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Entry 21: A Date with Destiny



Hey, it's Destana.  I'm a vampire now.  I have a mission to kill the emperor very soon and I need to kill the Gourmet to steal his clothes.


My first thought was that the Dawnguard, being slayers of vampires, know more about vampires than probably anybody else.  So I thought I'd pay them a visit.  I rifled through my junk and found a full helm and slapped it on.  It seemed to go with my Crusader armor.  Make me look very paladin-like.  And also, hid my big GLOWING GOLDEN EYES.


As I approached I noticed it was a sparse tower, with a few men training.  Another man approached on the path at the same time as me.

"You here to join the Dawnguard too?" He asked.

"Yeah," maybe a lie, maybe not, "Killing vampires is fine, but I was wondering if anybody has ever found a cure?  Could bring all of them back to normal."

"A cure?  Yeah!"

"Oh, you know something?  I'd be..."

"A swift death!" 

I hung my head and walked inside.


A stern man looked at me as I approached, "Who are you and why are you here?"

"I heard you needed people to hunt down vampires," I said.  I gathered from other conversations his name was Isren.

"Yeah!  I see word's finally getting out."

"What are you planning to do?" I asked.

"First thing is get this old fort back into shape.  Right now a vampire could practically walk right in," he said.  I smirked nervously, though the full helm hid the look.

"I do have a job, if you're looking.  Vigilant Tolen was telling me about a cave the Vigilants were poking around in, related to recent vampire attacks.  Dimhollow, was it?"

"Yeah.  Supposed to be a long-lost vampire artifact down there.  Our hall was attacked, our order decimated and we can't support such operations anymore," Tolen said.

"Alright, I'll check it out," I said.  But, really, I didn't have time to go to the very northwest edge of Skyrim.  This was a waste of time.  But the helm seemed to fool everyone.  I could feel the hunger starting to return, though.  I hopped on Shadowmere and rode to the Sanctuary.  Now it was late afternoon of Day 11 and I headed for Markarth for Anton Virane, the man who knew about the Gourmet.


I walked into Understone Keep to what looked like kitchens.  Anton had a few cooks working for him and there were no doors to distract prying eyes and ears, so some actions were probably off the table, lest I be arrested.  I poked him in the shoulder.

"Yes, yes, for the last time, I am a Breton.  Not a reachman," he said.

"Home of amazing Breton cuisine," I said.

"What do you want?" He turned towards me from his stew-pot.

"The Gourmet.  Where is he?  Who is he?"

"What?  No way I'd betray his trust," Anton said back.

"Well, what if I have ways of convincing you?" I asked.

"Seriously, I can't see any part of you through that armor and helm.  Are you trying to seduce me or something?  Are you even a woman?" He chuckled.

"Oh, believe me.  I'm a woman.  I'm a huge fan of the Gourmet.  And chefs in general.  How about I give you a taste of what I plan to do to the Gourmet when I find him?" I asked.

"That's... tempting," he looked at his staff, then whispered, "I'm sure he won't mind if I tell you where he is, if you do for him what you're going to do for me.  I assume sex, right?"

"Yeah!" I said.  Gods, I am out of practice at this.

"His name is Balagog, an orc.  He's been staying at the Nightgate Inn, by Windhelm.  Been in a holding pattern since the Emperor cancelled his last trip to Skyrim." 

I took him to the alcove nearby where the cooking staff slept.  Damn Markarth and their lack of doors.

I sat on his face, and then I snapped his neck.  One of his cooking staff heard it and came running, but I was charging out of there.  Luckily, the guards didn't respond or didn't care because just at this moment the Lost Valley Forsworn were attacking with a giant and mammoth (these guys are such a bother).  I slipped past and rode to the Inn where the Gourmet was holed up.  Now it was evening, about 8.  I walked around until I finally found him, in an unusual room in the basement.  He was fast asleep.  


