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  1. Patreon Tumblr News and Updates 15.01.2018 Fixed Ela, Lydia Jorjadze and Velvet Assasin 1st person mesh bug in sneak mode 06.01.2018 Release of patreon request - Ela outfit from Rainbow Six 03.01.2018 Release of patreon request - Lydia Jorjadze 27.12.2017 Release of Combat Girl 26.12.2017 Release of patreon request - Velvet Assassin 07.12.2017 Release of patreon request - Sweet Rebel 29.09.2017 Release of patreon request - Autumn Girl 29.07.2017 Release of patreon request - HoloSuit 10.06.2017 Release of patreon request - Hyper Suit 28.05.2017 Release of Virgin Killer 12.04.2017 Started April Public Voting #4 (12.04.2017 - 12.05.2017) 08.04.2017 Release of March patreon voting winner - Cyber Suit 23.03.2017 Release of Killer Catsuit 09.03.2017 Release of February patreon voting winner - Foxy Girl 01.03.2017 Release of January Public voting #3 - The Scissor Girl 12.02.2017 Release Extravaganza (40 in 1) - BZW birthday edition. 26.01.2017 Release Cosmo Girl FishNet version v1_5 Some fixes + vault suit upgrade + decent defense stats 25.01.2017 Fix Wayfaring Stranger TankTop (looks more natural) (v1_4) Full version no longer supported. 23.01.2017 Release Wayfaring Stranger v1_3 - requested by Mr. Evile 19.01.2017 Release Cosmo Girl v1_2 (Texture and Neck Fix) 18.01.2017 Release of patreon pick - Cosmo Girl 07.01.2017 Started January Public voting #3 (07.01.2017 - 07.02.2017) 06.01.2017 Release of Janyary patreon voting winner - Anarchy Girl. Starting from today, every new outfit would have separate .esp file. 19.12.2016 Release of patreon request - Action Girl. Add ballistic wave support to Ninja Outfit 13.12.2016 Release of community Christmas present - Santa Baby 04.12.2016 Release of November patreon voting winner - Bullet Girl 27.11.2016 Release of public vote winner - Rough Night 04.11.2016 Finished winner of patreon voting - Street Fox. Fixed stockings in Goth Girl. 01.11.2016 Changes in policy. Thanks to Mr. Evile support, all the new armors and some of old ones have ballistic wave support. 27.10.2016 Western Swing Release and starting November Public Open voting. Workshop Policy 1. All armors are free and available for everyone. No pay-wall. 2. Community decides what armor will be next and what features it support. 3. New armor mods are chosen by Open public voting Monthly patreon-only voting Personal request (More info) "I have a Great Idea" request (More info) 4. Workshop efficiency: 2-4 mods per month. General Info about armor mods 1. All armor mods can be crafted at chem lab. 2. All armor mods have CBBE Bodyslide support 3. Most of the armors have few color themes 4. Some of the latest amor mods have ballistic weave support 5. Some armor mods change it's color at armor workbench. Support me 1. Support me on patreon 2. Create a beautiful screen-shot 3. Create youtube video 4. Use salesfiles download links Media
  2. Like in the past, I think we need a thread listing all bodyslide conversions for the new cbbe, especially for those conversions that will not be shared on the nexus. Since a thread like this didnt yet exist, I'm just gonna start it. I'll try to update it frequently and would appreciate every uploaded file . If you know about existing conversions not listed here, please tell. I'll take a look and update this post. Currently we have: Divine Crusader Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12834/? Eisen Platte Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12819/? The Book of UUNP https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13023/? Demon Hunter Armor v2 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13055/? Dragons Crown Sorceress https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13112/ Lingerie Set https://www.nexusmod...on/mods/13113/? Void Armor by Hentai https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13140/? Blades Hakama https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13146/? Falmer Bikini Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13188/? Wolf Bikini Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13191/? R18PM Lingerie Sets https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13213/? BabyDoll Outfit http://www.loverslab.com/topic/87072-converted-babydoll-outfit-to-cbbe-but-dont-know-how-to-package-it/?p=2045273 Dragonplate Brazen https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13209/? Crimson Twilight Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13059/? Kisetsu Kimono https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12962/? High polygon armor replacer https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13274/? Tera Armors Collection https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9651/? Sexy Vests https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13321/? Ebony Valkyrie Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13323/? Demon Hunter Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13054/? Sexy Kunoichi Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13403/? Northgirl Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13451/? Monno's Bikini https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13550/? Honoka Pasties https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87762-honoka-pasties-cbbe-bodyslide/ Red Moon Mage Dress https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4691-red-moon-mage-dress/ Legendary Armors by DeserterX https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13592/? Scarlet Dawn Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13058/? Turbosnowys Fetish Collection (White and Black Diano Armors) https://www.loverslab.com/topic/88312-taking-requests-for-cbbe-se-bodyslide-conversions/?do=findComment&comment=2062629 Legendary Bikini Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13742/? Immersive Armors https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13836 More Triss Armour Recolours https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13830 Dragonbone Barbarian https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13823 Tribal Outfit https://www.loverslab.com/topic/88999-tribal-outfit-cbbe-bodyslide/ Charles Rene Outfit https://www.loverslab.com/topic/88931-charles-rene-outfit/ Kailani Bikini https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89085-kailani-bikini-cbbe-bodyslide/ Goddess Outfit https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89114-goddess-outfit-cbbe-bodyslide/ Lust Control https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89148-lust-control-cbbe-bodyslide/ Pampas Set https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13860 Training Cube Outfit https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89202-training-cube-outfit-cbbe-bodyslide/ Kaer Mohen https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13974 Streetfighter Outfits https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4890-streetfighter-outfits-cbbe-bodyslide/ Skimpy Modern Clothes https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89983-skimpy-modern-clothes-cbbe-bodyslide/ Little Monli's Clothes https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89928-little-monlis-clothes-cbbe-bodyslide/ Killing Doll https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89927-killing-doll-outfit-cbbe-bodyslide/ Meridia Undead Pacification Force https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14137 Gotha Rensa Outfit https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4966-gotha-rensa-outfit-cbbe-bodyslide-physics/ Jingang Outfit https://www.loverslab.com/topic/90512-jingang-outfit-se-cbbe-bodyslide/ Lich King Armor https://www.loverslab.com/topic/86541-cbbe-bodyslide-conversions/?do=findComment&comment=2108879 StarCraft Player Outfit https://www.loverslab.com/topic/90692-starcraft-player-outfit/ Lolita Dress https://www.loverslab.com/topic/86541-cbbe-bodyslide-conversions/?do=findComment&comment=2096895 Slooty Vault Jumpsuit https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14025 Head of the Li Clan Outfit Sets https://www.loverslab.com/topic/91011-head-of-the-li-clan-outfit-sets/ The Witcher 3 Female Armours https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14244 Diamond Luxury