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  1. When enabling ANY other mods (especially script heavy ones), the game crashes before the main menu So, im by no means new to modding. I have tried everything i could think of, from sorting the load order on my own, making smashed patches (That kept making the crash completely inevitable), wrye bash, Tes5Edit error checking, redoing all merges, checking the skyrim ini files over and over, looking for a possible missing mod or even checking for reference number (which im always keeping below 700k, this time arround being 552k) Please forgive the big load order, and im honestly sorry if i should have done something else to share it. Only way i have known of for the past few years is with LOOT (the copy feature). For the merges i used zEdit and the Mod Manager im using is Mod Organizer 2. Keep in mind this is Skyrim Legendary Edition Only way i knew of to share the merges from zEdit was to post screenshots so im sorry if there was a more efficient way! The mods are NOT deactivated as i was told before they should keep being on after the merge is done. However i made their esp files OPTIONAL on the Mod Organizer. I got nowhere else to get help from and knowing how you guys have helped me before with some serious heavilly skyrim modded issues, im assuming perhaps someone can give me some light here? I have literally hit a modding wall here? Right now im sitting at 250 plugins, with game STILL being playable. However im NOT able to activate ANY other mods. Doing so makes the game immediately crash before the main menu screen shows up. I noticed that certain mods cause the crash to happen with way less mods. Having WARZONES on for example will cause the crash before the 240 plugin limit is reached, while Sexlab Survival wont let the game launch at all at 220 plugins or less. Smashed Patches as well as ASIS patches and TES5Edit patches also cause a crash immediatelly at arround 220 plugins. So load order copied from loot is this: 0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 5 5 Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm 6 6 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp 7 7 Falskaar.esm 8 8 RaceCompatibility.esm 9 9 Heels Sound.esm 10 a hdtHighHeel.esm 11 b Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm 12 c BSAssets.esm 13 d WM Flora Fixes.esp 14 e MagicDuelReborn.esm 15 f GeneralStores.esm 16 10 ApachiiHairFemales.esm 17 11 ApachiiHair.esm 18 12 ApachiiHairMales.esm 19 13 EFFCore.esm 20 14 EnhancedLightsandFX.esp 21 15 Castle Draco's Legendary DLC Edition.esp 22 16 CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp 23 17 3DNPC.esp 24 18 Evil Lair of Hydra.esm 25 19 AKSkyrimUnderground.esp 26 1a SkyrimSewers.ESM 27 1b Dwarfsphere.esp 28 1c SMSkyrim.esp 29 1d BSHeartland.esm 30 1e HammetDungeons.esm 31 1f EasierRidersDungeonPack.esp 32 20 OSA.esm 33 21 SexLab.esm 34 22 Devious Devices - Assets.esm 35 23 SexLabAroused.esm 36 24 Campfire.esm 37 25 Devious Devices - Integration.esm 38 26 ZaZAnimationPack.esm 39 27 notice board.esp 40 28 Vigilant.esm 41 29 Gray Fox Cowl.esm 42 2a summersetisles.esp 43 2b daymoyl.esm 44 2c LevelersTower.esm 45 2d MolagBalsInferno.esm 46 2e Devious Devices - Expansion.esm 47 2f AetherSuite.esp 48 30 RE_RealEstate_Core.esp 49 31 RSkyrimChildren.esm 50 32 PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest.esm 51 33 HighResTexturePack01.esp 52 34 HighResTexturePack02.esp 53 35 HighResTexturePack03.esp 54 36 Cutting Room Floor.esp 55 37 Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp 56 38 Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp 57 39 Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp 58 3a Bathing in Skyrim - Main.esp 59 3b SkyUI.esp 60 3c DVA - Dynamic Vampire Appearance.esp 61 3d halfdragonrace.esp 62 3e KS Hairdos - HDT.esp 63 3f RaceMenu.esp 64 40 RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp 65 41 RaceMenuPlugin.esp 66 42 SGEyebrows.esp 67 43 SOSRaceMenu.esp 68 44 XPMSE.esp 69 45 FacelightPlus.esp 70 46 SexLabDefeat.esp 71 47 SLAnimLoader.esp 72 48 Customizable Camera.esp 73 49 KS Hairdo's.esp 74 4a Nemesis PCEA.esp 75 4b Destructible Skyrim.esp 76 4c Chaos Pack A.esp 77 4d SleepingDangers-SandsofTime.esp 78 4e Disparity.esp 79 4f RealisticRoomRental.esp 80 50 LegacyoftheDragonborn.esp 81 51 Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade.esp 82 52 WetandCold.esp 83 53 Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp 84 54 immersivemerchants.esp 85 55 Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp 86 56 Rebirth Monster.esp 87 57 Helgen Reborn.esp 88 58 RealisticWaterTwo.esp 89 59 AOS.esp 90 5a Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp 91 5b Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp 92 5c DeadlySpellImpacts.esp 93 5d WetandCold - Ashes.esp 94 5e HDTPhysicsWeaponSling.esp 95 5f iHUD.esp 96 60 WM_WidgetMod.esp 97 61 FISS.esp 98 62 AMatterOfTime.esp 99 63 Bishu Osafune-ju Morikage.esp 100 64 UIExtensions.esp 101 65 AddItemMenuLE.esp 102 66 hmkLockOn.esp 103 67 3PCO.esp 104 68 GoToBed.esp 105 69 EatingSleepingDrinking.esp 106 6a iEquip.esp 107 6b SMSkyrim - Compressed.esp 108 6c Realistic AI Detection 2 - High Interior, High Exterior.esp 109 6d JaxonzRenamer.esp 110 6e Animated Dragon Wings.esp 111 6f Animated Featherd wings.esp 112 70 GreatWarSkyrim.esp 113 71 SoundsofSkyrimComplete.esp 114 72 Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp 115 73 Undeath.esp 116 74 DwemerColosseum.esp 117 75 ChaoX Pack B.esp 118 76 RealisticNeedsandDiseases.esp 119 77 Ambriel.esp 120 78 Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp 121 79 Rebirth Monster - SIC Patch.esp 122 7a S3_REMASTERED.esp 123 7b OBIS.esp 124 7c Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package.esp 125 7d SimplyKnock.esp 126 7e TradeBarter.esp 127 7f Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.esp 128 80 RE_RealEstate.esp 129 81 MrissiTailOfTroubles.esp 130 82 marriagemod - alpha v3.esp 131 83 ZIA_Complete Pack.esp 132 84 Personalized Music v 6.0.esp 133 85 Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp 134 86 SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.esp 135 87 SMIM-Merged-All.esp 136 88 SkyrimUnhinged.esp 137 89 Animallica.esp 138 8a zMirai.esp 139 8b RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp 140 8c prettypotions.esp 141 8d Better Vampires.esp 142 8e SeranaDialogAddon.esp 143 8f SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp 144 90 Races Pack Merge.esp 145 91 DSerCombatGameplayOverhaul.esp 146 92 ChaosDragons.esp 147 93 fallentreebridges.esp 148 94 Immersive Wenches.esp 149 95 flaho_shi_eagles_nest_ENG.esp 150 96 Clockwork.esp 151 97 Arcanum.esp 152 98 Hunterborn.esp 153 99 NewArmoury.esp 154 9a DeadlyDragons.esp 155 9b konahrik_accoutrements.esp 156 9c Frostfall.esp 157 9d SofiaFollower.esp 158 9e Celestials.esp 159 9f LupineWerewolfPerkExpansion.esp 160 a0 Fossilsyum.esp 161 a1 Playable Monster Mod.esp 162 a2 xamnant.esp 163 a3 Hateful Wenches.esp 164 a4 Tools of Kagrenac.esp 165 a5 KNM_Mour.esp 166 a6 Recorder Follower Base.esp 167 a7 WheelsOfLull.esp 168 a8 Tower Watch.esp 169 a9 Darkend.esp 170 aa BadGremlinsJarHunt.esp 171 ab Haem Projects Basalt.esp 172 ac