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Entry 75: Team Skyrim World Police



This is Destana again.  For the sake of brevity, I'm going to be telling a lot of the story.  Even the parts I'm not there for (as described to me later by various sources).  We set out from Solitude on the 17th of First Seed, 216 with the fleet and airship.  When we were out in the deep blue ocean, the airship peeled off to meet the small body of ships coming out of Daggerfall and Wayrest.  They hadn't contributed as much as Skyrim, but this was our war.  The kids went with the airship to meet them and guide them to us.  I stayed with Ulfric.


Ulfric gathered a lot of the men together and gave a speech.  Though only about thirty were on the ship with us, it was a calm day at sea.  Scores of other ships hung close, able to hear his voice reverberate across the waves.




"This is it, men!  Soon the elves will again seek to rule the world.  We must ready ourselves to fight them.  They brought war to us, and we return it in kind.  This time, we invade them.  This time, we have an Emperor on the throne I can call friend.  And we are not beholden to them.  Years ago, I said to you, it'll be us Nords who lead the fight against the elves.  Well, that day has come.  We find ourselves on ships on our way to invade Valenwood.  That is as it should be.  Shyrim breeds warriors.  It's who we are.    It's on our blood.  Who better to protect the world from the Thalmor?"


He drew a breath, dramatically, then said, "I am Ulfric Stormcloak.  High King of Skyrim!  And at my side the woman we know as Stormblade, who the world knows as the Dragonborn... my wife and a true daughter of Tamriel, Queen Destana."




The soldiers yelled, some whistling a little bawdily.  I took a step forward, "What do I say?  Uhh... let's kick some Thalmor ass!" 

They yelled again, getting hyped up.  

"FOR SKYRIM!" Ulfric yelled, "It is all of you who are the true heroes of Skyrim!"

And their energy level increased, the other ships joining in the warcry.  Ulfric yelled back, even louder.

When the crowd subsided, he continued, "You heard what she said.  We have a lot of work to do.  Get some rest, for at dawn, we dine in hell."


He turned to me as the soldiers went back to their business, a little bit more pep in their actions.

"How'd I do?  Don't think I overdid it with that last line?" 

"No, that was great," I smiled, "That was fucking amazing!  We're going to sweep through them with Talos at our back."

Ulfric smiled at me, reaching into his pack.  He produced an object, wrapped in cloth.

"Here.  I had it specially made. Not as enchanted as yours but..."

I took the yellow-golden dagger in my hand, turning it over, "It's amazing.  I love it!"  

I debated between which hand to try it out on, settling on my left hand. I put the Blade of Woe in my pack. I'd been using it for a good long time. 


The kids met up with the group from High Rock and Runa hopped down to talk with them.

"Lord Malakai," Runa said, greeting him, "You surely get around."

"You too, Princess," he replied, "I thought the best way to foster relations with Skyrim and strengthen our bond with Cyrodiil would be to help them in... one of the biggest wars in recent memory."

Runa smiled and nodded, not knowing why he put a strange emphasis on the word 'relations.'


The airship directed them back to our fleet, and then traveled a bit north to meet the Cyrodiilic ships just south of Anvil.

"Heh, we're the couriers today," Fenrir smirked, "A lot of good getting this airship is doing us.  You think we should scout ahead with this thing?"

"Oh, didn't mom tell you?" Damien asked.

Fenrir shrugged.

"She wanted to hold the airship back until the assault begins.  This thing is a HUGE target.  But once the ships land we're going to storm in."

Fenrir pursed his lips, "As the owner of the airship, you'd think she would tell me these things."

"Well she's got a lot on her mind.  Probably figured I'd tell you," Damien threw up his arms.


"I see the Anvil fleet!" Runa shouted.  As we got over them, she shouted down, jumping onto the deck of the lead ship, "Casius!" 

"Hey beautiful!  Whoa!" He said, "What did you do to your hair?" 

Runa shrugged, "Felt like a change.  Do you like it?"

"Anything looks good on you," Casius replied.

"It's only been a couple weeks, but I can't say I didn't miss you.  C'mon, follow us to the fleet."

Runa hopped back up into the airship, and they approached Skyrim's fleet as our boys were cheering, just finishing the speech.




So it took us until the 21st to get near landfall.  I flew ahead and scouted the area then reported back to the flagship with the captains and commanders.

"Looks like they're on high alert.  There are a LOT of Thalmor hanging out in the wings," I said.

"Ma'am," Casius said, "I think Cyrodiil's time to assault is this evening."

Ulfric pursed his lips, "Perhaps them moving across the border could draw away their attention."

I nodded, "We'll see if this thins out their ranks and attack in the morning.  You kids keep an eye out from the airship and I need Damien to set any ships on fire that look like they're reinforcements.  Or going to get reinforcements."

Damien nodded.

I approached Fenrir, Valiana and Runa.

"Has Damien told you anything?" I asked.

"Basically, yes," Fenrir replied.

"My thought is - the ships do the amphib and we storm in and blast from the sky, provide cover and just roll through there.  Be careful.  There are a LOT of Thalmor.  This is going to be harder than the Skyrim-Thalmor War."

"Been replenishing, maybe?" Runa asked.