Babydoll https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14469/? The Lily Armour Mashup https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14340 Converse Shoes https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14551? Nova Bodysuit https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14555 ESO Altmer Armour https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14578? Justice Stalhrim Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14548 Hepsy's Basic Clothing https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14717 Rogue Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14311 Redtox's Black Vipers Will https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14759 Nordic Carved Bikini https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14529 Remodeled Daedric Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14821 Ult Lingerie Collection https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92440-cbbe-se-ult-lingerie-collection/ KURESE Gloria https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14836 Ancient Nord Chainmail https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14837 Truly Light Glass Armour https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14527 Truly Light Elven Armour https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14526 Modern Korean Fashion https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92563-modern-korean-fashion/ Aradia Tri Armor https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92566-aradia-tri-armor-cbbe-bodyslide/ Bikini Ascend https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92986-bikini-ascend-se/ Ashara Romantic Outfits https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14953
  3. Welcome to the thread for my UUNP Bodyslide armor conversions. Here you will find links to everything I've converted so far, and I will continue to update the list as I release more. Please report any issues that may be present, such as clipping, stretching, etc. You are also free to make requests, although I will probably only accept those that I take personal interest in. Many of my conversions come with a custom ESP. This is usually to add crafting/tempering recipes, or to fix errors such as statless equipment or missing models for certain player races. ------------------------------------- Changelog: ------------------------------------- Armor Conversions List:
  4. View File I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the #FreeTheNipple movement, for reasons including equality, social freedom, and because I like looking at boobs. Now your Sims can join the movement using clothing modeled after real outfits! This set includes the following base game recolors (no new meshes): "Nude" bikini tops in three swatches: light skin, medium skin, dark skin (real top) "Deal with it" scoop t-shirt Free The Nipple film tank top Boob outline dark tank top - the real outfit is a wire necklace, but I haven't learned to make custom meshes yet Sharpie body writing with a variety of messages - only some shown (real writing) - Find these in Necklaces Screenshot skins: Better Body + Wild Guy's female body details (nipples). Submitter assntitties Submitted 01/20/2018 Category The Sims 4 Requires
  5. View File Apal Armored Leotard for CBBE and Atomic Beauty A simple standalone under-armor that reveals your hips and makes your legs appear longer ! Craftable at a chemistry station. Once crafted, you can modify it at a workbench REQUIRED: CBBE Bodyslide & OutfitStudio Installation: - Step 1 : Download it with Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager - Step 2 : Extract it with the brand new installer fully functional - Step 3 : Run Bodyslide and build it - Step 4 : Profit CreditS: Thanks to Chuckdm for his Railroad skin : RRmod in download section, only available for Sleeveless version Caliente and Ousnius for CBBE and Bodyslide FOMOD files made with FOMOD Creation Tool by http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/10324035/?]Wenderer[/url] For the screenshots : Ralfetas for Fortaleza armor WhiteShades for Bodyslide Underwear Mesh (for the socks) Darklynxxx for Suitdreams (the belts, more particulary) Armorsmith Extended for holstered weapons Ponytail Hairstyles by Azarkiowa for the hairs This mod is free to be modified and used elswhere with my permission, and only for free mods. Submitter Apal Submitted 07/18/2016 Category Armor & Clothing Requires CBBE, BodySlide  
  6. View File Dragongodmod's Clothes and Heels Pack CBBE HDT and UUNP HDT *WARNING*This pack includes skimpy and possibly whorish attire. Just leave if you're not interested.*WARNING* I've been slowly creating this pack. Took awhile but I decided it was ready to be released. Much of it I created from porn, to be honest. REQUIRED: -Skyrim- -Update- -Bodyslide and Outfit Studio- -Heels Sound- You have to build the gear in Bodyslide before playing as I have not packaged default meshes. When applying the UUNP BodySlide data, make sure you overwrite "DCP_CBBEHDT_v1.6a"' with "DCP_UUNP_v1.6a'". RECOMMENDED: -AddItemMenu- (Easiest way to get any piece of gear, until I put in a book with construction recipes) -Devious Devices (Assets / Integration)- I only recommend because I made all the pieces of gear to be visible on each other. Meaning you could see bras under tops, panties under shorts/ skirts, and bras and panties under dresses. (My "Hiders" tab in the Devious Devices MCM doesn't hide anything.) INCLUDES (NEW): -1 glove/ bracelet pair -3 skirts -3 shorts -3 dresses -4 panties -5 tops -7 bras -12 heels -1 "extra asset" -3 earrings -2 toe nail set -1 dress Most come in 11 colors (RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE ICE PURPLE PINK BROWN WHITE BLACK) All of the heels are different heights, some may be considered extreme. SLOTS: *I probably use slightly different slots for my gear. Feel free to edit the panty files in the CK for slot 49 (as used in Devious Devices).* (If someone asks to just have a panty slot 49 upload, everyone else that wants one just "like" the post. If I see enough likes, I'll create that upload.) Gloves - 34 Skirts/Shorts - 54 Dresses - 32+54 Panties - 47 Tops - 32 Bras - 56 Heels - 37 "Extra" - 38 Earrings - 42 Toe Nails - 46 Yes, dresses use two slots; and yes, the armor values are modified for the slot coverage. CREDITS: Big thanks to zzyyxx for creating the UUNP version! PERMISSIONS: Please do not re-upload this anywhere else. Please do not take anything of mine and say it is your own. So I guess at this point, ENJOY Submitter dragongodmod117 Submitted 11/28/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Bodyslide, HeelsSound Special Edition Compatible No  
  7. I've trying to find a mod that replaces all clothing, armor and outfits into skimpoy variations for females for both the base game and dlc. But I can get half or most of the outfits to be skimpy. Is there a mod I'm missing or one that may be conflicting? 0 0 FalloutNV.esm 1 1 DeadMoney.esm 2 2 HonestHearts.esm 3 3 OldWorldBlues.esm 4 4 LonesomeRoad.esm 5 5 GunRunnersArsenal.esm 6 6 ClassicPack.esm 7 7 MercenaryPack.esm 8 8 TribalPack.esm 9 9 CaravanPack.esm 10 a NVEC Complete + NVCE.esm 11 b Sexout.esm 12 c SexoutSlavery.esm 13 d SexoutCommonResources.esm 14 e SexoutSoliciting.esm 15 f SexoutPregnancyV3.esm 16 10 SexoutOffSpring.esm 17 11 Maternity Pack Overkill.esp 18 12 Fertile Breeder.esp 19 13 CoitoErgoSum.esm 20 14 SexoutStore.esm 21 15 Cannabis.esm 22 16 Project Nevada - Core.esm 23 17 Project Nevada - Equipment.esm 24 18 Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp 25 19 Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp 26 1a wsex.esm 27 1b SexoutAnimManagement.esp 28 1c SexoutPosNew.esp 29 1d SmallerTalk.esp 30 1e WEATHER RUDY ENB.esp 31 1f FetishLingerieSetNV.esp 32 20 HyperNurseOutfitForNV.esp 33 21 FetishFishnetNV.esp 34 22 Armor by Race w Undies.esp 35 23 wsexInnuendoNPCs.esp 36 24 OCD-Cass outfits.esp 37 25 VulpineRace.esp 38 26 M37Ithaca.esp 39 27 SR556.esp BunnySuit-FNV.esp 40 28 LaraCroftArmor.esp 41 29 DEagle.esp 42 2a B92FS.esp 43 2b Uzi.esp 44 2c L96.esp 45 2d ReconLaserWeapons.esp 46 2e UnlimitedCompanions.esp 47 2f PerkEveryLevel.esp 48 30 Sprint Mod.esp 49 31 VulpineRace-Companions.esp 50 32 VulpineNPCs.esp 51 33 Roberts_NewVegas.esp 52 34 EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp 53 35 wsexInnuendoAnims.esp 54 36 Animated Prostitution.esp GhostConversionNVRevamp.esp 55 37 SexoutSoliciting-DLC.esp 56 38 RaiderChains.esp 57 39 SexoutSex.esp 58 3a wsex-DSI.esp 59 3b PittGalStatsFix.esp 60 3c SexoutSpunk.esp 61 3d RemoveWorkstationNeeds.esp 62 3e The Mod Configuration Menu.esp jodragongirl.esp 63 3f NVRefugee Outfits.esp 64 40 SexoutSexAssault.esp Mantis07Reflex - Realism.esp 65 41 Mantis07Reflex.esp VegasChokers.esp st.esp Ghost Variants Safe.esp Ghost Variants Adjutant.esp Ghost Variants.esp MantisZeroSuit_ForNV.esp
