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  1. HAVING ISSUES? CHECK OUT THE WICKEDWHIMS HELP CENTER GOT AN EXCEPTION FILE? CHECK OUT THE LE ASSISTANT Supports game version 1.66.139, 1.67.45 Looking for the Legacy Edition version? Click here. WickedWhims v158g 23 September 2020 Download | Website | Tutorials Want unreleased features early? Check my Patreon! What is WickedWhims? WickedWhims is a mod that offers animated sex, nudity interactions, exhibitionism interactions, relationship enhancements, gameplay and visual improvements. Do you want your Sims to have sex? Do you want to try naturism or flash your neighbors? Try WickedWhims! New custom interactions, custom mechanics, custom skills, custom traits, custom moodlets, custom whims, custom objects, custom animations, custom reactions, nudity autonomy, sex autonomy, custom story progression and enhancements to existing gameplay. Read about the features and check out the screenshots and videos at the end of the post! - Features - Sex Animated Sex Get on a bed, or a sofa, or the floor, or anywhere you want and get freaky with your partner Invite more Sims and ask them to join in to create an unforgettable orgy Download and experience over 7000+ animations from various creators with support for visual effects and custom props or animate yourself Tag favorite animations and create your own animations playlists Undressing & Strapon Control Sims outfit during sex by undressing their top, bottom, underwear, or any individual part of their outfit Apply or remove a strapon from any Sim when the situation requires it Autonomy Encounter Sims having sex by their own will, affected by their interactions, relations, situation, location and personality. Supported by stupidly complex recognition system of environment structure that picks the best fitting location for sex based on the current most fitting situation Apply the 'Hypersexual' Lot Trait to any location to increase the base sex autonomy frequency and chance Use the Sex Autonomy Signs available in Build/Buy to adjust rules of sex per room or per lot Cum See layers of cum on Sim’s bodies after sex or manually apply them during sex whenever you want and wherever you want Avoid negative (or positive) reactions to cum on your face by cleaning it off in a sink or by showering Get the 'Cum Slut' Attribute trait to make your Sim always react to cum positively Diseases Contract, spread, and medicate Crabs Activities Turn your computer on and watch some good old porn to release the pressure If you’re into watching others, get on in there and watch as much as you like Consider purchasing the 'Cuckold/Cuckquean' Attribute trait to make our Sim enjoy watching their partners have sex with others User Vampire powers to get Sims into kinky situations Pregnancy Watch Sims experience the magic of a fully-featured Menstrual Cycle with periods and variable fertility Purchase tampons and pads to fight against the menstrual bleeding and get the 'Extra Absorbency' Reward Store trait to improve their absorbency Learn about your fertility by purchasing the Fertility Awareness Test available to use on toilets Consider going through the Fertility Treatment service to improve your chances of getting pregnant Avoid getting pregnant by using condoms and birth control pills Stop your unwanted pregnancy by using the Pregnancy Termination service Optionally switch to the Simple Pregnancy Mode and use flat percentage chances for pregnancy Encounter optional miscarriage from taking drugs (requires Basemental Drugs) All of it compatible with the Try For Baby interactions as well (optional) NPC Sims Enable the cheat to control any Sim in the game and make them have sex, like a true puppet master Clubs (Get Together Expansion) Create a club that’s all about having sex, or make an alternative variant of it that’s all about swinging Relationships When attempting sexual intercourse, respect Sims relations based on the friendship level and romance level, desire level, mood, moodlets, skills, traits, hygiene, attractiveness, relationship status and current situation Learn about Sims satisfaction from sex based on their relationship, mood, hygiene, energy, traits, skills, moodlets and situation For easy mode, purchase the 'Sexually Alluring' Reward Store trait make asked Sims always agree to sex propositions To avoid sex, purchase the 'Sexually Abstinent' Attribute trait to make your Sim never agree to sex propositions Reactions React to sex with 16 different flavors of responses based on the mood, traits, relationship, situation, and family relations Get jealous in 6 different flavors from encountering your partner in the act with someone else (respects the 'Player' and 'Polyamorous' traits) Enjoy integration with Basemental Drugs mod drug dealing component Nudity Naked Body, Penis & Hair Fully detailed naked body for all genders Dynamically growing pubic hair Support for independent creators to add their own body content Nudity & Undressing Undress everything at once or one by one - top, bottom, shoes, and underwear Socialize by complimenting others body, talking about nudity, convincing to nudity and converting to exhibitionism, or simply asking to undress… or dress up Affect Sims with Vampire powers and get them naked in an instant Apply the 'Nudist' Lot Trait to any location and removes all undressing restrictions Use the Nudity Autonomy Signs available in Build/Buy to adjust rules of undressing per room or per lot Naturism Discover the skill of Naturism by undressing and learn how to be comfortable and happy naked around others Gain a bonus to hygiene when performing tasks naked Exhibitionism Unlock the Exhibitionism skill by leveling up Naturism and purchasing the 'Exhibitionism' Store Reward trait Gain the ability to flash others, streak at any moment, or pee at any spot you want Underwear Change Sim underwear for any base outfit Remove underwear per Sim, disable underwear for everybody in setting, or purchase the 'No Underwear' Attribute trait to get rid of extra layers of clothing Strip Club Open an entirely new and fully playable business type Build, hire staff, and manage your own Strip Club Window Peeping Peep into any window to watch naked Sims or Sims having sex Take pictures of naked Sims and sell them online Encounter premade peeping Sims living in your neighborhood and trying to catch you naked Sweating Watch Sims get all sweaty from working out or having sex Occurrences Experience various outfit specific interactions that can be performed naked, like yoga, massages, exercises, sleeping, etc. Watch out when jumping into the water, swimwear accidents include losing your swim trunks Try not to daydream too much during showering, you might forget to put your towel on afterward Autonomous undressing from anybody who just feels like getting naked is the right thing to do Reactions Get positively or negatively shocked from encountering nudity Let others Ignore your Sim’s privacy when nudity is the norm at your place Clubs (Get Together Expansion) Create a club where you Embrace Nudity to others or Flash everybody Relationships Attractiveness Live in a world where every Sim has their own style and preferences that affect everybody else Refine your own style and define your own preferences Encounter storytelling situations that make your Sims heart beat faster Learn what others are into and try to impress them with your looks Impressions Learn Sims personality archetypes and share your unique view on the world Use your new special social interactions to voice your personality preference Fake your personality to make others like you more or risk looking like a poser Polygamy/Polyamory Relationships Have multiple spouses or romantic partners at the same time Purchase the 'Polyamorous' Attribute trait to open up your Sim’s view on multiple romantic partners and avoid unwanted jealousy Get multiple Sims to 'Stay the Night’ at the same time Ability to disable jealousy in the entire game Desire Make the atmosphere hot and heavy by flirting and getting nude Get Sims ready for positive sexy time by increasing desire - Installation - Check out the Manual Installation page. Check out the Animations Installation page. Check out the Common Mistakes page. - Required Mods - Sex animations available under 'Additional Mods' are required for more sex positions! No additional mods are required to use all available functionalities of WickedWhims! - Additional Mods - Wicked Perversions RedAppleNet AEP Pornography Basemental Drugs MC Command Center EVE Body Mesh Dumbaby Body Mesh Hiroki Better Body Sopor Allure Boobs Heliotropic Heavy Boobs wild_guy Female Body Details Noir Penis LunarisEclipse Penis Simdulgence Penis MiniGiles Penis Necrodog Feet YrSa Bondage Devices Azmodan22 Bondage Devices Azmodan22 Strapon Kritical Bondage Devices & Accessories Cherry_Pie Cum Mesh ecobotstar Cum Replacer - Animations - Honorary Creators Amra72 Animations Azmodan22 Animations Lupobianco Animations Mike24 Animations ooOLalaWorld Animations wild_guy Animations Zorak42 Animations Veteran Creators Anarcis Animations ATrois Animations E404P Animations Motherlodesims Animations RLo Animations SALARMOJ Animations Yr_Sa Animations Active Creators TLayer Animations 0zzzy Animations Cherry_Pie Animations Chimochicchi Animations fouyaya Animations GreyNaya Animations KikiChain Animations LaBambaClub Animations Missme12 Animations Simdulgence Animations Simtasia Animations Inactive Creators Anonny Animations ARTOFSUBMISSION Animations Aske6 Animations BatyaStudio Animations bioaddict Animations Catisse Animations dagger00 Animations Dark0s Animations dart1fa Animations Desireee Animations diba Animations doan77 Animations dumbaby Animations Eksclusiv Animations Golden88 Animations hcy0619 Animations Hedgelord Animations HKo_83 Animations justinslash Animations KLM Animations kreejaffa Animations LUXURE Animations MaryJane Animations MeowHeaven Animations Mia_ Animations MinorLaser Animations mrrakkonn Animations MuzzyDeath Animations OgahTerkenal Animations Oleksana Animations Omaster Animations PeachyPie Animations PZANIM Animations Redabyss Animations Rodriguez_00 Animations salman22 Animations sames99113 Animations Shiro1104 Animations Simite Animations Slimreaper23 Animations Sucre777 Animations TheGamerBoy96 Animations TTTSSS Animations vivid369 Animations - Translations - Adrianmegusta Polish Translation RXR Finnish Translation wild_guy Russian Translation CandymanGaming French Translation xISYx Italian Translation Randlocher German Translation guedesrs Portuguese Translation Aldarion80 Spanish Translation SDolphin28 Dutch Translation nannan0127 Chinese Translation   - Tutorials - Animation Tutorials Creating Basic Animations In Blender [1] Converting Blender Animations to Clips [2] Creating WickedWhims Animations Package [3] Creating WickedWhims Animation XML File [4] Exporting Objects from The Sims 4 [5] Adding Native Events to Animations [6] Other Tutorials Creating Custom Skin Tone for WickedWhims Support for Custom CAS Parts   Translation Tutorial Creating a translation for WickedWhims is a community effort. If you think you're up to the challenge, go for it! 1. To start you need the most recent Language Template: Translation_Templates_14_October_2020.zip 2. Pick the package file that corresponds to the language you're making the translation for. It's recommended to use DP STBL Editor to save STBL files and S4PE to create and edit packages. 3. Open the package with S4PE, select all of the files, and export them to files. 4. Open each exported file with DP STBL Editor and export it to XML. Then translate these XML files. 5. Once you have all of the XML files translated, open each exported STBL file once again and import the translated XML files on top of it. 6. Then save, which should save them with the appropriate Instance ID. Saved files are located in the same folder as the DP STBL Editor application. 7. Open the package with S4PE once again and import the translated STBL files to it, then save. Your translation is ready. If you create a package, don't send it to me, create your own topic and I will eventually link it here too. Make sure to keep the 'WickedWhims_LP_' prefix in the name of your translation package, otherwise, it will not load the right order. Feel free to include your name in the filename. Don't distribute your translation with the mod included in the package.   - Screenshots -
  2. Version 10.19.2020


    WARNING ADULT CONTENT! ONLY FOR 18+ Requirements: Wicked Whims Huge Dildo Set Cherry_Pie Cum Mesh asketo's objects Currently there are 105 animations available You can support my work on Patreon I have a Discord channel where you can offer me ideas for future animations. Since the Strange plant sculpture didn't play animation, I had to add the working object to the construction mode. In order for the animation for the Mother plant to work, you need to enable it in the settings (Whicked Settings > Sex Settings > Sex Interaction > Advanced Sex Interaction > Self Initiation Settings > Instant). Sometimes the "Sex"button may not be displayed, instead you can use "Sex NPC" (this should be enabled in sex settings > cheats). The mother in the lab may not work, but you can build it using bb.showhiddenobjects Installation: 1.Download all from the requirements section 2.Download this mods and place the .package files in C:\Users\...Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods Animation list: You can also download my other files:
  3. Hello. I already chose 'Always accept Sex' but it still doesn't work. Global Desire is already chosen too. There's 2 women 1 man. And those 2 women are prostitute. Is there anything more i can do? when I try to choose 'Ask to join in', It keeps showing " (Name) refuses to have sex because (Name) and (Name2) relationship are too weak.
