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Entry 78: The Final Countdown



Hello audience, this is Damien.  Since we took Silvenaar I've been coordinating the movements of the groups via missives.  I've actually improved on their original spell a little bit.  (Dang High Rock wizards have nothing on me!)  I write a message, and a duplicate message appears in the pocket of a person I know with pretty-much unlimited range on the same plane of existence (that much is the same as the original).  But!  The person can write an up-to 25 word response on the letter and I will see it on my original page, or hear it spoken verbally if I am not still holding it.  So I can communicate between distant places now!


My apologies if this is not 100% accurate, as it's hard to coordinate in a warzone.

As you can see below...




Cyrodiil took ArenTHIA on day 1.  Skyrim took Woodhearth on day 2.  Here's where it gets more complex as people started to mix and match their armies.


Falinesti (Mom, Jura, and the High Rock knights with troops from all groups) and Silvenaar (Me, Fenrir, Tusselle, Balfhe, Hrolf and Stormcloaks) were taken simultaneously on day 4.  Greenheart was taken by Galmar's group on day 5 acting independently with Valiana.  On the night of the same day, Mom's group made their way through the connecting path between Silvenaar, Falinesti and Elden Root and helped defend it against a Thalmor attack with the local forces.  


The rest of day 5 had armies converging north of Southpoint.  Fenrir and my group were camped with a large Imperial force south of the border with Dune, where we got some small reinforcements from Elswyer (they don't have the forces to spare right now).  Tusselle, myself, Balfhe, Hrolf and the bulk of the remaining forces not with Galmar headed south from here on day 5.  Fenrir stayed to perform minor repairs on the airship.  They have actually noticed our giant assault platform and attacked it once or twice. 



Author's side note: Valiana's part of the last entry hasn't finished yet, Fenrir’s making repairs for a couple days on the airship.  Looks like the war might be over before Val and Fen get back with the group. 


I met up with mom and the HR group north of Southpoint, flying ahead of the army.


"Damien!" Mom shouted into the air as I landed, "Your missives are working fine, why'd you come in person?"




"I wanted to show you a few things," I said.  I waved my arms a bit, "Hmm... I don't think fabricate can do a table.  Oh well, an enchanting table will have to do."

I casted Fabricate Object and conjured an enchanting table.

"Oh hey, that reminds me, I've been meaning to load you guys up on magic and elemental resist enchantments," Mom said.

"Wait, I was just conjuring it as a surface to put down a massive stack of tomes," I said.

"Hang on," she said, and was already enchanting a new amulet for herself, "Everybody, throw me your capes.  And if your weapons aren't enchanted.  We can make this quick."

I sighed, "Okay."




She got Roheisa's white scarf, Galahad's blue cape, my and Runa's black ones and Jura's brown one and threw on magic and elemental resistances, with Cushioned for Jura, since he had those neat rings.  When she was done, she tossed them around.  She handed Roheisa her scythe, "Roheisa's Reaper, I renamed it."

"The Heart of Valor," she handed Galahad's sword back to him with much-improved enchantments.


"Oop," Mom said as the table vanished. 

I sighed and casted it again, "Anyway."

I plopped down a big stack of tomes.

"What are these?" Mom asked.

"These are for us.  I went back to the Mages' Guild in Woodhearth and ransacked the place.  Apparently, Woodhearth is (was) one of the Thalmor training camps which is why it was one of the most heavily guarded cities here, rife with Thalmor.  I found a treasure trove of high-level spells that we don't have access to in Skyrim or Cyrodiil."

"Oooh, do they have that Tornado spell?" Mom asked excitedly.

I picked up a tome marked, 'Twister.'

Mom beamed a cartoonish smile.

"You and I can march through these and teach each other so this can go quicker," I said.

Mom looked at the assembled parties, "You guys okay going on ahead to Southpoint?  We might need this extra firepower for Haven."


Jura shrugged, "The army should be coming up on Southpoint soon."

