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  1. Hmm. The "playing the flute" comment is not a comment from this mod. In any event, the only comments you should get from this mod that do not arise from sex, tattoos, devices or skooma are comments based on being naked.
  2. No problem and thanks for the feedback. That was the goal - to tie the SL activity into the Skyrim world a bit more. I'm working on the next version with fame comments that can trigger SL events now. It's seems like it's going to work well and fill in some of the gaps that I find exist in a typical set of SL mods. Let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts for improvement.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. It’s certainly true that the rate of increase of different SLSF fame types varies greatly. However, I don’t think any changes to SLSF are coming (the author hasn't logged on in years), so I’ve done my best to work with it. As you note, there’s no way to set fame increase levels per fame type. That wouldn’t be a big deal, except that the way the SLSF fame “buckets” are built, some fame categories get increased by a lot of events, and others don’t. Exhibitionism is probably the biggest fame “bucket,” because it gets increased by nudity, body fluids (even und
  4. This is probably the best way to do it. I'll have to look at some other mods and see how they set keywords on armor. As long as I can make up a new keyword, it should work fine. It might not be fancy - just an MCM button that says "Click here to set your current armor as 'Skimpy'". The problem is my scripting skills are poor. I need to learn how to trigger a script when someone pushes the button. Right now all the scripts are triggered by dialogue, and the MCM toggles (in next version) just set global variables that I can use as dialogue conditions. I need to learn how to trigger things on ev
  5. I don't think SLSF can detect different types of clothing and armor. I believe it just checks the PC's body slot for armor and clothes to determine if you are naked or not, which in turn it uses to increase Exhibitionism fame. You can use other mods to set particular clothing or armor to be read as "naked," and I believe that will work to increase your Exhibitionism fame with SLSF. Is that what you meant? Or are you looking for some other clothes/armor effect?
  6. This is pretty interesting, but it appears to be designed to assign attributes to NPCs. I would like to find some way to assign a "Skimpy" keyword to specific armor that could be read with the WornHasKeyword condition function. For example, right now I can easily detect if the PC's armor is made of Ebony with that function, but I can't detect if it's Skimpy.
  7. It works for me. Are you using the SE version?:
  8. If SLSF can read the skimpy armor/clothes keywords, that's great, but then SLSF will just use it to increase Exhibitionism fame, which this mod will turn into generic exhibitionism comments. But, if I could detect skimpy armor/clothes with the CK "WornHasKeyword" condition, then I could use that to trigger comments based on what a character is currently wearing (and/or combined with Exhibitionism fame). But, right now, when I look at the "WornHasKeyword" list, there's nothing like that in the list (with all the SLSF dependencies, including SLA, as the masters). Perhaps there would be with th
  9. I'm a little ignorant about the bakafactory SLA version. Does that version of SLA work with SLSF? How would I pick up the keywords? Do you know if they show up in the WornHasKeyword list that I can test with dialogue conditions? At present, the clothing/armor detection in the mod is pretty minimal. Some comments are triggered based on whether you have armor, clothing, or nothing on. A couple are triggered by expensive clothing. One can trigger if you are barefoot. Of course, many devious device triggers. But nothing based on clothes or armor type. There was a previous suggestion
  10. With the MCM you will be able to disable an entire category of SLSF fame-triggered events, or you will be able to set the MCM so that an equipped weapon prevents any forced fame events from occurring. (Note: The MCM should actually say "Equipped weapons prevent forced events", because they won't stop unforced fame events of course.) As for fighting off aggressors, I'm afraid that's beyond my scripting capabilities, and I worry it would create conflicts and gameplay issues to make the NPC hostile, as most of the relevant scenes will take place in Inns and in town streets with a mix
  11. The next version of this mod will likely offer "fame events," i.e., SexLab or other events triggered by high fame levels of relevant fame type. All fame event categories can be individually disabled via MCM if not desired. If desired, an equipped weapon will be able to block all or most forced events. Current ideas are as follows: Exhibitionism Fame Event * Unfriendly NPC strips the PC if clothed in certain locations and at certain times * NPC masturbates looking at naked PC in certain locations and at certain times Anal or Oral Fame Event * Unfriendly NPC force
  12. That's an odd one. Most of the NPC comments in this mod have no NPC sex condition, so you should get plenty of fame/nudity/etc comments from male NPCs. I have been running Spank That Ass for many months with this mod and haven't ever run into such issues. I don't know anything about Sexlab Survival, however.
  13. It's in a category called SLUTTY in the SlaveTats MCM menu. That's probably from the "Joomla-Slutty tats" pack but if it's not there check the "SlaveTats-sm" pack.
  14. That would be great and immersive. Unfortunately, Versh (SLSF framework author) hasn't logged on in over three years. So, probably little chance of the SLSF framework being modified to hook into Radiant Prostitution. However, Versh kindly left detailed instructions as to how other mods can increment SLSF fame, either as a hard or soft mod dependency. And, it seems the author of Radiant Prostitution is very active. So, I would ask the Radiant Prostitution author if they would be willing to add the code needed to increment PC.Whore fame in the SLSF framework on a prostitution event in a locati
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