  4. Jenna Jameson - 90's Throwback Pornstars - Exclusive to Loverslab View File Check out my other Pornstar Sims on Patreon, Including exclusive Celebrity sims - Everything i upload on Patreon has a public preview So you can see exactly what you're getting. Links to Public previews of my Patreon Sims here Pornstars Holly Halston Tanya Tate Mature Version Tanya Tate Cleaner Look McKenzie Lee Brooke Banner Celebrities Brad Pitt Gerard Butler Keanu Reeves Justin Timberlake Alexander Skarsgård Selena Gomez Sharon Stone Tatyani Ali Catherine Zeta Jones Tiffani Thiessen Brooke Shields Stormzy UK Rapper All are made with custom facemasks.. Enjoy everyone and thanks to everyone who downloads my files and supports me. All requests will be met to Patreons. This is part of a mini series - "5" Throwback Pornstars from the 90's This is #1 Probably be 2 a week I upload. As usual with my Sims just drop all files from the mod folder in this RAR, into Your mod folder and replace when asked Tray files in Tray folder. Requests open on my Patreon More sims to follow in the next few days ALL MY SIMS ARE FULLY HQ READY Submitter TheSimReaper Submitted 10/20/2020 Category Sims Requires  
  5. AEP_Pornography 4.3.0d - September 6, 2020. View File AEP Pornography Mod Supports Game Version CHANGE LOG Mod Requirements Get to Work City Living Get Famous Recomended Mods Wicked Whims by TURBODRIVER Nisa’s Wicked Perversions by NisaK ****** The AEP Pornography Mod adds Pornographic Film Studio Career at 'Adult Entertainment Production' with two branches: Production and Acting. You start as Webcam Model and climb the ladder of the Adult Industry. You will get the opportunity to build your career officially or just be an independent camgirl and earn your money streaming at home. You also can record sex videos and upload them on the Simternet! You will get fanmail from loyal fans and invitations for Erotic Photoshoots in which you can actively participate! You even can get Starlight Venus Award for your achievements in Adult Industry! Don't wait! The glamorous life of a famous Porn Star awaits you and there is so much more to discover! ****** This is a short description of the mod and its features. Some functions quite intricate and need a more detailed explanation. For that, please check out Change Log or Installation & Gameplay guide. If you have any problems, please read the FAQ and if you still do not find the solution to your problem, message me on the Discord in AEP_channel. ****** There is a new menu on a computer 'AdultWorld.com' where you can find interactions to 'Watch Porn' and also 'Create a Channel' at AEP 'Live Cams'. After creating a channel you can start earning money by doing live streams and Vip shows. There is a 24 hours cooldown period for 'Livestream' interaction. You can also talk to your subscribers and gain fame. After creating a channel at 'LiveCams' and getting enough subscribers your Sim will start to get Fanmail from the fans. If you want your Sim to get naughty items, you will need to download a couple of CC. You can find a list of the items with links in here or in the ChangeLog and Installation & Gameplay guide. If your Sim chose to pursue Porn Star career through the official job, then on Acting Branch they will get access to the Advertisement Deals on the computer. The higher your level, the more deals you get. You will get money for this and even can get send some custom condoms to try. If your Sim in the Acting Branch of the career, they can sell their phone interview. You can find this interaction on the phone. Pay depends on the success of the interview. If you have a channel at the 'LiveCams' you can get an invitation to the Erotic Photoshoot. You will get the call after which you will be automatically transferred to the event. It's an active event where you will need to perform tasks and your pay will depend on how well you perform. You need a place a custom venue for this to works. You can find it DOWNLOAD section here or download it on my website. READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION carefully! Especially if you use custom venues from other creators! After the photoshoot you can get your photos by 'Ask for Photos'. You can take just one photo at a time. You can also Hire Photographer at home. For this, you need 'In a Flash Photo Studio. You can record sex videos and upload them on the Simternet. For this, you will use custom camera Vivus 3000 to record and video stations from 'Get Famous' pack to upload. Type of the video you get in the end depends on the satisfaction buff of your Sim. To get more detail on the recording module, please check out the ChangeLog or AEP Installation & Gameplay guide. There is also a Media Studio menu on the computer where your Sim can practice editing skill. More interactions will be added later. ****** = HOW TO INSTALL = Download just one version of the mod. Extract files from the .zip file. Put .package file and .ts4script file into your Mods folder. To do this, go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. DO NOT PUT THE .TS4SCRIPT FILE MORE THEN ONE FOLDER DEEP IN YOUR MODS FOLDER!!! Make sure you have only one copy of Neia_Career_Commons. Download Photostudio Venue here or here and follow installation instruction in the post. Make sure you have only one VenueList in your Mods folder. KsuihuhVenueList already contains all other existing venues of other moders I'm aware of: LittleMsSam's, Zerbu's, Basemental's, Coolspear’s Multipark Venue and itasan2's Get To College Mod. So If you use one of this mods delete their VenueList and keep just KsuihuhVenueList. Make sure that Script Mods are enabled in your game. To do that go to your game setting, click Game Options, Other, and see if Script Mods are allowed. !Check out the ChangeLog to learn what new features are added to new versions of the mod! ****** -TRANSLATIONS- Thank you to everyone who translated my mod! It's amazing and I'm really grateful! You can translate my mod for personal or public use and upload your translation anywhere. DO NOT RE-UPLOAD MY MOD PLEASE! SPANISH TRANSLATION - YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE. THANKS TO MrJDerio! RUSSIAN TRANSLATION - YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE. THANKS TO Risako! POLISH TRANSLATION - YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE. THANKS TO YoukiChan! CHINESE TRANSLATION - YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE. THANKS TO mazaya! FRENCH TRANSLATION - YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE. THANKS TO mursaat! ****** I started Patreon page, because... everyone does it? Please if you can support, any amount will be deeply appreciated. If you can't it's also perfectly fine! Any support counts, even if you just leave a comment. I do what I like very much and I really appreciate all the people who enjoy this mod. I just would like to do my bests and develop this mod further and I can't do it by myself. PATREON Become a Patron and get early access! DISCORD Join my Discord Server for help and conversation! Visit my site! I upload different CC, Lots and Sims and other mods I create. Submitter Ksuihuh Submitted 05/25/2018 Category Extensions Requires  
  6. [SIMS4] YrSa Animations View File Submitter Yr_Sa Submitted 04/12/2017 Category Animations - WickedWhims Requires  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Check out my other Pornstar Sims on Patreon, Including exclusive Celebrity sims - Everything i upload on Patreon has a public preview So you can see exactly what you're getting. Links to Public previews of my Patreon Sims here Pornstars Holly Halston Tanya Tate Mature Version Tanya Tate Cleaner Look McKenzie Lee Brooke Banner Celebrities Brad Pitt Gerard Butler Keanu Reeves Justin Timberlake Alexander Skarsgård Selena Gomez Sharon Stone Tatyani Ali Catherine Zeta Jones Tiffani Thiessen Brooke Shields Stormzy UK Rapper All are made with custom facemasks.. Enjoy everyone and thanks to everyone who downloads my files and supports me. All requests will be met to Patreons. This is part of a mini series - "5" Throwback Pornstars from the 90's This is #1 Probably be 2 a week I upload. As usual with my Sims just drop all files from the mod folder in this RAR, into Your mod folder and replace when asked Tray files in Tray folder. Requests open on my Patreon More sims to follow in the next few days ALL MY SIMS ARE FULLY HQ READY