"They're had hundreds of years to build up.  I'm starting to think they didn't take us seriously and didn't even put the most elite of their forces behind invading Skyrim," Ireplied, "Anyway, I believe in you guys, you're stronger than you know.  Pack some potions.  We might get separated, but try and stay with the groups."


Finally it was the morning of the 22nd and I boarded the airship. Ulfric, Galmar and the combined fleet assaulted the beach. At about noon, around their approach time, it started to pour. 


Runa and I were standing by Fenrir, steering the ship. 

I took a deep breath, leaned back and looked to the sky, "L~"

"Wait!" Fenrir put his hand on my shoulder.  I looked at him and he said, "It'll cover our approach."

I smiled, "Good thinking.  Looks like the battle's underway."

"Right!" Fenrir engaged the throttle up to high speed. We cut through the wind and rain like a spear, rain dripping around the balloon lazily. 




As we spied Woodhearth in the distance, Fenrir spoke up, "All right final approach. Dad's already on the ground.  You guys ready?"

"Let's do it," Runa said calmly. 
"Hell yes, let's do it," I clenched my fist. 
"Born ready!" Valiana shouted.

Damien, standing at the very edge of the ship's bow, couldn't hear over the storm. 


As Fenrir slowed, Runa took a step back and smirked, jumping off the back of the ship.

"Oh shit, I missed the docks!" She plunked into the water. 




Fenrir rushed to the bow with Damien, letting Skullcat take the wheel, "Avast, me hearties! Give em hell!"

"Alright Runa time to go," I said, then turned to find she'd vanished, "Wait, where did she go?"


Damien shouted back, readying to cast, "We'll clear you a path, mom!"
The boys met eyes, then Fenrir shouted with fury, "All right, cover fire!"

They peppered the Thalmor with bolts and explosions. I grinned, a little proud. 


I ran to the back then sprinted and took a leap of faith off the front, landing next to Ulfric, his men, and Runa, who'd just emerged from the bay. 




"YOL TOOR!" Ulfric shouted, blanketing the Thalmor with flame breath, then Runa gave them a classic, "FUS RO!"

I spied Damien fly to the right to fight alongside the Imperial Battlemages as we engaged in melee. 

A moment later I heard, "Oh crap!" and "Pinned down over here!" Coming from that direction.

"Dammit! I'm coming," I said, sprinting toward Damien.

At the same time, Fenrir, who'd been firing from the rooftop, hopped down and continued down the main stretch with Runa. 


When I got to the shouting, the Thalmor mages were trading spells back and forth with Imperial Battlemages behind cover. Damien'd been alone but now he was being backed up. 

He shouted down to me, "Stay back, I'm above you!  Here comes black winter!"

And he let loose a torrent of freezing wind made even worse by the torrent of rain. 


I nodded up to him and continued forward into the city with Ulfric and the boys. After we left a new group of Thalmor engaged the mages from further down the docks, but Valiana and Stormcloaks showed up to support. 


Up ahead, Fenrir and Runa pressed down the main drag, cutting a path straight through. Fenrir veered to the right to handle stragglers with some Imperial fighters, but Runa aggressively pressed on, eventually pushing so hard she got seperated and was fighting half a dozen Thalmor by herself. 


Fenrir did the same in a different direction, eventually coming up against a group of elites and finding He'd outpaced the Imperials. He took out his multishot (that fired whole bursts of bolts at once, like a shotgun) and fired a few into the elite casters. Finally tiring of this, their strongest guard charged forward and stabbed Fenrir in the shoulder, then clobbered him over the head. He went down from all the fire he'd been taking. 



After a minute of darkness, someone shook him awake.

"Wake up kid you've still got some life left in you!"

It was Valiana.

"Fenrir drink this potion and get the fuck up!  You're not going to die today!"  As he came to, he could see tears beginning to form in her eyes as she raged.  He grabbed her face and kissed her. She pulled back and slapped him. But then helped him up. 
She sighed, both angry and relieved, "Good. You're okay.  I'm going to double back and check on the others."

They both stood there awkwardly for a few seconds, then she said, "All right then."

While she was walking away, he walked up to her and grabbed her wrist. 

She pulled it back, smirking, "I'm not some waif you can throw around. Need something?"


"Yeah, you better survive this war because I'm not going on without you," Fenrir said.  Truly one of his more 'casanova' moments. 

"Well," she said back, "Same to you."


Still at a standoff between the mages (after Val and the SCs continued on) Damien growled, "We're not staying around here any more. Follow me, I'm going to break through."

He rushed forward to find they'd actually killed most the casters, but the most powerful one was still standing and holding them all back. Damien and him stood motionless, squaring off. 


Damien readied his spell first and flung it, but the elf was too clever. He deflected it with a ward and returned with a fireball.  Damien'd already taken quite a lot of fireballs. He went down. 


I was spending my time making my way up the main road with Ulfric and the soldiers, but I was alternating between buffing the soldiers, taking out key targets with my bow, and doing the same with my daggers.  When we reached the end of the road, I found Ulfric had left me.


"Guess the battle's over.  I wonder where my kids are," I said, using a Whirlwind Sprint to launch myself back into the city. 

I looked around, finding soldiers advancing and I ran back towards the docks. 

