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  1. Creation Kit crashes and I can replicate the conditions with 100% consistency. If I open up a quest scene, open up a dialogue action, right click a piece of dialogue, click "Move to Topic", then scroll down; that causes a crash. If I just click "Move to Topic" but don't scroll it won't crash. Even though this crash happens under pretty specific circumstances, I am working with a quest that involves lots of scenes and many of the scenes are meant to have similar but slightly different dialogue. It is possible to copy a piece of dialogue, but it automatically pastes it inside the same action (typical awful Bethesda UI), so to get that dialogue in a different action I would have to move it, but I can't because opening that menu to move topics and scrolling down crashes CK every time. This is what I have to do instead without using the "Move to Topic" button: I open up the text part of the dialogue, copy the text. Create a new line of dialogue in a different scene/action past in the text, alter that text, go back to the original dialogue in the previous scene/action, copy all the conditions, go back to the new dialogue, paste the conditions, then change the speaker of the dialogue to match the original. This is what I could do if I was able to use the "Move to Topic" button: I copy the dialogue line, I right click and click "Move to Topic", I select the action I want the copy to go to, go the that action, and alter the text. My point is this specific bug is more than doubling the amount of time it is taking to complete this mod, and I'm still no where near complete. If someone knows a work-around or a patch, that would save me many days of my time. Since I could replicate the crash so easily, I want to know if anyone else is getting this crash? I know there is a chance that there is no solution and I will have to grind this out the hard way, but I would really hate to waste so much time just because Bethesda didn't implement a simple copy paste feature in their modding API.
  2. This is a short guide on how to debug CTDs yourself. What it means is you will try to find out as much information about the crash as possible. First, open Data/SKSE/skse.ini, if it doesn't exist then create it. Add this: [Debug] WriteMinidumps=1 Then wait for the game to crash. Now you will have a crash dump in Documents/My Games/Skyrim/SKSE/Crashdumps For example something like this 2015-05-08_16.26.42.dmp This file is not readable by humans, it's for debugger but you can do online crashdump analysis. Here is one site that does this: https://www.osronline.com/page.cfm?name=analyze Once you submit you will receive a bunch of text, most of this is useless but there are few things that can be helpful to you or someone else. Scroll down a bit and find the line that says: EXCEPTION_RECORD: Below it is the address in code where game crashed exactly. For example: ExceptionAddress: 00d573a8 (TESV+0x009573a8)It means that game was executing code on address 0xD573A8. It also says that the crash occurred in module TESV. If the crash had occurred in any SKSE plugin it would says that DLL name as module instead. Although it's still possible for a crash to be caused by SKSE plugin and happen in TESV module. Now why is this address helpful? 1. Someone else may have the same crash, you can compare what you both have in common to narrow down cause. 2. Someone else may have had the same crash and already solved it. 3. I can look it up in game code to see what happens in the function, maybe it helps you narrow down cause. 4. You can compare if the crashes you are having are the same ones or different. It could also be helpful to catalogue known crashes in a sticky or somewhere. If you post your crash here include at least this information: EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff) ExceptionAddress: 00d573a8 (TESV+0x009573a8) ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation) ExceptionFlags: 00000000 NumberParameters: 2 Parameter[0]: 00000000 Parameter[1]: 00000000 Attempt to read from address 00000000 STACK_TEXT: WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong. 3684fc20 00bf2fb8 00000000 16a9a770 3684fde0 TESV+0x9573a8 3684fc50 00000000 00000000 3684fcd4 00786b68 TESV+0x7f2fb8 And everything SKSE related from Loaded Module List. Example: 0c490000 0c577000 SKSE_Elys_Uncapper SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.dll 50e00000 50e80000 nioverride nioverride.dll 51110000 51122000 enbhelper enbhelper.dll 51310000 51332000 showRaceMenu_preCacheKiller showRaceMenu_preCacheKiller.dll 51340000 5140d000 StorageUtil StorageUtil.dll 51bf0000 51c76000 chargen chargen.dll 51c80000 51c96000 SpellInvisibilityPlugin SpellInvisibilityPlugin.dll 51ca0000 51ccb000 SexLabUtil SexLabUtil.dll 51cd0000 51d23000 SchlongsOfSkyrim SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll 51d30000 51d6c000 MfgConsole MfgConsole.dll 51d70000 51d86000 ItemSoulgemPlugin ItemSoulgemPlugin.dll 51f50000 51f66000 ItemPoisonPlugin ItemPoisonPlugin.dll 51f70000 5203a000 skse_1_9_32 skse_1_9_32.dll 52290000 522e3000 FirstPersonPlugin FirstPersonPlugin.dll 522f0000 5236a000 hook hook.dll 52530000 52546000 ItemArrowPlugin ItemArrowPlugin.dll 52550000 52566000 ItemChargePlugin ItemChargePlugin.dll 525b0000 525c6000 AutoLockpickPlugin AutoLockpickPlugin.dll 525d0000 525ef000 DoubleJumpPlugin DoubleJumpPlugin.dll Some reported crashes so far:
  3. Yeah my skyrim crashing randomly. after loading, middle of something, running, standing etc. I tried turning off autosave, some mods(bug fixes, uslep), lower quality Im not tried verify the game, reload mods, redownload skyrim. So pls help i love skyrim with mods. When im werify the game my mods dont work My specs: Win 10 Geforce GTX 1060 i7-7700HQ CPU 2.80ghz 64x 16GB Ram Load Order: 0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 5 5 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp 6 6 ApachiiHair.esm 7 7 SexLab.esm 8 8 SexLabAroused.esm 9 9 Devious Devices - Assets.esm 10 a Unofficial Skyrim City Patch Modified.esm 11 b Devious Devices - Integration.esm 12 c Devious Devices - Expansion.esm 13 d Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm 14 e JSwords.esm 15 f High Poly Head.esm 16 10 Heels Sound.esm 17 11 ZaZAnimationPack.esm 18 12 hdtHighHeel.esm 19 13 RealisticWaterTwo.esp 20 14 Cidhna Mine Expanded.esp 21 15 SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp 22 16 Zim's Dragon Improvements.esp 23 17 Schlongs of Skyrim.esp 24 18 Undeath.esp 25 19 YOT - Your Own Thoughts.esp 26 1a Better Vampires.esp 27 1b Moolgogi Serana.esp 28 1c Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp 29 1d Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp 30 1e Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp 31 1f Lore Weapon Expansion.esp 32 20 LeftHandRings - Dawnguard.esp 33 21 BetterShapedDragonBling.esp 34 22 LeftHandRings - Enchanted.esp 35 23 GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp 36 24 SkyUI.esp 37 25 Dual Sheath Redux.esp 38 26 Storm Wings.esp 39 27 Bijin NPCs.esp 40 28 Bijin Wives.esp 41 29 Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp 42 2a dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp 43 2b dD-Dragonborn-Dawnguard-EBT Patch.esp 44 2c dD-Larger Splatter Size.esp 45 2d Bijin Warmaidens.esp 46 2e VioLens.esp 47 2f suspiciouscityguards.esp 48 30 LeftHandRings.esp 49 31 Better Vampire NPCs.esp 50 32 SFO_SkinFeatureOverlays.esp 51 33 Brows.esp 52 34 