  8. Sim Snatcher (SS) by ColonolNutty View File Sim Snatcher - Gotta Snatch 'Em All! (Not in any way shape or form associated with Pokemon) This mod requires Sims 4 Community Library and for Slaves to work, you need DLC 09 (Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack)! Features: Abduction Ability to abduct NPC Sims and hold them hostage at your home They are forced to stay at your lot, but they can do anything your sim can do! When you load the game or leave and come back to your Home Lot, your Hostages will still be there! Order Captive Sims to do various things Go to Residence - You will travel to your house with the captive Sim. Go Here - Your captive will go to the place you tell them too. Perform Interaction - Your captive will attempt to do the interaction you tell them to Slavery Ability to enslave NPC Sims and order them to take care of the household You can assign or unassign tasks for them to perfomr (Cleaning, Repairing, Gardening, Child Care) You can order them to Cook for your Sim and their family Slave Sims will basically act as Butlers but they work for "free" instead. They will autonomously Clean Repair Garden Take Care of the Kids They can manually be asked to do specific tasks: Cook Clean Repair Go To Sleep Play Instruments Perform Comedy Routines Dance Make Drinks at a Bar and many more! Will not work without Stuff Pack 09 (Vintage Glamour Stuff) for now. Allowances Configure what your Captives and Slaves are allowed or not allowed to do autonomously (as well as manually, if the Captive/Slave Sims are controllable) If the Mod Settings Menu mod is installed, the settings will appear under the MSM dialog instead. Check the planned features for future additions! Installation: - Download and install S4CL - Download this mod - Unpack the this mods archive and drop the files into your Mods folder (...\The Sims 4\Mods\) - Enjoy Requirements: Sims 4 version (Discover University) or above At least version 1.38 of S4CL (Download and install sims4communitylib.*.zip) S4CL is a library that is 100% guaranteed not to conflict with any other mod. If you suspect it does, please ensure you have installed it correctly. S4CL is NOT associated with Sim Snatcher nor is it responsible for Sim Snatcher in any way. Please do not report Sim Snatcher issues to the S4CL mod author(s). If you are getting a "Module not found 'sims4communitylib" error, then you have not installed S4CL correctly. Required DLCs: Stuff Pack 09 (Vintage Glamour Stuff) for Slaves to work. (Currently working on a way to remove this requirement) Translations: German/Deutsche French/française Chinese (Simplified)/简体中文 Mod Settings (Mod Usage): Take a look at the Wiki. Known Issues: When ordering a hostage to Perform Interaction Interactions appear to show more than once, however they are separate interactions Some interactions don't do anything when selected Some interactions don't have names Some interactions have serious consequences! (Such as the Death_By interactions.) When ordering a Slave to do specific interactions, such as Play the Piano, they will complain that they don't have the proper facilities! The actual problem is that they don't know what interaction you want them to do because I haven't gotten around to setting up interactions they can perform when you ask them to do certain interactions. Potential Bugs: When using the Perform Interaction order on some things, you can sometimes receive an error. I haven't had a chance to click on absolutely everything to ensure Perform Interaction will work on everything, so I am going to fix issues as they come up on various clickable places. Things not yet accounted for: After abducting a Sim and dropping them off at your Home Lot, travel to a different lot. The abducted Sim still has a chance of appearing there, even though they were abducted and are supposed to be stuck at your Sims house. Hostages can refuse to travel to places even if the Sim they are refusing is their Captor FAQ (For asking questions): I know you're dying to receive answers to your questions. Check out the FAQ here. Troubleshooting: Please review the troubleshooting steps here Planned Features: Please note that Sim Snatcher does not and will not contain anything sexual in nature, this includes anything related to Wicked Whims or any of my other adult mods. Restraints by themselves are not considered sexual, unless it's like a chastity belt/cage or something This mod does not contain nor will it ever contain these things in the future. If a sexual interaction does happen to appear in the Order To Perform Interaction dialog, it is purely coincidental and unrelated to Sim Snatcher itself. That dialog simply shows ALL available interactions, no matter their origins. It does not know about what interactions it displays. For a list of planned features, check out this Wiki page. Disclaimers: The Sim Snatcher mod is NOT responsible for the type of interactions that appear in the Perform Interaction dialog. If an interaction appears in that dialog for a place the interaction should not appear, it means the author of that interaction did not setup their interaction properly to exclude such a place. The Sim Snatcher Mod is not responsible for what happens to Sims after selecting interactions from the Perform Interaction dialog, this includes but is not limited to Death, Dismemberment, Insanity, Freezing, Traits Messing up, Sims turning into spaghetti. It is recommended that you do not save when negative outcomes such as those listed, occur in your game. I DO NOT and WILL NOT support content that goes against LL rules, if you ask me something that breaks LL rules, I will warn you, then report you if you choose to continue. I am a person just like you. I make mistakes every once in awhile. I feel a ban is disrespectful when given without giving a chance to fix the mistake before hand. If you spot something that goes against LL rules or their terms of service in my mod, please let me know and I will promptly fix it. This mod is NOT supported by my Patreon. This is supported solely of my own funds. If you hear or think otherwise, it is false information. If you or another mod author spots something that you consider to be "plagiarism" please ask me about it, it is highly likely that it is merely a coincidence. I will be more than happy to discuss it with you and we can together come to a compromise, whether that be deleting the offending file or recreating it entirely. DO NOT just report this mod for plagiarism, it is both rude and immature. Use your words, Lovers Lab is NOT a place for immature children to be running around, there is an age required to create accounts after all. False accusations will be reported. If you decide to report any part of the code as plagiarized, expect to be asked for proof and a list of files/code spots where you believe code has been plagiarized. If no proof is provided, or if the response "all of it" is provided. Your claim will be invalid and subject to report abuse. A note to moderators: If you are planning on taking this mod down, please warn me, or send me a message, or do ANYTHING to get my attention before hand. I'm sick of my mods being taken down without so much as a word, it is extremely disrespectful! I would love to have a chance to rectify my mistakes before deletion. If it is deleted in the future without a warning or any indication of why, I will promptly re-upload it within 24 hours of the incident, under the assumption that it was mistakenly deleted, I hope you can understand. Thank you in advance! Submitter ColonolNutty Submitted 03/09/2020 Category Other Requires The Sims 4 Community Library, at least version 1.38 and Stuff Pack 09 (Vintage Glamour Stuff)  
  9. Update: Get Together What's New? All pre-made households have been reworked Relationships between Windenburg's residents have been added and modified Candy Bjergsen has been moved into the Behr household The Behr, Partihaus, Free Spirits, and Munch lots have been edited to varying degrees Moira Fyres is employed in the Flower Arranger career added by the Seasons EP She will be unemployed if you do not have this pack Eva Capricciosa is employed in the Pornstar career added by Ksuihuh's AEP Pornography mod Marcus Flex is employed in the Professional Bodybuilder career Paolo Rocca is employed in the Professional Athlete career Jade Rosa is employed as an Office Assistant in the Business career Made certain sims tobacco users and smoking addicts using Basemental's Drugs mod MEGA.nz Download Links: PBW 2.0 - Base Game (REQUIRED): [Porkybork] PBW 2.0 - Base Game (FIXED) PBW 2.0 - Get to Work EP (Add-on to Base Game): [Porkybork] PBW 2.0 - Get to Work (FIXED) PBW 2.0 - Spa Day GP (Add-on to Base Game): [Porkybork] PBW 2.0 - Spa Day PBW 2.0 - Dine Out GP (Add-on to Base Game): [Porkybork] PBW 2.0 - Dine Out Update PBW 2.0 - Get Together EP (Add-on to Base Game): [Porkybork] PBW 2.0 - Get Together Older Versions: Notice: Since these are older than the current version, some CC is bound to be broken or unsupported. These are only here to tide people over until I fully finish the rest of the other packs. Once I'm caught up, these older files will be deleted and replaced by the newer ones. Any issues related to the following older versions will not be assisted by me. In other words, use at your own risk. Base Game Info Preview Shots: Includes: PBW Mods PBW Save Stuff PBW Tray PBW_v2.0_README.txt Install Instructions: 1. Download compressed files from MEGA 2. Decompress compressed file 3. Place contents of "PBW Mods" folder into your "Mods" folder 4. Place contents of "PBW Save Stuff" folder into your "saves" folder 5. Windows users only: delete any and all __MACOSX files 6. Delete localthumbcache.package Note: I use mods that effect the sliders, body meshes, and lighting effects in my game, and I did not include them in any of the files. Because of this, many of you may get a message saying that you are missing a few files upon using a household. Don't worry, the game itself is fine, you may just not have the same body mods as me. To see which mods I'm using, check the Recommended Mods section. Featured CC Creators: Recommended Mods: I hope you all enjoy this!
