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About This File

This mod is an extension to and heavily inspired from PAHE for Skyrim. It functions like its sister mod HSH by adding a new set of slaves with extra functionalities.


If you enjoy DoM and use it regularly, remember to fill in the poll on my patreon and post any suggestion you might have there or in the support thread.




Here is a short list of what this mod adds to Pahe:


  • 128 more slots for slaves with personality traits.
  • Personality traits for all unique NPCs and slaves. Personality traits make some slaves more receptive or resistant to training. As a consequence, training can be much slower than PAHE (but this can be adjusted in the DoM MCM menu) or much faster if you pay attention to their weaknesses.
  • More slave moods: On top of neutral, angry and afraid from PAHE, DoM adds scared, terrified, sad, ashamed, shocked, broken, loyal, in-love, depressed, insecure and jealous.
  • Kinks: Triggering kinks during training will enhance the effects. Number of starting kinks depend on race and new kinks can be acquired for a maximum of 6.
  • New means to train slaves: force strip, force to masturbate, praise, insult, threaten, promise, flatter, body inspection, check value, drink potion, drink alcohol, spells, choke, slap...
  • Hotkeys and wheel menus for quick access to slave actions.
  • Slaves can turn aggressive toward the player, and followers will react.
  • Make your own gang of slavers (32 slots) to whip your slaves or escort your slaves to your slaver den.
  • Promote your favorite slaves to trainer or free them and recruit them as slavers.
  • Organize sex orgies with your slaves, slavers, followers and even any NPCs, if they are into this kind of things.
  • Brew brain washing potions and cast mind manipulation spells.
  • Meet damsel in distress Kimli, and decide how you want to help her.



Diary of Mine adds personality traits for all unique NPCs and PAH faction actors. A non-voiced dialogue line "Let's have a serious talk" is added to actors where the player can ask them about their personality and their feelings. Traits are based on the HEXACO personality model used in sevetal psychological studies. There are 6 personality traits linked to 6 feelings. For PAH slaves, feelings will change depending on emotions and training. Traits can also change but at a much slower pace. For other NPCs, traits and feelings are constant. In this case feelings correspond to their general feelings in life.  I also added 6 physical and psychological facets acting as emotion filters, so an actor can be calm but physically extremely sensitive. See the personality system section below for more details.


What to download?  


Version 4.9.1 is the recommended version. It is available for Skyrim SE (including AE & VR) and LE. It is intended to avoid any mix-up between PAHE and DoM scripts! It is compatible with all recent PAHE versions (8+).


Version 5.0.3 is a development version but it is rather stable. It is not available for LE.




If upgrading from DoM 4, or 5 or at first install:



Always install everything up to PAHE and its reaquirements without DoM, let PAHE initialize completely, setup Sexlab and start it through its MCM menu, wait for it to initialize and save. Then finally install DoM and add-ons (such as HSH/AYGAS/...) and reload.


Skyrim and required extensions:


  • Skyrim SE or LE (this mod was not tested with AE)
  • Update, Dawnguard, Dragonborn


Essentials and recommended mods, ordered according to load order are: (links are given for the SE version)


  • SKSE (Absolutely needed!)
  • Vanilla Script MicroOptimizations
  • MuJointFix
  • ConsoleUtil
  • MoreInformativeConsole (very useful for debugging)
  • Fuz Ro D'oh
  • UIExtensions (Needed for wheel menu)
  • JContainers (Needed for SlaveTats and reading NPC and Config json files)
  • PapyrusUtil
  • Powerofthree Papyrus Extender (Needed for personality generation, player detection and house cleaning)
  • Powerofthree Tweaks
  • Mfg fix
  • SkyUI 5.1 or later (Needed for MCM config menu)
  • FNIS (Needed for animations)
  • Zaz (recommended is 8+) (Needed for animations)
  • Sexlab (Needed for animations and sex events)
  • PAHE (Absolutely needed! Version 8+ is recommended)
  • SlaveTats (Needed for crying, droolig and blushing face tats)
  • My Home is Your Home
  • Bathing in Skyrim, Wet function redux, Keep it clean, Dirt and Blood and Wet and Cold for the full bathing experience.
  • DoM (stable version is 4+)
  • HSH Optional and don't forget to install HSH DoM patch. Make sure DOMHSH.esp is loaded after HSH main plugin.
  • AYGAS Optional and don't forget to install AYGAS DoM patch. Make sure DOMAYGAS.esp is loaded after AYGAS main plugin.
  • PAHSlaveCart Optional.
  • DoM Optional: reinstall DoM with AYGAS, HSH and PAHSlaveCart patches for better integration. DoM plugins need to be loaded after AYGAS and HSH in this case.
  • Interactive BDSM (optional to use with AYGAS/HSH)
  • Heretical Ressources (optional to be used with AYGAS/HSH)
  • voicepacks (see requirements section below)
  • Precision and Nemesis if you want your slave to physically react to the whip and slap tool.


Further notes about installation :



I tried to ensure compatibility with AYGAS, HSH and Slaver Spellbook, any bug report is welcome. Starting with DoM version 4 it is recommended to move slaves first to PAHE before sending them to HSH/AYGAS.


Remember to run FNIS after installing the mod or no animation will be played.


If you are using Skyrim LE, the installer includes a LE version for DoM 3 and lower. DoM 4 is only zavalable for SE/AE and is still waiting for a pure soul to downgrade to LE.


If you're experiencing unexpected bugs, start from a clean save, wait 5 minutes without DoM installed, wait for PAHE to initialize and start Sexlab from its MCM menu, wait for Sexlab to initialize, save, install DoM, reload, wait for DoM to initialize, config your MCM mods, save, reload, you should be good to go. I included a clean save at Fort Greymoor with Uthgerd as follower, you can start chasing bandits right away.


If you prefer to use an old save, before installing: get back all your slaves, restrain them, save. Install DoM, reload, wait 5 minutes, reboot PAHE from MCM, wait 15 minutes in the same cell (this is important, if you start changing cells you might trigger friendship update and mess up the reboot), save, reload, wait 5 minutes, you should be good to go. If it doesn't work use the procedure highlighted at the beginning of the installation section.


Magical slave collars are now recognized by DoM and will trigger messages and punishment reasons, whenever a slave has a runaway wish. Otherwise, if your just captured slaves drive you crazy by constantly running away, remember it's a feature, use ropes and start training, or just turn off the alarm feature from the MCM menu. You might also want to choose to enslave actors sensitive to sorrow and with low willpower, those will have smaller chance to plan an escape.


 THIS IS OLD, DO NOT BOTHER UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING: If upgrading from DoM 3 or lower, you will need to move your slaves away from PAHE and transfer them to HSH or tie them and free them to enslave them again later.




My recommended method for recovering a save with DoM 3 is to use Resaver: You do not need this step on a save without DoM3. New games, saves with PAH alone, saves with DoM4 or saves without PAH do not need to be cleaned!


  • Uninstall DoM 3 and do NOT install DoM 4 yet!
  • Install latest version of PAH and its dependencies
  • Open your save file with Resaver
  • Find Diary Of Mine plugin in the plugin (full) list in the left panel
  • Right click on DiaryOfMine.esp and choose purge plugin
  • Save (Resaver should create a backup)
  • Start Skyrim and load the cleaned save (not the backup!). You should get a message about missing DiaryOfMine.esp.
  • Wait for start up messages to end, open PAH MCM menu, save and quit Skyrim (this is needed to clean DoM from the save)
  • Start Skyrim and reload (this is needed to trigger event OnPlayerLoadGame so PAH initializes fully)
  • Reboot PAH (click on Debug right side panel "Status")
  • Wait for slaves to be recovered
  • Save and quit Skyrim
  • Install DoM and its missing dependencies (see below for a full list)
  • Start Skyrim and reload, wait for start up messages
  • open console and type: setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1
  • Wait for the MCM message to appear, save and quit Skyrim (this is needed to refresh the DoM MCM menu)
  • Start Skyrim and reload, you should be good to go (this is needed to trigger event OnPlayerLoadGame so Dom initializes fully)




The mod will add one new topic for all unique NPCs "Let's have a serious chat" where you can ask them about their personality and their feelings. For PAHE slaves this same topic will give you more information. When asking a slave traits, the slave resistance and sensitivity to emotions and punishments will be quoted. As for the feelings they will be expressed in a very strong way and will vary depending on the slave training level.


Other topics, only for DoM slaves, such as "Listen to me, slave." and "Come here, slave" are available with different options. Those options are for roleplaying purpose. They often make use of animations and offers new way to train the slave or boost the training process. See below for a complete description.


DoM also adds potions and spells to help the process of training slaves. There are four bewitching potions and they are all craftable from the bewitching alchemy bench found in Drelas' cottage : Love potion, mind breaking potion, lust potion and lash potion. Drelas has been doing business with the occupants in Fort Greymoor. Someone from the fort is providing him with the base ingredients for the potions. Unfortunately the last shipment never arrived, and Drelas feels he might have been betrayed. He is very anxious and might attack on sight any unexpected visitor.


See Installation below for a list of recommended mods.




To discover the mod's use of potions, spells and family relationships, you can try the small quest to retrieve Olava's niece. Meet Olava in Whiterun and ask her about what troubles her, she should be on her bench around 10am.


Hotkeys and wheel menus:



To speed up the training process and avoid too much dialogue navigation, hotkeys and wheel menus are available for most commonly used commands. Abuse options (insult, flatter, comfort, promise) in wheel menus are usually ordered according to the corresponding training stats being increased: submission/fear/humiliation/anger/resignation/respect.


For sacks with slaves, all wheel menus default to two options: Take out of bag and pick up bag.


For NPCs, there are two wheels: info wheel for stats and abuse wheel to have NPCs join sex with slaves. When an NPC is selected the order and info wheels default to info and the abuse and training wheels default to abuse.


