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Entry 85: The Great Dwemer Hunt





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Hey, it's Fenrir.  It's Sun's Height (7th Month) 4E 216.  Only a few months since the Invasion of Summerset and Valenwood and already patrolling the Sea of Ghosts is getting boring.  I've heard rumors of some new old dwemer ruins that were uncovered by miners.  And of course, I have a huge backlog anyway.  Mom definitely focuses on bandits and Nordic ruins, so I figure I could focus on Dwemer ones.  One of the mission notes floating around the Bannered Mare in Whiterun detailed this location.  So Valiana and I took a break from our duties and rode south to the cave.




We encountered a group of bandits on the way fighting with Riften Guards right outside the extension.  We helped, and took their loot as a reward.  No guard deaths.  Anyway, the mine itself had nothing in the way of personnel.  We found an Aetherium vein, but try as I might, I couldn't mine it with a regular iron pickaxe.  After a few tries it just ended up chipping the pickaxe, so we ventured further in.


There was a straightforward carved tunnel at the back which opened up into a massive cave housing an old dwemer ruin.  




"You really love this stuff don't you?  Just like your mom," Val smiled at me, and I must've been beaming.  The huge cave had bridges over a large underground lake, waterfalls directing flow from one level to another, and several paths to take.  We were careful as we entered, but there was no danger.  I took the first door I saw, labeled Siphonasium.


We fought our way through improved dwemer spiders and spheres until we came to a room with a series of ramps and levers leading down a spiraling tower.  After finding the right configuration for the levers to get the final door open, we pushed forward through a storeroom, more spheres and spiders, then another downward shaft room.  We were attacked by a small group of Falmer, but I made quick work of them.  I say I...

"You alright?" I asked, "You've been carving up everything easily so far."

"Yeah," she sighed, "Falmer kinda gross me out."

I chuckled, "Never thought I'd hear something like that from you."




In the next room there was a platform, but what it was for I had no idea.  I grabbed the loot and continued on, plowing through spiders left and right.  When I looked back I noticed Val wasn't there.  I backtracked a little bit and found a man at her feet, diced up with her Greatspear.  She handed me a note, "Contract to kill you, I guess."

A letter from a woman named Camilla... I filed it away from later.




"But hey, good on him.  He really went the extra mile following us all the way down here," I chuckled.  We passed into the next chamber, and I leapt over the next set of iron spikes blocking our path.  I fought a large group of spiders, then turned to Val, still trapped behind the spikes.  She'd hit the spikes at least once to try and get through.




"Not doing much good from back there, Val," I smiled.

"Well don't run ahead.  How did you get over there?"

"Just squeeze to the side of them.  You can literally just walk around," I said, sidling past the spikes, then going back, "Even with your huge pauldrons, you're thin enough."

"Hang on," she squeezed through.

From there we faced a gauntlet of small rooms and groups of enemies, throwing a lever between each section to open the next one.  Between the two of us, we blasted through them.  When I threw the lever for the last section, a centurion blasted steam through the bar-spikes.  




"Whoa, big guy!" I said, ducking behind the archway for cover.  I turned, pulling out my hand cannon again, but Valiana was already there, separating the thing into it's component parts.


"To shreds!  I didn't even have a chance to get out my gun!" I exclaimed.

"I'm pretty sure that's why you keep me around," Val said.

"There are... other reasons.

"Really?  Enlighten me," she smirked as we killed the last few spiders.

"You know why," I grinned back, pressing on.


We looted a small treasure room, then found an elevator back to the first big main room.  I pressed on to a large platform on the bridge and found three levers.  One that operated, two that didn't.  Probably from the mini-boss we killed.




"Looks like we gotta go to each wing and get the boss or lever at the end," I said as Valiana caught up.

"Lead the way."

We headed to a second wing: Manufactorium.  Inside, fighting our way past ore spiders and spheres, I found the original author of the note.



Author's note:  She was holding the Dwarven Pickaxe and I missed it!  But I go back for it later.


We continued on to a room full of steaming pipework and a medium centurion.  




I was shooting at it from the safety of the platform when Val jumped down and started to carve away at the monster.  Before I could get down to help, she had chopped the thing up again.


"Geez, Val.  You are a monster," I chuckled.




"Been doing this a long time," she replied.  I broke into some more storerooms and grabbed anything useful, then we continued through the section.  

We walked around for a while, finding more treasure rooms, having to navigate through lever swapping to get them all.  

It took us an embarrassingly long time to find the button to open bars to the actual next useful section.  We came to another pipe room with water.  




