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  1. Thank you for the kind words 😁 And yes, it was a lot of work putting all of these together, staging the shots... at least 4-5 days of modding time, but I enjoyed making them.
  2. Thank you! 😃 The real challenge here was making Apocripha look nice, since it's not always very screehshot-friendly. My ENB came through, thankfully.
  3. Previously on "Shadow Over Solstheim" You can also check the link on the blog's banner to get to the index if you're looking for previous entries ~Amy and her friends had just passed through the city of Nchardak in order to find the Black Book. Supposedly, the book would hold another clue to defeating the evil that had taken roots over Solstheim and enslaved its people.~ A bit of background... (Nexus image link) _____________________________________ And now we continue from where we left. Chapter music theme: And/or, this one
  4. Ok, so the amount of little stories I'm posting is getting rather large, and having visited some other people's blogs, I know it can be a real pain in the ass to sort through all content without a proper index. So here we are, I'll try my best to keep this post updated as I post new content. I also got a lot of characters, and not all of them are "mains" some I just made them to be models and look pretty in screenshots, but most of them have their unique playstyle that still makes them enjoyable even if they arent main characters. Those are less likely to get their own story though
  5. Thanks and yeah, that was made specifically for aesthetic purposes. It's just the Eye of Magnus from the unfinished college main quest though. No the only thing that changed was the FOV. I prefer character shots at smaller FOVs and scenic shots appreciater at wider ones. Seen some of your stuff btw. I stand in awe of your dedication to make the whole deal "comic-book-like" I'm a lot lazier, which is one of the reasons I chose this format for stories... Just a few screenshots focused on aesthetics and artistry I guess, little text and little edits. Anything more like what s
  6. Dont mind me saying that. If I'm "worried" about it, that's my own deal It's just that I have acertain line of content I enjoy making usually, and "edgy" is the radical opposite of it. But I'll manage. It's entirely possible, I believe, to make tales going to dak places without falling into certain narrative trends. It is not possible however to talk about a sex demon without pushing some boundaries, and this was something I had clear about this character, even long before deciding to make these specifically. As I said, my own deal. Seen stuff here at LL that goes even beyond the def
  7. Good to know . And I'll try to avoid going too dark... but you know, it's elder scrolls, shit happens. As this is all in past tense though, you know its gonna end up in a better place. Eh... artistic licenses. I'm always experimenting. Not really a fan of BW shots either, but thought a couple of them wouldn't hurt. Also if you want extra reasons, just thought it would separate that event from the others as they're all "sex" but there are some differences and I dont want to make it monotonous. There's probably yet another reason but I got the wrong person though 🤣 There is this mi
  8. Having so many characters it's hard to give attention to all, and especially when some of them live in completely separate universes. While some of my content is wholesome and family friendly, some of it, is not. The best thing about modding is that it provides a near unlimited supply of opportunities and playstyles, and being in an adult community, provides an especially unique opportunity to play as a succubus. If you're here, you probably know that a succubus is literally a sex demon, and as such, no tales about one should ever be SFW. So here it is, the first entry on Enisse's origin
  9. I've been testing some things and trying to mess with physics since I was having some collision issues. Either way, I think I finally managed to fix it. And in the process, I'll probably end up releasing a new version of my custom body mod.
  10. Yeah, I started relatively recently. Nothing as ellaborate as yours for now, but more of a "let's play" with narrative touches, screenshot mementos, and a few variations to the story that relate more to my game world, like IE how Amy is sharing body with a lost Daedra, or how she wasn't alone in fighting Alduin, but she did it with the help of my paladin, how he's married to Elisif and Amy to Serana, or the fact her sword is borrowed from Alice who was my Oblivion main, and now the aspect of Sheogorath, stuff like that.. Hope I get the chance to illustrate more of these as I try to expand the
  11. Oh that's a great compliment coming from you, thanks! Vampire is just my Serana, but I'm sure you already knew that
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