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  1. Might be NVAC since I have that one as well
  2. hi I like your mods and wish they had voice acting and was wondering if I could help you with it I can change my voice easy and can do a good ghoul voice to and an ok female voice. I would love to help at no charge please and thankyou for your time.

    1. pepertje



      Thanks for the offer but currently I don't have the time to work on this mod, so it's been put on hold indefinitely. :/

    2. Lestat_Rhodes


      hey that's fine just let me know if you have the time

  3. I honestly don't even remember adding in a part where the player is impregnated by the Deathclaw outside of regular encounters that fire off... but the pregnancy should be a regular one that follows the FPE pregnancy rules. And here's a tip from Jade herself: once the egg comes out, add some Brahmin blocs, dice up a Tato, put it in a frying pan and voila, Deathclaw omelette that'll feed you for days if you ration it properly. 😛
  4. For those experiencing major issues with the Hermes quest, especially the final chase scene, here is the ID to get the duffle bag to spawn even if the scene doesn't trigger the right way: Prid XX08a9a9 Enable -If you can't find the bag- Player.MoveTo XX08a9a9 -As per usual, replace XX with Boston Breeder's load order-
  5. Rivet City, she should show up in the Muddy Rudder.
  6. I mean... I'm not entirely certain what would be radically different in a new TTW version that it completely breaks FB-TTW but I might try installing the new TTW version and recompiling all the FB stuff, sometimes that's all that's needed.
  7. That's Fertile Breeder, not Boston Breeder. Boston Breeder has no unlockable perks from level because of how Fallout 4's Perk System works, there's a pair of perks for the companions that are more in line with other companions rather than breeding related.
  8. Do you have mods that alter creatures? Try placing BB at the bottom of your load order.
  9. If I recall correctly you are supposed to sleep in the bed.
  10. Grand work, if you run into any other creatures that don't go through the pregnancy the right way (goes for everybody) put them in a list and I'll filter them out of the master list so they don't pop up in-game anymore.
  11. I made the switch to Fusion Girl a while back and everything seems to be working alright enough. It's not a hard requirement so you can run it with FG
  12. There was a casting call for voice actors at the top of the page, I took that out since I don't have the time to work on that anymore but still got some invoices about it. Figured I'd fix that
  13. Hey I seen you updated Boston Breeder. What did you add anything or just fix some bugs?


    1. pepertje


      No real update, just took out the part where I asked for voice actors from the descriptions

    2. Thorson666


      Aww that sucks I was going ask this chick I was doing if she wanted to try voice acting. Think youll keep on working on this mod bro?

    3. pepertje


      Not for the foreseeable future, no

  14. In the cave, so hide you should head up the ramp and stealth for a bit. If that doesn't work, try the bed or the setstage command you found. Use the command "GetQuestRunning BBC01" and see if it returns a 1. If not, the quest didn't boot up properly. Try "SetStage BBC01 10" to fire up the first objective. The Power Armor is reserved for the final stage, you can't enter it while still living under Hermes's paws/
  15. Ah yes, this mod is not designed with a male PC in mind, maybe the system is calling for an animation to start that cannot begin because you're a male PC. Just for shizzles and gizzles, load up the last save before Zeta, sexchange your character for the duration of the expansion and once you're back on solid ground revert back to male (wouldn't surprise me if the aliens had done experiments like that)
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