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Aside IV: Where Do I Begin?



This is a (generally) up to date document. 


Current Time: 4E 216, Middle of First Seed



If you want to know where to begin in this story, if you're a newcomer (I've written a lot in a relatively short amount of time), feel free to read the Story Section below for a catchup and just start with the next entry.  Little details may be missed, but you'll have an overall idea of what's going on if you know TES lore and play Skyrim.


Good Break Points

- Entry 75 will be the Invasion of Valenwood by Skyrim, Cyrodiil and High Rock. 

- Entry 45 - 52 is the Thalmor Invasion. 

- Entry 31 is right after Destana beat Alduin and acknowledged her status as the Last Dragonborn.  Also a good place to start.



Or, do it yourself!


1. Civil War – Entry 1 - 16

Takes place from Destana’s arrival in Skyrim until 202.  It starts with her imprisonment in Solitude, includes induction into Thieves’ Guild and College, then her beating Mercer and becoming TG guildmaster, her helping the Stormcloaks win the civil war and getting all three kids.

2. Fulfilling Her Destiny – Entry 17 - 30

Takes place starting in 210.  After a long time skip, Destana finds the Jailer, helps the Helgenites rebuild, then meets Serana.  Runa becomes the Listener.  Destana calls the moot and makes a list of demands.  This arc ends with her beating Harkon and accepting her destiny as the Dragonborn and defeating Alduin. 

3. Dragon Break – Entry 31 - 45

Still in 210, Destana comes back from Sovngarde to find time is broken.  Damien, Fenrir and Runa return from abroad, stronger and older.  She joins the Companions at Ysgramor’s request, joins the Forsworn to make peace with them, and frees Madanach from Cidhna Mine in the name of making Skyrim strong.  They find more and more strange creatures and foreigners coming to Skyrim.  Her and hers train, because they know when time realigns, the Thalmor are going to invade Skyrim.  She becomes queen and Ulfric king after making good on her promises.

4. The Skyrim-Thalmor War – Entry 46 - 53

Late 210, Destana and family fight a war with the Thalmor.  They take Riften, Falkreath, Morthal, Markarth, Helgen, and everything in between.  Destana is captured and is tortured for months using chromomancy.  Damien and Serana rescue her, find out how they did it, and help the defense with new time magic.  Upon reentry into the war, Destana uses everything she has to stop them at Whiterun, then because of Damien, they use chronomancy and push the Thalmor back.  In a one-on-one battle, Destana beats Viranir, the powerful wizard leader of the Thalmor invasion force.  They get help from the Legion in Exile, and Destana’s father (who she’d never met) Jura of Hammerfell.  This ends with her calling the moot again at the end of the year and making all her decrees official, including moving Skyrim's calendar to match the rest of Tamriel and new Jarls to replace ones that died (including Madanach of Markarth).

5. Foreign Lands Part 1 "Envoy to Cyrodiil" – Entry 54 - 68

Destana recovers and plans to invade Alinor while the kids travel abroad.  Taking place in 216 (only because of the Time Break, Skyrim's calendars are moved forward).  Damien, seeking to foil a time-travel plot by Viranir, travels back to the third era and becomes the hero of Daggerfall, returning with Brisienna and a kid.  Runa goes to Cyrodiil to ally with them against the Thalmor, but becomes embroiled in political plots.  Jura becomes Emperor after Runa's attacked and he kills Ariel Sethius.

Fenrir gets the support of the rebels in Elswyer and returns with an airship, then collaborates with Damien to help out old friends and travels to Bruma to help break the siege.  

6. Foreign Lands Part 2 - Entry 69 - 74

While the ships are still being built, Sialius, Balfhe, Ulfric and Hrolf plan the invasion of Valenwood.  Emperor Jura of Cyrodiil and Queen Destana of Skyrim request an alliance with all Tamriel against the Thalmor called the White Gold Accord.  Destana becomes a champion of the Arena and spies on the Thalmor through an invitational, then she seeks help with the Sisterhood of Dibella (finishing her recovery), then becomes a donator to the new Dragonborn Museum and a property mogul.  Destana travels to the Alik'r Desert, reestablishing the Dark Brotherhood there and finding an old Blades outpost and contacting the ghost of the Champion of Cyrodiil to get the Grey Cowl of Nocturnal.

7. The Invasion -

Valenwood - Entry 75 - 79

Destana and Co (Fenrir, Damien, Runa and Valiana). Invade Valenwood with a combined force of Skyrim, Cyrodiil and High Rock, with Elswyer and Valenwood auxiliaries.  Also included in the fight are Emperor Jura, HK Ulfric, General Quintus, General Sialius, Commander Hrolf Witch-Slayer, Commander Balfhe Hard-Heart, Legate Calleius and General Tusselle (a new Imperial general).  As part of mission planning, they met two knights of High Rock: Sir Galahad Maynard and Ser Roheisa.  Destana got Galachad to admit he's an Aedra stranded on Nirn and Roheisa is his half-Aedra daughter.  They finished freeing Valenwood, and are headed to Alinor.

Alinor - Entry 80 - 82

A coalition of Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, Valenwood and Elswyer invade Summerset Isle.  Though there are losses, the five nations roll over them due to sheer numbers and the Thalmor being at war for so long.  It is later found that when the Champion of Cyrodiil locked off daedric invasion, the influence of the gods was also diminished and elves' long lives were reduced to 150 years (like a Breton).  They found a secret spring that held the power to extend one's life, and a despoiled one that took life.  And because the Thalmor failed to keep their extracted power from Destana, the Thalmor started to sacrifice the holy power of the spring to use chronomancy to have soldiers that revive again and again.  Eventually, though, they were beaten.  Damien made friends with Master Wizard Carahil and during the White Gold Accord finalization, was given the task of re-clearing the Thalmor prisons in Skyrim.  Lord-Commander Harokir despoiled the spring, but Carahil and Damien found Auriel's Tear - the source of the life waters.  Now the group returns to Skyrim.  Perhaps the land can find peace for a while.