"Don't mind if I do," I whispered.  Then I realized I just needed to kill him and take his place.  So I drank his blood, draining him to death.  Easy.  I threw his body in a sack to hide the body after grabbing his Writ. 

I got an immediate transfer of knowledge that must've been afforded to a vampire's first drink.  I now knew, that if I drank the blood of certain powerful, gifted individuals, I would develop my vampiric powers even further.  These people were known as 'blue bloods,' because of their powerful nature they tended to become leaders of men and mer.

I also felt immediate power because this was the first person I'd killed by draining.  I felt a power of the blood, like magic, coursing through my veins.  I recognized a power similar to magicka, and wondered if a special kind of blood magic could be learned from doing this to many people.  I put that knowledge away for further use.

As I exited, I noticed the guards were fighting with a dragon, but I figured they could use the training and kept on.  (Am I getting more callous?)  


Anyway, I rode down the road a little bit and dumped the body in a pond.  I traveled back to the sanctuary, arriving at about midnight.  I woke up Festus Krex and told him the details.  

"Have you seen Runa?" I asked him after he was done grumbling.

"She's been up for awhile," he pointed, "Eating, I think."

I walked into the serving room and sat down next to her, "Hey kid!  How'd the last two weeks treat you?" 

"Did alright.  Mostly killing bandits and wolves," she took a long drink of water, "Found a new greatsword, got a backpack, ring and necklace.  Decided I would take your advice to heart and started wearing my Shrouded Boots and actually trying to sneak.  What about you?  And why are you wearing that clunky helm?"

"Well, no use trying to hide it," I pulled off the helm, "At least for a while, I'm a vampire."

Runa stared at me for a moment, then she took a bite, "That sucks."

I chuckled, then I said, "All the same, I went ahead and killed the Gourmet a few hours ago.  The Emperor should be arriving today.  I managed to scrounge up a chef's outfit from my junk, but I think you should be the one to take point this time."

"Really?" Her eyes lit up.

"Yeah.  What with my big glowing eyes, you'd have to be an idiot not to notice.  That's verrrrry suspicious.  So you're going to be the one who preps the dish.  Astrid gave me Jarrin Root to put in the Potage le Magnifique," I explained, "Just act natural.  You have a winning charm.  No one will suspect a thing."

"What about you?"

"I'm going to secure your escape route.  There's a passage and a bridge I once used to sneak into Solitude.  We're going to be running out that way," I explained handing her the outfit and all the gear needed, "I stay hidden on the bridge while you do the deed."

We made our way over to Solitude on Shadowmere.  It was a cloudy, rainy morning.  I went up the backway while Runa walked into the front gate.  She ducked into the Inn to change into her Chef outfit, then headed to Castle Dour.

There were a lot of Imperial guards here, dispatched to protect the Emperor, no doubt.  She walked up to Commander Maro.  He looked younger than she'd thought he would.

"Stop right there!  This area is off limits right now," he rebuffed.

She handed him the Writ.

"By order of ... his eminence.  By the Gods, the Gourmet!  By your clothes, I should've realized!" He said, "Right this way!  Straight to the kitchen."

She walked in, Gianna, the Dour cook already having started on the meal, "Please, I don't need any more supplies."

"You misunderstand, for I am... the Gourmet!" She said, with some panache.  So proud.

"Ah!  You look a little young to be...  But no matter.  When I heard the Gourmet was brought in to cook for the Emperor, I was overjoyed to work with someone of your caliber.  I didn't imagine you'd be a Nord, or so young.  Where in the world did you learn to cook like that?"

"Yes, of course," Runa said, "I am known as a cooking prodigy.  I appear young because I am.  Some people have a calling to magic.  I am a wizard of spice.  But, enough of this, I am here to cook!"

"I've already started your famous dish!  But the cookbook only says so much.  What else should we add?"

Runa looked at the ingredients on the table.  She had actually been cooking for the family for years when opportunity allowed it.  She responded, "A sweetroll, first.  Allow it to melt in the broth."

