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Entry 44: Are you Finished with Those Errands?



Hey, it’s Destana.  In keeping with my training montage, Solaire and I spent another twelve hours in the Pit, getting to level 20, at which point I figured he probably needed a rest.


“Need a break?  I’m a vampire, so I don’t need to sleep, as long as I have blood potions, and I still have quite a few,” I said (I still accumulated human flesh as a werewolf and then cooked it into Blood Potions when I turned again).

“No, in fact, I am undead,” he explained, “My kind do not tire, though when we are defeated, we become more and more hollow, eventually forgetting ourselves and becoming like the creatures we’ve been fighting.”

“You seem to be keeping yourself in good shape,” I replied, “I wouldn’t have expected a cheerful knight like yourself to be hiding such a curse.”

“Indeed.  It plagues most the populace where I’m from,” he replied.

“I’m not the hero type myself, but I can respect someone such as you,” I smiled.

“You really are fond of chatting with me, aren't you? If I didn't know better, I'd think you had feelings for me! Oh, no, dear me. Pretend you didn't hear that! Hah hah hah!” Solaire said.

I chuckled back at him, “I have no idea how long you’ll be able to stay in this world.  In these couple days I feel like we’ve become friends.  There’s an invasion about to happen and I’m planning on patrolling the border again, and rescuing some women from captivity.  Want to come with?”


“You’ve made quite an impression on me.  I’d relish the chance to assist you further,” Solaire nodded. 




We walked out, teleported to the Faction Embassy so I could dump gear off for the Stormcloaks, adventurers, etc.  Ulfric was there, checking out the place.  I introduced him to Solaire.

“This is my husband, High King Ulfric,” I said.

“Pleased to meet you, your grace,” Solaire bowed.

Ulfric chuckled, “I like this one.  He has far better manners than you ever did when you were a commoner.”




We teleported to Highreach and grabbed the kids (and Dagri’Lon, who’d taken up permanent residence there), then to Volkihar Castle and grabbed Serana.  When I got there, there was a Dawnguard attack sneaking in the backway and I joined the vamps to take them down.  Serana was waiting for me in the common room.


“Looks like it’s time to party,” she said, “Who’s this?”

“I am Solaire of Astora.  I am far from my home,” he replied.

“Oh!” Damien shouted, “A person from another world to actually talk to, who is not just a monster!  I have many questions for you after this, good Sir Knight.”

“I will oblige to the best of my ability,” Solaire responded.




“We have quite the posse here, what are we doing?” Serana asked.

“The last few wenches who need saving, and going to patrol for Thalmor again,” I said.

“I heard you were training.  Want to go a round in our training rooms?” She asked.

“Uhh… sure.  I noticed one of your teleporters up top said that, but I had no idea what it was.”

“Yeah, we have quite a few captives.  Instead of killing interlopers, the others hold them until I decide what to do with them.”

“I have noticed Skyrim’s population has exploded in the past year or so,” I said.

We went to the dungeon.

“Just pull the levers,” Serana said.

I pulled one, and a feral werewolf came out of the first darkened cell.  People drew their weapons, but I said, “Hang on.”

“KAKE!” I called, and he calmed down. 




“Curious,” Solaire said.

“I pride myself on being able to bring the werewolves back to their senses.  What’s your name, guy?”
“Vargas,” the were growled.

“How about it?  Want to join our group of murderhobo… I mean the fully legitimate royal procession?”

He chuckled a gravely voice, “Why not.  You make me laugh.”


We teleported to Riften, which for some reason put me right in the market.

“Hey.  Long time no see,” Mjoll said, “You going on a hunt or something?”

“Who’s this?  She’s cute,” Serana whispered to me.

I winked at Serana and turned back to Mjoll.

“Yeah we’re hunting.  Wanna come?” I asked.  I figured; more isn’t bad.

Now my veritable army stepped out of the southern gate, and I passed by the shops there. 

“Hey!” A voice called. 

I turned around, “Wow!  How many coincidences today…?”

Shirley stepped up to us, looking the same as ever.  Even in her eighties, she was still built like a tank and now in full Ebony. 

“How the heck are ya?  I heard you’re queen now,” she asked.

“Not bad.  Can’t complain.  Look, if you want to come with us, I have a sizeable group that are patrolling the borders,” I said.

“For old times’ sake, why not!”  She dropped the apple she was looking at. 

Immediately as we passed the last house in the Riften Southern Extension, I spied a mage casting lightning spells, yelling, “Help!”


As we got near him, I realized he was being pummeled by a Giantess.