"Tusselle and the other Imperial forces are about to arrive as well," I said.


The rest of them scampered off to their next battle while mom and I hit the books.

"Hmm... Bolide.  Sounds like a meteor spell.  Not particularly high level though," Mom looked between them, "Forbidden Sun.  Well that sounds cool.  I'm doing this one first."

"I'll do Twister," I said.

After a bit we both made our first try - they worked out, we were both masters of destruction.




"Whoa!  That is just a massive fireball and explosion!" Mom shouted, "Says it reduces fire resist too, so I could pair it with something else with less of a huge casting time."

I threw down a Twister, and we had to wait several minutes for it to go away.  Then we proceeded to learn Flamestrike, which was a wall of fireblasts in a line, Howling Blast, which was like a weaker Black Winter that you can walk while channeling, and Bolide, basically a stronger fireball that picks up strength the further away you cast it.


She turned to me and grinned.  I knew what she was thinking.

"Let's fly," I smiled back.  We took to the air and flew over the gates of Southpoint.  The combined forces between Mom's group, Galmar's group, and Tusselle's group were decimating the scant Thalmor here, but there were a few holdouts near the docks. 


First thing I did, noting the Thalmor flags on the ships, was cast a neat Bolide on each of the ships, causing them to catch fire.




Mom flew inland a bit and dealt with a few of the Thalmor mages, but for the most part when we got there, the battle was over.  By the time I was over there, the command groups of all three forces were assembled and Mom was casting seldom-used water spells to put out the fires on the buildings.  




"Mom!  I'll take care of that so you can address the group," I shouted up.  


"Where's Runa?" Mom asked, seeing the assembled parties.

"She went into the cathedral," somebody replied.

She said, "How about it, want to have our meeting inside?"

She flew off towards the building, assuming everyone would just agree with her.  I landed to walk with the earthbound people, since the fires seemed to be under control by the locals now.

"Hey Calleius, how the heck have you been?" Jura slapped his old friend on the back.

"Sir.  Been working with Tusselle.  Mostly commanding the Cyrodiil side of the army while the more important folk go and do hero stuff," he smirked.

Jura smiled, "You are important and don't let anybody tell you different.  And a Legate should be commanding a Legion.  These days we don't have enough Legions to go around for anything less than a General to command them, but back when they had seventeen, that's how it was."




"Hey kid, how's it like working with a bunch of living legends?" Tusselle asked Roheisa.

Ro blinked and said, "I find that the Queen, Emperor and Princess are all very down to earth an easy to work with."

"You and I should get together later.  I'd like to hear all about High Rock," Tusselle nudged her, knocking her off balance.

"Well...okay," Roheisa replied meekly.

I got on the other side of Tusselle.  I smiled at her in the most diplomatic way I could, "You know, not everybody knows how to deal with your personality."

"Deal with?" Tusselle replied, a little taken aback.

"You're forceful.  I like it, but you're steamrolling the girl," I said back.

"Girl?  Sir, I believe I am older than you," Roheisa said, her voice still soft as ever.


"Possible.  I'm only twenty," I replied.

"I'm twenty-two," Roheisa said.

"You're... twenty?" Tusselle asked, like she'd seen a ghost, "So your younger brother is...?"

"Nineteen," I replied. 

She didn't say anything else, but the look on her face made it seem like she was internally screaming in horror, 'I banged a nineteen year old!!!'

"How old are you, ma'am?" Roheisa asked.  Was she oblivious to the subtext of this conversation?  I wasn't sure.

Tusselle regained some composure, "That's... not a question you normally ask a lady, but I think I've taken a liking to you, little flower.  I'm twenty five.  I have been for the past seven years."

I chuckled at her joke, "Age is an illusion, anyway.  My mom's only like ten years older than me.  I'm the same age as Runa (which is easy, she's adopted).  Runa's birth mom - Valiana - is in her early forties.  And Fenrir and her are 'involved' to some degree.  I imagine it'll just get weirder from here."