Fighting our way through more spiders and spheres, eventually I found a path to carry on into a room with a large centurion docked and asleep. 




We secured the area, and he awoke at our approach.  I opened up the fight with a handcannon blast from one of the new bombs I'd found in this dungeon: shock bomb.  We started the fight as we often do, her going head-to-head with the centurion on the stairs and he firing from the floor.  We widdled him down a while, but it seemed Val was having trouble fending off the thing's attacks.  I stepped in with sword and shield.


Of course, it immediately turned to me after I took a few slashes on it.  I backed up the stairs behind when it swung.  Then as it came after me I rolled off the ledge, coming to my feet where I'd began. 





The centurion turned to her, but I circled the pipes to my right and gave it a few slashes on the ankles.  As it turned to me to retaliate, the centurion overextended itself, giving Val the opportunity to stab it through the midsection and end the battle.  Once again, we ransacked the treasures beyond and used the path provided to get back to the hub.  At this time it was about time for bed.  We'd been traveling and dungeoncrawling all day, so we threw out a couple bedrolls and slept right there on the lever puzzle platform.




She took first watch and I took second.  I watched her a little while as I cleaned up the fire.  When she finally woke up, I could tell she was weary.

"Stone floors are not great for the back," she stood.

"Oh?  Well I did alright," I smiled.

"Maybe because I'm 42," she laid face down on her bedroll and convinced me to push on her back until it popped just right.

"Ever think about the fact that if your parents had come back with Damien you'd be two years old, like Damien's kid?"

She smirked, saying nothing for a bit as she packed up the bedrolls.  Finally she said, "I don't like to think about things like that.  All the what-ifs in the world won't change who I am, or what I've done.  Best to look forward, not back."

"Well said," I said, "Time for the last wing."

She added as we walked, "Also, if I'd lived out my life naturally I'd be over 200, dead and buried someplace, so I think this is probably one of the better outcomes."

I smiled back, "Why's that?"

"Oh, you know why," she responded. 


We stepped into the Chironasium.  More of the same.  Spiders and spheres.  We fought until we came to another drop-down with a few spheres.  I tried to snipe them, but Val jumped down and broke them in half.  I stepped in to finish off the last one.

I just gave her a smile.  She was making this easy, saving me from crafting bolts (I'd started with about 450 and was down to about 300 at this point).  




Here we found several paths radiating out from the hub.  We went down each and wouldn't you know the last one was the path to the end. 

Side mention, though, when we'd cleared out the hub room with ankle-deep water, I turned to Valiana, who'd gone up the larger ramp in the room and was in the process of taking her clothes off.

"What're you doing?" I asked.

"I got a bunch of water in my boots and I need to wring out the liner in this thing.  Mind if we take a break?  Not like you haven't seen me naked before."

I raised an eyebrow, "Of course I don't mind, but, you got my hopes up."

She smirked back at me, "What, does it make you excited to have 'naked time' in a dungeon where we could both get ambushed at any time?"

"I mean, maybe..." I trailed off. 

She smiled, keeping eye contact while she stripped the rest of her clothes off.  Then she sat down and started to rub her pussy, "Maybe, huh?"




I smiled big and walked over.  First looking around to make sure no dwemer machines were nearby, then putting away my crossbow, I kneeled down.  

"Like what you see?" She asked.

"Oh yes," I said, then I grabbed her hand and pulled it away from herself.

"You're mean," she said, "Just put it in.  We could be attacked, and I'm ready."

I smiled, "As you wish."


I slid on top of her and thrusted for a few minutes, my youth carrying me to being ready at lightning speed.  Then I stood up and lifted her off the ground, thrusting into her with careless abandon. 







We finished quickly, and it was excellent for a quick one, then it was back to the grind, so to speak.  We soon reached the final area of the wing, a set of stairs leading to a courtyard, then another set of stairs up to a platform.  A ghostly mage was slowly walking down the stairs as we approached.  Val and I shared a glance. 




She went left to engage the ghost and I went right to use the platform's high ground.  But as she ran for him, he shot a sickly green poison cloud, then unloaded a barrage of ice bolts like my automatic crossbow.  By the time I was coming up behind him, Val'd already fallen to one knee from the strong magical barrage. 




He turned to me, but obviously this mage wasn't built for melee combat.  He flung spells, which I did my best to block with my shield.  I got a few hits in, but he ran to ranged distance.  This gave me a chance to get Val on her feet.

"You alright?" I asked.

She growled, "I'm gonna flatten that guy! Come on!" 