For slaves, there are 8 wheel menus assigned to hotkeys with alternative available when pressing hotkey + modifier key (default modifier is SHIFT). Wheel menu keys mapping can be changed in MCM menu. Group wheel menu order and abuse wheels will also apply to PAH slaves (for the following orders only: follow, stand still, wait here, be respectful, fight for me, don't fight, pose, kneel and attention) if the corresponding toggle is set in the MCM menu.


The slave wheels are as follow (starting 3.2.2):


  • Order wheel (mapped to 'Y', alternate is info wheel) = Inventory, follow, stand still=wait ,wait here=sandbox, put in bag/untie, tie-up, pose, order to do favor.
  • Info wheel (alternate is order wheel) = Personality, feelings, mood, status, be respectful, be silent, fight for me, be a maid/servant.
  • Abuse wheel (mapped to 'U', alternate is training wheel) = Punish (allows to choose reason and type from pain, scold, choke or public humiliation), Upkeeping (bathing/shower only for now), insult, threaten, praise, comfort, flatter, promise.
  • Training wheel (alternate is abuse wheel) = Clothes, rape, sex, control orgasm, attention (kneel, stand & display), kiss, inspect (front, back, floor & display), masturbate.
  • Group order wheel (mapped to 'G', alternate is group abuse wheel) = Group pose, follow, stand still=wait, wait here=sandbox, be respectful, be silent, fight for me, don't fight.
  • Group abuse wheel (alternate is group order wheel) = Group clothes, attention (scold, insult, flatter, praise, kneel, standing and display choices), promise, threaten, put in bag, tie-up, gag on/off, masturbate.
  • Trainer trainee management wheel (mapped to 'L', alternate is trainer abuse wheel) = Give management orders to slave trainers and slavers: List trainees, set camp, go to camp, guard area, gather trainees, add trainee, unload trainee and unload all trainees.
  • Trainer trainee abuse wheel (alternate is trainer management wheel) = Give abuse orders to slave trainers and slavers: display, tieup, chain, restrain in furniture, order to dance, order to masturbate , punish and rape trainees.


Hotkeys can be assigned in the DoM MCM menu, in the Hotkeys page. Holding SHIFT while pressing a hotkey will call the alternative if listed. By default some keys are not mapped. The following commands can be mapped to a key:


  • Abduction (default is 'H' and alternate is do favor) - This works on free actors only, it has a chance to fail but will be easier when sneaking and never fails on sleeping actors.
  • Do favor (alternate is abduction) - Will tell slave to use furniture or object. It has a chance to fail if slave is not submitted or terrified.
  • Allow/disallow orgasm (alternate is open slave inventory)
  • Open slave inventory (default is 'O' and alternate is allow/disallow orgasm)
  • Put slave in bag (alternate is take slave out of bag) - Only works on PAHE slaves, allows for a smooth walk in crowded town as the slave will not be able to call for help or runaway.
  • Take slave out of bag (alternate is put slave in bag) - Works when carrying a bag or when crosshair is on bag.
  • Rip-off clothes (alternate is strip)
  • Strip slave (alternate is rip-off clothes)
  • Kneel to master/mistress (alternate is stand in attention) - Order all slaves to kneel, if they can move.
  • Stand in attention (alternate is kneel to mistress/master) - Order all slaves to stand arms behind back and look at mistress/master, if they can move.
  • Set example (alternate is punish unrespectful slave) - Will grab a slave and do a public humiliation to set an example for all slaves.
  • Punish unrespectful slave (alternate is set example) - Will choke a slave and punish for not being respectful. If slave was respectful, nothing happens.
  • Praise slave (alternate is scold slave)
  • Scold slave (alternate is praise slave)
  • Personality traits verbose description (alternate is numerical) - This works for slaves and free actors.
  • Personality traits numerical description (alternate is verbose)
  • Training stats verbose description (alternate is numerical) - This works for slaves, free actors will display their feelings.
  • Training stats numerical description (alternate is verbose).
  • Slave statistics (alternate is slave mood) - This works for slaves and for any actor who has already been submitted at least once.
  • Slave mood (alternate is slave statistics) - This works for slaves and for any actor who has already been submitted at least once.
  • Actor Enable/Disable (default is 'K' and alternate is test pose) - This will enable and disable the target actor. It is to be used on actors disappearing unexpectedly. It can be used on any actor.
  • Test pose is only used for debugging purposes.


SHIFT is the default modifier key and can also be changed in the MCM hotkey menu.


You can also set a primary modifier key so pressing will only be registered when this modifier key is also down.


NPC personality and configuration files:


DoM has 3 types of json files located in "SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Diary Of Mine",


  1. NPCs personalities: Available traits to define in a json file are: personality, virginity and kinks. See Lydia's personality file for an example in: SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Diary Of Mine\000A2C8E.json you can edit your favorite NPCs and set their traits following the same naming <BASEID>.xml and model. If there is no file for an NPC, the traits will be generated randomly. Clones get the same personality from the json file, or get a different generated personality if no file is found. Use the "restore persona" spell to force DoM to read the json file for an actor.
  2. The file SaveFactions.json list all the factions to be ignored when cleaning and cloning captives. Add your favorite mod factions to the list to make sure they are not lost when capturing new slaves. Removing the file will force DoM to reprocess a new one with the default PAH and DoM factions. 
  3. DoM also saves the MCM settings in Settings.json you might edit this file by hand or just create it with the export settings widget in the MCM main tab (see next section).


Options and MCM menu:


The DoM MCM menu has 10 tabs


Main tab is:



Import/Export settings

  • Export settings: To overwrite the MCM settings file with the current game settings.
  • Import settings: To overwrite the current game settings with the values in the file.


  • Use DOM fast strip keywords: Automatically tag items to strip/nostrip with DoM keywords for faster processing. If this option is off, tags will be removed when looping on equipment.
  • Strip always drop items: When stripping an actor, all stripped items will be dropped on the floor.
  • Delete items: When stripping an actor, all stripped items will be deleted and lost.
  • Add items to player inventory: When stripping an actor, all stripped items will be added to the player inventory.
  • Include unequipped items: When stripping an actor, also strip unequipped items.
  • Strip weapons: When stripping an actor, also strip weapons.
  • Strip shields: When stripping an actor, also strip shields.
  • Include heels: When stripping an actor, also strip heels (non heels shoes/boots are always stripped).
  • Include underwear: When stripping an actor, also strip underwear.
  • Include jewelry: When stripping an actor, also strip jewelry.
  • Remove gag with untie: When untying an actor, also try to remove gag.


  • Depression: Actors can be depressed if player spends too much time with other DoM actors.
  • Jealousy: Actors can get jealous if player spends too much time with other DoM actors.
  • Friendship: Actors can create friendships with other DoM actors. Friends don't get jealous/depressed about each others.
  • Friendship threshold: Actors can become friends of compatibility is higher than this value. Default value is 60%.

Training speeds:

  • Punishment multiplier: Multiplier for pain punishment training efficiency.
  • Sex multiplier: Multiplier for sex training efficiency.
  • Rape multiplier: Multiplier for rape punishment training efficiency.
  • Told-off multiplier: Multiplier for scold punishment training efficiency.
  • Praise multiplier: Multiplier for praise training efficiency.
  • Training speed for slavers: Extra multiplier for trainers/slavers efficiency.


Pressing "ESC" for a hotkey will clear the value.


Wheel menu tab: (Also see the "Hotkeys and wheel menus" section above)



Wheel menu key or right column key+modifier:

  • Order wheel: Set key to call order wheel menu.
  • Abuse wheel: Set key to call abuse wheel menu.
  • Group order wheel: Set key to call group order wheel menu.
  • Trainer management wheel: Set key to call trainer/slaver management menu.

Left column modifier key:

  • Default modifier key: Set modifier key for left panel hotkeys and wheel menus.

Non DoM slave actors:

  • Include PAH actors: Include PAH slaves in group order/abuse hotkeys and wheel, menus when compatible (fight, respectful, follow, standstill, wait here and pose).
  • Include slavers: Include DoM slavers in group order/abuse hotkeys and wheel, menus when compatible (fight, follow, standstill and wait here).

Wheel menu key or left column key+modifier:

  • Info wheel: Set key to call info wheel menu.
  • Training wheel: Set key to call training wheel menu.
  • Group abuse wheel: Set key to call group abuse wheel menu.
  • Trainer abuse wheel: Set key to call trainer/slaver abuse menu.

Right column modifier key:

  • Modifier key: Set modifier key for right panel hotkeys and wheel menus.


Hotkeys tab: See the "Hotkeys and wheel menus" section above


Animations tab:




  • Attention idle starts pose: Slaves being told to be on attention will start a pose instead of staying on attention for 4 seconds.
  • Attention idle: String to define the pose to use for on attention.
  • Bow idle starts pose: Slaves being told to be on attention will start a pose instead of staying on attention for 4 seconds.
  • Bow idle: String to define the pose to use for on attention.

Pose settings:

  • Reset actor position when posing or tied: Actor will be moved back to initial position every tick when posing, masturbating or being restrained.
  • Pose praise in minutes: Number of games minutes after which the praise reason "being a good pet" will become available when slaves are posing.

Posing spells:

  • Pose for spell 1: set animation name to call on target when casting "Pose NPC" spell.
  • Pose for spell 2: set animation name to call on target when casting "Pose again NPC" spell.


  • Log animations: dedicate animation messages will be output to the logfile.
  • Idle player: Player will be animated with idles when tying up slaves.
  • Animate player: Player will be animated when playing dual animations.
  • Use free camera: WARNING THIS IS BUGGY! Use free cam mode when playing dual animations.
  • Rescale actors: Actor scales will be matched before playing dual animations.
  • Turn on all dual animations: Dual animations will be played. If off, some of them will be replaced by paired animations when available.
  • Dual animation lenght: Reduce this below 100% if animations play too slow, increase it to make them play longer.