"Hey have you guys seen...," I started to ask a group of soldiers, but they were in a battle lust and didn't pay me any mind.  

Finally I came upon Runa, standing on the first main street, "Runa have you seen the others?  Why'd you double back?"
"Same reason as you, I'd imagine.  I found Fenrir and Valiana way up ahead.  Was trying to track Damien," she started, then her eyes fixed on figures behind me, "Oh, here he is.  You guys okay?"

Ulfric and Damien approached.

Damien said, "Yeah I'm fine.  Thank the gods for the imperial battle mages coming in behind me.  Otherwise I'd be dead."

Ulfric folded his arms, "Found this one on his ass.  Seems like they saw us coming."

"Hey Fenrir," I said as he approached, then I addressed the group, "Be that as it may we're in this now.  We need to regroup.  Where did the Stormcloaks go anyway?"



Valiana responded from behind me, "They cut to the right went through the west part of town and swept to the south.

"Who's leading them anyway?" I asked.

"Galmar," Damien replied, "They blew right by me while I was in a standoff with the mages.  Think they were going for something specific."
Valiana continued, "While the Thalmer were concentrating on the imperials and us they advanced."

"What are you up to, old friend?" Ulfric said, more to himself than anyone.

"Well no time to figure it out.  No time to waste let's go," I said, sprinting off at the head of the group. 


We continued up the road a bit and found our head Imperial strike group fighting with some Thalmor, but they were just mopping up.  I threw down heals and Rally spells for the fight ahead - this was a stretch of road with another defensible hamlet about a mile at the right fork.  I'd been briefed on our path, though the groups were getting scattered and I wondered if they were slipping into barbarism (you know, raping, pillaging, burning).  


The kids flanked me as we ran, Val and Ulfric taking the rear.

"Seems there were few wood elves there.  I'm glad," Fenrir said.

"Casualties of war," Damien said back.

"So far we've avoided many civilian casualties.  It's been almost all Thalmor.  But we can't guarantee it will remain like that," I said, "Do your best to safeguard innocents, but do what you need to do."

As we neared the next fight, I wondered how my dad was doing.




21st, First seed, late in the night.

"Jura, what do you make of that?" Calleius asked. from beside me in the bushes.

Sialius, Balfhe, Hrolf and the Cyrodillic generals were up ahead with the main force.  Calleius and I came alone.  I had some business I needed to take care of. But we happened upon an attack force coming up behind them when we crossed the Cyrodiil border.  Their plan no doubt was to take down the border guard then sneak attack our army.  They were all long range casters.  This base had a skeleton crew.  The Thalmor would not be expecting the two of us.  
"We're going to take care of them," I said.  The Thalmor crept up, like they were finally about to make a move.  


I activated a Lightning Cloak and charged toward the caster strike force, "Sneak Attack!" 

"What in Obliv~" One of them shouted, but he was slammed down by my shield.

"Oh no!  There's so many!" I shouted, then I turned tail and ran.

"Open the gate!" I shouted.

"Coward!  You are a dog and I am your master!" Another of the Thalmor shouted.  But now the gates were open and arrows rained from within and atop the walls.  


I gestured up to the archers to fire behind the Thalmor.  I blasted spells toward them as they charged into the gates, trying to avoid the arrows.

I grinned.  Rats, meet trap.

Once they were inside, the gates shut again, archers peppering them from the walls and from inside. 




Calleius and I took them on head to head.  These were elite guys too!  Took a lot of hits to take them down.  Thankfully, I'd collected all three of the rings from the Akaviri Commanders we'd killed in Roscrea, the Bridge of Sighs and the Sea (Runa was always fast and loose with her looting, but I made sure it didn't go to waste).  Between the Ring of the Frostwolf, Firewolf and Thunderwolf, I was nearly immune to most magical attacks.  I waded through their attacks with a grim confidence, laying waste to them.  Only had to kill one or two bosmer archers.


It was over in minutes.  While the archers mopped up the last of them, I sheathed my sword (Odin's Wrath Runa'd given to me from a chest).  I smiled, water dripping down my beard, "Right Calleius, it's safe for now.   It's death out here.  Let's wait until morning to catch up."
"Of course Jura, I mean... your highness," Calleius replied (in front of our new archer friends, who'd had almost no casualties).

"My liege, allow me to offer you a room for the night," the archer leader said.

I nodded, "Very good."


We slept and took the road outward in the morning, only to be ambushed ourselves this time.

"Another sneak attack?" I said as I engaged them and cut down the first of their lot, "What, they're employing vampires?  I'll take you all on myself and your Thalmor masters!"




I charged for the Thalmor mages in the back and Calleius caught up with me, meeting my speed, "You're not alone, sir!"

We fought for several more minutes, damn elves using cover and trying to kite us.  Calleius got knocked down once and I ribbed him, "Don't go down so easy Calleius.  Remember your shield work!"


I engaged the last group alone, blowing through them.  Calleius came in at the end and finished off the Frost Atronach.

I slapped him on the back, resting Odin's Wrath on my shoulder, "Nice shot kid now let's get the hell out of here before more come!"

Calleius nodded, "Sir!"




From there we swept from location to location.  South, to a village called Bal Fall.

