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  1. Thanks for the feedback. When you say it worked without my mod, do you mean without my mod, or without the SexLab Sexual Fame framework mod? I'm just trying to figure out if it's my mod or the SexLab Sexual Fame framework mod that's causing the problem. In any case, my mod doesn't change any NPC relationship rank with the player, and it doesn't cause any aggressive act (or any act at all beside dialogue). It does read NPC relationship rank to determine whether to avoid a harsh comment if the NPC is friendly, but it doesn't change it. I'm not aware that the SLSF framework mod does that either, but don't know for sure. As for Spank That Ass, I have been running that for months while testing SLSF and my mod. Works fine. So, I doubt there's a conflict there. Also, just curious, what SL mod or mods are you using to initiate sex? I've been using Cursed Loot, SLEN and Aroused Creatures, and they all seem to work fine with SLSF. (I've been using Defeat also, but that tends to create SL scenes outside of towns, where SLSF fame is not tracked.) Also, if this was in the Hall of Attainment, the Unofficial Elder Scrolls wiki (See: http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Hall_of_Attainment) lists as a bug there that: "At some point in the game, you may be unable to sleep or wait in the Hall of Attainment because you are "being asked to leave". So, it's possible your issue is related to this Skyrim bug. Also, you might check and see if you have a bounty in Winterhold and, if so, clear it and see if that helps.
  2. Are you saying that disabling the SLSF Fame Comments plug in fixed it? Or disabling the underlying SexLab Sexual Fame framework mod (SLSF) fixed it? (I can't believe it would be the comments plug in, as it changes nothing in the game, and just provides additional conditioned random comments for NPCs.) It must be an bug triggered by some combination of SLSF with another mod, as I've been running SLSF for over a 100 hours, including in the College, and in vanilla player homes (haven't tried Hearthfire homes), with no issues.
  3. Yeah. Probably not much chance of changes to the SLSF framework mod. I'm just trying to leverage it as it exists as best I can. I run SlaveTats as well, but haven't even begun to try to figure out how that works with SLSF yet. So, I could add Pregnancy fame comments to my comment collection if folks request them, but I don't know how useful they will be if folks have to run certain particular (older) pregnancy mods to accumulate the needed fame to trigger them. Of course, a new pregnancy mod author could trigger the SLSF framework mod (I believe the SLSF author has provided sufficient documentation), but that would be up to the pregnancy mod author.
  4. All mods that trigger SL animations should work to increment SLSF fame. That's my understanding from the SLSF documentation, and also from my own experience using SLSF alongside several different SL-based mods, including SLEN, Cursed Loot, and Aroused Creatures, for example, which all work for me to increment fame in relevant categories. According to the SLSF documentation, SLSF will accumulate and record fame change based on SL activity in all relevant fame categories. In other words, it appears it detects the SL activity directly, without the need for a particular SL-based mod to tell it to increment fame. SLSF does have some "external" fame categories that it can track but are entirely dependent upon an external mod to increment fame (i.e., masochist, sadist, whore, pregnant), but the rest are all SL-based. (Well, except for Skooma fame, which is based on drinking Skooma in public, or on an external mod).
  5. I guess I've avoided it so far as I worry about its limitations. According to the SLSF documentation, SLSF only accumulates Pregnancy fame from Estrus Chaurus+ and SoulGem Oven III. That leaves out other (more?) popular mods like Fertility Mode and Beeing Female. I'm not sure anyone is going to make much use of a fame category that doesn't accumulate Pregnancy fame from these popular mods. If I'm wrong please let me know.