Sex and gender tab:



Random topics:

  • Opposite sex topics: Allow sexual comments for actors with a different gender than the player.
  • Same sex topics: Allow sexual comments for actors with the same gender as the player.

Tears and blush:

  • Blush for female: Female slaves will use SlaveTats to get blush when aroused.
  • Tears for females: Female slaves will use tears from SlaveTats.
  • Smuged mascara  for females: Female slaves will use smudged mascara tears from SlaveTats.
  • Blush for male: Male slaves will use SlaveTats to get blush when aroused.
  • Tears for males: Male slaves will use tears from SlaveTats.
  • Smuged mascara  for males: Male slaves will use smudged mascara tears from SlaveTats.

Abduction weapons:

  • Weapons capture females: Weapons enchanted with the spellbound magic effect will capture female NPCs.
  • Weapons capture males: Weapons enchanted with the spellbound magic effect will capture male NPCs.


  • Allow oral virginity: Slaves will be affected when loosing oral virginity and will report about it.
  • Allow anal virginity: Slaves will be affected when loosing anal virginity and will report about it.
  • Allow vaginal virginity: Slaves will be affected when loosing vaginal virginity and will report about it.
  • Allow same sex virginity: Slaves will be affected when loosing same sex virginity and will report about it.
  • Allow sex party virginity: Slaves will be affected when loosing gangbang virginity and will report about it.

Sexlab settings:

  • Use Separate Orgasm: WARNING THIS IS STILL WIP. Slaves will use SLSO instead of simple Sexlab orgasm event, if this option is selected.
  • Always aggressive sex: Always use aggressive animations even if sex is "consensual".
  • Non aggressive punishment sex: Always use non-aggressive animations for punishment sex.

Player settings:

  • Player title: Set the player title used in the notifications (not in dialogues).
  • Player gender: Set the player gender used by DoM and Sexlab animations (not in dialogues). Valid entries are: male, female, treat as male, treat as female, other.


Cloning and cleaning tab:



Transfer slaves:

  • Send N slaves to PAHE: Batch transfer of all slaves from DoM to PAH. Once selected, quit the MCM and wait for the process to finish. Be patient.
  • Send N slaves to DoM: Batch transfer of all slaves from PAH to DoM. Same procedure as above.


  • Clone unique NPCs: Unique NPCs will always be cloned. WARNING: This might screw some quests.
  • Clone spawned: Clone NPCs spawned from leveled lists. THIS CAN NOT BE TURNED OFF.
  • Clean all unique NPC factions: Clean factions for unique NPCs.
  • Clean all spwaned NPC factions: Clean factions for NPCs spawned from leveled lists.
  • Clear unique NPC outfits: Clear outfit from unique NPCs at capture.
  • Clear spawned NPC outfits: Clear outfit from spawned NPCs at capture.
  • Clear slaver NPC outfits: Clear/Do not clear outfit from NPC when recruiting slavers, according to the two flags above.

On actor release:

  • Restore unique NPC outfits: When freeing a slave it's outfit will be restored.
  • Restore spawnedNPC outfits: When freeing a slave it's outfit will be restored if there are no other slaves from the same actor base.

Crime report, combat and alarm:

  • Clean crime faction at capture: Crime faction will be set to none at capture so slaves can not call other NPCs for help.
  • Alarm on abduction: When attempting capture, victims will try to alarm their faction.
  • Alarm for runaway slaves: Runaway slaves will try to alarm their faction.
  • Allow slaves to escape and be deleted: fresh slaves will be deleted if they manage to escape.
  • Rival slaves can attack each others: Rival slaves might engage combat against each others if annoyed.
  • Follower's attacks punish slaves: When a follower hits a slave it will register as punishment.
  • Slave's attacks punish slaves: When a non trainer slave hits another slave it will register as punishment.


Notifications tab: Various toggles to turn on or off specific notifications.



Widgets and notifications:

  • Maximum number of widgets: set the number of notification widgets. Max is 10.
  • Messages in widgets: Messages will be displayed in widgets. If off messages will appear in notifications.


  • Enable/disable different notifications.

Widget anchors:

  • Horizontal: Left or Right. Use center at your own risk.
  • Vertical: Top. Use bottom or center at your own risk.

Widget colors:

  • Set widget text colors.


Debug tab: For experts only.




  • Initialize: Click it to reinitialize DoM properties.
  • Debug mode: Will fill the logfile with a lot of debug information.
  • Debug key pressed: Will give a notification every time a hotkey is pressed.
  • Verbose logfile: Will fill the logfile with a lot of status information.
  • Log dialogues: Will fill the logfile with topics ID when a slave speaks.
  • Show hidden kinks: Expose hidden kinks in feelings message box.
  • Slave answers: Slave answer orders with info topics (dialogue lines).
  • Slave topics: Slave use random comments with info topics (dialogue lines).
  • One telling at a time: Only one action of type scold/praise/flatter/insult can be active at a time. Wait for the action to finish to start a new.
  • Comment delay for single slave: Delay in seconds in between slave comments.
  • Comment delay for all slaves: Delay in seconds in between all slaves.
  • Get slaver's equipment: Press it to get a padded whip, spellbound weapons and a few bewitching potions.

Personality traits:

  • Flat trait generation: use flat random generation of traits between 0 and 100 instead of Gaussian centered on 50.
  • Six personality trait bonus modifiers for race/class/job/gender/age/AI-data, default is 10. Can be set to 0 for no effect or 100 for pushing the trait to its max/min value.
  • Forbid traits from evolving: Will make traits fixed. If not set traits can evolve when slaves are shocked, have orgasms or when an actor successful trains a slave.
  • Maximum trait variation: How much traits can vary around the central value from shock, orgasm and training slaves.

Player perks:

  • Abduction perk: turns on or off the DoM abduction perk.

Non slave actors:

  • NPCs wealth multiplier: Used to determine the actor wealth when selling slaves to NPCs.

House cleaning:

  • House cleaning: Various toggles to control what house cleaning slaves can do.


Slaver roster tab: Lists all slavers on the left panel. Right panel shows actor status, training stats and allows to summon actor to player, reset actor, redisplay SlaveTats or delete actor.


Slaves 1-43: Lists first 43 slaves on the left panel. Right panel shows actor status, training stats and allows to set actor name, title, gender (DoM and Sexlab gender) or summon actor to player, reset actor, redisplay SlaveTats or delete actor.


Slaves 44-86: Same as above for slaves 44 to 86.


Slaves 87-128: Same as above for slaves 87 to 128.



Note for developers (keywords):



DoM is aware of the following keywords, include them in your clothing mod or use KID to propagate them to your favorite mods,


  • ClothingPoor: this is a Skyrim keyword describing degrading clothes used on laborer slaves. Slaves from a laborer family might not consider them degrading.
  • ClothingRich: this is a Skyrim keyword describing fancy clothes used on favorite loyal slaves. Most slaves will consider them positively.
  • ClothingSexy: this is a DoM keyword describing fancy and sexy clothes used on slaves. Well trained slaves will consider this positive, while others might consider them degrading.
  • ClothingShame: this is a DoM keyword describing humiliating clothes used on sex slaves. All slaves, including well trained ones will always consider them degrading.
  • EroticArmor: this is a Sexlab Aroused keyword. Behave as ClothingSexy.
  • zad_Property_Humiliating: this is a Devious Devices keywork. Behave as ClothingShame.
  • ArmorJewelry, JewelryExpensive and VendorItemJewelry: these keywords are used when deciding which items to strip, when stripping jewelry is on. Those keywords are also used to evaluate gifts value.
  • ClothingUnderwear, ClothingLingerie: these keywords are used when deciding which items to strip when stripping underwear is on.
  • ClothingHeels: this keyword is used when deciding which items to strip when stripping heels is on.



DoM is also aware of the following keywords, but doesn't create them. You can use them if they are defined in another mod in your load. Use the above keywords preferably.


  • ClothingJewelry: this keyword is used when deciding which items to strip, when stripping jewelry is on. Those keywords are also used to evaluate gifts value.
  • ClothingPanties, ClothingBra, FemalePanties, Underwear, Panties, Lingerie and Bra: these keywords are used when deciding which items to strip when stripping underwear is on.


Dialogues for NPC:


Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat":


  • "What kind of person are you?": Will give you information on the NPC traits. If the NPC has highest relationship rank with player, they will also disclose more personal traits (similar to a slave, see next section).
  • "How are you feeling?": Will give you information on the NPC feelings. Their feelings will most often be in the average and they will simply reply "I am ok. I am a free person". Any other answer reflects a sensitivity or resistance to basic emotions, a useful information if you plan to enslave this character. Their feelings towards the player will also be displayed according to their relationship rank.
  • "What kind of person are you, exactly?": NPC traits with numbers.
  • "How are you feeling exactly?": NPC feelings with numbers.
  • "Would you like to use one of my slave?": Send the NPC to have sex with the last marked for sex, slave (see "Honour your master" dialogue). NPC can refuse or even prefers to rape.
  • "Would you like to defile one of my slave?": Send the NPC to rape the last slave marked for sex (see "Honour your master" dialogue). NPC can refuse or try to be gentle.
  • "Would you like to have sex with me and and my slave?": Send the NPC to have a threesome with the player and the last marked for a threesome (see "Honour your master" dialogue). NPC can refuse or try to be gentle. Results depends on the Sexlab scenes you have registered and scene can fail if no threesome is found.
  • "Come and be a good sex slave!": Only for PAH slaves. Send the slave to the last slave marked for sex (see "Honour your master" dialogue). PAH slaves can not refuse.
  • "I could use someone like you.": Recruit this NPC in your gang of slavers. This option appears once you have asked the NPC "What kind of person are you?" and only if his/her honesty and open mindness are sufficiently low. NPCs in love with you can also be recruited with this dialogue option.
  • "I want to give you the special treatment": Only for PAH slaves. Will transfer the slave to DoM.


