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  1. According to an in-game message box that popped up once when I was fiddling with this option, after you disable the "Remove Child NPC" toggle, you have to wait 24 hours in game before the children will come back.
  2. Thanks for testing! Sounds like the Markarth quest worked the way it's supposed to. As for Whiterun, you don't mention going back to Whiterun (city) for the second guard comment. That would be necessary (just being in Whiterun hold like in Riverwood isn't enough -- SLSF records slut fame separately for Whiterun and Riverwood). Also, you don't mention your slut fame in Whiterun, but it would need to be 99 or 100 for the second guard comment, and the Whiterun slut fame level could drop if you traveled away, depending on SLSF MCM settings. Otherwise, I'll double check the second Whiterun guard comment, but it seems I will also have to raise the priority of the guard comments, as the presence of other mods with lots of random dialogue (like Sexist Guards maybe?) can make guard comments from this mod a lot less likely.
  3. If one of the folks who has downloaded this "beta" version could please check and confirm that the Jarl warning quests work (even testing one would be great), I would greatly appreciate it. If I can get a confirmation, I'll go ahead and post this on the file download page as a new version to fix the Jarl warning quests. Probably the easiest to test would be in Markarth. If your PC is naked with SLSF Exhibitionism fame 75+ you should get a “Put some clothes on, you whore!” comment after a few passes of a guard. Then change cells (e.g., in and out of an inn or shop) and a courier should come with a note from the Jarl. Once the note is received, if your PC is naked with SLSF Exhibitionism fame 90+ a few passes of a guard should get you a “Hey! You’re that Dibellan slut!” comment, and also a bounty and possible arrest. For Whiterun, if your PC's SLSF Slut fame is high (first 80+, then 99+), a similar sequence will work there. Similar (one-time) events in all hold capitals, but these two are probably the easiest to trigger. (These quests really don't do much, but they'll have more meaning in the next version, because once you get tagged as the "town slut" or whatever, comments from guards in that town will have an increased chance of triggering relevant fame-based SL "events".)
  4. You're very welcome. This mod is built on top of the SLSF framework mod and uses that mod for all of its fame values. So, SLSF would have to be modified to read events from Soulgem Oven 4, and unfortunately, the SLSF framework mod is not presently being updated by the author. But... the SLSF author left lots of documentation and examples on how other mods can increment SLSF fame, either as a hard dependency or a soft dependency. So, you might ask the Soulgem Oven 4 author if they would be willing to look at that documentation and add a bit of code to increment relevant SLSF fame. Also, I'm not too familiar with Soulgem Oven 4, but I assume it would increment the SLSF "Pregnancy" fame category. If so, then there is an additional issue, which is that there are no comments triggered by SLSF Pregnancy fame in my fame comments mod. It's one of the SLSF fame categories not supported by my mod because I'm not really sure what NPCs would say about it. For example, does the NPC know if your PC is married or not? Would they know how many times your PC has been pregnant? If the PC is married, is there anything for an NPC to say other than "Congratulations"? Is the PC even visibly pregnant for the NPC to comment on? More importantly, can I detect any of those things with the conditional tests built into the dialogue system? Anyway, with those issues, I don't have any present plans to write SLSF Pregnancy fame comments. Of course, perhaps it makes sense to increment other SLSF fame categories. I'm not familiar enough with SO4 to say.
  5. Thanks. The mod definitely doesn't remove any guard comments, or remove any comments at all. It does add many additional comments to the stack of "Hello" comments for guards from which a random comment can be drawn, so in that sense it would reduce the probability of any vanilla random guard comment occurring. I've also noticed that random "Hello" comments from guards are simply less frequent than the random "Hello" comments from other NPCs. I'm not sure why. It must be something built into the game, as this mod applies the same SLSF Comment Frequency percentage (set in SLSF MCM) to all random Hello comments. Anyway, when playtesting this mod, I certainly have heard comments from guards about the college mages poking around Saarthal, being light on my feet, being hailed as a companion, etc. But, I suppose they do come less frequently. Then again, when playtesting this particular mod my PC often isn't ... uh ... encumbered with weapons or armor, and hasn't always completed a lot of quest lines, or become the Dragonborn, etc., so I think that probably explains why a good amount of the vanilla guard comments are never triggered for me.
