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Hey, it's Destana.  I woke up early to hover over the hills and witness the barrier coming down. 


On my way I fought three dragons, who all seemed to be working in tandem and taunting me the whole way, but I'm a pro at this point. 



I also saw a strange giant shelled beast, a deer made out of plants, and a tribe of goblins.  Damien said more and more strange creatures would be slipping into our world. 




Damien had picked Solaire's brain about other worlds and his in particular.

"I come from a world of wholly shattered time, able to slip between other worlds by design.  I can offer you guidance, because your world seems like it is nearing this outcome."

It seemed Solaire had either left our world, or decided to explore for a while.  In either case, he said he would return later with his ability to move between worlds.


The timestreams slipped into one another like two lovers.  I returned to Windhelm, which was again assaulted by a small mob of Thalmor (maybe trying to soften us up one more time).  Two gargoyles and volkihar vampires acting in the daylight (overcast) helped the Stormcloaks and random adventurers fend off the attack.  When you've got the vampires on your side, you know things are looking bad. 




I knew the real assault was coming when a courier handed me a note just a stone's throw from the Palace of Kings.  I noted a nonzero number of Imperial troops in the city.

I stepped up to Commander Balfhe at the map room, with Serana, the kids, Ulfric, and a few others standing around. 




And one person I didn't recognize.




"Who is this guy?" I asked, balking at the man next to him, wearing Imperial officer's armor.

"This is General Sialius. I worked under him when I fought for the Legion years ago."

"Please, I can speak for myself.  I'm the General of Cyrodiil's forces," Sialius replied.

"What's going on?  Why are you here?" I asked.

"Our defeat was absolute to the south.  Our new lord wants us to continue to bow to the Aldmeri and pay them tribute, hoping they will leave us well enough alone, but I know better.  They will not stop until they hold all of Tamriel and have wiped men off the face of this world.  I was waiting for the barrier to come down to step across.  I came here to rally the Imperial troops.  I came here to help the Stormcloaks drive back the Dominion, once and for all."

"Hmm..." I stroked my chin, "Are you suggesting an alliance for the time being?"

"Yes, absolutely," Sialius said, "You're the Queen here, right?  Are you the General of the Stormcloak forces?"

I pursed my lips, "I tend to get my hands dirty a lot more than generals or royalty tend to, but yeah, I guess so."

Sialius bowed his head, "In that case, I would like to declare my allegiance to Skyrim, and to you.  I will command Imperial forces under your banner."


"I remember him," Ulfric nodded to me, then turned to him, "You fought well at the Battle of the Red Ring.  You have my blessing.  We need all the help we can get."

"I agree," I said, "Balfhe, why did you send for me?  Has the assault begun?"

"Yes.  Our scouts report they have already started moving toward Riften and Falkreath," Balfhe said.

"Alright," I cracked my knuckles, "Damien, take Fenrir and Serana.  Teleport to Solitude and inform Commander Hrolf, then go to Falkreath and support the army there."

I turned to Runa, "Runa, we're going to Riften."

"Why send almost everyone away?" Serana asked.  She looked... mildly perturbed, nervous.

"Easy," I turned to the group, "You guys are all strong.  I feel like together you stand a good chance to keep them out of Falkreath.  Riften has the Thieves' Guild.  And they'll have me.  I'm not trying to act like a big badass here, but I woke up early this morning and killed three dragons, a goblin tribe, a giant snail, and half a dozen Thalmor right at our front door.  Oh, and befriended a giant.  You guys are the knights, bishops and rooks, and I'm the queen from chess.  We need to put me in a place where I can do the most damage unabated."

Serana sighed, "If you think it's best."

Ulfric smirked, "You haven't seen some of the things I've seen this woman do.  She led every major charge in the civil war.  And she's only gotten stronger since then."

"Gods, don't you think I know?  She killed the lord of all vampires, my father, and I know what he's capable of.  And not only over sixty dragons, but a literal god.  But you're not invincible."

"She's right, mom," Damien said, "From what I hear the Thalmor are dipping deep into powerful magics, even more than they are known for."

Fenrir folded his arms, "I saw how much that Thalmor Justiciar was ripping through you with magic.  You're not resistant to magic.  And these guys are no joke.  But I think you can do it."

Runa slapped me on the back, "And she's got me to watch her back."