"They're advancing fast.  Sialius is out for blood!" I commented.

I talked with the Bosmer there a little bit.  There were also a few Khajiit. 




And one imperial soldier who I told to keep an eye out for the Thalmor.  He told me the army headed toward the coast.  We hit Thormar Keep, but the place had already been trashed.  But not by ours.  

"These are... Thalmor arrows?" Calleius asked.

"Guess they didn't want us to get the resources," I replied.


We kept going to a small town (really one road with half a dozen houses) called Valkwasten.  We found Bosmer fighting a small force of Thalmor and tried to help, but we weren't able to protect them from the Thalmor.  Apparently, if you're not helping, you're targets.

"Damn shame," I said, "C'mon.  We gotta move."


We finally found an old Imperial Barracks that'd fallen into disuse, and our forces were set up here, ready to rest for the night.  I walked in the front door to a wooden building that seemed to serve as an HQ.


"By the gods.  You finally made it!  I was starting to think the war was going to be over before you even caught us," General Sialius called from across the room.




They all saluted me, and I saluted back, then I said, "General Sialius, Quintus, Tusselle.  Balfhe, Hrolf.  Who's in charge here?"

Sialius folded his arms, "Well, you are."

I chuckled, "Of course.  But who's the Supreme General who's giving out the orders so far?"

Tusselle shrugged, "We all deferred to Sialius.  He's got way more experience than us."




"Well, give me a status report, then," I smirked.  He pointed to the map on the big table in the middle of the room.


"First, the forces crossing the border swept north to take the small settlements and forts on the way to this barracks.  We're planning on striking Silvenaar when we gather our forces.  So far we've had medium losses, but we've given them more than we got."

"You had an excellent idea having our couriers learn that old High Rock Missive spell so we could transfer intelligence back and forth," Quintus said.

I nodded.  

Tusselle explained the western front, "Our fleets landed at Woodhearth a few hours ago.  They've fragmented quite a lot, but we know they took Woodhearth and the Legionnaires took Vullen Haven to the east.  From the commander there, Galmar took a large number of Stormcloaks and swept south.  Presumably to sweep around the coast and head to Greenheart.  We're not sure.  He didn't tell anyone why he was going there."

"What else?" I asked.

"The High Rock forces got back on their ships when the battle at Woodhearth was over," Tusselle continued.

"Why?" Calleius tilted his head.

"Good question Legate.  They've gone silent," Tusselle replied.

"Too many variables here.  Anything else?" I asked.

"Ulfric and Destana took a small force north.  Damien's Missive'd us," Tusselle explained.

"Oh!" She reached into her pocket, handing me a missive.

"They're camped at Glenpoint (a ruin).  Damien scouted ahead while Destana crawled the dungeon.  He says there's a small satyr village just north of Falinesti with a ruined watchtower and lots of cover.  They're planning on heading there with the airship tomorrow morning and request a meeting.  And!  The High Rock ships are at anchor just off the coast and have agreed to join them in taking Falinesti."


"So, what should we do, sir?  Think we could take both Silvanaar and Falinesti at the same time?" Quintus asked.

"Between High Rock and Destana's group, they may be able to handle that alone.  It's not a far journey from here.  I'd say we can make it in the morning," I replied, "Sialius, do you think we can take Silvanaar with just our forces here?"

"From what our scouts report, Silvanaar is less defended than even Woodhearth and Arenthia."

"What, did we take Arenthia?" I asked, shocked.




Balfhe smiled, "Hrolf and I went with Tusselle and took it with a joint venture.  It happened on day 1 before you got here."

"Good job.  I'm going to mark that off on the board!" I slapped all three of them on the back, in order of rank.






Destana again.  We finished our battle taking the town and headed north toward Falinesti.  Only a small group of soldiers were with us now, so Damien figured it would be a good idea to Missive Sialius and whoever the other Generals were.




"Her name's Tusselle," Damien said.


"The one I'm messaging now," Damien said. 

"Oh, what did they say back?" I asked.

"They'll meet us," he replied.

"Can you message those High Rock ships?" I asked.

"Nope.  I don't actually know any of them," Damien shrugged.

"Okay.  You guys set up camp.  Who wants to go out to the High Rock guys and let them know?" I asked.

"I will," Runa replied.

"Runa, you're the only one who can't at least Levitate," Fenrir said.

"Mehhh... Damien taught me Levitate," Runa smiled, "And I can summon Shadowmere now (usually), so I can get to the coast pretty fast.  Besides, I like going off on my own sometimes."

"I understand," I said, "Guess that settles it."

"I'm going to scout out Falinesti from the air," Damien offered.

"Good idea," I said.

"I'm going to make sure the men have food," Ulfric said.

"Guess I'm stuck with tent and fire duty," Fenrir shook his head, "And I guess I'll beacon the airship over."

"Well, I'll help you," Valiana jabbed him in the arm.

"What are you gonna do?" Ulfric asked.

"I'm going to clear out this Ayelid ruin under our feet."


"By yourself?" Ulfric asked.

"Well, yeah.  I do it all the time," I shrugged, "I'll come get you if I find a boss monster or something."


