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  1. @catchyorbit I feel like we're saying the same thing but in different ways.
  2. @catchyorbit You talked yourself in a circle. You don't know of any societies that aren't "used to" women's rights, yet you passively suggest that women haven't been allowed to do their own thing. Which is it? Do you think women have the same rights as a man or not? (Spoiler alert: they do). And when I said "fundamental level", I simply meant them being human. Perhaps "fundamental" wasn't the best word. What are you talking about?? It's absolutely meant for survival of the species. You have that COMPLETELY backwards. If individual survival was the ONLY factor, humanity would not exist. We'd be something else entirety. And what do you mean gender roles were "cancelled"? Do people not have mothers or fathers anymore? Did women all, universally, stop trying to be attractive? Did men all, universally, stop trying to be fit and have stable income? As for men and women needing each other, once again you're not looking at the big picture. You're focusing too hard on the individual. If you suddenly took away all men or all women on the planet, humanity would go extinct in 100 years or less. For everything else, again, you're focusing too much on individuals. Even then, a child needs a mother and father, or at least someone to fill those roles as they grow up if one or more of the parents die or abandon the child, to grow into a healthy adult that can then repeat the process for their own kids, should they choose to have any. If you leave one of those parental figures out of the equation, you start to have more adults with behavioral, mental, and/or emotional problems. Example: Many people (both men and women) in jail for violent crimes didn't have a father in their life. Lastly, there are many more people practice respect than you believe. Either you've been brainwashed into thinking everyone is hateful, or your understanding of respect is flawed. As to which, I cannot claim to know. Between both you and stingray, you both hyper focused on one aspect of the conversation, which is inherently incorrect when talking about men and women, or rather humanity in general. You can't break down humanity into it's pieces without talking about every other piece it affects, otherwise you start to remove what makes all of us human. We are more than the sum of our parts, therefore you can't focus on a single variable.
  3. But nobody will inherently know that's what you like. They would first have to ask, hence being the respectful thing to do. Most people DON'T want to be treated disrespectfully. You'd be the exception, not the rule. Lol, now I feel like you're just trolling.
  4. You're focusing on the sexual aspect. There's societal and emotional aspects men and women serve beyond reproduction. You're the one thinking "inside" a box, not me.
  5. From what I've seen, it's rare. Not impossible, but rare. I've heard of people getting married after starting an online relationship, but I've heard of far more not working out. I had an online relationship about 10 years ago and it barely lasted more than a month or two. The physical disconnection is simply too hard to overcome for most people.
  6. Depending on where you live, I don't see society as still "getting used to" women's rights. They've been a thing for a long time (even in various ancient societies). Where I live, I see a bunch of entitled people taking advantage of others that don't want to look like they're being "sexists" or "misogynists" and using it to gain power over others while they manipulate others into actively believing the nonsense they preach to reinforce their grasp on said power. They're being a perpetually "squeaky wheel" and we've been dumb enough to keep "giving them grease" despite still squeaking instead of getting rid of them. Men and women, as @EvalovesEP said, are two sides of the same coin. On a purely fundamental level they are the same, but they each have unique attributes that are meant to compliment and support the other, which are academically known as "Gender Roles". There are some things a woman can do that a man simply can't (or will at least have a generally harder time doing) and vice-versa. Like it or not, men need women AND women need men; they balance each other in ways that cannot be replaced. This applies to many aspects of life, some of which you might not realize. At the end of the day, in the grand scheme, one cannot survive without the other. This will remain true until humanity ceases to exist. Ultimately, we just need to treat each other with respect. "Treat others the way you wish to be treated."
  7. Then it seems you've already done as much as you can do. All you can do now is hope that someone accepts your request. I wish you luck.
  8. I could see someone being willing to expand the animations, as a possible add-on to the pre-existing mod, but otherwise it might be a case of someone not wanting to look like a copycat (and not wanting to be accused of stealing pre-existing work). I see how the ripped/torn clothes and gag aspect could be considered a "grey area" (because it kind of is). Plus, extra restraints could be "misconstrued" as BDSM unless a script prevents its use for anything other than a "capture" event. If possible, I'd recommend contacting the mod author of the mod you mentioned and ask if more poses/animations could be added, and if they'd consider adding a few extra restraint variations. For everything else, you'll probably have to either find a replacer for the armor/clothes you're looking for or something that adds it to the game and use it for additional "flavor". Sadly this is the limitation you'll have to work around until you get a PC.
  9. If I may, what exactly are you looking for? It might help me (and anyone else that reads this post) understand the situation better.