12FemaleBrows.esp 53 35 SSv2.esp 54 36 AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp 55 37 troublesofheroine.esp 56 38 SMIM-Merged-All.esp 57 39 RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp 58 3a Devious Lore.esp 59 3b KS Hairdo's.esp 60 3c Devious Lore - KS Hair Patch.esp 61 3d Nightingale Brotherhood.esp 62 3e Dovahkiins_Infamy.esp 63 3f ArmorDisguises.esp 64 40 Immersive Wenches.esp 65 41 DeviousTraps.esp 66 42 MonstersReborn.esp 67 43 SkyfallEstate.esp 68 44 MistySkye.esp 69 45 JSwordsDistributionBalancePlugin.esp 70 46 skogarfjell.esp 71 47 Devious Cidhna.esp 72 48 Recorder Follower Base.esp 73 49 DeviousCarriages.esp 74 4a submissivelola_est.esp 75 4b Gifts Of The Outsider.esp 76 4c Vampirelordroyal.esp 77 4d WyressAllevia.esp 78 4e My Home Is Your Home.esp 79 4f MistysHairSalon.esp 80 50 BVandRoyalBloodline_Patch.esp 81 51 Immersive Speechcraft.esp 82 52 LeftHandRings_1stPersonView.esp 83 53 High Poly Head Vampire Fix.esp 84 54 [NIND] CBBE Slutty Sister LE.esp 85 55 Senua's Warpaints.esp 86 56 OverflowingEnchant.esp 87 57 SGEyebrows.esp 88 58 LindsMerEyes.esp 89 59 Lupine_YyvengarBodypaints.esp 90 5a [NIND] CBBE FGO Caenis Casual.esp 91 5b TheEyesOfBeauty.esp 92 5c FleshFX.esp 93 5d UIExtensions.esp 94 5e AddItemMenuLE.esp 95 5f SOSRaceMenu.esp 96 60 XPMSE.esp 97 61 RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp 98 62 RaceMenu.esp 99 63 RaceMenuPlugin.esp 100 64 UnreadBooksGlow.esp 101 65 FNIS.esp 102 66 lighteritems.esp 103 67 Stronger Daedric Artifacts.esp 104 68 [ENG]No Weight for Ingots and Ores.esp 105 69 barenziahquestmarkers.esp 106 6a cheese only 0.1 weight!.esp 107 6b weightless potions.esp 108 6c Predator Vision.esp 109 6d MainMenu.esp 110 6e AHZmoreHUD.esp 111 6f ExtraLevelPerks.esp 112 70 [NIND] CBBE BloodMagicArmor LE.esp 113 71 troublesofheroineDB.esp 114 72 FMS_FemaleMakeupSuite.esp 115 73 sandboxcylinderheight.esp 116 74 MaskofBlades.esp 117 75 Celes Nightingale Armor.esp 118 76 zDarkArena.esp 119 77 Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp 120 78 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp 121 79 Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp Sorry for my writing mistakes.
  4. Hi, I need some help with my Skyrim. Because every time I put on Osex in NMM and when I start playing Skyrim and press NEW or Load. My meaning is i know it is Osex it is causing the CTD but i really like Osex mod to. I've heard some people say Osex is compatitble with sexlab so it should not be a problem i think. So i want the experts to take a look and if they found what i've done wrong with the load order or any conflicting mods. Crash Fixes LOOT Papyrus Log TE5Edit ENB Boost SSME Crash Dumps I desperately tried everything. I even tried to remove all my Sexlab animations. Still didn't work. So now i ask you guys out there on internet to help me out if it is possible. loadorder.txt
  5. Hi. Over the past few days I've been experiencing an issue related to getting CTDs when trying to load save files, and would like to request some help pinpointing the cause. I have a heavily modded setup, only about 10 mods short of reaching the 255 limit, however it has been surprisingly stable so far. My recent save has about 82 hours of logged playtime, during which I have experience close to no crashes. A few similar CTDs when loading would disappear on the second load attempt, but it seems my luck ran out. I did update and add a few mods during the lifetime of this save, however nothing recently to these crashes occurring. The problem I have right now is the game CTD'ing about 3 seconds after continuing or loading any save file, including older ones that I had previously loaded from successfully. Starting a new game works perfectly fine, but I still CTD if I try to load a save file after starting a new game. I have tried to clean the save with ReSaver (it was already clean), I cleaned the skse save with NetImmerse Override Cleaner, I have reduced the number of animations and reran FNIS, currently at about 11k, and I have been enabling and disabling the various load CTD fixes in different combinations to see how far it would get me into the loading process, with the same results. All this time I have been using Crash Fixes' UseOSAllocators=1, and now I have tried changing the size of the custom memory block as well to no avail. My enblocal file has expand memory set to false and reduce memory to true. The only thing that helped me was changing UseOSAllocators to 0, which made the CTD go away. With UseOSAllocators disabled, I can load, save, restart and load successfully as long as I don't enable it again. I haven't yet tried to properly play after this change to see if I encounter any other problems. And this is my dilemma, as I have tampered with memory settings on an active save file before, only when starting a new game. Would it be safe for me to attempt to continue playing with changing UseOSAllocators from 1 to 0 mid-save? Or is there something else I should look into doing to attempt and successfully load with UseOSAllocators still enabled? Relevant fixes that I had enabled: Load Game CTD Fix, AnimationLoadingFix 1.0 along with Animation Limit Crash Fix 1.1, Crash Fixes and HDT Physics Extensions Crash Fix 1.5. Also Safety Load after using skse memory patch. Crash Fixes logs are all the same 'Game has crashed with exception address' with the address always being in the 4E/4F zone, most recent one being 0x4F1BEFE3. Minidump from the most recent crash (loading with UseOSAllocators=1) will be attached. I am still looking into how to analyze the minidump myself, using debugging tools for windows I can see errors related to accessing the dlls for hdtPhysicsExtensions and hdtHighHeelNative, my first guess due to them being loaded through MO2. I also see errors related to symbol files for other dlls, including discord's hook. Load order (some esps are disabled, sitting at 245 loaded): So yeah, if anyone has any suggestion on what else I could try, or if I need to provide anything else to clarify the situation, please let me know. Thank you for your time 2020-09-27_13.24.13.dmp Papyrus.0.log
  6. Hey everyone, I know this should probably be posted on the BHUNP Support Forum but I´ve tried there multiple times and got no help there so I´m gonna try my luck here. So I´m trying to install BHUNP which has been awesome when I got it to work. But ever since 1.79 (and 1.80) it just CTDs my game before the Bethesda Logo appears. I am selecting the European version in the fomod. I am suspecting that it doesn´t actually select the European version/it´s broken but Im really not sure. I don´t know much about BHUNP so i haven´t tried a lot of things/know a lot of things. Has someone using the European version got a fix for this ? I love this body but i hate that i can´t use it anymore due to being european
  7. So it started when i was walking down from the collage of Winterhold as soon i got the "Winterhold discovered" I crash. I tried coc to the shine of Azura and to the inn in Winterhold and both times I crash whenever i get to Winterhold. I have no clue why its happening because as far as i know every other place is fine. I can't think of mod that I've downloaded that effects Winterhold other than the "Immersive collage of Winterhold". But I always have that my load order and its just now happening. If some could help I would really appreciate it. Load order and Papyrus. loadorder.txt Papyrus.0.log
