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  1. Thanks that's very clear now. Does it mean the reference aloas array doesn't have to be initialized in the script, since it is done in the CK?
  2. Hi Clifton, I am not sure I understand how slaves are linked to the slave aliases in the pah quest. How do you make the link between the creation kit pah quest aliases and the reference aliases slave array in the Pahcore script ? I am trying to do the same to implement thug helpers in DoM.
  3. I believe you need some other mods like milk mod and display model, among others. Just drop the file here and I compile it for you.
  4. The salutation pose are for HSH slaves. In pahe you have poses showing the mood of the slave. Which one do you want to be turned off?
  5. Actually I coc'ed with all mods off. Then saved, turned on 6 mods and all started (sexlab, aroused, zaz, slavetats and Dom) except pahe.
  6. I am really not good with that part. If anyone wants to try or make a simple tutorial, I am open. There is an a slaver camp in Pahe and there is the sexy bandit captive mod. This mod is not there yet. That's something I am working on for unique NPC. I plan to respawn them and make them hate you. I am not sure Skyrim would allow for much more than that. As for spawned NPC, that would be a while new mod. Unique NPC, can have their traits personalized. If you have anyone in mind, I will taylor them to your liking in next version. If I believe it fits their description. As for other unique features and dialogues that would be the subject of one mod per unique NPC and way out of the scope of this mod.
  7. I am not knowledgeable enough to know if there is an event related to killing a dragon, bit it should be. If anyone knows we could implement something easily.
  8. Nice updates! Do you think 8.0 is stable enough to migrate DoM to, or should I wait for next version?
  9. Hi, first are you using LE or SE? On the mod page there are requirements for this mod: Pahe 7.5.8 (not tested with 7.5.9 nor 8.0, try at your own risk), Slavetats, Sexlab, zaz pack and sexlab aroused. FNIS is also needed for all animations to work.
  10. With my test the logfile never mentioned anything about Pahe starting and all factions were screwed. DoM did start correctly though... And yes, I waited like 5 minutes for all the mods to start. But I started the new game with "coc riverwood", so that might be a bit harsh. The OnInit solution might result in calling the initialize part twice in some cases. But it should not be a problem. The question is: does this problem happen often, or is it just my configuration triggering it?
  11. Friends and traits are stored in the Pahe structure, that's why. By the way it seems Pahcore is initialized with OnGameLoad, but not with OnInit. That might explain some glitches I have seen, like the need to save a new game and reload for Pahe to work. I added an OnInit event to pahcore in 1.8.0, maybe you want to do that in Pahe also.
  12. Stats, traits and 12 modifiers are saved in factions for slaves, old slaves (the first time they are enslaved) and lovers (the first time you ask them their traits). Then any change is saved in the factions. For other NPC the DoMgenerator quest create them on the fly. It seems the Dom generator quest was not properly started for you. Restarting DoM did the trick.
  13. Maybe try resaver and look for dommessage in your save game. Remove all reference to dommessage and save on another name. It could be some old lost reference from a previous try
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