  10. IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES OR PROBLEMS WITH USING THIS MOD, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ASKING FOR HELP IN THIS THREAD; FOR TROUBLESHOOTING AND/OR ADDITIONAL HELP, GO TO http://basementalcc.com/troubleshooting/ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS THERE! Basemental Drugs 5.11.120 - 01 Apr 2020 BASEGAME COMPATIBLE - WORKS WITH THE LATEST THE SIMS 4 PATCH DOWNLOAD - FEATURES - TROUBLESHOOTING DOWNLOAD IN-DEVELOPMENT VERSION ON MY PATREON What is Basemental Drugs? Basemental Drugs is a collection of fully functional drugs and drug related activities for The Sims 4. The idea is to add more realism for people who want to add some illegal virtual flavour to their game. The mod features custom drugs, custom animations, altered walkstyles, altered moods, altered needs, come-ups, peaks, comedowns, hangovers, overdoses, addiction, buying and selling interactions and loads more. I urge you to click the links of the Features section of this post, as it links to tutorials for various part of the mod features. If you experience any issues with this mod, have any questions or just want to get in touch with me, head over to my discord server. I am usually around and I am more than happy to help as long as you approach me in a friendly manner. Features DRUGS CANNABIS ALCOHOL COCAINE AMPHETAMINE MDMA AYAHUASCA SHROOMS XANAX LEAN TOBACCO ADDERALL DRUG DEALING BUY DRUGS SELL DRUGS PHONE CALLS DEALING SKILLS TRADE SEX POLICE POLICE BUSTS SWAT RAIDS MONEY LAUNDERING BRIBE THE POLICE OTHER FEATURES HANGOVER REHAB TRAITS HOLIDAY TRADITIONS CLUB ACTIVITIES FAME AND REP SETTINGS AUTONOMY POLICE BUSTS PARENTAL REACTIONS CUSTOMER CALLS NPC CHOOSER CHEAT COMMANDS In development version - Patreon Installation Instructions PC Download the Basemental Drugs .zip file Extract the .zip file to My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods > Basemental Drugs If you are updating this mod, navigate to My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods and delete ALL FILES from the old Basemental Drugs mod, including scripts. Download the updated mod from this page and follow the download instructions again. Also make sure to delete your localthumbcache.package file found in My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 before launching the game. Mac Download the Basemental Drugs .zip file Extract .zip file to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods > Basemental Drugs If you are updating this mod, navigate to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods and delete ALL FILES from the old Basemental Drugs mod, including scripts. Download the updated mod from this page and follow the download instructions again. Also make sure to delete your localthumbcache.package file found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 before launching the game. NB! If you are updating from an older version, make sure you delete ALL of the previous Basemental Drugs files from your Mods folder before installing. NB2! If you are having issues with the social interactions, put the file titled basementaldrugs.ts4script directly into your Mods folder (no subfolders). Download >> Basemental Drugs 5.11.119 << Translations Brazilian - by guesders Chinese - by Soulkiller French - by CandyManGaming German - by galak99 Italian - by Isolina Polish - by Archangl Russian - by esqdumper Spanish - by Diodonea Spanish - by Rbrtotaldo Swedish - by Fiskrens Credits Turbodriver https://www.patreon.com/wickedwoohoo (X-Mod integration with Wicked Whims) Mike24 https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2494532 (Smoking Animation) EbonixSims https://ebonixsims.wixsite.com/ (Xanax Pill Bottle 3D model, lean items) Necrodog http://necrodogmtsands4s.tumblr.com (Smoking FX) a3ru http://a3ru.tumblr.com/ (Cocaine Ziplocks, Cocaine Lines, Bong, Stoner Eyes) Niecy Pooh https://luvelynsweet.tumblr.com (Cocaine Brick, Smoking Papers, Phillies Blunt Pack, Joint, Blunt) Noir. http://noiranddarksi...ld.blogspot.mx/ (Weed Ziplock bags, Baby Laxatives, Special Cure Jars, Vaporizer) Cepzid http://cepzid.tumblr.com/ (Police Uniform) Luumia http://luumiasims.com/ (Cannabis Plants 3D models) LittleMsSam https://www.patreon.com/LittleMsSam/ (X-Mod integration with More Buyable venues) Discord Support Team (Jamjars, Nerelith, Fujoshi4ever, ScaredAdam, Athena)
  11. Back by popular demand!! Welcome fellow Simmers! I invite you all to share your golden moments and beautiful pics that you feel are too interesting to stay hidden away! Admittedly, I have lot more fun dressing my girls up than I do undressing them with so much amazing cc available so I started a thread as my images aren't always xxx rated, sometimes I may just like the way the light hits or a facial expression! Unfortunately I had to start this from scratch but I hope that you all will join in and help make it as lively and diverse as before! Please feel to re-upload anything that you shown previous and I apologize for the loss, I just hope it's as fun as before! Anything goes! There are no specifics on gender or sexual orientation here! I just ask for NO pet sex please. Images can be posted outside of a spoiler if you prefer not to hide them away, but I'd like to emphasize.... Please remember to remove the images,GIFs or videos when Quoting! I understand that accidents happen and will actively be asking people to do if it occurs, Just to avoid duplication and also help load times Hope you all have fun and thanks everyone for the inspiration and encouragement!! R-Lo Hayabusa xoxo =^•^= ×
  12. [Sims 4] Alonely WW & WickedPets Animations [2020-09-18] View File Alonely Animations~! ❤️ Disclaimer: I do not condone violence, and my pet animations are not supported by my Patreon, it supports my numerous non-pet animations. If you hear or think otherwise, it's false information. -Check out my Discord if you wanna share juicy or tentacle images. ;D -And if you enjoy my mods and animations and have the ability to support me, please do so; they take a lot of time to make! And grab tons of bonus animations while you're at it. ^.^ ***You can always check the package contents lists at the bottom of this page to find out what's in which package! ^.^ Also, check out the first-person camera in-game by pressing Shift+Tab, which lets you see through the selected Sim's eyes. This can lead to some very hot views during animations! 👍*** The following custom content objects will be required for some animations: Gun (has to be put on the floor for regular animation) asketo's TS4 objects (for tentacle animations) budgie2budgie's wine bottles (for animations involving wine bottles) The following mods will be required for some animations: ColonolNutty's Devious Desires mod (for pet animations)* (The above mod used to be called CNWW, and then WickedPets. If you still have an older version with CNWW or WickedPets, my animations should still work :D) IF YOU DO NOT WANT PETS SIMPLY DON'T INSTALL THIS MOD. I don't get why this is so hard for some people. This mod is a REQUIREMENT for pets, meaning even if you installed the WP package too - which is the only one that contains pets - you would never see the pets animations, and there is no way to accidentally do so without also having this mod. Devious Desires mod = Wicked Pets + Kinky Whims --- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can I ask you something about your pet animations? Sure, on this forum or on Discord. To clarify: *If you want to talk or ask questions about pet content seen here, you should NOT do it via Patreon. That is not the place for it, it does NOT support these animations as these are a separate project. Patreon does not support bestiality content period, and any pet-related comments or messages on my Patreon will be unanswered and deleted. If you have a question about these animations, you can message me here on LL or via my Discord username, nowhere else.* Do I need the WickedPets mod for tentacles to work? / Do I need asketo's objects for the pets animations to work? No, you do not need WickedPets for asketo's objects/tentacle animations to work, and you do not need asketo's objects/tentacles for WickedPets animations to work, they do not depend on each other. If you do not like one or the other, just do not install either the WickedPets mod or asketo's objects and that content will not show up in-game without breaking anything either, simple as that. ^.^ Which package are your tentacle animations in? I am trying this structure of putting them in the normal and Patreon packages, because I have been pointed to some tentacle content on Patreon and other sites. I did a bit of research, and it turns out that tentacles are one big gray area on several donation sites, and they are not explicitly banned; there instead seem to be rules about them that can be a bit subjective, such as that they're generally fine but "cannot be attached to a beast". So I'll try this, but if by their guidelines I meet any resistance whatsoever to this decision from ANY site, I will put the tentacles into a separate WW package without hesitation. This pet animation isn't working! / My dog or cat's snout is misaligned in this animation! For the WickedPets mod, you may have to click on the floor and go to "WickedPets Settings -> Cheats -> Ignore Zoophilia Trait" to enable it for all Sims without them having the Zoophilia trait. If it looks like the mouth or tongue is not making contact on certain animations, it's because your dog does not have a long enough snout (like the Dalmatian breed), same with cats. Other than saying this, I cannot offer troubleshooting support for ColonolNutty's mods, as I did not write them. Please make sure it's only my animations specifically that aren't showing up before you ask me about it, and not all creators' animations, else I probably can't help you. How do I start pet x pet animations? Click on a location like the floor or couch, then go to WickedPets -> Start NPC Sex and choose your pets. How do I start a threesome animation in WickedWhims? To start a threesome/foursome/etc. animation in WickedWhims, you often have to start a twosome animation first. So first, start an animation with two Sims, then click on your Sim and go to WickedWhims -> Ask to Join..., choose the appropriate number of additional Sims, then choose the target object, easiest if it's in the same room (the Move Sex Location to Here... option in WickedWhims is sometimes only available for objects in the same room) and pick the threesome/foursome/etc. animation. The multiple-person animation should then start. To start Body Pileup: Because you can