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  1. My bad. That option existed, but I accidentally removed it at one point. It's going to be back in the next update and the fact that it exists in my game lulled my into believing it's in the released version since I forgot about that. But good that you found the issue. Weird. That would require some first hand debugging, which is impossible if I can't reproduce it. Not with the way the system is set up right now. There used to be a feature where you could attract attackers while masturbating (ignoring conditions), but I did not design the current system with that i
  2. Hi guys, just wanted to say I haven't forgotten about you and the mod and still intend to finish the update I was working on. Lately I have been way too busy playing other games. Sounds like the attackers were unable to reach you for some reason, did it persist? In principle this is a known bug, but I never wanted to tackle it because sleep rape is so fragile I didn't want to break it. Try disabling it and turning it back on. Not sure how playing a couple ingame days with it turned off would help. You can set the strip type to no strip and se
  3. You can turn on the option to have an attempt be made when taking off clothes / body armor and strip. There is a hotkey for stripping too.
  4. Is there no save option? I recall someone had that issue and the reason for it was that they had a mod that replaced one of SkyUI's script files (SKI_ConfigBase.pex). It's in and working, but no drunk crime yet. Sadly, I am on vacation right now and will be for the rest of the year, probably. I wanted to release the update before, but didn't make it. There are some other things that I couldn't test in time. I should be able to make it in early January. HH support was in, but was buggy, it's not supposed to be in anymore. Not sure how DN2 will interact w
  5. Of course you can get fucked before entering the city, but you'd have to deliberately trigger a gangbang (if we only consider Sexlab Adventures). It's not as easy as taking off clothes or putting them on, for example. On the other hand, if you don't have clothes, there is some level of pressure. Now that I think about it, it does give you an in-game excuse to deliberately trigger a gangrape though, so maybe the feature is worth considering after all.
  6. Ah, now I get it. Sexlab Adventures does not recognize alcohols, it recognizes the drunk status of the player directly from the needs mod, which are spells. So as long as the needs mod gives you a drunk spell, the items are compatible. The desired effect here was to have support for the needs part innate to CACO, which is what I am going to add. It is good to know there is reason to use CACO together with the needs mods though, I will make sure to consider that case.
  7. The problem described by @decaluka has nothing to do with CACO though, it is the fact that said patch does not include the parts to actually recognize the mod is present for the purposes of the MCM. Apart from that, it is of course possible that the SE and LE versions of a mod use different form IDs, which would mess things up, but very unlikely, simply because a mod author would probably not recreate the esp from scratch for SE.
  8. There is no dunk crime in general, so no. It might be worth considering, but no promises.
  9. @CorsayrThank you for making that, it was hilarious!😂 Those globals don't mean what you think they mean. Sure, it will detect you as drunk, but it will not detect you as not drunk, as far as I can tell. I will include a working version with MCM support and everything in the next update, which I will try to release this weekend. Looks like it will be compatible with both editions. There is no support for SL Drunk btw.
  10. There is a checkbox to turn off rape completely. Support for CACO is not planned. It probably can't find eligible rapists. To be sure, you can turn it off and on again to make sure the sleep events register.
  11. That's not true, you can put it anywhere you want.
  12. It would, can't promise that I will though. While we're on the topic, I've been wondering what people think about going back on the "layers" bit. Most people probably don't know what a layer is so the option is kinda useless. The alternative would be "if there is anything on you, you are covered", possibly with an exception to not count vagina and butt if you have non-skimpy clothes/armor on.
  13. I decided against one in the past because you can't switch as easily as you can with clothes, etc. It's not a fun mechanic if you can't interact with it. I even have an idea extending this, but no plans to implement it right now.
  14. It is script based, but "CK elements" (i.e. forms) are involved as well. For example, the drunk condition checks if the player has any of the drunk spells from a supported mod and the restrained condition if any items with assiociated keywords are equipped. I take the licenses are present in Sexlab Survival? Then it is possible to check if the player has them in their inventory. Checking whether the mod is installed and the forms are present is a little bit more complicated, but not that bad either. Take a look at the IsPossible() function in the ProximityRapeScript if you haven't
  15. Have you been able to get it to work? As Nymra pointed out, you can turn on debug messages which will tell you what is going on, if it fails, why it fails, etc. You can also post your condition setup and we can help, if anything is unclear.
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