Tusselle, the strong-willed cool girl, for once, took a pause, being speechless for a moment while we walked through town.  Then she said, "I don't even know what to say to that."


Mom, knowing what she was doing, entered the Cathedral about five minutes ahead of everybody else.  Hearing the sound of crying, she floated over.

She set down next to Runa with a light touch and said, "What's going on with you lately?  I know you.  I know something's wrong."




Runa sighed, "I don't think I want to talk about it yet."

"Please.  You know that if anybody can help, it'd be me," Mom said.

She sighed again, "Okay.  So the gods blessed me with a penis to impregnate Rigmor.  And I did.  I think you at least partially knew that."

"Figured it was something to that effect, since you can't father a child without some form of..." Mom scratched her chin, "Anyway, not important.  What's the problem?"

"It seems the gods forgot to take it away when that happened.  And it's not just that I miss my vagina, I do, but...."


"I'm also pregnant."

"What the fu..." Mom exclaimed, "The gods must've really checked out on this one.  You're saying they forgot to take away your penis... AND your female sex organs too??"

"Yeah, and I don't know how I will be able to pass this thing with no vagina," Runa replied.

"Well, there are a couple options," Mom scratched her chin again, "I think you know the first one.  It's available through certain alchemical compounds."

"I don't know that I want to get rid of it just to save my own life, but what other choice do I have?"

"There's cesarean.  But, that technique is difficult and deadly to the mother," Mom smoothed over her dirty hair, "To be honest though, it might be possible.  You know some of the best restoration mages around.  In the mean time, we can look for better, magical solutions.  Also, why the hell would you come to a warzone like that?"

Runa's brows furrowed, "You did it.  With Fenrir."

Mom blinked, "How did you..."

"Dad told me," Runa said, "Sanguine.  That dad.  I have a few dads, I guess. The rapey one, the demon one (who is actually a better person) and the Stormcloak one, though I don't think he sees me that way, really."

"I guess I'm caught," Mom shrugged, "Speaking of which, who is the dad?"

"Either Calleius or Aventus," Runa replied.

"Well, congratulations," Mom said, "We're going to have to tell Damien, and Jura, possibly Galahad to start.  Try and get some kernel of knowledge that'd let us pull it off.  They're all masters of restoration, as am I."

"Don't worry about it, I already know," I said, appearing from invisibility.

"You asshole," Runa barked, throwing a random plate at my face.  It smashed against my forehead.


"I thought you'd catch it!" Runa smiled, still yelling.

"I'm a mage!  I don't have razor-sharp reflexes like you guys," I yelled back, healing myself.

"Alright, alright," Mom said, "Runa, don't hit your brother.  We can discuss this after we make our plans for Haven."


Everyone was getting in about that time and we stood in the empty sanctuary.

Full house: Runa, Jura, Galahad, Roheisa, myself (Damien), mom (Destana), Balfhe, Hrolf, General Quintus, General Sialius and General Tusselle.










"Anybody know where the other command members are?" Mom asked.

"Fenrir and Valiana are up north," I replied, "I think Dad (Ulfric) and Galmar are organizing the Bosmer, Stormcloaks, High Rock(ies?) and Imperials into one single force."

"I believe Lord Malakai had to return to High Rock, due to the ailing king," Galahad replied.

"Of course he did," Runa muttered, rolling her eyes.

"Eh, good enough," Mom said, "Anybody got a plan?"

Jura folded his arms, "Our force is way larger and more prepared than theirs, but we should be prepared for surprises.  The Thalmor tend to have tricks up their sleeves."

Quintus shrugged, "I say we approach from the bridge and the front at the same time."

"Before we bring the army in, I have an idea," Mom said. 


We utilized our various ships to ferry the army north of Haven up the straight near Moonmont.  It took a few hours to get there.  In that time, mom made sure everybody got the plan. 


"I was hoping to have Fenrir and the airship here for the final fight, but we should strike while the iron is hot," Ulfric said.