  8. All credit goes to the original authors. This is only mesh and weight changes for the UNPB body type with BBP. English is not my native language so sorry for my mistakes. I hope you like. Required mod for all the conversions. Any BBP version (or BBPx, TBBP): UNPB Body Main Page, file "UNPB Body NMM Installer" or UNP BLESSED BODY- REDUX PROJECT FAQ 82. BnS Red Bird Outfit - UNPB BBP Download: RedBirdUNPBMeshes 81. DAO Morrigan's Robes - UNPB BBP Download: MorriganBBPMeshes 80. Flemeth Armor - UNPB BBP Download: DA2FlemethUNPBBBP 79. JinhuaCat Outfit - UNPB BBP MEGA: JinhuaCat Outfit - UNPB BBP baidu.com: JinhuaCat Outfit - UNPB BBP 78. Sleek Steel - UNPB BBP MEGA: Sleek Steel - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Sleek Steel - UNPB BBP 77. Mandu by Neo - UNPB BBP and TBBP Nexus: Mandu by Neo - UNPB BBP and TBBP 76. SOS schlong for females - UNP Warning: lots of penises Loverslab: SOS schlong for females - UNP 75. Pantyhose - UNP Two versions. Read the description to know what to download. MEGA: Racemenu Pantyhose Plugin - UNP v0.3 baidu.com: Racemenu Pantyhose Plugin - UNP v0.3 MEGA: Pantyhose - UNP baidu.com: Pantyhose - UNP 74. Swap Hide Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Swap Hide Armor - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Swap Hide Armor - UNPB BBP v0.2 73. Lady Bat - UNPB BBP MEGA: Lady Bat - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Lady Bat - UNPB BBP v0.2 72. DF_T33 - UNP MEGA: DF_T33 - UNP v0.2 baidu.com: DF_T33 - UNP v0.2 71. Nordic Carved Armor - UNPB MEGA: Nordic Carved Armor - UNPB baidu.com: Nordic Carved Armor - UNPB 70. Osare Maid Outfit - UNPB BBP MEGA: Osare Maid Outfit - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Osare Maid Outfit - UNPB BBP 69. Death Robes - UNPB BBP MEGA: Death Robes - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Death Robes - UNPB BBP 68. Gatti 14 Yumiko Suits - UNPB BBP MEGA: Gatti 14 Yumiko Suits - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Gatti 14 Yumiko Suits - UNPB BBP 67. Fairytale - UNPB BBP MEGA: Fairytale - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Fairytale - UNPB BBP 66. YoungTrap - UNPB BBP MEGA: YoungTrap - UNPB BBP baidu.com: YoungTrap - UNPB BBP 65. Tera Deathskin - UNPB BBP MEGA: Tera Deathskin - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Tera Deathskin - UNPB BBP v0.2 64. N8k Black Wisteria - UNPB BBP MEGA: N8k Black Wisteria - UNPB BBP baidu.com: N8k Black Wisteria - UNPB BBP 63. Schoolgirl Outfit - UNPB BBP MEGA: Schoolgirl Outfit - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Schoolgirl Outfit - UNPB BBP 62. Katarina Outfit - UNPB BBP MEGA: Katarina Outfit - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Katarina Outfit - UNPB BBP 61. Schoolgirl Mashup - UNPB BBP MEGA: Schoolgirl Mashup - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Schoolgirl Mashup - UNPB BBP 60. Protective Latex Catsuit or PLCS - UNPB BBP MEGA: Protective Latex Catsuit or PLCS - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Protective Latex Catsuit or PLCS - UNPB BBP v0.2 59. Full Metal Bikini - UNPB and UNPB BBP MEGA: Full Metal Bikini - UNPB BBP v0.2 MEGA: Full Metal Bikini - UNPB v0.2 baidu.com: Full Metal Bikini - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Full Metal Bikini - UNPB v0.2 58. Aradia Lace Dress - UNPB BBP MEGA: Aradia Lace Dress - UNPB BBP v0.4 baidu.com: Aradia Lace Dress - UNPB BBP v0.4 57. Bob's Platform Boots - UNP MEGA: Bob's Platform Boots - UNP v0.2 baidu.com: Bob's Platform Boots - UNP v0.2 56. Hentai Mixed Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Hentai Mixed Armor - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Hentai Mixed Armor - UNPB BBP 55. Rogue Armor Outfits - UNPB BBP MEGA: Rogue Armor Outfits - UNPB BBP v0.3 baidu.com: Rogue Armor Outfits - UNPB BBP v0.3 54. Aeri Assassin Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Aeri Assassin Armor - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Aeri Assassin Armor - UNPB BBP 53. Leather Thief Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Leather Thief Armor - UNPB BBP v0.4 baidu.com: Leather Thief Armor - UNPB BBP v0.4 52. Heavy Metal Armor - UNPB BBPx MEGA: Heavy Metal UNPB (BBPx) MEGA: Heavy Metal optional goodies baidu.com: Heavy Metal UNPB (BBPx) baidu.com: Heavy Metal optional goodies 51. Armored Bikini - UNPB BBP and BBPx MEGA: Armored Bikini - UNPB BBP v0.2 MEGA: Armored Bikini - UNPB BBPx v0.2 baidu.com: Armored Bikini - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Armored Bikini - UNPB BBPx v0.2 50. Leather Clothes - UNPB BBP MEGA: Leather Clothes - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Leather Clothes - UNPB BBP v0.2 49. DF_T19 - UNP MEGA: DF_T19 - UNP v0.3 baidu.com: DF_T19 - UNP v0.3 48. Black Lotus - UNPB BBP MEGA: Black Lotus - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Black Lotus - UNPB BBP 47. Hooves - UNPB BBP and BBPx MEGA: Hooves - UNPB BBP MEGA: Hooves - UNPB BBPx MEGA: Hooves - UNPK baidu.com: Hooves - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Hooves - UNPB BBPx baidu.com: Hooves - UNPK 46. Lia de Russo Outfit - UNPB BBP MEGA: Lia de Russo Outfit - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Lia de Russo Outfit - UNPB BBP v0.2 45. Throne Armor - UNPB BBP - UNPB BBP MEGA: Throne Armor - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Throne Armor - UNPB BBP v0.2 44. Blade and Soul Negligee - UNPB BBP MEGA: Blade and Soul Negligee - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Blade and Soul Negligee - UNPB BBP 43. Ro's Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Ro's Armor - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Ro's Armor - UNPB BBP 42. Very Sexy Ebony Armour - UNPB BBP MEGA: Very Sexy Ebony Armour - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Very Sexy Ebony Armour - UNPB BBP 41. Demon Hunter Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Demon Hunter Armor - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Demon Hunter Armor - UNPB BBP 40. Nia Outfit - UNPB BBP MEGA: Nia Outfit - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Nia Outfit - UNPB BBP 39. Armor from Spriggan Wood - UNPB BBP MEGA: Armor from Spriggan Wood - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Armor from Spriggan Wood - UNPB BBP 38. Nails - UNP - UNPB - UNPC MEGA: Nails - UNP - UNPB - UNPC v0.2 baidu.com: Nails - UNP - UNPB - UNPC v0.2 37. Peppermint - UNPB BBP MEGA: Peppermint - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Peppermint - UNPB BBP 36. Sovngarde Steel Armor - UNPB BBP and BBPx MEGA: Sovngarde Steel Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Sovngarde Steel Armor - UNPB BBPx baidu.com: Sovngarde Steel Armor - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Sovngarde Steel Armor - UNPB BBPx 35. Sif Olafsdottir companion MEGA: Sif Olafsdottir v0.4 baidu.com: Sif Olafsdottir v0.4 34. Daedric and Dragonscale Chainmail - UNPB BBP and BBPx MEGA: Daedric and Dragonscale Chainmail - UNPB BBP MEGA: Daedric and Dragonscale Chainmail - UNPB BBPx baidu.com: Daedric and Dragonscale Chainmail - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Daedric and Dragonscale Chainmail - UNPB BBPx 33. wjun lady - UNPB BBP MEGA: wjun lady - UNPB BBP v0.3 baidu.com: wjun lady - UNPB BBP v0.3 32. Ivy Valentine Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Ivy Valentine Armor - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Ivy Valentine Armor - UNPB BBP v0.2 31. Bondage Straps - UNPB BBP MEGA: Bondage Straps - UNPB BBP v0.5 baidu.com: Bondage Straps - UNPB BBP v0.5 30. Bns Scorpion Set - UNPB BBP MEGA: BnS Scorpion Set - UNPB BBP baidu.com: BnS Scorpion Set - UNPB BBP 29. fox 12 Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: fox12 Armor - UNPB BBP baidu.com: fox12 Armor - UNPB BBP 28. Amiella Outfit - UNPB BBP MEGA: Amiella Outfit - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Amiella Outfit - UNPB BBP 27. Amiella Outfit BU - UNPB BBP MEGA: Amiella Outfit BU - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Amiella Outfit BU - UNPB BBP 26. Osare GothicLolita - UNPB BBP MEGA: Osare GothicLolita - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Osare GothicLolita - UNPB BBP 25. Osare GothicLolita BU - UNPB BBP MEGA: Osare GothicLolita BU - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Osare GothicLolita BU - UNPB BBP v0.2 24. TM BallGown - UNPB BBP Nexus: TM BallGown - UNPB BBP 23. LeatherBound Huntress Armor - UNPB BBP Nexus: LeatherBound Huntress Armor - UNPB BBP 22. Tera Val Tirkai - UNPB BBP Nexus: Tera Val Tirkai - UNPB BBP 21. Skull Armor - UNPB BBP and BBPx MEGA: Skull Armor - UNPB BBP v0.3 MEGA: Skull Armor - UNPB BBPx v0.3 baidu.com: Skull Armor - UNPB BBP v0.3 baidu.com: Skull Armor - UNPB BBPx v0.3 20. Huntress - UNPB BBP MEGA: Huntress - UNPB BBP v0.4 baidu.com: Huntress - UNPB BBP v0.4 19. DreamBurrows Sage Outfit - UNPB BBP Nexus: DreamBurrows Sage Outfit - UNPB BBP 18. Tera Human F R20 - UNPB BBP MEGA: Tera Human F R20 - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Tera Human F R20 - UNPB BBP v0.2 17. Kasumi Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: Kasumi Armor - UNPB BBP v0.2 baidu.com: Kasumi Armor - UNPB BBP v0.2 16. KURESE Gloria armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: KURESE Gloria armor - UNPB BBP baidu.com: KURESE Gloria armor - UNPB BBP 15. Ashara Princess of the Woods - UNPB BBP Nexus: Ashara Princess of the Woods - UNPB BBP 14. EarthBreaker - UNPB BBP MEGA: EarthBreaker - UNPB BBP baidu.com: EarthBreaker - UNPB BBP 13. Tribunal robes set - UNPB BBP Nexus: Tribunal robes set - UNPB BBP 12. Catwoman Suit - UNPB BBP MEGA: Catwoman Suit - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Catwoman Suit - UNPB BBP 11. Blade and Soul Qipao - UNPB BBP MEGA: Blade and Soul Qipao - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Blade and Soul Qipao - UNPB BBP 10. Tera HighElf F L16 - UNPB BBP MEGA: Tera HighElf F L16 - UNPB BBP baidu.com: Tera HighElf F L16 - UNPB BBP 9. BnS White Bird Outfit - UNPB BBP MEGA: BnS White Bird Outfit - UNPB BBP baidu.com: BnS White Bird Outfit - UNPB BBP 8. R18Pn 01 - Eisen Platte Armor - UNPB BBP Nexus: R18Pn 01 - Eisen Platte Armor - UNPB BBP 7. Sword Dancer - UNPB BBP MEGA: Sword Dancer - UNPB BBP v0.3 baidu.com: Sword Dancer - UNPB BBP v0.3 6. SUN Magic Armor - UNPB BBP MEGA: SUN Magic Armor - UNPB BBP v0.4 baidu.com: SUN Magic Armor - UNPB BBP v0.4 5. Doom Heavy Set Nexus: Doom Heavy Set - UNPB BBP 4. Seraphine Armor Nexus: Seraphine Armor - UNPB BBP 3. Dynasty Armor Nexus: Dynasty Armor - UNPB BBP 2. Lady of Death Nexus: Lady of Death - UNPB BBP 1. Witch Elf Armor Nexus: Witch Elf Armor - UNPB BBP Merged esp file Esp file that merges 70 mods (up to #74 Swap Hide Armor). Requires HDT's HH. All non-armor stuff like npcs and cell edits is cleaned. I've put a chest in the Testing Hall cell with all the armor and weapons. You can access it using console ("coc qasmoke", and "coc whiterun" to exit) MEGA: UNPB BBP Conversions - merged esp file v0.4 baidu.com: UNPB BBP Conversions - merged esp file v0.4 Contents: Note that you still need to download the meshes and textures of the mods you want to use. There shouldn't be any issue if you aren't using all them, but you will see all the armors in the crafting menus (the ones you didn't download will be invisible and you should ignore them) Old versions: v0.3: Same as v0.4, without chest MEGA: UNPB BBP Conversions - merged esp file v0.3 baidu.com: UNPB BBP Conversions - merged esp file v0.3 v0.2: up to #67 Fairytale MEGA: UNPB BBP Conversions - merged esp file v0.2 baidu.com: UNPB BBP Conversions - merged esp file v0.2 Requests
  9. View File This is the on-going Atomic Beauty Conversion of the conversion mod started by bumex. I will update the file as I'm converting more pieces over to Atomic Beauty. Clipping might occur and will be fixed accordingly. Images can be found on my tumblr http://oeliza-req.tumblr.com/ - currently unable to upload screens to this post. Changelog: SkyAradiaBikini (all colors) Skybikini6 Skybikini8 Skybikini9 SkyCorset SkyDress3 SkyPriestessBikini1 Requirements: BodySlide and Outfit Studio CBBE Atomic Beauty FO4 Clothing Conversions from Skyrim [WIP] Credits: credits go to bumex for porting the Clothing and Armors from Skyrim over to Fallout 4 and all original mod authors If any original author has an issue with this conversion, feel free to PM me and I'll take it down. Submitter oel-za Submitted 12/30/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires https://www.loverslab.com/topic/72183-fo4-clothing-conversions-from-skyrim-wip/  
  10. Hi. I really need some mod. Could you help me plz? 1. The marie rose mod ( image ) This is the best marie rose mod . Every mod else its look a little..... "sad". I know there is a mod make marie become a race and a way to make our character became a standalone follower but i'm dont have enough experience to do that. Can sbd do it and upload the standalone you make plz? Here is the link : https://ellynoa.tumblr.com/post/162936597341/marie-rose-v11-by-kknd7000-marierose-add-race 2. The second mod is Rem follower like the picture. I see some rem mod in the internet but i look not very good at all. Anybody got this mod ? She look so cuteeeeeeeeee 3. Tracer follower mod of mr gt paypal .Seem like nobody have this mod on reddit 4. Some standalone hdt armor for unp body. I cant find any good one Thank you for reading this
  11. Hello, how could I get this armor? http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1744.html It seems it's no longer available for download
  12. Hi, I'll try to keep this brief and simple, since I came back to Skyrim, exploring and stuff again once more, I wanted to try the "too much breaking lore unorthodox method" and going full gung-ho on female casual clothes. Please, don't bash me for that....I swear, I just want to try it out. lol I got a nice home, pale marsh it's called, which is like a mansion, and it looks pretty sick and 20th century style, also, one of the hairstyles my female character has, from KS Hairdos, is giving me a small brown casual cap or something, don't know how to say it in english, so, I thought, "what if I could add glasses, and a casual female clothing on top of it?" I am looking for anything good and casual that works with SSE, not really a fan of HDTs though, since I tried downloading skirts and all, and they are being displayed with a red triangle and white thingy in the center, and I have everything installed, I have skse64, hdt physics and extensions, ECE, HDT High Heels < though, this one has an error smth with a dll. > I also get ctd with Marie Rose custom race and follower, so I removed her, anyway, is there any female casual clothing/armor thing that looks neat and cozy for SkyrimSE ? Sorry for wasting your time, I hope someone knows. EDIT 1 : I found and downloaded the modern+type00 = formal suit clothes, and it seems the mod is installed on the game, but the armors look invisible on me. Tried to uninstall them from NMM and manually installed them in the Data folder, checked the zip file, everything were in place, it still seems to be invisible, I feel like it's a missing mesh issue, because, they are indeed in the game, but just invisible, meaning, when I wear the suits, I can see only my character's head, arms and legs, but the suit on the body is totally invisible. I can't seem to find the answer to that problem though, it's a missing mesh from my understanding, but, everything looks to be in place. EDIT 2 : Somehow, managed to get the modernclothing I wanted, the formal suits are still invisible, but, no worries, I got this amazing dress coat cloth, the only small issue is the neck seam, probably the clothing was designed for another body type, I am playing out with unp right now. Gonna upload a picture, hopefully someone may like it.
