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Entry 59: Have Blade, Will (Time) Travel



Hello.  Damien again.  I'll dive right in.  Last time I managed to find out who killed King Lysandus (by speaking with his ghost) and get 'im.  I saved the Blades and found out Brisienna is a Blade, then got a mission from them to steal back the Totem of Tiber Septim from Castle Daggerfall.  Then I contacted my dad Sanguine via the conventional means back in the Third Era - murder and sex.  I found out I can summon items that were on me when I timeported here, and I asked dad to tell me to have certain books on me when I came.  For a start - The Warp in the West and Rise and Fall of the Blades.


Though not my primary goal, I found out what the Totem does.  It allows the bearer to control the Numidium.  Which is a BIG DEAL!  That's what causes the warp, and could be my ticket out of here.


Not wanting to arouse suspicion, I walked into Castle Daggerfall that night in Chameleon (which is really almost equivalent to invisibility) and slipped into the dungeon.  As expected, the castle was built on an ancient ruin, just like most of them.  These guys would be better off building these on an ancient Ayleid burial ground.  I killed a few guards as to not have them report to other guards, and as I got deeper I killed some creatures. 




A large area opened up with water and a confusing array of doors that seemed to send me to other doors in the same room.  Since I wasn't limited by verticality, I just had to try doors until I found the right one to send me further down.  I also found a small treasure room but not the one I was looking for.




This dungeon seemed like it was actually controlled by the denizens of the castle, whereas a lot of the royals in High Rock just let their dungeons run rampant.  Even the creatures seemed to be working for the guards.  Magical compulsion?  Control collars?  Not sure.  Goes to show you that the biggest villains here were the first people I met.  As such, there were guards patrolling the next level down as well.  I used Rage spells on them as to not get my hands dirty again.  I reached a second open area and fought through some enthralled creatures and a couple centaurs (who are intelligent and can be paid wages). 


Finally I reached a HUGE room with an open tower in the middle, its sides hugged by magic bars.  



This has to be where it's kept, I reasoned.

Taking my time to use stealth and blast the patrolling guards from the high vantage point I had from entering the room, I finally moved up to the tower.  Looking down, there was a deep 50 ft pit that had water at the bottom and lots of tunnels.  I groaned, knowing I would have to brave those tunnels.  I used Levitate to hover around the treasure tower, and found a chest and a pedestal, with the totem.


I knew it was the totem, because it hummed with power.  Knowing what I needed to do, I dropped into the water, killing an Ice Atronach with fire.  Then I swam down the various water tunnels, finding equal parts Ice Atronachs, treasure, and levers.  I returned to find the magicka bars had released.


I floated up to the totem, took the treasure and grabbed it.  A voice spoke in my head.

"You are my new host!  Know this now and resolutely.  You are not worthy to carry the Totem of Tiber Septim."

"Well what makes a man worthy?" I asked, floating to the platforms outside the tower.


"I was created by Zurin Arctus under orders from Tiber Septim to control the Numidium.  A seal is placed upon me so that only a person of his bloodline could do this.  Or perhaps someone of sufficient power.  I give you a year and a day to give me to such a person."

"Like the Underking," I said, "At any rate, time to get the fuck outta here."

I charged up my Recall, which was targeted toward Windmaison.

"Wait!" A voice yelled.  I stopped.  I turned, looking for the voice.


"Where are you?" I yelled out.

"Over here!" It was weak, faint.  I walked over to a small room.  Oh yeah, I'd completely forgotten to look in the rooms around here.  There was an actual person in a dungeon room this deep?  For the first time since I'd come to Daggerfall, I looked in on a prisoner that was in the depths of a castle dungeon.  So far they'd been on the top level.  I guess, the first room of the top level would mostly remain the same even as the dungeons shifted.


"I noticed you killed the guards.  You seem no friend of the King and Queen," he said.  He was gaunt, ragged, like he'd been rotting here for years with only the basic tools for subsistence.

"Definitely not," I replied, "Do you need help?"

"Oh please... I've been down here for years," the man said.

I used Unlock and opened the door.




"Thank the divines!" He said, "No trick?  Will you help me escape?"

"I don't know you, but I am indeed no friend of the king.  I'll take you with me.  But I'm not going through the castle," I put my hand on his shoulder, "We're teleporting out."

I casted Recall and appeared in front of Windmaison.

"Hey!  There he is!" A man shouted, and I realized we were surrounded.  By their shields, the knights of the dragon were waiting for us.

"I told you if we waited he'd show back up here.  He's a wizard, they're all tricky buggers," the knight in charge said.

"Get inside," I whispered to the prisoner, then I said, "What do you want?"

"King Gothryd has reason to believe you were plundering our dungeons.  He said you can keep the treasure, and your life, if you hand over the Totem of Tiber Septim, knave!"

I shrugged, thinking it best not to put my new friend in danger, "I don't have it."

"You liar.  But I lied too.  I was gonna kill you anyway and take your treasure," the knight said.


I did the smart thing for a skilled illusionist when cornered by three knights.  I hit the lead guard with Frenzy.




The female knight was aiming her bow at me when the lead knight started swinging wildly at her.

"What the hell are you doing?" She shouted as she dodged and was sufficiently distracted.  The greatsword-wielding third guard rushed me, but I managed to blast him with cold and get out of his reach before blasting him with a couple Elemental Bolts.  


The bow knight collapsed at about this time and I refreshed Frenzy on the lead knight, who then tore into his friend (much closer than I was).




