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  1. Strange. As far as I know the mod works... okayish. And there isn't an explanation as to what exactly it means. It might be because the AAF stuff doesn't work properly in the mod or the times an animation is called is buggy as hell due to BB's script.
  2. Open GECK and move the markers, actors and such with both mods loaded.
  3. Thanks for the kind words If you want the characters to be a preset you can open their character in Creation Kit and tick the "is character preset" box, that will make them a character preset for your setup. And funny you should mention Brooke, I had serious plans to make her a companion after April, taking the player to Far Harbor and deal with some nice misty misadventures.
  4. When do they not spawn? When you first approach? If so, they're out in the wasteland, you need to talk to Owyn and he'll point you to them.
  5. Every NPC has a Reference ID you can use to spawn them to you, I'm not sure what his was but if you see him you can select him in console, note down the code and then use "prid <refID>" followed by "moveto player"
  6. No animations is a known issue since I haven't updated the mod and sex scene scripts since two or three AAF versions ago, which at the time were re-rigged from FourPlay and I personally never got either of those to work properly so I kinda never got around to hooking the animations in. So more likely it's an issue with the mod and not how you installed your animations.
  7. If you don't want to wait you can force the quest ahead by console command. The idea was that she goes in there, you pick up another follower and do stuff with them for a week or a few days... I'll admit it worked better in my head that it did in the final product.
  8. Conclusion: do not underestimate her ability to hide in a slightly dark corner. If you send her to Freeside she just sits watching the shows, I believe.
  9. When you send Jade home, she should only be able to go to locations in the current Wasteland. If you're not entirely certain you can MoveTo yourself to her, the ID should be XX005791
  10. That appears to be correct. It's in vanilla FO4 and I think the explanation was that when Maxon's/Lyons's Brotherhood and the Outcasts reunited, the Power Armor would be painted up in Outcast colors as a show of good faith and reunification.
  11. I hate to break it to you but there's an easy way to get your stuff back. It's a duffel bag that has all of it so all you had to do way prid the fucker and transfer all items.
  12. Hmmm... not sure if I hooked in some sort of extra requirement, but more likely an alias isn't filling correctly. Try to find if the quest is running by typing "GetQuestRunning BBM13"
  13. You'll have to run into the quests organically. The easiest way to see if it's installed is to head to Diamond City and see if there's a woman right outside Piper's house. This woman should be named and wearing metal armor. The first quest you run into kinda depends on how you play the game, I suppose. I think the easiest quest to get started is at Oberland Station.
  14. Affinity level 2 means she's friendly and Affinity level 3 means she's infatuated, I believe. Basically you'll have to do nice things around her (mostly pick locks, she digs that). Affinity Score changes brought on by dialogue options for some reason don't register properly to change the Affinity Level, so you'll have to keep doing those random little things. Pick locks, walk around naked, enter Power Armor or drink booze, any of those will do for Jade.
  15. Yeah... MEGA decides to screw with the links every now and again. I've updated it and it should work now.
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