"How decadent!"

"A splash of mead, then season it with Nirnroot."

"I would've imagined.  I use Nirnroot all the time," Gianna responded.

"Anything else?"

"Diced Horker Meat," Runa said.

"Love it!" Gianna poured the already-chopped scraps in, "Seems done."

"One more thing," Runa produced the Jarrin Root from her sleeve, "A secret ingredient.  This is a rare herb from the far south."

"Hmm... alright.  You're the expert," she smiled, "Alright.  Done.  I'll carry the stew pot.  It's been an honor, Gourmet."

Runa smiled.  Her job was done.  She followed Gianna to the serving table.  There he was, sitting at the head of the table.  Emperor Titus Mede II.  

"Ah! Finally.  As Emperor, I of course reserve the right of first taste," the Emperor said.  Which... don't emperors usually have official tasters?  This is why.

Runa slowly moved towards the back door as he tasted the dish.  Smart girl.  

"What's this?  I feel strange..." the Emperor said, starting to waiver.

"Treason!  The Gourmet and the Chef have poisoned the stew!" The guard shouted, and they all drew their swords, but Runa was out the back door, where I could see her now.  

"Sorry, Gianna!" Runa yelled as she threw off the Chef's tunic, revealing her... revealing 'armor.'

And we ran for the tower behind us.  A slow clap issued from the tower heights.

"That man is by far, the most insufferable decoy the emperor has ever employed," the voice said.  It was Commander Maro.

I gritted my teeth.  There were a cadre of guards in front of us.  We drew our swords.

"Surprised?  So was I when a member of your 'family' came to us with the plan.  We worked out a deal.  I get you, and the brotherhood gets to continue existing.  But, I changed my mind.  You killed my son.  So I'm going to kill you, and my men are going to torch your precious Sanctuary.  Kill them, make sure there's nothing left," he said, walking down the stairs.

"This... is an insult," I said quietly, "Three men?"

Runa roared and charged at the archer, bypassing the two sword-and-board boys.  She slashed him apart in one blow, while I felled one of the others.  The third man chased after Runa, who was wearing a lighter-looking armor, I guess.  As he turned the corner, though, she immediately brought her new greatsword down on his shoulder, then his head, and once more to fell him.  

She raised an eyebrow, "Not even a challenge.  And those guys didn't even follow us through the kitchen."

"That's my girl," I said, "No time to gloat though.  We have a traitor to find and some Imperials to stab."

We ran down to the back entrance and hopped on Shadowmere, pushing him to his limits.  I could tell he was loving all the murder and destruction we were spreading around. 


When we reached the sanctuary and hopped off Shadowmere, the beast charged into battle ahead of us, trampling an Imperial and knocking down another.  Runa rushed in behind him and immediately beheaded a Penitus agent.  We passed by two more agent corpses and Festus Krex, filled with arrows.  I never liked the guy, but these guys were going to pay nevertheless.  We rushed in to find the sanctuary ablaze.  Runa charged in headlong, without thought to her safety, while I stayed back and fired arrows.  The group of soldiers has pinned down Arnbjorn in his werewolf form.  Runa rushed up and got the drop on one, beheading him.  Arnie claw-swiped another, throwing him into the flames.  I pierced one with arrows, and Runa got the final one, impaling him on her greatsword.  Shor's Bones, the girl was in a rage!  


"Know where anybody else is?!" I shouted to him, but he could only growl.  Runa rushed forward, toward screams, only to be rebuffed by the flames.  She took a side passage and found another agent about to manhandle Alexstraza - a little orphan and new addition to the sanctuary, so she sliced him up.  These guys must be their throwaway agents, because they were being cut down like chaff.  Or maybe the brothers and sisters had already given them a fight to remember!


Runa rushed ahead of us, calling out for other survivors only to find Nazir tangling with two more agents.  Runa darted up behind them and stabbed one of them in the back, and that was all the distraction Nazir needed to behead the other with his scimitar.