The greatsword knight killed the shield knight, then he ate a blast to the face.  I looted the bodies.  I walked over to Windmaison, and realized my mailbox was stuffed full, and more letters were appearing as I watched.  It was then that I realized High Rock had an interesting answer to the courier system for important immediate communication, but probably only accessible by people of sufficient power or wealth: they had a spell to immediately send letters to a person's house or physical location (which I'd seen before).  Perhaps it took costly material components and that's why they had knightly couriers to deliver mail normally.


I hefted the stack of letters on the table inside.  I said to the prisoner, "Feel free to wash, eat, rest.  Grab a change of clothes.  We're going to be vacating very soon, if those knights are any indication. of what's in store."


Clearly, word had gotten out via spies and missives that I had the Totem.

I looked at the first letter:  Queen Akorithi, queen mother in Sentinel.  She's offering 100,000 gold for it and warning me that Wayrest and Daggerfall aren't loyal to the Empire.  If only you knew how unloyal I was to the Empire in my time.


Second, King Eadwyre of Wayrest, offering me a 'healthy ransom,' or to exceed what Gothryd and Akorithi offer.  Heh, how can you exceed the offer of death?  Super-death?


Third, Gortwog getting in on the action.  First, a tragic tale of how his people are treated and a dream of his people being on equal footing and create an Orcish homeland.  Then he offered me an artifact of great power.  This is altogether very tempting, but I know how this story ends.


Fourth, Mannimarco.  He said, "All of mortal stature are filled with pride and greed.  They will destroy the very thing they covet.  I will take it to Aetherius and leave behind this earthly shell."  Then he offered me no golden prize, but fame.  I'm 100% certain Mannimarco getting the totem is the darkest of all futures.  That is to say, part of the future that occurs.


Fifth, the Underking.  He simply said, "It is my heart.  It belongs to me and none other.  I have no desire to tamper with mortal affairs.  Give me the heart so I can die."  

That one right there was the most compelling argument.


And sixth, Brisennia asking me to bring it to her at the Black Huntsman in Whiteford, and describing how to get the next piece of the puzzle to controlling the Numidium:  speak with Nulfaga.


When I looked over, the man had washed himself and dressed in a much more sensible set of clothes.  I asked, "What's your name?"

"Calaxes," he replied, still looking very feeble.  His body looked like it could barely even handle the bread and soup he'd downed like a madman.

I nodded, "Where you from?"

"Cyrodiil.  Though... I do not wish to go back there."

"I doubt you can stay here.  They were keeping you down there for some reason.  You'll probably want to remain undercover until you can get out of High Rock.  If you stick with me, I'll get you out of here," I said.

"Thank you for your kindness, friend.  There should be more people like you in this world.  You know, if I can get my strength back, I was something of a spellcaster.  I was a healer in my heyday.  Seems like so long ago," he grabbed a hood and threw it over his head to conceal himself, beard and long gray hair still poking out.

"Sounds good, Calaxes.  Let's get far away from Daggerfall as soon as we can," I said.  I grabbed everything of value from Windmaison, then when he stepped outside, I casted my flight spell, then the spell that tethers others to me.  You know, the way Serana taught my mom how to fly.


"Oh my word!  You are quite the mage!" He said excitedly as he floated next to me.  We flew to Whiteford and walked into the Inn.


Good, the Inn was quiet.  It was early in the morning.

I walked up to Brisennia with the thing, "I have the totem."

"Excellent.  If you give it to me, I can deliver it to the Emperor," she replied.

"Not so fast.  You said you'd stay here with me."




"So, are you against the Emperor now?" She asked, "In his communication he said you were his friend and loyal servant."

"I'm not turning against him.  We're just going to discuss this before you run off," I said.  I put the Totem back in my bag and sat down across from her.  Calaxes went to the bar to order more food even though he looked like he'd vomit with what he'd already eaten.

"One thing I can't figure out though is why he says I'm his friend.  I literally never met the guy before the end of last year," I stroked my chin, "He is known for his gift of prophecy, though it didn't save him from the simulacrum."

"What do you mean?  Who are you, some prisoner he grabbed?" She asked.

I chuckled, "He is known to grab random prisoners for covert assignments.  But no, I have a large story to tell you.  If you really want to know who I am and where I came from."


She sat back in her chair, folded her arms and looked at me for a moment.  It looked like she didn't know what to expect.  Up until now, this might've been just a fling for her.  But now this was getting serious.

"Alright, who are you then?"


"You already know my father is Sanguine, I'm half daedra, which I now know is nearly unheard of," I paused, then I took out the book, Rise and Fall of the Blades.

I slid it across the table, opening it to point out specifics.

"...and fall?" She asked, "Written by anonymous in 195 of the 4th Era...?  What the hell... is the fourth era?  What is this?"

I silently turned to the page on Lady Brisienna Magnessen.  

She started to read out loud, "Born 3E 182.  Female Nord, noble.  Sister to the 'Great Knight."  

She chuckled at that, "Of course he would have his name entered in a history book as some brooding mysterious badass."


I pointed to the text further down the page, and she read, "Brisienna was in the employ of the Dowager Queen Mynisera during the latter's reign as Queen of Daggerfall. In that function, Brisienna was also the contact person between Mynisera and Emperor Uriel Septim VII.  Official ambassador... agent of the Blades.... went into hiding after Lysandus' death.  Disappeared or presumed dead 3E 405 due to the events known as the Warp in the West...!?  What?"


She forcibly grabbed the book from my hands and flipped on, "With the... death of Uriel Septim VII and his son, Martin, the 3rd era came to a close with the Blades fortifying themselves deep within Cyrodiil's Cloud Ruler Temple, as they waited for a Dragonborn to return when they would be called upon again.  The Empire of the 4th era no longer saw the Blades openly protecting it, or the Emperors. That role is now filled by the Penitus Oculatus, a purely Imperial organization."