  6. The mod's comments will only trigger for a female PC. I put that in as a condition check so that players could switch back and forth between male and female PCs without having to disable the mod for male PCs. So, you can have the mod enabled for a male PC, but it basically disables itself for a male PC and won't generate any comments. I did that because the comments were written with a female PC in mind, and a lot of the comments are just not going to work for a male PC. Some (many, most?) of the comments would actually also make sense for a male PC, but many of them would not. For the mod to work with a male PC, I would probably need to create an entirely new set of comments. As an example, with a female PC, the SLSF 'Likes Woman' fame becomes a set of lesbian comments. For a male PC, that would be different of course. Other fame categories are tricky too. For example, with a female PC, one can assume that the PC is on the receiving (submissive) end of the activity that gives rise to SLSF 'Anal' fame. With a male PC, there's no way to know whether the PC is dominant or submissive. This becomes I suppose a more generic gay sex category. Visible cum would be another thing that reads differently (i.e., gay) on a male PC vs. a female PC. Also, a few of the current comments in the mod are very female specific, making reference to more feminine things like spreading legs, being bred, carrying a baby, or voluptuous breasts. So, while many of the comments would work just fine as is for a male PC, there are so many that would be completely wrong in that context. I suppose I could go through the almost 800 comments and put a male PC condition exclusion on just the ones that don't work for a male PC. But I think really the better approach would be an entirely new set of comments for a male PC. If there is interest, I could put some more thought to it. Also, if you have any comments on the comments, please feel free to pass them along. It's a tricky balance between covering all the sexual bases yet avoiding modern terms and trying not to be too misogynistic.
  7. You're welcome. Hope you like it. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement. Next up, special comments for Priestesses of Dibella, and SLSF Skooma fame comments.
  8. I haven't seen that, but I doubt it's the SLSF Fame Comments mod itself, which is about as conflict-free as you can get (no scripts, no changes to any game objects, quests or dialogue). It could be the underlying SexLab Sexual Fame framework mod, and that's a requirement this Fame Comments mod of course, so I use that for all my tests and playthroughs and haven't seen that either. (And, I haven't seen any reports of that on the SLSF thread.) I also haven't seen that with the Follow Me for Sex mod, which I have used a lot with vanilla player homes like Breezehome and Proudspire. I stopped using Follow Me for Sex because it was buggy, but not the bug you mention. I'll check it out on my system. Does this bug trigger in all homes, vanilla homes, Hearthfire homes, custom homes, or some combination?
  9. There's a patch for FG that adds some BDSM activities to your FG lovers. Otherwise, not that I know of. However, FG and SexLab run just fine side by side. So, you can have all of the Amorous Adventures/FG stuff and also any SL mods you would like. The only difference I notice is that the FG animations are much fewer but align the actors better.
  10. Best voiced and lore-friendly adult mod I know is Amorous Adventures. Several versions, but the Flower Girls one runs really clean. Lots of new content, yet with all original character voices.
  11. Done. Based on Inawen_ll's test, it is. So I updated the file page.
  12. Thanks. I downloaded the SE version, and extracted the Slaverun Reloaded Comments .esp file, took a look at it in the CK, and also ran it in game alongside my SLSF Fame Comments mod. The Slaverun Reloaded Comments mod has both device comments and fame comments. The device comments are impressive in number (1847) but I couldn't get them to trigger wandering around an Inn for an hour wearing only a blindfold and an armbinder. Looking at the CK, it appears they check some "SLV" variables that may be set in the Slaverun mod. On the other hand, the SLSF-fame-based comments in the Slaverun Reloaded Comments mod (254 fame comments) work fine, and they cover fame types not currently supported by my mod (Argonian, Khajiit, Orc, Sub/Slave), but I was a bit disappointed that they all trigger at a fame level of 10 or 20, depending on fame type, with no escalation of comments with increasing fame. Also, there's no relationship rank control over friendly or harsh comments, so the same NPC could deliver both. Also, nudity, cum, bondage and active sex don't influence the fame comments. As for the fame comments themselves, I liked some, but I found others a bit vague, others too specific, and many had grammar issues. Also, many of the expressions were too modern to be immersive for my particular tastes. So, it works for SLSF fame comments, but has some limitations.
  13. It's a good idea, but would require an MCM, and I assume some scripting as well. So, currently beyond my skill, but I plan to keep learning. The current mod does use Skyrim's built in relationship rank system to determine whether to trigger the harshest comments, but generally does assume everyone is conservative about sex and nudity, at least in public.
  14. I'd read that Slaverun was one of the few mods to make use of SLSF. Didn't know that the comments part was a standalone mod. I looked and can't seem to find the separate comments file on LL. Do you know where to find it? Do you know if it works on SE?
  15. Thanks for checking. Yes, it should be fine. I was just hesitant to call it compatible with LE without checking. It might take a bit for fame to accumulate enough to get fame comments, but if you want to test the mod just strip down and head to the nearest Inn. Should get plenty of comments.
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