only add either pets or humans at one time, and all versions of Body Pileup require 2 humans and 3 dogs (tentacles are just objects like chairs), this is how you should start Body Pileup - this is also good practice for starting any human x dog animation combos: Start any animation on a table/floor with a human and a large dog (human-dog) via Wicked Pets or Devious Desires. Then, add a dog (human-dog-dog). Now add one more human (human-dog-dog-human; you'll have to use my anim "Cross-Species Spitroast Party of 4" as an in-between). Now add one more dog (human-dog-dog-human-dog); you should now be able to select Body Pileup (oral). How do I enable your originally-female animations for both male and female Sims? If you want to enable my animations for all Sims (including males participating in receiving-vaginal animations - hey, buttholes are near enough to the same spot, right? :P), make sure to set the WickedWhims/DeviousDesires setting to allow animations for all genders, which is in "WickedWhims -> Settings -> Sex Settings -> Gender Settings", such as "Recognize Females as Both" (allows males to be in female positions) or "Recognize Males as Both" (allows females to be in male positions)! The Mother Plant is confusing, help! She confuses us all. To find and place her or her pit, press ctrl+shift+c in-game to open the cheat console and type testingcheats true, then bb.showhiddenobjects, then search for The Mother in Build/Buy mode. She requires kind of a big-ass lot! You can place her either in her pit or not, as seen in this gif: Okay, so the Mother Plant from StrangerVille is a very very tricky plant, both to work with and to have sex with, hah! Sometimes when you try to start an animation with her, it will say "[Sim] is not allowed there". You CAN, however, start NPC assault through those dialog boxes using the KinkyWhims mod with a Sim you AREN'T controlling first, and then have your Sim join the sex once it's already in-progress (that is, if you have my Patreon version which allows multiple Sims having sex with the Mother Plant at the same time). The Mother Plant's rig from Sims 4 Studio is entirely messed up and what I saw in my animation program was not what showed up in-game, meaning I had to give it a hard-fix which was very complicated and took some time! Also, the animations were having a war with the mother plant when I tried to set them as CLIMAX and didn't want to run because "This Sim isn't ready to climax yet" (grr), so for now they're set as VAGINAL or ANAL until I figure out how to make them orgasm dammit! Because not everyone has a big-ass lot of space to put her on, I also made single animations with her available as standalones in the free version as well this time! So if you click on any floor and start a solo animation, you'll find the "Mother Plant" animations in that list too, and she'll frickin' pop up wherever you want her to like a scary sonofabitch. ^__^ --- Hello all! I've always enjoyed making character relations - whether in a story in my head or one that actually gets put into a Word document - and I feel that animating allows me to act these stories out in a tangible way. So, I've made my first animation for The Sims 4! The story that I had in my head for most of these involves the Dead or Alive girls (especially Helena, Hitomi, and Marie Rose) in some, and in others, Connor, an android from the PS4 game Detroit: Become Human (and a human female he has begun cohabitating with after the events of the game). So these are the Sims you'll see in a lot of the previews. :3 Feel free to keep checking back, as I've got some yummy stuff planned. If you can't be bothered to check back, don't worry, I'll be editing this post when there's new stuff, so just give it a follow! ❤️ -I will be focusing on rough, fetish, romantic, and cunnilingus animations (though I do plenty of others), and I try to pay attention to each bone and joint to make these animations all look as natural as possible. --- Hey there guys! So, I've got many big updates for y'all! I've added full DeviousDesires support to my animations, so you can use them for more devious behavior! ;O Tentacles! By using asketo's TS4 objects, tentacles will be enabled in my animations! They are objects and are not considered a separate actor, so a male-female-tentacle animation, for example, will be available in the animation list when you have two Sims selected. The tentacle is dancing! Isn't he cute? "Yaay, I get to fuck your pussy!" I introduce to you the "Dazed" series, comprised of animations where one party is a lil loopy! I also introduce to you my already beloved "Shown Off" series, all dedicated to Sims showing off their private bits to others! My free animations are most often those that are not part of a longer series and those that are only able to be started at a specific object. My supporter and donator animations are often those that are part of series (like the "Shown Off" series), and those animations that normally require starting at a prop (big movie camera, etc.) but have been made standalone and available for the floor everywhere - just make sure you have the correct number of Sims selected to see them pop up! Funny story situations! Be sure to check out the first-person camera for your favorite animations by pressing Shift+Tab in-game, which lets you see through the eyes of the currently selected Sim, offering fascinating or funny views! CUM! O_O I have now started adding cumshots to my climax animations! Because why not?! Thanks CherryPie! Maybe we should call you CherryCreamPie? *ba dum tss* O_o Pet x pet animations! SOUND! I've started adding sound to my animations bit by bit, a change voted on by my supporters! It's time to see Alonely's animations everywhere! Starting now, my goal is to make at least one animation for every unique large furniture object per expansion pack (so not including most paintings or tiny clutter items, for example), starting with the Get Famous, Cats & Dogs, and StrangerVille expansions. I'll still be creating ones for common furniture like tables and chairs, and I'll try to make each translatable animation available for as many locations as seems doable, increasing the total number of locations over time. My goal is that you gradually start to see "Alonely" on your Wicked Whims animations lists for nearly everything you click on! Current Get Famous objects with Alonely animations: Pristine Pedestal Stationary Camera Rolling Camera Jib Current Cats & Dogs objects with Alonely animations: Pet Bowl Dr. Magi-Heal's Get Better Table all doggy doors Current StrangerVille objects with Alonely animations: Bizarre Plant (at StrangerVille Lab) Strange Sprout Sculpture Mother Plant (at StrangerVille Lab) The Mother I'm so excited to be on this fun journey with y'all! --- More pets gifs below because I get a bit carried away with putting gifs on this page sometimes, I'm so sorry. xD When the creepy pervert finds and captures the superstar and gets his way, showing her goods to millions of viewers! :<<< The WP_Alonely_Animations package contains, among others: Dog Rider Vaginal [vaginal @ floor, yoga mat]. Dog Rider Anal [anal @ floor, yoga mat]. God Yes Lick It [oral @ coffee table, chair, dining chair, desk chair, sofa, loveseat, ottoman, toilet, hottub, workout machine]. Oh God That Tickles So Much [oral @ coffee table, chair, dining chair, desk chair, sofa, loveseat, ottoman, toilet, hottub, workout machine, bench]. Pet Bowl Snacking [oral @ pet bowl]. Pet Bowl Warming Up [teasing @ pet bowl]. Pet Bowl Getting Lucky Pussy [vaginal @ pet bowl]. Pet Bowl Creaming Helpless Pussy [climax @ pet bowl]. Pet Snacking [oral @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, chair, dining chair, desk chair]. Dogs - Screwing Pooches [SD-SD vaginal @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa]. Dogs - Flaunting It [SD-SD teasing @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs]. Dogs - Take Her While in Heat [SD-SD vaginal @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs]. Cats - Flaunting It [C-C teasing @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs]. Cats - Take Her While in Heat [C-C vaginal @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs]. Pets - Flaunting It [SD-C teasing @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs]. Pets - Take Her While in Heat [SD-C vaginal @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs]. Tentacle Plant Beasts - Are You Ready? [2some TFD vaginal @ Bizarre Plant (at StrangerVille Lab), Strange Sprout Sculpture].* Tentacle Beast - Are You Ready? [2some TFD vaginal @ asketo's tentacle object OR any floor or yoga mat].** Tentacle Plant Beasts - Capturing Your Body [2some TFD vaginal @ Bizarre Plant (at StrangerVille Lab), Strange Sprout Sculpture].* Tentacle Plant Beasts - Capturing Your Body Climax [2some TFD climax @ Bizarre Plant (at StrangerVille Lab), Strange Sprout Sculpture].* Tentacle Beast - Capturing Your Body [2some TFD vaginal @ asketo's tentacle object OR any floor or yoga mat].** Tentacle Beast - Capturing Your Body Climax [2some TFD climax @ asketo's tentacle object OR any floor or yoga mat].** Get Better, Doctor [2some DF anal @ Dr. Magi-Heal's Get Better Table OR any floor]. Dogs - Screwing Pooches [D-D vaginal @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, OR any floor or yoga mat]. Dogs - Flaunting It [SD-SD teasing @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs, OR any floor or yoga mat]. Dogs - Take Her While in Heat [SD-SD vaginal @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs, OR any floor or yoga mat]. Cats - Flaunting It [C-C teasing @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs, OR any floor or yoga mat]. Cats - Take Her While in Heat [C-C vaginal @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs, OR any floor or yoga mat]. Pets - Flaunting It [SD-C teasing @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs, OR any floor or yoga mat]. Pets - Take Her While in Heat [SD-C vaginal @ ottoman, loveseat, sofa, coffee table, some chairs, OR any floor or yoga mat]. The WW_Alonely_Animations package contains, among others (spoiler, large-ish gifs): So, you lovelies know what to do! Have your Sims go forth and multiply! ;D This mod adds sex animations to The Sims 4. You must have the WickedWhims mod installed in order to make it work. Submitter Alonely Submitted 01/02/2019 Category Animations - WickedWhims Requires
  13. Version 3.1.1


