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  1. Hi yes it is. Hmm essential status on PC character only applies through this mod during combat state. But saying that if an arrow is fired when your out of combat state from a mile away and hits you then the essential flag might not take (I think correct me if I'm wrong Scrab) and then you end up pushing daisies. Not necessarily needed by mod to function can work without.
  2. Having issues with tongues 10 & 2. Going forward I've just disabled all the ahego tongues.
  3. Whenever I tried to assign a tongue to either myself or an npc it reverted to "none". But I did manage to get the tongue pic with console and tongue number... I don't know if it's maybe related but at setup I get errors in console about "failed to import" custom expressions even though they are there (attaching a sample of 1 found in data/skse/plugins/sexlab directory). I've never created any expressions (unless I've miss clicked somehow somewhere ). thanks Expression_Custom1.json
  4. Hi, I've had the issue of followers just standing there or becoming broken but that was a looooong time ago, since then it hasn't recurred with the later versions of scrabs yamete, what I can say about this is there usually was too much going on in papyrus (sometimes it was a either a failed Convenient Carriage script or 90% of the time it was sos actor magic effect causing stack dumps). I would try to reduce your scripts usage that aren't needed, turn on script debug in skyrim.ini to see what's afoot. Or you could just disable withered etc from applying to your followers within yamete. The zombie issue is down to not having your filters setup right once I fixed that the issue never occurred again. I've set mine to only females becoming victims (I run a warzone mod and having my followers screw npcs leaves me open to attack by 10+ enemy npcs so I usually disable it for followers). Check settings in vid below..
  5. Hmm I don't think I have any mods using tongues, this is what I use... I don't have HDT_SMP installed either, my potato pc can't take it How would I find out which tongue it is? Is it a case of bringing up the console etc? I'm on SE (not AE yet still waiting for "I'm walkin here" plugin update - if it happens) thanks
  6. Hi, Check scrabs patreon page it has the discord link there.
  7. yelp my npc's have elongated tongues on a new save/profile with latest (v20211127) utility plus. I have apply facial expressions, auto refresh expressions and apply lip sync animation enabled. Am I missing a mod or setting somewhere? thanks
  8. Steam is online and open, I just click the big button in vortex to launch it, which I believe launches skse then skyrim.exe
  9. I have mine set to ... update on launch and update only between the hours of 09:00 - 09:00 Normally I go to beddy byes before 9:00 but today I had a marathon session till 12:00 and the game didn't update.
  10. I've used both together scrappies & spectator crowds although I can't recall if spectators still clapped or cheered. The good thing about spectator crowds is spectators can have an orgy based on chance & arousal. I suppose (correct me if I'm wrong scrab) that you could use scrappies as a mini yamete defeat (make a profile for hostile locations excluding followers which include both hostile & friendly npcs & health on low on conditioning).
  11. Your sir are just awesome, hmm just wondering does this handle futa chars as well? (I can't recall if it did my memory is like a goldfish ). thanks
  12. hi, just upgraded to 1.63 SE & started a new game, so farleys so good but seeing these warnings (never used to get them) in pappy, safe to ignore? There's nothing overiding sl framework, I used to have osmels utils but disabled it before starting a new profile on the assumption that his tweaks are probably included in this latest sl release. full pappy attached if you want to take a look. thanks Papyrus.0.log Edit: Ignore this report it's idiot user error... sorry, after looking through ssedit it turns out I had sexlab utility plus active. Once I removed it the errors went away. Question I'm asking myself if what did I disable prior to update .
  13. hi you could try bringing up the console, clicking on lydia and typing "disable" followed by enter key then typing "enable" press enter again. See if that does it, If you were using spectator crowds I was suggest using the target zapper spell but it seems your not using it. Oh and if your on Nethers framework you could try booting her and making her follow again.
  14. thanks for the update, would be nice if... Quest had check for manakin race i.e "Subject.GetIsRace(ManakinRace) <> 1" - my pc char has got screwed by dummies a couple of times Check for IsweaponDrawn - I was in a dungeon and I could see draugrs but i was not in combat yet but weapon was drawn. Luckily my other followers took care of zombies. Hostile location check i.e Dungeon, caves, hagraven, falmer caves etc. with toggable mcm for each location. just some suggestions hope you don't mind.
  15. ah oksie guess I'll have to enable the debug options when I install it again. Although with a heavy heart I had to disable mod as zombie bug returned ( had a few random zombie events even with pex you gave although zombie events weren't as much as before ) I don't know if you recall in the scrappies thread I mentioned maybe a conflict with yamete and scrappies where followers killed innocent npcs that were hostile to bandits after an assault scene. Well ....I forgot to mention that I was running yamete 3.2, anyway on a new playthrough/save with no scrappies I had the same issue so I can't go back to 3.2 sniff..sniff guess it must be the cloak radius on 3.2 or something. I guess it must be either be my setup or I'm unlucky (I'm leaning towards unlucky atm though as my followers seem to like carrying buckets around)
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