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Entry 55: Hands off the Locals!



Hey, it's Damien again.  I'm trapped in western and southern High Rock in 3E 405 (mostly my fault, but I had honest intentions).  On the power scale of me being magically castrated by the time travel, I've progressed from kitten to large housecat.  I've mostly spent a handful of days traveling around this cursed land, doing quests for the royals scattered amongst their castles.  


Currently in Sentinel, which gave me clear Hammerfell vibes (from what I've read) with the deserts and tropical trees and sandy beaches, I ventured into the castle and approached Prince Lhotun, who was sitting on the floor.




"Ah!  I guess you must have received my letter.  My father and Lysandus were close friends.  I know some things about him and why he might be haunting Daggerfall.  But before I tell you," he started.

I knew what was coming.  Just give me the location of the dungeon and tell me what to retrieve.

"You must do something for me," he said. 

I nodded and he continued, "Thank Arkay!  I used to have an older brother, ten or so years older.  His name was Arthago.  Whenever I ask what happened to him, I'm told a different story.  Some say he got sick and died, some say he was kidnapped by the Underking.  I want to know the truth.  If you can find proof of what really happened to him, I'll tell you all I know," Lhotun said.


"I agree to your terms," I said, "I have a couple simple questions about High Rock."

"Sure, traveler.  I'll give you that for free," Lhotun replied.

"All the dungeons in this land and half the castles connected to dungeons have no design sense.  They're labyrinths filled with levers and elevators and random creatures."

"It makes sense that an outsider would ask this question.  Luckily, I am also a scholar.  See, there are a number of ancient ruins, thousands of years old, from the Merethic Era.  Nobody living knows who originally built them.  But they became so suffused with magic that every few years the dungeons shift and change.  We call it a 'procedural generation,' because it seems to follow some kind of procedure, but sometimes it makes absolutely no sense.  It doesn't change but every few years depending on the dungeon, though, so you're not likely to ever see it happen.  A lot of creatures get trapped in there, and they usually end up dying.  Eventually.  Unless they're undead.  Usually bandits, thieves, vampires, werewolves, etc use them as their base of operations."

"Kinda like ruins in Skyrim," I said, "Except for all the weird stuff.  And we like our matching puzzles."


I shrugged and headed for the tavern/inn of Sentinel.  The place where you usually find rumors and information!  Once again I was greeted with a group of locals. 




I got a drink and struck up a conversation with the Redguard at the table.

"Hey, new around here?" He asked.

"Just passing through.  Name's Damien," I said.


"Do you know anything about Prince Arthago?" I asked.

"Yeah.  He was a Prince of Sentinel, died years ago.  I think he came down with a fever and eventually died.  He was known as the scholar prince.  He liked books more than swords.  It used to drive King Cameron crazy!"

"Anything else you can remember?" I asked.

"He was the only prince never to receive a public funeral."

I turned back towards the bar to grab my drink and the old lady seemed to gesture towards me.  The thin rail of a woman got up, stepped forward, and handed me a note.  

"Who..?" She waved me off, seeing her way out the door.


The note read, "Meet me at the Resolution of Zenithar."

I shrugged.  Might as well.  When I walked into the small temple, a man waved me into the back room.

"Shh.  I would prefer that nobody sees me talking to you.  I am an Agent of the Underking.  It has come to our attention that a rumor is going around that the Underking abducted prince Arthago.  If you want to know the truth, check into Castle Faallem.  I'll mark it on your map.  All will be revealed," he said.  Mysteriously, he disappeared into a large group of priests passing by as part of some progression or such.  I lost his form, then he was gone.


I walked out of there, and decided I would go to Castle Faallem first, since it was relatively nearby and the other targets were far away.  It was unlocked, undefended.  I was met with worked stone, which opened up eventually to a large open area with tiered platforms. 




This place looked like it had been intentionally designed to hurt intruders, not random or ever made to house people.  Thankfully, it didn't have any annoying puzzles.  I just used Levitate to get to the higher levels, kept my distance and slayed everything with magic (or when I ran out of magicka, a bow.  SIGH.....)


