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  1. Checking value of slave is my animation test lab for now. The animation played depends on submission level. Ideally it should show the mistress/master contemplating one of her/his slave, a new slave would react differently than a well trained one. A message would come up with an estimate of the price you can get for this slave. Following dialogue lines using different animations will be: "checking up closer" "force stripping" "forced standing foreplay" "masturbate yourself", ... I will also add a line for "stop what you re doing" to get a slave out of an animation if th
  2. They are for debugging. I just wanted to make sure it was not slowing down too much the cell change. I will remove it in the next update.
  3. I would be jealous if e could see her face 😉 Version 1.3.6 should use personality traits to raise stats from HSH. If I am not mistaken, I didn't have time to test it, sorry... So if you do have time I would be thankful! Expect training process to take twice as much time now in HSH. I will add trainer traits into the mix and by choosing wisely you might speed it up.
  4. Good to see it is working as expected for you too. I think for 24 hours it seems to be realistic. Also the exact amount depends on the trainer stats, the type of training (here it seems standard training so this exact 4 stats should go up) and there is also a random factor. In conclusion your numbers make sense. But I need to add the slave personality into the mix. That should come next with the patch to PAHE 7.5.7.
  5. An important test right now would be PAHE+HSH+DoM and see if resignation and humiliation increase as expected when a slave is asked to train another.
  6. I have seen this bug very often too. I am not sure but it could be corrected with the last version of PAHE. You would need to try it without DoM to be sure it is due to DoM and not already in PAHE alone. In the meantime I will update DoM and do my usual tests.
  7. I would say pahe, as Clifton be moved a few properties around. We should make sure tied slaves arre working as expected for example. For DoM I am currently playing with animations. I need to obtain permission to use the ones I like from Babo. Then you might play with force slave to masturbate or spank them hopefully. But not before next week. Cheers.
  8. Mmm. I will check the conditions on the perk and come back to you if I see something weird.
  9. Hi Clifton I have a weird bug, when I force a slave actor with dontmove(true) and setrestrain(true) to prepare for animation, the enslavement perk reappears on the standing slave with the message "enslave slave". Could it be a missing check on player slave faction within the perk in the CK? I can still talk to the slave which is good, but it's annoying to have to navigate through the perk menu. This is of course PAHE without DoM.
  10. This is DoM not PAHE. DoM is WIP and what you see here is happening during bootup as the mod tries to find a few animations from MiasLair.esp. Nothing to worry about, and should disappear in DoM version 1.3.4+
  11. This make more sense. I do agree Skyrim is not made to have 50 followers. But you can store your slaves anywhere and go around with 12 followers , I do it all the time. Also slaves can get sad, scared, angry, in shock or broken from fighting, that is expected.
  12. That would be a lot of work! It works for me to have them in PAHcore, but I have to force initialize them with getformfromfile at bootup. I would guess pahTrainFear is not set correctly in the CK, maybe check that first. And check my version of PAHcore with the forced initialization of pahtrainfeat. Anything to save you from going through 50 aliases. 😉
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