  13. View File This is a collection of vanilla armor and clothing meshes, with added belly- and TBBP-nodes and weighting. They can be used for pregnancy mods like BeeingFemale or just for jiggles. With these meshes - and a mod that scales the belly-node - it is possible to show a pregnant belly-effect on the PC or NPCs, while they are clothed. The TBBP nodes can be animated using TBBP-Animations or with the HDT physics extension plugin. The Belly can also be hdt physics enabled, depending on your hdt xml. https://www.youtube.com/embed/MB09S_UW3Mw?feature=oembed The body-type is standard vanilla. No skimpy-fication. No fancy CBBE/UNP shape adjustments.. just good old vanilla. If you want to see some of the armors in action, check out this video made by shinji72: (fur armor from the thumbnail could be from another mod) Some armors/clothes also have minor weight-painting fixes or i moved some verts around a little to fix seams, gaps etc. Most of the amors have custom weightpainting to take the different materials of the armors in account. So that metal parts don't flex or get bent with TBBP animations for example. Or on the fur armors the whole scarf thing that hangs off the bra moves instead of just the area where the breasts are. So this is a little more then just slapped on TBBP and belly weights.. although it originally started as that nodes added in detail: NPC L breast NPC R breast NPC L breast01 NPC R breast01 NPC L butt NPC R butt NPC Belly See list below for more information All edits were done using BodySlide/Outfit Studio and NifSkope. However this doesn't mean this mod has slider-support. These meshes still behave the same way as the vanilla ones do with BodySlide.. (plans to change this situation have been made, but not yet put into action.. and maybe never will. sorry) List of affected armors/clothes: vanilla: Armors: - (banded) Iron armor (belly only) (USKP) - draugr / ancient nord armor (full) - steel armor (belly only) (USKP) - steelplate armor (belly only) (USKP) - bandit / fur armor (full) - falmer armor (full) - forsworn armor (full) (USKP) - elven (light) armor (belly only) (USKP) - glass armor (belly only) (USKP) - hide armor (full) - scaled armor (full) - savior's hide (full) - stormcloaks cuirass / guard armor (full) - studded armor (full) - leather armor (full) - shrouded armor (full) - daedric armor (belly only) (USKP) - dwarven armor (belly only) - blades armor (belly only) (USKP) - dragonplate armor (belly only) - dragonscale armor (belly only) - ebony armor (belly only) (USKP) - ebony mail (belly only) (USKP) - imperial armor (belly only) - imperial light armor (belly only) - studded imperial armor (belly only) - orcish armor (belly only) (USKP) - nightingale armor (full) - thieves guild armor (belly+butt) - karliah's armor (belly+butt) - guild master's armor (belly+butt) - thieves guild variant armor (full) - wolf armor (belly only) - general tullius / penitus oculatus armor (full) clothes: - famclothes 01...04 (full) (belly can look weird) (02 -> USKP mesh) - blacksmith (full) - beggar (full) - miner (full) - black mage robes (full) - necromancer robes (full) - college robes (apprentice + expert) (full) (USKP) - archmage clothes (full) (USKP) - vaermina robes (full) - monk robes (full) -mage robes (full) - barkeeper (full) (USKP) - chef tunic (full) (USKP) - tavern wench (full) - merchant clothes (full) - Fine clothes01 + 02 (full) - roughspun tunic / ragged trousers (full) - jarl clothes / fine raiments / noble clothes (full) - nocturnal's clothes (full) - hammerfell garb (full) (USKP) - shrouded robes (full) (USKP) - greybeard robes (full) - jester's clothes (full) - thalmor robes (full) - mythic dawn outfit (full) - wedding dress Dragonborn-DLC (optional): - nordic carved armor (belly only) (USKP) - cultist robes (full) (USKP) - darkelf /dunmer clothes (full) - miraak robes (full) - telvanni (full) - temple priest robes (full) (USKP) - chitin heavy (belly+butt) - chitin light (full) (eggshells?) <(°^°)> - stahlrim heavy (belly+butt) - stahlrim light (belly+butt) - bonemold all 4 variants (belly+butt) - skaal clothes (belly only) Dawnguard-DLC (optional): - blind moth priest (full) - prisoner bloody (full) - vampire clothes (full) - vampire armor (full) - vampire royal armor (full) - falmer heavy (belly+butt) - ivory armor (belly only) - dawnguard armor (all 5 variants) (belly only) annotation: (belly only) -> added only belly node (full) -> added belly node and TBBP (belly+butt) -> added belly node and butt nodes, because breast nodes didn't make any sense (too rigid or other reasons) (USKP) -> meshes include fixes from the Unofficial Skyrim patches Installation: - install the archive using MO/NMM or manually extract the files to your data folder - if you don't like any of the changes for a specific armor/clothing, just delete the corresponding folder/the meshes in the archive. - no esps needed as this just replaces the vanilla meshes Requirements: - XPMSE XP Maximum Skeleton Extended by Groovtama at least v2.xx-> http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/? - If you still use XPMS 1.94, install the PSVAC 0.981 files. otherwise you will get crushed breasts issues. optional: - a mod that utilizes the belly node like BeeingFemale, FillHerUp or EstrusChaurus ... etc. - HDT physics extension by HydrogensaysHDT (latest version 14.28 should work fine) -> http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? OR - TBBP animations FAQs: Q: I get a CTD when I tried to equip one of the armors or enter a cell with a npc that wears it. A: CTDs with this mod are almost always skeleton related. So make sure you installed XPMSE correctly and that it isn't overwritten by any other mod you installed that includes a custom skeleton. Q: I sometimes get huge spiky breasts that stretch into infinity on npcs when they enter the cell and then they become invisible. A: This is a problem with HDT, your HDT xml file and/or the weight painting of the armor/clothing/body. TBBP from a technical perspective is a system of springs, dampeners and constraints that are capable of oscillatory movement.. Under certain circumstances it can happen that the system breaches a constraint and becomes unstable and thus resulting in the observed behaviour. How often this happens depends on your HDT xml and the weight painting of the armor. The same thing can happen with nude npcs too, so it is not only a problem of this armor set. But the probability of seeing this increases with this mod or any hdt clothing installed. tldr: it's a problem with HDT Q: Does this work with CBBE? UNP? UNPB? etc A: Yes. In skyrim the body mesh for the nude character is independent of the body mesh included in the armor/clothing mesh. So you can use any body you like.. The result will be the same as using it with the standard vanilla clothing. But be aware that some bodies like CBBE use textures that are more different to vanilla than for example UNP/B, so there might be some visual imperfections like gaps on the knees or the nipples showing on the wench outfit. Known issues: - you might experience a slight (or more notable, depending on your machine) performance hit, due to npcs now also using the hdt physics extension. So in areas with many (female) npcs fps might drop a little. - scaled horn armor not added yet (horn part keeps disappearing at certain camera angles / doesn't get rendered properly) - savior's hide has a problem, were the sleeve parts disappear at some camera angles (same issue as with scaled horn armor, but I had it finished already and it isn't as noticeable. So i kept it in for now..) - yarlclothes03 has also been edited. This can cause CTD issues during the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened", when potema tries to equip this armor. This happens with any (or at least most) mods that attempt to edit this set of armor. There are several fixes here on the nexus that attempt to fix this. So get one of those or simply get rid of the files in the folder "data\meshes\clothes\yarlclothes03" while you are playing the quest. For example set them to hidden in MO or rename/copy them somewhere else if they lie in your data folder. - The belly weight painting on some of the vanilla armors is still a bit rough / edgy.. The Dawnguard and Dragonborn meshes already have better, more conflict free weighting. If I ever resume work on this mod it will be the first thing that gets improved. Note about the USKP meshes: The fixed USKP meshes that are included in this mod do not represent the last status of the USKP. After I added the nodes some other fixes were done (mainly introduced by v2.1.3 ->"corrected various issues such as missing specular maps, incorrect shader flags and options, adding or removing vertex colors") that are not included, as that would require me to redo all my work over again or somehow carry over the fixes from the USKP. But as I don't exactly know what was changed and how, I can't do that as of now. The meshes still work fine with the latest USKP for me, though. have fun! If you find any bugs or have other suggestions to improve something, let me know. btw. this mod can now also be found on the evil nexus: complete changelog: Credits: - lowe for the tutorial that got me started (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/18466-pregnant-armor-meshes-unpbbbpreg-updated-w-fix/?p=794117). - the fine people who created bodyslide / outfit studio - Bethesda for meshes + game - Unofficial Skyrim Patch-team for fixed meshes - Malystraza for the body i was using as reference (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22986-req-sevenbase-pregnant/?p=633208) Submitter gullu Submitted 06/01/2014 Category Armor & Clothing Requires XPMS or XPMSE Special Edition Compatible