Background Section

In order to know who you're reading about, I'll give you a bit of a background on the characters involved.



Destana Stormblade 

Queen of Skyrim, Ex-Guildmaster of Thieves' Guild, Companions Circle Member, Gray Fox, Forsworn Shaman, Arena Champion

Age: 30

Born: 4E 182

Level: 78 (As of Entry 81)

Source:  OC

Mods/Quests:  Main Quest, Dawnguard, Civil War, Thieves' Guild, Mages' Guild (Partial), Companions, A Forsworn Story, Second Great War, Pit Fighter Guild, Sisterhood of Dibella, Grey Cowl of Nocturnal, Legacy of the Dragonborn (Ongoing), Assault on Valenwood, Assault on Summerset

The main character and focal point of most of the story.  She's a Redguard from Gilane and came to Skyrim at the age of 19.  She's beaten Alduin and Harkon, made peace with the Forsworn and became Queen of Skyrim.  She married Sanguine (they later separated) and then King Ulfric (she made him king via the moot) and Serana (both at the same time).  She's formerly the Thieves' Guildmaster (handed over to Brynjolf), formerly the Harbinger (handed over to Vignar Greymane, and she also abolished the werewolf blood rules of the Companions and gave them the cure).   She's a former werewolf, currently a vampire lord (though she's overcome the weakness for the sun).  She was a Stormcloak Commander in the day of the civil war and because of her former contributions and current political rank, she became a General in the war with the Thalmor.  She's generally snarky and likes to mess with people.

She's primarily a stealth archer, a dagger combat-type but also has a lot of skill with magic (Destruction, Restoration and Illusion) and is a master in all thief skills.  She doesn't wear armor because of her hard skin.  She has both Dragon Shouts and Beast Call powers.  She loves sex and challenges and is a huge fangirl for Talos, and past heroes.  She believes in freedom and self-determination.







Runa Septim (Formerly Fair-Shield)

Princess of Skyrim and Cyrodiil, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Companions Circle Member

Age: 20

Born: 4E 196

Level: 47 (As of Entry 81)

Source:  Vanilla NPC, Teenified by Children Overhaul, Created/Proteus'd to Adult Version

Mods/Quests:  Dark Brotherhood, Better Dark Brotherhood, Dark Brotherhood of Old, Rigmor of Cyrodiil, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma (Partial), Second Great War, Companions (Partial),  Assault on Valenwood, Assault on Summerset

A secondary character, an orphan Nord girl Destana and Sanguine adopted at the age of 12.  She doesn't know or remember her parents or much before the age of 7.  She’s the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood and revitalized their organization including work throughout Tamriel and Four Sanctuaries in Skyrim.  She's currently on a diplomatic mission to Cyrodiil, though it is not going well.  She has some form of relationship/connection with Tyroni Calleius (whom she met during the Thalmor War), Aventus Aretino (a childhood friend from the orphanage now turned trader) and Countess Rigmor of Bruma (she helped her gain her position), but she's publicly said she never wants to get married, and was very timid about sex, though she has experimented.  She is not timid about showing strength, however.  She was 'blessed' by the gods with a penis to bring forth a new heir for the Empire and was recently joined in ceremony with Rigmor, finding out she was pregnant.  During the invasion she's been recklessly throwing herself into battle but surviving.  Since the news, she's unabashedly been having sex as much as she pleases, living like she's on borrowed time.

She's primarily a greatsword, heavy armor fighter, has very good stealth (for assassination), some skill with restoration, lockpicking and enough with archery to get by.  Being a Nord, she knows two shouts but can't just cheat her way through it like mom can and actually has to train.




Damien Guivenne

Prince of Skyrim, Master Wizard of the College, Hero of Daggerfall

Age: 20

Born: 4E 201

Level: 46 (As of Entry 81)

Source:  OC, Originally created as baby by Fertility Mode, Created/Proteus'd to Adult Version

Mods/Quests:  Mages' Guild, Skygerfall, Second Great War, Saving Valiana (Original Content), Assault on Valenwood

A secondary character, natural-born son of Destana and Sanguine.  He's pale for some reason, nobody knows.  He's one of the only half-daedra in recorded history.  The only way this was possible is Destana's inherent toughness.  He lived with the family through his childhood, learning magic at the College of Winterhold, then was taken to Oblivion to help his father fight a war.  He grew up fast (literally and metaphorically).  Offered the position of Archmage when he solved the Eye of Magnus problem, but handed it to Tolfdir instead.  He was the one who cracked the Thalmor's strategy in the war via chronomancy.  He then moved to the past to thwart Viranir's ghost, but found she was powerless there (and so was he) and also found out he was the Hero of Daggerfall.  He has an ongoing relationship with the demon Meru, and now a wife - Lady Brisienna Magnessen, and an infant son - Sinidar Guivenne.  During the Invasion he's developed a new Missive spell and has been coordinating the groups.  He and Fenrir have been antagonistic because of their mutual attraction to Tusselle.

He's nearly a pure mage with mastery of all schools of magic and his stealth is almost as good as Runa's (for stealth casting).  He also has a meager skill in one handed weapons, and with his recent time-travel has decent skill in Light Armor.




