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  1. I have ported it to SE myself (sort of), but you'll also have to make sure its pre-requisite mods are installed first, especially the Lunari race. It was a year or so ago and I wasn't completely happy with it, but I can't remember what the issue was. Think I may have been waiting to get permission to port the Lunari race to SE, which I now have. Basically boils down to my lack of enthusiasm for SE in general.
  2. I'm not sure what Papyrus does if it can't find a sound file. Try moving the "oh shit" wav files out of the sound folder and copy them to a temporary place. See how the game reacts. Move the files back if it crashes.
  3. In my last 3 playthrough attempts, despite having Trauma turned off from the beginning of the game, at some point after meeting Serana she starts getting Trauma bruises and cuts. I have tried turning Trauma on, then off again, but they won't go away. I have also tried the MCM option (can't remember its name) that supposedly resets all NPCs to the non-trauma state, but that just freezes Survivals MCM permanently, never to open again. I am using Seranaholic if that is relevant. Has anybody else encountered this issue?
  4. Decided to make version 2.7.7c also available on Lovers Lab. Was only available on Nexus previously due to some permission issue.
  5. I have just re uploaded version 2.7.7c to Nexus if you are still interested in the latest release EDIT: 2.7.7c is now uploaded to Lovers Lab also
  6. Tiefling mod won't work properly unless you choose Tiefling race at startup. Sorry
  7. No dialogue was showing at all using Apropos2. However, after deciding to leave it alone, two days later it has now spontaneously decided to start working. Just another mystery in the annals of Skyrim modding, lol.
  8. Ok, so this is probably my fault somehow, but Apropos isn't working since I updated from 0.591 to the current Survival version. Haven't changed any other mods, just updated Survival. I'm hoping someone might know what obvious stupidity I may have done (or not done). I have used the reconnect feature in the Survival MCM (clicked the x next to Apropos). I have also tried all the reset features within Apropos' MCM. Have tried putting Apropos above and below Survival in MO2's load order. I have even started a new character since updating, but still Apropos is not firing. An
  9. OK, you win, lol. But in my defense your MCM is a work of some impressive proportions. Takes me forever to set up a new character now. I pack a lunch, grab a few beers, then head into your MCM. When I was working on my Tiefling mod I thought it was huge, and could hardly keep track of what I had done, but Survival is on another planet. Truly amazing accomplishment. Cheers, dePog
  10. ummm... I did read the post. The dialogue changes are now "a feature". As I don't like this feature, and can't turn it off via the MCM, I will stick with 0.591 as it does all the things I want. I like your mod and think its a superb achievement. The "drama" is just my disappointment that I won't be able to see what advances you make to the mod in the future. Genuinely wishing you all the best, dePog
  11. Thanks for the reply. Seems I'm going to be sticking with 0.591 forever, then. The dialogue contradictions are way too jarring and throw me out of the game's storyline.
  12. Started using the latest version yesterday, with a new character so there wouldn't be any conflicts. However, I am tempted to go back to the previous version due to dialogue changes. Has the misogynistic comments that used to only come from males, now been added to female NPCs ? The first person I met (other than Ralof) was Gerdur, and she started calling me a bitch and slut. Then other females I met did similarly. Sort of wrecks the immersion when they alternate between saying nice things like "Hear is the key to the house. stay as long as you like, friend", then "Get out of my way, bitch!
  13. The Nexus server destroyed the description page of the Tiefling mod. I asked if they could repair it, but they only replaced the first paragraph, but didn't fix the rest which included me crediting other modders for their contributions to making Tiefling. Then a week later they sent me a warning that I was using assets of other modders without giving them credit. And they would remove all my other mods from the Nexus as well. That got up my nose, so I removed the mod completely.
  14. OK, so you see a Random Shenanigans quest appear in your Pipboy, or one of the NPCs propositions you. Then you go to the place where the quest marker is and ...... Nothing! They stand there looking at you. If you try to talk to them all you get is "You wanna trade?" I see other NPCs having it off with each other, but have no idea how you get some action for your player. Any suggestions?
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