So we all went on about our business.  The ruin was kind of easy as far as challenges go, though it was tedious, with a lot of passages that led nowhere.  I found some riches, and after a long game of process of elimination I found a key to a door next to the entrance. 

I opened it and found urns of treasure and a molten Iron Golem.  To my chagrin it was dark when I came out. 

"Huh, guess I was in there a while."

"Ya," Ulfric said, sitting with everyone around the campfire. 

"Wanna come kill a golem?" I asked. 




They collectively shrugged and we made quick work of it. Or I should say it was 90% me - my initial sneak attack shot straight to the core nearly did the thing in.


"Gods, is working with her always like this these days?" Ulfric asked. 

Runa laughed, "Yes."


They slept the night and I stayed up and I stayed up and had some blood instead, standing watch over the lot of them. 




Now the 23rd, all the men (about thirty) piled on the airship. We flew up to that satyr village where I hopped down and slayed some centaurs who were attacking the peaceful Satyrs.  The men set up camp around the old beacon, while we waited for the Cyrodillic Generals.


Runa levitated across the channel to the lead boat. 

"Lord Malakai," Runa stated. 

"Princess," he said back, "I'll be joined today by my two commanders, Sir Galahad Maynard of Daggerfall and Ser Roheisa la Faible of Wayrest."

She shrugged, "We'll be in the airship."


An hour or so later, Jura stepped onto the airship.

"Dad, how's the war effort?" I asked.  I hugged him.

"Balfh e can fill you in.  Mind if I have some of your neat spread?" He gestured to the table in the middle of the room.

I looked at Fenrir.

He shrugged, "Huh.  Did the cats set this out?  Have at it."

In fact, General Sialius, Quintus, Tusselle, Balfhe and Hrolf all sat and had a little meal while we waited for the High Rock group.  They caught me up during the dinner.

"Never met you before," I said to Tusselle.

"Well, I've never been to Skyrim.  General Tusselle, your highness.  I command the second legion."

"How many legions are there these days?" I asked.

"Well there's only the three here in Valenwood," Sialius replied.

"There was seventeen before the Great War," Ulfric said, resting on a bench behind me, "After the great war, there were seven.  They collapsed down because so many perished."

"And of course Skyrim defected," Tusselle said.

"Like I've been saying, we're the warriors of Tamriel.  Without us~" Ulfric started, then he looked up to me.

"You're doing it again," I smirked.

"That I am.  We have a new Emperor now," Ulfric chuckled.

Sialius said, "As far as Legions go, now there are merely three.  Four if you include mine.  We're going to be hard-pressed to win this war if we take too long."

"We're reforming the fifth," Jura added.


"That's why you have us as auxiliaries, am I right?" Lord Malakai walked down the stairs, followed by a woman in a red coat armor with a large scythe at her back.




"I take it this is Ser Roheisa?" Runa asked, offering her hand.  The lady knight smiled sweetly and shook it, "Pleased to make your acquaintance, your majesty."

"Please, call me Runa.  I'm delighted as well.  Quite the piece of hardware you have," she said, standing several inches taller than the short woman.

"Same to you," Roheisa said, "An impressive greatsword."

Runa smiled at her, "I can tell we're going to get along.  Where's the other guy?" Runa asked.

"My father is always late to things like this.  He tends to get... how do I say it... lost in thought about the beauty of Nirn," Roheisa smiled.


And then the third member of their party walked down the stairs, decked out in a very enchanted, highly decorated suit of plate mail.  As we all looked up at him, a man who was certainly not old enough to be the lady's father seemed to float down the stairs.  His eyes were a beautiful azure, his hair matching.  

He bowed low, repeating his bow for each statement, "Please excuse my lateness, my Emperor.  High King.  Queen.  Generals.  Sir Galahad, at your service."


This man was beautiful.  Like, otherworldly beautiful, like his skin had a glow to it.  His gear was ornate, like it'd been crafted by the gods just for him.




"Fucking Talos," I said under my breath.

"What was that?" Ulfric asked.

"Nothing," I replied.

"By the gods, look at his cheekbones," Runa muttered, "That jawline."

I stared over at her. 

Runa whispered angrily in my ear, "What mom? I'm a sexual creature too!"

"Who are you?" I asked her.  Then I turned to the group, "Alright.  Everybody's here.  I'd like to be brief about this so we can get to work on our two-pronged attack.  And I've been through three wars at this point and about a thousand other battles, some of them against gods, so you know, I have an idea what I'm doing."

Ulfric scoffed, "Not the flex you want to make in this crowd.  I've been to six."

"Nine," General Sialius smirked.

"Thirteen," Emperor Jura smiled triumphantly.

"Please, my lords, no need to be competitive.  I'm excited to hear what the Dragonborn has to say," Sir Galahad said.  The twinkle in his eye suggested he'd been through more than even Jura, and he was older than he was letting on.


"Well, our group here is going to attack Falinesti, with support from High Rock.  I've tasked Damien with finding a way to breach the city without setting off the general alarm.  We'll see what he comes up with," I explained, "At the same time, the main Imperial Force will take Silvenaar."

"Might I suggest that we combine our heavy troops with your Legionnaires for a frontal assault, and the part of your group that is the stealthiest (with support from Roheisa) breaches and takes out the head," Sir Galahad said.