Fenrir Stormcloak

Prince of Skyrim, Airship Captain

Age: 19

Born: 4E 202

Level: 45 (As of Entry 81)

Source:  OC, Originally created as baby by Fertility Mode, Created/Proteus'd to Adult Version

Mods/Quests:  Second Great War, Moonpath to Elswyer, Saving Valiana (Original Content), Assault on Valenwood, Assault on Summerset

A secondary character, natural-born son of Destana and Ulfric Stormcloak.  He lived with the family through his childhood, learning to fight and hunt from Destana and then living with Ulfric and learning of the ways of the warrior.  He was taken along with Damien to help Sanguine fight a war in Oblivion.  He considers both Ulfric and Sanguine his father, since they both took part in raising him.  He's had quite a few adventures on his own, and a few opportunities to lead.  He took an immediate interest and talent with smithing, dwemer tech and alchemy.  He had a short fling with Agrippina during the Skyrim-Thalmor war, but she went back to Cyrodiil.  He traveled to Elsweyr to rescue Inigo and Sofia.  Not only did he rescue them, but he found the Khajiit resistance and came back with an airship.  Valiana and Fenrir have been doing side adventures together, including going to Nagasel for Runa's ring.  They've come to an understanding for now.  His mother handed him Umbra before they left for the invasion.  During the invasion he's helped with ferrying people, cover fire, and had to miss the final battle because of 'airship repairs.'  He and Damien have been antagonistic because of their mutual attraction to Tusselle.

He's mainly a sword-n-board generalist.  His focus is in One-Handed (Axe), Block, Heavy Armor, and Archery (Xbow).  He also has high Smithing, Enchanting and Lockpicking [working on Alchemy soon].  His stealth is bad compared to everyone else.





Queen of the Volkihar

Age: ??? (Maybe a thousand)

Source:  Dawnguard DLC, Modified by Serana Dialogue Overhaul and Refined Volkihars

A tertiary character, leader of the Volkihar vampires and Destana's wife.  With Destana's help they took down her father and thwarted his evil plan.  She's primarily a mage.  We know from her past she took part in a horrible ritual with Molag Bal.  She barely uses the transformation, thinking it uncouth, but can do it.  Usually measured and noble but able to get quite angry when provoked.  Recently she’s been taking care of the rogue vampires in Skyrim and wants to forge a new path for her kind as allies to humans, rather than seeing them as food.




Emperor of Cyrodiil (Formerly General of Hammerfell), Knight of the Flame, Knight of the Scarab

Age: 60

Born: 4E 156

Level: 85 (As of Entry 81)

Source:  OC

Mods/Quests:  Rigmor of Cyrodiil (Runa's Follower), Assault on Valenwood, Assault on Summerset (In prog)

A tertiary character, estranged father of (among many others) Destana.  They met during the Hammerfell's delegation to the Skyrim-Thalmor War.  Though they haven't known each other long, it is clear they're of the same blood.  Jura's tale is long and has not yet been fully revealed.  What we know is he served Hammerfell's military for many years and fought in the Great War.  He’s got a lot of old friends from the war:  Ulfric, Yngol, Sialius, Marcus Jannus, Valerius.  He knows Akaviri from when he fought them in High Rock.  He's also a Knight of the Flame and of the Scarab.  He accompanied Runa on her quest to Cyrodiil, and when Ariel Sethius attacked her, he killed the Emperor and is now Emperor of Cyrodiil.

He's a very sex-positive old man and though he's never married, he's had a lot of relationships.  Though he appears to sometimes be rough or tough and sometimes plays the old man card, he's always ready to give out advice and help when needed.

His combat style is mainly sword-and-board with heavy armor, though he has skill in two-handed weapons, archery, destruction magic, and is a master of Restoration.  

(Note:  I actually had to legendary a skill a couple times for him to be possible)




Valiana Direnni

Ex-Imperial Legate, Mercenary, Ex-Sailor, Ex-Prostitute

Age: 41

Born: 3E 405 / 4E 175

Level: 55 (As of Entry 81)

Source:  OC

Mods/Quests: Assault on Valenwood, Assault on Summerset (Background)

Daughter of Medora Direnni and Calaxes Septim, she was actually born in Direnni Tower in 3E 405, but was brought forward in time when she was only a few weeks old.  She joined the Fighter’s Guild at a young age, then the Imperial Legion.  Near the beginning of the civil war, her commanding officer sold her out to a bloodthirsty Stormcloak commander, who kept her as a personal slave.  When she escaped, she gave the child up for adoption.  When she tried to return to her home, she was tried for desertion, and killed her CO.  She’s been on the run since then.  Fenrir, Damien and Sofia helped her get revenge on that Stormcloak, and now she’s tagging along with Fenrir.  She's recently revealed sometimes in her travels she sold her body to make ends meet, seeing no crime in it.  In her eyes she lost her virtue when it was taken, also putting no value in sex.  She called Fenrir a 'diamond in the rough,' even though he's young, she likes him.  

She's a greatweapon wielder, pretty much a one-trick pony.  



Sir Galahad Maynard

Knight of the Dragon (Paladin-Commander)

Age: Immortal, Thousands of years old

Born: During the Dawn War

Level: ??

Source:  OC

Mods/Quests: Assault on Valenwood

We know he's Aedra, and he was sent to Nirn to deal with an errant daedra summoner, and kept being sent more missions for nearly 100 years.  He fell in love with a mortal woman - Yvane of Wayrest, and has since been stranded here.  On a personal level he tends to take only missions that are daedra related, and to help his daughter.  He only came to help with Valenwood because the King of Daggerfall asked him for a personal favor, and because Roheisa wanted to come.  

He's a sword-and-shield user, and a master of Restoration, even having the rare ability to resurrect people.