  8. Long time skyrim modder here, but first time with a sse installation. So here is the issue in more detail. Whether or not it's me or an npc male, when a sex animation begins, the characters involved get naked, teleport in and out and then the game ctd's. uninstalling SoS removes the CTD but the animation proceeds sans dick. Getting naked does not cause the ctd, I can run around whiterun flacid without a problem. Perhaps the issue is the erection? I suspected it was a skeleton issue but I have the latest xp32 skeleton for SSE and I've tried changing load order, priority, checking if there were conflicting skeletons. i've tried reinstalling SoS with and without its skeleton, xp32 and other usual troubleshooting steps but the fix eludes me. I am running fnis XXL but only 4000 or so animations and have tried with various animation packs installed or uninstalled. Uninstalling SoS fixes things and I've been thinking of going lite and seeing if that works but I'm not that interested in losing features if i can help it. Has anyone encountered this problem as well and figured it out? loadorder.txt modlist.txt
  9. Hey ,my game is crashing when i try to flirt with anyone , beside that the game works , but how can I use WW without flirting right? I installed and uninstalled all types of mods thinking it's because of them but no the problem still persists, i reinstalled the game twice but the same problem. Anyone can help me please?
  10. (I said CTDs you pervert, for STDs you need to go elsewhere - maybe PSQ?) Disclaimers: Disclaimer 1 (please read this prior to telling me what a moron I am) Disclaimer 2 (I know that this is derivative) Disclaimer 3 (when are you going to finish?) Section 1 - CTDs The first question when you are getting CTDs is when are you getting CTDs? This can be split in three parts: before the main screen (or a split second thereafter), after the main screen but before the game loads (or a split second thereafter) or during the game. This is the main screen to which I allude: 1) The crash is occurring before the main screen. This is almost always a result of a missing master. If you have this problem you should run LOOT (Load Order Optimisation Tool) found here: https://loot.github.io/ Your mod manager can also tell you if you have a missing master but it is simpler to give one tried and tested tool to work with rather than explaining several different ones. If you have already read Donttouchmethere's blog you already have this tool. LOOT is very intuitive and a great deal of explanation should not be needed. Here is an example of what LOOT looks like in use: Please note what is wrong with this (I assure you I did this intentionally, believe it or not). Just to the right of center at the top, you will note that LOOT says that I have 1 warning and 5 errors. The warnings can generally be disregarded but this one is highlighted in yellow - I have not sorted my load order. Before starting any Skyrim game in which you have changed your load order (added or deleted mods) you should run LOOT. Make it a habit. In the long haul you will not regret it. Back to the matter at hand, if I were to scroll down this page of LOOT it would show me in red those files which are causing an error. In this case it is because I have a master that I have turned off. Were I to try to load this order right now my game would crash to desktop (CTD). I need to replace the missing master (LOOT will indicate which files need masters and what they are). In this case I happen to know that it is paradise_halls.esm (note that there is no number next to it in the left hand column of the screen) - this means that I loaded it but it has been ticked "off". When I go back and tick paradise halls back on and run LOOT the errors disappear and my game will load. Before leaving LOOT I want to point out one other thing. On the top right hand, in the blue bar, there is an icon that looks like three vertical buttons or dots. If you click on that you will get options including being able to copy your load order. In my opinion, LOOT is the best source for sharing your load order for two reasons. First, LOOT gives the numbers to each of your mods. So, if you were writing to me you could say why is Devious Devices - Assets.esm (0a) so much higher in your load order than the other DD mods? Thus, it allows clearer communication. Second, LOOT lists your load order in the actual order in which it is loaded. So, it is easier to see if you have one or more mods that may be overwriting an earlier mod. In some cases knowing that and changing the load order is all that's necessary to fix a problem. 2) The crash is happening after the main screen but before the game loads. The most common cause of this problem is too many animations for the crummy Bugthesda engine to handle with your modded Skyrim game. =================================================================================================================== The material between the double lines is outdated but I am leaving it for reference purposes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The material between these lines is outdated but I am leaving it for reference purposes. The limits of what constitutes too many animations vary from one set of mods to another. Fore (of FNIS fame) will attest that he can run 20k animations but admits that those animations make up virtually all his mods. Most people can safely run10k-12k animations. Some can run more, some less. When you run FNIS you should get something that looks like this: This indicates that I have 6850 + 3212 = 10062 animations running at the current time (well below the limit and, I assure you, little enough to avoid issues with CTD). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated information on animation limits As of today (1/11/2019) there is no information on calculating how many animations you can safely load. This information is from Fore (of FNIS fame) originally and verified by GenioMaestro. The limitations on animations appear to be related to character animations and alternate animations. The good news is that if you can get FNIS to load your creature animations they should not cause a CTD. The bad news is that calculating the limit is just a little harder. I will still use the FNIS output above (in the outdated section) for my example. The newer information indicates that you need to calculate the total number of character animations and THREE TIMES the number of alternate animations. That total should not exceed 14k. So, using the information above my "effective" animations are: 2949 (983 * 3) + 6850 = 9799 animations. This is well below the 14000 animations limit. Even this limit can be exceeded if you use poser mods which seem to have less effect. =================================================================================================================== =================================================================================================================== Sadly, the einformation between these double lines is also outdated. The most up-to-date information about animation CTDs (from Fore as of 8/15/2019) can be found here: If you have more animations than you can load you effectively have 3 choices. First, and simplest is to remove animation packs.That would reduce the total number and, hopefully, allow the game to load (if you couldn't previously). Second choice is to use older versions of mods that you am currently running. Each iteration of a mod that contains animations (whether Devious Devices (DD) or Zaz Animation