The group started to draw their weapons, but again I told them to hold. 

“KAKE!” I called.  And the Giantess looked over to me.




“Gods, mom, that ability is too overpowered!” Runa shouted.

“Yeah, I know.  But it allows me to be a true peacemaker,” I smirked.  I looked at the Giantess, only the second I’d ever seen, “Hi, what’s your name?” 

She didn’t seem to respond with any kind of sentence structure, but she said, “Benna.”

“Come with us.  There’s food and gold in it for you.”

She nodded, though I’m sure my call had something to do with that.

As I finally walked out of town, I noticed a bunch of the guards were wearing Ancient Draugr horned helmets I’d supplied.  I nodded.  We traveled down the road through the night, until we came upon a Thalmor group.  My veritable army demolished them.


Later, we came upon a group of Imperial Soldiers and a Stormcloak prisoner.

“Wait wait wait,” I said, “You guys are still with the empire?”

“Yeah, what of it, citizen?”

“I think you may be confused.  Not only is this no longer an Imperial Province…”

“Please, help me,” the Stormcloak man said.

“…but the Empire is collapsing in on itself.  Are you guys like those men on islands who didn’t know the war is over for many years?”

“I don’t think you belong here,” the Imperial said.

“Well, okay,” I reached into my bag and the first thing I found was a Glass Greatsword, and handed it to the Stormcloak, then we proceeded to liberate him. 


We traveled to a Bandit cave where one of the wenches were being held captive, and once again demolished because I was leading an army.  I asked Benna to stay outside.  When we’d cleared out the place, Serana and Mjoll, who’d been hanging back and flirting with each other, started stripping.  I pulled off the wench’s hood and untied her.




“By the Lord of Sunlight,” Solaire exclaimed, “Is this normal in this land?”

I chuckled, “Sometimes when you kill a dragon or clear a dungeon, in this world, people like to celebrate.”

“Aren’t you two… together, or something?” Solaire asked, “Most puzzling.”

“I can solve the puzzle for you,” I grabbed his hand and put it on my breast (always bare, but everybody seems to have accepted it at this point).

I started to strip off his armor for him, and my own, then I got on top of him.

The kids just kinda walked out of the cave in this time, while Serana watched us after she’d finished with Mjoll. 





When we finished, Solaire seemed pretty pleased, but he was still the absolute gentleman, “M’lady, we have more damsels to save.”


I smiled, “You can take that memory back to your world, when you go back.  Let’s go!”

We teleported to Falkreath and set out on the road, quickly finding another Thalmor war party. 

“Surely they must be depleting their forces in Skyrim by now!” Fenrir said.

“Maybe they found an access tunnel,” Runa said back. 

We fought them for a bit, the casters staying on a nearby ridge while I joined the melee troops, until Damien entirely decimated them with Black Winter.




“You should probably teach me that spell,” I chuckled.


Finally, we traveled to the tower where the final kidnapped wench was being held captive, west of Dawnstar.  They of course noticed us right away.  (Hard not to see a giant and about ten people).  So I opened with an elemental blast and rushed in with the melee fighters. 




To my surprise, there was another captive besides the wench – a woman named Tikrid.  She helped out in the battle, and we escorted the pair back to Dawnstar.  I sent Mjoll home, and the rest of them retired to Highreach. 




“I have one more thing I want to do – I’ll meet you guys there.”

I touched Benna by the arm, and said, “There’s somebody I’d like you to meet.”

I teleported to Markarth.  It being in the morning, it was perfect timing.  I stepped up to the Giant I’d coerced to stay at the gates a few days earlier.

“What’s your name, big guy?”

“Bol,” he responded.  See, I figured giants can understand us.  They just have limited intellect. 

“Bol, this is Benna.”

They smiled at each other and seemed to hit it off… I guess.  Hard to understand what’s going on with giants.  I turned to the guards, “Alright, same deal as before.  These guys are gonna keep Markarth safe.”

The pair of giants and the mammoth moved off to the far side, and I smiled, “Perfect.”




Then I teleported to Highreach and joined my group at the picnic tables. 

I reached into my bag and handed Vargas a witch’s head, “Here, as promised.”

“What is this for?” He asked.

“Actually… wait, that probably won’t work for you,” I said, taking the head back, “We’ll need to figure out a different way.”

“Well, we could make him a vampire.  Then cure him of vampirism,” Serana shrugged, “Or he could stay.  Whichever.”

“Eh, up to you.  At any rate, you can stay in Highreach if you like.”