"Good luck everyone," I said, then I teleported myself and Runa to Riften.  First thing I did was go to the graveyard and open up the sliding grave entrance, stepping into the Ragged Flagon Cistern.




"Whoa, there are a lot of new recruits here," I said.

A Khajiit noticed me immediately, turned and shook my hand, "The old guildmaster.  It is an honor.  I am called Gnives.  You are light on your feet."

"Sneaking is a habit, I guess," I said.

"Impressive.  Others develop bad habits, being noisy one day and quiet the next.  It is best to always walk softly, so stealth is natural as breath."

"You have good ears," I said.

"Twenty paces to the east, a thief scratches his ear.  Fifty paces further, a beggar sighs and counts his few coins.  Two stories above, a couple shares vows, while underneath in the catacombs, a widow weeps for her husband.  The cat hears, the mind knows."




"Lass, how you been?" Brynjolf had gathered a group of people around him while I spoke with the cat, in the middle of the cistern.

Runa stepped up to the middle and said, "Alright, I spoke to you guys earlier.  The day has come.  The Thalmor are at our doorstep.  Anybody who doesn't want to help, stay here.  I'm sure you can hide under the Thalmor in these sewers if they've taken over."

"Of course, that time I got Esburn out of here it was from the Thalmor.  So they probably know something is down here," I said.  

"I'm in," a woman said.  I'm pretty sure I'd seen her before, but I couldn't remember.  Definitely not one of the guys from the old days.

"Methredel," she said, "I know you don't know me very well."  I nodded.

Brynjolf added, "I'll come.  I'd rather steal from the current residents."

Coming from the main room of the flagon, was Vex and Delvin.

"You in?" I asked.

"Hell, I guess.  You know I don't like you very much," Vex put her hand on my shoulder, "But I hope you don't die out there."

"Oi, time for a real dust up with the Thalmor.  Finally get to make my mark on history," Delvin said.




We went topside.  They went to the main gates, and I went to Mistveil Keep.  

"Hey, who's in charge of the defense?" I asked.

Laila pointed to a man sitting behind her.

"Let's get to it.  What's your name?" 

"Hlofgahr the Brave.  You're Destana Stormblade?"

"Yep.  Let's get out there."

"So you're the great warrior I've been hearing so much about.  I hear you did some great things in the civil war.  Hopefully you carry them forward here," he said, "Come on.  Let's join the men on the front.  Seeing you should help boost morale a bit." 


I shook my head as we jogged through the city, "I've done a lot since then."

I grabbed my group, threw down a Call to Arms, and we walked out the doors with the guards.  Amassed were a healthy fighting force of Stormcloaks, Imperials, town guards, hunters, and now, thieves.  




Hlofgahr shouted to the assembled, "These elves think they can stroll in here and take our lands.  Take our lives.  Well, we need to stop them here.  For Skyrim!!" 

"For Skyrim!" The force shouted.

"Here they come!" Somebody shouted.  We rushed forward, me jumping over the barricades to get to the furthest ones and meet the front line of defenders as the forces smashed together.  

The Thalmor troops opened up with fire and lightning, arrows and bound weapons, ripping through the first barricade in seconds.  Our forces fell back, and the Thalmor pressed on.  




An actual full-scale battle is a bloody, confusing, violent mess.  My thieves and I fought with stealth and grace, killing wantonly as the actual warriors stood toe-to-toe.  I killed men and women left and right, but the Thalmor's forces were monstrous.  After the first wave, a second force crested the hill that dwarfed ours.  And we fell back.  Every time Runa cleaved through a Thalmor warrior, two would take their place.


"They've been preparing!" She shouted to me as I used her for a distraction and stabbed her opponents in the back, "Gods, we need to fall back more!"

I furrowed my brow as I looked at her, "You support the army.  I'm going to pray to Nocturnal."

"What are you...?" She started, but then I finished casting Invisibility.

Runa fell back, regrouping with the thieves, "I'll keep them off you, just make sure you stab them in the back."


I weaved between the Thalmor forces.  This was risky, even for me.  I revealed myself, decapitating a summoner Thalmor wizard.  Then I recasted Invis.  The dozen mer that turned towards me threw out wild swings, but I leapt over them and planted myself in a completely different place.  I repeated this a few times with some of the most devastating targets: a Wood Elf casting Destruction spells on our lines, the archer captain, another summoner.  The Thalmor's back lines were on high alert now, so I knew I only had a couple more uses of this tactic.  