Pack (ZAP) contains more "stuff" including more animations. So, if you have too many animations with ZAP 8+ you could try loading with ZAP7 (similarly with DD). This only works if 1) you can find an older version of the mod and 2) the mods that you run that use the mod you are changing will actually run with the older version. Third, you can go to one of the Support Threads for mods that "do" animations. For my purposes I highly recommend going to the support thread for SexLab Animation Loader (SLAL) by Orxx. This issue is discussed at length on that site. There are many suggestions listed on how you can go about picking and choosing animations out of packs so as to reduce the total animations while leaving you the ones you feel that you absolutely have to have, FNIS is very important to modded Skyrim. Be certain that you run it every time you change your load order. You might be surprised to discover that a mod that you loaded has animations in it even though "Animations" is NOT in its title. Before I leave this topic I want to say two more things about FNIS. First, and most importantly. neither warnings nor errors should be ignored. Unlike LOOT (where warnings can usually be safely ignored) it is critically important that you resolve all warnings and errors that you receive from FNIS before starting your modded Skyrim game. Second, what Fore's excellent tool tells you is how many animations that FNIS can handle, not how many Bugthesda's engine can handle. It is the rule, rather than the exception, that people who have CTDs from too many animations get no warning from FNIS. That is because FNIS CAN handle that number of animations, it is the game's engine that can't! (This second point should be made void by the release of FNIS 7.5 XXL Beta-6. It should tell you if you are trying to load too many animations). For more information on animation limits look at this article: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/articles/1168 ==================================================================================================================== If you are having a crash due to too many animations then you need this: 3) I get my crashes at some other place and time There are too many possibilities for this category to list all of them so I am going to stick with some recurrent themes. First, do you have the tools? Many tools have been developed to help stabilize and improve the modded Skyrim experience. In my opinion, among the most important are: 1) Crash fixes. Found here and fairly self-explanatory (as always, do read the directions): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725 2) ENBoost. This one is more difficult and I hope to do a walkthrough at some point in the future. It is VERY important if you have less than 4GB of VRAM. If you have 8GB or more you probably don't need it. At 4GB it's your call (I have 4GB and I use it). Anyway, you will need to look in more than one place in order to complete this (although it will take you through it). Start here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73618 As if ENBoost is not difficult enough MicroSoft has chosen to throw some additional glitches in for users of Windows 10. If you have problems getting ENBoost to work and you run Windows 10 take a look at this (I had to): https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/3089504-fix-for-skyrim-crashing-instantly-with-enb-on-windows-10/?p=56131491 3) SKSE. ini. The SKSE program does not come with this. As a result you do not get all the benefits of SKSE. While you can make your own version this one is already complete and optimized. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51038?tab=files 4) SKSE plugin preloader. Helps organize SKSE so as to improve management. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75795 5) Bethini. Skyrim's .ini files give it directions on how to handle your game. Problems with .ini files can cause all sorts of problems. While it is entirely possible to deal with these files by yourself Bethini gives you a tool with which to handle them safely. It is also much more intuitive than editing the files by yourself. It can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69787 Then, have you done things correctly? There are very many ways to do Skyrim correctly. Sadly there are even more ways in which to foul it up. Let me start with my favorite analogy for this. Modding Skyrim correctly (that is ending up with a stable game) is like good cooking. First, it requires the right ingredients (this is all the things that have been mentioned up to this point). Second, it takes patience (when I first came to LL I thought that the people giving me advice were brilliant and that their modded games just flowed from their genius. Now I know that they worked their asses off to make their game work, just like I did). Good food and a stable Skyrim game can not be rushed. Third, it can be seasoned to taste, There is no such thing as THE right set of mods or load order. Finally, no matter how much you may love two things individually sometimes they do not go together (some mods will just NOT place nice with other mods, I'm sorry at times you will just have to choose). Another common place to get CTDs is on loading a saved game. While many things, like bloat, can cause this issue it often can be resolved by adding another simple tool found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85443 Bloat is more complex and beyond what I intend to do in this blog at this time. A special case I'd like to mention is the corrupted mesh. If you find yourself unable to enter a particular cell (this usually occurs when you try to go through a doorway) you may have a corrupted mesh. If you attempt to use the console coc command and crash that way as well it makes the likelihood higher, frankly, close to 100%. So, now you know the cause you still have to go through your mods and see which one(s) is corrupting the mesh. While mods that say that they affect that cell should come high on your list of suspects my experience has been that the culprit is often something that doesn't come to mind as affecting that space. Using the console/coc command: VirginMarie (the author of the excellent mod Shout Like a Virgin) lists this as her "golden rule" on her modpage: Golden Rule: To avoid corrupting your save... Never change sort order or remove mods mid-play-through. You can only safely upgrade a mod, or add mods to the end of your load order. Rule is in general, not just for this mod. Breaking this rule is the #1 cause for a wide range of problems. Save cleaning tools help but won't remove all corruption. The so called "clean save" procedure breaks this rule... instead, start a new game when unable to follow the rule (new game means really a new game, not some early save). While I freely admit that there are exceptions to this rule and I have violated it without a problem a time or two, it is best to abide by this as outstanding advice. If you have a save that has fouled up for whatever reason, be prepared to start over again. Fix whatever your issue was, run LOOT and FNIS and START A NEW GAME! As a general principle, avoid mods that have had no updates in the last 3 years. Not all older mods are game breakers but many are. If you feel that you just have to try an older mod go to it's support thread and read the last 2-3 pages. If the posts are old or someone has clearly abandoned the mod, just don't load it. Next, let's look at papyrus logs!