Dagri’Lon sidled up to me, “You may be pitiful and such, but you seem to have this situation under control.  And you need a High Wizard, yes?”

“I guess I still need one of those,” I said.

“Look no further… worm,” Dag said.

“On one condition.  You have to refer to me as something more palatable,” I said.

“I hope you’re not expecting me to call you, ‘Your royal highness.”

“No, just Destana is fine,” I replied.

“Fine.  Fine.  Destana.”

“Who else can say that have a court mage who doesn’t have a head?” I smirked.




He reached his ghostly hands up to find his hood had fallen off. 

I chuckled, then I turned to Shirley, “It’s been too long.  What have you been up to?”

“Oh, I traveled around Skyrim for a while.  You know Inigo and Sofia are in Elswyer?”

“Yeah, Runa told me.  Say, you two should collaborate.  You’ve been using a greatsword for decades.  She’s been using one for a while, and is quite talented.  Maybe she could learn something,” I nodded, “Wanna come stay in Highreach?”

“That sounds peachy,” Shirley said.

Then I turned to Solaire, “My friend, did you have an exciting jaunt in Skyrim?”

“Truly legendary, my friend.  You’ve taken jolly cooperation to an all-new level.”

“The offer stands for you as well,” I said, “You’re new to this strange land.  We have lots of room in this old, dusty keep.  I’m trying to build an infrastructure here, and I’d be happy to have you.”

“Of course,” he replied.

Everybody seemed to disperse after that, and Serana and I hung out until nightfall. 

“That’s very big of you to offer room to so many people.  I’d come to stay here if I didn’t have my own castle,” she said.

“Of course, you’re always welcome,” I held her hands, “Got anything else you want to do before zero hour?”

“I’m feeling a little tense, just like you said you were.  You feeling any better about this?  They seem to have no limit of forces to throw at us,” Serana said.

“Yeah, but we have some real power here.”

“These small skirmishes are nothing compared to what’s coming I’m sure,” she said.  We went to bed.


By this time, I reckoned, it was day 25.  In the morning, I called back the rangers.  I sent Serana to gather the vamps that were willing to fight with us.  I talked to Madanach and the chiefs of the Forsworn.  Ulfric and Fenrir gathered the Stormcloak forces.  Runa and Nazir put the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild on high alert.  I myself went and made a large peace offering to the Giants in the form of food and huge weaponry, and through some form of grunts and hand signals, they said they would send a couple our way. 


I laid with Ulfric on day 28.  It’d been a while since we slept together. 


And now it was the 11th hour. 






Despite being a little short, this was several hours of play, it was just a lot of combat.  My intention was to level up Destana to 70 before the Thalmor war.  And I made it to 67, so close enough.


You know what’s cool about Call to Arms?  I get like 3 levels in Illusion every time I cast it on such a large group.


Benna, Bol and the Mammoth are absolutely marked essential now.  They will guard Markarth’s gates until the end of the world.



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How does everybody feel about the imbedded videos?  This time I went with  a more traditional entry, but with a couple videos.  Because I'm enjoying myself.

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Well, it's good to know your sexlab animations don't align any better than mine. ^^
That aside I guess I enjoy your writing more than the vids, though the occasional vid is an interesting addition.
I was about to state that the Call to Arms seemed a bit unnecessary, especially at that point, but aye 3 ranks in illusion are an argument. ^^
So another whirlwind tour, if she keeps going like that the Thalmor will start to believe there are several Destanas. Ever wondered if they tried to hire the DB to have her killed? ^^

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Yeah, SL anims are hit or miss. Sometimes I spend a lot of time adjusting. But obviously this time I didn't. 😄 

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I think the videos are a nice bonus. But, as stated above, they are not essential to the story. At least for me. When watching the clips, I realized that I had come to associate a certain voice with Destana. A very deadpan and unfazed voice, with which she told her story. Giving it her very own flavor, if you will.

The videos break that image abit, since D. has an actual voice in them. In the end, both written parts and video-clips are fine.  I think action-sequences would benefit from short videos, while dialogue heavy story parts are better when just written.


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14 hours ago, Talesien said:

...the Thalmor will start to believe there are several Destanas. Ever wondered if they tried to hire the DB to have her killed? ^^


Now, wouldn't that be a conversation between Runa and Destana.

Something like:

R.: "Mom! This week alone I have received like three requests from the Thalmor to have you stabbed! And it's only middas! What have you done this time, to tick them off like that?"

D.: "Errr... just the usual, honestly. Didn't even bully them. Too much, I mean. They are clearly over-reacting, if you ask me."


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