She charged, but he resorted again to poison cloud and machine-gun ice shots.  As I took out my Autocrossbow I noticed she was getting chewed up by the magic.

I unloaded bolts as she took swings at him, but her spear wasn't dealing the damage I thought it should.  Val dropped to a knee again and the ghost backed up, recasting his armored skin spell.


A bit smarter than the automatons here, I got her up again.  Really, I'd been chewing through his barrier before with my bolts and I resorted to it again.  Before Val could get to him, I'd torn down his barrier again and pincushioned him.  He was double dead.  I took a look at my lady and saw the poison was still hurting her, so I uncorked a potion and poured it down her throat.


"That's some damn strong poison," I said.

"Thanks," she said back, "See, at least one fight in here I got messed up in, and you were the one who steamrolled it."




I gave her a hug and a kiss and we ransacked the treasures beyond, returning to the main hub again through a hole this time.  I threw the third lever and with a satisfying click, the gate opened up to an elevator.  I realize I could've just levitated or hook shotted up here, but half the fun was exploring everything, and all the side items I got along the way.  I haven't been describing specifically, but I already had a full complement of Aetherium-forged dwemer weapons and a ton of Aetherium bars and ore (though I wasn't sure I had the tools to work it).  And of course, thousands of septims worth of other things.


We rode the elevator and approached the 'throne' as it was labeled. 




Another gate stood before us, but it opened of its own accord, inviting us in.  I tread carefully with Val behind, into a chamber flanked by pools of lava.  I turned my head to find an Aetherial Colossus, rearing back to blast me with steam.  I rolled out of the way, straight into the lava, then jumped out again, thanking my quick reflexes and enchanted armor.  




When I came up Valiana was already engaged with him.  This time was different with the ghost.  She was all fury, chewing through the thing.  I unloaded with my autocrossbow, but it was mostly her.  In a fight of pure muscle, Valiana always won.  The thing toppled and I shouted, "Nice work!"


We moved into the next room and I found a treasure trove.  A full set of Aetherium-forged Dwemer armor.

"Here we go," I said excitedly.  I quickly stripped down and put the armor on to check it out.

"Looking good," Valiana clapped, "Would you say the run was a success?"




I tore the helmet back off, finding helmets in general annoying, "Definitely.  I think we need to go back for things we missed though."




We ran back to the Manufactorium first (I knew I left the room behind the ghost unsearched), and I found another big trove.




"Mage armor here.  And Damien will like these spells.  I'm not much of a conjuror," I commented.  There was one to summon an Aetherium sphere and one for a spider.  Although... I had considered dabbling in conjuration for spells such as these.  


Valiana shrugged, "Seems safe here.  I'm going to head back to town."


"Alright.  See you there.  I'm just going to find the pickaxe," I said, searching for a little while then realizing it was on the corpse I found right away!  I grabbed it, had some fun with my trusty hookshot and new pickaxe then headed to Riften (we'd already discussed spending the night at the Bee and Barb after we were done).


"Hey.  Find everything you were looking for?"




"Yeah.  But I have a whole list of Dwemer ruins I want to explore," I responded, "We should do this again soon.  Lot safer having you there."

"Yes.  It is.  It's a date," she smirked.

"Date?  I'd better put my formal armor on," I said back.

She burst out laughing and I contagiously responded with a laugh back.  That night we decided we wouldn't call the airship and would just drink and hang out with the locals until late then spoon in one of their shoddy beds.  Making memories like this is important.


The next morning Val and I were lounging with some coffee and she reminded me that, "Well, the seas aren't going to patrol themselves."

A few days of patrolling, I'd been mixing and matching armor options, and definitely couldn't part with the Cushioned effect on my old boots, but knew it was time for an upgrade.  Luckily, I happened upon my mom from a random dungeon run and she offered me 'junk from her closet in Highreach' as she put it.  For somebody so wealthy she didn't seem to ever keep track of her stuff.


The venture began with her tossing random crap out of her closet until she found a pair of Cushioned Stalhrim Boots for me.  Sidegrade to the Aetherium ones, but big upgrade from my old Cushioned Chitin boots.  

"I don't wear heavy armor, and mostly merchants can't afford to buy all the stuff I find, so I slowly sell it all off," Mom smirked, "Got a backlog of like... over a hundred items."

"Hmm..." I was browsing, "Dwemer helm of Water Breathing.  I'd use it for dives."

She shrugged, "Sure."

"What about this...?" I asked, looking at her collection of Dragon Priest Masks.

"Well... I'm definitely not a collector.  I just can't sell them, and it seems such a waste to throw them away.  Which one do you want?" She asked.

