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  1. We rejoin Aerina heading back to Falkreath after exacting her revenge on the Orc. The two head up to point overlooking Falkreath where Aerina brings Astrid up to speed Bit of a shorter one, but as always, thanks for reading guys. Also taking a little opportunity to plug the screenshot blog. Just going to be a collection of screen shots and mini-stories which are not connected to this blog Thanks again guys! Aerina
  2. Thanks man! Yeah quite liking this mashup atm.
  3. Always check those corners! Check out the blog post if you want some more: GIF:
  4. Hi Guys, First post on this blog! This blog is just for screenshots and other misc stuff, so doesn't exactly follow the story of the other blog. Gifs: Thanks for reading! You can find more of Aerina below: - Aerina
  5. Thanks man, yep... pretend you didn't see that 😄Could've used HDT hairs, but they were glitching out upside down too. just decided to biff off the idea completely and use a non-hdt hair Aerina: Thanks Aria! Well you know... I kind of lost my temper on them a little... Thanks man!
  6. Previous Entry: Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed! Aerina
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