"These fools think we're amateurs at killing!" Nazir growled. 

I finally caught up with Runa and shouted, "We need to get out of here soon!  The blazes are going to kill us all!"

"Agreed!" Nazir shouted, and there was an explosion, cutting off the path we'd come in through.  Arnbjorn was trapped in the previous chamber, but he was doubling back as we spoke.

Runa rushed ahead of all of us, as if a voice was showing her the way.  When we caught her again, she'd jumped into the casket with the Night Mother and closed the lid.  And then, all hell broke loose.  There was an explosion that blew the casket through the stain-glass window into the water and we all realized - the water!  It looked like we were trapped in here by fire now, but water would be our salvation.  I threw water breathing potions to Arnbjorn, Nazir, Alexstraza and Babette (who'd been trapped, but been freed by Arnbjorn while I chased Runa).  We drank and we jumped, huddling around the Night Mother's casket under the water.


It was a while before the flames abated, but they consumed everything.


Arnbjorn and Nazir hefted the casket out of the water.  I explored to see what or who'd been left in the blaze.  I knew Festus was dead.  But no Gabriella either.  Arnbjorn disappeared into the ashes and dust, human again.  He looked like suspected the betrayer, but didn't want to face the facts.

Nazir pried open the Night Mother's tomb, Runa coming to with a start.

"Thank the gods you're alive!" Nazir shouted.

Runa coughed, "Where's my mom?"

"She went to check for survivors," Babette said.

"Astrid's still here.  The Night Mother told me!" Runa said, "Follow me!"

When she walked into the room, I was already staring daggers at her.  She was lying there, black circle of candles drawn around her, flesh charred and disgusting from being burned alive.  But still, she was alive.

"You're... alive!" Astrid choked out, "Shhh... I have much to say and I'm dying.  I'm sorry... it was me.  I betrayed us in return for this brotherhood... going back to the way it was.  I was such a fool.  You were the best of us."

"You're a traitor," Runa said.

"But you're alive!  Now there's a chance," Astrid explained, "That's why I did this..."

She was referring to the circle around her, "I performed the Black Sacrament, using myself as the components.  You lead the brotherhood now, as it was intended.  Take my blade.  Finish the contract.  First, kill me to complete... the ritual."

"Alright," Runa's lip curled up in rage, she picked up the Blade of Woe.  

"Hey, Listener," I said, putting her hand on my shoulder, "Let me do it."

She nodded gravely, handing me the dagger.  Can't really two-hand a dagger (unless you're a weirdo).  She knew she was becoming enveloped by the rage and could tell I was trying to save her the pain of having to kill yet another friend.  I stepped forward.  Of course, I also had an ulterior motive.  I kneeled down and bit into the only bit of uncharred flesh I could find, draining her of blood completely.  I felt the 'blue blood' power and the hemomancy begin to take shape.  It was at this point that I was considering staying a vampire, on purpose, for a while.

"If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I wouldn't have believed it," Babette said, "I can't believe Astrid would have done this to us."

"By the gods," Nazir shook his head.

Runa returned to the coffin.  When I showed up, she was nodding.  She turned to me.

"The assassination is still on," she said.

I smirked, "That old bitch sticks to it, eh?"

"Amaund Motierre knows where the real emperor is.  We're to meet him at the Bannered Mare."

Nazir was walking down the stairs at that time, "Seriously?  We're completely destroyed."

"We'll find a way," I said.

"I know you will!" Nazir replied, "Go find this guy.  See what he says.  When you've done the deed, meet us at the Dawnstar Sanctuary.  This place is not fit for us anymore."

We nodded to each other.  It was back on.  We hurried over to Whiterun, and realizing I hadn't slept (and no longer needed to) and she was full of adrenaline (though she'd had a several hour nap in a coffin) I asked, "Do you need to stop off for a while at the Mare?"

