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  1. R.I.P. Star Trek. I watched Discovery on Netflix when it was airing the first season. Ruined klingons and basically everything I knew. Never going to see The New Generation style shows again, I dread to think. Didn't even see the atrocity of Picard. Cancelled the Nopeflix sub before that. On that note, all these streaming services feel the same to me nowadays. Same rehashed ideas and no natural green color on TV anymore.
  2. I'm basically done with writing the .bat files to automatically extract and rename these files. Good of you to list them. Hopefully soon I can upload at least the automation part of the new release. I'm still not done with writing the scripts though.
  3. Estrus Chaurus (original or + version) has Chaurus eggs (chaurusegg.nif) and a crouching animation for expelling them. Maybe you'd like this:
  4. To enable all sitting animations, you do need to manually install and rename animations from Simple Sitting Idle Animations, Pretty Sit Idles. Copy-paste Salacious idles into 347701 and NCK idles into 347702 (both NSFW). If you are OK with less variety for some animations then you can skip this step. Sleeping animations are all preinstalled. These work for bedrolls only atm. Beds need new animations or a .dll like the one for high heels at Nexus for RohZima's set.
  5. Thank you. I will add this to the to do list for release 0.3.1.
  6. I think that's a great idea. I'll prioritize making the batch files for the next release. It should get easier to install once I set up the automatic batch files described above by abcd99. Add the following to all _conditions.txt "... AND NOT IsPlayer()" or change IsPlayer() to NOT IsPlayer().
  7. Kharjo became the shifting sands in that bonus image. 🤣
  8. I can make a version without the MCM that has a FOMOD with different options for the sets. You will have to reinstall the conditions.txt each time you want to change though. Any script can affect the save. If the scripts are improperly written, then yes, they can corrupt saves. FallrimTools can remove scripts in some cases from a save file.
  9. The reason why the animations still work if one of the requirements is not installed is that the statement NOT IsInFaction() defaults to true because the faction doesn't exist. Same happens with NOT IsFactionRankLessThan(). I don't know if this will work, but maybe it might. It was posted by another user here on LL. .... AND IsInFaction() AND IsFactionRankLessThan(1, xyz.esp | 0xabcdef) In case you want to apply two of the four folders for male only, then write "AND (next line) NOT IsFemale()" and don't leave it blank. Otherwise it will work for bo
  10. The list of animations on the last page is a reference index of animations that I made at the beginning of planning this mod. Most animations are not included in the mod. It would make sense now that you mention it. It would have to be very specific and precise though. Every file name must match. Each animation copied and placed in a certain folder, then pasted into another folder and renamed. It would decrease the work load on users a bit indeed. Right now, no. The ones without the gender specific condition run for both. I did it to save animation s
  11. DAR animations do not need FNIS or Nemesis if they replace vanilla animations. Only custom mod animations have to be registered. If an animation is not working, check that its name exactly matches the animation that is being replaced. Also, when making a cascade of Random() folders, the probability must be 1/n, where n is the relative priority, in order to ensure all trigger with the same chance. Otherwise, some folders are weighted to appear more often, which you can do of course, just more complicated to calculate.
  12. A user posted before that if you do not have SL Aroused installed, it will enable the animations by default, ignoring the faction rank requirement condition. Your solution takes this into account by using the IsInFaction() condition. I'll apply that in the next update for Live Action. Good idea. right now, your condition works if arousal is 41-48, you might want to make it IsFactionRankLessThan(51,"ArousedRedux.esm"|0x0003FC36) AND NOT IsFactionRankLessThan(40,"ArousedRedux.esm"|0x0003FC36) if you want it to work at 41-50 arousal. Basically,
  13. In my interpretation "script heavy" refers to mods that have scripts polling/scanning the PC and/or nearby NPCs often enough to result in suspended stacks or broken quests in areas like Riverwood. When I notice the game is losing its marbles, I just remove the mod and start another save. For instance, some custom follower mods run non-adjustable poll scripts so often that I saw over 1000 active scripts and suspended stacks in my save. Ruined that playthrough.
  14. That's because I combined some non-aroused sets to reduce the amount of animation files. DAR only works at under 16384 total animations, so I tried to lessen the impact. I will add the modified _conditions.txt files in the next release for only male and only female. To completely block male animations, add ... AND "IsFemale()" to the end of _conditions files where it isn't present.
  15. Forgotten City is not a problem at all. Its scripts only run during the quest. It's a well done mod. No experience with gray cowl of nocturnal. IIRC Warzones is a also a script heavy mod. City and location mods are generally not script-heavy. Scripted custom companion and survival mods that poll PC and NPC stats and states constantly consume the most resources. If you want to keep a mod, see if you can increase the polling rate to 60+ seconds.
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