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  1. hi I have the following settings, player/follower bleedout 15, knockdown 10 using default bleedout animations. Followers/pc cannot assault anyone (although inigo does his own thang again) npc bleedout 60, knockdown 50 (npcs can assault everyone including futa except male characters), damage immunity before on and after off (from memory although i could have set it to both off) I'm having the following weird issues.. 1) some cleared creatures or enemies at start of dungeon resurrect, its sporadic and doesn't always happen though. 2) noti
  2. thanks Scrab , I guess I'll just add addfac 5c84e 0 to inigo every time I reload a save. He seems to keep the playerfollowerfaction flag on reloads with addfac 84d1b 0.
  3. ah ok, would it be too complex or code breaking if i were to add a condition to check for it? thanks
  4. can't wait to try it out! Just slightly worried about Inigo though as he seems to do his own thang (probably cause he's not in any faction). Does this mod check PlayerFollowerFaction as I manually add Inigo to that one and it seems to work as most mods recognise him. thanks
  5. Hi I've been using Yamete since it was released and always tried the latest versions but unfortunately without success There was one version I always went back to pre v3 (idk what version it was) but it worked 99% of the time. But this latest version ticks all the boxes and works great!!! The one thing I'd like to see is after an aggressive act the perpetrator kills the victim with a kill move perhaps? I liked scrab's random matchmaking too but had to remove it for some reason my horny orc male followers weren't ravishing me when they got aroused but each ot
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