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~ Removes Children and Replaces them With Chickens ~ (or simply hides them)


🐤 No Kids





Previously, I've used Sex Lab - Sexual Fame 'Framework' (LE) (SE) specifically to remove children from the game.


I wanted a mod which:

  • Removes Children from The Game (and that's the only goal of the mod)
  • Allows You to Search for Hidden Children to Enable Them (so you can start/complete quests which require children)
  • Allows You to Re-Disable Children after You Enable Them (so you can make them disappear again)
  • Turns them into Chickens (because... obviously!) 🐤


Mod Versions


There are two versions of this mod available:

  • No Kids (this version turns each child into 60x chickens)
  • No Kids - Simply Hide Children (simply hides children without the amusement of turning them into chickens)




You can configure what children are turned into (and how many of each) via the Mod Configuration Menu.


Be default, the options are to turn children into:

  • Chickens
  • Dogs
  • Mudcrabs
  • Hods


You can customize the options available by editing the Config.json file in the mod's folder.


Add whatever options you would like under the "nokids_replacement_options" section.


You can include items from the Skyrim base game or any mods you have installed, just be sure to specify the .esm or .esp name in the configuration.







  • Yes

Um, what?

  • We had this idea on my Twitch stream* so we made it together. Chickens were my idea. Dogs, Mudcrabs, and Hods were my viewers' ideas.


Source Code





This is my first Lovers Lab mod! I've been wanting to support this community for a long time.


I really hope this helps some users of Adult mods feel better about their kid-free Skyrim world.


Love y'all! Happy Modding. ~ MrowrPurr



Support Rules


The usual. Stay on topic. No trolling. No racism, sexism, homophobia, other -isms and -phobias, or inappropriate remarks.


Have fun! And remember: everyone is doing their best. Happy Modding!


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