Ser Roheisa Fleur la Faible

Knight of the Rose (Commander)

Age: 22

Born: 4E 194

Level: 39 (As of Entry 77)

Source:  OC

Mods/Quests: Assault on Valenwood, Assault on Summerset

Daughter of Sir Galahad Maynard and Yvane of Wayrest, Roheisa is a quiet, short, polite, generally pleasant knight who showed great prowess at a young age.  She's been on several missions with her father, but is generally sheltered to the bad things in the world.  Her skill in combat is almost purely natural aptitude.  Also, she's half Aedra.  During the Invasion, Roheisa notes how much Damien and Fenrir bother Tusselle, and she makes friends with Tusselle and Runa, but she's often shoved to the sidelines by the 'larger-than-life' cast members.  Also she can change her hair and eye color at will.  She tends to favor gray or white though because it's easier.

She uses a scythe (which counts as a battleaxe) and wears heavy armor.  She also has decent skill in stealth and destruction.  She has high skills in restoration and conjuration, often summoning creatures to protect her in battle.




General Dotella Tusselle

General of Cyrodiil's Third Legion, Member of the Fighter's Guild

Age: 32

Born: 4E 184

Level: 49 (As of Entry 77)

Source:  OC

Mods/Quests: Assault on Valenwood Assault on Summerset

The newest second newest Imperial General, she's often willing to go out and do things herself a lot more often than Sialius, Quintus, or any of the older generals.  Originally, she's from the Imperial City, and her father was a Legate in his day but used his pension to become a Merchant.  In her youth she was an adventurer in Cyrodiil, but found being a soldier was often helpful in putting food on the table.  Even when she was in the Legion, she did dungeons and mercenary work in her offtime for the right price.  Tusselle is cool, not taking crap from anyone, but also able to not take herself too seriously.  She's a long-time member of the Fighter's Guild in Bruma, though she found it'd been dissolved when she came back from her last campaign.  Unknown to most, she doesn't value lifelong monogamous relationships and doesn't see herself ever getting tied down.

She fights with her bare hands (she has good light armor skill for the Ordinator perks) and wears heavy armor.  She is a master at stealth, and has passable skills in Destruction, Restoration and Alteration.  She also has a decent number of abilities from the Warrior Poet mod, which gives her powers that spend stamina, rather than magicka.




Tyroni Calleius

Acting General of Cyrodiil's Second Legion, Former Personal Guard to the Emperor

Age: 25

Born: 4E 191

Source: NPC, Second Great War

Mods/Quests:  Second Great War Mod, Rigmor of Cyrodiil (Runa's Follower)

Originally from the country outside Kvatch, his father was in the Imperial Navy and has since retired.  He defected from the Empire with General Sialius' legion once it was usurped by Ariel Sethius.  He is a classic gentleman, and though he has some sort of feelings for Runa, he's not pushy. 

He's the personal guard for Jura, the Cyrodiilic Emperor.  Upon Sialius' capture by the Thalmor, he got spot-promoted to General.

He’s a sword-and-board heavily armored type.




Aventus Aretino

Age: 21

Born: 4E 195

Source:  Vanilla Skyrim NPC, Proteus'd to adult version

Runa's friend from the orphanage and an inheritor to a sizeable fortune.  He's a decent businessman, though at times he's a little standoffish and full of himself.  Mostly, he’s a noncombattant.  He owes Runa money, but hasn't been seen since Morning Star.




Brisienna Magnessen 

Blade and Former Lady of Bruma

Age: 24

Born: 3E 381

Source: NPC, Skygerfall

Damien's lady from the year 3E 405.  She was a member of the Blades, and a noble of Bruma, though a Nord.  She gave birth to Sinidar.  She’s currently with the Blades, who’ve expanded to about a dozen members, and is learning their new ways.  Recently has had extra martial affair with Durak, though Damien wasn't jealous.  She's been trading time with Sinidar with Damien, and their relationship has been a little rocky.





Source: Follower Mod

Daedra who works for Sanguine.  Originally (in the story) just showed up and started hanging out with Damien.  Later (in the story) but earlier (in time) Damien introduced Meru to his father.  She's got magic and is hundreds of years old.  And is pretty much what you'd expect for a succubus-like woman - fun, sexual and pretty.





Source: Sanguine's Debauchery Mod

Destana's first husband and Damien's father.  He's the Daedric Prince of Debauchery.





Countess of Bruma

Age: 33

Born: 4E 183

Source:  Follower Mod

Originally joined Destana after losing her clothes, Sofia is a capable warrior and mage, though a mixed bag in the personality department.  She’s very full of herself and seems an exhibitionist.  She played a part in the Stormcloak rebellion and got married to Inigo a few years ago.  They visited Elsweyr while Destana was in Sovngarde and were captured in a Thalmor prison, recently rescued by Fenrir.  She was identified as the former heir to Bruma, and is choosing to stay there and learn from Sigunn.





Blade and Count of Bruma

Age: 38

Born: 4E 178

Source:  Follower Mod

From conversations, we know he was adopted and played the role of a thief for a while.  Then he got addicted to Skooma.  He played a part in the Stormcloak rebellion and got married to Sofia a few years ago.  He also became a member of the Blades after the Moot, training some of their new recruits.  Inigo is a faithful and loyal friend.   He and Sofia visited Elsweyr while Destana was in Sovngarde and were captured in a Thalmor prison, recently rescued by Fenrir.






Age: 85 (I used the YT’ers real-life age for her current age)

Born: 4E 126

Source:  Follower Mod

Shirley has a long and storied history, which we’re not completely aware of.  We do know she didn’t fight in the Great War, but provided aid adjacent to it.  She came into the story around the Stormcloak rebellion, being a part of the Stormblade Company.  Since then, she’s helped Runa sharpen her Greatsword skills (at which she is a master) and helped out in the Thalmor War.  She lives in an old cottage on a mountain, away from the public.  She has her own moon-steel greatsword she wouldn’t part with, and a bow made from elderbranch.  Her general demeanor is always helpful, wise, storied, tough, strong, but not as strong and forceful a personality as Jura. 