ForgottenCity.esp 173 ad BGtheCapturedFairies.esp 174 ae daymoyl_DawnguardAddon.esp 175 af SkyrimReputation_S2011.esp 176 b0 Missives.esp 177 b1 Spellsword.esp 178 b2 darkproject.esp 179 b3 Naruto Overhaul.esp 180 b4 UchihaClan.esp 181 b5 Haem Projects Tel Mos.esp 182 b6 Magic of the Magna-Ge.esp 183 b7 DrunkenDragon.esp 184 b8 Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp 185 b9 konahrik_accoutrements_db.esp 186 ba Tainted_Blood.esp 187 bb BGsomethingFishy.esp 188 bc Anime Spells Mods.esp 189 bd Vampirelordroyal.esp 190 be BGtrophyHeads.esp 191 bf Haem Projects Hermits Stump.esp 192 c0 Ravengate.esp 193 c1 Cannabis.esp 194 c2 Brevi_MoonlightTalesEssentials.esp 195 c3 Hermit.esp 196 c4 Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp 197 c5 AetheriumSwordsnArmor.esp 198 c6 SpellswordApocalypse.esp 199 c7 Forgotten Wenches.esp 200 c8 Judgment Wenches.esp 201 c9 Deadly Wenches.esp 202 ca RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp 203 cb zzEstrus.esp 204 cc UltimateDragons.esp 205 cd Watercolor_for_ENB_RWT.esp 206 ce ChargeOrFill.esp 207 cf Cinematic Dragon Soul Absorbtion.esp 208 d0 Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics.esp 209 d1 Nightbringer.esp 210 d2 Seductress Serana.esp 211 d3 ContinueGameNoCrash.esp 212 d4 Remodeled Armor - Dawnguard.esp 213 d5 Remodeled Armor - Dragonborn.esp 214 d6 FNIS.esp 215 d7 SkyHUD.esp 216 d8 TKDodge.esp 217 d9 RSChildren.esp 218 da RSChildren Patch - USLEEP.esp 219 db RSChildren Playable.esp 220 dc NorthernGrass.esp 221 dd ReAnimate.esp 222 de Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp 223 df Chaox Merge 3.esp 224 e0 EFFDialogue.esp 225 e1 Immersive Weapons.esp 226 e2 DSer360MovementBehavior.esp 227 e3 DeadlyCombat.esp 228 e4 UltimateCombat.esp 229 e5 DSerArcheryGameplayOverhaul.esp 230 e6 P1FlyingRing.esp 231 e7 Haem Projects Shalidor.esp 232 e8 StrangeRunes.esp 233 e9 dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp 234 ea Scribe.esp 235 eb Remodeled Armor.esp 236 ec Instant Merchant.esp 237 ed Schlongs of Skyrim.esp 238 ee Immersive Speechcraft.esp 239 ef Spellsiphon.esp 240 f0 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp 241 f1 mslDeviousCaptures.esp 242 f2 RDO - CACO Patch.esp 243 f3 RDO - EFF v4.0.2 Patch.esp 244 f4 RDO - Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp 245 f5 CannabisUpdate.esp 246 f6 OBISDB.esp 247 f7 Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp 248 f8 Patches Merged Complete.esp 249 f9 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp The merges are as follows (the last merge caused the crash since it included the Sexlab Survival mod thus i had to deactivate it so pay no mind to it) :
  2. I hope this hasn't been asked before but there appears to be a compatibility issue with AAF and VIS-G - specifically: In the Pip boy going from the data tab to the inventory will crash you straight out of the game Likewise - when opening the inventory at a workshop (r button on the pc) or doing the same when looking at a dead bodied inventory. Instant CTD. Now the Pip boy can be sorted with the following edit, from : That fixes the Pipboy but obviously loses the icons in there and the following line supports that: Does anyone have a suggestion for the crash when going to a settlement / body's inventory?
  3. I just got into this type of modding for skyrim and am encountering issues with any type of horse intercourse. Background: I am on Skyrim SE (latest patch) All mods are up to date with patch FINS is updated and running all the animations correctly Using MO2 Load Order: SexLab SexLab Aroused Creature Framework SkyUI Ui Extensions FNIS SexLab Tools MNC SLAL HCoS SL More Creatures SL Aroused Creatures SoS JContainers My Issue: Well, horses are causing the game to CTD. Sometimes, I get the preload animations (where the character is idling), then the game crashes. Sometimes I get pursued and caught by a horse and the game crashes. It seems to be random in the crashes, but it has been strictly horses. What I have tried: Deleting the horse skeleton as suggested by MNC creator Installing ABC (But HDT-PE is only available for LE, so ABC is not working) For now, I am just going to disable horses as a whole because troubleshooting is getting further down a rabbit hole. Unless I am missing a glaring fuck up in my load order, I am having trouble finding the issue.
  4. Hey everyone, I know this should probably be posted on the BHUNP Support Forum but I´ve tried there multiple times and got no help there so I´m gonna try my luck here. So I´m trying to install BHUNP which has been awesome when I got it to work. But ever since 1.79 (and 1.80) it just CTDs my game before the Bethesda Logo appears. I am selecting the European version in the fomod. I am suspecting that it doesn´t actually select the European version/it´s broken but Im really not sure. I don´t know much about BHUNP so i haven´t tried a lot of things/know a lot of things. Has someone using the European version got a fix for this ? I love this body but i hate that i can´t use it anymore due to being european
  5. Hi all, I have a new crash, which I never experienced in my earlier F4 games. When I press T to enter the perk tree, more often than not, the game crashes. It also happens sometimes when selecting new Perk from the tree. I googled it and I'm not alone, but I did not see any solid solution. Someone claimed I need some AAF patches, but they did not help. Others said I need to remove some big mods. I checked the Performance tab on Task Manager (W10 Professional) during game. The GPU (1080Ti) Utilization is on 100%, while the Dedicated GPU memory rarely goes over 2.7/11GB. I also have 16GB Shared GPU Memory, resulting in 27GB total GPU memory. So it seems I have more than enough room for textures (the game uses only 10% of available GPU memory), so I don't understand why should I remove big mods. I removed the Ikaros mod (huge amount of big textures basically) for testing the theory, but I still got the crash. I use a Perk tree mod (vaultgirl perk tree, only changes the visuals), but I used that in earlier games as well and never had problem with it. I did remove though for testing purposes, but the game crashes withou it too. My MO2 left side: Load Order: Any idea why do I have this quite frequent crash? Edit: I may have found something which could help. This is the xSEPluginLoader.log "[2020-11-07 08:07:52:025] Preload directive 'Buffout4_preload.txt' found, trying to load the corresponding library 'L:\Games\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Buffout4.dll' [2020-11-07 08:07:52:027] <Buffout4.dll> Trying to load [2020-11-07 08:07:52:031] <Buffout4.dll> Couldn't load plugin: [Win32: 'The specified module could not be found.' (126)] [2020-11-07 08:07:52:033] <Buffout4.dll> Plugin failed to load" The Buffout4_preload.txt is empty. Do I need to write something in it? I also have the Buffout4.dll in the plugins folder. I tried all 3 Load methods in the xSEPluginLoader (OnProcessAttach, OnThreadAttach, ImportAddressHook). I read somewhere that Buffout4.dll may actually help with my problem above, so I need to make it load. Yes, I also installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019, the x64 version.