"This one could work.  Otar," I replied.

"Oh hey, have you been to Whiterun lately?" She asked.

"Just the Bannered Mare," she replied.

"You should definitely pay attention to it.  They're rebuilding the walls.  Jorrvaskr has been completely redesigned.  You already know about the outskirts, but there's also an entirely new district," Mom told me.


And a few days later I took a trip there and, "Wow, Jorrvaskr looks amazing."




"First time in Whiterun, stranger?" A new member of the Companions asked.

I started to correct him, but then Aela said to me, "Haven't seen you around, thinking of joining the Companions?"

I didn't correct them.  I'd met Aela maybe a handful of times, always in passing and she didn't know me personally.  But then I remembered I'd been wearing the Dragon Priest Mask the whole time I'd been in Whiterun, and new armor.  And I didn't come to Whiterun all that often, usually electing to stay in Windhelm or on my airship.  Then I remembered the side-eyes the guards had been giving me the whole time.  Nothing threatening, just wary.  The Mask was a symbol of fear amongst Nords, and my mom'd defeated a dragon priest, which was essentially a dragon-made lich to get it.  


I finally responded, "I respect the honor of the Companions.  But I follow my own path.  And up until recently, they had quite a severe restriction to advancement."

Aela turned to me, squinting, "Watch yourself, stranger."

Oh, of course I knew about the werewolf thing, because my mom and sister told me all about it.  But it wasn't exactly common knowledge.

And - I'm dense - they don't know who I am.  How would a stranger know this?

I walked away casually.

Aela and the guy turned back from talking amongst themselves, and I was already gone.

"Did he vanish?" The man asked.

"We do live in a world of magic," Aela responded, "It is entirely possible."


A few days later (the 12th now) in my sifting through the town boards and ancient dwemer tomes in search of more Ruins to plunder, I was directed to a scholar at Riverwood.  Must admit, I'd only been to Riverwood as a kid, when mom and Sam would take us through here.  By my luck, I found a random chest that'd washed up in the river, but concealed by the docks.  I pocketed the contents for later - merely an old sword, a gem and some notes pointing to more treasure.




I walked into the Sleeping Giant Inn and after looking through all the new people (man, Skyrim has gotten really populated), I found the man I was looking for immediately.  




"The name is Duns Scotus.  Pleased to meet you," he said.

"Fenrir," I nodded, "I happen to be searching for ancient Dwemer knowledge, and I heard you were an authority.

"I am a philosopher and if you are interested in some books concerning philosophy, I am at your service."

I pursed my lips.  I knew there was a small but strong philosophical tradition amongst the Dwemer.  I'd never really concerned myself with such things.

I rattled off the name of a tome I'd heard of, "I'm looking for a copy of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus."

"I'm afraid that book is lost.  Sources indicate the Dwemer used the Tractatus to map the stars.  Curious, isn't it?" He asked.  Fearing he would start to get introspective, I started to ask another question, but he merely said, "I don't know.  There may be an original copy somewhere, maybe in a Dwemer ruin."

I shrugged, "Anything I can help you with?"

"As a matter of fact, there is.  I've prepared a scholarship fund for Dorthe and Frodnar, two kids here in Riverwood.  It'll ensure they can enjoy the knowledge of the college freely when they've come of age.  Though the funding is safe, I'd feel much better if a deed was brought to my former student Hannah in the College of Winterhold."

"Sure, easy," I said.  Often if you help people out they're more inclined to give you information they have.


"Please bring back proof of payment.  And tell Hannah her old mentor hasn't forgotten her.  She was always a bright student.  Maybe she can help you."

I nodded to him, then took my leave, walking to the airship floating just over the river.

I smiled at Valiana.

"You're smiling.  Time for another dungeon?" She asked.

"Not yet.  At the moment, I'm hunting for ancient tomes.  Going to head to the College," I replied.

"Well, if it's all the same to you, I think I'm going to go back on patrol and sit this one out.  Going to the library just sounds awful," she replied.

"Fair enough," I said.  We took a couple hours to get to Winterhold.  As I disembarked, I said, "I'll see you in a few days, maybe?"

She kissed me and pushed me off the deck.  Of course I landed on my feet a couple hundred feet down.  Cushioned is pretty dang nice.


I headed up to the library and found Hannah immediately amidst the dozen or so scholars studying quietly in Winterhold library.

A woman with rough hair, dressed in a very revealing toga didn't even look up from her scribing when I approached.
"It's nice that you want to talk to me, but I am rather busy," Hannah said, "Or maybe you want to buy a book?"