Dialogues for DoM slaves:


Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat": Information. To get slave status and personality.


  • "What kind of slave are you?": Will give you information on slaves traits and sensitivity/resistance to different emotions, including sexual sensitivity and trainer abilities.
  • "How are you feeling, slave?": Will give you information on the slaves training level and list their friends.
  • "How are we treating you, slave?": Will give you the slaves status, with their number of punishments and available punishment reasons.
  • "Enjoying your slave life?": Will give you the slaves mood with hints on how far they are from shock, broken, loyal and inlove moods.
  • "What kind of slave are you, exactly?": Slave traits with numbers.
  • "How are you feeling exactly, slave?": Slave training stats with numbers.
  • "Would you be interested in being a slave trainer?": Promote slave to slaver (free the slave) or slave trainer (keep as slave). This option will appear once a slave is "loyal" or "inlove" or high training or for some personality traits. Slave must be well trained before being freed, others might just take the opportunity to run away.
  • "You're a slave now, the old you is dead. I want you to forget your past!": For slaves not cleaned during capture (See debug options in MCM menu) this will clean all the factions from the NPC except PAHE and DoM factions.
  • "Someone has ordered your death, but I'm sparing you. You're a slave now, my slave.": For slaves not cloned during capture (See debug options in MCM menu) this will force the NPC to die and then clone it into a slave.
  • "The law is the law and slaves have no rights": Will clear the crime faction for this slave. Any call for help from the slaves after that will not trigger any reaction from other actors.
  • "Forget about your outfit, but keep your stuff": Will remove outfit from NPC and any memory of this outfit. Outfit equipment will be transferred to inventory.
  • "I am tired of your mood swings": Will send the slave to be managed by PAHE. WARNING: Wait for the transfer to be finished before starting another.

Dialogue branch "Listen to me, slave": Psychological abuse. For giving orders to slave as well as praise, scold, promise, threaten, insults, flatter, ...


  • "About your duties as a slave": Allows to set what a slave should or should not do (see below). Including fight for player, be respectful, be naked at all time, shut up and being a maid.
  • "I have something nice to tell you": Offers up to 4 dialogue lines to praise the slave according to past actions.
  • "I have something important to tell you": Offers 4 lines to flatter and 6 to insult the slave. Flattering can be "sexy" (train anger and submission) "dirty" (train anger and humiliation)  "romantic" (train anger and respect) and "praising" (train anger and resignation). Insulting will train one of the 6 training stats (in this order: submission/fear/humiliation/anger/resignation/respect).
  • "You're a slave now, listen to me!": Threaten slave against running away, crying, not posing, ... One dialogue option for each reason. See "training tips" below for more reasons. The 12 options for threats are split in 3 dialogue lines.
  • "You'd better do what I say...":  Promise pain, gold, freedom or kindness to your slaves in exchange of their cooperation. Promises give a small boost in training (respectively: fear, anger, resignation and respect) at game update and can lower training when the slave stops believing in them. Promises might also have an effect on the effectiveness of the abuse.
  • "You have been a good slave": Praise slave for last action: pose, sex, being in bondage without struggling... Try not to use it on fresh slaves or doing without reason, or they will just think you are making fun of them.  For shocked slaves this can help them recover even if praising for no reason.
  • "You have been a bad slave": Try to scold slave for current reason with a small bonus in respect training as slave is grateful for not using pain punishment. This can be more efficient than physical punishments, depending on slave's personality, but also for well trained slaves.
  • "We need to set an example": Will do a public scolding of the slave. Scaring all witnesses, especially friends.


  Sub-dialogue branch "About your duties as a slave":


  • "You'll fight for me"/ "Don't fight for me": Will set/unset slave to bodyguard mode.
  • "You are not allowed to wear any clothes": Will set slave to naked mode.
  • "You will call me mistress/master when you address me!": Will force the slave to use the fully respectful dialogues when reacting to DoM dialogues. There is a chance the slave will fail to call the player master/mistress, triggering a "not_respectful" punishment reason.
  • "From now on you will only open your mouth when I tell you. Understood?": Tell slaves to stop expressing their feelings randomly when you are around. They might not be able to refrain though and you can punish them for that. A dialogue choice to stop this behavior will become available.
  • "You're in charge of cleaning the mess in here": Will set slave to house keeping mode.


Dialogue branch "Come here slave!": Physical abuse. To force a slave into an action: punishment, body inspection, masturbate, slave display, bow and pay attention.


  • "It's seems like you deserve a punishment!": Offers up to 4 dialogue lines to punish the slave for one past action. Choosing one of the dialogue will trigger pain punishment or telling off, depending on the MCM toggle.
  • "I need to kiss you": Plays a kissing animation with a choice between short, long or forced kisses. Slave might refuse even forced kisses. Slave might get aroused and will receive submission training.
  • "Time for a body inspection": Plays a body check animation with a choice between front, behind or laying down. Played animation depends on the sensual and sexual traits of the slave. Slave might get shamed, aroused and will receive fear or anger or respect training and some additional submission training.
  • "Touch yourself!": Forces slave to masturbate with a choice between standing, kneeling or laying down. Played animation depends on the slave submission and humiliation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive vaginal training. After sometime masturbating, slaves might get aroused and receive a boost in sex training. Aroused state will cause the slave to blush.
  • "You call that masturbating? Try harder!":  Only available for masturbating slaves. Gives a higher chance to get aroused for some slaves.
  • "Let's check how much you're worth!": Force slave into sexy pose and gives an estimation of the slave value in gold. Played animation depends on the slave resignation and humiliation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive resignation training.
  • "Bow to your mistress/master!": Order this particular slave to kneel in front of player.
  • "Stand and pay attention to your master/mistress!": Order this particular slave to stand arms behind back in front of player.
  • "You need to loosen up, have a drink", will force the slave to drink alcohol from their inventory or from the player's. The alcohol effect is not immediate but will be at maximum after 1 hour game time.
  • "Drink this potion, ...": Orders the slave to drink a bewitching potion(love, lust, mind break or pain potion) from their inventory or the player's. The dialogue lines are only available if a potion of this type is in inventory.
  • "Do me a favor slave": Tell slave to use a furniture or object. Equivalent to "Ok slave"->"You're going to do something for me" but uses DoM logic to compute success rate instead of PAHE's.
  • "Stop whatever you're doing!": Intended for debugging purpose, this option is intended to reset the slave or the player in case the animation went wrong.


  Dialogue branch "Honour your mistress/master, slave": Sexual abuse. To have sexual intercourse with slave.


  • "I will teach you how to suck until you choke": Forced oral sex.
  • "It's time to rape your pussy, feel free to cry": Forced vaginal sex.
  • "Turn around and brace while I rape your ass": Forced anal sex.
  • "You're in luck I decided to be nice to you": Allow slave to disagree while proposing sex. Three new dialogues will appear for oral, vaginal or anal sex.
  • "I want you to have sex with...": Mark actor to have sex with another slave or NPC. Go to the other slave and choose "Honour your master/mistress" and "Report to your sex trainer". Or go to the NPC and choose "Let's have a serious chat" and "Would like to use one of my slave".
  • "How do you feel about rough sex?": Mark actor to rape another slave or to be raped by an NPC.
  • "Get ready for a threesome!": Mark actor to join a threesome with the player and a slave or an NPC. Results depends on the Sexlab scenes you have registered and scene can fail if no threesome is found.
  • "Report to your sex trainer": Send slave to marked actor to start sex scene.
  • "I couldn't find a sex partner, forget it": Unmark actor for sex scene.

 Dialogue branch "I get to decide what you wear and carry": Opens slave's inventory. Slave will wear new equipment once inventory is closed.


Dialogue branch "Undress now!": Sexual + Psychological abuse. To manage slave equipment type.


  • "Let's rip your clothes off!": Plays animation to rip clothes off from slave. Slave might get shamed and will receive humiliation training.
  • "Strip now!": Slave is ordered to strip. Slave might refuse.
  • "You won't need any weapon for now!": Remove weapons and ammo from slave inventory and shields if corresponding toggle is set in MCM.
  • "Protective armors are not for you!": Remove armor and shields from slave inventory. Clothes with 1 or lower protection are kept.
  • "No weapons no armor for you": Remove weapons, ammo, armor and shield from slave inventory.



Dialogue branch "I am going to make sure you stay here": Sexual + Physical abuse. To make slave pose in bondage.


  • "This gag will keep you silent": Put gag on slaves mouth. Only cloath gag is available, but other gags can be given from inventory.
  • "Let's see what we can do with these ropes": Tie-up slave in various positions. Beware as slaves have a chance to escape!
  • "Bring out the chains": Various bondage poses with chains. Better to use in interiors to avoid having chains hanging from the sky.
  • "You'll be put in a cage for public humiliation": Various poses in cages.
  • "You'll be tied to the whipping post": Tie the slave to a post in various positions.
  • "We need to train your bondage skills": XCross, cross, pillory, rack, wooden horse and wheel.


Dialogue branch "Entertain me slave": Physical + Psychological abuse. To make slave pose. Most poses are choosen depending on personality and training.


  • "You are going to pose as": Cute, submissive, show breast/ass/crotch poses.
  • "Wait here and keep yourself busy": Slave will sandbox (only available if not already sandboxing).
  • "Dance for me!": Various dance poses.
  • "Play some music": Slave will choose an instrument and pretend to play.
  • "Serve some drinks": Hold a tray.
  • "Give me some light": Hold a torch.
  • "Hold some flowers": Hold flower basket.
  • "I need a chair": Slave will crouch and will be usable as a chair.


Conditional dialogues for DoM slaves:


Those dialogues only appear if the slave fulfill certain requirements:



Dialogue branch "Follow me": Follows player. Only for not untied slaves and not already following the player or a trainer.


Dialogue branch "Wait here and don't move": Wait here (no sandbox). Only for not untied slaves and not already waiting.