I spied the commander in the very back.  Using my most stealthy moves, I crept up behind him.  I grabbed him about the shoulder, putting my off-hand dagger to his throat.


"Do what you will, savage!" The Thalmor shouted, "If I am killed, there will be another!  Men are a blight on this~" 

I stabbed him through the neck, but before I could recast my spell, three agents were on me, ripping the weapons from my hands.

"FUS-RO-DAH!" I blasted them back, though the one behind me got me in a full nelson.  I struggled, kicking the Argonian in front of me and flipping behind the one holding me.  I grabbed the Steel Dagger on his belt and stabbed him in the back.  I raised my hand, using telekinesis to collect my weapons from the ground.


A mountain of Thalmor and auxiliaries were bearing down on me now.  I readied invis, and started to cast it, but one of the mer in front of me casted a small firebolt and knocked me out of my concentration.  I'd trained in this ability myself, though I'd never gotten a chance to use it - the ability to interrupt spellcasting.  Welp, guess I need to use something that can't be interrupted.


"TIID-KLO!" I shouted, slowing time.  I hoped Riften would be okay with the damage I'd just done.  I sprinted away from the battle, enemies still on my heels.

"It's the Dragonborn!  Capture her!" One of them shouted when time returned.


"WULD!" I shouted, Whirlwind Sprinting to put more distance between us.  


"Time to get back to Riften," I said, readying Teleport: Riften.  I warmed up the spell - a five second cast, and I was hit by an arrow.  Then another, and another.  There were at least a dozen of them still following me.  I guessed running wasn't going to be an option.  And I was out of sight of the city now.  

I flexed and transformed into a Vampire Lord.  I was met with a flurry of arrows and lightning spells.  When the soldiers got to me, I chewed through them with Blood Storm.  But damn, these guys were still elites.  I discorporated into bats, for a few feet... then... ran out of magicka.  The damned arrows had some kind of magicka poison.  And it was daytime.  I could feel my stamina not returning, my blood burning in the sunlight.  I reverted my form.


"TIID!" I rushed for the archers, who were still peppering me with arrows.  I reached them as the Slow Time ended and decapitated one of them.  As I rushed and fought one archer after another, I could feel myself running out of everything.  The casters alternated blasting me with ice and lightning. 


Then... it happened.

An arrow pierced my knee, causing me to crouch.  One of the archers grabbed me by the arm and stabbed for my chest.  I pulled back and took it in the shoulder.

"FU~" I started, but the lead caster blasted me with paralysis, knocking me to the ground.

An archer grabbed me by the hair and stabbed me in the belly.  My blood gushed onto the ground as my vision started to blur.

I remember thinking that I was going to die here.  Finally, after all this time, in the defense for the first city in Skyrim I called my home.

I kicked and screamed, my fluids flowing freely until I fell unconscious.  




"Runa!  We're losing!  We have to flee!" Hlofgahr the Brave shouted as they fought up against the gates.

"I know!" I replied.

"This city wasn't made to defend against attacks!" Delvin said, "One of them got in through the docks and opened the gates."

"Dammit!" I shouted, "Where is my mom?" 

"She'll be okay.  She has a million getaway schemes, lass," Brynjolf replied.  Small pockets of fighting led to groups of Riften's forces falling back to inside the city and beyond. 

When a group passed by, Delvin yelled, "Where's Methredel... and Vex?!"

"Methredel fell back already," Brynjolf said, "We should too, lad.  We need to keep to the shadows like thieves."

"But..." Delvin started.  Brynjolf put his hand on the man's shoulder.

"We need to go!"  Hlofgahr shouted.

"I'm going to look!" Delvin slipped into the shadows, and then was gone.  

Hlofgahr gathered the men he knew and they fled the city, while the thieves and I regrouped in the Ragged Flagon. 


Hours later, Delvin walked into the flagon.  With a look of pure rage and malice on his face, he stabbed a green glass dagger into the bar.  Vex's dagger.

"Whatever the Stormcloaks and Dark Brotherhood need," Delvin ground his teeth, "They'll fucking have it.  I'm going to murder every single last one of these bastards."

Tonilia said, "I know I want to get them back.  For Vex."