Princess of Cyrodiil (Formerly Countess of Bruma)

Age: 20

Born: 4E 196

Source:  NPC, Rigmor of Cyrodiil

Originally of Bruma, then a vagrant, then a noble of Bruma, she was exiled to Roscrea for treason (or no crime in particular, really, just existing) by the New Empire.  Now she's traveling with Runa's group to get her place in the world back.  She’s the descendant of a bastard child of Titus Mede I.  She also has a dependent relationship with Destana and Runa (and is kind of in love with Runa).  She’s the Chosen of Azura and any number of other things apparently.  She was made princess of Cyrodiil by Emperor Jura, because of her bloodline.  Recently she was joined to Runa in ceremony, and is pregnant with Runa's child.




Ulfric Stormcloak

High King of Skyrim

Jarl of Eastmarch

Age:  57

Born:  4E 154

Source:  Vanilla NPC, Modified by High King Ulfric Mod

Destana’s second husband, he’s the Jarl of Eastmarch and High King of Skyrim.  He fought in the great war, was the driving force for the Markarth Incident (though it was Jarl Igmund and his father who performed most the atrocities) and leader of the Stormcloak Rebellion.  He’s more of a ruler than a warrior.  Though he can hold his own with his shouts and swordplay, he’s not a match for Destana and Jura.  He’s got a lot of old friends from the war:  Jura, Yngol, Sialius, Marcus Jannus, Valerius.  Pegged as a bit of a racist, exposure to Destana has smoothed out some of his rough edges.  He’s Fenrir’s father and taught him how to fight and command.





Medora Direnni

Age: 73

Born: 3E 373

Source:  NPC, Skygerfall.  Old version created with Proteus

Heir to a long line of High Elf mages, though she is a Breton.  Medora was a powerful mage in her time.  She’s been in love a few times – King Lysandus of High Rock (whom she was court wizard for) Calaxes Septim, then with Envarion, who runs the Warlock’s Luck.  She was also the Mages’ Guildmaster in Bravil for a while.  She was instrumental in helping the Hero of Daggerfall in accomplishing his mission, and is lady of Direnni Tower.  Though she hasn’t been back in years, she’s visited since she came forward in time.  Her daughter, Valiana, doesn’t come to visit very often.  Recently, Envarion died and she's been lonely.  She propositioned Damien and even went so far as to reverse her youth to make herself young again.


New Characters/ Chars That Need Entries:



(NPC Style)


Other Minor Characters/Additions/Notes about Vanilla Characters:





Source:  Follower Mod

Knight of Astora, Knight of Sunlight

Originally from a world on the brink of collapse, the leaking of otherworldly monsters, entities and items allowed Solaire to move to Mundus, and was found at the Four Shields Tavern.  After extensive conversations with Damien about planar travel, and a couple adventures with Destana, he used his ability to travel through planes to visit other worlds.  


Some Notes:



Main City

Current Leader



Imperial City

Emperor Jura

Princess Runa

Princess Rigmor

Titus Mede II killed by Destana (anonymously), usurped by Ariel Sethius who was killed by Jura in the throne room 25th of Sun’s Dawn, 4E 216.

Bruma County


Sofia, Sigunn

Countess title given to Rigmor by Titus Mede II, after she was made Princess of Cyrodiil, Sofia found she was the rightful heir.



S’in, The Mane

The Mane is a spiritual leader.





High Rock


King ???

Lord Malakai

The King is ailing, Lord Malakai is helping run the country.



High King Ulfric, Queen Destana

Decided at the first moot of 4E 210.

The Pale




Falkreath Hold


Yngol Stormblade

                                                             Siddgeir and Dengeir were both killed in the Skyrim-Thalmor War

The Reach



Thongvor Silver-Blood was promoted to High Administrator, Igmund executed for attempted assassination of current Jarl



Sorli the Builder

Displaced during Skyrim-Thalmor War, but regained status afterward.

The Rift


Maven Black-Briar

Laila Law-Giver was killed in Skyrim-Thalmor War



Elisif the Fair

Widow of High King Torygg, Elisif is engaged to Commander Hrolf Witch-Slayer

Whiterun Hold


Balgruuf the Greater

Vignar Gray-Mane abdicated the throne.  He is now the Harbinger.



Ulfric Stormcloak








King Silver-Hand






Current Leader


Bard’s College

Bard’s College, Solitude


Destana is a member.

The Blades

Sky Haven Temple

Grandmaster Delphine

Members:  Esbern, Brisienna, Inigo, Iona, Lydia, Beleval, Celann, Durak, Mjoll, Jenassa, Ria, Tish, Torvar.

College of Winterhold

The College, Winterhold

Archmage Tolfdir

Master Wizard: Mirabelle Irvine.  Destana and Damien are members.

The Companions

Jorrvaskr, Whiterun

Vidnar Greymane

Harbinger was formerly Destana, given to Vidnar.  The Circle: Aela, Farkas, Vilkas, Runa, Destana, Ria, Vignar.

Dark Brotherhood

Dawnstar Sanctuary

Runa Septim

Destana is a member.  There are Four Sanctuaries in Skyrim, one in Cyrodiil and one in Hammerfell that handle all the business in Tamriel. 


Fort Dawnguard


Formerly vampire hunters, now hated zealots who attack non-DG members on sight.  (Scarlet Crusade vibes).

The Forsworn

The Reach and Lost Valley

Madanach, Armin, Badycia, Chlodio

Each tribe has its own Chief, but Madanach is the overall leader of the tribes in the tribal alliance. 