Dialogue branch "Let's get you out of those restraints": Will free a tied-up or restrained slave and remove mouth gag if corresponding toggle is set in MCM.


Dialogue branch "Wear your clothes": Only for naked slaves, will get slave dressed and will cancel the go naked order.


Dialogue branch "I though I told you to call me master/mistress!": For slaves failing to call the player mistress/master, will start a choking animation with special anger training bonus.


Dialogue branch "What's wrong with you?": Only for sad, depressed, shocked or crying slaves. Allows you to comfort (raise respect and anger), rape (increase submission), punish (increase fear), sex (raise humiliation), guilt (raise anger training), threaten (raise resignation) or insult (increase respect training) your slave.


Dialogue branch "Best chair ever!": For slaves posing as chairs, allows the player to sit on their back.


Dialogue branch "Come follow your master/mistress": Take a slave assigned to a slaver back at your service.


Dialogue branch "Go with your trainer now!": Force slave to run to his/her mistress/master.


Dialogues for DoM slavers:


Dialogue branch "Let's talk about the slaves.":


  • "Teach your slaves to fear the whip!": Slaver will start punishing his/her slaves starting with the ones with lowest training stats.
  • "Train your slaves in the sexual arts": Slaver will start sexing the trainees.
  • "This place is your base camp": Set the slaver base camp.
  • "Got to your camp and wait for more orders": Slaver will travel to his camp with his slaves and wait there.
  • "I want you to take care of a few slaves": After choosing this option, go and see the slaves you want to assign to this slaver and choose the dialogue option "Report to your new trainer".
  • "Your merchandise is ready. You are all set": Slaver will stop taking in new slaves.
  • "I want you to hand over all your slaves": All slaver's slaves will come back at your service.
  • "Which slaves are you taking care of?": Slaver will list his/her slaves.
  • "Gather all your slaves": Force all slaver's slaves to follow him/her.


Dialogue branch "I need you to do something for me.":


  • "Follow me.": The slaver will follow you. Slaver's slaves will also follow you if you ask her/him to gather them.
  • "Wait here:": Slaver will wait here. and eventually sandbox.
  • "Guard this area": Slaver will wait here, walking around the area.
  • "Fight for me and protect the merchandise": Slaver will join player in fights
  • "Don't fight, focus on your task": Slaver will not assist player in combat. Slaver can still be attacked by hostile creatures and might join the combat in this case.


Dialogue branch "I need you to carry a few things.": Access the slaver inventory.


Dialogue branch "I don't need your services anymore.": Slaver will be dismissed. Some will hang around the place, while others will go back to their normal life.


Potions, spells and weapons for the apprentice slave master:



There are a few slaver gears scattered around Whiterun (Fort Greymoor, Drela's cottage and Olava the Feeble's house).


New potions for the player to craft. Those options should be given to slaves and then the slave should be ordered to drink it for them to be efficient.


  • Bewitching alchemy bench is a new bench which can be used to craft special potions for slaves. The potions are described below.
  • Love potion to force a slave mood to "in love"
  • Mind breaking potion to force a slave mood to "broken"
  • Lust potion to alter a slave personality towards more sensuality and sex sensitivity.
  • Lash potion to alter a slave personality towards more sensitivity to pain.


New spells to learn. Those spells are primarily for testing purpose, but can be included in your game play if you are a heavy magic user.


  • Boost persona is a spell to increase the personality traits (move them toward 100) of a slave. This spell also works on non-enslaved NPCs.
  • Shrink persona is a spell to decrease the personality traits (move them toward 0) of a slave. This spell also works on non-enslaved NPCs.
  • Boost persona is a spell to restore the default personality traits of a slave. All progress made through PTSD, orgasms and training experience is lost. This spell also works on non-enslaved NPCs.
  • Love Charm is a spell to force a slave mood to "in love". This spell also works on non-enslaved NPCs by changing their relationship status with the player to lover.
  • Distress Charm is a spell to force a slave mood to "shock".
  • Absolute submission: Is a spell to boost the slave training stats by a lot.
  • Dead souls necromancy: Is a spell to revive a dead actor into a slave.
  • Call slaves to Master: This spell will summon all slaves except the ones tied or in bondage furnitures or in training.
  • Call bodyguards to Master: This spell will summon all fighting slaves except the ones tied or in bondage furnitures or in training.


New enchantment for weapons. Some already enchanted weapons can be found.


  • Spellbound for one or two handed weapons will turn any NPC into a slave on hit. Males and females can be set to protected/unprotected in the MCM menu.
  • Spellbound for bows as above but for shooting weapons.


Feelings and training:



This mod adds to the slave training stats from PAHE, 2 new stats: humiliation and resignation. Humiliation is increased by shaming the slave and the slave will feel more and more degraded. Resignation is increased by making the slave sad, making the slave feel hopeless. Resignation replaces the old PAHE submission stat for all non-sexual orders, submission now covers the sexual obedience only.


The training stats are:


This total of 6 training stats is complemented with 6 secondary training stats and 2 slavers stats


  • Training stats: Submission, Fear training, Humiliation, Anger training, Resignation, Respect training
  • Secondary training stats: Vaginal, Combat, Oral, Pose, House and Anal training
  • Slavers stats: slave training and crime


For free NPC, sensitivity to training stats are expressed as feelings:


  • Free NPCs Feelings: Docile/Defiant, Nervous/Relaxed, Humble/Proud, Guilty/Innocent, Sad/Happy, Victim/Free spirit


For devoted slaves the 6 basic training stats, after reaching 100, might evolve into feelings toward the player:


  • Slaves feelings: Desire, Worship Fascination, Absolution, Devotion, Admiration


When asking NPCs about their feelings if they answer they are naturally defiant it would mean it would be harder to train them submission.


For a submitted slave (submission=100) in loyal or in love mood, training submission further will develop a physical desire toward the player.


Personality traits:



Training stats can be affected by 6 main emotions created by the player through punishments. The emotion will have an effect on the feeling (training stat) depending on the slave personality. The slave personality is defined using the HEXACO 6 traits model (Honesty, Emotionality, eXtraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness to experience) with 6 facet modifiers (Wilpower, Toughness, Sensuality, Submissivity, Boldness, Smartness). Notice the color code expressing links between stats, traits, emotions, ...


Main training Secondary training Feeling examples Feeling Linked emotion Personality facet Main abuse type
Submission Vaginal Is my life threatened? Obedient Pain Humility = Honesty - Wilpower Physical and sexual
Fear Combat Can I fight back? Powerless Fear Fearfulness = Emotionality - Toughness Psychological
Humiliation Oral Noone should ever know! Degraded Shame Composure = eXtraversion - Sensuality Sexual
Anger Pose Is it my fault? Guilt Stress Forgiveness = Agreeableness + Submissivity Physical
Resignation House Can I escape? Hopelessness Sorrow Prudent = Conscientiousness - Boldness Physical and psychological
Respect Anal Am I worthless? Low self-esteem Discipline Unconventional = Openness + Smart Psychological and sexual
Stockholm Syndrome PTSD events How do I survive? Denial Love X All



For example honesty and wilfulness influence how fast obedient feeling also called submission stat will be affected by the pain emotion. Or if you want to train your slaves anger management, submerge them with stress with physical punishment (with a valid reason or it will be counter-productive), this will make slaves believe everything happening is their fault, thus growing the guilt feeling. This is for direct connections only as more complex relations exist. Facets traits help define the corresponding personality trait further. A shallow and smart person will be conventional and calculating. While a kind and sadistic person might be a good listener when the evening starts, he/she might reveal a very different personality when taken to the bedroom. Facets also act as emotion filters, hence a tough person will be less sensitive to physical punishment and a sensual person will be more sensitive to foreplay.


Stockholm Syndrome is special as it needs all other stats to build up as well as the extra hidden stat denial. Denial occurs, usually after a few PTSD events, when the slave starts to deny any abuse really happened, seeing the world through the abuser eyes as a survival mechanism


Personality traits evolution:



Personality traits can evolve during the life of the slave or slaver. This feature can be disabled with a toggle in the Debug page of the DoM MCM menu. Events triggering an evolution of the personality traits are:


  • Shock: When the slave enters the shock mood, there is a chance, depending on the Trauma modifier of the slave, for increasing emotionality, and decreasing agreeableness and extraversion.
  • Orgasm: Every time the slave gets an orgasm, submissivity, sensuality and openness will increase.
  • Training: Every time a slave (in HSH) or a slaver successfully trains a slave, submissivity, openness and honesty will decrease, and boldness will increase.
  • House master: Everytime a house master (in HSH) oversees a slave's training, honesty, openness and agreeableness will decrease and smartness will increase.





Moods are also linked to personality traits (same color code). When captured a slave will choose first reaction according to their personality from the three moods in bold: anger (fight) afraid (flee) and terrified (paralyzed). Subsequent mood swings will depend on the way the slave is treated. The effectiveness of abuse depends on the mood and the punishment type. This is summarized in the table below: (assume factor is 1.0 if not mentioned)


  Description Sex Rape Pain Scold Praise
Neutral Assessing the danger 0.5 0.5 - - -
Afraid Ready to run away 1.6(vaginal) 0.8 1.2 - -
Terrified Paralyzed by fear,
shame and sadness
1.6(vaginal) 1.2 0.8 - -
Scared Probably too scared
to escape
1.6(vaginal) - - - -
Ashamed Slave is full of shame,
easier to get aroused
2.0 1.5 - 1.5 1.5
Angry Hates you and is
planning an escape
1.6(anal) - 0.5 1.5 0.5
Sad Full of despair, could
use some comforting
1.6(oral) - 1.5 0.5 1.5
Broken Obedient through
sadness and fear
- - - - -
Shocked Paralyzed by the
amount of abuse
1.5 - 0.5 0.5 0.5
Loyal Survival means
 being on your side
- - 2.0 2.0 2.0
Inlove Same as loyal,
plus sexual bound
2.0 2.0 - 2.0 2.0




In love but could use some comforting, reassuring

or more attention.