"Let's talk to him first - then we'll see," Runa said, her eyes determined.

She walked in to the back room he was in first, "Amaund.  Sithis is owed a soul."

"By the gods!  I heard about your Sanctuary.  I figured you were all dead," he replied, "I had nothing to do with that!  I wanted the real emperor dead."

"Where is he?" I asked.

"You mean after all that, you're still going to perform the assassination?" He asked, bewildered.

She nodded, silently.

"This is astounding news!  He's in Skyrim, but he won't be for much longer.  He's on his ship, the Katariah, in the Solitude harbor.  They set sail in the morning.  If you get onboard the ship and kill him, I'll reveal the location of the dead drop that has your payment!" He was responding feverishly.

"Don't worry, we'll find a way," I said, then we walked out into the Inn proper.  Runa got some food and I sat across from her, taking off the helm.  After she'd ate a little, I finally said to her, "So hey.  I want to ask something of you."

"What's that?" She asked.

"I want you to rent a room here.  Have a good night's sleep.  In the morning, we'll head over to Dawnstar," I said.

"But...the emperor..."

"It's about to be nighttime," I said, stating something that was painfully obvious to me, "You're the most important member of the brotherhood.  It's about time you stop going into the most dangerous situations."

"Think you can do this alone?" She asked.

"Of course I can.  I'm going to go full stealth.  There are going to be a lot of guards, much stronger than the paltry ones the Oculatus threw at us."
"Something I'm not overly good at," she said.

"Right.  Don't worry.  I can take care of this," I said.  I slid my helmet back on and got on Shadowmere.  She was still a girl, not really made for all this killing yet.  Ultimately, I'm her mom, and I decided it was my time to explore these new powers I'd gotten access to.  Of course, I was going to use Astrid's dagger for this job.  Daggers were a close third for my weapon types, and they offer a more personal touch - easier to conceal and quicker to deliver a killing blow.


I was going to be supremely careful this time.  I never should've sent Runa in by herself.  I rode Shadowmere hard and reached the ship around midnight.  I jumped into the sea from adjacent cliffs and swam over to the chain, climbing onto the ship via the bilge.  A sailor who'd been dozing immediately heard the commotion and rushed over, but I'd already casted Invisibility.  As he walked around looking for me, I slit his throat and hid his body behind some boxes.  The room to the left had a sailor sleeping soundly, so I decided I needed a snack and I drained him to death.  Down the passageway opened up to a common room with a bar, which held an Imperial soldier and a sailor, sharing a drink at this late hour.


I shrouded myself again and walked into the room as the soldier was walking out, then I grappled the sailor, draining his blood until he fell unconscious.  I walked up to the second deck, wandering around.  I looked for important-looking rooms.  The first one I tried held an Oculatus agent who was still awake, but I got the drop on him, so I slit his throat.  The second was the captain's room, but he was asleep.  I bashed him over the head to make sure he stayed asleep, then I ransacked his room.  (Might as well, right?)  Also, I did want the ship to be able to leave, so I wasn't killing every human here (I intentionally left a lot of sailors and the captain alive).


At last I came to a door with an extremely complex lock and I thought... this may be it.  Once I was in, I slipped to the left, sensing movement.  Another Oculatus agent in his bed.  I stabbed him in the neck and tucked him back in.  Then, I ventured down the hall.  This time one agent sleeping and one in a chair dozing off.  I stabbed the chair man in the back, and the sleeping one I drained to death.  (Whew.... getting full).


Finally I reached the end of the hall with a door in front of me and stairs to my left.  I opened the door quietly to find a Lieutenant pacing.  I ducked to the side and threw on invisibility again.  As he walked out, confused, I stabbed him in the back and dragged his body back in the room, shutting the door.  Up the stairs.  Two more doors.  One led outside and the other, I could tell, was the Emperor's room.  Not taking any chances, I casted lock on the outside door (incase he had guards posted out there) then strode into the Emperor's room. 