Eventually I came to a floating platform that carried a journal.  So weird, I decided I would sit on the platform and read it right now, having already genocided all life from this dank place.


Starting at 3E 400, it detailed Arthago being sealed in this castle.  Whether he died of starvation or killed by the giant spiders, scorpions, or giants, I'm not sure.  His sister - Aubk-i, and his brothers, Greklith and Lhotun were healthy and loved, while he was generally distained.  One night, someone threw him into a sack and trapped him here.  He talked about how he studied the Underking, who was an ancient myth of a man placing his lifeforce in the body of a powerful being and becoming god-like in his power.


I hopped down and walked to the door.  I found that the front door had sealed me in, but when I approached it opened again.  Perhaps this is a sort-of challenge dungeon, that seals you in until you kill everything?  Was everything in here an illusion, a conjuration?  Gods, this country is strange.  I miss Skyrim.


I returned to Prince Lhotun and gave him the journal.  

"It is as I feared.  I don't know who kidnapped him, but as promised, I will tell you what I know.  Lysandus was in love with his court sorceress, a noblewoman named Medora Direnni, and during the war with us, his queen found out.  While the king was gone, Queen Mynisera banished Medora from the court.  My sister Aubk-i is queen now, part of the treaty to ensure peace, but Mynisera still resides at Castle Daggerfall as the dowager queen mother.  I don't know where Medora was sent, but I know she has an enormous castle somewhere on the Isle of Balfiera.  That's all I know.  Also, my mother would like to see you."




I shrugged, then I wound my way through passages, up an elevator and to a chamber on the floor above where the prince had addressed me.  I stopped in a chamber full of green plants to admire them.  


The queen's long stair before her dais was flanked by two naked men.  I raised an eyebrow, but ignored them.  I guess royals do what they want.  

"Welcome to Sentinel!  I am Queen Akorithi.  I trust you have had a comfortable stay so far," she said.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked.

"Let me get right to the point.  My son vouches for your abilities.  I am willing to pay you 1,000 gold to infiltrate Castle Wayrest and recover an heirloom of the late King Lysandus for me.  Will you do it?"

"What sort of heirloom?" I asked.

"A painting, hidden somewhere in Castle Wayrest.  It is possible to access the vault where the painting is hidden by going through the dungeon," she replied, "I can give you a map of the layout."

More of a job for mom, but ok.

"I'm willing to do this."

"What Bounty!" She replied.




I decided I would rest a while before I set out, getting a room at the Inn.  I wanted to get an Invisibility spell, but I'd need to practice more before I could cast it, so I chose Calm instead.  Good for a thief.


Heading back to the northwest, I traveled to Mannimarco's crypt, taking me two days.  I of course had to dispatch with some zombies again, and he greeted me.

"I'm glad you answered my letter.  I hope my messenger was gentle," he said.

"Oh I thought I blew him up as a reflex and was about to start apologizing."

Mannimarco chuckled in his deep voice, "Sometimes the living make better conversation partners than the living dead.  Are you willing to travel to Castle Sentinel?"

I pursed my lips, "If the zombie courier could've just asked me that on the spot, I'd have done it.  I just came from there."

"Curse the brainless undead.  He had no idea when he found you where he was or what he was doing, just to follow my orders," Mannimarco replied, "Anyway, at your earliest convenience I would like you to travel to Sentinel and enter the crypt below their castle.  I need an answer among the dead that doesn't exist among the living.  The Great Grandfather to King Camaron, Prince Karolis was a sorcerer of no mean skill.  He is now a lich deep in the bowels of the castle.  Kill him with this scarab in hand, and bring his soul back to me for questioning.  Oh, and when I finish his questioning, I may be able to provide further guidance to you regaining your power."


"Sounds grand.  Hopefully a dungeon below a castle is not as terrible as the random-ass ruins in this country," I said, and took the scarab.  WHen I turned around, I realized the necromancers and vampires behind he had started making their own fun. 