Mom spoke, "Hold back the army."

She strode forward, confidently, not making any pretense at stealth.


"Thalmor!  Come out of Haven!  Stop using the Bosmer's buildings as shields!  You've lost Valenwood!" She yelled.  Seconds later a dozen fireballs flew towards her, "Oh shit!"

She dodged, then shouted, "WULD - NAH  KEST!"  Taking herself to the fields beyond. Some of the more curious (or dumb) Thalmor charged out to follow, even at the strict commands against doing so of their leaders.


You may be asking how I could see all this through the dense foliage and buildings in the way. 


Well, that was about the time I revealed myself from invisibility, floating 50 feet up.  What revealed me was my finishing my cast of Tornado on the Thalmor stragglers.  They were sucked up and flew to the far corners of the city. Then, a second Tornado in the middle of Haven. And a third. Finally I was out of magicka and the remaining Thalmor were shooting fireballs at me. 




Tusselle finished a spellcast from the bridge behind the city.  

"Damien said you're a caster, right?  And tough?" Mom had asked her. 

"Nobody tougher," Tusselle grinned. 

"I know a secret Forsworn spell that makes you sprint at about 5x normal speed."

Tusselle casted Celerity and like lightning sprinted into the Thalmor ranks, punching, kicking, harrying them and generally being an annoying (albeit deadly) distraction.  




About this time the tornados were fading, Runa led a group of Stormcloaks up from the hills.  The Thalmor were so confused by Tusselle, they paid no attention to half our army storming them. 


But it got better. 


Tusselle stopped running, standing within their ranks and merely dodging the magic blasts as the Thalmor frantically tried to kill her. 


Mom joined me in the air, "Working?"

"Like a charm," I replied.

"Teleport or fire?" She asked, based on my assessment of the situation. 

"You fire, me teleport," I replied.

Mom grinned, "Sounds stellar!"

We charged up our spells at the same time. 

Found Tusselle's position and targeted her with Forbidden Sun, then multiple Bolides.  Tusselle casted Celerity again and got the heck out of the way, then returned when the flames died down.


"Ready?" I asked, still holding my spell.  

"Let her rip!" She said.

I blasted the maelstrom of confusion surrounding Tuss, and then double handed, cast Cyclonic Rift near the army.   


Runa charged up to the rift by Tusselle, throwing down heals and chugging mana potions for the army as they poured through in huge waves. 




When Runa got paralyzed, I got her out of there and rained destruction from the air.


They were many and powerful, but our tactics won out.  Tusselle was the first to push into the central manor the Thalmor guarded, fists blazing with flame. 


"What is the meaning~" The clerk at the desk started, but she threw her fist out and caved in his skull, sending him sitting back in his chair. 

"You're amazing!" Roheisa said as she passed by with Mom and Runa.  But to where ~ the doors in the room were just cabinets.  We walked back outside and found the Thalmor General - Lilia, dead in the street.  The Khajiit randos who'd come to our aid and the Bosmer were celebrating with the Stormcloaks and Imperials.


When Tusselle rejoined the strike command group, Jura, Runa, myself, and Roheisa were looking through the good inside.

"I walked around for a while.  Is this it?  Seems pretty anticlimactic," Tusselle said.

"You're right," Jura said, "But I'm not complaining."

Tusselle raised her eyebrow at Jura, "Your majesty, what are you doing?"

"Victory dance, what's it look like?"

Roheisa smiled, "That looks lovely, I think I will join in."

Roheisa started dancing too.  




She shook her head, "Could you stop?"

Runa and I were giggling covertly.

"Don't like that one?" Jura asked, "Then he said, how about this one?"
He switched dances.

The door creaked open, "Hey, what's going on in here?"


"Oh hey dance party!  That looks like fun!" It was mom, and she started dancing immediately as she walked in the door.

"Gods, not you too," Tusselle said.

"Time to heal.  Also, party time," Mom said, continuing to dance.