  6. alright so im no genius to mods or anything idk what load order even is i just miss the days where NMM would organize everything for you now im with vortex and i got all the mods i needed for some adult animations and such, and at first they werent working just stuck in the same place together while the "animation" played, now i got it to work after finding a video showing how to run fnis in vortex as well.After that and testing the animations worked the game crashes whenever i enter a new area or try to save or fast travel, ive been unistalling mods left and right and even turned off Fnis (i have it installed just not running) thinking "well it sucks but i can play the game normally and then turn it on again later when i want to" ya know? yeah no turning it off doesnt remove the problem as well, its still there and its not just 1 corrupt save or anything ive made multiple saves on my file and it all crashes to desktop so ill be providing a few pictures im pasting in photoshop from my print screen button that lists all my mods and then the plugins i have on in order top to bottom, i cant google my way out of this one so i thought i should ask for help on forum even though im not really used to using forums, so if im accidentally breaking rules or something dont delete, please let me know, i also made a "help me" type of thread on nexusmod too but doing it here incase they dont handle it because i have adult mods or something and also some of these mods are from the bethesda modding community me disabling those really doesnt do anything for my problem with the crashes
  7. This is a short guide on how to debug CTDs yourself. What it means is you will try to find out as much information about the crash as possible. First, open Data/SKSE/skse.ini, if it doesn't exist then create it. Add this: [Debug] WriteMinidumps=1 Then wait for the game to crash. Now you will have a crash dump in Documents/My Games/Skyrim/SKSE/Crashdumps For example something like this 2015-05-08_16.26.42.dmp This file is not readable by humans, it's for debugger but you can do online crashdump analysis. Here is one site that does this: https://www.osronline.com/page.cfm?name=analyze Once you submit you will receive a bunch of text, most of this is useless but there are few things that can be helpful to you or someone else. Scroll down a bit and find the line that says: EXCEPTION_RECORD: Below it is the address in code where game crashed exactly. For example: ExceptionAddress: 00d573a8 (TESV+0x009573a8)It means that game was executing code on address 0xD573A8. It also says that the crash occurred in module TESV. If the crash had occurred in any SKSE plugin it would says that DLL name as module instead. Although it's still possible for a crash to be caused by SKSE plugin and happen in TESV module. Now why is this address helpful? 1. Someone else may have the same crash, you can compare what you both have in common to narrow down cause. 2. Someone else may have had the same crash and already solved it. 3. I can look it up in game code to see what happens in the function, maybe it helps you narrow down cause. 4. You can compare if the crashes you are having are the same ones or different. It could also be helpful to catalogue known crashes in a sticky or somewhere. If you post your crash here include at least this information: EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff) ExceptionAddress: 00d573a8 (TESV+0x009573a8) ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation) ExceptionFlags: 00000000 NumberParameters: 2 Parameter[0]: 00000000 Parameter[1]: 00000000 Attempt to read from address 00000000 STACK_TEXT: WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong. 3684fc20 00bf2fb8 00000000 16a9a770 3684fde0 TESV+0x9573a8 3684fc50 00000000 00000000 3684fcd4 00786b68 TESV+0x7f2fb8 And everything SKSE related from Loaded Module List. Example: 0c490000 0c577000 SKSE_Elys_Uncapper SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.dll 50e00000 50e80000 nioverride nioverride.dll 51110000 51122000 enbhelper enbhelper.dll 51310000 51332000 showRaceMenu_preCacheKiller showRaceMenu_preCacheKiller.dll 51340000 5140d000 StorageUtil StorageUtil.dll 51bf0000 51c76000 chargen chargen.dll 51c80000 51c96000 SpellInvisibilityPlugin SpellInvisibilityPlugin.dll 51ca0000 51ccb000 SexLabUtil SexLabUtil.dll 51cd0000 51d23000 SchlongsOfSkyrim SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll 51d30000 51d6c000 MfgConsole MfgConsole.dll 51d70000 51d86000 ItemSoulgemPlugin ItemSoulgemPlugin.dll 51f50000 51f66000 ItemPoisonPlugin ItemPoisonPlugin.dll 51f70000 5203a000 skse_1_9_32 skse_1_9_32.dll 52290000 522e3000 FirstPersonPlugin FirstPersonPlugin.dll 522f0000 5236a000 hook hook.dll 52530000 52546000 ItemArrowPlugin ItemArrowPlugin.dll 52550000 52566000 ItemChargePlugin ItemChargePlugin.dll 525b0000 525c6000 AutoLockpickPlugin AutoLockpickPlugin.dll 525d0000 525ef000 DoubleJumpPlugin DoubleJumpPlugin.dll Some reported crashes so far:
  8. I'm having an issue with Fusion Girl causing CTDs when shooting specific, random NPCs (same NPCs, but not named or special). This happens if I have built the outfits and body in bodyslide, or if I have the pre-built files enabled in the FOMOD. If I just download the replacer and don't build any of the files, it does not CTD. I am testing the crashing on the female caravan guard who is with Cricket outside of the Diamond City entrance. Any advice? The Fusion Girl page on Nexus is locked so I can't ask for help there. Update (09/09/2020): I have gotten around the CTD issue by removing the meshes of: Fancy Plaid Suit and Tie, Gunner Guard Outfit, Military Fatigues, and Pastor's Vestments.
  9. Yeah my skyrim crashing randomly. after loading, middle of something, running, standing etc. I tried turning off autosave, some mods(bug fixes, uslep), lower quality Im not tried verify the game, reload mods, redownload skyrim. So pls help i love skyrim with mods. When im werify the game my mods dont work My specs: Win 10 Geforce GTX 1060 i7-7700HQ CPU 2.80ghz 64x 16GB Ram Load Order: 0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 5 5 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp 6 6 ApachiiHair.esm 7 7 SexLab.esm 8 8 SexLabAroused.esm 9 9 Devious Devices - Assets.esm 10 a Unofficial Skyrim City Patch Modified.esm 11 b Devious Devices - Integration.esm 12 c Devious Devices - Expansion.esm 13 d Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm 14 e JSwords.esm 15 f High Poly Head.esm 16 10 Heels Sound.esm 17 11 ZaZAnimationPack.esm 18 12 hdtHighHeel.esm 19 13 RealisticWaterTwo.esp 20 14 Cidhna Mine Expanded.esp 21 15 SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp 22 16 Zim's Dragon Improvements.esp 23 17 Schlongs of Skyrim.esp 24 18 Undeath.esp 25 19 YOT - Your Own Thoughts.esp 26 1a Better Vampires.esp 27 1b Moolgogi Serana.esp 28 1c Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp 29 1d Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp 30 1e Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp 31 1f Lore Weapon Expansion.esp 32 20 LeftHandRings - Dawnguard.esp 33 21 BetterShapedDragonBling.esp 34 22 LeftHandRings - Enchanted.esp 35 23 GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp 36 24 SkyUI.esp 37 25 Dual Sheath Redux.esp 38 26 Storm Wings.esp 39 27 Bijin NPCs.esp 40 28 Bijin Wives.esp 41 29 Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp 42 2a dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp 43 2b dD-Dragonborn-Dawnguard-EBT Patch.esp 44 2c dD-Larger Splatter Size.esp 45 2d Bijin Warmaidens.esp 46 2e VioLens.esp 47 2f suspiciouscityguards.esp 48 30 LeftHandRings.esp 49 31 Better Vampire NPCs.esp 50 32 SFO_SkinFeatureOverlays.esp 51 33 Brows.esp 52 34 12FemaleBrows.esp 53 35 SSv2.esp 54 36 AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp 55 37 troublesofheroine.esp 56 38 SMIM-Merged-All.esp 57 39 RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp 58 3a Devious Lore.esp 59 3b KS Hairdo's.esp 60 3c Devious Lore - KS Hair Patch.esp 61 3d Nightingale Brotherhood.esp 62 3e Dovahkiins_Infamy.esp 63 3f ArmorDisguises.esp 64 40 Immersive Wenches.esp 65 41 DeviousTraps.esp 66 42 MonstersReborn.esp 67 43 SkyfallEstate.esp 68 44 MistySkye.esp 69 45 JSwordsDistributionBalancePlugin.esp 70 46 skogarfjell.esp 71 47 Devious Cidhna.esp 72 48 Recorder Follower Base.esp 73 49 DeviousCarriages.esp 74 4a submissivelola_est.esp 75 4b Gifts Of The Outsider.esp 76 4c Vampirelordroyal.esp 77 4d WyressAllevia.esp 78 4e My Home Is Your Home.esp 79 4f MistysHairSalon.esp 80 50 BVandRoyalBloodline_Patch.esp 81 51 Immersive Speechcraft.esp 82 52 LeftHandRings_1stPersonView.esp 83 53 High Poly Head Vampire Fix.esp 84 54 [NIND] CBBE Slutty Sister LE.esp 85 55 Senua's Warpaints.esp 86 56 OverflowingEnchant.esp 87 57 SGEyebrows.esp 88 58 LindsMerEyes.esp 89 59 Lupine_YyvengarBodypaints.esp 90 5a [NIND] CBBE FGO Caenis Casual.esp 91 5b TheEyesOfBeauty.esp 92 5c FleshFX.esp 93 5d UIExtensions.esp 94 5e AddItemMenuLE.esp 95 5f SOSRaceMenu.esp 96 60 XPMSE.esp 97 61 RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp 98 62 RaceMenu.esp 99 63 RaceMenuPlugin.esp 100 64 UnreadBooksGlow.esp 101 65 FNIS.esp 102 66 lighteritems.esp 103 67 Stronger Daedric Artifacts.esp 104 68 [ENG]No Weight for Ingots and Ores.esp 105 69 barenziahquestmarkers.esp 106 6a cheese only 0.1 weight!.esp 107 6b weightless potions.esp 108 6c Predator Vision.esp 109 6d MainMenu.esp 110 6e AHZmoreHUD.esp 111 6f ExtraLevelPerks.esp 112 70 [NIND] CBBE BloodMagicArmor LE.esp 113 71 troublesofheroineDB.esp 114 72 FMS_FemaleMakeupSuite.esp 115 73 sandboxcylinderheight.esp 116 74 MaskofBlades.esp 117 75 Celes Nightingale Armor.esp 118 76 zDarkArena.esp 119 77 Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp 120 78 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp 121 79 Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp Sorry for my writing mistakes.
