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  1. With vanilla items, impossible. If you create custom items you can try to use the "EquipConflictingDevices" array on the properties tab of the script. Add a custom keyword to the amulet and add this keyword to that property on your items. So if the script detects the keyword on the amulet you can't equip the item. naaitsab's method is very likely to get you the results you are looking for. You *may* possibly have to turn the amulet itself into a Devious Device for it to function, but I'm not sure about that. But in any case the EquipConflictingDevices will definitely work when you attach it a custom DD -- and if you want to block equipping *all* types of DDs, simply add all their keywords into the EquipConflictingDevices property's array. To achieve your #2, to prevent unequipping of a work device when other devices (actually, their keywords) are detected as equipped, you can use the inverse of this property: UnequipConflictingDevices. Say for example you have a pair of gloves and want them to be impossible to unequip while a pair of arm cuffs are also equipped, then you can use UnequipConflictingDevices (with zad_deviousarmcuffs keyword in array) in the gloves' properties. To truly achieve your amulet's functionality from #1 above, you'll probably have to combine both EquipConflictingDevices and UnEquipConflictingDevices into the same device. I have no idea if that even works, I doubt anybody has tried that before. Maybe it causes a big explosion in Papyrus, who knows.
  2. Hi, yeah, still here (sort of). I don't know of a way to assign FNIS anims via console or any other in-game methods. In the case of the DD arm restraints, equipping them is the only way to trigger the animations. And last time I checked, which was a few years ago, FNIS Sexy Moves conflicts with DD and overrides DD's movement anims (especially on NPCs) with the effects being just what you described. The only way I found to fix this back then was to start a new game without FNIS SexyMoves. There may be better solutions now but I don't know of them.
  3. Sorry, no, I'm afraid I can't tell you more. To be honest, I didn't even know DeepBlueFrog's guide even existed -- and yes, it obviously conflicts with the advice I've been following thus far. I have no idea which one might be better suited for your specific load order, all I know is that I've had only good experiences with "my" approach, I haven't had a single playthrough get corrupted since I started following that "don't change anything" advice. Then again, I'm not using any mods that can't be in the LO right from the first start, and I'm not using Alt. Start but Unbound (no idea if that makes a difference). If the loadorder (or its resorting) isn't the issue, then I guess you're looking at some random conflict or maybe even incompatibility. DD does many things that Skyrim's creators probably didn't have in mind when they coded the game. Maybe Tes5Edit conflict filtering can help, if it's something in the plugins and not something scripted, or maybe MatorSmash can help, too (which I'd recommend using anyway over Wrye Bash or Merged Patches as it's more thorough in finding and fixing conflicts).
  4. I take it you added the three DD .esm's to an existing playthrough? In that case, the simple fact that this has re-ordered the index of your load order can (and is likely to) cause issues. Safe modding practices for Skyrim recommend that you don't ever change your load order during a playthrough. The only thing you can really safely do is add new mods to the very end of the load order, but that of course doesn't work with .esm's. To verify if this is or isn't the problem in your case, I recommend starting a new (test) game with your current load order and DD installed and check if that allows you to use the wigs without issues.
  5. The easiest way (in terms of setting up in your mod) might be to use DD's escape system. You could choose from the Lock Shield or the Timed Lock, both behave slightly different in gameplay but are very similar in terms of how to set them up. Basically, all you'd have to do is create a new set of device (inventory + rendered device) and then adjust the properties to your liking. The Lock Shield mechanism allows you to set min and max values (in full hours), LockShieldTimerMin and LockShieldTimerMax, and the player will not be able to even attempt an unlock of that device until the time is up. The timer is set at a random value between Min and Max when the device gets equipped. The only way out before the end of the timer is by scrpited removal. The timed lock, on the other hand, boolean TimedUnlock (with LockTimerMin and LockTimerMax), creates a device that can be unequipped even without a key once the configured time has elapsed. There's even a custom device message for when the timer runs out: zad_DD_OnTimedUnlockMSG. You can find these and more in the annotations of zadEquipScript.psc. If however you want to create your own timer, I think there's also a possibility to use game time instead of real time and still implement fairly simple anti-cheating measures by checking for hours slept and waited at the start of the process and during it and then factoring in the differences (https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=QueryStat_-_Game).