    Hello everybody! Making sims is one of the things I really enjoy about the game and after some time of playing I'm here to share my creations with you. I hope you like them as much as I do and if you have any issue with my Sims please report it on the "Get Support" section of this post. Please if you like my content leave your like and follow this post, I really appreciate it and you will be notified when I upload new content. Two Months ago I shared with you my beloved vampire Patricia, it was the beginning of something wonderful. Now this post has more than 20 sims and counting ready for download and more than 50K downloads, I can't thank you enough guys for your response, and of course for all your likes, follows, comments, messages, etc. If you like my work please consider supporting me on Patreon, it would help me a lot to continue improving my skills and bring more and better content. From now on my way of working will change to Early Access Model (See the "Support me on Patreon" section below) What can you find on this post? Originals: styled sims, that means that I choose carefully every outfit, hair, makeup and body details so all matches looking for perfection, I want to show the Sim personality across the Style. Special Characters: Sims based on celebrities, or famous characters, the treatment is similar to the Makeovers, keep the essential aspects, I do not create exactly models. Townie Makeovers: Vanilla sims from the game with a total customization with CC, trying to keep the essence and improving some details with her style and complexion. Right now you have a catalog of more than 20 sims available to download here in Loverslab, if you like my work please consider supporting me on Patreon, it would help me a lot to keep improving my skills and bring more quality content. I don't want to be part of the creators who block their content behind a "Payment Exclusive", but if you decide to supporte me I don't want you to leave empty-handed after you spend your own money either. So I want to give you my most valuable resource: Time From now on my way of working will change to Early Access Model, but do not worry my content will be published here after some time (not too much time of course), and if you want requested styles, favourite Makovers or Special characters in mind I want to know And just to be clear MY CONTENT WILL NOT BE PATREON EXCLUSIVE Thank you in advance Here you will find my available in Early Access on my Patreon page, Thank you for you support Harley Quinn A DC comics character, combining the style of Suicide Squad and Injustice 2 Public Realease: 10/31/2020 Outfits (CC included) Abrahel Antifora A hot and sexy succubus ready for you to ask her out these spooky nights Public Realease: 11/02/2020 Outfits (CC included) All the Sims you are about to see, form this point forward are available for download here in this post on Loverslab In this section you will find Sims that I made right from the start. Enjoy! Patricia Pushkin My lovely Vampire, the first Sim that I made right from the start. She's a Global Superstar and Master vampire. Please treat her nicely Katya Kozlov She's the second sim that I share with you, inspired by some Instagram Cosplayers. Sophie Steiner For her I wanted a more cute look, together with an artist personality. Camila Carter A lonely writer waiting for that great moment of inspiration Sandra Suárez A latin girl with a huge passion for exercise, especially cardio Valerie Vansworth A 50's pin up girl, Let's rock 'n roll! Michelle Mondelli A new University student looking forward to choose a career Hana Hyeong A Korean girl looking for the dream scientist job Lucy Laurent First requested style: a 90's Rave Sim. Thank you for the idea! Arantza Altadill Another request: An art hoe stlye waiting for you! Marianne Martell Another request style, A sexy rock girl with tiny goth details. Caroline Cannon Request: A super shy schoolgirl from the University Rachel Reynolds Request: A super Hot Milf waiting for you to fill that loneliness Here you will find sims based on celebrities or famous characters, trying to keep their style and essential aspects. I do NOT create exactly copies Aletta Ocean I start a new section for this post with a well knowed Porn Star: Aletta Ocean Dolores Abernathy Another request: The killer look for the leading actress from Westworld Seasson 3 Here you will find the vanilla Sims from the game, but with a total makeover and customization with CC. Venessa Jeong The newcomer to Del Sol Valley is my first Sim with makeover Penny Pizzazz THE source of latest trends in San Myshuno now with a total Makeover Catarina Lynx The cat lady now with a 100% makeover, cats included Babs L'Amour Yes, She's that sim that you always see on your vanilla Gallery Judith Ward The Global Superstar, actress legend and a widow Millonaire L. Faba Spellcaster and sage of Mischief Magic in The Magic Realm Bella Goth The makeover most requested until now, a lovely and sexy woman from The Sims Saga Behr Sisters Yuki and Candy Behr, The most iconic sisters from Windenburg ************************************* Thanks to all the CC creators, please check here their amazing stuff Thank you for visit my post! Please do not claim my work as yours! P.D. Sorry for my English, it's not my mother language
  14. [Sims 4] MOTHERLODESIMS Sex Animations for WhickedWhims (NEW UPDATE - 07/12/2020) View File WARNING: 18+ (NSFW) Hi guys, I am creating animations for THE SIMS 4, the available packages are exposed to support in PATREON or GUMROAD. PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/motherlodesims LL NOW: 404 FREE ANIMATIONS Each month a package will be released for free. Available for download now: Here are the previews animations of The Sims 4 that I made, and soon we will have more, I hope everyone likes: https://motherlodesimsww.wordpress.com ----------------------- Recommended Mods TO USE with my package: TURBODRIVER: WickedWhims (https://goo.gl/MuFz1j) Tonicmole: Bouncing Sim Boobies (https://goo.gl/UVae7u) Azmodan22: Female Strapon Collection (https://goo.gl/EYiWmw) Improved Male Rig with Penis Bones (https://goo.gl/rFJbR3) Bondage Devices (https://goo.gl/oS2odv) .Noir.: Sex Toy: Clutter Set (https://goo.gl/CNqs8f) autobanned: Sim 4 tongue (https://goo.gl/mqTfke) Kodenu: fleshlight (https://tinyurl.com/y6qhg95a) Cherry Pie's Cum Mesh: (https://tinyurl.com/y4xfqqrn) Thanks for all of you making great mods. Submitter Motherlodesims Submitted 08/30/2017 Category Animations - WickedWhims Requires  
  15. [Sims 4] Kiki's Animations for WickedWhims [13/October/2020] View File ⚜️ Greetings to all who interested in my animations and who just found it! I create long and looped animations, containing sound or visual effects and props. Also they're focused on romantic and teasing interactions, maledom, light bdsm, semi-forced sex. Basically my animations contain some kind of story that I take from my head or from your suggestions, so if you have an idea for animations that fits into the theme of my works, you can offer it here, it would be very helpful (especially if it'll have a detailed description, hehe). Also you can support my works on Patreon, so I can spend more time to it! Thank you! FAQ Location: DESK Props: Homework book (Base Game) ANIMATIONS: ... All animations list: Submitter Kiki Chain Submitted 04/14/2019 Category Animations - WickedWhims Requires Wicked Whims by Turbodriver
  16. [Sims 4] R-Lo's WickedWhims Animations 07/10/2019 View File Hi Everybody! I'm learning to use Blender & Sims 4 Studio and with special thanks to Redabyss and many other talented people, I can share with you, my animations for WickedWhims & The Sims 4. My main interest and focus for creating lies in the more playful and Sapphic side of things and I take a lot of inspiration from anime shows too! If you would like to help support my work and it's evolution and also to help me fill this page with fun and erotic animations visit me here : R-Lo's_Patreon For early access to animations! ALL my animations are made publicly available and I have many in the works to come! I upload my animations to my Patreon on the day they are finished and they are all made available for early access on a single $3 tier. Charge upfront is active and access to links will be shared throughout the month as works are completed! Ultimately all my creations will be uploaded here for free download and nothing held back as "exclusive" _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE : in order to use the accessories for my animations, they must first be applied to an outfit slot in CAS by using "testingcheats true" followed by "cas.fulleditmode" and shift clicking on a Sim. Then switch to this outfit before or during sex for it to show in game. The following mods are required for some specific animations to function or display correctly : (REMEMBER! SOME ARE OBJECTS AND SOME ARE ACCESSORIES, PLEASE READ THE NOTES ON USE WHEN DOWNLOADING THESE!!! To Love-Ru Manga by Me : [R-Lo] To Love-ru book.package Jeffyboy's Plaything Accessory : plaything 2.package **UPDATED** Bugatti Veyron by Lorysims (No fade and a girly colour added by me) : BugattiVeyronGrandSportVitessebyLorySims.package **UPDATED** Rose Accessory by JenniSims : http://www.mediafire.com/file/26x5zmhkovogjch/ Stage Pole by Noir : https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/2018/05/ts4-pole-dance-stage.html?m=1 Oak Tree override by Me (No Fade) : no fade oak tree.package Fallen Pants Accessory by Julie J : https://juliejsadult18sims234cc.blogspot.com/2017/12/sims-4-maretabuniketa-fallen-pants-as_4.html?m=1 Folly Of Lady St. Chloris override by Me (No Fade) : no fade folly.package Hair Brush by Soloriya : http://soloriya.blogspot.com/2017/01/hair-brush-pose-accessory-sims-4.html YrSa BDSM Chair : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4070-sims4-yrsa-bdsm-devices/ Balloon Dildo by Noir : https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/2018/09/ts4-ballon-dildo.html?zx=3aad50a8b834c676 Love Below Leg-Strap Dildo by MiniGiles : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/97190-lovebelow-strapped-loaded-collection/ Lolly Pop Accessory by Tong with extra colours added by Zheur: Tong_Lollipops.package I-Phone Accessory By A3RU : http://sims4downloads.net/a3ru-iphone-5-accessory/ Love Honey Dildo By Chisami : chisimi_lovehoneyacc1.package Dancing Pole & Bed Double Dildo by Azmodan : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3527-bondage-devices/ Handcuffs from Princess Paranoia : http://sims4studio.com/thread/4220/sims-4-cc-princess-paranoia?page=2 Sex Toy no.1 & 4 (Hitachi) By Noir : https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/ts4-sex-toy-clutter-set.html?m=1&zx=d49a1ebbb49b413d Donut Pool Float By Chisami : Chisami-Donut_Pool_Float.package Love Below Joywave Sybian by MiniGiles : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4493-lovebelow-joywave-sybian/ Paint brush by Soloriya : http://soloriya.