  10. Despite the TOS not explicitly stating that "sexually suggestive" content can't exist, Bethesda ultimately has final say on what they will allow on the console modding "marketplace". I would understand not wanting to get a mod removed and having your account potentially banned by uploading a mod that could potentially be considered sexually explicit. However, assuming someone out there is willing to push that envelope, the fact that console mods can only fulfill a very small part of the NSFW market means that there's little room for creative freedom and everything will eventually end up a re-skin/re-make of a previous mod. Long story short, it's just not appealing because it's too restrictive. Your situation is unfortunate, but I doubt many people will be willing to take the time to fill the modding gaps of an arguably niche player base. However, I could be very wrong. This is just my perspective of the situation. You could get lucky, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  11. The armor needs to have the "_sls_bikiniarmor" keyword. You can only add that keyword to the armor in xEdit, or if you download a plugin with that keyword already added to the armor. Based on what you're describing, it sounds like your bikini armor doesn't have that keyword.
  12. She has a unique armor set. Did you "build morphs" for her armor in Bodyslide? The Armor could be preventing her body shape from morphing, but I'm not 100% sure. Try changing her armor to something you know works and see if her body changes as well. If it does, then something went wrong setting up her naked body.
  13. I'll keep this in mind but I have a feeling that using this might not matter in my situation. My character's mouth literally remains closed, and the only thing that changes about her face is suddenly getting a tongue mesh on her chin (which would have been in the right spot if her mouth was open). I sometimes get the opposite problem with Baka's Fill Her Up - When the deflation animation plays, her mouth opens but then never closes despite the animation being over. It's probably a conflict/bug with that mod.
  14. I thought it was going to be another "edition", not an update?
  15. Date(s): 30th to 31st of Last Seed, 4th Era 201 __________________________________ [Cortana and Lydia set out to find the artifacts Auryen described. After finding the first two artifacts, and narrowly escaping the Silent Moon bandits, they stop to resupply in Whiterun.] It's still quite a bit of work, but money is starting to become less and less of a problem. It seems I really HAVE made progress, but I'm sure there are many more obstacles in my path. One of which is still the sexual culture of Skyrim. I'm still a bit conflicted with my acceptance of the culture. At this point I'm fine with exposing my body, but every day it seems there are new aspects that are uncovered which force me to re-evaluate my situation. For example... [Cortana feels a quick but firm squeeze on one of her butt cheeks as she passes by some people in Whiterun] "AH! Hey!" [She whips her head in the direction of where she was grabbed, but cannot find a reasonable culprit among the crowd] The people are becoming more... physical... in their "examination" of my body. I'm pretty sure I felt some women's hands once or twice as well, so I can't strictly blame the men nor can I say with any certainty that allowing the quartermaster to feel my boobs is to blame. Maybe it's a combination of that and simply not being such a "new face"? Wait, why am I trying to figure this out myself? Lydia has lived here her whole life. I could ask her. [Cortana moves to a relatively private area of the city] Cortana: "Lydia, I need to ask you something that might be embarrassing. Do you ever get... fondled while out in public?" Lydia (nonchalantly): "Yeah. You probably haven't noticed since I'm always walking behind you, but at least three people gave my exposed breast a good squeeze in the short time we've been here. I don't see why that would be embarrassing." Cortana (confused): "But... you said you weren't completely comfortable in that armor because of how naked it felt. If that's the case, why aren't you embarrassed from people groping you?" Lydia: "You're misunderstanding my feelings about this armor. I like it, it's sexy and accentuates my natural curves, but it's not very protective. I'm used to wearing armor that can survive multiple blows in combat before needing repairs. This mostly leather stuff simply won't have the same durability. That's mostly what I meant when I said I felt 'naked'." After all I've been through, and all the things I've seen, how did I NOT see this coming? And I used to think I was observant. Cortana: "So then, is being groped 'normal'? Kind of like how having sex with a stranger in a tavern is normal?" Lydia: "Yep. Since our bodies are almost always on display, men eventually can't help themselves when in front of a particularly attractive woman. Having your butt squeezed or your breasts played with is basically the greatest expression of attraction for a stranger to convey since simply looking and smiling is too ambiguous. If you've been getting touched a lot, that means you're very attractive. It's a compliment, really." Cortana: "But I thought touching was more... I don't know... 'unsafe'? For lack of a better word." Lydia: "Well, your hands shouldn't linger. Anything longer than a second or two can be considered harassment, so that's why people tend to do it as they pass by. If a man gropes you and you find him attractive as well, you could squeeze his butt or quickly grab his dick in response to his own touching, or if you're into women, fondle her back. Likewise, you're free to be the initiator as well. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll have sex with that person, but it's a good way to get things started if there's little time to talk." Cortana: "I see. Thank you for explaining. I'm still getting used to things here. I'll try to not let it get to me and look at it from your perspective." I have to admit that makes sense. I come from a place where attraction is usually conveyed in a more subtle manner, but there's nothing "subtle" about sexuality here. [Cortana and Lydia finish their business in Whiterun before setting off to acquire the last item Aruyen asked for] Cortana: "Lydia, before we get much further, I seem to have acquired a full set of armor that's like mine. Not made of leather, but actual metal. Let's see how you like it!" Lydia: "This definitely feels better! Thank you! I'm still going to need to get used to it, but I'm more confident with it." Cortana: "Good, let's get going." [Doing their best to save money, Cortana and Lydia decide to make their way to the Rift on foot. Roughly halfway through their journey, they stop and make camp for the night. Shortly after sunrise, Cortana is awoken by the sensation of being yanked from her bedroll. Dazed and still drowsy, Cortana attempts to fight off her attacker... but she is unable to drive him away. She's quickly stripped and left vulnerable as a random bandit forces himself upon her. Cortana looks around frantically, hoping Lydia will get him off, but this bandit didn't come alone. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Lydia in a similar situation, and can now hear her gagging as the other bandit is forcing his cock down Lydia's throat. Cortana feels a guilty comfort knowing that she doesn't have to experience this alone this time.] [After the bandits "finish" abusing the girls, they are immediately attacked by a rival faction of bandits. Using the chaos as cover, Cortana and Lydia quickly grab their gear and join the fray. Weakened by their skirmish, the bandits are easily dispatched in a case of poetic justice. How embarrassing it must be to be killed by scantily clad women, fresh cum dripping from their body, that had been taken advantage of only moments ago.] Cortana: sigh "What the hell Lydia!? I thought you were keeping watch!" Lydia (after wiping her face and washing out her mouth with water): "I WAS! I'm sorry, he snuck up on me! Say what you want about these fuck-tards, but they're not called BANDITS for no reason! They're stealthy little shits and this forest offers a lot of concealment!" Cortana: "Oh, so it's MY fault then for picking this place to rest?! What do you suppose we do then? Camp out in the open where we can be seen for miles? Or should we go up to the peaks of the freezing-ass mountains?" Lydia: "NO! That's not..." sigh "Look, you know by now that Skyrim's wilderness is dangerous. It doesn't matter WHERE we rest. There will always be danger. Those bandits could have very easily killed us just now, but they didn't. Yes, we got fucked and that sucks, but if you had to pick 'dick' or 'death' what would you choose? I know I'd pick 'dick' every time." Cortana: "Then why DIDN'T they kill us then? Why is everyone so sex-mad around here? It doesn't make any sense!" Lydia: "Have you paid ANY attention to what those guys look like, let alone SMELL like? They're hopeless societal rejects and criminals. No self-respecting woman would so much as look at those guys, let alone fuck them! Raping us is their best chance at leaving behind offspring, especially now since contraception and termination is outlawed due to the current chaos in our land. They're not ENTIRELY stupid." Cortana: "Then if getting killed seems so unlikely for a woman by comparison to men, why is adventuring so heavily gated for women? Doesn't that seem a bit backwards?" Lydia: "Because it's not about getting killed!" Cortana: "What do you mean? How does that..." Lydia: "Don't you remember what the quartermaster threatened you with?! You'd be the 'Breeding Bitch' of Dagonar! Do you think they're the only ones that would do that? If the bandit group is doing well on resources, the only other thing they'd want is more personnel. How do you think they accomplish that? And before you answer 'there's girl bandits too', trust me, those bitches don't want to lug around a baby-belly and are the biggest black-market customers of contraceptives, so there's next to no chance of getting them pregnant. Some of them even go so far as to stab themselves in the stomach to permanently prevent pregnancy. They're just as bad as the men, if not worse... Plus... I've heard some terrifying stories... I've heard of women adventuring and suffering through the same struggles that we have, but end up desensitized to getting raped... and eventually enjoying it, before giving themselves willingly to whoever satisfies their lust... That's the REAL danger; becoming a completely different person... Being alive on a physical level, yet dead on a philosophical one." Cortana: "...I'm sorry. I overreacted a bit. I'm just frustrated and confused. You have no idea how difficult it is to be thrown into a new world that's so similar yet so different to the old one at the same time. But I will NOT end up like the women you've heard about. There's no way I'd end up enjoying what these men have done to us." Lydia (giving Cortana a sorrowful and doubtful look): "...I wouldn't be so sure... You haven't even cleaned yourself up yet..." [Cortana looks down in shock as she notices she forgot