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  1. That's why I don't think the prequest is needed. It trades one plot hole for many more.
  2. Why do you think a prequest is needed at all? It looks to me that you want to use the prequest to explain how slavery came to Whiterun. But considering that both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks have a strong dislike for slavery, introducing slavery would put Jarl Balgruf on the shitlist of both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. He can't defend Whiterun against the Stormcloaks alone, and if he introduces slavery, he won't be able to accept the help of the Imperials. Basically, whoever wins the civil war would do away with him, trapping him in an unwinnable scenario. He's smarter than that. Thus, the prequest does nothing but add a very flimsy explanation to a highly lore unfriendly scenario. But what it does achieve is wasting the player's time. Consider just not adding a prequest. That way you can allocate your resources, mainly your time and talent, to other areas where they would have more of an impact. This part is fine. It's a flyer, not a letter. He should say something along the line of "Please take this flyer from the slaverun company". The player should decide how the PC thinks or feels about something. It's a RPG, after all. Why is it called "the slaverun company"? The text indicates that the company already exists, so it wouldn't make sense for it to be named after Whiterun. Secondly, Whiterun is neutral at the start of the civil war plotline. There's people openly supporting the Stormcloaks, and there's people openly supporting the Imperials. So what would not "not cooperate for war" even mean in that context? This is mindless busywork and not fun. People wouldn't tell that to a random stranger. Also, the prospect would probably be terrifying, after all, you could end up sold to a brothel or the mines. Again, unfun busywork. More busywork. Would be shocking if the Jarl didn't know. Why would the Jarl care what the PC thinks about it? Since this could potentially happen right at the start of the game, the PC is a nobody. The idea of dominance and submission points is bad because it unecessarily limits the player's choices. Being opposed to slavery doesn't mean that you are submissive. It also imposes an interpretation on the player's actions. As I said earlier, I believe that only the player should determine what the PC is feeling or thinking. Would be funny if you join the civil war on the Stormcloak side afterwards. Would make for an interesting conversation after he loses his throne due to your combat prowess. Go to a place and talk to a person is not engaging gameplay. It's filler. And while you do need filler, only filler makes for a boring experience. Please don't take writing pointers from Slaverun Reloaded, its writing is atrocious.
  3. For future reference, 'Skyrim unbound' is probably a better choice than 'life another life' for a not the dragonborn playthrough. It bypasses the first steps of the mainquest, and allows you to set yourself to not be dragonborn.
  4. On what Mud wrote: I think it would constitute bad writing if the player is not able to at least try and fight back every time somebody tries to coerce them.
  5. Sidewasy

    Main Hall

    I must say I'm positively suprised. It looks a bit a dark though, as in, not enough light.
  6. I'm currently working on a death alternative mod. My idea is to use quest aliases to find enemy and friendly actors. I'm still trying to figure out how to detect characters who are allied to the player, and how to find out followers, and then dismiss them. The quest aliases approach works quite well for 1 actor, I still need to test it with this many actors.
  7. Another thing you can try would be to isolate the mod that you suspect of causing trouble, and run it with a load order as minimal as possible.
  8. What I believe is missing is a runaway slave mod. As in, a mod that lets you play as a runaway slave.
  9. That kinda goes under Slaverun reloaded's terrible writing. The rags are the result of the guards getting better clothing with each city enslaved. Neat idea, but since they need 9 different tiers, they start out wearing rags. If you play Slaverun Reloaded with story mode enabled, you get to watch a lengthy scene where nothing of substance happens. Like, I was watching and thinking "Just leg it, girl". What the original Slaverun did better was that it had the scene take place inside Whiterun, which made 'just leg it' a less plausible proposition, though, technically still doable. Also, the scene is over extremely quickly, which means it doesn't overstay its welcome. I guess a fix for that would be that as a rule, the player always gets the option to fight back.
  10. Thanks. It's good form to post your load order when asking for technical support. However, there's nothing that stands out to me in your load order. Are you able to reproduce the bug? I must add however, that when I first noticed, I hadn't noticed that your problem was with New Vegas, I though you were asking about Skyrim.
  11. With all due respect, I can't tell what your vision is.
  12. I took a look at your website and first impressions are good.
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