She looked up to me, her eyes a mix of confusion and possibly rage, "Explain.  Now."


"This book was written a few years before I was born.  Because of a Dragon Break, I traveled back through time and was stranded here.  Brisienna, I'm from about 200 years in the future."

She stared at me for long seconds.  She squinted, then she seemed to be deep in thought.  Finally she said, "Okay, we live in a world of magic.  So... this is remotely possible.  But if you are from the future, doesn't that mean now we know that the Emperor is going to die?  We could save him."


I shook my head, "Everything I'm doing in the capacity of the role of the Hero of Daggerfall fits into what was supposed to happen.  I believe I was meant to come here and interfere.  But once I start stepping out of those bounds, well, have you heard of what can happen with Dragon Breaks?"


"I've heard of them, but they were in the ancient past.  What are you saying?" She asked.

"But what is a common thread with dragon breaks?  The Battle of Red Mountain, the Tiber Septim Wars.  Now... the Warp in the West."

"You're saying we're about to be in a Dragon Break?"

"Every time mortals try and use the Numidium, it breaks time.  It's the Heart of Lorkhan," I replied, "Mortals tampering with gods."

"Are you saying... that no matter what we do, time will eventually march forward and events will happen as they were meant to?"

"I don't know.  I don't confess to be an expert on Akatosh's plan for time, but I do know he's not going to just ignore us trying to change everything."

She sighed, "Alright.  Alright.  But what happens to me?  It says I just disappeared in the book."


"Well... if you did anything else after this it would've been catalogued.  It talks about the rest of your brother's life.  Talks about most the agents in here."

I opened The Warp in the West and flipped to the pages about me.  

"It's very vague, and it says I vanished after the Warp.  I'm starting to think I am able to use the power of the Warp to travel back to 4E 216.  And, you come there with me."

Brisienna raised an eyebrow, "Are you asking me to travel through time with you?"

"Yes, Lady Magnessen.  Will you travel through time with me?" I asked.

"Gods, you found a question that's even more daunting than asking for a lady's hand in marriage," she replied, "I... need to think about this.  You go, find the Mantella.  Keep the Totem for now for safekeeping.  You'll have my answer when you get back."


"Alright," I kissed her.  I asked Brisienna to keep an eye on Calaxes until I got back, set my Mark in the Inn, then I used a scroll to teleport to Medora Direnni.

"Hey, good morning," I said.

"So you've done it.  Thank you so much," Medora said.

"Yes, I spoke to Lysandus, then I killed his murderer, Lord Woodborne."

She sighed in relief, "Thank you.  Now he can rest in peace."

"Also, he said, don't kill yourself on his account.  He wants you to enjoy life and join him when it's time," I replied.

Tearing up, she nodded.  I flew out of there and to Castle Shedungent.


I approached Nulfaga, who seemed to be having one of her good days.

"Since the curse lifted, I feel much more cognizant.  Thank you.  My son is at peace," she said, "As you may have heard, I'm quite powerful.  Sorry about that storm by the way."

"I'm over it.  How do I get this Mantella thing?  What is a Mantella?" I asked.

"It is the Engine of the Numidium and gives it life.  I can send you now to the Mantellan Crux, the safeguarded prison of the Mantella.  Look for a green jewel of unusual size.  Merely touch the Mantella and it is freed.  I will yank you back from Aetherium."  


She concentrated and blasted me with purple light, then I found myself on a floating rock in an abyss that looked like the night sky.




I immediately got to work.  I casted Levitate and moved from stone to stone, finding atronachs and daedra and blasting them back to wherever they came from.  I found levers to activate (of course, this holding place was made by the same people as the dungeons in High Rock) when I ran out of places to look, I puzzled for a while.  Eventually, I saw a seam in the 'sky' and when I pressed it, I slipped into a tunnel leading into another structure.  Looking back into the 'space room' I saw more seams I would search later.  


At the end of the tunnel was a door, which I Locksplit and Unlock'd.  Inside was another Daedra.


"I smell weakness!" It yelled.

"WHAT!?" I shouted back.

"Are you deaf or something?  I said I smell weakness!"


I sprinted up to the daedra and hugged her, lifting her up off the ground.





"What the.. fuck... are you doing?  I'm supposed to be killing you now!"
"Did those assholes really give you guard duty on this stupid Mantella?" I asked, "How long have you been guarding this thing?"

"Maybe... thirty years," she replied, "Punishment for... wait!  HANDS OFF!  Prepare to die, mortal!"


"Hey, I know your name," I said.

She blinked, "How do you know my name?"

"Let's just say, I'm Sanguine's son.  I've met you, but you haven't met me yet," I replied. 

"You some kind of wizard?  You guys always speak in riddles," Meru replied, "Wait, can you introduce me to your dad?  Maybe I could get out of this stupid job."


I blinked, my mind connecting the dots.  When I met her, she'd said she worked for my father.  Was it actually me in the past who introduced her to Sanguine?  Is that why she suddenly showed up and acted like she knew me one day??  Talos' fucking bones!  I solved the Meru riddle!


"Yeah I can do that," I said, "Besides, if you help me get the Mantella, there's nothing to guard anymore."

Meru giggled devilishly, "I like your style.  What did you say your name was?"

"Damien," I said, "Also, is that your best armor?"

"What's wrong with my armor?" She asked.




"I mean, it certainly looks good.  But It leaves your ass totally exposed.  I could stab you in your butt.  See?" I grabbed her butt.

She jumped.

"You can tell how much my heart was in this job, eh?"  Then she waved her arms and changed, "There.  Spiky bits.  Happy?"




