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  1. Sorry, I thought you referred to the original problem. I just came back to F4 a few days ago, so mostly I just worked on resurrecting my old load order (and adding some new mods), but otherwise, I did not look for UI mods.
  2. It is literally written in the text you quoted,
  3. Hello there. I wonder if we could get an MCM with adjustable chance to find these comics. The default one feels way too high. I'm at USAF Satellite Station Olivia, and I found 25+ in this small location. I like to find stuff in containers, but when I find this much, it loses its fun factor. I could get thousands of caps just by selling these and I have a huge amount of spare ones. Also, when I find this much, I am less inclined to read them. Thanks for considering. Peace, M
  4. Thanks for the answers. I seem to be managed to solve it in the meantime. After some struggling Buffout4 is finally working and I could enter the perk menu several times w/o any crash.
  5. Hi all, I have a new crash, which I never experienced in my earlier F4 games. When I press T to enter the perk tree, more often than not, the game crashes. It also happens sometimes when selecting new Perk from the tree. I googled it and I'm not alone, but I did not see any solid solution. Someone claimed I need some AAF patches, but they did not help. Others said I need to remove some big mods. I checked the Performance tab on Task Manager (W10 Professional) during game. The GPU (1080Ti) Utilization is on 100%, while the Dedicated GPU memory rarely goes over 2.7/11GB. I also have 16GB Shared GPU Memory, resulting in 27GB total GPU memory. So it seems I have more than enough room for textures (the game uses only 10% of available GPU memory), so I don't understand why should I remove big mods. I removed the Ikaros mod (huge amount of big textures basically) for testing the theory, but I still got the crash. I use a Perk tree mod (vaultgirl perk tree, only changes the visuals), but I used that in earlier games as well and never had problem with it. I did remove though for testing purposes, but the game crashes withou it too. My MO2 left side: Load Order: Any idea why do I have this quite frequent crash? Edit: I may have found something which could help. This is the xSEPluginLoader.log "[2020-11-07 08:07:52:025] Preload directive 'Buffout4_preload.txt' found, trying to load the corresponding library 'L:\Games\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Buffout4.dll' [2020-11-07 08:07:52:027] <Buffout4.dll> Trying to load [2020-11-07 08:07:52:031] <Buffout4.dll> Couldn't load plugin: [Win32: 'The specified module could not be found.' (126)] [2020-11-07 08:07:52:033] <Buffout4.dll> Plugin failed to load" The Buffout4_preload.txt is empty. Do I need to write something in it? I also have the Buffout4.dll in the plugins folder. I tried all 3 Load methods in the xSEPluginLoader (OnProcessAttach, OnThreadAttach, ImportAddressHook). I read somewhere that Buffout4.dll may actually help with my problem above, so I need to make it load. Yes, I also installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019, the x64 version.
  6. I just figured that out myself. The culprit was "Staged Leito plus1.0.5_Fixed".
  7. Hi all, I started a new game. I tried to follow the AAF installation guide, but AAF always stucks at 44% during installation. It stays at 44% indefinitely. Here is left side of MO2: I updated the AAF in a different Profile as well, there everything works. In this one, AAF just hangs there indefinitely. Any idea? Thanks, M
  8. Thank you, while your instructions are excellent, I don't feel like starting again now that I managed to make it work.
  9. Hi guys, I'm trying several things to do here which I haven't done in F4 yet. There is the Nanakochan Animerace mod. It doesn't have Fusion Girl support, so I manually copied the body and the skeleton in the mod. I was mostly successful, except there is a big difference between the skin color of head and body, but otherwise I have the proper naked body. However, I can't seem to make it bounce. (except for the hair, so physics works). 2020-11-02 15-25-16.mkv I changed the skeleton.nif and skeleton.hkx in the Nananko mod to the skeleton from ZaZ - Extended skeleton. I have: Zaz Skeleton v3.5 OCBPC for Zex + MTM Physics Preset MC3 Fusion Girl I did the Bodyslide too. In Looksmenu all the sliders work nicely. Any idea where I made the mistake? Thanks, M
  10. I have an issue: After unequipping the Jetpack, whenever I jump, I still get the Jetpack sound and visual effect.
  11. Thank you. This mod inspired me to finally update my FO4 to current version (to my surprise I managed to do it without a single error message, I guess this is a 1st). Any plans maybe to make it like an armor? It would be awesome with AWKCR mod support.
  12. I have the exact same issue. When it happened the guard was forcegreeting me a couple of times, because he was entering in combat with some skeletons. Now he is stuck on this last line unfortunately. In my case nothing overwrites this mod.
  13. Hi there, I tried the Deviously Helpless SE conversion, but it worked only once and never again in my game. Removing, cleaning the save and reinstalling did not help. I'm looking for a mod which gives similar function: the character is in danger when NPCs see her in bondage. A patch for Helpless would be ok too, I think it was not updated since ages. I also don't want to install Cursed Loot just for this function, it usually breaks my games with its thousand functions, even when they are turned off. So, is there a similar mod like Deviously Helpless for SE? Thanks, M
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