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  1. You need to be in your home with the spouse. Also, you may need to wait a day.
  2. You can also specify a mod folder to put the output files there when you add Bodyslide to the executables. Just make an empty folder (name it something like Bodyslide Output) in the Mods folder and point it there.
  3. You are welcome. I'm glad someone actually using it beside myself.
  4. I don't remember NMM, I used it only for a short time a very long time ago. Even then a lof of people suggested to use Mod Organizer instead. I did switch and never looked back. If you read my 1st post, I suggested to make a new profile (a new set of mods/saves without losing any progress on your current one). Can you do that with NMM? Because it is still the best method to figure out what went wrong. Also, what does the crash log say when your game freeze? That would be a very easy way to get some pointers, most likely even the solution.
  5. I'm guessing you are not using a mod manager then. You should either use Mod Organizer 2(I prefer this) or Vortex. Then you will never ever lose mods or progress and can do the testing/investigation I was talking about. There are very good guides how to start modding, I recommend reading them through. Simply installing mods into the Skyrim folder will definitely cause you problems.
  6. Sorry, I was overthinking your problem (almost 2 AM here). You don't need CBBE, nor Bodyslide. Just go here and make sure you have all the requirements:
  7. Then there is your problem. Check out some tutorials how to use CBBE body and Bodyslide. It is not very difficult, and you will have your problem solved.
  8. Well, I can't help you then, this is the basic way to troubleshoot problems like this.
  9. You need this skeleton. If your character wears underwear, it means you are either using vanilla bodies, or you built underwear version of the body you are using. What kind of body you are using?
  10. I never saw this issue, but I'd make a new profile with only the basics. I don't see "Live another life" in the load order, I'd suggest to add it for testing. Start a new game and see if it works with the basic racemenu. If it does, quit, add one racemenu related mod (like more eyes, hair, etc). Start a new game again, check if it works. After a while you will find which mod causing the problem. Once I had a little similar issue, the body shape changed after saving the character. I made a mistake with the body types and physics. I did not have a crash though. Anyway, ma
  11. It usually helps if you describe the actual problem you are facing inj detail, otherwise we can start asking questions like: Did you turn on your computer?
  12. Thank you, I made a .pas file with this and Applied Script. I tried to search again for "Dragonbone Bikini" and the "Which means" parts, and checked all the Response fields as well, but still can't find it. (last time I ran it on the whole modlist, but I'm quite sure it is in this mod, since the line is said by a mod-specific NPC). I do another check in the game, to make sure I wrote down the exact sentence/wording. I'll also check the Response in the game and will try to search for that too. Edit: OK, I found it. It is an RNAM - Prompt line.
  13. Here is what I tried. As you can see on the left, there are a few hits, but none of them is the line I mentioned in the 1st post. I'm sure I'm just not using thee tool properly.
  14. I am currently doing an English update for a mod. In a dialog the player can select this option: "Which means... it is possible to forge Dragonbone Bikini...?" I see the above line in the game. However it is quite out of context in its current form, so I'd like to change it. I opened up the mod in SSEEdit (I actually made a new ESL flagged ESP, copied over all text related lines, and work in that, but that is beside the point). However, I can't find this line at all. I made a Name filter to list all lines where the parts of the above text is present. For exa
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