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  1. Boston Breeder

    You can look it up in the wiki.
  2. Fertile Breeder

    I guess all I can say is "Praise Kek". P.S., thanks :)
  3. Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    Honestly, I'm getting tired of this issue constantly rearing its head again -,- I think I had it fixed in the most recent version, though. Try this plugin, it's the most recent. If it's fixed, I'll put out an update wave as soon as possible. FBDCBreeder.esp
  4. Boston Breeder

    I am referring to April, the red haired Hornet girl. And if you're referring to the bugs in Hornets' Nest, I've looked into fixing those issues already :)
  5. Fertile Breeder

    XX005791 (FBJade)
  6. Fertile Breeder

    From the top of my head, the following NPC's are voiced: Jade (aboard Zeta and in the quest "The Hunter and the Hunted") Cpt. Bourne Nadia Charles Limey Doyle
  7. Fertile Breeder

    Not really as scenarios, more like specific NPCs. I could link to the role list which also lists which characters are voiced by which member.
  8. Yes. This script should theoretically work with a script extending a dialogue topic.
  9. Fertile Breeder

    With me, the main page is one big link so I was trying to fix it. Also, the Voice Files have been moved to MEGA. This might take a couple of tries on my part, though. -,-
  10. Those are functions for in Creation Kit.
  11. Through dialogue should be fiarly simple. If Skyrim is as similar to Fallout 4 as I know, using the "SetOutfit" function on your follower should do the trick: Actor Property MyFollower Auto Const Outfit Property NewOutfit Auto Const Event OnEnd(ObjectReference akSpeaker, bool HasBeenSaid) MyFollower.SetOutfit(NewOutfit) EndEvent This works in Fallout 4, can't say 100% sure it works in Skyrim as well. MyFollower should be filled with your follower and NewOutfit should be filled with the Outfit you want. This isn't a single piece of armor, but a small list the game has ready.
  12. Haha! New profile cover! Designed for desktop, though.

    1. RitualClarity


      Looks good pepertje

    2. LadyM
  13. Boston Breeder

    In the most stereotypical place to put a woman: the kitchen.
  14. Boston Breeder

    For now, use the console command "SetStage BBM13 30" to start the combat phase with the raider. Use "SetStage BBM13 40" to advance to the part where you have to talk to Caesar again.
  15. Boston Breeder

    Did you kill the raider behind the car?