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    Hi guys ^^ i gonna share my screenshots with you, i enter on this kind of community some little time ago, i mainly play Skyrim.
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    I am just a normal guys like you, hunting for dreams on this world and life is not so easy sometimes... I am 25 old, i live in a school, yeah inside of a school :v i always like to draw, so i draw some hentais too, and i play guitar and sing, main guitarrist and vocalist, hope find some good friends here ^^

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  1. Thanks will be really nice, i want to make a Mai cosplay with my character and your outfit is the best one, i have smp clothes working but idk i missing something the outfit dont show up any physics, sorry but iam little dumb when comes to outfit studio and bodyslide stuff, should easy things but idk how to do it =(
  2. What is the exactly configs we need to choose to make it work on LE ? i am trying everything and the body physics wont work =/ iam trying to change to this setup to stop clipping incompatibility of the physics types, before i have to change the decimal stuff on system from "," to "." dot, to make smp work, so i need to choose europan xml to make stuff work? Thanks :3 Edit: hairs and clothes smp are working only the body physics not, i build the right one on BS, maybe its something easy to fix and i am trolling sorry =(
  3. hmm so theres no existent tutorial in anywhere? i am pretty dumb for those stuff was a miracle already when i get the 3ds max and make everything work, i tried read that fnis spells tutorial, and i tried create my characters as followers too and i failed miserably xD but i will try anyway Thanks for your reply i appreciate it s2
  4. Hey hi pretty nice :3 i see your tutorial on making the poses is really cool, but how do we create a mod for our own poses, like make the rings to be used on the game, if you could help me i will be glad >< thanks for everything s2
  5. its base, like 4/5/6 sec the stage, i think almost 400/300 frames
  6. iam using these ones, this is pretty weird, if i make a pack with those files sizes will be too heavy, iam screwd make some stuff work and others get trolled xD
  7. the animation played on the game but the file size i am getting is super big, like 3mb for each actor in each stage, is there way to make this less? Now its just this and will be 100% i already make an working SAL pack too
  8. Hey hello :p did you get any good news results, i am just searching to stuff to animate for blender, would be very cool if you change the models and stuff just ready to go, le me know if you still active with these ideias.
  9. i using the 2012 3ds max and still cant make all things works, first try i was exporting animations but they didnt work, because havok tools was getting initialization error on the script. i was getting this error but was still exporting, but animations wont work in game, them i tried reinstall havok tools for 2012, and start getting this now i tried another havok tools version and cant create the file idk why, and the path is right and valid it is much more difficult to make everything work than to create the animations themselves xD it is very f
  10. Did you know how to fix this? or i have to find another version? i still cant get everything working its pretty much harder them animate things itself :v i dont want to give up but always something goes wrong, i just losing my mind xD
  11. Hey did you still there? i found how to fix it you need to set the variable on your system, and set the pytho 3.x variable, open the file via cmd the window should pop up, i made everything and in the game the actors do T pose, i run fnis thing and stuff, idk what i am missing... its too much things to see at same time maybe i could missing something, but i see the paths and file names its ok, so please help ><
  12. The clothes are hdt pe or smp ? they not moving, i liked too much because you added more colours but idk why the are not moving =/
  13. I cant open too, getting syntax error on the SLAnimGenerate.pyw file, what is the version of the python we need to use? for real i want to see my animation in game .. Thanks for this tutorial ^^
  14. Yeah cool thanks i am studying everything i found on the internet, i know theres no magic or easy ways when we learning something, i am a guitarrist and i consider myself in a high level, and some friends sometimes asks how we just get too good, and theres no secret just practice a lot and most important we have to love things we do otherwise we dont reach in anywhere thanks for your reply ^^ s2
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