  6. I gave it a try, after reading your posts yesterday, and found the same issues in my game. SL just seems to ignore the DD filter. You're not alone (and I believe there have been a couple of other similar reports, too). This issue is being looked into.
  7. That log does not look healthy, there is a ton of errors during startup. Did you uninstall some mods in your current game? That's usually a risky thing. With a log like that, I would recommend starting over with a fresh new game. But also check what @lastbytescout said. You may also need to balance your graphics options/mods, load order and/or adjustable mod features (like DCL's Number of Bound Girls) for better performance, especially in cities when you have several mods that add NPCs. Places with many NPCs are a terrible performance eater in a heavily modded Skyrim game (especially with Sexlab mods present on top of the many other mods and vanilla game functions that do things with NPCs). Most importantly though, set up your game properly if you are playing with many mods or you won't get much enjoyment out of it. To my knowledge, this here is the most comprehensive guide for modding Skyrim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74427/? It is a very long guide, but well worth the effort. I haven't lost a single game due to savegame corruption since I started following that advice and my number of CTDs has been reduced drastically.
  8. You may be using another mod that tries to run FNIS AA (Alternate Animations) on the player char, overriding the ones from DD. i've seen FNIS Sexy Moves do that when I tried it a longer time ago, but also have a look at XPMSE (look for the weapon style options from the MCM, switch them off if you're currently using them) - also note that XPMSE.esp isn't needed for the skeleton itself to function, only for the advanced features like weapon scaling/styles. There are many mods in your LO that I don't know, so maybe some other mod could be interfering.
  9. Low profile? No, not really, I'm afraid. Besides being (more or less) a "porn site", which by nature attracts all sorts of ... strange people (besides perfectly normal ones such as us, lol), there's also the fact that LL has become a bit infamous. The Nexus and Skyrim-Reddit may have learned to deal with LL's existence for the most part, but then there were those gaming news articles that didn't portray LL in the best light (overall certainly not balanced nor representative of the diverse nature of people and modding assembled here). Little wonder then that trolling lowlifes get attracted.
  10. Yes, it's a (relatively) new thing in DD. As far as I remember, the hobble skirt speedmult stuff was last updated in one of the more recent DDi core updates -- and yes, it uses low speedmults (as low as 30 depending on user MCM config) that with normal movement anims would root the player in place. Also, it's set up to be "robust" in a way to speedily record and counter any other speedmult edits (which surprisingly many mods do... Frostfall, Skooma Whore, Perkus Maximus, to name just a few) and then return everything to pre-hobbledress values after unequipping. The whole thing is controlled by magic effect and the associated script is zadx_HobbleSkirtEffectScript.psc if you want to have a look at the execution. It should be fairly easy to check for this effect being active as it runs on a keyword check, so you could do the same if you want to. A simple check for WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousHobbleSkirt) and WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousHobbleSkirtRelaxed) should do the trick to let DD do its awesome speedmult sadism in peace and quiet. 😊
  11. Hi, I don't think this very item is actually from DD. I don't know where it might have come from, as far as I am aware, the only breast bondage items in DD is Heretic's breast bondage yoke and that ones works fine. (There are additional breast bondage items in Heretic's standalone mod, Heretical Resources, but I don't remember any Bodyslide errors there either). Your best best is probably a good old-fashioned file search in Windows to see which mod this .nif might be from.
  12. Technically those are two different and unique quests, each playable on its own, but story-wise they tie nicely into each other: Once you complete the LAL quest ("Delivery Refused"), you will be just outside of Helgen. And there, if you go into the dungeon of the Keep, the Chloe quest will start. (Which is the one you are referring to.)
  13. The latter. Those Premium Line devices are rewards during
  14. From the download page, emphasis added by me. I think you'll have to find another approach than to directly edit and overwrite the DD core scripts. At least one of those scripts, zadEdquipScript, is likely to be edited with basically every single DD update, which would in effect cause serious compatibilty issues (either it would break your mod for NMM users or your mod would undo/break the DD update for MO users). EDIT: Now it just appeared to me that this sounded rather negative. You obviously must have put quite some thought into that. I'd recommend you get in touch with Kimy, maybe some of your ideas or even code could be adopted for the main DD? Bound combat for example is an area that is currently in active devopment for DDi 4.3 -- have a look at the last pages of the DD beta dev thread:
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