The King of Worms excused himself, not caring for such things.  And I left, heading to the queen's mission in Wayrest first.  I figured I'd return this 'painting' to Sentinel, then find a way to plunder their crypt. 


When I entered, it was late evening.  The royals seemed like they were about to retire.  Using stealth, I made my way around the castle.

"Damien!" I heard a voice.  Ah geez.

"So you came back to see me, eh?" She cornered me in one of the off-shoot chambers.

It was Princess Elysana.

"Well, I'm here on official Empire business, looking for something," I smiled, trying to ingratiate myself, "But seeing you is an added benefit."

I didn't want to give her the wrong idea, but I did want to ask her, "Do you know where the dungeon entrance is?"


"That information will cost you," she said, "And we seem to be near our last spot."

She pulled me into the same room as before and pulled her dress off.  This time I undressed quickly (as to go fast and not get caught).  She immediately pounced on me, knocking me to the floor.




"Wait!" I said.

She straddled me and worked herself back and forth until I was hard and she was ready.  

"What's the matter?  I heard you were a big, strong man!" She shouted as she impaled herself on me.

"Well, I'm not.  And gods, how are you so strong?" 

"I have a lot of free time, being a princess.  I train with the guards, and the knights.  Also, magic," she said as she worked herself up and down.  




This is bad this is bad, I have to push her off me.  But she's going to be mad.  I could tell we were both getting close.  I grabbed her legs, then I took a deep breath and did the right thing.  I pushed her off me.

"Hey!" She said.  I came on her, but not in her.  

"You don't want to get pregnant by a commoner, do you?" I asked.  Technically, I guess I was a prince, but not for a couple hundred years.  I am concerned about that intervening period what having Daedric-blooded offspring might do.


"I suppose it would be a pain.  The pregnancy anyway.  Don't you want to be a part of the royal family?"

"You trying to trap me or something?" I asked.

"Perhaps," she replied, "I've taken a liking to you."

"If you play nice I'll come back and see you.  For now, show me where the dungeon is," I said.

She led me down a hall, pouty, and pointed out the door, "I go no further.  The guards tell of all sorts of strange beasts in the lower levels.  We only use the upper levels."

I sighed.  Perfect.  Traveling down through the normal dungeon, I found a tunnel going deeper.  


I was immediately attacked by a group of heavily armored men and mages.  They weren't guards, but I have no idea what they were doing here.  Gods, High Rock has too many deep holes.




I was getting back into the hang of blasting people from far away.  I traversed the lower labyrinthine depths of Wayrest's dungeons for what seemed like hours.  Part of me wondered if this was one of the Merethic ruins that they'd just built a castle on top of.  Eventually, I came up to what seemed like a sewer system - a more modern thing that wasn't going to up and change on me.  The presence of torches than burn forever and shed cold light was a neat trick, but made me unsure if anybody ever came down here.


After a lot of searching, I managed to find a secret passage in the sewer (stay weird, High Rock) which led me to more labyrinth.   




Fighting my way through the tunnels, I eventually got lost.  I fought a dragonling in a medium room, and dog tired, I cast Lock on the door, threw out my bedroll and passed out for a few hours. 




This really gave me a bit of time to think on my predicament.  Not just being lost in a labyrinthine dungeon, but being stuck in the past.  I hadn't really stopped since I got to High Rock.  My progression over the past couple weeks had been meteoric compared to the first time.  Though I was still generally weak, I had the basic tools for all the functionality I needed.  In that moment, a voice called to me.


"Hey, clod.  How are things?" 

"Viranir.  How unpleasant to speak with you," I said, "What have you been doing?"

"Well, intriguing story I have, when you left the first tunnel of this thief hideout, you shut a door.  I'm pretty bad at being a ghost, so I can't really phase through things at will.  It... just happens to whatever is least convenient for me."

"You're stuck in that first room?" I asked, blinking.