to put on her Leather Thong in the chaos, leaving her cum-splattered pussy fully exposed as a few drops of white fluid fall to the ground.] Cortana (blushing heavily): "I... I was caught up in the chaos... This doesn't mean anything! I just didn't have a chance to clean up yet!" [She rushes into the nearby river to wash herself off and properly re-dresses. After packing up camp, they press onward. After travelling for most of the day, they finally reach their destination. After a challenging fight with the bandits inhabiting the area, they successfully retrieve the item and start heading back to Solitude.] __________________________________ Date(s): 1st to 6th of Hearthfire, 4th Era 201 __________________________________ [Upon returning to Solitude, they arrive at the Dragonborn Museum once again and give the items to Aruyen.] Aruyen: "Ah, phenomenal, let me have a look. Ah yes, exactly as described. Good work! Here's your pay." Woah! This paid really well! Yeah, the travelling and... other complications... sucked a lot, but between this and all of the equipment we've sold off, I can afford a Long Term License now! Aruyen: "Additionally, I'm happy to announce that the Museum is officially open for business! Which brings me to my next proposal. I'm seeking reliable relic hunters to aid in finding rare and valuable objects across Tamriel. You would be well compensated, as you have just now, and you'll have a place to display your finds and accomplishments safely. Additionally, I have many contacts hard at work finding the likely locations of other historic artifacts, along with things I've been researching myself. Additionally, as the museum becomes more popular, you'll be entitled to a share of the profits as additional compensation for your work. What do you say? Would you like to work for the museum?" Cortana: "Yes! Well, wait, what would my schedule be like?" Aruyen: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't explain properly it seems. This is more... freelance of a sort. There's no 'schedule' of any kind. You're free to come and go as you please, making contributions as you see fit. Our Chief Relic Hunter is a bit more dedicated to the task, but there's simply so much to recover, uncover, and rediscover that I couldn't possibly ask one person to acquire everything! We could always use more help! Oh, and your 'official title' here at the museum would simply be 'Relic Hunter', if you didn't put that together already." Cortana: "I see. That's a rather generous employment arrangement. I accept. Who's your Chief Relic Hunter? I'd rather not get in their way if we cross paths, especially if it's in a more... hostile area." Aruyen: "I believe her name was Lara. She only said it once and I've been quite busy lately, preparing for the museum's opening and whatnot. Hard to keep everything straight in the chaos, haha. I'll make sure to let her know of our newest employee. I'd imagine she wouldn't have a difficult time recognizing you, due to your unique appearance." Cortana: "Heh, yeah, I guess that's true. I'm going to see if anything we've stashed away can be put into the museum. I'll be back in a few days." Aruyen: "Wonderful! See you then!" [Cortana returns to her "hideout" near Riverwood, gathering everything she can to either sell off or donate to the museum. She stops by Lucan's shop and notices an interesting book on the shelves. After giving it a quick glance, it describes how to create clothes for women that also improves their spellcasting. Excited by the potential, she quickly pays the trivial price and sets off to gather the materials. After a few hours, Cortana has a completely new outfit!] Hmm, not sure about the lace, and for some reason I can't figure out how the hood is made, but this is definitely more modest than my other clothes, and that's saying something since this is obviously intended to be a "sexy" outfit. Oh well. Let's see if I can cast that spell now... [Cortana focuses on the Fear spell that Fralda taught her and is successfully able to unleash a small globe of energy that dissipates after a certain distance.] YES! I gotta get back to Winterhold right away! I can't waste any time. [Cortana quickly travels back to Solitude, drops off everything that Aruyen is interested in, and heads back to Winterhold. After casting the spell, she is formally accepted into the College of Winterhold.] __________________________________ {Note from Nymph} This one has a lack of images and lots of event compression. After taking a break, I had a lack of "connection" to the events that took place because they happened quite a while ago at this point. I've slowly started playing more, but that only exacerbated the memory problem. I also accidentally didn't record certain parts of when I played for this entry, so images were impossible to obtain in certain cases. I also don't want to focus on events that don't have much impact on the story. For example, I ended up getting Meridia's beacon and Dawnbreaker, but it was so disconnected from the story other than looting every corpse in the temple for gold that it wasn't worth including. This officially ends Chapter 2! I don't plan on each chapter being 5 entries long, it just happens to have worked out that way so far. Basically, whenever there's a major plot development a new chapter will start (or if it just "feels" like a new chapter should start). Hope you're excited for the next chapter! At the time of writing, I still can't promise any sort of consistency in my posting, but hopefully I can get a steady rhythm going again.
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