"For Vex!" They all raised glasses.

I nodded, "I need to find my mom.  She wouldn't just vanish without a good reason."

Cynric Endell stood up, "I'm good at tracking, how are you at stealth?"

"Pretty good," Runa said.  Then she turned to Delvin, "You guys stay here.  We need eyes in this city."

"Maybe some assassinations too," Tonilia said.


So when night fell, Cynric and I left the flagon at the entrance by the stables.  Dodging the Thalmor, randos burying and burning dead, the scavengers and thieves robbing corpses, it was pretty much impossible to get a trail.  Hundreds of bodies, blood, equipment... it was a losing proposition.  We looked for hours, but came up short.  I sent Cynric back home, stopped by the Falkreath Sanctuary.


Alexstrasza, and quite a few new faces greeted me before I found Arnbjorn, who'd taken up leadership here for the time being.

"How did the battle go here?" I asked.

"Not well.  We lost," Arnbjorn replied. 

"We lost in Riften too.  For now, gather information.  Keep an eye and ear out in the city," I replied, "I'm going to regroup."

Then I left for Windhelm.  Shadowmere was fast, but it still took until morning.  


When I regrouped with Damien, Fenrir and the others, I found out just how crushing the defeat at Falkreath had been.  We were ill prepared for their sheer numbers, and the years of training they'd undergone in oppression of the entire continent.  To cement their holdings, the Thalmor publicly executed Jarl Laila Law-Giver and Jarl Dengeir and installed Justiciars to replace them.


That day came to be known as the Day of Defeat.


"Wait, where the hell is my wife?" Serana asked.

"I... don't know," I replied.




"Let's begin, what is your name?"


"Not going to lie or spit or generally be a savage?" 

"I don't really see much reason to lie.  The truth is, you're going to die.  Soon.  And I'm getting out of here," I said.




A torch flickered to life in the hallway, revealing my surroundings.  I was in a cell with several other prisoners, already dead.  One of them had already started to smell.  I was dressed in shabby brown sack clothes with none of my equipment, but also not chained or bound in any way.  I checked my wounds, and they'd been bound and healed.  

"My, this seems familiar," I said.

"So you're familiar with being imprisoned, then?" The mer said condescendingly.  

"I don't know if you know this, but Skyrim's pretty brutal," I replied, gripping the bars in my hands, "You know it took you guys about twenty to take me down?"

"It takes a lot of handlers to take down a rampaging bull.  But rest assured, things will right," the Thalmor said.  He was clothed in Thalmor robes and approached the bars to speak to me closely as two guards patrolled the hall behind him.


"Do you know who I am?" I asked flatly.

"Someone said you're Dragonborn.  Like some kind of Tiber Septim wannabe," he replied, "Do you expect me to be impressed?"

"No.  I expect you to die," I said.  I grabbed his robe through the bars, casted Bound Dagger and stabbed him in the neck.  He collapsed, dead.  I unlocked the door with the Unlock spell.  




The guards rushed over, stabbing me with polearms.  They backed me into the cell then into the corner.  I got ready to shout, when I was stabbed through both shoulders and pinned to the wall.  I took a breath again, and another Thalmor wizard rushed over, throwing a paralyze spell on me.


"You...... fuc..... king...... git...." I squeezed out.

"Kill her!  Now!" The wizard shouted.

"DO NOT!" Another wizard entered, speaking softly, "She is an extremely valuable and dangerous prisoner.  We are waiting for the lead Inquisitor to come in from Falkreath.  For now, you idiots keep her under control.  She does indeed have dragon blood and is one of the most dangerous, most wanted persons in this godsforsaken country."

While I was still paralyzed, they chained my hands to the ceiling and stripped me naked, forcing me to stand for the time being.  Fortunately, my wounds healed quickly.




I think I may have fallen asleep standing up, because I was started awake by two of the guards talking.

"You think she's as dangerous as people say?" One asked.

"Nah, I doubt it.  What's taking the damn Inquisitor so long anyway?  Falkreath isn't that far from here," the other asked.

"Supposedly he's in Elswyer, interrogating some insurgents.  I think a Nord woman, a few others... and a blue khajiit.  Then he's going to teleport to Falkreath and come here.  When I asked, they said he'd be here in the morning," the first one replied.

"Hey guys," I said, "Just wanted to let you know I'm awake.  I'm getting awfully hungry.  Mind giving me something to eat?"


