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Focus Pokus by Corsayr!

(Okay @Monoman1 did like most of it. ?)


Focus Pokus adds a spell that tracks various armor slots (configurable in the MCM) and depending on what you are wearing in that slot (also configurable in the MCM) increases your MagickaRateMult and thus increases your magicka regeneration. 


?Why would I want that? (You ask)


I'm glad you asked!


What it can also do is set that MagickaRateMult to 0 as default this will make it so that you have no natural magical regeneration, and will require some outside assistance to regen magicka. So if you as a mage are wearing cloth items in the tracked slots, the mod checks the number of slots filled VS the number of slots tracked and provides a global rating. Based on that percentage it triggers magicka regen 


Changed to this in 1.3 from 25/50/75/100

20% filled slots = 20% Magicka regen. 


So if you track 5 slots


1 slot = 20% regen

2 slots = 40% regen

3 slots = 60% regen

4 slots = 80% regen

5 slots = 100% regen


as an example. 


Obviously the more slots tracked the more items that have to be worn to achieve the percentage thresholds. But the magicka regen is always at the 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent. (So to get 50% regen when tracking 12 slots you need to be wearing valid items in 6 of those slots.) 


? I'm still not getting, why would I want this (You ask)


Well, it's simple, the mod is basically designed to work with mods that damage or destroy your armor like Loot and Degradation, Mortal Weapons and Armor, Bikini Armor - Break, Equipment Durability System, etc, etc. 


So as you become more naked, and un-able to equip armor in those spots you become more helpless. (less magicka regen)


That's right! This is just another perv mod in disguise! ? Designed to make your poor magic character vulnerable when naked so she has to scrounge for any scrap of clothing to put on so she can use her boom magic!  ?


? Is it for LE or SE (You ask)


That's a great question! you are so smart! The answer is BOTH! Doesn't matter it can be installed without conversion into either platform. (You will get a File 43 error in SE on the esp, but just ignore it, if you are here on LoversLab and using SE you probably already have a thousand File 43 errors already. What's one more? ?)


Recommended Mod(s)


Obviously as mentioned before this whole thing works better and is more meaningful if your gear can be lost, stolen, or damaged in someway. So any mod that does that (I already mentioned a few)


I like Widget mod for monitoring your Magicka Regen this mod is actually a corner stone of a larger magicka philosophy that a characters magicka regen shouldn't be something that happens without outside intervention. So knowing what your regen is at all times is helpful.


Widget Mod LE or Widget Mod SE has an attributes widget that is helpful for that. Although it tracks the less useful MagickaRate stat and not the MagickaRateMult stat. This can be fixed by replacing the script pex in widget mod with this




This script was made for me by @Blackbird Wanderer to change the Attributes widget in Widget mod to track MagickaRateMult. Just put that in the Widget Mod Scripts folder and allow it to overwrite (SE or LE doesn't matter works on both)




Anyway, I am sure there is stuff I am missing, but I can always add more info later.


For now I leave you with


Special Thanks!


@Monoman1 For basically making this mod (He made me do the spell myself so I'd learn, but the Scripts, the MCM, the FOMOD... all him) ?

@Ashal for LoversLab and bringing us all together here to digitally beat our favorite games into the games we actually want. ?

@Blackbird Wanderer for the Widget Mod Script and for being an inspiration for me ?




What's New in Version 1.3


Version 1.3

- changed the steps from 25% 50% 75% 100% to 20% 40% 60% 80% and 100% for a more gradual progression.

- added to ability to give more weight to each designated tracked slot. So as an example: You could have the slot 32 item count as 2 (or more)

I will leave version 1.2 in the DL section for those who prefer to leave it a 25/50/75/100 (for now anyway) ?



Version 1.2 

- this release adds Jewelry as an option for tracking in the MCM 

Update will reset your selected slots, so you will have to reselect them.

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