"Why yes.  But I did manage to contact you.  I was wondering if, perhaps at your earliest convenience you could come open this door for me?" Viranir asked.

"I may be persuaded," I replied.

"What do you want?"

"I have questions about your time spell," I said, "How did you plan on getting back to our time when you were finished... I dunno... giving yourself cheat codes."

"Well, first, you can't really communicate with yourself.  That's the failing of the spell.  If you do anything that would cause yourself not to have traveled back into the past, then it would cause a paradox.  I guess you could give yourself solutions but also ensure you go to the past with the same instructions.  Of course, it might cause something like a Dragon Break, where you both do and don't go back to the past simultaneously."
"So you don't actually know how it works, huh?" I asked.

She sighed, "Not really.  These spells were meant to be a gateway to experimentation."

"I think when and if I get back to the present, I'm going to destroy your notes.  Maybe... kill your apprentices or wipe their minds if that is possible," I said.


"Hmm," she didn't seem very amicable to that idea.


"Viranir, what we're messing with is dangerous.  Usually the purview of gods, and they don't seem to want to alter time lightly.  The one instance I can think of is the Miracle of Peace, after the Dragon Break caused by when I'm doing here.  And now that I'm on this path, and I'm fairly certain I'm supposed to fulfill this role, I have no choice but to see it through.  But what if I fail?  We could fuck up history entirely," I said.


Though I couldn't see her physical form, I heard her exhale, "For now, I will help you however I can.  The history we have is much more manageable than the one we don't know.  Who knows... if the Hero of Daggerfall didn't win, it could cause us to fail at the Oblivion Crisis, which might lead to our world being destroyed."

"Great," I closed my eyes, "I'll be back in Daggerfall hopefully soon."


When I felt ready, I got up and unlocked the door, and what do you know, my brain figured out where to go.  I found a set of stairs leading up up up, and knew this was going back into the castle.  I stealthily unlocked the door and peered inside. 




Patrolling guards, but not wearing the uniform of the kingdom.  More like the personal guard of someone.  Being not a stealth master or able to cast Invisibility yet, I peered around the corner and casted a Calm spell on the soldier there.  I strolled up to the dais and noticed the 'painting,' there.  But was it a painting?  I picked it up, wanting to see what the big deal was.




"Ah, gods!  What the fuck!?" I shouted, and two other guards heard me, plundering the treasure.

The 'painting' did show a scene, inside a tent.  Several men in the livery of Wayrest intensely debating with a man bearing the coat of arms of Daggerfall.  One of the Wayrest men slipped behind the Daggerfall man, drawing a dagger and casually sliding it between his ribs.  Life ebbed from his body as the image faded.


"This is a fucking Elder Scroll!" 

The other guards converged on me, and I sprinted with the scroll in hand out of their reach.  Playing cat and mouse for a few minutes, I eventually blasted them with elemental bolts and ran back into the dungeon labyrinth.  Knowing the path now I took the straight line back through the sewers, through the palace, and out of there.  It was nearly morning and nobody saw me.  I escaped under dense storms. 




I traveled back to Sentinel, taking a couple days.  (How many days has it been now?  I think about 20).  I rested at the Inn, my intention being to give the queen the scroll and go kill that lich.  I woke up very early and found the Innkeeper and a Sentinel guard having sex.  




Meh, okay.  I headed into the castle and headed up to the castle.  I walked past the naked men again, to the dais.

Queen Akorithi greeted me eagerly, seeing the scroll in my hands, "Well done!  Did you perhaps, examine the painting?"

"I couldn't help but see.  It was unfurled on the altar.  Also, you didn't warn me this was an Elder Scroll!!" I said.  I still handed it to her.

"You presume much.  What you saw is not for the prying eyes of the masses.  It concerns matters of royalty and will be dealt with by royalty."

I sighed, "Technically, I'm a prince."

"Oh my, really?  You must understand what I said was merely trying to ward you from the danger of the scroll.  To my ends I have brought in Moth Priests to read it," she smirked, "I should thank you properly for your mission well done."