"Loosen up, Tuss," I patted her on the shoulder, "We won."

"We could stand a few days of rest," Jura added, "Our soldiers are probably wiped."

"You're sure this is alright?" Tusselle asked.

"Galahad is healing the fallen.  We can help.  But after that, it's definitely time to party!" Runa cheered.


"Well..." Tusselle smiled, "Fuck it I guess."

Then she busted out dance moves that showed off her acrobatic skills.


That night seemed like a flash of time.  Pretty soon Fenrir and Valiana were showing up in the early hours of the morning to help, only to find we'd already taken Haven.

The infectious dance party moved up to the airship.  



Hey, Tusselle here.  I wanted to write something down about this weird family.  Also, Damien and Runa went to sleep, having put in a lot of the legwork in the battle (besides me), but I was too curious to sleep.  I was watching from the stairs, unsure of what to do about this.


Ulfric, who'd gone to sleep early, walked into the main common area of the airship rubbing his eyes, only to find everyone, even Jura and the Cyrodillic generals, dancing.  

"What is going on here?" He asked.

"Dance party you old fart," Destana replied, "Come dance with me."

"Hmm... I dunno," Ulfric considered.

"You know you want to," Destana said, putting emphasis on each word.

Calleius took a break from dancing in full armor to stand by Hrolf, who was doing something at the alchemy station, "Bro, aren't you going to~" 

"No, I will stick with my commitments even to the end," he replied.




About this time Destana started repeating, "Come dance with me.  Come dance with me.  Come dance with me.  Come dance with me."  To the High King.

Until he finally said, "Well, alright.  But don't laugh.  I suck at dancing."




After a few minutes of watching, Destana yelled at me, "C'mon Tusselle!  Dance more!"

I walked through the crowd awkwardly and stood opposite her.  This was... a new experience for me.  I mean I was a good dancer, but royalty acting like this.  Skyrim royalty was something else, and I guess, by extension, the new Emperor, since he seemed to be family with them.  I figured I might take some leave and go there, see why these people are so weird and cool.


"You know I think your other kids went to bed," I commented.

"Yeah, I'm a cheater.  I don't need to sleep.  These other guys are gonna be feeling it soon.  Almost dawn!"

Destana kept a beat, stopping her own dance and watching me.  Then we danced together.






Truth be told, I installed a lot of spell mods early on and I have too many spells available so I just found a few good ones and stuck with them.  But watching AoV 3 I realized I could be doing something more interesting.  My explanation: Thalmor are hoarding the good spells.




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Recommended Comments

 That was just what the doctor ordered. A (mostly) light-hearted lull-before-the-storm chapter after all of the grim and serious stuff last time.


Destana and Damien were like a pair of kids in a (magical) candy-store that sold high-explosive candy. Something, that both of them would enjoy alot, no doubt about it.


Next in line:  General "Dot". Not only is she a badass in combat, but she also has a sense of humor AND is willing to make a joke at her own expense? Very good. Her face when Fenrir's age was revealed... must have been priceless indeed. In short: I like her more and more. I hope, she'll get more screentime later.


Also: See Runa? Was that so hard? Now you have at least half a dozen Restoration-Masters investigating what can be done about your little problem. Which sounds like a good start to me.


The assault towards the end almost sounded abit cruel. As if D.&D. were just playing with the Thalmor, blowing them into tiny bits at their leisure. Like two magical cats, who are bombarding the hapless mice with meteors and fireballs.



Minor Typos towards the end:

EB: "About this time the tornados were fading, Runa led a group of Stormcloaks up the fron hills.  The Thalmor qere so confused by Tusselle, they paid no attention to half our army storming them. "


"Found Tusselle's position and targetted her with Forbidden Sun, then multiple Bolides."


p.s. Sounds like Tusselle took the secret weekend-crashcourse in Forsworn magic. She really is full of surprises.


p.p.s. Regardless of what the official account may state, my headcanon says, that the sole reason for the airship needing repairs can be found in Fenrir's and Valiana's vigorous nightly activities.😁


Overall, a Thumbs-up from me.