The Greybeards & Greyscales

High Hrothgar


Encompasses both the humans of HH and the dragon subjects of Paarthurnax.  They’ve made peace with humans.

Imperial Legion in Exile

Palace of Kings, Windhelm

General Sialius

Defectors from the New Empire, instrumental in defense of Skyrim in Skyrim-Thalmor War.

Orc Strongholds

Dushnikh Yal, Largashbur, Mor Khazgur, Narzulbur

Burguk, Lamarz, Larak, Mauhulakh

Mostly at peace with the humans of Skyrim.


Castle Dour, Solitude / PoK, Windhelm

Galmar / Hrolf / Balfhe

The Stormcloaks make up the standing army of Skyrim these days.

Thieves’ Guild

Ratway, Riften


Formerly Destana, given to Brynjolf.  Voting members:  Brynjolf, Destana, Delvin, Tonilia, Vekel, Vex (deceased).

Volkihar Vampire Clan

Castle Volkihar


Allied with the mortals of Skyrim in protection of the country, they spread the doctrine of peace to rogue vampires.


Future of Destana is NOT the Dragonborn Section

I don’t see an end to this for a while.  I might slow down a bit, because I should actually continue writing publishable novels and stories.  But I’m having fun.  My rough thoughts on my major characters are (though subject to change)

Destana –  Alinor Invasion - Darkend (Side Adventure with Solaire and another DS follower) - Solstheim - Coldhaven - Nosgoth + Vampire War (w/Serana)

Runa –  The Cursed Tribe – Alinor Invasion - Glenmoril? - (Adventuring Break) - Dragonchild

Damien – Alinor Invasion - Clockwork (w/Fenrir) – Undeath – Gothic Orpheus Project (Possibly with Solaire, Traveling to other worlds)

Fenrir – Alinor Invasion - Alpha - There is No Umbra - Clockwork – Dwemer Stuff (Wheels of Lull, etc)

Valiana  - Beyond Reach?

Jura - Chilling and Being the Emperor, probably.

Roheisa - Agent of Righteous Might - Vigilant

Tusselle - BS Bruma?


List of Mods I Want to do


Beyond Reach, Darkend, Dragonchild, finish Blood of the Nord (maybe, if it doesn't CTD me out), Sword of Sigdan, Mzark, Things in the Dark, Forgotten City, Unslaad, Fight Against the Thalmor Series, Hunt of Hircine,  Maids II, Shadow World, Here there be Monsters (and Sign of Cipactli), Akavir, Curse of Akavir Phoe, Falskaar, Hammerfell Shadows of Dragonstar, Project Orsinium, more of 3D NPCs, ESO Imports (if it actually has quests), TES Arena Towns (if they have quests), BUVARP, Carved Brink, Maelstrom, Project AHO, Rabbithole Dungeon, Vigilant, Wyrmstooth, Shadow of Morrowind, Mzark, Clockwork, Glamoril, Coldhaven, the rest of the Wheels of Lull Series, Isle of Artaeum, Alpha, Make Skyrim Straight Again (maybe some), continue Amorous Adventures (though I don't like the feel of it so far), There Is No Umbra, Nosgoth + Vampire War, Relics of Hyrule (Maybe)




Not at all Current Load Order

Total: 507 609 689



Animation Crash Limit Fix

Bug Fixes SSE

SSE Engine Fixes (All Versions)


A Quality World Map

A Forsworn Story

A Matter of Time

Actor Limit Plugin


Address Library for SKSE


All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently

Alternate Start LAL (+Bruma Addon)

Amorous Adventures + Rewritten DIalogue

Ancient Blood Magic

Animated Armoury

Animation Motion Revolution

Apachii Divine Elegance + Integration Patch

Apachii Sky Hair + Wigs

Apocalypse + Compatibility Patches

Arcanum + Luka Fix

Armor and Clothing for RS Children

Aurochs and Wild Horses

Bards Reborn

Base Object Swapper


Become High King of Skyrim

Better Boss Chests

Better Dialogue Controls

Better Jumping

Better Skill and Quest Books Names

Better Sleep Wait Menu

Better Telekinesis

Better Vampire Weapons

Better Blowjobs

Better Dark Brotherhood

Beyond Reach

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma


Bijin Family Bodyslides

Blood and Silver

Blood of the Nord Currently, I might reactivate it later.

Body Slots + SkyUI Config


Breakable Equipment

C5Kev's Herme Mora Priestess Robes



Capital Windhelm Expansion

Children of Skyrim

Choose your Own Archmage

Cicero Replacer

Cities of the North (Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, Winterhold)

Civil War Aftermath

Clockwork + Additional Clockwork

Clothes Pack 4 by DonEb14n


Colovian Leather Armor

Completionist Quest Tracker

Conditional Expressions (It kept me in a permanent state of dread and sadness when I tested it out)

Console Utility SSE

Content Consumer's Alternate Starts (Didn't need after captivity)

Copy and Paste n Console

Covetous Demon

Creampie Voice Pack

Creature Framework


Cutting Room Floor + Voice

Cyrodillic Collections + Hammerfell

Daedric Light Armor

Daggerfall - Main Menu and Theme

Daggerfall (Skygerfall)

Dark Arena SE

Dark Face Spell Fix

Deadly Dragons (Turned off for story reasons, and to add a slot)

Death Alterative - Captured (Converted from LE, never got it to work)

Death Alterative - LAL Addon (Didin't need after capitivity)

Death Alterative

Deep Expansion

Demoniac Female Body TExture

Depths of Skyrim

Dev Aveza

Devious Devices

Director's Tools (Have never used them, considering turning off)

Dirt and Blood + Rent a Bath Addon

Disable Follower Collision

Diverse Skyrim

Dragon Age Spells

Dragon's Dogma Spells (Not useful, took up space)