I bowed, reaching out my hand for whatever she was going to hand me.  Instead, she took my hand and put it on her breast.

"Oh my, you're such a charmer.  You've got my attention now," Queen Akorithi said.

My eyes went wide as I looked up at her.  This woman had to have been in her fifties.  Not that she didn't have a nice body...  

"You majesty, are you suggesting...?"

"Come now, show some discretion, Prince Damien.  Where are you from?  You look like a Nord perhaps.  Skyrim?"

She got to the right answer but not through the right way.


"Would you entertain a lady?" She saw I wasn't against the idea, and looked at her guards, "Leave us."

"If we're doing this... can I ask you a personal question, your highness?"

She nodded.

"Have you gone through menopause?" I asked.

She blinked, "You're an uncouth one, aren't you?  Yes.  I have.  Now come make me feel young again!"




She sat on her throne and I tended to her, then she hopped on me and we finished as I held her up.  When we were done, her naked guards kept going with her.  Clearly a lady still in touch with her hungers.  

"Say, where is the dungeon?" I asked.

"We keep ours in the tower," she pointed to a nearby passage.


I pushed forward through a vertical maze of elevators and levers (as is most of High Rock, but going upward this time), with magic bars separating the zones.  There were a few crawlies locked up in places, but overall the biggest annoyance here was the levers.




Eventually, on the highest level I encountered the Lich.  Still in stealth, I charged up Iron Will (a buff spell I'd learned in High Rock that enhanced aspects of spellcasting), and charged up a double-handed Elemental Bolt.  Because I'd been practicing stealth casting, he searched for me for a moment, which gave me another free cast.  When he was fighting back, I alternated between blasting and healing and he went down.  I should recall my wards.




When I was done I ventured back to Mannimarco, taking two more days.  I meditated and recalled the basic ward and greater ward.  


"Well done!" The King of Worms said, "I am sure the prince will be most cooperative.  Please accept this dagger."

He handed me an enchanted elven dagger, then he scratched his chin, "I've been doing research about your predicament.  It seems your rerise to power is going quickly.  I'm certain you'll figure it out on your own.  Tell me everything and I will continue to delve further to figure out how to get you home."


"An altmer mage from my time advanced chronomancy far beyond what it had been up until now," I said.

"Chronomancy?  Time magic?  Surely..." He scratched his chin under the hood, "Had something recently happened that caused Akatosh to turn a blind eye to Nirn?"

I narrowed my eyes, "Time has been wonky.  But I assumed it was because of the Dragon Break."

"Ah yes, there was one related to the Numidium in the Tiber Septim's wars of conquest," Mannimarco replied.

"Are you saying Chronomancy is only possible near in time to a Dragon Break...?"

"Perhaps," Mannimarco said.

I was starting to wonder how much information I should be giving out.  An immortal lich getting information about the future could be very bad.  But he'd been nothing but polite and forthcoming so far.  Just what somebody trying to manipulate me would do.  I decided I would stay the course and continue working with him for now.  After all, I'm no angel myself.


"I'm going to drop you a seed of information," he said, "This one's for free.  So Tiber Septim was the first emperor of Tamriel.  Toward the end of his wars of conquest, he betrayed his Battlemage, Zurin Arctus.  When he died his soul refused to leave his body - something to do with the Numidium.  Since that time Zurin has lived on as the Underking.  He and his agents have been a thorn in my side for centuries.  He knows much, but he is untrustworthy."

I smirked, "Thanks."

I turned around to find the vampires and necromancers... having another group session.




"Talos bones, guys.  Do you ever stop?"

"You're only as dead as you feel!" One of them shouted back as I was walking out.


I don't remember where, but I'd gotten a tip that that former sorceress of Daggerfall, whom King Lysandus had been in love with, was exiled to a tower in the middle of Illiac Bay and was now trapped there.  It was much nearer than Daggerfall so I decided it was time to head there.  I noted the further I got away from Daggerfall, the more I was seeing animals.  And the more time passed, the more nature seemed to be returning to normal.


