaps the warchief armorset might be worth a look. It's heavy by default but you can craft a light version as well ( or use console commands if you don't mind cheating abit).


p.p.s Since you mentioned rings: did you get the nightweavers band during the DB questline? Since it fortifies destruction and sneak it would be right down D.'s alley.

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I will give that a look. Also I rarely go to Riverwood. This playthrough I forgot it is usually a big hub for early questing. 

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On 12/30/2021 at 3:36 AM, EnragedBard said:

 though I sometimes ditched the helm. 


As you (or she) absolutely should. With that much weight that high, this helmet is a deathtrap. Make one sudden move and vampire or none, no neck muscles on Tamriel keep that contraption from snapping your neck. :P

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5 hours ago, Talesien said:

As you (or she) absolutely should. With that much weight that high, this helmet is a deathtrap

 Oh come on now. Looking at this, the helmet is what makes you worried for D.'s safety?

The way I see it, she might as well leave her weapons at home at this point, and use her body to fight. Then any bad guy she encounters would be either dead in one heartbeat or exceedingly happy, depending on what sizeable, spherical bodypart(s) connects first.?

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9 hours ago, HM1919 said:

 Oh come on now. Looking at this, the helmet is what makes you worried for D.'s safety?

The way I see it, she might as well leave her weapons at home at this point, and use her body to fight. Then any bad guy she encounters would be either dead in one heartbeat or exceedingly happy, depending on what sizeable, spherical bodypart(s) connects first.?

True, but I was not talking about fighting, that's another beast altogether. As stated "ANY sudden movement" has a fair chance to snap your neck with that thing on your head.
Also, while here Foresworn outfit might be a bit extreme/dangerous even considering law 910 it's always worthwhile to remember it. ?


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2 hours ago, Talesien said:

law 910

Hahaha... I had no idea, that such a law existed.? Seems quite accurate, though. And applies not just to gaming but comics as well. A certain red headed hyrkanian sword-woman comes to mind.

Btw, I quite agree with you. That helmet probably has enough mass, to make for a decent wreckingball. Fortunatly, this is skyrim, so we don't "need" to concern ourselfs with such details, as the physical limits of the human body. ?

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I think the helm is more of a scare tactic. (I eat trolls for breakfast). Also, because of the gorget I don't think she can't turn her head (think 90's batman).  Maybe I should've just gone fully naked.  Then I'd  have been invulnerable!


Seriously though I like the invisible helms from UCM. 

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9 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

I think the helm is more of a scare tactic.

No need to defend D's choice in armor. ? Regardless of my earlier comments, I am actually quite fond of the trollsbane set. See evidence below. It may not be skimpy-sexy, but it just IS my brand of silly, essentially turning the PC into some sort of barbaric michelin man/woman, when worn as a whole. With trollskulls strapped to various bodyparts. What's not to like about that?


My old Troll-in-chief Dovahkiin, prancing around a place, that D. may visit yet.




Oh, and Happy New Year!

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Yes - the story is well known
how you tell them...
..I actually sat in front of the screen for 8 hours without a break and just couldn't tear myself away from it
I haven't experienced anything like this in a few years

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