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  1. I think you can set up the .nif as you want and then assign the ArmorAddon slots as needed for your "blocker" item. Just watch out that the priority is sufficiently high to override other models/devices that you want to be hidden. Or it might not even need the slots but merely the keywords. I did some tests in my game a longer while ago (just playing around) where I added some extra devious keywords to a DeviousSuit item (which had only slot 32) and that seemed to stop the equipping of the other keyworded items too as far as I could tell in my admittedly very limited testing. This might be wor
  2. Ah, sorry for the confusion and mixing up "critical" vs. "catastrophic" failure. I must say that's a very clever idea you've come up with. You're right, that tighten device feature isn't being used "out of the box" by DD, which I guess makes sense. But DCL 9 for example has a few such devices and one can hope that more DD content mods will create their own over time -- and then your critical failure feature will start being truly devious!
  3. It utilizes a feature which DD supposedly has. However, I doubt it's properly set for generic devices. Thus you don't see any difference. Hi, the CatastrophicFailureChance device property determines the chance that a failed escape attempt (lockpicking, struggling, cutting) will result in a harsher outcome than the default "nope, didn't work, try again". In other words, that this escape option will become disabled for future attempts (the pop-up message then mentions something like "your failed escape tightened this device making future attempts of struggling impossible". Techn
  4. I think you're right. Looks like there may be a mismatch between the transparent boots' .nif and .esm body slots. I originally created the transparent version long ago (too long to remember what exactly I did) and I think they worked okay back then. Have there been any slot changes with the boots lately (in the .nifs or in the ArmorAddons?) There's a good chance that the transparent boots just slipped through a crack there and haven't received the same update. That would be my guess anyway. /Edit: The missing section in your screenshot probably matches what should be th
  5. Damn. Now there's yet another license I have to buy! Seriously though, thanks much for adding this -- what a brilliant idea!
  6. Hi Ferbez, I appreciate the idea and the effort, but I think a cleaner solution (and also one that doesn't violate DD's use rules) would be to post your concerns and the proposed solution in the DD development thread. Devious Devices is currently on version 5.1, you're patching an outdated version. As far as I understand the PlugScript in the latest version, this open belt & plug issue has already been addressed: Link to the dev thread:
  7. Hi all, Here's a little Not-a-bug-report for Contraptions: Currently, most of the furniture devices are set to unequip both HeavyRestraints and HobbleSkirt keyworded devices. However, after sampling probably all of the contraptions in-game, I've found that the animations on many of them perfectly fit even the strict hobble dresses, so I guess the dress could very well be kept on the char who is bound in those contraptions. I've observed this with the wall shackles, most of the poles, and the pillory -- though I can't say for sure if I've witnessed all of the animations
  8. Hi Kimy, I spent some time recently playing most of the content in the Whip and Chain -- and I loved it! I've noticed one minor issue with the Escape Room -- really more of a potential exploit than a bug: none of the restraints that got added via the traps got removed from my inventory after finding the correct container to unlock a restraint. Which meant that when I was free in the end, I had a ton of unlocked restraints which I could go and trade to Laura for keys. Not quite sure it was intended like that. Also, on a purely personal observation, I found i
  9. It would be an honor and a privilege! And to quite myself: "Please feel free to include the objects in your own mods. Copy them to your own folders or leave them in mine, modify or mutilate the meshes, whatever works best." Just one addition if I may concerning the items that I managed to port into DD, I'd strongly recommend using the models and textures from DD (or just the DDs themselves) and not the original models (which are inferior in quality).
  10. Happy Monday! That is 🥳 indeed! It's so wonderful that farmthat's amazing Doll Suit can now get the gameplay it has always so very much deserved! /Edit: Looking back over this thread, you guys are truly doing the Gods' work with this mod! 💖
  11. Hi Kimy, Here's a "not really a bug more of an oddity report": When using the new DD5 Untighten Device feature (which I love, by the way!), it unlocks and replaces the device perfectly. But then the original (tighter) device is left unlocked in the inventory. That's not causing technical issues, but maybe some confusion (and minor damage to the "immersiveness" 😄). I tested this (with the same result) with DCL's new ultratight armbinder and a set of custom devices that I created from scratch for testing purposes.
  12. Do I understand that "clean break away" correctly in that you're suggesting that users will ideally have to do a 100% Toys only playthrough, or a 100% DD-only playthrough, depending on what mod(s) they want to play with? That, if I'm assuming correctly indeed, is going to cause major concerns for many players. It would be like Maria Eden all over again -- and a lot of heartbreak when putting together the load order and deciding which mod is "in" and which is "out". Sorry if I may be thick here, but how does that work with the chastity gear included in the mod? Will NPCs just sti
  13. DD on its own doesn't add anything to the game world (towns, wilderness, anywhere except one single bookcase in the College of Winterhold), so it's most unlikely that DD could be causing any cell load crashes or freezes just by its presence. That leads me to believe that you're attempting to drop the DD mods into a running game, which is *never* a good idea. Essentially for no mod. The only really safe way to alter your mod list during a running game is to add new mods to its very end, but that doesn't work with .esm files of course. Starting a new game is really the only way yo
  14. DeepBlueFrog came up with an interesting (and immersive) approach for that very situation in SD+. When the player is forced to dance, the slaver NPCs all gather around with the "clapping cheering" animation (like in inns when the bard sings). Sadly, I don't know where in the quest/scripts to find it because I suck at scripting.
  15. Thanks much for updating and improving this fantastic mod for the latest DD! I've been using the slow-down version from the thread, with really great in-game results and not a single crash or stack dump in the log (not even when entering the DCL-9 Whip and Chain) -- I take it the new version with its specific DD5.1 optimizations will be a better choice now (esp. now that we can configure it to process the NPCs slower, too). Thank you for your wonderful effforts in making Skyrim even more devious and allowing the NPCs to properly partake in the fun, too.
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