As I walked in, he locked eyes with me, as if he'd been expecting me.

"I told Maro you can't stop the brotherhood," Titus Mede said.  He didn't seem fearful at all.  Just resigned.

"You knew I was coming?" I asked.

"Come now, we have a date with destiny, as emperors and assassins often do," the emperor said back.

I folded my arms.  It felt like another trick.

"You will kill me today.  But would you suffer an old man one more moment before the end?" He asked.

I sighed, sheathing my dagger, "Alright."  For a killer and a vampire, I'm still a softy.

"Regardless of your path through life, I sense a certain... ambition on you," the emperor said, wizened eyes on me.

"There are those whose ambition would destroy the world if they let it.  Would you do me a favor?"

"I'm listening," I said.

"Whoever set this plan in motion, I ask that you kill them."

I folded my arms, considering it.  If I had any love for the empire, I think that killing the rot at the roots of it would be a good move.  On the contrary, if I didn't have love for the empire, killing a high-ranking Imperial official would be pretty sweet too.

"I'll do it, old man," I replied.

"Before that, perhaps another request?" He asked.

"What else?" I asked.

"This one is entirely up to you," he said, "I wish to feel the touch of another one last time."

I blinked.  This old man was coming on to me on his death bed.  Something within me perked up.  Who else could say they'd fucked an emperor?

I smiled, "Alright, old man.  But I am still going to kill you.  And... I'm going to drink your blood."

"Of course.  I offer no resistance," he replied.


As an aside here, I have to say that the man was pretty gifted.  Not only in the size department, but... he had to have cum three times before I got around to drinking his blood.  I felt the sting of the sun coming up as I put my teeth in his neck.  Shor's Bones, was that the old man's plan, to fuck me for three hours until his guards came to save him?  Maybe, though I had killed 99% of the guards on the ship.  I am thorough.  Anyway, after I was done drinking at least two of his bodily fluids, I did a quick search of the room, then got the hell outta there.


I got to the Bannered Mare around noon, not making any effort to go quickly.  I walked upstairs to Runa still sleeping in the two-person bed and took a little nap on the other side of the bed.  Because sometimes you just want to sleep, you know?  I wasn't hungry, I just felt like sleep.  When I woke up she was sitting in a chair on the balcony.  

"It's done.  Let me settle with Amaund.  Can you get our stuff ready?" I asked, then I cruised down to Amaund, who'd stayed in the room we'd left him in with bated breath.

"Gods, did you do it?" He asked.

"Yep.  Done."

"You have served all of Tamriel in ways you can't possibly imagine," he said, "Your payment waits for you at a dead drop.  In an urn, at the chamber in Volenruud where we first contacted you.  Now go, please, collect your payment, and let us never see one another again."

"One more thing," I said.

He raised an eyebrow, "What else?"

"Just a favor from an old man," I said.

"Oh gods... you're going to kill me aren't..." he started, but I stabbed him in the neck.  I shut the door behind me and found Runa, "Let's stop by Volenruud on the way."

We looked in the urn and it held 20,000 gold!  Nazir, Babette and Arnbjorn were at the Dawnstar Sanctuary.  Arnbjorn had been told about Astrid.  He looked sad, but hopeful for the future of the brotherhood.

"This place is pretty nice.  We should've moved here ages ago!" Babette said.

Nazir said, "Took a little while, but the casket is upstairs.  Now that we're here, you should talk to Delvin Mallory and see if we could outfit this place a little.  I'm going to put out the word and try to get some new recruits."

"I'm going to commune.  See if she's got anything for us," Runa said, walking toward the mother's casket.  I rode Shadowmere all the way to Riften (nearly a day trip) and met Delvin Mallory in the vault room of the Thieves' Guild as he was depositing some things.

"How's life, guild master~ oh!  You're a vampire now!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah, well.  It's not a big deal."

"Thought you guys were dead after I heard the sanctuary got burned to the ground.  How's little Runa?" He asked.