"Better," I said.

We continued on, finding the lever at the end of a corridor after fighting our way past flame atronachs. 

We traveled to another seam hallway and another daedra blocked our way, "I smell fear!"

"I smell bitch!" Meru shouted, and started to blast him with magic.  I joined in.


We pushed on and found the lever at the end of a long elevator.  When we traveled back to the space room, I activated the gem on the central platform and we were transported to another space area with a giant pyramid.

"Gods, I'll be glad when I'm done with this stupid place," she said.

"That's what I was thinking," I said.


We blasted our way up the pyramid, fighting a couple Ancient Liches.  




I opened a hatch inside and we rode an elevator down, fighting a 'Daedra Seducer.'  It turned to stone when we killed it, I think.  For some reason.




"What the hell?" I asked.


"Is this supposed to be a joke?" I asked, "Who would be seduced by such an ugly thing?  Is this an early model or something?"

"I don't understand it myself," she replied, "I'm just a grunt."

"I think even a few years from now the Seducer was supposedly beautiful.  Now you could be a seducer," I smirked.

"Well, thanks, handsome," Meru smiled back. 

We took the next elevator to find more 'seducers' and a grate made of magicka bars.  The teleporter gem was below the grate.

I blew out air, sitting down, "GODS!  Why does everything need to be a puzzle here?  I bet there's a lever outside the pyramid!  I just want to finish!"

Meru patted me on the back.

"Aha!" I stood.  I had thought about this possibility before.  I took out a dagger from my pack and casted Mark on it.  Then I dropped it between the bars.  

"I hope this works," I said, then I casted Recall, and appeared at the dagger, below the bars.


"Neat trick," she said, "How do I get down there?"

"I could do it again and bring you with me," I said.

"Nah, you know what.  I'm pretty bored of this place.  Wanna bang through the bars, prison style?" She asked.  She was still standing above me.

"I... don't think that's a good idea.  Also, you're all the way up there," I replied, "I'm not that acrobatic."

"Bah.  Okay.  Here," she grasped my hand through the bars as she laid down on them, then she wrote a set of runes on my arm, "This is my number."


"You know conjuration, right?  All you need to do is kill me here.  I'll go back to Oblivion.  Just call me later.  Summon me... master," she said seductively.

"I dunno if I could kill you," I said, "I like you."

"Aww, I like you too," she said, then she grabbed my other hand, holding the dagger and plunged it into her own chest.

"Ahhhhh...." She exhaled, "Sweet pain.  Byeeeeeee." 

She died.  Seconds later she faded away.


What a weird girl.  I chuckled to myself. 


I hit the teleport, and found myself at a third space room with an upside-down temple.  I opened the door, and the teleport gem was in the middle, separated from me by magicka bars.  I looked at the thing with a glazed, dissatisfied look.  How many levers does it take to unlock this?




I casted Mark on the dagger again, and threw it inside the bars.  I Recalled inside and hit the teleport.  NEXT!


This time I was transported into a hallway that came out into a room where the outsides were lava.  There were tiny paths winding up all the way to a giant stone head, with many heads in between.  Also, many many fire atronachs were wandering the paths.  




I did the sensible thing and threw on Chameleon and Levitate and just skipped to the end.  Finding nothing to activate about the giant head, I Levitated over to the other heads, finally finding one to speak with.


"The blind god is a jealous god.  Let his true servants lift up their eyes to him and the way will be easy.  Hear me!"

I sighed.  

"Okay, this sounds like a Nord puzzle," I flew around to each head and found switches to turn them.  I turned them all towards the big head.  Then I flew up to where the teleport gem obviously was, on his left shoulder.  

A man was now standing on the right shoulder.




"Sheogorath?" I asked.

"Ah, at last! I was beginning to think you wouldn't get this far. A dreary place, don't you agree? And guarded by a pompous upstart -- he's no more a god than I am. Well, carry on. We will meet again soon, unless you are not as foolhardy as you appear."

I activated the lever next to him, that unlocked the teleport gem.  He vanished, then I touched the gem.


I was transported to a room with a roundtable and nine skulls and a door behind me.

"Shor's bones," I said.

I surveyed each of the skulls.  

I touched one, and it let out a groan.  I recoiled, taking a step back.

What's the worst that could happen?  Probably could kill me or something.

What's the best that could probably happen?  Maybe... unlock the door.

I turned to the door, using Locksplitter and Unlock, circumventing the skull puzzle.


I traveled outward in that tunnel, spiraling, killing a ton of atronachs with blasts.  


Searching this area, which looked to be in the shape of a crossbow, there was only a pit.  I jumped in and was transported to the next area, an island with a gigantic sword sticking into it. 

With six Daedric Lords shouting at me and throwing blasts in my direction. 




Dodging them, I found a small room that offered cover.  I found a button there and pressed it.  That teleported me back to the Crossbow.


"I hate this place," I said flatly.  Eventually, after much searching, I found a secret door in the crossbow which led me to the inside of 'the Sword.'


I went north and found Sheogorath in a sitting room.  

"Greetings.  You dare much by intruding here. Nevertheless, I will allow you to proceed, provided you prove as perceptive as rumor reports. You may be aware that I am a master of the blade. But what is my other favored weapon?  Answer correctly, then arm yourself."




"I dunno... is it... A CROSSBOW?!" I asked.

"Why yes," he said, and he sent me back to the crossbow.

"AAARGRGRHRGRH!!!!!" I screamed. 

I stepped out onto the platform with the sword again. 

"Hey guys, wanna know what I remembered yesterday?"