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/paintbrush-accessory-sims-4.html?m=1 X-frame by .Noir. : https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/2017/02/ts4-illusion-room-set.html Dildo : Noir and Dark or Chisami Suction Cup http://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.mx/2017/03/ts4-horse-dildo-set.html or http://chisimi.tumblr.com/post/125399408407/okayyy-lol-im-done-with-this-stuff-for-now-have Left-Handed Short Curve & Right-Handed Long Straight Double Dong by Noir : http://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.mx/2017/05/ts4-accessory-pack-double-dong.html Jomsims Modern Laundry : http://www.jomsimscreations.fr/misc.html Motorcycle : The Beast By Esmeralda http://modthesims.info/d/551043 Whip accessory by SAC : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ye71mms6ubsm6oy/SAC_u_whip.package?dl=0 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At present these animations are free to download with more to come... Recently Added Animations Include...... SOFA/LOVESEAT > HANDJOB > MASTURBATING TOGETHER : FF DOUBLE BED > HANDJOB > MUTUAL MASTURBATION : FF DOUBLE BED > ANAL > SUBMISSIVE ANAL : MF/FF BUGATTI VEYRON > HANDJOB > FEMALE SOLO : F BUGATTI VEYRON > VAGINAL > HANDLING A STICK : F SOFA > VAGINAL > PUSSY ON PUSSY GRINDING : FF SOFA/LOVESEAT > HANDJOB > INTER SOLO TOUCHING (FOR FUTANARI PENIS WITH VAGINA) : ANY GENDER DOUBLE BED > TEASING > JUST CHILLIN' : ANY GENDER COUPLE POOL LADDER > TEASING > TEASING BY THE POOL : F POOL LADDER > HANDJOB > TEASING BY THE POOL : F DOUBLE BED > HANDJOB > SOLO FEMALE TEASE : F LIVING CHAIR > ORALJOB > FEET UP VOYEUR : FFF/FMF DINING TABLE > TEASING > WAITING/WATCHING FOR AN INVITE : ANY GENDER DINING TABLE > TEASING > LOVING KISSES : ANY GENDER COUPLE FLOOR > TEASING > TICKLE TIME : ANY GENDER COUPLE (requires Noir's X-frame) FLOOR > ORALJOB > AT THEIR MERCY : ANY GENDER THREESOME (requires Noir's X-frame) SOFA/LOVESEAT > VAGINAL > DILDO INSERTION : FF/MF (requires realistic dildo by Noir) FLOOR > VAGINAL > DILDO ON CHAIR 1 & 2 : F (requires realistic dildo by Noir) DOUBLE BED > VAGINAL > HITACHI SQUIRT : FF/MF (requires sex toy 04 by Noir) SOFA > VAGINAL > DOUBLE DILDO : FF (requires bed double dildo by Azmodan22) preview.webm As mentioned above its WIP so all feedback is welcome! I'm working to improve the older animations as I go along so feel free to recommend anything you'd like to see updated! Many thanks to TURBODRIVER for creating this mod, the detailed tutorials and also the support provided with frequent updates and advice. A Big thanks to Zorak for helping me to better understand the dope sheet, Azmodan for some great advice regarding timing and Zheur for being an amazing cc hunter and sharing lots of inspiration and my Sis for helping me to stay focused on the things I enjoy I'd also like to give a huge thanks to Dagger for the control rig and Simite for helping me to understand it! Also, not forgetting everybody here for showing me a whole new side of video gaming and inspiring me! And a Very Special Thanks to Redabyss for expanding on the tutorials with an in depth guide to Blender, being my mentor, fixing my XML and having the patience of a saint! Submitter R-Lo Submitted 05/10/2018 Category Animations - WickedWhims Requires
  17. Idle Bondage Animations by bobahloo View File These animations are not random enabled, since I have them set to loop endlessly with both player and NPC sims. You'll need to download my CC BDSM furniture for some animations to play as well some other objects listed below. OBJECTS NEEDED FOR SOME ANIMATIONS Asketos objects Ozzzy objects Hyperdrivers objects bobahloo objects A.Trois ankle ropes Whipping Frame by Kodenu Resized Sex Toys by wild-guy Un-Electric Chair by Necrodog YrSa BDSM Devices SalarmoJ's Objects KRITICAL Naughty Collection and KRITICAL Patreon for Bondage Trolley azmodan22 Bondage Devices Dailiaa Vampire Illuminated Below Blood Cabinet ANIMATION LIST Join my Patreon to get early access to new content and Support Future works ... bobahloo's PATREON Submitter bobahloo Submitted 04/15/2020 Category Animations - WickedWhims Requires Wicked Whims
  18. Sims 4 Community Library View File Welcome to The Sims 4 Community Library! Description: This is more of an API than a mod itself. It does nothing on its own and is meant as a framework for other Sims 4 developers to utilize in their own code bases. Only install the library if you have installed a mod that requires it! To see the documentation for S4CL check out the docs! To start creating mods using S4CL check out the template project! Looking to install S4CL? Follow the installation instructions below for details. Changelog: For a changelog of the most recent updates and additions, take a look at the releases page. Current Features: For a complete list of features and utilities, check out the documentation - Vanilla Tuning identifiers for: - Buffs - Interactions - Relationship Bits - Relationship Tracks - Short-Term Relationship Bits - Motives - Many Others! - Logging - Log messages to a file - Log custom exceptions - Log the current stack trace, find out who or what is calling your functions! - Useful when debugging code! - Enable/Disable logs via a command in-game. `s4clib.enable_log�<log_name>` - Exception Handling - Log to a file exceptions that are thrown - Catch exceptions within your functions via a decorator - Custom Dialogs - Ok/Cancel Dialog - Choose Object Dialog - Choose Sim Dialog - Custom Icons: - Right Arrow - Navigate Into Arrow - Question Mark - Six Sided Dice - Checked Box - Unchecked Box - Notifications - Sim Icons - Warnings - Errors - Info - Story Dialogs (Add custom buttons, add sim icons) - Sim Picker - Prompt the player to choose a sim or a number of sims from a dialog. - Custom Notifications - Basic Notification - Display a notification with a title and description of varying urgency. - Interactions - Registration - Register Interactions to: - Terrain - Ocean - Objects (Sims, Furniture, etc.) - Custom Interactions - Create interactions the run Python code in their backends - Interaction Types: - CommonInteraction - Inherit from this to hook into an interaction and add python functionality to its functions - Immediate Super Interaction - An interaction that doesn't require a target to perform. It is started immediately and without an animation. - Super Interaction - Like the Immediate Super interaction but these require a target to perform. (sim_chat is one example of a Super Interaction) - Mixer Interaction - Use this for custom Mixer interactions. - Social Mixer Interaction - Use this for custom Social Mixer interactions. - Terrain Interaction - Use for interactions that appear when clicking on the ground. - Perform logical checks to determine whether or not to show an interaction - Or display an interaction as disabled, with a displayed tooltip that shows when the player hovers the interaction. - Run Python code when an interaction is started, cancelled, or has finished. - Custom Interaction Tooltips - Display tooltips on interactions that display on hover. - Locate CommonInteraction for an example of how to utilize custom tooltips in your own interactions. - Event Handling - Create, Dispatch, and Handle Dynamic Events - Handle events without needing a reference to the code that sends the event. - Decouple that code! - Interval Events - Run functions on millisecond intervals. - Run functions once, after an amount of time has passed. - Interaction events (Queued, Started, Ended, Interaction Outcomes) - Sim - Spawn - Occurs when a Sim spawns or is born into the world. - Initialization - Occurs when a Sim is initialized (before being spawned). - Occult Swapping - Occurs when a Sim changes to a different Occult (i.e. Human to Mermaid or Human to Vampire or vice verse) - Zone Events - Zone Update - Occurs every time the zone updates. (Basically every time the game ticks) - Zone Teardown - Occurs every time the zone is torn down. Occurs before a loading screen, but only after a Zone had been previously loaded. (See Zone Early/Late Load) - Zone Save - Occurs every time a zone is saved. This occurs before the game saves for the player. Be careful with this one! - Zone Early Load - Occurs when a zone is loaded, but before the players household has loaded. - Zone Late Load - Occurs when a zone is loaded, but after the players household has loaded. - Utilities - Sim utilities - Get the Active Sim - Get Sim Info, Sim Instance, and Sim Ids - Get All Sims nearby and�filter which types of sims to get�(Age, Species, Occult, Traits, Buffs, etc.) - Occults - Check Occult Types of sims. - Ages - Get/Set/Check Ages of sims. - Genders - Get/Set/Check Genders of sims. - Species - Get/Set/Check Species of sims. - Buffs - Add/Remove/Check Buffs of sims. - Traits - Add/Remove/Check Traits of sims. - Sim State - Check various states of sims. (Wearing towel, Dying, etc.) - Sim Spawn/Despawn - Spawn, Despawn, and Delete Sims. - CAS - Outfit - Set/Get/Update/Check the current outfit of sims. - CAS Utils - Attach/Detach/Check cas parts of a sims outfit. You can put any cas part in any BodyType via these. - Components - Get various components of objects (Statistics, Traits, Buffs, etc.) - Resources - Load Resources or Tuning files by their identifiers. (Buffs, Traits, Statistics, Snippets, etc.) - Icons - Load Icons provided by S4CL or your own Icons. - Types - Determine the type of objects without needing to use isinstance or having a reference to the type itself in your own code. - Time - Manage time. Pause the game, get/change the current game speed, get/set the time of day, etc. - Collections - Determine if an object is a collection, combine collections, flatten collections, etc. - Injection - Inject custom functionality into functions - IO (Input/Output) - Write string data to a file or load string data from a file. - Stack Trace - Retrieve the complete and full stack trace. - Localization utilities - Retrieve LocalizedStrings from StringTables of .package files. - Format tokens into LocalizedStrings - Display text in specific colors (Colors can be added by request) - Blue - Green - Red - Create Localized Tooltips - Use to display tooltips on interactions (while also displaying the interaction) - These can be useful to give more information to the player about why something cannot be performed, instead of simply hiding that something. - Weather - Statistics - Motives - Many more! - Testing Framework - Write tests to test your python code and run