"Sounds stellar," I replied.  


"As crazy as this is going to sound, I think our two strongest pieces should be in play to take Falinesti," Calleius said, "If we're planning on doing it with such a small force, Jura and Destana should head it up."

Jura smirked, "I like where your head's at, but we're going to need more troops to attack the front."

"Damn Galmar running off.  We could really use the men he took south," Ulfric cursed.


"I believe we will be sufficient," Roheisa said.

We discussed a bit further, but then people broke off to go and reallocate forces.  


Galahad and Jura would be with the Falinesti frontal assault, while Destana, Runa and Roheisa would be going about the stealth.

Fenrir and Damien would be joining the Silvenaar group (that already had Tusselle, Balfhe and Hrolf).  Forces would be changed as best as possible.  And since the two locations weren't far from each other, it wouldn't be too difficult.




Sorry about some of the photo quality.  The rain and all the blood and actors didn't make it easy for my computer.


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That was quite an interesting start to the latest round of Thalmor-Bashing. 👍


First: Thanks for including the maps. It really helped me getting at least a rough idea of where everyone is.


Second: Ulfric -and/or whoever whispered that dagger-idea into his ear- are such hopeless romantics. Giving his queen a new sharp and pointy toy to stab the bad guys with... That was such a kind & caring gesture. Approved.


Third: Not sure if Runa is turning into an involuntary comedian or a show-off. But that leap into the water was certainly entertaining. However, if she want's to become a "true legend" one day, then she had best pay attention to how D. did it.


Forth: Valiana and Fenrir: I appreciate you two bonding over good, wholesome, mutual hobbies, like stabbing Thalmor in the face, but please, save the tearful and heartfelt well-wishes for after the coast is clear and the area properly secured. Reading that scene made me wait anxiously for a sudden thunderbolt, shot by a hidden Thalmor-Agent, to hit both of them. Thankfully that didn't happen.


Fifth: Nitpick-time: Jura seemed like such a reasonable guy so far. But here? He's wearing his damn crown into battle! At best it offers no protection whatsoever. At worst it offers no protection and marks him (even more so than his fancy armor) as the juiciest target in the area. Although, if the Thalmor are dumb enough to fall for the old "Oh-no-why-are-there-suddenly-so-many-of-them??!"-trick, then maybe he really doesn't have to worry too much about them recognizing his importance.


Sixth: I see law 910 of female gaming anatomy (Thanks Talesien for bringing this up previously) is in full effect with General Tuselle. Makes me wonder, if she took lessons from the Forsworn regarding immaterial armor as well, just like what D. did.


Lastly, there is the little scene with Sir Chadonis Chiseljaw and the Little Reaper.

I mean Galahad and Roheisa. I think this was the first time ever, that we saw D. and Runa drooling over the same guy. Sooo... there's clearly a lot of  room for wild stuff to happen in the chapters ahead.


Looking forward to that. And to all of the Thalmor-stabbing as well.😄


p.s. Don't worry about the image-quality. We can just call it "immersive images" and leave it at that. After all, one usually doesn't get cystal-clear HD footage from an active war-zone, right?





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Sir Chad. Ooo.. Sir Galachad!


Tusselle is a brawler. Check out the gloves.  She wants to show off her abs that could break diamonds!


And as far as game stats go, the crown has high defense. 😄 



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Galachad. Sounds good. If he is supposed to be some sort of Lady-Slayer, then a variation of Lancelot would have been closer to the source-material. But since D. is certainly not a chaste queen, we don't need to worry about that.


Apologies General Tuselle, but just breaking diamonds isn't difficult. But if you could perhaps cut or bore though them with your piercing and razor-sharp glare, than that would be indeed impressive. (Sorry, I just had to nitpick.😉)

Also: IMO the title for "Most impressive Brawler-jaw on a woman" still goes to 3DNPC's Valla in Windhelm (see below). She might have an unfair advantage in this particular area though, because rumor has it, that her jaw was forged by Eorlund Greymane himself.😁




As for Jura's crown: I dubbed my latest DB alongside his followers the "Skyrim Beachwear- and Bikini-Posse". So, you can imagine, how they (lads and lasses) look, when they go adventuring. In other words: Jura is certainly not the only one, who has questionable ideas from time to time.



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Just for the Lulz some speculation what/who Galahad and Roheisa actually might be:

 - Noble Vampires. Because to me, Roheisa's eyes look like less shiny/glowy versions of Destana's.

Plus him being her "father" might mean, that he is simply the one, who made her a vampire. And not neccessarily her biological father. Plus his eyes are rather unusual as well.


- Some distant relatives of Solaire, who have snuck onto Tamriel and are now posing as Nobles. No idea, why Destana's favorite Training buddy would not show up to say hello himself, but it's certainly not impossible. If Sir G. tends to get lost in thought,  while contemplating the beauty of Nirn, than that might mean, that he's a stranger to it.


- Long serving Special Ops - Veterans from Highrock, who got their hands on some of those rejuvenation potions, that where mentioned recently. Or on something similar. Because why should only Imperial Generals have access to such things?


- Sneaky, chronomancy-using Thalmor spies from who know's what time-period, with the most nefarious of intentions. After all, they showed up alongside this Malakai Dude. Whom I do not like, so... Guilty by association until proven innocent. Granted, this last one is just me shooting into the Dark.