"I'm here to give you a deed from Duns Scotus," I replied, handing it to her.

"Ahh.  How's my old mentor doing?" She smiled in recognition, still not looking up from her work.




"Seems to be aging gracefully in Riverwood," I replied.

"Here's the proof of payment," she produced the document, out of what pocket I am not sure, and thrust it in my general direction, still not even casting her gaze in my direction.

"Maybe you can help me find the," I paused, figuring I'd go with the same one, "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus."

"Why would you be interested in that book? It's nothing but a collection of tautologies.  Meaningless and useless," Hannah responded, "Probably locked up in a dwemer ruin somewhere."

"Yeah, that's what Duns said," I sighed, nobody seeming like they were going to leap to help me.  I figured I'd try and find Damien.  I walked up to the Archmage's quarters (following the clear signs) and the door was open.  I walked in.


I looked over all the treasures for a minute, then figured I probably shouldn't be here.  The current Archmage didn't know me.

"Just gonna barge right in?" 

I turned and it was Damien.  I smiled, "Well, yeah.  Thought you'd be here."

"You know I don't live up here.  Though I guess I do spend some nights up here with Mirabelle."

"Humble brag, huh?" I asked.

"That's... not what I meant.  Though I guess it's not not what I meant," Damien said.




"Got some armor for you, if you want it," I showed him the Aetherium Mage armor.

"Looks nice.  But as you can see, I recently upgraded," he replied, "Is this a social call or is there something I can do for you?"

"Little of both.  I'm in the market for ancient Dwemer tomes."

"This is a good place to start."

"Nobody downstairs was very helpful."

Frankly, I'm bored.  Mirabelle does most of the job of Master Wizard even as Archmage.  I'm willing to come with.  Got any leads?" Damien asked.

"Just gonna go back to Riverwood and ask Duns Scotus.  Also, got a deed to turn in to him," I said.

"Uhh, alright, well I'll teleport you," Damien said.  He put his hand on my shoulder and we vanished.



Thanks Random Sex for that Valiana masturbating bit.  Added a little spice to the run.


Welcome to - Fenrir unintentionally becoming Batman (tm).


Please ignore my time inconsistencies.  I've shown Damien in Runa's story (in the future) but he was old-look Damien.  But I've already regenerated him and didn't want to rewind him back to his old look.



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Can we call that ... romantic dungeon crawling with benefits? ^^
Really liked the banter going on between them. Camping on the stone floor giving back pains, another (of several) nice touch(es) to really breathe life into it all.
Also mom's 'closet', major chuckles, guess we all been there, loads of "trash" stored away 'cause it might become useful and of course promptly forgotten.

Better enjoy your time Fenrir, I've the feeling you might get shackled down in Windhelm soon enough. ^^

Damians outfit and (I suppose) staff though ... sorry, but can we call it utterly ridiculous? If that's really lamellar (actually looks more like plate, which would make it even worse ... well really actually it looks more like plastic, but I discarded that option 😛) extending from his 'collar' and if it extends down as much as it looks, how will he ever be able to lift his arms from his sides? That thing could actually make a decent Devious Device. 😛

And the staff ... well Damian already looks a bit ... umh "not trust inspiring", but with that staff it won't take much to convince the locals he is (or has already) turning the college into a necromancer den.


32 min of Video ... I will postpone that till Wednesday I guess (supposedly we will have rainy weather by then and I've the hunch I might need to view it in measured pieces, we shall see).

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It's mostly leather I think.  I think it looks cool dang it >.<


Also the staff is very over the top.  It's been in my load order for a long time but I forgot I had it.  Staff of Necromancy.

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And so the latest dwemer-dungeon-crawl-season begins. Giving Val and Fen some more time to shine. Which they undoubtedly did. I think this chapter is at the very least a good start at fleshing out Val's character. Both her "weaknesses" (Falmer) as well as her newly found "cheeky"(?) side (when she was teasing F.) suit her well. I guess that means, that she's slowly opening up to Fen and I am all for it. Since it makes her look more human and less like a walking, talking sledgehammer.👍


I have to say, though, that her pushing Fenrir off the airship kinda put a dent into the overall "cuddly" feel of the her interactions with him. If that was her idea of a good prank, then she's a scary woman indeed. 😱 I mean: It's really fortunate that F.'s boots seemingly come with an (unlisted) "cat's paws" enchantment, that allows him to allways land on his feet. Rather than, let's say, on his neck. Otherwise Val would have to go looking for a new BF right now. 😉


And yes, Damien's new outfit/staff may not look very practical. Or "trust-inspiring" as Talesien put it.