"I smell weakne~" One of the Daedra started, but then a vortex of wind and freezing cold enveloped them, and he blew apart into shards of ice. 

"Black Winter," I said calmly, "Greetings from modern times."

There was a new button in the structure now, and I pushed it.  It caused me a huge jolt of pain, but the island lowered, and stopped at the outside of the crossbow.  I healed myself.  I stood on the crossbow, and it shot me into the darkness, and then I was in an open room behind a seam, before an elevator.


I hit the lever and went down.  Before me the path was straightforward, with ghosts and fire atronachs.  I Levitated over a pit.  I found a large open room with a pedestal that I needed to Levitate to reach.  And on it was - the Mantellan Crux.  A green gem about the size of a fist, floating in air.  I gladly grabbed it and Nulfaga snatched me back to Nirn.  


The gem vanished from my hands, presumably to return to its home in the Numidium.

"Good work, hero.  Now who will you give the Totem to?" Nulfaga asked.

"I've decided what I'm going to tell the powers that be," I said.  I turned to walk out of there.

"What?" She asked.

"Fuck off," I replied. 

I took a moment to take in the daytime, sunlight, and air of the mortal plane.  I could tell my roots, because being in Oblivion or Aetherius chafed me.  Being on Nirn was the best place for me.  


I flew to Whiteford and found Calaxes and Brisienna eating dinner.

"You did it!" She said.

"Of course I did.  How long did that take?  How long was I in there?" I asked.

"About three days," she replied.

"Feels about right.  I'm starving and tired.  Wanna go upstairs for a little while?" I asked.

Brisienna smiled.

I wolfed down Calaxes' food and tossed a bag of gold on the table, "Please, buy whatever you like.  I need to recharge."

"Don't let this taint your decision," I said to her.

"Oh, I think I've decided.  There's nothing much for me here.  From what I've read in the books I stole from you, 4E 216 seems like a pretty amazing time to live in.  I'll come to Skyrim with you.  Also..." Brisienna replied, "I am with child."

"Oh wow!" I shouted, lifting her up, "We need to celebrate."

We went upstairs and I enjoyed being human some more.




A few hours later, after I'd slept, we went again.  




I noticed Brisienna was looking over my shoulder.

"What the heck, dad!?" I shouted.  He was just watching back there.  When I saw him, he started clapping.

"Sorry.  I just wanted to ask you if you know a daedra named Meru?  She said you'd vouch for her."

"Yeah, I know her.  She helped me out in the Mantellan Prison," I replied.

"Who is this Meru?" Brisienna asked, "And is that... Lord Sanguine?"

"I can introduce you later... uhh...." I finished, and pulled out.


At that moment, Calaxes was edging around the dividing wall between the bar area and the tables and he poked his head in the door.  Sanguine vanished.

"Hey, um... Damien," he said as he came over to us, "There are knights of the Dragon right outside the bar, asking around."

About this time it'd started to rain, and the bar was filling up with patrons.  I quickly threw on my armor.




Some knights (not of the dragon) walked in and sat in the corner.

I crept over and peered around the wall.




"Damien Guivenne!  Lady Brisienna!  Come out with the Totem!" One of the knights shouted from outside, "By order of King Gothryd."

Immediately, arrows and spells flew in their direction from to the right.  

"You'll not have the totem if we can get it first!" 

Knights of the Rose from Wayrest had traveled quickly through the night.

"Not if we have any say in it!" A huge group of orcs charged into the melee.  Then the knights from inside charged out the front doors.  


I pulled Brisienna and Calaxes to me, "Stay with me."

Then I stepped out onto the porch, and I pulled out the Totem, "Is this what you want?"

"Somebody shoot him!  He's got the totem!" 

"You know what I think?" I shouted, "None of you assholes deserve this thing!"

They aimed their bows.


Most of them backed up a step then.  Most these people didn't really know how the thing worked.  And honestly, neither did I.  But they didn't know that!

"I've still got 362 days to decide who gets it!  So back off!" I shouted. 

In my other hand was a scroll, and I activated it, making sure Calaxes and Brisienna were holding on to me.


We appeared in Medora's tower.  

"This seems remote enough," I said, "Medora, mind if we stay here for a little while?"

She shrugged, "Sure."

"I know what I said, but I think I want to give this to the Emperor personally, when the time is right.  And, fat chance they'll find us until then."

"Scrying..." Brisienna said.

"This place is warded," Medora commented, "You're safe for the time being.  I'd be happy to have you in my huge, spacious tower.  You've done so much for this land and me personally.  I'd be a wretch not to offer you aid."





Over the next couple months, we nursed Calaxes back to health while we took a much needed vacation.  Calaxes barely talked, except small talk.  It seemed like the years in prison had scarred him mentally, and we gave him space.  He had frequent nightmares and had to stay in a room apart from everyone else.  One night, I swore I saw Medora staying with him and trying to soothe his ailing soul.  In the day it seemed she was the only one who could give him comfort.  Medora, beyond being a powerful mage from a family of powerful mages, was a treasure as a person.  Kind, gentle, and warm.  I could see why the king fell in love with her.  She was clearly a Breton, but descended from a long line of Altmer mages.


I summoned Meru one day, and Brisienna seemed to be charmed by the woman's natural magnetism.  We had a nighttime jaunt in which we flew and found good spots, getting acquainted.  Nobody knew where we were, and I wanted to keep it that way. 






Meru stayed with us for a while.  We only came out of the tower at night, or when Medora told us nobody was looking.  We stayed in Direnni Tower for long time, nobody finding us.  Eventually, Brisienna agreed to getting to know the daedra a little better.






After a few months, Brisienna got big.  And Medora followed.