3.0 (oral)

3.0 (vaginal)

3.0 (anal)



















When asked about their personality, slaves will show their weaknesses and resistance to various emotions, punishments or tasks. As summarized in the "Personality traits" table, each of the 6 personality traits is linked to a basic emotion (and the corresponding training stat) and eventually other mechanisms (not directly linked to training stats). Each personality as 6 facets, they are listed below by their name in the mod and their facet names in parenthesis:


Honesty is linked to Pain/Submission (Humility) and:

  • Trauma (Sincerity): Used to determine the intensity of the trauma and the effect on personality traits.

  • Peacefulness (Modesty): Used to determine how fast slaves recover from their emotions and punishments.

  • Training (Opposite of Sensitivity): Used when training other slaves.

  • Greed (Opposite of Greed Avoidance😞 Used to determine response to gifts.

  • Crime lord (Opposite of Fairness): Used for HSH taskmasters.

Emotionality is linked to Fear/Fear training (Fearfulness) and:

  • Pressure (Panicky): Used when slaves try to escape and trip while running away and by depressed mood.

  • Love (Sentimentality): Used when a slave is ready to take side with the master/mistress romantically

  • Joy (Impressionability): Used for loyal/inlove slaves.

  • Jealousy (Dependence): Used by jealous mood.

  • Distress (Anxiety): Used when slaves are shocked to decide if a trauma should be registered.

Extraversion is linked to Shame/Humiliation (Opposite of Self-Possession/Naivety) and:

  • Energy (Liveliness): Used by depressed mood.

  • Self-Esteem (Social Self-Esteem): used by depressed mood.

  • Bondage (Opposite of Sociability): Used to determine the efficiency of training while in bondage.

  • Pleasure (Social Boldness): Used to determine chance of arousal.

  • Confusion (Opposite of Self-Control/Ingenuity): Used when slaves body gets pleasure while their mind is trying to fight it.

Agreeableness is linked to Stress/Anger training (Forgiveness) and:

  • Guilt (Gentleness): Used for reaction to rape and in psychological abuse.

  • Anger (Opposite of Patience): Used to determine when slaves get angry at you.

  • Pose (Flexibility): Drives the posing mechanisms

  • Injustice (Empathy): Used to determine how much anger is built up when friends are punished.

  • Unfairness (Opposite of Contentment): Used to determine the intensity of the loss in anger training, when punishing for no reason.

Conscientiousness is linked to Sorrow/Resignation (Prudence) and:

  • Scolding (Laborious): Used to determine the efficiency of scolding the slave.

  • Combat (Diligence): Used for combat training.

  • Comforting (Consideration): Used to determine how slaves respond to being comforted by their mistress/master.

  • House cleaning (Perfectionism): Used for house cleaning training.

  • Praising (Organization): Used to determine the efficiency of praising the slave.

Open mindedness is linked to Discipline/Respect training (Opposite of Originality) and:

  • Authority (Opposite of Independence): Used to determine how slaves respond to orders and show respect.

  • Rebellion (Inquisitiveness): Used to select moods and for reaction to insults.

  • Hope (Appreciation): NOT USED

  • Manipulation (Opposite of Curiosity): Used to determine bonus for scold and praise dialogues.

  • Imagination (Creativity): NOT USED

Physically dominated modifiers:

  • Anal/Oral/Vaginal: Used by sex training.

  • Orgasm: Use to check for orgasm and consequences.



Race and class bonus to personality traits and number of kinks:



Race bonus is chosen according to the Elder Scrolls race descriptions, feel free to suggest changes. The race bonus N is a pseudo-Gaussian with 2*σ = N. When two numbers are quoted, the population is randomly cut in half with 50% having the 1st bonus and the other 50% the second bonus.


Maximum number of kinks is 6 for all races, including newly developped kinks. At generation the number of kinks depends on the race.


    Argonian = Gentle+10, Smart+10, Lively-20, Submissive+10, kinks 0 to 4.

    Breton = Lively+10, Wilful+10, Smart+10, Calm-10, Open-10, Tough-10, Submissive+10, kinks 1 to 4.
    Dark Elf = Calm+20, Smart+10, Lively-10, Sensual-20, Submissive-10, kinks 2 to 4.
    High Elf = Smart+20, Honest+10, Gentle-10, Open-20, Submissive-15/+5, kinks 3 to 4.
    Imperial = Thorough+10, Open+10, Tough-10, Calm-10, Submissive-10/+10, kinks 1 to 4.
    Khajitt = Lively+20, Wilful-20, kinks 0 to 1.
    Nord = Tough+10, Honest+10, Bold+10, Lively-10, Thorough-10, Open-10, Submissive-5/+15, kinks 1 to 3.
    Orc = Tough+20, Wilful+10, Lively-10, Gentle-20, Submissive-20, kinks 0 to 2.

    Redguard = Tough+10, Bold+10, Thorough-10, Open-10, kinks 0 to 3.

    Snow Elf = Calm +20, Lively-10, Sensual+10, Smart+10, Tough+10, Bold+10, Open-20, Submissive+20, kinks 2 to 4.

    Wood Elf = Lively+20, Sensual+10, Smart+10, Tough-10, Bold-10, Open-20, Submissive+20, kinks 2 to 4.


Special bonus depends on the condition of the NPC and is applied on top of race bonus. No traits can be below 0 or above 100.


   Elder = Honest+10, Calm+10, Lively+10, Gentle+10, Thorough+10, Open+10, Bold+10, Wil+10, Sensual-30, Kinks -1
   Vampire = Tough+20, Wil+15, Bold+10, Thorough+5, Honest-5, Smart-5, Gentle-10, Lively-15, Open-20, Kinks +1


Occupation bonus depends on the occupation and job of the NPC. More than one can be applied.


    Artisan = Thorough+10, Wil+10, Smart-5, Sensual-5

    Bard/Apothecary = Honest-5, Lively+10, Gentle+5, Thorough+5, Open+10, Smart+10, Sensual+5, Tough-5, Submissive-25/+25

    Beggar = Honest-10, Calm-10, Lively-10, Gentle-10, Thorough-10, Open-10, Bold-10, Wil-10, Smart-10, Sensual-10, Tough-10

    Court employee = Honest+10, Gentle-5, Thorough+10, Wil-5, Smart+5, Sensual+5, Tough-5, Submissive-10/+10

    Criminal = Honest-15, Calm+15, Lively-5, Gentle-10, Thorough+5, Open-15, Bold-5, Wil+5, Smart+5, Sensual+10, Tough+5, Submissive-20/+20

    Fighter = Calm+5, Gentle-5, Thorough+5, Bold+5, Wil+5, Smart-10, Sensual-5, Tough+10

    Inn employee = Honest-5, Calm-5, Lively+15, Open+5, Bold-5, Wil-10, Smart-5, Sensual+5, Tough-5, Submissive-10/+10

    Laborer/Farmer/Miner = Honest+5, Calm+5, Lively-5, Thorough+5, Open-10, Wil-5, Smart-10, Sensual-10, Tough+5

    Merchant = Honest-10, Lively+5, Thorough+10, Open+5, Wil+5, Smart+5

    Noble = Honest-5, Calm+5, Lively+5, Gentle-5, Thorough+5, Open-5, Bold-5, Wil-5, Smart+5, Sensual+5, Tough-5, Submissive-5

    Outlaw = Honest-15, Calm+10, Lively-5, Gentle-15, Thorough-15, Open-10, Bold-5, Wil+5, Smart-10, Sensual+5, Tough+15, Submissive-10/+10

    Woodsman = Lively-20, Thorough+5, Bold+5, Wil+5, Smart-5, Sensual-15, Tough+15


Class bonus is applied last and can reinforce further the occupation bonus, only one will be applied.


    Archer = Calm+15, Lively-5, Wil+5, Tough-5

    Warrior = Honest+5, Open-5, Gentle-5, Bold+15

    Barbarian = Calm-5, Lively+5, Open-5, Tough+15
    Wizard = Calm-5, Open+5, Smart+15, Tough-5
    Conjurer/Sorcerer = Honest-5, Calm-5, Bold+5, Smart+15
    Warlock = Calm-5, Thorough-5, Smart+15, Tough+5*

    Priest = Honest+5, Open-5, Wil+15, Sensual-5
    Shaman = Honest-5, Thorough+15, Open-5, Sensual+5
    Bard = Honest-5, Lively+15, Gentle+5, Thorough-5

    Assassin = Honest-5, Calm+15, Gentle-5, Thorough+5
    Rogue = Honest-5, Open+5, Smart+5

    Scout = Gentle-5, Thorough+5, Open+5

    Ranger = Honest+5, Lively-5, Open+5

    Blade/Vigilant = Honest+5, Open-5, Wil+5

    Guard/Soldier = Honest+5, Smart-5, Tough+5

    Bandit = Honest-5, Lively+5, Open+5


If you find a unique NPC with unfit traits, send me a message so I can set their personality, or create a json file taking example from those in "SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Diary Of Mine\*.json".





Slave have kinks which are hidden by defaults and need to be discovered by the player. Slaves will reveal their number of kinks and list the already discovered ones through the feelings dialogues and message boxes. Kinks are liknked to DoM interactions with slaves and give a small boost in training and a big boost in arousal when discovered, a smaller boost is given when kinks are fired after being discovered.