However, the same can be said about much of the equipment of our heroes at this point. (Val's sword-spear, Runa's greatsword, D.'s "armor", Fen's 5(?) "crossbows" (how does he carry them all?) etc.) So, Damien is at least in good company. And considering that BOTH queens of Skyrim are vampires at this point, one really should't judge a book by it's cover.😁


p.s. I find it kinda funny that there is chronomancy, teleportation and all kinds of other high-end magic readily available. Yet a simple self-refilling bolt-bag for Fen's crossbow is too difficult. Or maybe he hasn't thought about it yet. Might be a topic to talk about with Damien. Just to have an RP excuse to give Fen 10000 bolts and avoid any ammo-shortages at least for a while. 








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3 hours ago, HM1919 said:

So, Damien is at least in good company. And considering that BOTH queens of Skyrim are vampires at this point, one really should't judge a book by it's cover.😁

The difference between Damian and the others, IMHO is that the others don't represent an organization that is (I presume) still working on regaining the trust of the locals.
Also, big ass weapons or tons of them ... might not be trust inspiring, but it's something most Nords understand, they might be in awe of it, but they are unlikely to have an irrational dislike or even fear of those, unlike magic.
He might get away with it, but I doubt it makes Mirabelles job any easier (or her any happier). Might be the reason she mostly does his job as well, less chance for him to attract attention and perhaps he will grow bored and go on some grand adventure, thus not disturbing the locals for a while.

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@Talesien Fair point. I think, though, that Damien is never going to have an easy time gaining the trust of the average (canonical) Nord. Or anyone else's. Simply because of his sizeable horns and solid black eyes. Those would be hard to miss, almost regardess of his clothes. Personally I am picturing D.'s Skyrim almost like a land from a JRPG at this point anyways, with plenty of eccentric characters. Rather then vanilla-Skyrim that follows the "official" lore, including established likes/dislikes of the various people/groups.


Besides: Even the Volkihar are officially allied with the general populace of D.'s Skyrim. Which I interpret as: The vampires are not sneaking about but are dealing openly with the locals. Including trade: Blood for services and such. For example I think vampires would make for good guards, especially at night. Since it would be very difficult to sneak around them. So, if such an arrangement is possible without significant friction, then the College should be fine too. Regardless of an unusual mage or two.


And Mirabelle: She's a smart Breton. So your idea is probably quite accurate.🤔

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I love your guys' conversations about these things.  


Also, the Volkihar's partnership is known, but kinda in the background for most the locals.  They might see shadows in the night, and the vampires have free reign to take care of bandits, dawnguard and feral vampires.  Also get their supply of 'cattle' from the Dark Brotherhood.  Side note, I want to say Destana charged somebody with improving the justice system but I haven't thought about it yet.  Trade is only done by specific individuals.  So there aren't a lot of vampires walking around normally.



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Alright, perhaps not as much trade on the local level then. Directly between let's say a local Farmer and a Vampire. I think that could be a rather funny scenario though: Imagine a pair of vampires shows up at a local farm near Solitude. There they go straight to the Farmer like: "Good evening sir. We are from your friendly Volkihar-Vampire Watchmen-Association. Would you like to hire us to keep an eye on your lifestock during nighttime?"

Assuming the aforementioned Farmer doesn't suffer an immediate heartattack or slams the door shut and goes straight for his axe and pitchfork, then this could be the start of a wonderful little cooperation. I think.😁

Of course only until old Molag Bal get's wind of this arrangement and throws a hissy fit because his underlings are not busy scheming, raping and pillaging but are rather doing something useful for a change.


p.s. When I wrote about vampire-guards in my earlier comment I was thinking of groups like the East Empire Trading Company. They certainly would have the means to pay some Volkihars to watch over their goods. And probably would not have too many qualms about employing them either.


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Honestly I think you would need something pretty important/valuable to be guarded to bother hiring vampires for the added security (and perhaps also to interest them). Watchmen tend to be underpaid and undervalued workers in most times and settings ... until something goes wrong, then they get valued ... mostly as scapegoats. 😛

I would sure hope a farmer does not need more to protect a few large dogs to protect his lifestock. Some Volkihars showing up and trying to sell you an 'insurance' sounds more like something I would connect to a not so reputable 'honorable organization', ya know. ;)


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@Talesien Again: I can see your point. In any realistic scenario you probably would be right. Both about the vampire-guards as well as the vampire-insurance-salesmen.🤔


Still: I do believe that some PR work among the regular people of Skyrim ought to be on Serana's and D.'s To-do-list. Yes, something like that would likely take decades* but if vampires have one thing, then it's time. Because if they don't do this, then the vampires would be only one change among the mortal leadership of Tamriel away from becoming the hated outlaws again. Perhaps not in Skyrim itself thanks to Fenrir but elsewere on the continent. Also: IF the vampires don't manage to mend their shoddy reputation a little then how long will it really take until the Vigilants and the Dawnguard will start recruiting again?