Dreadlocks for Women

DS3 Weapon Pack

Dual Wield Block and Parry

Dugongs and Manatees

Dylbills Positioner

Dynamic Things Alternative - Base Object Swapper

Emperor Penguins

Enemy Encounter (Caused CTD)

Enhanced Blood Textures

ESO Imports

Estrus for Skyrim (Don't want it to randomly happen)

Expressive Facial Animation

Facial Piercings (Never worked)

Faction - Pit Fighter + Travels Addon (Two slots, finished all the content)


Faster Dismount Animation

Fertility Mode + Updates + Adventures


Filled Pots (Interesting, but takes a slot)



Forgotten City

From the Deeps

Frost Coursers


FusRoDoor (Didn't work for me)

Fuz Ro D'oh

Gear Spreader

Gelatinous Cube

Genesis Unleashed Levelled Dungeons

Girl's Heavy Armors

Glamoril - Maze of Labyrinthian


Growl Werebeasts

Guards Armor Replacer


Hammerfell Blades

Harvesting Humans (For my werewolf phase)


Hearthfire Children Grow Up

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions

Helgen Reborn

High Fantasy Pack Creatures

High King Ulfric

High Poly Head


Honed Metal + Additional Materials + Patch with Breakable Equipment

House Cats

How Hard is this Persuasion Check


I'm Glad You're Here

Idle Animation Wheel Menu

IFPV + Config for SL

Immersive Armor

Immersive Children

Immersive Citizens

Immersive College NPCs

Immersive College of WInterhold

Immersive Creatures

Immersive Speechcraft

Immersive Weapon Integration

Immersive Wenches

Immersive World Encounters

Immerslave (Turned off after captured)

Improved College Entry

Increase Actors 75 (Changed to 200)

Individual Shout Cooldowns



Interesting NPCs (3DNPC)


Jewelry Limiter - Multiple Rings and Amulets

JK's Candlehearth (Meh, I never go there)

JK's Palace of Kings (I do go there often)

Joylie Follower

Knight Solaire

Koralina's Frekles and Moles

KS Hair + Wigs

Left-Hand Rings (This doesn't work, but it's also an ESL)

Legacy of the Dragonborn (Never activated, possibly soon)

Loks Eyes


Lumberjacked (Cool concept, but I never used it)

Maximum Carnage


Merged Modded Armor (Book of UUNP, Blades Kimonos, Stormlord Armor)

Merged Modded Companions (Abigail, Meru, Veronica)

Merged Modded Weapons (Automatic Crossbows, Daggercraft Package, Dwemer Goggles and Scouter, DX Staff of Necromancy, Monster Hunter Weapons, Nicorishi Creations, Godswords of Gielnor, Third Era Weapons, WoW Weapons)


Miraak - Dragonborn Follower (Surprise)

Moon and Star

Moonpath to Elswyer

More to do in Hammerfell (CGON)

More to Say

More Vampire Eyes

moreHUD Light

More Nasty Critters



MFG Command

My Home is Your Home

Net Script Framework

No More Letters of Inheritance

No More Motion Sickness

No Silly Physics Damage

No Enchantment Restrictions


Obscure's College of Winterhold + Patch for Immersive


Ogres (Also came in a pack)

One with Nature


Organic Factions (This mod ran it's course and was turning into an annoyance.  I felt like I'd interacted with it enough)

Organized Bandits

ORS1 Solitude Gate (For that Oblivion Gate.  I still haven't removed it, but I will probably do this at some point)

Papyrus + Extender

Path of the Antimage (I can't remove this, it breaks saves)

Pause After Unload Unscripted

Peacekeeper (Has never worked.  Nobody is willing to be negotiated with, even with 100 Speech)

Personalized Music

Phenderix Magic World


Placeable Statics

Player Voicesets

Populated Solstheim

Positive Undressed Reactions

Powerofthree's Tweaks

Prettier Bandits

Prison Overhaul Patched

Private Profile Redirector

Project Proteus

Protect Your People

Proteus (Couldn't get it to work correctly)

Quicker Get out of Bed


Radiant Prostitution-Gigolo + Voices (Haven't tried it out, just DLed it without activating)

Raven Rock Reborn

Realistic Elven Children

Refined Volkihars

Relationship Dislogue Overhaul

Remember Lockpick Angle

Restoring the Aretino Residence (Not yet activated)

Retimed Hit Frames

Rich Skyrim Merchants

Riften Extension Southwoods

Rigmor of Cyrodiil

RoC Dragonchild (Not yet activated)

RS Children

Runescape Alchemy

Ryn's Whiterun City Limits (Just installed)


Sailboats + Script Free Sailing

Sales Overflow Solved

Sanguine's Debauchery

Schlongs of Skyrim + UNP Addon

Screenshot Helper

Sea Point Settlement

Seagulls of Skyrim

Serana Dialogue Addon



Sexlab Animation Loader + Many Animation Packs

Sexlab Aroused

Sexlab Body Search (I forgot I had this, but I just turned it off, doesn't make sense WRT the current status of my characters)

Sexlab Confabulation

Sexlab Dangerous Nights (It got to be an annoyance, turned off a while back)

Sexlab Deadly Drain

Sexlab Defeat

Sexlab Dialogues

Sexlab Dibellan Sisterhood

Sexlab Eager NPCs

Sexlab Lightmeup

Sexlab Matchmaker

Sexlab Parasites (Had this for about five minutes before I got annoyed and turned it off)

Sexlab Solutions

Shadow of Morrowind


Simple Duel Sheath

Simple Obvious Spellcrafting

Simple Offense Suppression

Simple Slavery Plus Plus

Simply Climb (Didn't work for me.  I used the Sneak Tools ropes instead, until I could fly)