  11. Hi so I've been modding skyrim lately and I've been getting some random crashes. I installed loot and organized my mods to fix most issues and that seemed to work. However I really think that my skyrim is crashing because a lack of memory. I have 8GB which should be enough for most games but whenever I get around the followers that I created, the game starts lagging and ends up crashing. Not only that but I can be alone running around skyrim and the game will crash on the spot no matter what I'm doing. I could be running and the game will crash. When I get a follower and fast travel somewhere the game freezes once I arrive. It's really frustrating. When I have skyrim off my computer has 3.7GB of ram free. So my question is should I go buy another 8GB memory stick so I'll have a total of 16GB or is the problem something else? All of the mods that I have are mods that have worked perfectly fine in the past. Nothing has changed at all.
  12. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to get report when u'r game crash to know which mod caused the crash ? My game crash like every 30 minutes or so. I'm addind my load order as a spoiler, maybe someone can tell my i'm dumb and that some mods aren't compatible with each other: Thx in advance.
  13. After updating WickedWhims with June 17th version, Sims 4 would crash repeatedly after a few minutes in-game. I followed usual debugging protocols : deleted and reinstalled the mods one by one to figure out what the problem was. WickedWhims worked fine on its own, continued to do so when I added BasementalDrugs and StinktaliaNails. The game only crashes when I reinstall WickedPerversion. Anyone else have this problem?
  14. When I try to get in showracemenu or at the character creation in helgen If I swap to female my game instantly crash, earlier today I did the helgen intro and made a girl to work on a preset for racemenu everything worked nice, after that I saved and quit and saw that since I didn't play for a while my sse engine fixes was obsolete, I dl the new one and since then whenever I try to make a female my game crashes, I already tried to uninstall the mod but if I do that the race menu doesn't open at all even for the male. Would appreciate some help from the expert of this forum.
  15. So after playing my test character for extensive time adding and removing mods and testing. Yes i know it screws my saves. It was to see if mods actually work, i never intend a test character save to last ever. Now that all of it is done i start a new character and upon first try of loading the NEW savegames with my NEW character i get all these CTD's that i partially solved by removing enchanced character edit(realised racemenu already has it built in) removing some mihail creature mods and other little things i could afford to get rid of. Yet the problem remains. Papyrus0.log is the latest one which is upon loading a fresh savegame where the character has just been washed off on the shore. Would like some advice because LOOT shows no errors and i dont have any deleted references/navmeshes except for bethesdas masters. Will continue testing for the coming days but in the meantime i would really appreciate some advice on what is conflicting with what. Yes i did read every mods description and requirements, i may have missed a couple of things or warnings. Papyrus.0.log Papyrus.1.log Papyrus.2.log Papyrus.3.log LOADORDER.txt EDIT: Savegame cleaner is useless because broken saves are literally empty, there are no orphans nothing of the likes. As i said, fresh save. EDIT2: Error: Cannot cast from None to SKI_WidgetBase[] stack: [iHUDControlQuest (BC000805)].ihudwidgetscript.initialize So now i am getting some completely unrelated errors from iHUD which has never happened before and ive seen my share of errors. This is totally unrelated to anything that is going on right now. Is my skyrim eating itself alive? EDIT3: new problems arising as i remove mods and try to start a new game in hopes the conflicts go away, yet i receive even more pressure to my already sore butt. Papyrus.0.log EDIT4: after removing ALL of the mihailmods, birds and flocksHF,immersive creatures patch and werewolf/vampire overhauls such as moonlight and sacrosanct the game has stabilized. Will continue testing extensively until further problems. EDIT5: same symptoms, decided to reload my most recent savegame on the working character and the papyrus log fills up with the exact same errors and crap as it CTD's and the save becomes unusable. Note that i start a fresh character after making each and every change, i run around do some stuff and try to encourter the crash. Mainly its upon loading. I managed to fix the instant CTD by removing mods mentioned above but the problem persists. Log is mentioning some missing files and stuff but i havent removed anything during the time period nor have i encourtered these errors over the course of the last 50 in-game hours of tests and adding/removing mods. This issue has somehow translated from the old character which i got rid of to every new one i make. Latest log: Papyrus.0.log
  16. im getting a crash when i load into markarth it show up the load screen loads for the average load time for entering a city then instant crash no errors or anything. Ill post my load order and papyrus log but let me know if theres anything else needed. (load order help would be appreciated as well if anyone can im sure its a mess) edit: im running the newest version of SKSE, FNIS and im pretty sure any other utilities im running. (idk what all qualifies as a utility if you need more i can figure it out with a bit of assistance) Papyrus.0.rar
  17. So my game crashes all the time. I crash when i open my map, when i open my menu, or when I just press pause. It's all because of one mod. Familiar faces is the only thing that causes my game to crash. I've done loot and every thing I can think of. I just can't get familiar faces to stop crashing my game. I really need it for my youtube channel. I haven't been able to post anything in months because of how much my game crashes. I'm thinking it's because of some mods that may be script heavy or some kind of conflict. I have absolutely no idea why the game is crashing so much. It crashes to desktop whenever I do something simple or it'll even crash on it's own without me doing anything. because of this, I can't even play the game for any longer than 10mins. Here is my load order.