  6. Thanks for testing! I take your point about quest priority and will raise the priority of the guard comments in the Jarl warning quests. In my play tests, I usually could trigger the first guard comment after a few passes of a guard, but I could see that being an issue with other 'Hello' dialogue mods competing for priority. For a while, I play tested my mod alongside Sexist Guards, but I had to disable that mod. Not because they didn't work together, but because it reduced the frequency of my mod's comments enough that it made it hard to efficiently play test. Even setting my mod's priority slightly higher than SG didn't help. SG still managed to generate half the comments, Anyway, once you get the first guard comment (slut fame 80+ in WR), the courier quest should be triggered (stage 10), but in order to get the courier to show up, you have to then change cells. This is something built into the standard courier quest script (WICourierScript), and not from my programming. Best would be to go into an inn or shop and come back out - courier should then come running down the road within about 10 seconds. Waiting won't work. Fast travelling clear across the map will work, but when I've done that play testing, the courier would show up a day or two later, having travelled clear across the map to find me. Only once the courier has delivered the message will the second guard comment come - assuming back in the same town, and with relevant fame very high (slut fame 99+ in WR). The second guard comment will then trigger a bounty. Anyway, if you don't mind going back a save or two, try going into an interior cell and back outside after getting the first guard comment and see what happens. Edit: You haven't gotten this far yet, but there is a script that advances the stage when the note is received, but it's a built-in script (defaultSetStageOnPlayerAcquire), so I assume that there is no need for me to package that up. My mod is just passing parameters to that script telling it to advance the WR jarl quest to stage 20 when the WR note is received, which is a condition required for the second guard comment to trigger.
  7. Apologies. It's been many months and I overlooked the script fragments attached to the quest-specific dialogue. I believe I have rolled it all up in the attached zip file, which should now be a complete installation pack for what I'll call v2.2, including ESP, SEQ, PEX and PSC files. If you would be so kind as to test it, I would greatly appreciate it. This will all be a lot simpler once I have renamed all of the mod's scripts with an "SLSFC" prefix. I will recompile all scripts after renaming them as you suggest. Since I have no way to identify them other than stepping line by line through the mod, I'll just have to rename them all manually. That's the only way I can be sure to identify them all. SLSFFameComments v2.2 SE.7z
  8. I've never used it, but my understanding is that it teleports all children to a holding cell, thus effectively removing them from the game and you won't see them (or get comments from them), though you can switch the toggle back if you need to interact with a child, like to start the Dark Brotherhood questline.
  9. Thank you very much for your comment! I did not realize that I was packing up the zip file for my mod incorrectly. I'm afraid my programming skills are very limited, and I used a guide that evidently was for a mod without scripts. I'm sure you are correct that the Arrest that Slut! feature in 2.1 will not work without the scripts included in the zip file. If you don't mind, would you please try installing the attached zip file and let me know if that fixes the problem? If you install with a mod manager, it should put the .pex files into your data\scripts directory. My bigger issue is what to do about version 3.0. It's ready to go, but in addition to the 1 MCM script and the 11 Jarl quest scripts, it seems I now have about 1500 PEX files for the script fragments to somehow locate, segregate and package up from my data\scripts folder. Version 3.0 uses script fragments attached to dialogue to trigger SexLab events and offers, to trigger some dialogue animations, to add gold for "whore" events, to equip some stuff like skooma, etc., all based on SLSF fame, so there's a ton of tiny PEX files - one for each line of dialogue that has a script fragment attached to it. It all works fine on my system, but I didn't give these files any special names, so they've all got some "TIF__" followed by a number name, and are probably mixed in with similarly named files from other mods. I tried to go back into the CK and see if I could one-by-one rename all 1500 files with a mod name prefix, but there doesn't seem to be any way to rename them once they are created. So, I'm stuck with a bunch of generically named PEX files and without any good way to segregate them. If you have any suggestion as to how to tackle that problem, I would love to hear it. Otherwise, I'll be going back through 5000 lines of dialogue and making a list of 1500 filenames. 😪 EDIT AND UPDATE: It appears that I can rename script fragments! Under the "Advanced" tab on the script fragment. So, I can go through 5000 lines and find and rename 1500 files with an "SLSFC" prefix. 😅 A huge pain in the ass for sure, and many hours of work, but at least I can put this screw up behind me and have an easy way to sort and package up the script files in the next and future versions! FURTHER EDIT AND UPDATE: File attachment removed as it lacked all needed files. I will repost with the additional files needed.
