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  1. My first guess is that this is because of blank voice files missing. Universal Silent Voice works like an absolute charm in player dialogue but doesn't work whatsoever when NPC's are just talking, which is the case in inter-NPC dialogue
  2. Thank you kindly, glad you enjoy the mod As to a Patreon, no, I shut that one down because I couldn't put out enough content to justify the cost of entry. And now, after not having put out any mod content for a few years, I doubt I'll start up something similar for this.
  3. Sadly it's pretty broken, yeah. I think it has to do with the way aliases are filled and something borking up in the programming. If the quest doesn't start, it's an alias issue, otherwise I couldn't tell. Although I don't recall anything with the two disappearing and reappearing at random...
  4. You can do so via console commands, but I'm not sure what the ID or the consequences are. The Brainwashed Impregnators impregnate you with something random picked from the full list, so there's a chance the thing your char is supposed to be pregnant with doesn't work properly. 😕
  5. None where it's the focus. There's a few where a female PC can use sex to their advantage, though. Most quests were made before there was a suitable pregnancy system in place, so it didn't feature.
  6. You can move through them faster using the arrow keys. However, you need the .lip files, which are included in the voice files. If the camera doesn't focus on the speaker but on the player instead, that's a dead giveaway you're missing those files
  7. They stop being hostile once you complete Zeta, but as of yet there is no way of getting rid of them completely.
  8. Correct. I changed the file description to include a link to a handy archived version of all the voice files, which should help cut down on load times.
  9. IIRC the "spot in the belly" is for the alternate PA meshes. I use a mod which has skimpy power armor, which isn't overly realistic but I like the bodysuit underneath well enough XD
  10. It's going to be a new game which means this plugin won't be compatible whatsoever
  11. That's the sort of content I was going to be working on before I lost the flow and time to work on this. Great ideas, but the mod isn't in a state to be fixed atm, I'll more likely do a full remake
  12. Yeah, and at this point there's too many moving parts for me to actually get back in and fix it properly. With the new scripts for AAF, some quests being built on a wrong foundation altogether and me being out of the loop for so long it's more likely I'll rebuild this from the ground up rather than try and fix the things as-are.
  13. In today's environment of constant reboots and remakes I figured I'd try my hand and redo my first ever digital drawing The Warrior. How one can improve in a few years...
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