I smiled at Medora, "You've been getting friendly with Calaxes, haven't you?"

She blushed, "I never thought I'd love again, trapped in this old cursed tower.  I would thank you again for bringing such a wounded but gold-hearted man to my doorstep."


In the month of Frostfall, they both gave birth and we named them:

My son, Sinidar (we called him Sini or Sin).

And their daughter, Valiana.


When the ladies recovered a few days later, we finally sat down to talk about what we were going to do when I gave up the totem. 

I said, "Just to be clear, I am going to give the Totem to Uriel Septim personally.  But it's not going to be just him that gets it.  It's going to be everyone."

"I know.  I read Warp in the West," Brisienna replied.

"Just wanted to prepare you.  Because I plan on using that Dragon Break to travel back to my home time.  With you, of course."


"Ahh..." Calaxes said, sitting at the other side of the room, "Father will enjoy being able to grind his subjects in High Rock back down.  Then again, I'm remembering the Simulacrum version of him."

"Father?" Brisienna asked, "Wait... I thought I recognized your name.  Uriel's children:  Ariella, Geldall, Enman and Ebel.  And two not by his wife: Calaxes and Martin."

"You're Calaxes Septim?" I asked, then I pulled out a book on the Septim line, "Says here 'presumed dead in 498.'  Which... that date doesn't exist.  The third era ends at 433."

"That sounds like a typo," Medora said, "How and when did you get kidnapped?"

"It was during the Simulacrum.  Father turned into a tyrant and I plotted against him.  They even spread lies about me wanting to start a theocracy.  Turns out it was Jagar Tharn impersonating him.  In 398, he put me in irons in secret and sent me to High Rock, which is famed for its labyrinthine dungeons.  Daggerfall snatched me up because..."

"They were going to use you to activate the Numidium..." I said.

Medora interrupted, "But Nulfaga found a loophole.  Anybody of royal blood can activate it without dying."

Calaxes grit his teeth, "So I was imprisoned for seven years... for no reason..."

Medora put her hand on his, calming him.


I squinted, "But what does that even mean?  When my mother called the moot in Skyrim, she was declared queen, technically making me a Prince and 'of royal blood."

Medora shrugged, "I think it was in how vaguely worded the enchantment was.  So the very second your mother was acknowledged by the people of Skyrim, you became a candidate.  Not because of some intrinsic value of royal blood."

"A prince, huh?" Brisienna smirked.

I looked over to Medora, "We've already looked at everybody else here's future.  Want me to do you too?"

Medora blinked, "I'm not sure I should."

"C'mon!  Everybody's doing it!" Meru said.  

Medora replied, "Well... alright."


I flipped through the books and found De Rerum Dirennis, which was written about 20 years in the future - just before the Oblivion crisis.  It was mostly about ancient history, but in the foreword it gave detailed history of recent Direnni, mostly elves, though Medora was mentioned under the 'Breton offshoots' section.  It told of her affair with Lysandus and the help she'd given me in thwarting Woodborne.  


"Says here you mysteriously vanish in 405, presumed suicide," I said, laying down the book, "Boom.  You know what that means?  That means you should come with us."

"Lysandus, looks like I'll be away for a bit longer," Medora smiled a little at that, "When do you want to finish this thing, then?"

"Pack everything you think you'll need for a trip through time.  I'm going to fly to Cyrodiil and give the Emperor the totem.  I'll recall here, then we can go," I said.


I did just that - I flew to Cyrodiil.  It took me about a day and a half of alternating flying and making camp.  




I threw up a Chameleon and went straight into the Imperial Palace, then I set down in the audience chamber, resting on a high-up outcropping.  I waited until a lull in court affairs, and he asked to be left alone for a moment.  I brought down my Chameleon.


"I was wondering when you'd show yourself, Damien," the Emperor said.

I lowered myself down onto the ground and approached.

"Then I presume you know what I'm carrying?" I asked.

"Yes, although my visions showed me Agent Brisienna bringing me this.  No matter, though."

I bowed my head, "Before I give you this, I must know - how do you know me?"

"When I said you were a trusted friend, I was lying obviously," he replied, "I came to know you through watching your exploits."


"Could I ask you a question?" I asked.

"Of course.  You are the Hero of Daggerfall, after all," he replied.

"I realized your visions didn't save you from the Simulacrum."

"I only gained visions from being in Oblivion during the Simulacrum."

"Ah," I nodded, "But surely, these visions are sent from somewhere.  Who do you think is sending them?"

"I once believed it was a gift from the Divines.  But some days I believe... Mehrunes Dagon is sending them to me to poison my every move.  I don't know that I can trust these visions.  But I do know a great darkness is coming.  But the Empire... and the world... will endure."

I nodded, handing him the Totem, "Of course you know what happens when you use this?"

"Yes.  But it is inevitable," he replied.

"You know we have Calaxes, right?" I asked.

"By the gods, I thought him dead," the Emperor replied, "Are you taking him with you?"

"Yes.  Could you give me a couple hours to prepare?" I asked.

"I will."

"Thank you.  Good luck, sir," I replied.

"Stand true, my friend. May your heart be your guide and the gods grant you strength."


I used one of the scrolls to get back to the tower immediately.  

"Everybody ready?" I asked.

They all nodded.  

I turned to Meru, "For you to meet me when I'm at the College of Winterhold, I'm afraid you've got to go the long way around."

She sighed, "Yeah, I figured.  See you on the other side."  

We stepped out onto the top of Direnni Tower and waited to watch the Warp.  I took out Viranir's notes (that I'd summoned) and concerned myself with drawing out the runes and circle how I had before, but picking my home time period.




