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  1. I doubt I'll ever have the time to post every story I ever wanted, but I've decided to do this sometimes and occasionally, I may do full stories, or just fragments of them, but on any case, here's a small fragment of the Dragonborn quest. Most people already know how this ends, but as always, it's the journey what matters, and I always do some variations to my approach of the main quests.
  2. I recently learned a method to create female outfirs for Skyrim using Outfit Studio. The idea of creating a "project", automatically takes care of the generation of meshes, specifically creating a 0 and a 1 for the waight slider Problem is, that only works for female stuff, since it depends on the established UUNP-CBBE sliders and system, but there is no such thing for male bodies. Well, I think I saw one, but it's for vanilla male body, and I'm a SOS user, so that's not gonna get me what I want. So I was wondering if anybody knows the secrets of the "old ways
  3. Some promo shots for my next project which should be coming out soon. "BHUNP Lite" EDIT: DONE, and DL link available here.
  4. Been quite I while since I've posted anything oblivion related, but here it goes: Also, just started up a Patreon page, where yu'll be able to find this and more. Fresh release just made today, and it's available also for Oblivion.
  5. Happy 2021 Everyone. First sets of this year from Amy/Root And Alice Also starting with a fresh release, nothing too fancy, just a small underwear set available for both Skyrim and Oblivion
  6. Just set up a Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Myst42 I'll probably release stuff there, and possibly make special content for patreons. For now, teaser of fitrst project, Wonderland Lingerie. Chracters: Enisse Alice Amy Merve
  7. Countess Merve Asli And a little experiment I did on THICCness 🤣
  8. That mod is very annoying to set up. 2 similar problems I've encountered, first was poses entirely stopped working after upgrading from one version to the other. The only solution is to uninstall the mod, make a clean save. Make sure there's no trace of it on the save using cleaning tools, and then reinstall and try again. The other one is that pressing the hotkeys immediately after mod initialization doesnt work either and it gives me a message saying "pose not selected". The way to fix this was selecting the a pose manually on the MCM, then the keys would work. Dont know if
  9. I think I prefer a challenge, but not so hard that it makes one rage. Gaming is about enjoyment and escapism after all, and I'm not a masochist. That said, i did relatively recently played through the entire dork souls saga. I was told I would rage hard, but actually, I faced it on a different mind setting, I was prepared to die because I understood that dying is actually part of the mechanics of the game and it's very story. You dont just die because you failed, you die because the story says you have to die in order to git gud and be able to pass shit. Your'e supposed to die
  10. I have weird auto-rising floor on a custom cell, I dont know why it happens nor how to stop it. Anybody knows anything about this bug? If I go directly to the cell on game start it looks fine, If I go to it after doing progress through a dungeon, as is intended in my mod design, the bug happens. This is how it looks normally, how it should look, and what I find when I go directly to the cell Playing the dungeon that leads to it, and getting to the end, makes me find it like this:
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