Available kinks are:


Submissive kinks: "being whipped", "being slapped", "being spanked", "being scolded", "being publicly humiliated", "being choked", "being insulted", "being talked dirty", "being threatened", "being forced to strip", "being stripped", "being forced to kneel", "being forced to stand","wearing a plug", "being gagged", "being blindfolded", "being collared", "wearing a bondage device", "being tied-up", "being sent to the pillory", "being caged", "being tied to the cross", "being tied to the wheel", "being tied to the post", "being chained", "being raped", "having tied-up sex", "giving a handjob", "giving a footjob", "giving a boobjob" (only for females), "giving a blowjob", "getting creampied", "getting a facial", "getting cum in mouth", "giving a cunnilingus", "getting fisted", "being held while fucked", "being fucked cowgirl style", "being fucked doggy style", "being fucked standing", "getting fucked in the ass", "getting fucked while drunk", "being put on display", "being forced to masturbate", "being handled and checked", "being subject to orgasm control", "being a maid" / "being a servant".

Both submissive and dominant kinks: "being kissed", "having rough sex", "having loving sex", "having a threesome", "doing it in a dungeon", "doing it in a public place","doing it with another girl" / "doing it with another dude", "doing a 69", "being fucked by a creature"

Dominant kinks: "raping someone", "punishing slaves", "training sex slaves", "tying-up slaves", "humiliating slaves" (force slaves to masturbate), "getting a handjob" / "getting fondled by hand", "getting a footjob" / "getting fondled by foot", "getting a boobjob" (only for males), "getting a blowjob" / "getting a cunnilingus", "fisting someone", "doing it cowgirl style", "doing it doggy style", "doing it standing", "fucking someone in the ass", "fucking while drunk".

Important note: Sexlab related dominant kinks are not triggered by threesomes nor orgy animations, as it is impossible in this case to determine which actor is getting what. Use slave/slave or slaver/slave animations to trigger them.



Training tips:



If you use Slavers or HSH to train your slave, choose your task master/mistress and trainers wisely as they might have a big effect on the amount of training you will get. Make sure to use dishonest and smart slaves for taskmistress/masters and dishonest and dominant trainers. Secondary requirements for taskmasters/mistresses are low openness and low kindness. Secondary traits for trainers are not open-minded and bold. You can ask slaves "What kind of slave are you?", if they are good trainers or good taskmistress/master they will tell you. Trainers and taskmistress/master (from HSH or if they are one of your slavers) learn from their job and will have their traits altered for every time they train a slave. HSH training increases every 24h in a well run house, or every 2 days if there is no taskmistress/master.


Sex training can be very slow if not done right. There is a bonus for the slave's mood, highest bonus is for in love, then ashamed, then shocked. otherwise, the type of training should be adapted to the slave mood, there is a bonus for doing anal on angry slaves, oral on sad slaves and vaginal on scared slaves. Use the dialogue "Touch yourself" to prepare a slave for sex training, it might shame them plus you will get a bonus for arousal. Naked slaves or wearing degrading clothes will be more prone to being ashamed. A good practice is: strip, force to masturbate, wait for arousal and sex. Using kinks to boost the slaves arousal level, is also a very good strategy.


For other training stats, to help you get started you can focus on small punishment reasons like,


  • Reasons for punishment: "cowering", "begging to stop", "covering self", "being angry", "crying" (same color code as above)


Respect can also be raised using the "tell slave" option rather than punishment or through the "Come here slave" dialogue. While "no reason" can make the slave angry.


More important reasons will have a bigger effect on training.


  • More reasons for punishment: "no_sex", "didnt_fight", "refusing to strip", "running_away", "didnt_pose", "struggling", "not_respectful", "talking".


Look for the corresponding notifications or the idles the slave uses to get a hint on what next punishment reason could be.


Punishing tied, in bondage or posing slaves is more efficient.


Punishing for "no reason" can make the slave angry and lower their anger training. Punishing a shocked or broken slave for no reason has no bad effects. Loyal and in-love slaves will also react less to punishment with no reason. If when starting  a punishment "no reason" is reported you can keep hitting the slave until they cry, cower, beg to stop or become angry, the new reason for punishment will be updated at the end.


Slaves get training bonuses when reaching broken, loyal and in-love moods.


Punishing a shocked slave is always more efficient. Telling them they have been bad will have close to no effect, but praising them for no reason will try to comfort them with a hug and make them recover from shock.


Stripping and equipment policy:



The DoM equipment policy is defined throught the dialogues "Listen to me slave" and then "About your duties as a slave". The options are as follow:


  • Wear clothes / Don't wear clothes:
    • "Don't wear clothes": No clothes no armors (except shields, see below) will be equipped
    • "Wear clothes": Clothes with armor rating <= 1 will be equipped. Armors will be equipped if "Wear armor" is set. The most expensive clothes will be equipped.
  • Hold weapons / No weapons:
    • "No weapons": No weapons will be equipped.
    • "Hold weapons": Weapons will be equipped. The weapon with the highest damage will be equipped.
  • Wear armor / Don't wear armor:
    • "Don't wear armor": No armor with rating > 1 and no shields will be equipped.
    • "Wear armor": If "Wear clothes" is set armors will be equipped. If "Don't wear clothes" is set only shields will be equipped. The armor with the highest rating will be equipped.


As for stripping and ripping-off, all clothes and armor will be stripped if not flagged as device, or nostrip, or underwear or jewelry or in armor slots 31, 41 (hair and longhair) or 60, 61 (FX). PAH, ZAZ and DD devices should be recognized and are never stripped. DoM uses the SexlabNoStrip keywords to exclude items for stripping. Only armors (item type=kArmor=21),  weapons (item type=kArmor=41) and ammo (item type=kArmor=42) are considered when stripping or equiping. Weapons, shields, jewelry and underwear will be stripped according to the MCM settings. In addition stripping (not ripping) will automatically set the equipment policy to "Don't wear clothes" otherwise the slave would get dressed instantly after. Ripping-off is removing or deleting (see MCM settings) the items from the slave inventory, as a consequence it doesn't change the equipment policy.


I recommend to use KID (Keyword Item Distributor) to add the SexlabNoStrip to items being wrongly stripped.


Finally a fresh slave could choose to put clothes back on if they have some in their inventory or if they happen to pick up some. This might happen no matter what the equipment policy is set to, but of course they can be punished for that. This should not happen with well trained slaves. Punishing a slave for "covering self" when the equipment policy is "Don't wear clothes" should force the slave to strip again .





  • 0.9.x Beta release, many thanks to @CliftonJD for letting us start the project and helping us with all our silly questions.
  • 1.0.x Traits and feelings for all unique NPCs and for slaves. Non unique NPCs are randomized to avoid capturing the same bandit over and over. Personality trait bonuses according to race, previous job and employer. Equipment change awareness: naked, allowed to wear an armor or a weapon, forced to wear degrading clothes or Zaz devices.
  • 1.1.x Friendship between slaves. Friends can get sad or angry when a slave is punished. Slaves can decide to run away with their friends. Friendships are updated when player changes cell and only for the slaves in the same cell. Friends of dead slaves will get very angry at master/mistress (even if it was an accident) and friends of freed slaves will have their trust boosted.
  • 1.2.x Praising slaves is now possible for owners believing in positive reinforcement. Punishing for the same reason twice in a row has more effect. Praise/scold can be more efficient than physical punishment if slave is sensitive to manipulation.
  • 1.3.x More moods for slaves: sad, ashamed, shocked, broken and Loyal/In-love (see it as Stockholm syndrome). In addition to the usual ones neutral, angry and afraid. Slaves have facial expressions according to their mood. You can comfort a crying slave. A broken or in-love slave will always follow your orders.
  • 1.4.x AYGAS and HSH integration. HSH trainer and taskmaster/mistress traits are taken into account, a mean and tough trainer should be better at this job. AYGAS slaves value depends on all training stats, it should be roughly half of the value you get through the "Check slave value" dialogue. Love, mind breaking, lust and lash potions, all can be crafted at the Bewitching Alchemy Bench. Normal alchemy bench won't work as you really need triskeles carvings and the pink fumes for it to work. Persona alteration spells. The more whipping the stronger the punishment.
  • 1.5.x Slaves share their feelings with random comments. Frequency depends on their personality; A shy and calm slave will share less. Slaves masturbating have a chance of getting aroused for some time. They will blush if they are aroused and if you fuck them meanwhile you will get a training bonus.
  • 1.6.x Threat system, used to warn slaves of not doing certain actions: running away, crying, stop posing, struggling... Running away slaves now have a chance to trip depending on their response to stress. You can get your slaves drunk. Mead and ale are easier to swallow but less effective than wine, brandy or rum. Drunk slaves are easier to subjugate and less prone to escape alone. On the other hand drunk slaves might be a bit too enthusiastic when seeing a friend trying to run away, and join them. In this case expect a lot of tripping.
  • 1.7.x Slaves can experience orgasm when masturbating or after sex. Their brain will melt and their personality will change every time it happens.
  • 1.8.x Text widgets for notifications. Thanks to @gooser for letting us use his text widgets from Apropos2.
  • 2.0.x Slavers can join your gang and help you manage your slaves.
  • 2.2.x Depressed and jealous moods for in love slaves.
  • 2.3.x Debug options to enslave Unique NPCs without cloning and all NPCs without faction cleaning. Use the no-clone version if you don't want to have the Unique NPC death registered, thus allowing enslavement without breaking related quests. Add the no clean option if you want the NPC to remember their faction ranks (innkeepers, merchant, bards...).
  • 2.4.x Player's enemy factions will be wiped no matter what. The crime faction is treated separately, keep it if you want slaves to remember their allies when yelling for help. Non cloned and non cleaned slaves will have extra dialogues under "Let's have a serious chat" to revert this, should you change your mind.
  • 2.5.x Dialogues to "touch slaves", "body inspection" and "Set an example" make use of dual animations.
  • 2.6.x Hotkey to bag a slave. Option for slaves to call for help and attack player. If the player hit the slave once, they calm down.
  • 2.7.x Dialogue for selling back slaves to their family or friends. Slaves can be told to clean the mess in their current cell. Hotkey and dialogue to tell slaves to kneel in front of player.
  • 2.8.x Dialogue branch "Entertain me slave" includes various poses: dance, play instrument, serve drinks, pose as chair...
  • 2.9.0 Migration to PAHE 8.1.2
  • 3.0.x New arousal system
  • 3.1.x New  posing system. Kiss slave option, like body inspection but nicer.
  • 3.2.x Migration to PAHE 8.1.5
  • 4.0.x Splitted PAHE/DoM code. DoM is now a PAHE addon like HSH or AYGAS.
  • 4.1.x Added combat override packages to control slaves combat behaviour.
  • 4.2.x Added transfer dialogues from PAH to DoM
  • 4.3.x Changed to 128 slaves and 32 slavers. Trainers can have sex with trainees.
  • 4.4.x Slaves can have sex with other slaves and NPCs and threesomes with the player. Interaction with furniture is working.
  • 4.5.x HSH and AYGAS interface.
  • 4.6.x Hidden kinks for slaves.
  • 4.7.x Trainers continue their punishing job while player is away.
  • 4.8.x Trainers continue their sexing job while player is away. Lot's of stripping and equipping corrections.
  • 4.9.x Various bug fixes.
  • 5.0.x Bathing in Skyrim interface. NPC can have sex with 2 slaves. Orders issued to all slaves use Papyrus Events for a more immersive experience.