I arrived near nightfall just as it started pouring and went into the tower.  When I got inside, a group of vampires seemed to be raiding the tower - fighting ghosts and skeletons.  I waited until both sides were weak and blasted them all.  Inside the tower, two sets of stone steps spiraled up to the top.




I took my time clearing everything out, finding several levers along the way.  There was a small shrine to the nine divines, and several tasteful statues (as well as a pillar in the center that topped with several impaled corpses).  After a while I was unsure of what to do next, then I remembered there was a downward passage when I got in, so I went that way.


The first set of chambers were very bare and unhelpful.  I found an oddly-colored wall.  When I touched it, I was teleported to a cellar, with water up to my knees.





I ventured further, and found an ambush of bandits who'd been trapped in here.  I dispatched them with explosions.


This tower... oh boy.  This tower was probably the worst puzzle I've seen yet in High Rock.  And this is coming from a highly intelligent person.  There was a pillar with four levers, a labyrinth, as always, and a great deal of golems guarding the passage to the woman at the end.  I must admit I'd never fought a golem before, and that was interesting.  But having to move around and find the right levers to open the right passages.  Finally, I found her, after about two days of camping in the tower.


"Greetings! I am Medora Direnni, former court mage of Daggerfall.  Welcome to my humble cursed tower abode.  Wait, where are you going?"

"I'm going to kill myself," I replied, "But no, seriously, would you like to be rescued?  I used a Mark at the entrance this time, I can Recall us out.  Also the way is open if you just want to walk out."

"Unfortunately, this tower is cursed and I can't exactly leave," Medora replied, "I have an interest in helping you exorcise the spirit of the king though.  If you're willing, would you pay a visit to Nulfaga?  She can help me break the curse."

"She's pretty much gone mad," I replied.




"That is sad.  Alternatively, you could search her castle and find her prized Unicorn horn.  With it, I can break the curse," she said.  She gave me a bundle of scrolls to teleport back to her Mark target - her bedchamber at the top of the tower.


I sighed, "Alright.  I'll be back."

I traveled northwest back to Daggerfall and walked back into Privateer's Hold before I did anything else, and I opened that dang door.

"Thanks," Viranir said, "They will sing of your tales throughout the ages."

I chuckled, "At least someone here understands a modern sense of humor."


Then I decided I was going to make another stop before I headed back out.  

I headed over to Whiteford, just across the narrow straight.  It was midday on day 24, so presumably she would still be here.

I walked into Inn and found Lady Brisienna, sitting at a table by herself.


"Hey," I said, "I don't have any major updates on the state of the Kingdom.  I'm about to free the king's court sorcerer from a cursed tower, so hopefully she'll be a help to me.  Honestly, these courtly affairs are nothing like Skyrim."

Brisiennia raised an eyebrow, "I've heard you've already done a lot for the kingdom.  I think I can leave this in your capable hands."

"Why not stay a few more days?  This is getting pretty taxing, running around High Rock.  I think I need to rest and wash.  We can talk a bit before you return to Cyrodiil.  Besides, I think there aren't any ships running from Daggerfell right now."

"No, I need to wait for the next one, not for a couple weeks.  Everyone's too afraid of the ghosts."

"The animals are afraid too.  I saw quite a few to the east, but there's almost no game here," I replied.

"I believe it was the recent wars, scouring the countryside.  Plant life is just starting to grow back."


We spent the next few hours talking.  I learned she was a Nord too, though from Bruma and not from Cyrodiil proper.  I told her of my parentage, though made no mention of my crazy story of being from the future.




"You're... half daedra?" She blinked, then she smiled, "How... intriguing."

"Notice the horns and eyes," I said.

"You know the Bretons have a 'holy day' for each of the Daedric princes?  More to keep them at bay than to worship."

"What day is Sanguine?" I asked, excitedly.

"16th Sun's Dawn.  Under the sign of the Lover," she smirked.  I started to wonder if this woman was beginning to become interested in my friendship.  Maybe I could get her to stay longer.  