The first one sighed, "Yeah.  The Interrogator likes to have them at full strength before he breaks them."

He grabbed a bucket with a gruel-like substance and walked over to me, "I'm going to pour some of this in your mouth.  Open up."


"Oh, I'm a vampire," I said.  I pulled myself up by the chains and wrapped my legs around the man's neck.

"No!  Please!  I have a wife and son!" The mer shouted.

I snapped his neck, then I brought him up to me, latching my fangs onto his neck.  I drank my fill and dumped him on the floor.

"By the fucking gods, I guess the stories are true," the other one said, surprisingly calm.

"You're awfully calm about me killing your friend," I said.

"Well, he was kind of a dick.  I'd prefer if you didn't kill me.  But you're still chained up and I'm not coming close to you," he smirked.

"What's your name, guy?" I asked.


"When I bust out of here, I'll do my best not to kill you," I smirked.

Just then a group of Thalmor soldiers and the high ranking wizard from before rushed in.

"What happened here?" The wizard asked.

"This guy got too close.  I'm not as much of a fool."

He sighed and casted another paralysis spell on me, "Alright.  Chain up her legs."

He did so, and then a changing of the guard happened. 




A couple hours later (I presume, I don't have any way to tell time), more soldiers came by.  I was just hanging out (literally), resting my eyes, when a couple more guards happened by.


"Hey, fellow guard, what say we have some fun with this prisoner who cannot fight back?" 

"Honestly, who talks like that?" The other guard asked, "Act normal you weirdo."

He looked upon my naked, dirty, bloody form, "Although, you do have a point.  She's got a pretty nice body."

They thought I was asleep.  I was only pretending to be asleep.  They opened the door.  They started pulling down their trousers.  I opened my eyes and smiled at them.

"That's right, woman.  I don't know why you're so well chained up," the first one said, "But we're going to have some fun with you."

"Your funeral," I replied.

"What was that?" The second one grabbed my chin and spat in my face.

"I said... most skilled casters can still cast spells even when their wrists are bound."

"Wait.. what?" 

I flicked my wrist, improved Telekinesis lifting the elven dagger off the unattended guard's belt, and it stabbing him in the back of the neck.  He fell on the floor, dead.  The second one rushed away, but I gripped my hand and the door slammed shut.

"Lock," I said flippantly.

"Who the hell are you?" The second guard asked.

"I'm the actual devil," I replied as the dagger chased him around the room.  He turned to grab the thing, and he fought against the force of the blade as it slowly slid into his eye, killing him.


When the wizard once again rushed in with his pocket guards, I had already telekinesis'd the key and was freeing myself, but again, they fell back on paralysis.  I tried throwing up a ward, but I was too slow.

"Alright, this is getting out of hand.  This time I want her in mittens, chained and bound all parts of her body.  Call a muster.  I'm going to brief everyone in this fortress about how fucking dangerous she is," the wizard said.

When they'd set me up in my new digs, and I had recovered from paralysis, I finally replied to him, "You should probably kill me now.  I have a feeling you're going to run out of guards."


The wizard gripped me by the hair, "What are you going to do now?"

"The most dangerous part of me," I said, "Did you forget I'm dragonborn?"

I leaned in so my nose was nearly touching his and then shouted, "YOL-TOOR!"

And blasted Flame Breath in his face.  He grabbed his face, "MY EYES!" 

I was chuckling when they started beating me about the body.

"FUS-RO-DAH!" I blasted the guards away from me. 

I laughed again, "You guys are fucking amateurs!  You think you can conquer Skyrim?  I am a dragon that was born in the crucible of this harsh land and I WILL BREAK YOU EVEN FROM CAPTIVITY!" 

"Gods!" The wizard shouted, still gripping at his face, "Put a fucking gag on her!"

"NAAK DII GOLT!" Not a shout, just me telling them to eat my ass.


With some trouble on their part, they finally got a facemask on me with a hole at my mouth.  One of them inserted a plug that went into my mouth and screwed into the face of the mask.  Even without the plug, it was very hard to enunciate enough to shout, but with it I couldn't speak at all.  I figured I'd done enough damage by that time.  It was time for some sleep.  




In the morning, I was woken with a slap by the wizard who I'd blinded.  He unscrewed the plug and pulled it out of my mouth.  My jaw was sore from having it in my mouth all night.  