  14. View File Diaper Lovers' Skyrim Mod Family This page hosts a growing family of mods centered on the theme of adult diapers. It grew from Lucia1's Diaper Lovers' Skyrim diaper model, and it now comprises more fully featured mods which integrate the models into a needs mods (Private Needs Discreet), as well as Devious Devices, as well as additional clothing, from my own ABDL Suite to Helios' cloth diaper. Take a look at the files and the description for an account of the variety you'll find here. This description mostly serves the base mod, DLSkyrim. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim Features: - 4 Diapers: 3 Diaper models with 22 textures each, and a "huge" diaper model with 12 textures. 78 textures total. - Used a photo technique to capture realistic diapers as well as Substance Painter for more materials-based styles. - All diapers work for adult men and women and beast races. - Diapers have crinkling sounds when you walk. - 7 pacifiers, by request - Some of the "huge" diapers have modeled chains for "forced" wearing. - Everything is fully craftable. - A host of supporting mods for 1) using diapers, 2) bondage and diapers, and 3) cloth diapers. Keep reading for more. Whaa? DLSkyrim is a big clothing mod, essentially. It adds four different models of quite lore unfriendly wearable adult diapers for the people of Skyrim, for the UNP HDT and SOS bodies (And CBBE (Curvy) HDT), ladies and gentlemen alike. You can either simply type "help diaper" (lol) to get a code to console them in, or you can make your own with some linen wraps and a bit of tundra cotton at a skinning rack*. So realistic. They use the "52" slot like some other underwear mods do, such that you may mix and match with outfits. Er, outfits with no pants and only very poofy skirts, otherwise the diaper will peek through. That's good advice for actual diapers. As of 1.4, it added pacifiers, by request. Go butterfly hunting to craft them (also at a skinning rack). * The white diapers are the bases from which all others may be crafted, using ingredients like mountain flowers, hanging moss, and creep clusters. Clipping: Any dictionary will tell you, perhaps in not these words exactly, that a diaper is a fluffy thing on your butt. It's going to clip a lot with clothing, including with the body in various poses. No sneaking! Swimming is permissible. Correcting clipping with such an item is beyond my skill and time. Poofy skirts, right? Right. The style was made for UNP first, and while I like it on the skinny and medium areas of the SOS spectrum, the bodybuilder...lol I diapered that bear anyway. I made some dresses to work with these, the "Sissy Suite." if you're interested. Whyy? I offer these as niche but no less earnest fetish fuel to the game that has mod-love for a great variety of kinks. After doing searches for "skyrim diaper" every few months for a couple of years, I decided to just learn how to do it from scratch. If there is any interest, I plan to eventually make additional styles. Many people have asked for these on various forums, including this one, so perhaps these will meet some of those desires as well. Those interested in exploring RP around omorashi/desperation, ab/dl/ageplay, and long term bondage scenarios get a little love in this mod. I'm aware that this kink has a potentially high comedic value, so, if this isn't for you, and you're about to tell me so, at least be funny. These could be shinier/less shiny - Yes, YMMV. Some shine is by design - these aren't cloth diapers, and I'm not giving up the pastels just so that they won't look nuclear in Skyrim's surprisingly direct sun. YMMV. To be able to adjust these things in nifskope is a worthy skill of any Bethesda mod user. My recommendation would be to enter the BSLightingShaderProperty to reduce the glossiness by half or more and move the specularity toward the black if it's the shine itself that has you down. If they're still blindingly bright in your setup, use a photo program to reduce the light levels of the worst offenders. There's probably some magic that could be done with the unusual way Skyrim handles normals that could further reduce the brightness. Will you port/convert DLSkyrim for... - No, sorry. I did so much of this that I ported this mod for a game I don't even play (Fallout 4). I don't use bodyslide, and I'm no good making Outfit Studio look anything like even my amateurish work in Blender. Please don't ask me to. I mod for fun, and I find that this goes against my goals here. The Mod Family - A number of awesome people in the community have made other versions of this mod, with support for NakedMage, Private Needs Discreet, and Devious Devices. I'll list the current versions here as a guide to the downloads. Each has its own requirements, and I'm sorry, but I can only support my version as well as I can. They're all active in the thread though, so post there if you have a problem. Fallout 4 Port: Exugen made this port, which I know nothing about yet, since I don't own FO4. As is for now. I think it uses CBBE. Check out Diaper Lovers' Fallout 4 , my rather minimal port of this mod. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.0 - This is the original, which requires SOS and either UNP or CBBE, depending on the version. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.2 - This second round included thick diapers, and only half of them are HDT. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.3 - The third round was a major update, adding slim diapers and reworking all of the previous models in addition to adding crinkling sounds. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.4 - Added seven varieties of pacifier. Go butterfly hunting to craft! Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.5 - This is the current version, which this description serves. Requires SOS body and either UNP HDT OR CBBE HDT. The less jiggly the better for fighting clipping. You can get this split in two parts (because of the 100 MB limit on LL), or you can click on the MEGA links. The top one is UNP, the second one CBBE. DLSecureSkyrim 1.5 (Original by Veladarius) - I have updated Veladarius' 1.0 original, which incorporates this mod into the Devious Devices framework. DLSecure 1.5 is a little bit different philosophy from the earlier version. In order to limit the metric ton of entries on top of DLSkyrim, DLSecure only makes the lockable diapers lockable. Crazy, right? You can still use the old one along side the new one if you want the ridiculous numbers - just change the name of the .esp of one and run them both. You only need the .esp to use Secure if you use DLSkyrim, but it's standalone as packaged. It requires Devious Devices and all of DD's requirements. Requirements and function: To quote Veladarius: "This requires DD Integration along with its requirements," so that means Sexlab framework, Devious Devices - Assets, Sexlab - Aroused, and the ZaZ Animation Pack, all up to date. More from the author: "The devices work as chastity belts, and they use standard keys. Any mods that grab items by keywords will have a chance to use one of these since it is technically a belt. Since it is a belt it will hold plugs and do the other things the belts do." PND Diaper 1.4.1 (By Nerfbrony)- nerfbrony has integrated diaper functionality with Private Needs Discreet. You can actually use these diapers now! Check it