  10. I'm afraid that will take longer, as I'll have to add appropriate conditions testing the Gossip fame faction levels (logically "OR"-ed with the SLSF fame level conditions) to every comment that tests any category of fame, which is well over 4000 comments/events, and many test multiple fame categories. So, pretty straightforward, but a lot of work. Also, I was about to upload version 3.0 last night. It works fine, but I realized I forgot to put in a very-likely-to-be-desired MCM 'disable' toggle switch for an additional SLSF fame category added late in the process. I'll fix that ASAP but it may take a couple of days longer.
  11. Thanks! Yes, the too distant SL activity comments are something that will be addressed to some degree in the next version. The short version is I don't know a way to detect line of sight with the built-in CK dialogue conditions. (anyone?) I have two categories of comments that are triggered by SL activity. One group is classed as "Hello" comments, which are those comments that NPCs say to you unprompted when they first come within close range of you. I'm not sure what that exact range is, but it's the typical "arrow in the knee" comment range, which is pretty close up. I don't think those are the issue. The others are classed as "Idle" comments. Those are the comments that NPCs can say whenever they are in an idle state, and can say much farther away. I added the Idle comments so that stationary NPCs (e.g., NPCs just sitting on the other side of the tavern) could comment on SL activity as well. Anyway, I then added a range-to-the-PC condition to the SL activity Idle comments, but I set it a bit too big in version 2.1. In version 3.0, which I'm now playtesting, I have cut the range for those comments in half, trying to avoid just the kind of through-the-wall/floor comments you mention. It's tricky though, because if I set it to short, folks in the same room won't comment. Anyway, try out version 3.0 (should be out this weekend) and let me know if it helps or if I should fine tune the distance some more.
  12. Thank you and apologies. I see now the refence to factions in the description. My bad. I assume I'll recognize the appropriate factions when I scroll through the faction list in the Creation Kit, but let me know if there's anything else I need to know. It should be a simple matter then for me to modify the SLSF Fame Comments mod to check Gossip fame levels as well. I'm checking faction levels for PC arousal levels now and that seems to work fine. Also, it sounds like I can use the same fame level value triggers for all existing comments, as the current ones are scaled on SLSF's 0-100 scale. Also, looking forward to writing new comments for some of the new fame types.
  13. I'll take a shot at this one. The common meaning of "whore" is the same as "prostitute," meaning someone who has sex with someone else in return for money or something else of value. The common meaning of "slut" is someone who has had a large number of sexual partners, or who otherwise makes herself or himself more available for sex than social norms dictate. The terms overlap, however, in that the word "whore" is not exclusively used to mean a paid prostitute. It is also often used as a harsh insult to refer to a person that is giving themselves away sexually, especially to a large number of sexual partners, even if no payment is involved.
  14. Any chance of putting the fame levels into global variables (per fame type) that automatically change with the PCs current location (like SLSF does)? This would make it very easy for fame dialogue authors with poor/limited programming skills (like me) to use simple dialogue conditions to trigger fame-based dialogue, and also to trigger (via simple script fragments attached to such conditioned dialogue) simple fame-based SL events. If so, mods like SLSF Fame Comments could be easily adapted to check fame levels from both the SLSF framework and the Gossip framework. Also, will the Gossip mod increment these fame levels based on activities (like SLSF does for most of its fame types), or is it just a framework for other mods to increment and check levels?
  15. I haven't tried that mod, but this mod should be compatible with anything. The NS version just adds a lot of condition-based dialogue to the random "Hello" and "Idle" dialog stacks of NPCs, i.e., the random comments that NPCs say when you are not actually engaged in dialogue with them. So, it won't effect mod-based dialogue interaction at all, and if other mods generate random dialogue, it just all gets added to the random dialogue list for the NPC. The Jarl warning version adds a couple of tiny scripts but should work with anything too. Its scripts don't do anything but trigger a standard courier quest and increment a bounty level.
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