  10. Hi. Over the past few days I've been experiencing an issue related to getting CTDs when trying to load save files, and would like to request some help pinpointing the cause. I have a heavily modded setup, only about 10 mods short of reaching the 255 limit, however it has been surprisingly stable so far. My recent save has about 82 hours of logged playtime, during which I have experience close to no crashes. A few similar CTDs when loading would disappear on the second load attempt, but it seems my luck ran out. I did update and add a few mods during the lifetime of this save, however nothing recently to these crashes occurring. The problem I have right now is the game CTD'ing about 3 seconds after continuing or loading any save file, including older ones that I had previously loaded from successfully. Starting a new game works perfectly fine, but I still CTD if I try to load a save file after starting a new game. I have tried to clean the save with ReSaver (it was already clean), I cleaned the skse save with NetImmerse Override Cleaner, I have reduced the number of animations and reran FNIS, currently at about 11k, and I have been enabling and disabling the various load CTD fixes in different combinations to see how far it would get me into the loading process, with the same results. All this time I have been using Crash Fixes' UseOSAllocators=1, and now I have tried changing the size of the custom memory block as well to no avail. My enblocal file has expand memory set to false and reduce memory to true. The only thing that helped me was changing UseOSAllocators to 0, which made the CTD go away. With UseOSAllocators disabled, I can load, save, restart and load successfully as long as I don't enable it again. I haven't yet tried to properly play after this change to see if I encounter any other problems. And this is my dilemma, as I have tampered with memory settings on an active save file before, only when starting a new game. Would it be safe for me to attempt to continue playing with changing UseOSAllocators from 1 to 0 mid-save? Or is there something else I should look into doing to attempt and successfully load with UseOSAllocators still enabled? Relevant fixes that I had enabled: Load Game CTD Fix, AnimationLoadingFix 1.0 along with Animation Limit Crash Fix 1.1, Crash Fixes and HDT Physics Extensions Crash Fix 1.5. Also Safety Load after using skse memory patch. Crash Fixes logs are all the same 'Game has crashed with exception address' with the address always being in the 4E/4F zone, most recent one being 0x4F1BEFE3. Minidump from the most recent crash (loading with UseOSAllocators=1) will be attached. I am still looking into how to analyze the minidump myself, using debugging tools for windows I can see errors related to accessing the dlls for hdtPhysicsExtensions and hdtHighHeelNative, my first guess due to them being loaded through MO2. I also see errors related to symbol files for other dlls, including discord's hook. Load order (some esps are disabled, sitting at 245 loaded): So yeah, if anyone has any suggestion on what else I could try, or if I need to provide anything else to clarify the situation, please let me know. Thank you for your time 2020-09-27_13.24.13.dmp Papyrus.0.log
  11. So it started when i was walking down from the collage of Winterhold as soon i got the "Winterhold discovered" I crash. I tried coc to the shine of Azura and to the inn in Winterhold and both times I crash whenever i get to Winterhold. I have no clue why its happening because as far as i know every other place is fine. I can't think of mod that I've downloaded that effects Winterhold other than the "Immersive collage of Winterhold". But I always have that my load order and its just now happening. If some could help I would really appreciate it. Load order and Papyrus. loadorder.txt Papyrus.0.log
  12. As the title state after turning into a werewolf my game waits about 5 second and then crashes. Being in the under forge with alea when shes a werewolf is no problem it only seems happens when im a werewolf. plugins.txt Papyrus.0.log oh also alea and my character arent using the female werewolf model either.
  13. Long time skyrim modder here, but first time with a sse installation. So here is the issue in more detail. Whether or not it's me or an npc male, when a sex animation begins, the characters involved get naked, teleport in and out and then the game ctd's. uninstalling SoS removes the CTD but the animation proceeds sans dick. Getting naked does not cause the ctd, I can run around whiterun flacid without a problem. Perhaps the issue is the erection? I suspected it was a skeleton issue but I have the latest xp32 skeleton for SSE and I've tried changing load order, priority, checking if there were conflicting skeletons. i've tried reinstalling SoS with and without its skeleton, xp32 and other usual troubleshooting steps but the fix eludes me. I am running fnis XXL but only 4000 or so animations and have tried with various animation packs installed or uninstalled. Uninstalling SoS fixes things and I've been thinking of going lite and seeing if that works but I'm not that interested in losing features if i can help it. Has anyone encountered this problem as well and figured it out? loadorder.txt modlist.txt
  14. So, I Recently Did A fresh Installation Following the Nolvus Modding Guide SSE. Everything is working fine except when i change the Race Gender of khajit and argonian!! Males are all Fine and Working!! its only Females. I have 877 Mods = 83 ESP's and 495 ESL's Which i converted through SSEDIT!! Here's my Load Order From LOOT i Don't know what could be Causing the problem!!