Lastly, they might be ordinary but pretty nobles who are wearing colored contacts and EB just set this whole thing up, to lead his readers astray. And I fell for it gloriously. If so: Well played.😄

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Yeah I'm pretty sure Malakai is supposed to be a villain in the next Rigmor mod (which is set to come out around when Beyond Skyrim and TES 6 are).


It makes me genuinely happy how many theories you have and that I've inspired you to make them.  Those are some excellent ideas. 

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Hey EB,

About your PC's performance issues: I just noticed, that your game is doing stuff, that's completely unrelated to what's currently going on. In this case it's dealing with the fertility-cycle of one of the Windhelm beggars while Jura is fighting in Valenwood.  Perhaps you can check your settings and change something there to lighten the strain on your rig. Might help just a little bit.


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Not a huge strain, for most characters I have it set not to give updates, and to only check once every 24 hours.

(Dammit you're supposed to be unseen!)


I saw this and turned it off for Jura at some point during this play (I've barely played him as the focal character).

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Alright. Admittedly I was just guessing, since I have never used that fertility mod. So, I can't really say, how much impact it would have. Cheers.


p.s. Her name is kinda misleading. She's a pickpocket-trainer, not one for sneak. So, maybe don't judge her too harshly for being seen.😁

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A bit late to the party, it's a long one again, and I was short on time.^^

Anyway seems I overestimated how professional the Thalmor army is (well more likely Skyrim engine or mod author not being able to do better), but using your mages as a flanking force, like cavalry, seems a bad use. I would more expect them behind the infantry. Open ranks, lets a barrage of spells through, close ranks, see how the enemy is coping. If they waver, charge, if they remain steady, rinse and repeat. Of course, that requires a well-trained force.

I like Tusseles armor, law 910 utilized to perfection. ^^ (As HM already pointed out. And you are welcome. ^^)

Sir Galahad ... now that guy has something to live up to ... and he doesn't even know. Or perhaps he does ... more cross plane stuff perhaps? From the description, he could just as well be a Solar in a (not that great) disguise. (I see HM already covered that angle too ... to a degree, but thinking too small perhaps. ^^)

As for Vala ... I'm pretty Eorlund has nothing to do with it. I'm pretty sure she is a Half-Klingon (original series ... the smooth headed ones ^^).

Edit: Oh and I agree about the map. I'm pretty lost without one, as is evident by me, even after all this time, reliable running the wrong way if I want to go from Riverwood to Whiterun, without consulting the map first, :P

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4 hours ago, Talesien said:

he could just as well be a Solar in a (not that great) disguise. (I see HM already covered that angle too ... to a degree, but thinking too small perhaps. ^^)

I take it, you mean a D&D Solar? Since there are Beholders in D.'s Skyrim, I would not put it past EB, to include such a being as well. In any case, feel free to take all the credit for this particular idea. Because I certainly had no D&D in mind, when I wrote my comment.


Regarding Vala: There is actually a dialogue line in game, that let's the PC speculate, as to wether or not Eorlund forged her jaw. Using that line may or may not lead to a brawl. I have been too cowardly to try it so far, since Vala hits like a wall of bricks. So, I can't say for sure, what happens when you use it.

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6 hours ago, HM1919 said:

I take it, you mean a D&D Solar? Since there are Beholders in D.'s Skyrim, I would not put it past EB, to include such a being as well. In any case, feel free to take all the credit for this particular idea. Because I certainly had no D&D in mind, when I wrote my comment.


Yes, I'm talking D&D 'Archangels'. It's probably more my bias. After 35 years as a DM, D&D has pretty much become my yardstick for about everything ... except grocery shopping perhaps ... perhaps. ;)
Still, a Solar would be something. ^^

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53 minutes ago, Talesien said:

After 35 years as a DM, D&D has pretty much become my yardstick for about everything

Hahaha... And here am I, who's not played a single Pen&Paper game of D&D ever. Even though I have known about it since the early 90's, thanks to the first "Eye of the Beholder" game for PC. As with so many Fantasy-settings, my contact with it has been through novels and a handful of PC-games. In recent years some D&D related youtube-channels too. Still: Never played the actual game. I think the last time I came across a Solar was during the "Thone of Bhaal" expansion for Baldurs Gate 2. So... No wonder, that I didn't think of that option first. Or at all.

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Gotta play D&D.  I recently (a few months ago) got in with a group of friends I played D&D with in high school.  We're playing remotely, since we're all across the US.  


But we're trading DMing and there are more than a few subtle references to our old games.

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Afterthought regarding the whole Galahad/Roheisa-Question:

One option, that I certainly (and Talesien possibly) missed, is one that we even talked about some time ago. Namely, the possibility, that old Papa Sanguine might get involved in this whole invasion business.

I mean, he would certainly be able, to send an avatar so dastardly handsome, that even Destana (or Runa) would be hard-pressed to resist his charms. As seen above.