out! Use the spells that you start with to start the process and avoid having an accident once you start the game. It's got MCM support, skill penalties and everything. It requires Private Needs Discrete and any dependencies of that. Run FNIS first. See the forum for MUCH more updated work on PND Diaper. Cloth Diaper (by helios) Add 11 Cloth diapers for CBBE or CBBE HDT body. Bodyslide file available. how to get: type [diaper] in console and type [player.additem xx00yyyy 1] or simply use AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer MOD Pre-built body type : CBBE curby or CBBE HDT CBBE HDT is WIP. Thigh weights are something strange. about Diaper script: add spell for "Diapering" target NPC. Target NPC will wear random Cloth Diaper.But I don't make unequip script yet.Be careful. how to get:type [player.addspell xx002dde] (xx is load order) ABDL Suite I've gotten a TON of requests for this, so I wanted to release this as soon as I could. This is a set of two constructable ABDL-inspired pieces of clothing, each in twelve shared textures. You get a super warm sleeper with open legs and a onesie (a sleeveless sleeper, really). This is a 'light' mod, in which I didn't have time to create a bunch of world objects or to obsess over weighting overly much, but if you're still reading, give 'em a look below and download! They're the perfect companion to DLSkyrim's pacifiers and diapers (though they have a built-in diaper already). Probably goes without saying, but the A in ABDL is adult. So that's who it's for. Also check out anarky98's modification of this mod for NakedMage. Changelog: 3/26/16 - I've adapted the female diaper to the CBBE Curvy body as an alternative, due to many requests. This puts it in bodyslide territory, so perhaps people can further adapt it to their own specifications. 4/20/16 - Exugen made a port of one of the diapers for Fallout 4. I don't own FO4, so I can't really tell you any more than that, but give it a shot! I think s/he used the CBBE body for Fallout. 5/30/16 - 1.2 Released. I've redone the basic mesh into a cleaner, thicker version. I've kept both, for legacy support and stylistic variety. I've also added four base textures from requests, bringing that total to 8, with 13 texture variants. I've also renamed a few diapers. If you'd like to buy them IRL, simply google the their in-game titles and go nuts. Finally, the female version of the new mesh has HDT support. As always, you'll have better luck with the old "Mediums" if you have an HDT supported top. For some reason, your HDT bra will support your behind . The whole thing still works, and probably better, without HDT jiggling. 6/7/16 - Updated DLSecureSkyrim to 1.2. 6/9/16 - Uploaded CBBE HDT (Curvy) options for the main 1.2 mod as well as DLSecureSkyrim 1.2. 6/21/16 - Uploaded nerfbrony's PND Diaper mod, which lets you use the diapers as diapers should be used. 6/24/16 - Updated PND to 1.4.1, which provides increased stability and the speed of the scripts. 6/28/16 - Uploaded helios' Cloth Diaper mod. 8/1/16 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.3, providing a better set of three sizes of diaper with 21 textures each, now with crinkling sounds. 8/14/16 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.4, adding pacifiers in seven varieties and one extra diaper texture, each by request. 7/25/17 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.5, adding the "huge" diaper style in 12 varities, with realistic chain. Also fixed lack of working specularity (shine, more or less) in the mod. 8/14/17 - Updated DLSecure to DLSkyrim 1.5's models, and released the ABDL Suite, a clothing set with a onesie and sleeper. Permissions: Re-makes, touch-ups, fixes, expansions, new body mods, and the like are permitted (and encouraged) without attribution or notice so long as you aren't profiting financially from them. You can even port them to other games. This is a (particular) community service. Caveat: You may not port them for underage individuals. While these could be seen as innocuous, it's a fine line, and there are enough idiots who think that this fetish has anything to do with that. Credits: ABUniverse for their many great designs (This mod's fanciest prints: Lavender, Cushies, Paws can be found with a quick google) Rearz makes the Seduction model Abena makes the Abri-Form DC Amor makes the very elaborate prints in pink. dimon99 for his lovely UNP body. VectorPlexus and Smurf for their mighty SOS body. Caliente for the CBBE body, which with these is now extra curvy. Exugen for working on a FO4 port, who gives special credit to zenna11 for help. Cryptghost for making a CBBE Bodyslide version. Veladarius for creating DLSecureSkyrim and for generous tech support nerfbrony for creating and recreating PND Diaper Ihallrellon for creating Private Needs Discreet (and please see his page for the giants upon whose back s/he stood). anarky98 for making a version of this mod for NakedMage functionality and for testing. helios for allowing me to host Cloth Diaper here. Smithnikov for sharing screens of his enjoyment of the mod, two of which can be found in the pics below. Agent577 for technical support, ideas, and plentiful engagement. Dentelle for her lovely textures used in the printed huge diapers. KameleonKlik's lovely lace photo resource on DeviantArt in the ruffled diaper (I made it pink). Foxes texture adapted from work by AnimeCat198. Submitter Lucia1 Submitted 03/12/2016 Category Armor & Clothing Requires DLSKyrim requires the SOS Body and UNP HDT or CBBE (Curvy) HDT (Plus their requirements). The less jiggly the HDT the better. Special Edition Compatible  
  15. View File Kat's Jumper Hoodie ported from DMC Me been using this Clothing for a while, (supposed to be hoodie but ._.)but me reworked it from scratch because the previous one me have doesnt have a _0 and its an unpb . Now its UNP C: Also,the screenies seems showing much specular, something's wrong with my skyrim setup, so sorry for bad screenies - UNP - Working Weight Slider. - Craftable At any forge, Under Leather Section, the necklace and collar are in Jewelry Section. - Requires HDT High Heels System for the boots There are 7 Body parts : - Jumper/Hoodie - Back accesories/Scabbard - Boots - Collar - Belt and The Gear with it ( a spray can and a grenade? o-o) - Necklace - Pants Thankies (^ω^) Submitter Reenana Submitted 05/12/2015 Category Armor & Clothing Requires HDT High Heels System Special Edition Compatible  
  16. I have asked the uploader of these images (kaliedie) about the armor and bodytype but sadly they have yet to reply to me. https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/84946-3-1510072130.jpg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/84946-5-1510072129.jpg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/84575/84575-1512197964-202717843.jpeg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/84575/84575-1512071421-645343782.jpeg
  17. Edit: So everything I did was a complete waste of time, lol: http://wtfuun.tumblr.com/post/155402399790/apachii-divine-elegance-uunp-bodyslide-hdt Of course he's already finished it by himself.
  18. View File Wanna share some conversions,cause it s kinda frustrating to throw all links on different forums. Dont wait much from me,im only a human ;D 1. Aradia leather 2. 1001 nights *you can download mod from its author page, Asenasen . All credits go to him/her. 3. Ivy Valentine Armor * .esp file added,no hand/feet glitches 4. StoneHeart Pack * PRESS THERE TO DL* 5. Lethal Majesty 6. R18Pn 08 - Lingerie Set 7. Dragonsong Armor 8. BLESS Armor pack * PRESS THERE TO DL* 9. Bosmer Lingerie Armor *fixed broken Bosmer Lingerie bodyslide files,the problem was in the path,reupload the file. 10. LDW Studded Leather *also you can visit his page and all credits go to him * PRESS THERE TO DL THE MAIN MOD* * PRESS THERE TO DL MY CONVERSION* 11. Chapi JK Collection *download .esp on download section 12. Red Roses Outfit *conversion on a conversion..i m all adrift... anyway all credits go to Asenasen 13. Soft Dream Outfit *all credits go to Asenasen 14. Silly Squad *all credits go to gutris1 15. [NINI] Bless MD3001 16. Helena Succubus by gutris1 17. Momiji Overalls by gutris1 Submitter Ferlaron Submitted 07/10/2016 Category BodySlide Requires for r18pn download a texture patch from nexus Special Edition Compatible
  19. I'm looking for the best looking outfits for CBBE. I don't care how lore unfriendly they are, can someone just point me in the right direction? Thanks very much P.S. Sorry if there is already a thread about this!