  15. OK so I keep getting a CTD on Cell Changes. Skyrim crashes with "Not Responding" WinOS message box. I am running Crash fixes plug in and the logging for it shows exception address 0x76BA9E80. There have been a couple other unknown exception addresses but the majority are 0x76BA* addresses. I had figured it was heavy script load errors, so I deleted many of my heavy script mods, deleted all old saves, ran FNIS, LOOT, and started a new game to attempt to clear the NOW unused scripts. I have used many of these 90% of these mods before with little to no errors before. It may be possible that they are outdated, but I highly doubt so as I installed all the newest versions of these mods (that I could find). Attached is a .7z folder containing my load order, CrashFixPlugin, Skyrim.ini, and Skse.ini. I would greatly appreciate any insight or fixes for this problem. Logs+Order.7z
  16. As the title would suggest I am having trouble with the city of Falkreath lately. It started a while ago, and I have tried every solution the internet has provided, so now I turn to the wonderful people of LoversLab. Mod order to follow, sorted with LOOT, and I use Vortex as my MO, because MO stopped functioning for me. 0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 5 5 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp 6 6 hdtHighHeel.esm 7 7 SexLab.esm 8 8 SexLabAroused.esm 9 9 Nock2Tip.esm 10 a Campfire.esm 11 b Devious Devices - Assets.esm 12 c Devious Devices - Integration.esm 13 d Apachii_DivineEleganceStore.esm 14 e RaceCompatibility.esm 15 f Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm 16 10 GenderBender.esm 17 11 ApachiiHair.esm 18 12 Ket_ARMONIZER_v2.esm 19 13 WM Flora Fixes.esp 20 14 JSwords.esm 21 15 ZaZAnimationPack.esm 22 16 Skyrim - Utility Mod.esm 23 17 Devious Devices - Expansion.esm 24 18 DeviousFramework.esm 25 19 MagicDuelReborn.esm 26 1a CreatureFramework.esm 27 1b HentaiPregnancy.esm 28 1c WeaponsOf3E - No Leveled Lists.esp 29 1d AnubAnimObj.esp 30 1e PsycheAnimationObjects.esp 31 1f SLALAnimObjBillyy.esp 32 20 SLAL_AnimObj_Nymra.esp 33 21 SLAnimSpeed.esp 34 22 TakeNotes.esp 35 23 SLALAnimObj.esp 36 24 HeartBreaker.esp 37 25 SexLab_Solutions.esp 38 26 RapeTillDeath.esp 39 27 JZBai_ThrowingWpnsLite.esp 40 28 vSS_SuperStash.esp 41 29 MilkModNEW.esp 42 2a Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp 43 2b secrets of skyrim.esp 44 2c Faction Economy - Complete - LE.esp 45 2d MilkMod_MilkPumpsFancy.esp breezehome_fully_upgradable.esp 46 2e Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp OwnCivilWar.esp marriagemod - alpha v3.esp 47 2f NewArmoury.esp 48 30 ArcheryDummyXP.esp 49 31 AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp 50 32 Immersive Weapons.esp 51 33 Guards_Armor_Replacer.esp 52 34 ZIA_Complete Pack.esp 53 35 VioLens.esp 54 36 stranger_danger.esp 55 37 Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp 56 38 sanguinesDebauchery.esp thefrontier.esp 57 39 Afterlife.esp 58 3a Ket_ARMONIZER_LListsNPC.esp 59 3b SexLab Theft and Seduction.esp 60 3c SkyUI.esp thedomain.esp buildablehouse.esp 61 3d SimpleSlavery.esp 62 3e Hunterborn.esp 63 3f BecomeKingofSkyrim.esp 64 40 MoreNastyCritters.esp proudspire manor armory3.esp 65 41 DeviousFollowers.esp 66 42 anyonefollows2.esp 67 43 DwarvenMech.esp 68 44 LPBards.esp 69 45 SeeYouSleepByMadmole.esp 70 46 DiplomaticImmunity.esp 71 47 XiNafay - Shoes.esp 72 48 CharmingHighHeels.esp 73 49 NS_NobleDress.esp 74 4a MilkModNEW HF.esp 75 4b MilkModNEW CF.esp 76 4c SexLabTools.esp 77 4d SerialStrip.esp 78 4e SerialStripper.esp 79 4f Auto Unequip Ammo.esp 80 50 CharacterMakingExtender.esp 81 51 XPMSE.esp 82 52 SOSRaceMenu.esp 83 53 ShowRaceMenuAlternative.esp 84 54 Vivid Weathers.esp 85 55 Vivid Weathers - Extended Rain.esp 86 56 SexLab Brawling Rape.esp 87 57 RaceMenuPlugin.esp 88 58 RaceMenu.esp 89 59 Change Follower Outfits Redux.esp 90 5a WWW.esp 91 5b KWNordicKukri-0.91.esp 92 5c Warsword.esp 93 5d Ghosu - Leviathan.esp 94 5e SLAnimLoader.esp 95 5f Convenient Horses.esp 96 60 EnchantedArsenal.esp 97 61 SOS - Carloss32 Canine Addon.esp 98 62 GenderBenderAddon-BoundCock.esp 99 63 BDOrcSchlong.esp 100 64 HearthFire Display Case Fix.esp 101 65 SexLabDangerousNights2.esp 102 66 SOS - Grower - Extended.esp 103 67 DrSKnapsacks.esp 104 68 pchs_loansharks.esp 105 69 SlaveTats.esp 106 6a SOS - Leito Addon.esp 107 6b The Sherwood.esp 108 6c UIExtensions.esp 109 6d AddItemMenuLE.esp 110 6e SexLabNudeCreatures.esp 111 6f SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp 112 70 SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp 113 71 DaggerCraft.esp 114 72 DIVERSE SKYRIM.esp 115 73 SexLab Romance.esp 116 74 EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp 117 75 Throwing_Weapons_Redux.esp 118 76 Frostfall.esp 119 77 RiverwoodHome.esp 120 78 S_L_U_T_S.esp 121 79 Nock2Tip.esp 122 7a Devious Cidhna.esp 123 7b Billyro's Weapons.esp 124 7c DeadlyMutilation.esp 125 7d DawnguardArsenal.esp 126 7e NordicSkaalHeavyFalmerWeightFix.esp 127 7f followerswearanyapparel.esp 128 80 Apachii_DivineEleganceStore_Patch.esp 129 81 RealisticNeedsandDiseases.esp 130 82 RND_Dragonborn-Patch.esp 131 83 Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp 132 84 CL BladeofSacrifice.esp 133 85 HarvestOverhaul.esp 134 86 LostLongSwords.esp 135 87 WeaponsOf3E.esp 136 88 HarvestOverhaulCreatures.esp 137 89 Schlongs of Skyrim.esp 138 8a CL Nettlebane.esp 139 8b SexLabDefeat.esp 140 8c HarvestOverhaulCreatures_RND_Animal_Loot_DGDB.esp 141 8d ScrimshawExpanded.esp 142 8e ScrimshawExpanded_IWPatch.esp 143 8f ScrimshawExpanded_IAPatch.esp 144 90 ScrimshawExpanded_CHPatch.esp 145 91 ScrimshawExpandedCampfire.esp 146 92 1nivWICCloaks.esp 147 93 The Stamford.esp 148 94 URW_TypeK_Bastardsword_v1.esp 149 95 TrueNazgul.esp 150 96 Serana.esp 151 97 CUYC_CleanUpYourCorpses.esp 152 98 RND_HearthFires-Patch.esp 153 99 Midas Magic Expanded.esp masterthetimeandspacetoggle.esp 154 9a Artillery_DFA.esp 155 9b Blade of Eplear.esp 156 9c Sneak Tools.esp 157 9d Sneak Tools Vanilla Hoods.esp 158 9e bobsarmory.esp 159 9f The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp 160 a0 Saber.esp 161 a1 Nicoroshi Creations.esp 162 a2 ArtifactsOfBoethiah.esp 163 a3 isilNarsil.esp 164 a4 Azincourt.esp 165 a5 loners_sword.esp 166 a6 SecretOfTheSilverBlades.esp 167 a7 The Huntsman.esp 168 a8 ThaneWeaponsReborn.esp 169 a9 SultanDagger.esp 170 aa Lozenge S145 Shortsword.esp 171 ab Sithis Armour.esp 172 ac SexLabHorribleHarassment.esp 173 ad PerkPointPotion.esp 174 ae ScarletDawnArmor.esp 175 af Redguard_unique_swords.esp 176 b0 Better Poisoned Perk.esp 177 b1 Osare Food.esp 178 b2 Nordic Adventurer's Armor.esp 179 b3 NightingaleShiv.esp 180 b4 Medieval Furor from Oblivion.esp 181 b5 Matys Medieval Knights.esp 182 b6 lilithscarver3_0.esp 183 b7 KWBloodThorn Replacer.esp 184 b8 Knight Sword.esp 185 b9 IceBladeOfTheMonarch.esp 186 ba RohZima_AnimObjects.esp 187 bb The Shadow Of Death Sword.esp 188 bc Highlander Katana.esp 189 bd JZBai_Hidespots.esp 190 be Golden Rings Of Craft.esp 191 bf mjp_FalcataSword.esp 192 c0 Fudou Myouou.esp 193 c1 Ghosu - Weapon Pack 1.esp 194 c2 mslDeviousCaptures.esp 195 c3 DeviouslyHelpless.esp 196 c4 Cyrodilic Steel Dagger.esp 197 c5 CrossbowsRevamped.esp 198 c6 CL BladeofWoe.esp 199 c7 Brevi_MoonlightTales.esp 200 c8 MaskOfCorvo.esp 201 c9 A Month of Internet Depravity Weapon Pack.esp 202 ca throwingweapons.esp 203 cb BlackSacramentArmor.esp 204 cc dvmb.esp faction crossbows.esp 205 cd PrvtIRoyalArmory.esp gctwindaggers.esp shadowscaleset.esp 206 ce Dr_Bandolier.esp 207 cf Black Overlord Armor Set.esp 208 d0 SL_Kidnapped_Redux.esp 209 d1 marriable serana.esp 210 d2 RegentSword.esp 211 d3 NoldorArmor.esp 212 d4 Soul Collector.esp 213 d5 Devious Devices - Equip.esp 214 d6 DaggerSH eng.esp 215 d7 FNIS.esp 216 d8 SLPGN.esp 217 d9 SLAL_AnimationByBakaFactory.esp 218 da SLAL_SHanimAnimObj.esp 219 db SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp 220 dc SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp 221 dd SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp 222 de RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp 223 df FNISspells.esp 224 e0 SLAL_AnimationsByLeito.esp 225 e1 Apropos.esp 226 e2 lilithsarmor.esp 227 e3 FireBurns.esp 228 e4 Animated Enchantments.esp