So... one more theory for EB to be happy about. Maybe. Alternatively he might dust off his voodoo-supplies after reading this comment, and start sticking needles into a suspiciously bearded doll. In case I inadvertently revealed something with my latest speculation. Oh well...what is life without a little risk here and there ?😁 

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I considered that, but then there was his statement that he is dangerously weak on Nirn currently can can't manifest for long. Ok, might be over, but back then it didn't sound like it would resolve anytime soon.

And I agree with EB, you are missing out. Find yourself a group, D&D, Pathfinder, Runequest, whatever doesn't matter, playing a P&P game with a group beats any computer game easily.

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I remember that. But does that apply to all of his (more or less) mortal servants too? Some indirect and sneaky aid by a champion of Sanguine might still be possible. Perhaps one blessed with an unusually long life.

I guess, we will have to wait and see, what EB comes up with.


As for the P&P matter: We will see about that.

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Btw, how'd you guys like the music and all the other stuff on the youtube video?  


Took a lot of work and I crave validation!

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2 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

Btw, how'd you guys like the music and all the other stuff on the youtube video?  


Took a lot of work and I crave validation!

Ahh, about that HM mentioned a video earlier ... I suppose I could go to your channel and check it out, but I'm your typically lazy content consumer ... and I didn't see any video or link to one in the blog. Perhaps I'm blind in addition to laze ... dunno.

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17 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

Took a lot of work and I crave validation!

I am not sure, if the following will provide any validation, but it's certainly feedback. So, make of it what you will. Overall, I do like the video as it stands.

The music certainly does fit the very action-heavy happenings in game. Although, I have to say, that this time (unlike your previous videos) it felt more like a music-video with Skyrim footage, rather than the other way around. Most likely, because there was very little "story" going on.

The voices worked too, even though I have no really strong impression of them (mostly Runa's, Damien's and Fenrir's) yet, because of the relative lack of dialogue. Meaning, I would find it difficult, to discribe them. The exception being Jura, who's grumbly, deep voice doesn't require much dialogue to make a lasting impression. And D.'s voice is already firmly established as far as I am concerned.

Another thing I liked is, that you integrated dialogue from the video into the written chapter. Like Damien's warning about a spell he was about to cast (Black Winter). That connected the two things a little more. Btw, rewatching the video, I noticed Runa's attack-speed buff kicking in. But that only highlighted, that she really needs that buff, when dealing with nimble opponents, like those pesky Thalmor mages.

If there is one thing, that I am not sure about, than it has to be the split-sceen sequences. I understand, that you probably wanted to include as much footage as you reasonably could, but wether or not those parts really added anything worthwhile, I am undecided about. Since I found it difficult, to focus on both "halfs" at the same time. That I am working with a small Laptop-Screen admitedly didn't help either.

Regardless, Good Work overall.

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Lastly some more or less suitable potential music choices for future videos. Just for the LULZ!


First: 3 songs by "Heidevolk": Saksenland, Dondergod and Vulgaris Magistralis. All suitably "nordic" and action-y.




And a calmer tune: Herr Mannelig by Germarna


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Potential Music for the Lulz. Part 2.


FAIR WARNING FOR TALESIEN: Videos 2 and 3 contain Rap. Watch at your own discretion.😉


Holding Out for a Hero - Hildegard von Blingin’ & Whitney Avalon

(for when D. and Runa are busy pining over Sir G. (Who is mentioned in the lyrics. How convenient.))


Lord Vital - Beastmode (for an occasion, when Fenrir get's to kick some a**) STRONG LANGUAGE!


THE REAL SLIM SHADY (Eminem) if it were written by Shakespeare

(in case, D. runs into a particularly haughty and snooty NPC. Maybe.)



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14 hours ago, HM1919 said:

Holding Out for a Hero - Hildegard von Blingin’ & Whitney Avalon

(for when D. and Runa are busy pining over Sir G. (Who is mentioned in the lyrics. How convenient.))

Convenient indeed, I think I still prefer the Bonny Tyler version though ... 'twas my time, no future and all. ^^
(I actually ran a D&D adventure where the characters got a dream-vision, consisting mostly of that song ... and a vague direction. They had to puzzle it together (and could've avoided some dangers if they had paid attention, but of course players only ever pay attention to the unimportant things. :P)
That Slim Shady rap thing was actually okay(ish), didn't listen very long to the other one. ^^

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14 hours ago, Talesien said:

didn't listen very long to the other one. ^^

I can't blame you for that. It's certainly a piece of music, that I will only listen to under very specific circumstances. However, if you found the Eminem-cover somewhat ok, than the following might be palatable enough as well. It's the one Rap, that I do like, pretty much regardless of situation/mood. And no, I am not trying to lure you onto the Dark (Rap) Side. 😁



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9 hours ago, HM1919 said:

I can't blame you for that. It's certainly a piece of music, that I will only listen to under very specific circumstances. However, if you found the Eminem-cover somewhat ok, than the following might be palatable enough as well. It's the one Rap, that I do like, pretty much regardless of situation/mood. And no, I am not trying to lure you onto the Dark (Rap) Side. 😁

I admit I've trouble imagining a mood hat would make me listen to that willingly. ^^

Palatable, aye, but really not my thing, so no danger, I shall stick with symphonic rock and classic I guess.

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I hope everybody gets the reference to Team America World Police.  Skygim guys flying around doing what they want. 

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