  18. Can someone say why my skyrim crashing? Log filePapyrus.0.log Skyrim crash when i try to go to city (Whiterun)
  19. Hello, dear people, Thanks for your time to have a look at my guide for all those who already had a CTD in Skyrim and want to have the SKSE logs analyzed but can't analyze the *.dmp files on OSR http://www.osronline.com/page.cfm%5ename=Analyze.htm anymore because you can read the following message: -------------------------------- OSR Instant Crash Online Analyze Immediate !Analyze -v: OSR's Instant Online Crash Analysis Effectively immediately, support for our Instant Online Crash Analyzer has been withdrawn. As you know, the OSR Online website has been retired... our developer blogs have moved to our corporate web site, and the NTDEV, NTFSD, and WINDBG lists were migrated to our Community forum. Now, it's time for the Instant Online Crash Analyzer to fade go into the retirement it so richly deserves. Does this leave you in a bind? Hate the fact that the Instant Online Crash Dump Analyzer has gone away? Feel free to write to us and complain! Write to CrashDumpAnalyzer@osr.com and tell us what you miss and why. Who knows... Dan might decide to bring this feature back! ------------------------------ For all these, I have here a great guide with which you can perform your analysis locally on your computer to check through your *.dmp files when Crash Fix and Papyrus again only execute adress and dubious numbers. First of all you have to activate logging for SKSE. This works by clicking on ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\SKSE for all NMM users or worse ( Vortex ) or for the users of ModOrganizer2 who followed the guide of GamerPoet ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbxIu1XUxUE ) in the path ...\Mod Organizer 2\mods\SKSE - Scripts\ and add the folder skse to it and create or open the file skse.ini and enter this line in it: [Debug] WriteMinidumps=1 Now all you have to do is wait until your game crashes and you're already in the path: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SKSE\Crashdumps have a *.dmp file. As I just wrote, OSR has decided to discontinue their Instant Online Crash Analyze and retire. Well you could now look for an alternative and you will surely find something after hours of googling, but you can do it yourself anytime with this steps. First download the Debugging Tools for Windows direct: Best here: Debugging Tools for Windows Direct Download I took the Debugging Tools for Windows (x86) version and it worked fine (under Windows 10 too). Once you have done this and installed it you should go to the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86) in there you can find the tools. Especially important is the windbg.exe Now you have to do the following: Stage 1: Making sure you have installed.NET Framework on your computer Stage 2: Associating .dmp files with WinDBG In order for you to be able to read and analyze the .dmp files your computer creates, you need to first associate .dmp files with WinDBG. In order to do so, you need to: If you are using Windows 8 or later, right-click on the Start Menu to open the WinX Menu and click on Command Prompt (Admin). If you are using an older version of Windows, open the Start Menu, search for “cmd”, right-click on the search result named cmd and click on Run as administrator. This will launch an elevated Command Prompt. Type the following into the elevated Command Prompt and press Enter: cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86) Note: If the installation location for your instance of WinDBG is different, replace everything in front of cd in the command line above with the actual installation location of WinDBG in your case. Next, type the following into the elevated Command Prompt and press Enter: windbg.exe –IA If all went well, a new WinDBG window containing a dialog box confirming the association of your computer’s .dmp files with WinDBG will appear. If such a confirmation box appears, you can go ahead and close both WinDBG and the elevated Command Prompt. Stage 4: Configuring the Symbol Path for WinDBG In order to read the binaries in a .dmp file, WinDBG uses symbols which it needs to have on hand whenever you require it to read and analyze a .dmp file. The symbol path is the directory on your computer where WinDBG stores all of its downloaded symbols. While you are free to turn any location on your computer’s hard drive into the symbol path for your installation of WinDBG, this is an extremely crucial and fragile stage, which is why it is recommended that you simply use the default location. Here’s how you can configure the symbol path for WinDBG: Launch WinDBG.exe by opening the Start Menu and click the shortcut or start it from your install path c:\Program Files (x86)\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86). When WinDBG launches, click on File > Symbol File Path. Type the following into the Symbol Search Path box and click on OK: SRV*C:\SymCache*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols This will instruct WinDBG to create a new folder named SymCache in Local Disk C and download new symbols and save them to this folder. You can replace C:\SymCache in the text above with any directory of your choosing where you wish to have WinDBG store its symbols. Click on File > Save WorkSpace. This will save the new Symbol Path that you have configured. Close WinDBG by clicking on File > Exit. NOW YOU ARE READY TO ANALYZE YOUR SKSE *.DMP FILES ON YOUR COMPUTER. What you need to do: Open the folder C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SKSE\Crashdumps and doubleclick your dumpfile. WinDgb will open and you see a window with a text like: Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Win10\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SKSE\Crashdumps\2018-10-31_11.20.09.dmp] User Mini Dump File: Only registers, stack and portions of memory are available WARNING: Minidump contains unknown stream type 0x15 WARNING: Minidump contains unknown stream type 0x16 Now in the bottom of the field is a white long line beside a number that looks like: 0:046> ( as example, can be different and depends on the *dmp file). At this line you can enter a command and in this field simple write the command: !analyze –v Now your *dmp file analyze start at your Computer. WinDgb will analze your *.dmp file and with much luck your can see maybe whats mod or issue caused your crash … for more informations about the Analyze see the Guide here from h38fh2mf at https://www.loverslab.com/topic/46913-how-to-debug-ctd/ Sorry for my terrible english guys but maybe its help further for CTD Analyze. Of anyone can explain it better or have Questions about it, no problem, ask me, i am open for critics See you and Greetz Brisl
  20. Hey so i downloaded this amazing mod a while ago and i also got the Serana addon for it,it worked for a while but after some time my game started crashing on startup and it took my a while but i found out that the core file of SE was the one causing the crashes.I couldnt figure out a way to fix it,nor did i find any info on the internet that would help so i had to disable it so i can play the game...Iam posting here hoping that someone can give me a vaulable advice so i can get this mod running again,i'd be greatful.It really is an amazingly well done mod,i used to enjoy it a lot and it would be a shame if i couldnt play it anymore.