There was another Thalmor wizard there now.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked.


"Aerandil.  Aldarilar.  Tilar Aedriath.  Ondolemar.  And I hear your son killed Ancano.  And how many more Thalmor have you killed?  My name matters not.  But if you must know, I am the High Inquisitor Orthar Alkinius.  Several of those I mentioned before were my friends."


"Why should I care?" I asked.


"Oh, I wouldn't imagine you would.  I'm just establishing a background.  At the end of this, you will be screaming to tell me all your secrets.  And I wish to learn a great many things from you.  First," he turned to the blind wizard, "First, have your bravest guard insert this."


He turned back to me, "This soulgem insert in your vagina will continuously drain your magicka.  I know you can cast some spells without your hands.  A rare and powerful technique."

Orthar smirked at me, "You were holding that back to surprise us again, weren't you?  Shame.  You will find that unlike most the people you've fought, I've done my research."






So, I'm having fun with the concept of this mod, but I am having a LOT of CTD (hence the name), and I can't figure out why.  I'm most likely going to do some drastic actions to try and fix my instabilities.


I'm having fun writing the Thalmor imprisonment.  If you've read about my DD problems, you may have figured out I pulled some shenanigans to RP this imprisonment.  


Methredel was added by Things in the Dark, which actually adds a lot of random stuff.  Gnives was added by (of course) 3DNPCs.


Edited by EnragedBard


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You know ... this is a very evil cliff hanger you left us with. :P


Appears you didn't set DA to allow "cheating" death by using black soul gems or dragon souls ... I reckon D. must have 30+ of those, would have allowed her to go on like forever. ^^


"When I bust out of here, I'll do my best not to kill you," I smirked.

Kinda sounds like a Commando reference, love that movie. ^^

Afraid though you lost me with your comment, what Mod are you referring to? Second Great War?

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Oh, yeah. The battle areas are CTDing me to hell. I tried the Riften battle like 5 times before I gave up. Got some action shots and moved on with life. 

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Looks like D. found herself in abit of a pinch here. For the first time in quite a while.

I trust, that the inevitable break-out will be suitably vicious.

After all, to (loosly) quote another movie:

"I like the Thalmor. Because no matter what you do to them, you don't feel bad."


p.s. At least I have no idea, what part of the imprisonment was just your RP. Perhaps because I have never used DD. So feel free to be creative with your story-telling. I probably won't notice.

Edited by HM1919
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Speaking of creative story telling: I think the current situation would be an excellent opportunity to give Serana a little exposure. Specifically a chance to let her go on abit of a rampage. Like: (Made up) Vampire-Lord-form+special powers+solid plot armor. After all, she never really had an opportunity to show how terrifying a pissed off ancient vampire lord can be. And if D.'s current predicament isn't a good enough reason for Serana to go postal, then I don't know what would be.

Edited by HM1919
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Aye Serana loosing it (and in the path of destruction wraught also comes to the rescue) would be nice. She is a bit underdeveloped, so far.

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Also, I realized the easiest way to swap is keep everybody in the same place (via MHIYH) and strip them naked, and put all their enchanted equip in separate chests before I swap off.  That way when I swap on to a character I can go to their chest and hit 'take all' and throw their stuff on.


There are enough chests in Highreach.  


Btw, canonically in D's Skyrim, Highreach has a small castle and a plaza.  None of the other stuff exists, if anybody's used it.  How else could you hide a small keep in the hills of Solitude?


Next episode is coming along.  😉




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1 hour ago, EnragedBard said:

...strip them naked, and put all their enchanted equip in separate chests before I swap off.

This has to be one of the most Destana-like things I have heard in a while. And it's only to facilitate ease of character-switching, honest to Bossman Talos, I swear! And totally not for any other reasons.😁


Also: What a tease! If possible leave one or two survivors from among the Thalmor. Just for RP purposes. You know, to serve as the poor sods, who then have to deliver the bad news that D. escaped and the facility lies in ruins to their superior. Something tells me, that they would have preferred getting clobbered by D. and Serana rather then having to face their Boss.

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And here I was thinking, that this was the effect of some high-level Illusion-spell. Oh well, perhaps another time. Altough I suspect, that leveled Thalmor would be too high level for any vanilla Rage spell.

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