Afterthought: I am really unsure, what would be the more daunting prospect: Valiana and Tusselle getting along well and therefore demand Fenrir's "attention" as a team. Which would likely leave the poor lad VERY drained once they are done. Or them ending up as rivals. With all the potential drama that that would entail.

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Well, that wasn't done.  Whoops.  I may have overestimated my ability to finish this in a timely fashion.

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While at typos:
"I plopped down a big stack of times." Either it's tomes or Damien is way overdoing the Time Magic thingy now. 😛

Given the story is told by Damien, this sounds suspiciously like Destana injected a line in here: "The rest of them scampered off to their next battle while Damien and I hit the books. "

First off, loved the episode, particular the enchanting and spell learning session, some seriously funny stuff there.

Ah, finally some work on solutions to Runa problem, rather the a blindly lashing out while (at least subconsciously) trying to commit suicide.
Although ... I find her reasoning against abortion a tad odd or more to the point overly modern. Like ...  you know the Romans didn't even give their children a name until they were 4 or 5? Reason being that parents found it a bit easier to cope with the death of a child if it had no name attached and at 4-5 a child was through the worst and probably had proven to have a solid immune system. Granted, healing magic changes things, but it did not appear to be that prevalent in many part of Skyrim.
Also, who is the Listener again? Seems to have no effect on her personality at all ... which is possible, but unusual to say the least.

I sure loved that D&D (Destana & Damian) spellwork. We need them to work together more regularly, if only for the cool acronym. ;)
(And crap HM beat me to it, though he spelled it wrong :P)

That Clerk must have been pretty detached from the world, a battle raging on outside and he seems not even to have noticed.

"First thing I did, noting the Thalmor flags on the ships, was cast a neat Bolide on each of the ships, causing them to catch fire." - Oh how I wish we could do that? I mentioned my personal issue with Skyrims fire proof wooden structures? Particular doors? 😛




"IT'LL JUST GET WEIRDER FROM HERE!" - As long as it's not getting to Gukhan levels of weird (cause that's his turf^^), bring it on


Edit: Also some nitpicking: "Mom scratched her chin again" - You do know what Destana wears around her throat and lower jaw? Appears pretty non-conductive to chin scratching to me. :P



all in all, I give it two thumbs up. ;)


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Okay, it's done enough now.  I'm also going to do the two new dungeons (version 1.0 of Valenwood dropped yesterday and I just updated) before the group heads out.  Somebody might stay behind and do them solo.


I will probably add more to this entry regarding character development during the next day or so, and the two dungeons.


But it's the edited 1/2 - 3/4 version of the story currently.  I'll post a comment when I edit it.


You better believe I spent way too much time on the dance party for the YT video.

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But also, question: who should I use for the dungeons?  Destana is the natural choice, since dungeoncrawling is a hobby of hers.


I kinda wanted to give Fenrir more screen time.  Maybe have sets of two of Fenrir, Damien, Tusselle and Roheisa.  Oh, and I have the scenario I think.  Hopefully the dungeons are good and not bugged. 

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3 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

But also, question: who should I use for the dungeons?  Destana is the natural choice, since dungeoncrawling is a hobby of hers.


I kinda wanted to give Fenrir more screen time.  Maybe have sets of two of Fenrir, Damien, Tusselle and Roheisa.  Oh, and I have the scenario I think.  Hopefully the dungeons are good and not bugged. 

D. is always a favourite choice if you ask me, might be overpowered for those Dungeons though, no idea.
Band of Brothers and Girlband might work as well, it's a lot of folks to leave behind though, and at least Tusselle needs permission I guess (though I guess Jura might give her permission). OTOH I guess resting and moving out entire armies will take way longer than two dungeoncrawls ... unless those are beyond EPIC (in which case it should be D. to do them for certain).