  21. Hello! I'm relatively new to the modding scene for Skyrim and I have been experiencing some issues with the game freezing/crashing at what appears to be random. I've been using Vortex to manage all my mods, both from NMM and LL. It points out a lot of the issues that come up during deployment such as missing masters of conflicts but I think I'm missing something. If anyone has the time and patience, could you take a look at my mod load order and see if it checks out? # Automatically generated by Vortex Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm HearthFires.esm Dragonborn.esm Heels Sound.esm SexLab.esm SexLabAroused.esm CreatureFramework.esm FoxPalace_X.esm Evil Lair of Hydra.esm FoxHome_X.esm hdtHighHeel.esm EFFCore.esm ApachiiHair.esm ApachiiHairFemales.esm Adhesive bandage.esp [NIND] CBBE Slooty D.va Suit.esp succubus yy edit.esp [COCO]KDA_Ahri_Full.esp [COCO]LaceBody.esp [COCO]KDA Kaisa.esp [COCO]Student Uniform.esp [COCO]wedding_2B.esp TemptressVixen.esp My Home Is Your Home.esp SLAL_GSAnimObjects.esp SLALAnimObj.esp nazonootokoAnimSLAL.esp SLAL_K4Anims.esp SLAL_AnimationsByLeito.esp HentaiCreatures.esp MoreNastyCritters.esp SexLabTools.esp UIExtensions.esp SLAnimLoader.esp SharonFollower.esp ZeilaFollower.esp VerisFollower.esp Slave Outfit.esp zgcnerdy.esp 42Re Aki Set.esp SPB_EHBunny.esp LeatherThiefArmor.esp HyperNurse.esp fox40 Armor.esp fox49 Armor.esp HeavyMetal.esp HeavyMetalNoTail.esp RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp TreestumpConversions.esp Milker Movil Armor.esp NIND-RedHalterneckOpenBra CBBE.esp [NIND]Twofa's StringBra.esp [NIND] CBBE Milk Girl.esp Aradia Leather Armour NIND.esp NIND-Arsenic Slave Outfit.esp BBD_Nova.esp SED7-CBBE3-BM_GOLDEDITION_NipplePiercing_Rings.esp SED7-CBBE3-BM_SILVEREDITION_NipplePiercing_Rings.esp SED7-CBBE3-BM_UNIEDITION_Nipplewand.esp SED7-CBBE3_GOLDEDITION_Barbell.esp SED7-CBBE3_GOLDEDITION_femaleLabiaPiercings.esp SED7-CBBE3_SILVEREDITION_femaleLabiaPiercings.esp SED7-CBBE3_UNIEDITIONfemaleNipplePiercing_SwordNShield.esp Scarlett Follower.esp Rosie Follower.esp Cher.esp No5F.esp Nami.esp Liliane.esp Stella.esp Overknee_Kassia.esp JadeFollower.esp Gatti14Yumiko.esp [TheDaedricDoll] RitualWrappings.esp AlynShirArmor.esp AddItemMenuLE.esp NPR Lingerie Sets.esp Amame_follower.esp AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp Magni Follower.esp ChihakoFollower.esp Farah.esp FollowerCiceria.esp FollowerSha.esp UnoFollower2.esp LenkaFollower.esp SineadFollower.esp Francesca.esp CanCho_YunsolFollower.esp Honoka Pasties.esp IsabellaFollower.esp [NIND] CBBE Aradia Old Harness.esp zzEstrus.esp ZazResources.esp RaceMenu.esp RaceMenuPlugin.esp RV markers.esp EFFDialogue.esp SkyUI.esp Haru Bondage.esp SOSRaceMenu.esp XPMSE.esp [NIND] CBBE Tentacle Parasite.esp FNIS.esp Akari.esp [NIND] CBBE 55accessory.esp wuyi-NIND.esp WMFSEllindiaFollower.esp Elisabeth.esp cxknmsl.esp Yeori Follower.esp Lyra.esp AcTN - Mirai Yamato Standalone Akaviri Follower.esp _Raxys_MulanStandaloneFollower.esp Kurumi Follower.esp Sori.esp Cole follower.esp Emma.esp ErsiliaFollower.esp Heybaby_Follower_DoMiJeong.esp zarias_restraints.esp Bashed Patch, 0.esp
  22. Ok, so i have 3 issues that im fighting with right now. 1.(main) My game crashes after maybe 5 or so minutes, which i believe is due to memory issues. I don't rightly know how to fix this. 2. specific trees and rocks are missing textures on them, trees missing textures on leaves and rocks having black spots on them. Not only that, but ive also noticed that in farm areas there are black spots underneath crops. 3. i can see clearly underwater, the water is there but i can see like it isn't there.
  23. OK, so im having some issues with skyrim right now. I followed this guide (at least to the best of my ability): https://www.sinitarg...m_graphics.html and now im running into 2 problems. 1. I followed the stability guide that they posted, DynDOLOD, wyrebash, TES5Edit all of that. it seems to run smoothly, but then crashes, leaving this message https://imgur.com/a/TYzJFqP. I followed the instructions on said message and i still get consistent crashing. Does anyone know what i did wrong here? 2. Having issues with Pure Waters not looking as advertised, also there;s no underwater. Im using Dreamer performance ENB and im wondering if thats the culprit. EDIT:Ive been looking over it, and i think it might have to DynDOLOD, i was getting messages ingame saying that DynDOLOD couldn't find the location of various things, plus when i started up ALternate start (the one where you are camping in the woods) and alduin flies over, he was pitch black. Plus there were some trees that were black as well. Here's my loadorder if you need to have a look at it Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm HearthFires.esm Dragonborn.esm Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp RaceCompatibility.esm Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm ImCh.esm RSkyrimChildren.esm Skyrim Exterior Fixes.esp Dragon Break.esm 0db2SECOND.esm SexLab.esm SexLabAroused.esm Devious Devices - Assets.esm Devious Devices - Integration.esm Coldgale Manor.esm notice board.esp Vigilant.esm Glenmoril.esm CreatureFramework.esm ZaZAnimationPack.esm HighResTexturePack01.esp HighResTexturePack02.esp HighResTexturePack03.esp TouringCarriages.esp Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp dragonboneweaponscomplete.esp realistic piercing arrows.esp Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics.esp Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp RevampedExteriorFog.esp RaceMenu.esp RaceMenuPlugin.esp FNIS.esp UIExtensions.esp SkyUI.esp RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes Remastered.esp KS Hairdos - HDT.esp prettypotions.esp BardSoundsMalukah.esp CommunityOverlays1_0T30.esp CommunityOverlays2_31T50.esp Wolfpaint_Face.esp SBP_SimpleBellyPaints.esp FMS_FemaleMakeupSuite.esp