"Ahem... what month is it?" I asked.

She giggled at me, "It's the 24th of Morning Star, 3E 405.  You arrived near the New Year."

"That's convenient.  Next month," I said, "I should invoke Sanguine and see what happens."

She giggled again, and it was like the tinkling of a bell.  I sighed.  I knew that if I was going home, I couldn't bring her with me.  But damn, getting to know someone is fun.



This might be a strange place to end, but I crashed in Castle Shedungent when I got an Enemy Encounters spawn.  So I decided I would stop for now.  


I might switch over to Runa next time.  Skygerfall is tedious.  I hope the little injections of story are making this palpable.  I'm warming up to the idea of Lady Brisiennia.  It's really the side stories that make story-driven games worth it, and I'm forcing this to have a story.


The daedra day is from the original Daggerfall game.  A lot of what I'm adding is pulling from that, if I'm adding anything.


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And actually, side note.  I didn't realize these questlines are branches.  I was wondering where I needed to go next.  


I'm also wondering if I'm going to be attacked by a lot of randos once I start some of these.


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It's probably part of that problem that Skygerfall only covers the main questline and not the side quests. Not sure if they would really break up the tediousness, but they would likely add some more "live" to the world. That said, don't worry you're doing a pretty good job in keeping that a worthwhile read.
Also you helped me make up my mind if I ever want to try Skygerfall. ;)

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Is that you've decided to play it or not play it?  If I could get Enemy Encounters to work it would be better, or if it had more random events. And animals, and vegetation. 


I'm starting to think I should make a patch that adds some of these things and put it on the Nexus. 


Also I watched a lot of RoC before I decided on it, also why I decided to bring followers.  But I just had a huge brain-blast on ways to connect my SGF and RoC plays. 

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Starting at the end of the Chapter this time, I want to say, that to me it wasn't an odd point to stop. I read it as a "But damn, getting to know someone is fun. ~nudge-nudge, wink-wink~" kind of sceen. Like in an old Bond-movie, where the camera pans away right before 007 get's to "work". Because why should Destana be the only one, who stops her tale on a cliffhanger?


I think, this episode was filled with (unintentionally?) funny little details: Like forever horny queens, princesses  and necromancers, princes sitting on floors (because they can't afford a chair?), tremendously powerful artifacts just being put on display in some random castle basement and legendary figures like Mannimarco hanging around, for the player to chat with. Plus I got confirmation of my suspicion, that bretons are a rather pompous bunch. For seemingly everybody needs to be a "King" or a "Queen". Even though in Skyrim they would just be Jarls at best.

I do get the impression, that Bethesda did not take TES lore as serious back then, as it does now. Which, to be fair, would not be surprising. Or that the lore was simply alot less refined and detailed. Which almost certainly is true.

So, thanks for working your way through the tedious bits, so people like me can get an impression of what TES Daggerfall might have been like.



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20 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

Is that you've decided to play it or not play it?  If I could get Enemy Encounters to work it would be better, or if it had more random events. And animals, and vegetation. 

In as much as I decided not to play it in the current state and I have some doubts that state will see huge improvements ... unsless you really create that mod. As much as I like reminiscent about the good ol' times I'm acutely aware of a fact that many people seem oblivious too. Our brains are (for the most part) pretty good at remembering the positive experiences and forgetting the less fun ones. Hence 'the good ol' times' as we tend to see/remember things though rose-colored glasses. So I was never really tempted to get say a C64 emulator and play Ultima IV again, no matter how much I enjoyed it back then. I know it wouldn't be as good as I remember it.

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Hey, probably stupid question, in which case Sorry, but which mod adds the crown Queen Akorithi is wearing in her scene?

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It comes with the Skygerfall mod.  If you wanted to get this mod just for some of the unique equipment, I wouldn't blame you.  There are a lot of other things too, like Chainmail, Adamantine weapons, new spells, new enemies and of course new crowns and royal clothes.

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