ChickenStaff.esp contractor armor.esp mxdemonicarmoredhorse.esp 229 e5 Insanity's Umbra Sword.esp 230 e6 FGCVerdantAxe.esp 231 e7 Wraith.esp 232 e8 LC_AssassinOfShadownArmor.esp 233 e9 Fetchers Knife.esp 234 ea Als -Get 80 Perk Points and Alls Skills 100- Cheat Ring.esp 235 eb LandLord_.esp 236 ec Valerica.esp 237 ed Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp 238 ee Dual Sheath Redux.esp 239 ef RZ_ApocryphalAnimations.esp 240 f0 YunDao_Hdt_Hair.esp 241 f1 IllusionSpells.esp Black Dragon Arrow.esp Bowzingler.esp Carbon Fiber Compound bow.esp Dragon Skin Compound Bow.esp Metal Compound Bow.esp Predator Bow.esp Simple Compound Bow.esp SimpleMetalCompoundBow.esp The Elder Compound Bow.esp Wood Compound Bow.esp DietBasedButt.esp DiverseDragonsCollection3.esp RND_Dawnguard-Patch.esp Sneak Tools Vanilla Masks.esp VanHelsing.esp HDT Capes.esp ImmersiveLoversComfort.esp LeftHandRings.esp NewArmoredHorse.esp bearmusicianeng.esp bosmerarmormaty743part1.esp bosmerarmormaty743part2.esp bosmerarmormaty743part3.esp bosmerarmormaty743part4.esp dr_bandolierdg.esp jaxonzrenamer.esp montyxdg4hota.esp 242 f2 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp purewaters.esp thalmorglow.esp theultimateassassinscreedbow2.esp throwing_weapons_quiver_plugin.esp vampirehunterd.esp vampirehunterweap.esp 243 f3 Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp 244 f4 CACO-Ordinatored.esp 245 f5 Open Cities Skyrim.esp 246 f6 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp 247 f7 ScrimshawExpandd_ASLALPatch.esp Bashed Patch, 0.esp 248 f8 Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp And for those who can understand it I am attaching the Papyrus log. Papyrus.3.log
  17. Ok, so, I have run LOOT and FNIS as intended, got no errors from them etc. however, on game start (following the Bethesda logo) the game immediately crashes to desktop. I have included my full load order below, sorry if its something obvious but I'm not particularly good at modding. Thanks in advance, will try to give more details if requested
  18. After not playing Skyrim for a few months, I came back to it after installing a couple of outfit mods to try them out. Now my game seems to crash whenever I try to go from an interior cell to an exterior cell, or after a few minutes after starting a new game. I've deleted the outfit mods I'd installed thinking they were the problem, but it didn't help. I use Vortex so my load order gets sorted automatically, and the only error message I currently have is telling me to install a patch for CBBE and WACCF (Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes). I have the patch installed, but it isn't picked up due to it not having an esp/esl file. Here's my load order and papyrus log, hopefully someone can tell me what I've done wrong. Load Order (Files with "*" are the only ones being loaded, the others are disabled): Papyrus Log: Thank you in advance
  19. (I said CTDs you pervert, for STDs you need to go elsewhere - maybe PSQ?) Disclaimers: Disclaimer 1 (please read this prior to telling me what a moron I am) Disclaimer 2 (I know that this is derivative) Disclaimer 3 (when are you going to finish?) Section 1 - CTDs The first question when you are getting CTDs is when are you getting CTDs? This can be split in three parts: before the main screen (or a split second thereafter), after the main screen but before the game loads (or a split second thereafter) or during the game. This is the main screen to which I allude: 1) The crash is occurring before the main screen. This is almost always a result of a missing master. If you have this problem you should run LOOT (Load Order Optimisation Tool) found here: https://loot.github.io/ Your mod manager can also tell you if you have a missing master but it is simpler to give one tried and tested tool to work with rather than explaining several different ones. If you have already read Donttouchmethere's blog you already have this tool. LOOT is very intuitive and a great deal of explanation should not be needed. Here is an example of what LOOT looks like in use: Please note what is wrong with this (I assure you I did this intentionally, believe it or not). Just to the right of center at the top, you will note that LOOT says that I have 1 warning and 5 errors. The warnings can generally be disregarded but this one is highlighted in yellow - I have not sorted my load order. Before starting any Skyrim game in which you have changed your load order (added or deleted mods) you should run LOOT. Make it a habit. In the long haul you will not regret it. Back to the matter at hand, if I were to scroll down this page of LOOT it would show me in red those files which are causing an error. In this case it is because I have a master that I have turned off. Were I to try to load this order right now my game would crash to desktop (CTD). I need to replace the missing master (LOOT will indicate which files need masters and what they are). In this case I happen to know that it is paradise_halls.esm (note that there is no number next to it in the left hand column of the screen) - this means that I loaded it but it has been ticked "off". When I go back and tick paradise halls back on and run LOOT the errors disappear and my game will load. Before leaving LOOT I want to point out one other thing. On the top right hand, in the blue bar, there is an icon that looks like three vertical buttons or dots. If you click on that you will get options including being able to copy your load order. In my opinion, LOOT is the best source for sharing your load order for two reasons. First, LOOT gives the numbers to each of your mods. So, if you were writing to me you could say why is Devious Devices - Assets.esm (0a) so much higher in your load order than the other DD mods? Thus, it allows clearer communication. Second, LOOT lists your load order in the actual order in which it is loaded. So, it is easier to see if you have one or more mods that may be overwriting an earlier mod. In some cases knowing that and changing the load order is all that's necessary to fix a problem. 2) The crash is happening after the main screen but before the game loads. The most common cause of this problem is too many animations for the crummy Bugthesda engine to handle with your modded Skyrim game. =================================================================================================================== The material between the double lines is outdated but I am leaving it for reference purposes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The material between these lines is outdated but I am leaving it for reference purposes. The limits of what constitutes too many animations vary from one set of mods to another. Fore (of FNIS fame) will attest that he can run 20k animations but admits that those animations make up virtually all his mods. Most people can safely run10k-12k animations. Some can run more, some less. When you run FNIS you should get something that looks like this: This indicates that I have 6850 + 3212 = 10062 animations running at the current time (well below the limit and, I assure you, little enough to avoid issues with CTD). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated information on animation limits As of today (1/11/2019) there is no information on calculating how many animations you can safely load. This information is from Fore (of FNIS fame) originally and verified by GenioMaestro. The limitations on animations appear to be related to character animations and alternate animations. The good news is that if you can get FNIS to load your creature animations they should not cause a CTD. The bad news is that calculating the limit is just a little harder. I will still use the FNIS output above (in the outdated section) for my example. The newer information indicates that you need to calculate the total number of character animations and THREE TIMES the number of alternate animations. That total should not exceed 14k. So, using the information above my "effective" animations are: 2949 (983 * 3) + 6850 = 9799 animations. This is well below the 14000 animations limit. Even this limit can be exceeded if you use poser mods which seem to have less effect. =================================================================================================================== =================================================================================================================== Sadly, the einformation between these double lines is also outdated. The most up-to-date information about animation CTDs (from Fore as of 8/15/2019) can be found here: If you have more animations than you can load you effectively have 3 choices. First, and simplest is to remove animation packs.That would reduce the total number and, hopefully, allow the game to load (if you couldn't previously). Second choice is to use older versions of mods that you am currently running. Each iteration of a mod that contains animations (whether Devious Devices (DD) or Zaz Animation Pack (ZAP) contains more "stuff" including more animations. So, if you have too many animations with ZAP 8+ you could try loading with ZAP7 (similarly with DD). This only works if 1) you can find an older version of the mod and 2) the mods that you run that use the mod you are changing will actually run with the older version. Third, you can go to one of the Support Threads for mods that "do" animations. For my purposes I highly recommend going to the support thread for SexLab Animation Loader (SLAL) by Orxx. This issue is discussed at length on that site. There are many suggestions listed on how you can go about picking and choosing animations out of packs so as to reduce the total animations while leaving you the ones you feel that you absolutely have to have, FNIS is very important to modded Skyrim. Be certain that you run it every time you change your load order. You might be surprised to discover that a mod that you loaded has animations in it even though "Animations" is NOT in its title. Before I leave this topic I want to say two more things about FNIS. First, and most importantly. neither warnings nor errors should be ignored. Unlike LOOT (where warnings can usually be safely ignored) it is critically important that you resolve all warnings and errors that you receive from FNIS before starting your modded Skyrim game. Second, what Fore's excellent tool tells you is how many animations that FNIS can handle, not how many Bugthesda's engine can handle. It is the rule, rather than the exception, that people who have CTDs from too many animations get no warning from FNIS. That is because FNIS CAN handle that number of animations, it is the game's engine that can't! (This second point should be made void by the release of FNIS 7.5 XXL Beta-6. It should tell you if you are trying to load too many animations). For more information on animation limits look at this article: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/articles/1168 ==================================================================================================================== If you are having a crash due to too many animations then you need this: 3) I get my crashes at some other place and time There are too many possibilities for this category to list all of them so I am going to stick with some recurrent themes. First, do you have the tools? Many tools have been developed to help stabilize and improve the modded Skyrim experience. In my opinion, among the most important are: 1) Crash fixes. Found here and fairly self-explanatory (as always, do read the directions): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725 2) ENBoost. This one is more difficult and I hope to do a walkthrough at some point in the future. It is VERY important if you have less than 4GB of VRAM. If you have 8GB or more you probably don't need it. At 4GB it's your call (I have 4GB and I use it). Anyway, you will need to look in more than one place in order to complete this (although it will take you through it). Start here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73618 As if ENBoost is not difficult enough MicroSoft has chosen to throw some additional glitches in for users of Windows 10. If you have problems getting ENBoost to work and you run Windows 10 take a look at this (I had to): https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/3089504-fix-for-skyrim-crashing-instantly-with-enb-on-windows-10/?p=56131491 3) SKSE. ini. The SKSE program does not come with this. As a result you do not get all the benefits of SKSE. While you can make your own version this one is already complete and optimized. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51038?tab=files 4) SKSE plugin preloader. Helps organize SKSE so as to improve management. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75795 5) Bethini. Skyrim's .ini files give it directions on how to handle your game. Problems with .ini files can cause all sorts of problems. While it is entirely possible to deal with these files by yourself Bethini gives you a tool with which to handle them safely. It is also much more intuitive than editing the files by yourself. It can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69787 Then, have you done things correctly? There are very many ways to do Skyrim correctly. Sadly there are even more ways in which to foul it up. Let me start with my favorite analogy for this. Modding Skyrim correctly (that is ending up with a stable game) is like good cooking. First, it requires the right ingredients (this is all the things that have been mentioned up to this point). Second, it takes patience (when I first came to LL I thought that the people giving me advice were brilliant and that their modded games just flowed from their genius. Now I know that they worked their asses off to make their game work, just like I did). Good food and a stable Skyrim game can not be rushed. Third, it can be seasoned to taste, There is no such thing as THE right set of mods or load order. Finally, no matter how much you may love two things individually sometimes they do not go together (some mods will just NOT place nice with other mods, I'm sorry at times you will just have to choose). Another common place to get CTDs is on loading a saved game. While many things, like bloat, can cause this issue it often can be resolved by adding another simple tool found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85443 Bloat is more complex and beyond what I intend to do in this blog at this time. A special case I'd like to mention is the corrupted mesh. If you find yourself unable to enter a particular cell (this usually occurs when you try to go through a doorway) you may have a corrupted mesh. If you attempt to use the console coc command and crash that way as well it makes the likelihood higher, frankly, close to 100%. So, now you know the cause you still have to go through your mods and see which one(s) is corrupting the mesh. While mods that say that they affect that cell should come high on your list of suspects my experience has been that the culprit is often something that doesn't come to mind as affecting that space. Using the console/coc command: VirginMarie (the author of the excellent mod Shout Like a Virgin) lists this as her "golden rule" on her modpage: Golden Rule: To avoid corrupting your save... Never change sort order or remove mods mid-play-through. You can only safely upgrade a mod, or add mods to the end of your load order. Rule is in general, not just for this mod. Breaking this rule is the #1 cause for a wide range of problems. Save cleaning tools help but won't remove all corruption. The so called "clean save" procedure breaks this rule... instead, start a new game when unable to follow the rule (new game means really a new game, not some early save). While I freely admit that there are exceptions to this rule and I have violated it without a problem a time or two, it is best to abide by this as outstanding advice. If you have a save that has fouled up for whatever reason, be prepared to start over again. Fix whatever your issue was, run LOOT and FNIS and START A NEW GAME! As a general principle, avoid mods that have had no updates in the last 3 years. Not all older mods are game breakers but many are. If you feel that you just have to try an older mod go to it's support thread and read the last 2-3 pages. If the posts are old or someone has clearly abandoned the mod, just don't load it. Next, let's look at papyrus logs!