  20. I'm looking for this red top that the girl is wearing and I can't really find it anywhere. I did find something similar by BillSims but it's not quite what I want but I downloaded it anyway just to see how it looks. The reason I'm asking is because I think this would look perfect for my Ada Wong sim. Anyway, any info is appreciated. Thanks! Button up by BillSims on TSR: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1395376 The pose is here from thesimsmodels: http://thesimsm0dels.tumblr.com/post/162370487768/portrait-poses-for-ts4-by-granny-zaza-you-need
  21. Hey there. As the title states, I'm seeking some help with adding transparency to armors and clothing. To start, I liked the Transparent Glass armor mod posted on the Nexus a few years ago but wanted to use different meshes than it provided, so I decided to just add it to the ones I'm using myself. I was able to change the Alpha Channels on the textures no problem, so that was fine. Afterwards I added the NiAlphaProperty to all the parts I wanted to be semi-transparent and set the Flag to Enable Blending so it wouldn't be completely see through. Saved the .nif, built it in BodySlide, then checked it out in game only to find that the transparent parts were fine but the rest of the texture was very dark. It took a few hours of googling and reading Nifskope guides to figure out I needed to add Assume_Shadowmask to Shader Flags 2 in BSLightingShaderProperty to fix it. Well, it did... sort of. The texture now displays properly but the armor has taken on some strange transparent properties that I have no idea how to fix. Depending on where you look, the parts of the armor that aren't directly in line with the body are almost completely transparent, like thin glass. Example here: As one can see, the parts that aren't directly in line with her body shape are very translucent. You can see it mostly on the arms and shoulders in this image. While it's arguably a cool effect with Glass Armor, it won't work if I want to, say, make the Miner's Clothing partially transparent. So, what exactly is causing this? I imagine I'm missing something in BSLightingShaderProperty that needs to be added but I'm rather new to Nifskope and have no idea what. Any input any of you may have would be very welcome. Thanks in advance!
  22. The Necessary Change

    Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5999-leaving-the-bloody-stone/ The Necessary Change I do not think it was that good idea to break into an abadoned miner house, but I need change my clothes. So not much of a choice.. These Vigilant robe is just bad and even can make me an target, the group is not popular, last thing I want to be associated with them. Gwynolda: I hope the miner clothing will be more comfortable. I was get myself ready to change to a barely better rags, but anything better than those robes. Gwynolda: Here we go.. Suprisingly the miner uniform was much better, it was a bit loose and large, but enough to fit. Gwynolda: Hmm not bad.. Now then only one thing remained to do, I was relucant to do that but it is needed... Gwynolda: Lets get this over... Cut my hair, I left behind my former life in Markath... Gwynolda: (Sigh) And the only thing what reminded me is my hair, what I always weared in my life there, I need cut it. Gwynolda: This is hard... But in the end I did it, cutted some parts off it... it was a bit sad.. My hair was part of my beauty as sisters said, I severed it... I get myself together fast and started create my new hairstyle.. One, what make me harder to recognise withouth relying on my magic... Gwynolda: Done, simple but fitting... I left the miner's house, I did what I needed, it was no reason to remain there... After leaving it, I was about planning my next move... Gwynolda: Well time to think a bit whats next... My next move is probably waiting for the oppurnity to strike Hamal down in her usual sacred site visiting, until then I need to hide somewhere... Gwynolda: The mother of the Temple usually leave the city once in every month to visit the holy sites, I could simply ambush her... I need a place I can hang out during that... I simply moved on, after my plan was ready to find some hideouts for the preparations.. Gwynolda: I got some time until the day she leaves, I can make my preparations.. End Authors note
  23. hi, anyone know what replacer set this armor from?
  24. View File Devious Rubber Masks (and ponies!) [ DESCRIPTION ] Devious Rubber Masks comes from my realization that a playermodel is basically a rubber costume that your character puts on and then runs around pretending to be someone else. If we can have costumes, why not just a mask? If we can have masks, why not bondagey masks? So I grabbed a few playermodels uploaded by lovely people here (see Credits), trimmed them down to the head pieces, and integrated them into the Devious Devices framework. [ WHAT YOU GET ] Rubber masks for Disney princesses, characters from from Mass Effect, My Little Ponies and several others. Lockable items removable with standard Devious Devices keys. Unique flavor messages, including "call for help" messages that differ based on player arousal Rubber bodysuits to match the masks, which act as electrostim vaginal/anal plugs and devious corsets When worn together, the bodysuits prevent the masks from being removed with either keys or lockpicks until the bodysuit is removed Special powers granted by the Disney items "Pony hooves" that, when worn, prevent your character from holding a weapon/shield, casting any spells, or using lockpicks - but that can still be used for unarmed attacks Compatibility with HisDudeness2015's Open Hood Overlay, if you have Helmet Overlays installed [ LIST OF POWERS (SPOILERS) ] [ HOW TO GET ] Open the console and type help "Locking Masks" 4 and you'll see a "Box of Locking Masks" and its FormID. Then do player.placeatme <FormID> and the container will appear next to you. If you have installed the optional Pony add-on, type help "pony bondage" 4 and you'll see a "Pony Bondage Chest" with its FormID. Summon it as you would the mask box. Alternately: Just type "help Mask 4" into the console and you'll see a list of items added by this mod; then you can "player.additem" them directly into your inventory. [ INSTALLATION ] Open the .7z file with the FOMOD-supporting mod organizer of your choice. [ REQUIREMENTS ] The latest versions of - ZaZ Animation Pack - Devious Devices Assets - Devious Devices Integration - Devious Devices Expansion - SexLab Framework - SexLab Aroused (or SexLab Redux) [ OPTIONAL ] For compatibility with HisDudeness2015's Hood Overlay, make sure you have Scrivener07's Helmet Overlays installed. [ KNOWN ISSUES ] I tested these with the UNPB body, and some of the mask necks can't quite be made to line up with the body's chest, leaving some empty space. I'm not a good enough modeler to fix this, all I did was trim down existing models. I did my best to make the seams less noticeable. Credit: - Elsa Head, and quite a few others - user619 - (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/40217-release-elsa-head-from-frozen-in-skyrim/) - Player models EXCEPT Diana Allers - diegoforfun - (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15232-wipreldiegoforfun-modsplayermodelsweaponsarmors-v2) - Diana Allers player model - LordVandheer - (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17012-rel-lordvandheers-mods-armors-playermodels/) Submitter Nothing Doing Submitted 12/14/2014 Category Armor & Clothing Requires ZaZ Animation Pack, Devious Devices - Assets, Devious Devices - Integration, Devious Devices - Expansion,SexLab Framework, SexLab Aroused (or SexLab Aroused Redux) Special Edition Compatible
  25. Version 1.0.0


    I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the #FreeTheNipple movement, for reasons including equality, social freedom, and because I like looking at boobs. Now your Sims can join the movement using clothing modeled after real outfits! This set includes the following base game recolors (no new meshes): "Nude" bikini tops in three swatches: light skin, medium skin, dark skin (real top) "Deal with it" scoop t-shirt Free The Nipple film tank top Boob outline dark tank top - the real outfit is a wire necklace, but I haven't learned to make custom meshes yet Sharpie body writing with a variety of messages - only some shown (real writing) Screenshot skins: Better Body + Wild Guy's female body details (nipples).