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  1. Introducing Ansel, one of my only 2 male characters, and a Paladin by profession 😆 Sorry, no lewds this time. Those happen in stories from other characters... Bleak Falls Memento A knight's quest is not only a physical quest, but a spiritual quest as well. From the very moment Ansel arrived to Skyrim, he had a clear purpose in mind, to fulfill his oath, and to vanquish evil wherever he found it. Unlike the many tales that have been told over the ages, it was never pretty. Dedicating a life to destroying evil was a calling, and sometimes it meant passing through
  2. Thanks. She's a starving girl, and doesnt always control herself when doing her thing... Of course it can prove useful for some of her adventures.
  3. Attempting something more bold here. Enisse is my succubus character, and she's just as lewd as it gets. This is part of a little project of mine of following her through a series of adventures throughout the world. This time, she paid a visit to the mines cause she was told there were some hard working, sweaty muscular men down there and she wanted to meet them. Her visit, however, didnt exactly play nice with the safety protocols... DISCLAIMER: No miners were permanetly injured during this photoshoot.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I got my reasons to do it this way. Making an ellaborate original story, rich in dialogue can be what most would expect in this kind of gimmick, But that's not exactly my goal with this. As you mentioned, there are elements of playthtrough and journey in this, because it's exactly what I wanted. To tag along and enjoy the ride on something a lot more simple than "a fully fledged story". Every adventure is a journey, and since I really liked the Dragonborn quests, I'm just playing through them through the eyes of my characters. Any screenshootin
  5. Continuing their journey from the previous episode, our adventuring party follows the rumors of an old temple located at the heart of the island of Solstheim. It is uncertain what they may find, or how deep can the answers they seek, be buried. At the deepest part of the temple, there stood an ancient book, which seemingly had stood there undisturbed for ages, whispering its secrets to the darkness. As she approached the book at the center of the room, the elven adventuress could hear her own steps louder than she ever heard before, and with each new step, the boundaries of reality
  6. This one comes with mod release: Marauder Set Mashup + Reaver Sword. Available only at my Patreon, along with a growing list of mods.
  7. I doubt I'll ever have the time to post every story I ever wanted, but I've decided to do this sometimes and occasionally, I may do full stories, or just fragments of them, but on any case, here's a small fragment of the Dragonborn quest. Most people already know how this ends, but as always, it's the journey what matters, and I always do some variations to my approach of the main quests.
  8. I recently learned a method to create female outfirs for Skyrim using Outfit Studio. The idea of creating a "project", automatically takes care of the generation of meshes, specifically creating a 0 and a 1 for the waight slider Problem is, that only works for female stuff, since it depends on the established UUNP-CBBE sliders and system, but there is no such thing for male bodies. Well, I think I saw one, but it's for vanilla male body, and I'm a SOS user, so that's not gonna get me what I want. So I was wondering if anybody knows the secrets of the "old ways
  9. Some promo shots for my next project which should be coming out soon. "BHUNP Lite" EDIT: DONE, and DL link available here.
  10. Been quite I while since I've posted anything oblivion related, but here it goes: Also, just started up a Patreon page, where yu'll be able to find this and more. Fresh release just made today, and it's available also for Oblivion.
  11. Happy 2021 Everyone. First sets of this year from Amy/Root And Alice Also starting with a fresh release, nothing too fancy, just a small underwear set available for both Skyrim and Oblivion
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