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  1. Institute Recon Armor 4K

    Skin isn't that bad, so no surprise on the confusion, hence no need to be rude.
  2. Institute Recon Armor 4K

    An armor mod that isn't completely skimpy and looks functional? Awesome.
  3. Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    That's a load order issue. The order should be as follows: Fertile Breeder FBCaptured FBFarm FBZeta FBJade FBDCBreeder This may or may not help fix the issue. I do recommend New Vegas Anti-Crash.
  4. Demonstration Project

    If you ever need some help with the story, all you have to do is ask around. I might have some tips on writing still floating around in the blogs section, and I might find the odd hour off in the coming months
  5. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Thank you nonetheless
  6. Boston Breeder

    It makes the dialogue move swiftly, skippable and keeps the camera focused on the NPC that's speaking.
  7. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you all had the chance to share today with a loved one. And if not, just remember: tomorrow offers a lot of good deals on chocolate
  8. Boston Breeder

    Something like that. Or 200, I forgot. Anyhow, bodymorph doesn't really like the enormous belly scale...
  9. Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    Once you're done with the spacewalk, Jade should automatically approach you and take it off for you.
  10. Boston Breeder

    Sort of. In the WIP version it definitely does at several occasions... whenever there actually is sex... yeah, even I'm surprised how little of that there has been put in as of late.
  11. Boston Breeder

    Now that would be the definition of FUBAR XD The Deathclaw following Kimberly is a copy of Wodan placed in by another quest. This has been fixed in the WIP version. I don't know why the dialogue wouldn't trigger. The only thing I could think of is another scene still running, but last time I checked, the dialogue would work normally.
  12. Fertile Breeder - Captured

    By "Inner Freeside", do you mean Westside? Otherwise, I have no idea what could cause it since Blade In The Dark doesn't do anything in Freeside aside from placing someone in the Atomic Wrangler.
  13. Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    Aah, you have Multiple Followers? That can interfere at some points. For now, try redoing the confrontation after using the console command "tcai", which turns off combat. Julia is supposed to talk to you before beginning to fight. Also, you might want to try freeing the other girls trapped in the hive, they're in a seperate room.
  14. Fertile Breeder

    Sexout Breeder isn't required. Spunk is required for Sexout Pregnancy, which is required for Fertile Breeder to work, so it's sort of required on an existential level.
  15. Fertile Breeder

    Here's the ID of the Fertile Breeder perk: XX0038F0