BarbarianPaints.esp KS Hairdo's.esp CommunityOverlays3.esp DragonCombatDialogue.esp Spouse Daily Routine.esp saLa_Hairs.esp FreckleMania.esp RaceMenuFreckleOverlays.esp Eyes of Aber.esp Elemental Eyes.esp YunDao_Hdt_Hair.esp FurSet by keung.esp zzlovelyfeather.esp LindsMarksmageGarb.esp LindsSpellslinger.esp LindsWoodlandAlchemist.esp Touring Carriages - Friendly Predators.esp FNISSexyMove.esp dD-No Spinning Death Animation.esp FNIS_PCEA2.esp SexyMerchantClothes.esp UltimateDragons.esp DiverseDragonsCollection3.esp RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp DepthsOfSkyrim.esp Arheim.esp DawnofSkyrim-AllMajorCities.esp PWwaterfall.esp Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp RelicsofHyruleDragonborn.esp Coldgale Manor.esp Undriel_QuaintRavenRock.esp SLO_StoneWalls.esp SkyFalls + SkyMills.esp Immersive Interiors.esp SexLab_DibellaCult.esp Remove Interior Fog V2 - Full Version.esp Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.esp BattleAftermath.esp MrissiTailOfTroubles.esp JKs LITE - Cities.esp Proudspire Upgraded.esp WeightlessCrafting.esp Tamriel Reloaded Mountains.esp MoreNastyCritters.esp HF_Lakeview_AvantGarden_EX.esp smfArena1.8.esp Imperial Knowledge Book Mod.esp StonesOfBarenziahWhereabouts.esp Immersive Encounters.esp SMIM-Merged-All.esp The McMiller Chronicles.esp Sharphook.esp Run For Your Lives.esp SkyHavenTempleGarden.esp Immersive Wenches.esp MoreColorfulSceneryJars.esp LakeviewManorRoad.esp Immersive Patrols II.esp Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim.esp NewArmoury.esp PATCHDragon Break.esp sr_FillHerUp.esp sr_FillThemUp.esp SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp mihailesobonecolossus.esp Folktales.esp Dragon Wall Wisdom.esp Dreamborne Islands.esp PatronGodsOfSkyrim.esp EEC Warehouse.esp hothtrooper44_ArmorPatch.esp TMasks-JudgmentDay.esp RegnFlowerCrowns.esp Rebirth Monster - SIC Patch.esp DurnehviirResurrected.esp BlackreachOverhaul.esp KillThemGenerals.esp mihaildracolizards.esp FionneIsland.esp Yuriana'sBigBootyAdventure.esp BugJarReplacer.esp mihailesocenturion.esp MoonGlow.esp Brevi_MoonlightTalesEssentials.esp Evilbass Light and Dark Spells.esp BloodmoonRising.esp kuerteeSimpleMultipleFollowers.esp ShootingStars.esp Real Roads.esp TrueStorms.esp TrueStorms-ClimatesOfTamriel.esp mintylightningmod.esp Skysan_Icicle.esp ZazResources.esp DeadlySpellImpacts.esp HearthfiresDollsAreUgly.esp NB-Scars.esp RaceMenuOverlayCompilation - CBBE.esp Immersive Weapons.esp Krev The Skinner's Mantle by Hothtrooper44.esp Ciceriareplacor.esp RSChildren.esp _GC_Skaal_Outfit_For_Kids_V2.esp BLEED.esp FemaleBriarHearts.esp SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp Immersive Encounters - RS Children Patch.esp The Paarthurnax Ultimatum.esp 0db2patch.esp treasure_hunt.esp Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp Immersive Music Replacer.esp WoodRunnerRace.esp mihaildraugrcavalry.esp mihailoldgod.esp lustyargonianmaidcollection.esp HealingWatersOfKynareth.esp [Dint999] KSH's HDT.esp Schlongs of Skyrim.esp adventurerMashupComp.esp DragonboneBarbarianArmor.esp Hearthfire Attics - Lakeview.esp Maelstrom.esp ImmersiveBees.esp Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp Real Clouds.esp TheEyesOfBeauty.esp HDTTailsEquipable.esp DawnguardArsenal.esp SunRune.esp ShowRaceMenuAlternative.esp AddItemMenuLE.esp SOSRaceMenu.esp XPMSE.esp JaxonzEnhGrab.esp SexLabTools.esp SLAnimLoader.esp NCK30Obj.esp adcSexlife.esp NoOverpenetration.esp Follow me for Sex.esp Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB - Flame Atronach Fix.esp NamiDressbylala.esp FireBurns.esp Better Summoning Visuals - TheGreyLight.esp FleshFX.esp Deadly Wenches.esp AnubAnimObj.esp InariTailsHDT.esp Avatar Korra.esp SL Deadly Drain.esp Rayg_NoBYOHAttacks.esp SexLab TDF Aggressive Prostitution.esp TDF_AP_IndHookersPlug_In.esp Purewaters.esp FlowerGirls.esp Skyrim Graveyards.esp Real Flying.esp PrvtIRoyalArmory.esp CL's AmrensSword.esp Isharas_CustomPlayerBody.esp Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp Immersive Citizens - OCS patch.esp Immersive Citizens - TC patch.esp ImCh - ICAIO Full patch.esp Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp Bashed Patch, 0.esp DynDOLOD.esp
  24. Recently i'm having CTD near whiterun, specially around the stable & farms (not inside whiterun). And for some reason, i don't see the Kijit caravan at the entrance of whiterun. Can anyone tell me why this is happening. See my list of mods. Load Order.txt
  25. Been a while since I played Skyrim, decided to come back and try SE since there's been enough times for most of the mods I use to be ported. Modlist/load order: https://modwat.ch/u/cweez2/plugins Per the title, I'm crashing if I try to select an Argonian/Kahjiit character at character select. Initially I assumed it was a conflict between 3B and the Skins I had been using )Feminine Khajiit/Argonian from nexus), so I grabbed Flawn's Argonians from here and kept the khajiit stock, but they both still CTD on selecting. It does show looking normal for a split second before the CTD. Also, I can select males just fine, it's just if I set it to female that it CTD's. Selecting a 'regular' race I was able to enter the Another Start area fine, walk around, etc. Didn't try doing too much, since I'm pretty sure that whichever start I select I'll probably end up in a cell with a khajiit or argonian in which would crash the game again. And I don't see what mods I have that would only affect these two races while not crashing the others. I've run the load order through loot, and I'm 95% sure I have everything in the correct order on the left side of MO2's layout. I've also run the update and DLC's through SSEEdit auto edit and done wahtever that does for them. Glad of any suggestions that could try and fix the crash. Thanks in advance!
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