AYGAS and HSH integration:


  • How to use AYGAS with DoM:
    • Install DoM then AYGAS with DoM patch.
    • Optionally re-installing DoM with latest AYGAS patch for better integration. DoM should be below AYGAS in load order.
    • Make sure DOMAYGAS.esp is in the load order after AYGAS. If you don't use AYGAS you should deactivate DOMAYGAS.esp
    • AYGAS slaves for sell will default to PAHE.
    • Similar to HSH DoM slaves send to AYGAS will come back to DoM.
    • Both PAHE and DoM slaves are scanned when offering player slaves for sell.
  • How to use HSH with DoM:
    • Install DoM then HSH with DoM patch.
    • Optionally re-installing DoM with latest HSH patch for better integration. DoM should be below HSH in load order.
    • Make sure DOMHSH.esp is in the load order after HSH. If you don't use HSH you should deactivate DOMHSH.esp
    • To add a slave to HSH: use the same dialogue as for PAH slaves "You're going to stay here a while"
    • To remove a slave from HSH: same "Let's hit the road slave" slave will be redirected automatically to PAH or DoM depending on its origin.




I condemn physical and psychological violence of any form. Any under-aged actor is strictly forbidden from this mod. This mod is intended as entertainment only, remember this is only fantasy and have fun in Skyrim!


Status: yellow = started, red = planned



  • HSH training is too low or nearly 0.
  • Fix misaligned animations.

  • Fix SLSO still not working: Maybe interface with SLA. and drip when aroused.

  • Skooma for slaves could make them stop resisting everything for a little while, maybe some addiction effects too.

  • House keeping slaves should be able to cook and bake.

  • Slaves could be set to work in mines, harvest plants and ingredients, make potions, ...

  • Add slave/slave interactions: Planning against master/mistress, comforting each others, witnessing punishment, reporting bad behavior of other slaves, ...
  • Quest idea1: "You have recently become aware some slaves might be planning to escape".
  • Quest idea2: "You have recently become aware a few slaves might be planning something against you".



Known bugs and FAQ: suggestions welcome





  • Not bugs but WIP:
    • HSH and trainers efficiency is very low or not working at all.
    • SLSO is not correctly handled.
    • Some animations (kissing for example) are off.
  • Actor body and/or face suddenly turn blue/purple means you forgot to install Slavetats. Install it before DoM.
  • Tears or blush not appearing on slaves: Make sure SlaveTats is installed. Reset slave tattoos from DoM MCM or add new tattoos from SlaveTats MCM main page. If using a custom race, make sure the race has a face part listed in head parts for both genders and the mesh face part has the same name. Otherwise SlaveTats won't find it! Also try to increase the number of face overlays in skee64.ini, default is 4, but 12 works better.
  • Crash to desktop when starting dialogue or slave tries to say something is due to a corrupted voicepack. Disable the voicepack fro now.
  • Slaves won't attach to furniture. It usually comes from an incompatibility with another mod. For example Underground Bathhouse. If you do have UB installed, install Zaz over it or remove the directory 'zaz-ultimatedatapack' from UB directory.
  • Devious devices are not compatible with DoM at the moment.
  • When enslaving during combat some slave gets stuck in crouching mode, use the enable/disable 'K' key to fix them.
  • Combat slaves might kill victims during the early stages of enslavement. Avoid at all costs!
  • If slaves become invisible (usually a vanilla bug linked with HDT-SMP) use the 'K' key or "Come here slave" -> "Stop whatever you are doing" dialogue option for a reset.
  • If slaves disappear without notice it is usually happening because Skyrim engine tries to release the actor because it is supposed to disappear as part of a quest. The workaround is to clone the actor before it happens or never get to that stage of the quest. E.g. I keep Saadia with me and get no problem but never bother with her quest.

  • If the slave dialogue doesn't appear, use the 'K' key or wait for 5 minutes for Skyrim to sort out the options and the dialogues to appear. This will ensure next dialogue goes faster. Another trick for those problems is to disable and enable the slave from the MCM menu or the actor using the console.
  • If a slave get lost use the MCM menu slave roster to summon to player.
  • If a slave can not be selected, wait 5 seconds for random dialogue to finish, or use the disable enable tricks above.







Essentials: SKSE, UIExtensions, JContainers, PO3 Papyrus Extender, SkyUI, FNIS


PAHE obviously and its requirements, Sexlab, sexlab aroused and Zaz.


SlaveTats if you want tears on sad and shocked slaves. Don't forget to reset Slavetats with MCM or it won't work.


Now included in the installer is a personality package to set Whiterun NPCs traits according to the lore, thanks to @Antiope_Apollonia. There is also a python script in the DoM Interface directory by @Jasmine92 for those who want to convert csv files into JSON personality files.


Not a requirement but highly recommended are @reedeonry voicepacks for DoM 2.6.2 and @Jasmine92 for DoM 3 and 4 (see link in download list):




Most up to date voicepack is here (females only, sorry):




How to install the voicepacks:

  • Download the voice archives you want to use.
  • Extra the archives, they should be in their own directory like "femaleuniquevex"
    • Put each voice directory into your Data\sound\Voice\DiaryOfMine.esp (slow at startup but recommended for LE)
    • Or create a voicepack mod in MO2 and copy them into the directory sound\Voice\DiaryOfMine.esp
    • Or pack them into a BSA file DiaryOfMine.bsa and make sure you are not over the BSA file limit of 2.4 GB
    • If you over the size limit you can create another BSA file "DiaryOfMine - Textures.bsa"
  • You should be good to go, don't forget to check the voicepack mod if you're using MO2


You might also be interested in @InsanityFactor guide:





Thanks to all the teams who made this mod possible, with a special thanks to the authors of SKSE, UIExtensions, JContainers, PO3 Papyrus Extender, SkyUI, FNIS, Zaz and Sexlab! Thanks to @CliftonJD for all the help with coding, debugging and for allowing me to repack pieces of PAHE code. Thanks to @DocClox for help with Slaver Spellbook and debugging. Thanks to @Musje for the immensely valuable help with patching HSH and AYGAS code. Tears textures and the essential message widgets are courtesy of @gooser from Apropos2 mod. @tznvlw took care of the translation of the MCM menu. @FriedTmprovided the code snippets for cbbe/3ba/himbo cloning. Fomod installer version provided by @Tiress. Finally thanks to all the playtesters from LL for their support, reporting bugs and for their never ending suggestions.


Animations, meshes, textures, voices courtesy of Leito, BaboInteractive dialogue, MiasLair/SexSlaves, xVAsynth, Sexlab and ZaZAnimationPack.


Alluring Potion Bottles v3 by jbvw http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33531/?


Celtick Alchemy lab from Autan Waspeez https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54109


Thanks to Team TAL for their BDO & Overhit armor sets used in a few screenshots. Other armors by COCO and Ninirim. The maid outfit is Backsteppo French Maid outfit. The harness is Venus Cage by Ninirim. Characters in screenshots are from Botox for Skyrim and personal work.


All original assets and code contained in this mod are for personal use, are property of the creator and should not be distributed or reused without the author consent, in addition to the CC BY-NC-ND license.


For all material included in this mod other than my own, please refer to the creators pages for license or CC BY-NC-ND otherwise.








Edited by TrollAutokill

What's New in Version 5.0.4


Version 5.0.4 is out, SE only, mostly bug fixes.
Notes for release 5.0.4:
  • Corrected kinks information not being always cleared for new slaves.
  • Bath/Shower action will always try to remove soap effect, just in case.
Notes for release 5.0.3:
  • Corrected kissing animation actor positions.
  • Added trait generation modifiers in MCM debug menu.
Notes for release 5.0.2:
  • Added wheel menu and slave info spell as shout power
  • Added wheel menu option for threesome without the player (NPC+2 slaves, slaver+2 slaves & 3 slaves).
Notes for release 5.0.1:
  • All add-ons esp have been esl-ified, so they won't count on the 256 mod limit.
  • Bathing is also available through group menu wheel only: "group abuse" wheel, "attention" option.
Notes for alpha release 5.0.0:
  • Slaves can bath if in water or under a waterfall.
  • Slaves get dirty over time. No visual effect and no consequences implemented yet.
  • Bathing is available through menu wheel only: "abuse" wheel, "upkeeping" option.
  • MCM option to use "Bathing in Skyrim" spell instead of default Baka animations. Not tested!
  • Most group orders and checks now use events to dispatch to all relevant slaves at a time.
  • Last selected actor is cached for faster access to slave and slaver's lists.
  • Slots 50 and 51 (decapitate) are masked from stripping.
Bathing is compatible with:

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