Simply Knock

Skaal Village Overhaul

Skald's Mail

Skooma Whore (Turned it off recently, got annoying)

Sky City Markarth (Thinking of replacing it with Ultimate Markarth)

Sky Haven Temple Restored and Expanded (Probably going to turn it off, doesn't add much)

Skygerfall LAL Addon


Skyrim Borders Disabled

Skyrim Priority

Skyrim Script Extender

Skyrim Expanded Weaponry

Skyrim Snow Dogs

Skyrim Textures Redone - Night Sky

Skyrim Uncapper

Sky UI + Flashing Savegames Fix + Resort Alpha

Slavetats + Several Additional Tats Packs

Sluttin Up Bruma (Expansion to Radiant Pros, not yet turned on)

Sneak Tools


Solstheim - The Lost Levels

Spectator Crowds

Spell Organizer

Spell Perk Item Distributor

Spells as Lesser Powers


SSE Expanded AI Framework


Super Fast Get Up Animation (DAR Version)

Talkative Dragons


Tempered Male Skin

The Brotherhood of Old

The Dibellan Baths

The Eloquent Reader

The Eyes of Beauty

The Forgotten City

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

The Lost Wonders of Mzark

The Notice Board

The Paarthurnax Dilemma

The Pit of 100 Battles (Did it, chucked it)

The Second Great War

The Someguy Series Base File

Thieves Guild Bounty Clearer

Thieves Guild Redone

Things in the Dark

TK Dodge + TDM Patch

TK Hitstop (Didn't like how it seemed to pause the game.  I'm sure there' s a better utility out there for this)

To Your Face

True Directional Movement

Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Ultimate College of Winterhold

Ultimate Combat

Underwater Treasures

Unlimited Sprinting


Unarmed Hotkey

UNP Blessed Body

UNP Clothing Merchants Shop

UNP Female Body Renewal

Unread Books Glow

Unslaad + Voices


Use Telekinesis on Traps

Useful Alteration

UUNP Vanilla Outfits

Viewable Faction Ranks

Vilja (What can I say?  I didn't like her)

Windhelm Bridge Overhaul

XP32 Skeleton




Plug Section

I’m going to shamelessly plug my books again, but also let you know that I’m posting some of my videos on youtube. 


La Monde Series



Enraged Bard



And Now I have a Patreon:



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Recommended Comments

You know, put together like this ... it's truly impressive what you already wrote up on "your" adventures.

Also reminds me I still hope we will see more of Meru, she was kinda fun. Think of all the fun she could have tagging along with Damien and Fenrir constantly teasing both. 😛

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That is one heck of a list. Reminded me, that D.'s story is closer to (at least) one novel rather than "just" a blog story at this point.👍


Also: I noticed, that you have "Darkend" in your Modlist (twice).

Unless there is more then one mod of that name, I have the following to say about it:

- I have never played it.

- I have recently watched a Playthrough of it. PC was a lvl81 tank Char.

- The mod seems to be quite nicely done. For the first 95% or so.

- However: The last 5% can be EXCEPTIONALLY annoying because of the difficulty. i.e. Final Boss Lvl = 1,5xPC Lvl. I have no idea, if that is capped at some point. Ultimately the YT'er in question resorted to console-commands to get through. And pretty much ALL of the comment-section agreed with him, that it was justified. Personally I could not fault him either.


So: If and when you start Darkend you better come prepared. 

Edited by HM1919
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Also Darkend.  I have it in my load order and in my Mods for Later folder. 


I spent some time refreshing myself on American copyright laws. Probably just going to turn them into pdfs and offer them for free. Probably in the groupings as the Arcs above. 

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Sounds like we might get Destana's epic story as offline files at some point. Which is certainly something, that I would appreciate. So, thank you for the additional work that you put into this.👍

Edited by HM1919
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God, I just found:

More to do in Hammerfell

Desertic Dark Brotherhood

Hammerfell Blades

Cyrodiilic Collections in Hammerfell

(All ESLs)


When I do Grey Cowl, there's going to be a lot to do over there!


Looking to access more of Tamriel.

For Hammerfell I have: 

Grey Cowl (Alik'r Desert) 

Shadows of Dragonstar (Dragonstar Region)

Folkstead and the Border of Hammerfell (Morreath Region, which original, but still...)

Skygerfall (Sentinel Region, I can COC and use it, I guess.  Being bare isn't a strange thing in the desert)

I wish there was a mod with the southeast region of Hammerfell, like Gilane, where Destana is actually from!


High Rock:  

Beyond Reach (Reach Region, Evermore)

Project Orsinium (Orsinium)

Northpoint SSE (Northpoint Region)

Skygerfall (Daggerfall, Camlorn and Wayrest, but it's bare and I'd have to do some modding, which is annoying).



Solstheim is accessible via the Dragonborn DLC, duh.

The continent is accessible via Shadows of Morrowind, but it's pretty bare.  It'd be enough space to craft my own story.



The desert and sea is accessible via Moonpath to Elswyer


Black Marsh:

Here there be Monsters - Sign of Cipactli (Southern Black Marsh + Coast)


Valenwood is fully accessible afaik via the Assault on Valenwood mod.

Alinor/Summerset is fully accessible via the Assault on Summerset mod.  (Both of which I intend to use).


Cyrodiil is pretty much completely accessible through Beyond Skyrim Bruma and RoC.  Though some of it is not done.  Also, bonus, Nyhus!

Skyrim is fully accessible.  That's the game!


Bonus - New land mods:

Lore Friendly:  Akavir, Curse of Akavir Phoe, 

Original Creation:  Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Darkend


Probably some more.  Let me know if there are more Lore-friendly new lands mods out there.  I hope Beyond Skyrim comes out this century.

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