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  1. any follower with bhunp body around can share plis
  2. i solved was skyrim bad files i deleted everything and start again from zero wwokrd perfect
  3. oh sorry i forgot to tell you plus to that hardware a 500 gb ssd disk XD ,also i test real vision enb and works great !!!!!!!
  4. i change all my old pc to a new hardware ryzen 5 3600 mhz 16 gb ddr4 evga gtx 1650sc ultra 4gb board b450 aorus m 500 gb ssd i wanna put a new enb with this hardware what enb you recomend ppl ???
  5. opnmy old pc i was using yundao wigs i use smp pe path he got on his files was working right but now is no working anymore
  6. hello ppl i have a question i was working fine on my fx 4300 amd but now i update to ryzen 5 3600 i install all like always but for some reason my game crash when i upload the smp path mod , no idea why happend this now my old pc was fx 4300 amd cpu r7 series 240 ati 8 gb ram skyrim was working really fine now i update to ryzen 5 3600 gforce gti 1650 16 gb ram i running skyrim le perfect but i need the fkin smp path for hdt wigs and smp clothes but when i try to put the path the game just crash. imade this a buvh of time on
  7. that user release new followers yandelin and normalin look on his tweeter look it
  8. puppet master is that you looking for????? this send a spell to targets they obey you on anything and follow you and more,,,,
  9. follow me for sex mod nice one my main mods all prostitution mods you can find here ,like radiant prostitution
  10. guys i enjoy take screenshots but iam complete lame on enb bussines i just use some mods give me good result but i see other ppl pictures i see wow i suck right now testing kage 0.112 enb is simple but i want more i left my specs machines you can get me some good advice about some good enb amd quad core fx 3800 mhz 8 gb ddr 3 ati amd radeon 7 200 seriess my machine is some old but run skyrim le good ,but iam want to use my skyrim to get great pictures but on enb things iam complete lost XD my tweeter if oyu interest to see my pics : https://twitter.com
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