A couple hours later, it happened.  Over the plains of High Rock's kingdoms, it was not just a large land war.  It was seven different large land wars.  The Numidium arrived, and several copies of the armies of Wayrest, Sentinel, Daggerfall and Orsinium decimated each other and all the minor kingdoms' armies.  Even as I watched one battle, I would turn just slightly and another completely different battle was going on in the same place.


"This is.... magnificent..." Calaxes said.

"What even... is going on?" Brisienna marvelled.

"Reading about it and seeing it are two totally different things," I said.

"Shall we start the ritual?" Medora asked.  She handed her baby to Calaxus, while Brisienna held mine.

She and I worked together this time (as I was still a bit weaker, and more mages equals more control) and we cast the spell.  Meru even supplied some magicka.  The Dragon Break grew to full fruition, and we vanished.


The four of us reappeared in a completely different place and time.  It was a city in the middle of the evening with everybody rushing this way and that.


"Excuse me, kid," I said, "Where are we?  WHAT YEAR IS IT?"

"Da-re wa?"

"Say what?" I asked.

His older brother stepped between us, "Don't pay any attention to him, he's trying to learn Akaviri.  But have you been hitting the skooma too hard?  It's 4E 175.  We're in Kvatch."

"Well, we definitely don't want to be here.  This spell seems to take you to a random location," I said, "This is the year the Thalmor first attack Cyrodiil.  I'm wondering if it has happened yet."


"Hey knucklehead," a voice said.  She was in full ebony plate mail, including a visored helm.  

"Who are you?" 

"You dipshit, it's Meru.  Sanguine sent me here so you don't muck up your trip completely.  I know you fucked up your formula.  Think less like a mortal, more like a Daedra."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"For us, it's less like doing math when you do magic, more like flexing a muscle.  You've got serious magic muscles.  Now flex 'em godsdammit!" Meru slapped me with a gauntleted fist, "Maybe even think like a Dragonborn and shout at reality to sit down, shut up and do what it's told.  Your spell is still active but fading fast.  Use it to carry you on."

Calaxes stepped out of the circle of the spell.

"What are you doing?" Medora asked.

"I'm sorry.  I love you, but I feel like Alessia is calling me here.  I need to stay," Calaxes said.

Medora stepped out of the radius too, her baby in hand, "Sorry, Damien.  Goodbye."

"You staying?" I asked Brisienna.

"Always!" She grabbed onto me.

"Thanks for everything!" Calaxes shouted.

"Alright, reality!" I charged up my magicka, summoning the reserves I knew I had when I left, plus when I'd gained while I was in the past.  My cape billowed in the wind I was generating.  Mighty force gathered around me, swirling power I knew lay dormant.


"SIT THE FUCK DOWN!" I shouted, and then Brisienna and I vanished again.


"What is that on the ridge over there?" A person shouted.

"Are those elves?  There are a lot of them!"

Calaxes looked at Medora, "Whatever happens, my love, make sure Valiana is safe."


Brisienna and I reappeared in the Archmage's Quarters, in Winterhold. 

We fell down. 

"What a ride!" Brisienna shouted.

"What is all this commotion?" An old man cast a light spell.

"Archmage," I said, "You're never going to believe the story I have to tell.  But first, please, tell me the date."

"It is the fifth day of 4E 216.  At midnight!  And also, you made a wreck of my quarters, again!  You really should learn to clean up after yourself, young man!" Tolfdir shouted.


The first thing I did was rush down to the Winterhold library and sifted through books.

"What are you doing?" Brisienna asked when she reached me.

"Ah," I pulled out History of Kvatch, "So the Thalmor bypassed Kvatch when they initially invaded.  You know, I think very soon we should look up our old friends and see how they did in life."

Brisienna cradled the baby, "I want to see how far the Blades have fallen.  Hey do you have a house?"



So that was a wild ride.


Note:  I left Viranir in the past.  I was going to work her in, but I never found a place.  SORRY VIRANIR!  Honestly, I need to figure out what I'm going to do about this.  


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Haven't had the time to read the entry yet but as far as the House question goes, I have a few ideas. Two of the houses I have used myself before (LE version), the third one just looks suitable in my book. Oh, and I am assuming you mean a house for Brisienna.


Pinewood Cottage (Have not used this one myself):



Lagoon (Have used it, House is not very magical, the location most certainly is. D.'s Windsted Manor is right next to the Fasttravel-Marker to the Lagoon. Can also be reached via automatically added spell. Lagoon-House interior is modeled after the "better" Whiterun houses for example the Graymanes home.)



Lillehjem (Have used it. Small, adorable (?) and conveniently located between Whiterun and Riverwood.)






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I think you might have gotten the dates mixed up. The events with Destana and the others don't take place in 4E 416 but 4E 216 unless you skipped forward two hundred years between writing Entry 52 and Entry 59.


Also on how to deal with Viranir: She wasn't able to leave the cave she was in, was caught up in the Warp in the West and ended up being killed properly this time. She was messing with time anyway so time going royally crazy might fuck her up more than it would anyone else

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Thanks. Going to fix dates.


By 416 maybe they finally had their industrial revolution!

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And I am back. I have to say, sorry Skygerfall, but you don't convince me. Despite EB's best efforts.

There where, however, still some quite funny/entertaining bits in here, that I am inclined to believe, where creative license rather then part of the mod.