"Not bad.  You know, she's the Listener!"

"My word.  From the mouths of babes... come assassination targets," Delvin chuckled, "What can I do for you?"

"A few things - we moved to Dawnstar.  Think you could outfit the place?"

"It will cost a pretty penny.  I assume out of the brotherhood's coffers.  What did you have in mind?" He asked.

"Poison station, secret entrance.  Bedroom," I replied.

"Done.  I'll tabulate the expenses when we're done here.  What else?"

"I have a lot of rare artifacts I've been picking up.  Wonder if they'd be worth to fence.  This model ship, shipping maps, half a dozen other things.  Oh yeah!  And the eyes of the falmer I forgot to ever actually give to you," I said, showing him my huge pile of loot.  I'd have to make sure and fence the dozens of other things with the normal fences.

"Hmm," he thought, doing math in his head, "Carry the two... Shor's bones!  I think I actually owe you money after that transaction!  This stuff is worth an emperor's ransom."

"Speaking of which, have you heard anything about the assassination?" I asked.

"That was you guys?" He chuckled, "Amazing!  I knew you were something else when you walked up to the Flagon, just a dirty little streetrat."

"It was me specifically," I said, "Working alone.  It was the skills I learned here that got me through one of the hardest stealth missions anyone could've conceived!  Kill the Emperor."

"Listen.  Me and Vex are finally going to tie the knot.  We'd be honored if you'd be there," he said, "I meant to give you an invitation, but you're so damned wily I never get a chance to see you."

"Of course.  I'd be honored."

"Oi!  You gotta stay the night here!  Share a pint or two, or three with the boys!  Catch up like old times!" Delvin shouted as he started to walk into the cistern proper, "Brynjolf!  You'll never guess who actually killed the big man!" 

"Lemme guess, it was the daft lass followin' ya," he shouted.  The boys cheered at seeing me at one of these scant opportunities when I actually slow down.

I spent a night in merriment down in the Flagon.  It made me miss old times, when I was just a girl, just showing up to Skyrim. 


So much had happened.  So much still to tell.  The Emperor being killed was a huge deal.  This, as you might imagine, throws the Empire into a bit of chaos, and shakes up the order of the world as it had been for many years.  The dragon problem is getting worse every day.  And then there's my vampirism.  The Dawnguard was no help - but what about the vampires?  Maybe, I thought, while there was a lull in the Dark Brotherhood's missions, Runa and the others could handle recruitment for a while.  I would contact the vampires and find out more about this 'condition.'  That vampire artifact was a good place to start.




Finished up the vanilla DB quests.  Not a lot to say about that.


Two blue bloods for the Sacrosanct mod - Astrid and the Emperor.  And I got my first time-based power, I immediately selected 'Sneak Feed' because feeding is legitimately difficult without it. 


I think I'm in the mid-40's at this point.  I still haven't Legendaried a skill (not even now) because I don't want to not be able to use them.  I did get my first 100+ skill from a skill book - Sneak 101.  This is the Skill Uncapper Mod.  And that's it for today.



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I'm thinking RoC kinda fits in with the 'whathappens after the emperor dies' line of thought. 

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Now, that was quite a ride. I take it, that it was due to mods, that more of the DB members survived? And again: nice touch, giving Runa an opportunity to shine (and cook).?‍?


About the Rigmor question:

First, I have to say, that I am abit of a fan of the Rigmor-Mods. So, I would like to see, how Destana would handle herself there.

Second: Am I correct to assume, that you have played through RoB/RoC before? Because I am tempted to comment on stuff, that may be seen as spoilers. And I don't want to do that. Or tell you things that you know already.


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Now, that was quite a ride. I take it, that it was due to mods, that more of the DB members survived? And again: nice touch, giving Runa an opportunity to shine (and cook).?‍?


About the Rigmor question:

First, I have to say, that I am abit of a fan of the Rigmor-Mods. So, I would like to see, how Destana would handle herself there.