* At least. It would therefore be well beyond the scope of D.'s story.


As for the "valuable goods" part: I would think that with Skyrim being all buddy-buddy with a lot of people right now (certainly the Empire and Hammerfell as well as (to a lesser degree) Elswheyr and Highrock) there should be no shortage of exotic and therefor pricey goods coming in. Nevermind the most valuable thing at the moment: the Life-Water from Summerset. Having a handful of trustworthy vamps to safeguard Skyrim's stockpile of that stuff might be the way to go. Because they would have very little reason to creatively "misplace" some of it for personal use.** As opposed to any mortal that has been charged with guarding it.

Or just store all of it close to D.'s and Serana's bed-chambers. That would work too, I suppose.😁


**They still might be tempted to try and sell it "under the table" but that's also true for mortal guards.

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@HM1919 I agree about the PR work, that's indeed something they urgently need to do.

As for the Life-Waters, I've been under the impression that they send that out as fast as they can create it. So no stockpiles to be had. That said, vampires might make excellent couriers for it, for the reason you mentioned and possibly because they are easily able to travel at night, so probably less risk to encounter bandits or similar. Plus being able to disperse into a swarm of bats to escape a sticky situation might also come in handy.
Also being the bringer of the Life-Waters might tie in perfectly with upping your reputation.

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I like the courier-idea. As for the stockpile-question: You might be right, that at the moment they don't have one yet. Because the water they have is distributed among the High and Mighty from among Skyrim's allies.

But isn't the water also supposed to become "a good reason not to go to war with Skyrim"? Which I thought means: Trade. If that's true then a (future) stockpile is needed. Since guaranteeing a steady supply on demand directly from Summerset might be dificult. I think it would also weaken Skyrim's position in any future negotiations if they don't have a good "bargaining-chip" aka a decent amount of "Water" stored within their own borders.

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1 hour ago, HM1919 said:

I like the courier-idea. As for the stockpile-question: You might be right, that at the moment they don't have one yet. Because the water they have is distributed among the High and Mighty from among Skyrim's allies.

But isn't the water also supposed to become "a good reason not to go to war with Skyrim"? Which I thought means: Trade. If that's true then a (future) stockpile is needed. Since guaranteeing a stable supply on demand directly from Summerset might be dificult. I think it would also weaken Skyrim's position in any future negotiations if they don't have a good "bargaining-chip" aka a decent amount of "Water" stored within their own borders.

Hmm, far as I remember, the water comes from the Tear and they have that at the college currently? There was something about distributing it as fast as the mages at Winterhold can create it.
So stockpile is fine (though do we know how long the water remains active once contact with the tear is severed?), but if you are in possession of the only source, it's not that important.
Actually it's likely more important to make sure no one can create a stockpile, to get independent of your supply, at least for some time.

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@TalesienRight. I keep forgetting that the source of the life-magic is the Tear itself and not the spring on Summerset. Dang it. Blame my old brain. 😆 That makes the stockpile less important indeed.

I have no idea if the water is supposed to have an expiration-date. 


I do suspect however, that we might be overthinking this whole thing just a little bit. 🤔

Meanwhile EB is likely screaming in the background.

Something like: "Stop deciding what D. and Serana need to do next you two! I have plans for the story and you will find out what they are, when the time for the big reveal has come!" 


Sooo... Perhaps we should give him control over his story back? Might be an idea worth considering. 😉

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@HM1919 Well, he made the mistake to state that he likes our conversations about this stuff. And now he gets it in spades, so stop screaming and deal with it Mr. AB. ;)


And give him control over the story back? Why would we do that? While I'm sure he has his own plans I'm confident ours are superior. So we are doing him a favor. 😜


What this story needs is more decisions by comity anyway, no better way to drain something to dead ... hmm wait ... ok, perhaps no comity, ah well ... fine. Do what you want Mr. AB, but it better be the right thing. 😛

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Alright. No more Blitzkrieg of ideas in EB's comment-section. For now.😁

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You guys are great.