1. Meru. She seems to be a fun character. Perhaps we can see more of her in the future. And I certainly approve of her change of armor. So yes, I am happy. Despite the silly spiky bits of the deadric armor. 😉


2. My dear Damien, who are you, to decide, what is and isn't seductive/appealing to deadra? We certainly don't judge here, right?😁


3. Daddy S. showing up at just the right moment to observe his boy's performance. Maybe he gave D. some pointers for the future as well. And S.'s pose, with the fingertips put together was just very fitting. Like a true connoisseur of the naughty arts.


4. The random dude in 175 trying to learn jap... I mean: akaviri and messing up the particles. (wa instead of ka). So, trying was quite correct. And Meru again, showing up and telling Damien to just shout at reality until it bends over and follows his wishes.


5. Destana being a grandma now. Oh boy, Granny D. at age 30something.

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Lagoon looks like a nice vacation spot for Destana and her spouses. 


But yeah SGF was very repetitive. 

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Wild ride indeed, though I bet you made it seem much more grand than playing though it was.

That Meru intermezzo was fun. Deadric armor is beyond silly though, more likely to hurt the wearer than to protect him. Well unless he is content with moving very slowly and deliberately. But then it's probably better than most fantasy armor, especially female fantasy armor, despite law 910. ^^
I agree though, could be fun to have her as a recurring npc. ^^

As for the seducers ... hey tastes differ. I've heard ... well read at least, that there are women who think nothing of doing werewolves, and those are not typically considered a token of beauty either. ;)

You either have a very different mark and recall from mine or it's just RP and you simply tcl'ed ... my money is on the second option. ^^

Guess Destana and Delphine aren't related after all. And oh man, this will be an interesting meeting, Damian, Brisienna their child and Destana ... the child might even protect her from her. ^^


Well Viranir being a ghost ... might just make it into the present anyway and more powerful, but hopefully she "died" of boredom and finally went to Oblivion.

Mage House ... afraid that's nothing I can help much with. Back in LE times I liked Velamo a lot, there is no SE version to my knowledge though. Since SE I'm pretty boring at first I always used the Luxury Suite as my main base and eye candy collec... erh follower housing. Occasional still use it as secondary base, but ever since I came across it, it's always the Sea Dragon now. Every now and then I also use a modded vanilla player home.


Lagoon looks pretty interesting though, might have luxury suite replacement potential. Need to find a lot of different swimsuits for all the followers though. Work, work, work ...

I stated earlier already that Skygerfall is unlikely to make it into my load order, so I agree. Prolly going to try out Midwood Isle and perhaps Maids II instead. Still need to finish Project AHO, which is pretty interesting so far, though the start is a bit silly if you already got teleportation magic, but hey that's not in vanilla and one can't expect from mod authors to take into account every other mod out there.
Speaking of mod added magic, what mod is that Elemental Bolt from ... I'm really starting to want and try it out. ^^


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I think Elemental Bolt is a creation club addon that came with my game (arcane accessories). It's an apprentice level spell that acts like a fireball, but deals damage half like a fire spell and have like a shock spell.


It's potent because Ordinator scales Destruction damage with your skill, and one of the perks in Destruction or Stealth gives you a damage bonus to Destruction if you're hiding. 


Ordinator has a perk in Alternation that makes all novice level spells cost no magicka. Then the second rank (requires 70 skill) makes apprentice level spells cost no magicka. Base Damien had this,  but SGF Damien ended up with only rank 1. 


I will tell you that yes, I couldn't stand doing another annoying puzzle area that was a repeat of the last and so I used player.moveto an object inside the bars. 


I have Midwood Isle and AHO.  Get there eventually!

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I see, thanks.

And aye, I know about the Ordinator perks. I'm currently playing a vancian, stealth, pyromancer. If anyone ever considered stealth archer overpowered, they never tried stealth mages. With Silent Storm (that Ilussion perk that makes spells silent) and AE spells you can easily eliminate entire enemy groups without them ever making your position.
Only little snag is that the second level of Intuitive magic seems not to work with Vancian magic. In theory with that you should be able to use novice and apprentice level spells without using up a vancian magic spell slot (and be able to keep casting them after you run out of spell slots). Works fine for novice level, but for some reason not for apprentice level.

Will be interesting to see Destana going through AHO (hopefully going to be Destana, AHO is just made for her uh ... snarky self ^^).
Another mod I've been trying is Thief, but that seems to be stuck right at the start, perhaps I should not have chosen the option to wait till the messenger comes to me when that message box gave me the option to start right away or wait. But hey I just gave that corrupt captain a blowjob to speed things up, felt like it shouldn't take that long even without taking shortcuts ... forward two weeks and I'm still waiting. That darn corrupt <censored> I should go back and kill him. Actually I should have known better than to trust anyone working for the Riften Guard. :P

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Yeah the idea of vancian magic sounded bad. Takes away the benefit of video game spellcasting vs the per day of D&D.  Especially if you're a pure caster. 


And Damien also has Silen Storm, and a lot of the aura effects from Illusion. (Destana has all those from Illusion and the whole reason I leveled illusion so much. That and invis)

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19 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

Yeah the idea of vancian magic sounded bad. Takes away the benefit of video game spellcasting vs the per day of D&D.  Especially if you're a pure caster. 

Actually I found it appealing, if you get your base magica high enough it's not to bad either about 50 spell per day is not bad, still requires management of course. And you sure pack a punch as a vancian mage. So much in fact that several of my fire perks rarely come into play, as they are of the "susequent spells hit harder" type ... okay, but almost all none-boss opponents are single hit kills. ^^

Of course I'm a long time D&D player/GM (started my DM'ing my own campaign back in the mid/late 80's  ... been running games ever since with very few breaks), so that might influence it.

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Been playing and DMing off and on since right before 3rd edition came out. (1999ish)


Having a recovering magicka pool is appealing to me.  

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