Second: Am I correct to assume, that you have played through RoB/RoC before? Because I am tempted to comment on stuff, that may be seen as spoilers. And I don't want to do that. Or tell you things that you know already.


Yeah, there's a mod that lets you save more people, but I never saw Gabriella >.< 


I've never played either Rigmor, though I have watched the full story of RoB.  If I wanted to play RoB I have an idea how it could work out with the timeline. But RoC seems like something that would be agreeable to play now. But I do still have a few questlines to cover to catch up to where I actually am. 

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Ok, so I will just make some general comments on both, trying to avoid spoilers as much as I can.


So, to anyone reading:

1. The following MAY contain spoilers for the Rigmor of Bruma and Rigmor of Cyrodiil mod.

2. The following MAY be out of date because I have not played the latest version of RoB or RoC

i.e. RoB reboot and RoC reboot.



Regarding RoB



- Activate the mod only when you are ready to play it. And be prepared to play from start to finish without  doing other quests. Otherwise you may encounter certain people too early, which may lead to issues later on.


- leave other followers at home. You will end up in many high/narrow places, where a "bumpy" follower may lead to an untimely reload or two.


- bring a good amount of strong healing potions. Or make sure your PC's restoration-skill is up for the task. I found grand healing quite useful, because you will face mobs of bad guys.


- RoB isn't THAT combat heavy, but the combat bits can get tricky because of the number of enemies (i.e. PC + Rigmor vs. 6/8 leveled Bandits at the same time or PC+R+NPC vs. 10-12 leveled Bandits), So some good crowd control will certainly help (i.e. Illusion)


- stealth will be of limited use because Rigmor is not stealthy.

-  bring what you need to fight in narrow tunnels/caves (limited space, very limited stealth options).

-  plenty of carry capacity is recommended.

-  be aware that you WILL loose some unique vanilla-npc's in one of the orc strongholds. Permanently. ( This MAY have changed with the reboot!)


Regarding RoC:


- overall less combat. I recon the first 5-6 hrs of gameplay has one possible fight in it. The rest of that part is traveling, talking to people and developing the story.


- after that: If you use frostfall bring cold/wet weather gear. I don't know if the area you end up in will register properly with frostfall, but if it does, it WILL be very cold.


- To be on the safe side make sure you have the FULL (3 words) whirlwindsprint available. Less then that may not cut it. Or you can use console commands.


- Bring at least 3 dragon souls when starting RoC (that was a recommendation from the author, I found it not strictly neccessary to get to the end, but it IS needed to make use of certain features that you get later during the questline).


- Bring a reliable light source that isn't on a timer/can be recast i.e. candle light spell.


- Towards the end, when you are tasked with hitting bad guy A with specific weapon B make sure you do that, while standing in a walled corner of the arena. Otherwise you may get thrown out of the arena, which means: reload time. I don't think this was intended to be possible, but it has happend to me, so just a head's up.


- As for combat: expect crowds of npc's fighting towards the end of the story (overall 30+ npcs at the same time). Adjust MCM settings if needed.


Ok, That's all I could think of for now. If you are interested in getting a better idea what the RoC mod is like, I suggest you have a look at the playlist covering RoC by Lou Zan on youtube. It covers an older version of the mod but the general idea should still be the same.

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Stealth will be of limited use >.< arg!  But I've dealt with this before.  


But also, I saw the huge armies of enemies in RoB, I fully intend to bring allies.  When they get stuck, I use the handy prid <ID>, moveto player.  And just keep their ID handy.  Dirty, but effective.


Thanks for the tips.  I have an everlasting light spell.  I guess I need to finish WW Sprint.  I may have 2? (whatever you get from the main quest).

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For the end of RoB: Bringing a Follower at that point should be fine. As long as your rig can handle yet more npc's. What I wrote about high/narrow places applies more to the early/middle part of the story.

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