I mean, having a stockpile means there's a specific thing for invaders to take.  But there's not really many who could (or would want to) fight Skyrim right now.  


But yeah they're pretty much just distributing as fast as they can make it at the moment. That might change in a year or two once many many people have had their dose. 

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And yes it should've been EB not AB ... but in my mind it's always Angry Bard, not enraged. It also shortens to AB, which is just BA reversed and honestly BA Barracus (A-Team) fits my idea about an angry bard pretty well. ;)

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21 hours ago, EnragedBard said:

I mean, having a stockpile means there's a specific thing for invaders to take.

True. But that's also the case with the Tear. And a single gemstone-like thing the size of a chicken's egg (?) is likely easier to steal than a swimmingpool's worth of water. So maybe D. should built up a "stockpile" with guards and everything. Not the real deal, of course, but a ruse. Something to distract potential thieves/invaders with.

So that D. and company can then be like: "Oh no! You terrible Invaders you! Don't take our swimmingpool-water away... I mean: our totally legit stockpile of Life-Water." All the while the tear is safely stored elsewhere.


Could also be funny if Damien or Carahil would mess with the ruse-water beforehand. And make it so, that anyone who drinks it turns bright-pink for a week a few hours later. Just RP of course. Would make it easier to find out who secretly worked against Skyrim after the invaders/thieves have left.



You really do have interesting ideas about EB: First you claim that (in your head) he resembles Garrak from Star Trek and now he looks like BA Baracus. A mix of those two would make him indeed a very unique Bard.😉

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Only one problem with that (ruse) stockpile, especially if it is a sizable amount. Others could (rightfully) accuse you of hoarding it and not giving them their fair share. If all they got is a couple litres worth of it and Skyrim (supposedly) has a small pool full ...

@HM1919 Gah, do not remind me, I was just able to replace the Garrak image with BA ... now it's all flooding back.

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10 hours ago, Talesien said:

Others could (rightfully) accuse you of hoarding it and not giving them their fair share.

Possibly. It depends on what EB decides that the water is supposed to become in the future. If it's mainly meant to be a commodity to be traded then a (fake) stockpile would make sense. As opposed to it becoming a collectively owned thing  that all of the allies of the Valenwood/Summerset-Campaign have an equal claim to. In such a case Skyrim would be merely a caretaker/facilitator of the distribution-process. If so then yes, any seemingly unjust stockpiling might cause friction.


However, it really should be possible to let the highest authorities among Skyrim's allies know what D. is doing. For example I see no reason why the (hypothetical) fake-water-ruse  should be kept a secret from Jura. Galahad and Roheisa could whisper into the right ears in Highrock and I am sure the Khajiit can appreciate some good cloak-and-dagger-stuff as well. Perhaps D. could even get to know the mighty Mane abit better when presenting her ideas for operation "watery red herring" to him. Since she seemed rather interested in such a thing when they met in Valenwood. And Auri could be an emissary to the Bosmer in this regard, since she seems to be an old acquaintance of Galmar. Doing it like this could make the whole thing look even more legit. Because if each of the various monarchs agreed to send a small contingent of elite warriors of their own to help guarding the precious "Life-Water", then surely, this must be the real deal. Right?


As far as the people that didn't take an active part in the war (Dunmer and Argonians) are concerned: How much of a claim to any spoils they have would be for EB to decide.


Lastly: Just to mess with your mental image of EB abit more consider what a MIX between Garrak and BA would look like:

A gruff, burly and very muscular half-cardassian Master-Tailor with a Mowhawk and an astounding number of Goldchains around his neck who never stops talking but who's needle-work is always on point and who's only weakness is an extreme fear of flying. You are welcome. 😁


p.s. If this ends up being my last comment because both EB and Talesien went to town on their HM1919-Voodoo-Dolls  after reading this then all I have to say is: I regret nothing.:P

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2 hours ago, HM1919 said:

Lastly: Just to mess with your mental image of EB abit more consider what a MIX between Garrak and BA would look like:

A gruff, burly and very muscular half-cardassian Master-Tailor with a Mowhawk and an astounding number of Goldchains around his neck who never stops talking but who's needle-work is always on point and who's only weakness is an extreme fear of flying. You are welcome. 😁

Ya know ... I've the sudden urge to be on an airship with you. 😈

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1 hour ago, Talesien said:

Ya know ... I've the sudden urge to be on an airship with you. 😈

Gulp. You haven't recently been talking to Valiana now, have you?😱😰

Or is "Talesien" secretly either Fen's or Val's LL-Username? Hmmm🤔

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