  20. i am terrible at modding and what not so i'd appriate the help if anyone can give it to me. this is my load order i have used LOOT and also FO4Edit to clean it but still having the issue. 0 0 Fallout4.esm 1 1 DLCRobot.esm 2 2 DLCworkshop01.esm 3 3 DLCCoast.esm 4 4 DLCworkshop02.esm 5 5 DLCworkshop03.esm 6 6 DLCNukaWorld.esm 254 FE 0 ccbgsfo4060-dgrot.esl 7 7 XDI.esm 254 FE 1 Bememoth Separated Cart.esl 8 8 ArmorKeywords.esm 9 9 TortureDevices.esm 10 a Devious Devices.esm 11 b AAF.esm 254 FE 2 AAFThemes.esl 12 c TrueStormsFO4.esm 254 FE 3 raider_reform_school_amputee.esl 254 FE 4 raider_reform_school_names.esl 13 d BikiniCBBEtry1.esp 14 e SavageCabbage_Animations.esp 15 f RaiderQueensLegendaryFaceRevamps.esp 16 10 Deathclaw_nude.esp 17 11 ErectionFix_SilverPerv.esp 18 12 FusionGirl.esp 19 13 LooksMenu.esp 20 14 fastleveling5.esp 21 15 OutcastsAndRemnants.esp 22 16 AGNISNikaCola01.esp 23 17 America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.esp 24 18 AA FusionCityRising.esp 25 19 W.A.T.Minutemen.esp 26 1a Barbarous Continent.esp 27 1b AR_DLC01.esp 28 1c EnclaveX02.esp 29 1d Vivid Fallout - All in One - Best Choice.esp 30 1e Craftable Armor Size - Fix Material Requirements.esp 31 1f Craftable Armor Size.esp 32 20 TrueStormsFO4-EarlierSunsets.esp 33 21 AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches.esp 34 22 TrueStormsFO4-FarHarbor.esp 35 23 TrueStormsFO4-EarlierSunsetsFH.esp 36 24 3dscopes.esp 37 25 mk14.esp 38 26 K9TacticalHarness.esp 39 27 LongerPowerLines3x.esp 40 28 Companion Infinite Ammo.esp 41 29 Rangergearnew.esp 42 2a ClassicSniper.esp 43 2b M1Garand.esp 44 2c RU556.esp 45 2d DX_Black_Widow.esp 46 2e ElMudoStore.esp 47 2f WinCowbowRepeater.esp 48 30 DOOMDesertEagle.esp 49 31 EasyHacking.esp 50 32 EveryonesBestFriend.esp 51 33 Extended weapon mods.esp 52 34 Fr4nssonsLightTweaks.esp 53 35 M2216.esp 54 36 M9.esp 55 37 Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp 56 38 Crossbow.esp 57 39 SCAR-L.esp 58 3a M60.esp 59 3b M60Overhaul.esp 254 FE 5 f-me-shoes.esp 60 3c bTankTop.esp 61 3d Vadermania[AAF_anims].esp 62 3e MonnoBikini.esp 63 3f Just Business.esp 64 40 FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp 65 41 Atomic Lust.esp 66 42 raider_reform_school.esp 67 43 rrs_shoes.esp 68 44 StartMeUp.esp would love some help
  21. Okay, so for whoever that sees this, I'm playing Skyrim SE. Right? Before I wasn't getting CTD's, maybe after an animation that didn't work but that was an easy fix. Just disabled the animation. Not sure why but now I'm getting constant CTD's on load up, in Sollstheim and my game is almost unplayable seems like. https://modwat.ch/u/Sadcase
  22. im once again getting CTD's when i do any kind of save or the game auto saves. I removed a bunch of larger mods and then started a new game, which worked for awhile, but im having the same problem again. If anyone has a fix it would be much appreciated. Mod List - # Automatically generated by Vortex Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm HearthFires.esm Dragonborn.esm BS_DLC_patch.esp CreatureFramework.esm SexLab.esm SexLabAroused.esm ZaZAnimationPack.esm Devious Devices - Assets.esm Devious Devices - Integration.esm SexLab Attraction.esm Devious Devices - Expansion.esm Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm SkyUI_SE.esp MF_SpectatorCrowds.esp iNeed.esp iNeed - Extended.esp MilkModNEW.esp MilkMod_MilkPumpsFancy.esp SexLab_Solutions.esp hydra_slavegirls.esp SimplyKnock.esp SL Survival.esp troublesofheroine.esp Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp sanguinesDebauchery.esp Aradia Living Armor JE.esp Devious Devices For Him.esp Kardia Armor.esp UNP Undies.esp zdd.esp Deviously Cursed Loot.esp SexLabSkoomaWhore.esp ZaFromTheDeepsV2.esp SimpleSlavery.esp SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp DeviousFollowers.esp Laura's Bondage Shop.esp SexLab-Parasites.esp iNeed - Dangerous Diseases.esp Better Vampires.esp iNeed - Dangerous Diseases Plus.esp SexLab_Dialogues.esp SMUTBDS.esp SexyStartingOptions.esp Ella Follower.esp TheAmazingWorldOfBikiniArmor.esp BeingADoggy_huan.esp AngrimApprentice.esp Schlongs of Skyrim.esp SOS - Shop.esp SexLab Eager NPCs.esp SD Addons.esp Scent of Sex.esp AdashaFollower.esp SLDrunkRedux.esp LU_Penny.esp RavenFollower.esp SandraFollower.esp Mango.esp AnubAnimObj.esp Wintersun - SexLab Integration.esp WintersunSLI - DD expansion.esp Lady Vivienne De Sylva SE.esp SL Deadly Drain.esp SLACS.esp LabiaVariants.esp ABBA.esp WetandCold.esp ExtraPocket.esp Abigail The Maid.esp SLA Monitor Widget.esp SLAnimLoader.esp DeviousTraining.esp DeviousTrainingMartyr.esp DeviousTrainingMayhem.esp SexLab STDs.esp Crea_Kaeira.esp Sexual Vampire Feed.esp VeronicaFollower.esp WetFunction.esp KS Hairdo's.esp SLSO.esp SL_shrines.esp Spank That Ass.esp MianeFollower.esp Isabelle Follower.esp Moonlight Tales Special Edition.esp mcgDwarvenDeviousCuirass.esp EstrusChaurus.esp SlaveTatsEventsBridge.esp RapeTattoos.esp FadeTattoos.esp SlaveTats.esp SexlabAchievement.esp SLPleasure.esp MilkModNEW Sanbox.esp MilkModNEW HF.esp MilkModNEW CF.esp DW.esp SOSRaceMenu.esp SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp FNISSexyMove.esp FNIS.esp RaceMenu.esp XPMSE.esp RaceMenuPlugin.esp CBBE.esp RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp CobaltAnimations.esp Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp ccas_starts.esp Deviously Cursed Loot LAL AddOn.esp
  23. While playing, I have noticed a CTD that typically occurs when approaching Frostbite Spiders. While this is a minor annoyance typically, it is preventing me from progressing the main story and as a result, has become a major annoyance. I have attached my load order, and if anything else is needed I will try to provide it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. loadorder.txt UPDATE: I can confirm that it has something to do with Frostbite Spiders, as I have installed Insects Begone, which replaced the Spiders with Bears.
  24. Hi fellow companions, long story short: I make a new set of mods after a long time with Skyrim uninstalled. When i finished to download all the core mods (and some others too) i experienced CTD. The first when i left Bannered Mare The second when i was talking to the carriage driver (i spoke to him, went behind the carriage then my game's crashed) The third when i entered Bannered Mare And the fourth (the one that make this much more harder to track down) is when i had just killed all the bandits in Valtheim Towers, so i walk three footsteps outside the tower then... yup. In the first three crashes i thought it had something to do with Whiterun or Bannered Mare, but after playing one more time, i am actually confused, and I think it's random. Oh, and please consider that i am relatively new at this, so if u guys see something obvious, please let me know (and be gentle 😳). Here's my mod list: Sorry for the poor printed screenshots, i just want to solve this problem asap And for more information, ask me and i see if i can make it available.
  25. So a new glitch is happening with me. Whenever I try to save it CTD's. No new mods were added it just started for no reason. For some reason when I load an old save and immediately save it works but when I try to play for a bit then save it fucks up.
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