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Yeah, I was thinking even if the armies leave the people can follow in the airship or tethered to Damien. 

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7 hours ago, Talesien said:

And crap HM beat me to it, though he spelled it wrong

 I will happily leave any and all future D&D references to you ( and EB if he wants to chime in), since you (two) seem to be the D&D-Lord(s) here. My comments are  rip-off/knock-off D.&D. at best, as is indicated by the "wrong" spelling.😉



As for the dungeon-question:

Perhaps send whoever is most likely to take an interest in those dungeons. If it's, let's say,  a dwemer-ruin than Fenrir would be the natural choice, I think. Or just send who you think can handle the challenge best. As in: If it's a dungeon that requires lots of sneaking, than D. would be the obvious candidate etc.  The "send in a pair" idea sounds good too.


Also: Looks like most of our heros had fun dancing with their weapons drawn(!). Don't try that at home, kids! In any case, this leads me to believe, that the whole event looked roughly like this:




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There appears to be a guy working his way through the backlog. He appears to be on Entry 16. 


Hopefully he stays with it when the entries double in length. 😄 

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I just updated Aside 4 with the new characters.  This may get retired (replaced by Aside 5) when I do the next large, world-changing event.  

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Have you considered naming any future "Aside"-posts  as "Encyclopedia Destana"? I think they would be... grand enough to warrant the new name/namechange.😁



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15 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

There appears to be a guy working his way through the backlog. He appears to be on Entry 16. 


Hopefully he stays with it when the entries double in length.

And why wouldn't he? If he made it from entry 1-16 without losing interest, than that's a pretty good sign. So, longer chapters just means more of the good stuff.


And in case the mysterious new reader stumbles over this comment: Welcome to the comment section of D.'s miss-adventures. Feel free to chime in. We don't bite.

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This might be crazy, but I think I'm going to switch over to Nemesis in the near future.  I was thinking I'd do FNIS and Nemesis at the same time, but I think I might dump creature animations entirely at some point.  I don't know if I have the patience to finish A Forsworn Story (I did the most interesting parts of it already).  Though, that'll mean I'd have to dump Untamed.

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Wouldn't that mess with D. a fair bit? IIRC a good chunk of her defense depends on Untamed, no? And some of her spells from AFS would be lost too.

Sooo... I hope, you have a solid plan before you do this. Because what I said month ago still stands: It would be abit of a shame, if D.'s story came to a sudden stop due to technical issues.

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I tried to just use Nemesis (on a new game), but found it's FNIS replacement bits (i.e. the esp) is not up to the job. I had all manner of problems with animations until I installed FNIS, Nemesis alone might work ok if you are mostly about the behaviours and other mods that rely on nemesis. I'm not convinced it can indeed replace FNIS for mods that rely on FNIS, that seems more hit and miss.
Perhaps the new version currently being written will be more capable there, but I'm kinda afraid it might end up like Proteus (which is currently in its 3rd incarnation, no of which are backward compatible ... and who aren't really getting more stable either).

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So I decided I would try it out, and keep FNIS for now (a.k.a. use both).  


None of the stuff from CGO seems to work properly.  Also, I don't think the same savegame can swap over.  I used a safe one and it just said it was corrupt, so guess I'm going to have to give up all the fun new animations and stay with FNIS until I am able to do a big hard reset (after Dragonchild is done, as there's no way in hell I'm doing RoC again).


Edit:  Actually nevermind, I forgot to delete the bricked Roheisa save when I started a new version of her.  That was corruption was caused by the SOS shenanigans.  Lemme try that again.


Also figured out I need to manually add Nemesis animations to the Nemesis folder like some kind of modding peasant.

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I got everything to work on a new character (Testman, just your average Nord vanilla male).  But it corrupts my old savegames (using dummy saves to keep it safe).


So I know how to make it work.  Someday when I take a short hiatus I'll get this working.  For now, I'll stick with FNIS.  There's not a LOT that FNIS can't do that Nemesis can, so I can continue living with it.

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