the tests via a command within the game. - The results will be logged to the 'Documents/The Sims 4/'�folder - A single function can handle multiple tests utilizing the same code with different arguments. - Run tests via the command: `s4clib.run_tests <class_names_separated_by_a_space>` - Class Names are the names of the classes decorated with 'test_class' - If no class names are provided, all of the tests will run. Installation: - Download the latest zip archive from the releases page (It is the one with the version number in it Example: sims4communitylib.v0.0.0.zip) (Ignore the ones that contain Source Code in their name) - Unpack the archive using your favorite archiving tool. - Drag the files/folders to your Mods directory. - Keep in mind the ts4script file MUST be either top level (Directly in the Mods/<ts4script file>�folder) or one folder deep (Mods/Blah/<ts4script file>). Any deeper and it will not work. Requirements: - Sims 4 Patch Version (Eco Lifestyle) or above - DLCs are NOT required, you only need to have an up to date game (Check the bottom of the main menu for your current version). Planned Features: - For a list of planned features, take a look at the repository. Note for Modders: - If you have ideas for additions to add or want one of the planned features sooner rather than later, I'm all ears! Let's work together to create a library that we all can use! - To see the documentation for S4CL check out the docs! What is the workflow for working with S4CL? - Create a project based off of the Template Project - Use the green button in the top right The Main Page to download this project as a zip file. - In your project, create another directory called `S4CL`. - Open the downloaded project and copy the `Scripts/sims4communitylib` folder into the `S4CL` folder we created in the previous step. The folder structure should then be: `<Your Project>/S4CL/sims4communitylib` - Right click the `S4CL` folder -> Mark Directory as -> Sources Root - The `S4CL` folder should turn a blue color and the `sims4communitylib` folder should look like a folder with a dot (In other words, it should NOT be blue). - Your folder structure should look like this: `<Your Project>/S4CL/sims4communitylib` at this point. - Ensure you list in the description of your mod a link to the github releases (You may even link a specific release to ensure compatibility.) - Ensure you properly attribute S4CL and its author according to the license located at the bottom of this readme. - In order to prevent users from accidentally installing multiple copies of S4CL into their Mods folder, it is preferred to redirect the users of your mod to download S4CL from either the github repository or releases pages instead of bundling it with your mod. Copyright: Disclaimers If you or another mod author spots something that you consider to be "plagiarism" please ask me about it, it is highly likely that it is merely a coincidence. I will be more than happy to discuss it with you and we can together come to a compromise, whether that be deleting the offending file or recreating it entirely. DO NOT just report this mod for plagiarism, it is both rude and immature. Use your words, Lovers Lab is NOT a place for immature children to be running around, there is an age required to create accounts after all. False accusations will be reported. If you decide to report any part of the code as plagiarized, expect to be asked for proof and a list of files/code spots where you believe code has been plagiarized. If no proof is provided, or if the response "all of it" is provided. Your claim will be invalid and subject to report abuse. A note to moderators: If you are planning on taking this mod down, please warn me, or send me a message, or do ANYTHING to get my attention before hand. I'm sick of my mods being taken down without so much as a word, it is extremely disrespectful! I would love to have a chance to rectify my mistakes before deletion. If it is deleted in the future without a warning or any indication of why, I will promptly re-upload it within 24 hours of the incident, under the assumption that it was mistakenly deleted, I hope you can understand. Thank you in advance! Submitter ColonolNutty Submitted 02/21/2020 Category Extensions Requires Nothing but Sims 4 vanilla  
  19. Looking for help? Don't post here! Create a new topic! Always remove all files from the previous version before installation! Didn't find an answer? Create a new topic.
  20. Version 1.1.4


    Hello, I'm creating animations for Wickedwhims, I mainly focus on fetish animations (foot worship/ass worship/facesitting/trample/fart/goldenshower/...) and general femdom. Although my animations are created with a female dom and a male sub in mind, feel free to switch the genders, a bunch of my animation will still look fine. Though bear in mind that the dom sim won't have any penis/testicles action. The sub however will have boobs/testicle/penis action. (my older animations don't have boobs jiggling on the sub) There are animations in this file with an amazon/tall girl flavor named SNUSNU : those animations are meant to be played with an height mod, they won't look good without as the animations are made with a rig where the dominant sim is roughly 10% larger than the average sim while the sub is 10% smaller. There are also animations meant to be played only once. (transition type animation) You will need to have sex stage progression on, and not override the duration of animation in wickedwhims settings for it to work properly. You'll also need to have the auto-undressing setting on for the undress animations. My animations are compatible with colonolnutty KinKy mod (specifically most of the SNUSNU series and the Queen's chair series are considered aggressive) To play all my animations smoothly you'll need : The Sims 4 with latest update (some DLCs might also be needed, e.g. Spa Day for the massage table, realm of magic for the WITCH series) WickedWhims A height mod to play the amazon animations correctly (animations named SNUSNU), I suggest this one (the animations are made to fit a sim 10% taller than standard height with a sim 10% smaller which is roughly the max height lost/boost you can get with this mod -the heightslider1.package-) However any type of height slider mod should work, just bear in mind that the optimal height difference between sims for the animation to look good is roughly 20% Yr_sa Bondage Devices for the Bondage Cross and the steel hole Azmodan22's Bondage Devices for the pillory (optional) Kritical's slaveset1a headpiece fits well with some animations (e.g. the "fuck face" animation) Serinka's Sport inventory for the barbell and barbell stand Big Boobs Waifu, a flirty book recolor to play the "big boobs waifu" sequence There are 2 packages : "WW_fouyaya_animations" and "WW_fouyaya_animations_extreme", the extreme package is optional and contains animations that might not appeal to everyone (piss, farts, toilet domination) put one or both .package in your Electronic Arts/The Sims4/mods/wickedwhims folder and enjoy. Be aware that some animations will only fit nicely with a specific type of furniture/object. (will be mentioned) You need the Realm of Magic DLC for the WITCH animations to look and sound as intended (sound and visual effects) however you should still be able to play them without it.(use the "ignore occult sims restrictions" in gender settings in WW to avoid needing a witch/wizard sim to trigger them) I am on Patreon if you want to support me ( this keeps me motivated to make more animations and to make them better, also you'll get early access to additional animations ) (preview gallery here)(and here for the most recent content) list of animations (152) : ++NEW++Early Access++ August/September/october extreme animations package (piss/farts/toilet domination) regular package (animations in orange are in early access on my patreon) (sofa animations will look best with the "size-sensitive Sofa") (chair animations will look best with the "Arrmless dining chair" or "armmed dining chair") (stool chair animations will look best with the "retro dinette bar stool") (living chair animations will look best with the "deep delight living chair")
  21. Hello everyone! My name is YrSa and I make animations for WickedWhims. I do quite a lot of BDSM animations, but not only. Recently, I has progressed noticeably in my work. And it makes me happy. Like any creator, I have mine favorite works. I decided to share them here. I will not post here all my works - only those that I especially like. I want to hear your wishes and advice in order to become better. For example, a tango lesson. This is difficult work because there is a lot of leg movement.
  22. Hey everyone. So today is the day I'll be getting my VR set up and the first thing I'll probs try it out on is Sims 4. As we all know Sims has its 1st Person mode when you press Shift+Tab and if you look up if its possible to run Sims 4 on VR you get some info here and there saying yes and no, a YouTube video here or there,and "Is it compatible with Vorpx?" etc. I'll be aggresively trying to figure out how it works later on today, so once I have everything all figured out I'll be posting here what I did step by step as to help others in case they are curious or wanting to try Sims 4 in VR. Hopefully all goes well and others can use this as a place of reference to get VR set up for Sims 4 if that's something they're interested in.
  23. Hey! I have Nisa's wicked perversions and I'm having an issue with TAM Explorer. Everything is showing up when I try to use it, but when I click on an action it never happens. It just shows up in the queue but then it just goes away. Does anyone else have this problem? It's in the first place in my mods folder so I'm not sure what else it would be unless another mod is messing with it. Thank you!
  24. Slutty/Sexy clothes View File View File Hi there ! Little bit about what am i planning to post in the future ( if of-course you like this and would like to see more from me), so i saw that there isn't really a lot of sexy or slutty clothing out there for sims to enjoy or at least that would be 3d and not painted on the body, so i thought if you can't find any make them yourself, and thus i am here. If you like what you see, and want to see more you can freely post your suggestions here, in a form of picture of sort, so that i could try and recreate it. OHH AND ONE MORE THING I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR INGAME USE OF MY CC, SO FEEL FREE TO POST THEM HERE....CHEERS GUYS !!! ohh and big shout out to: 1) Hiroki and his BETTER BODY mod, because without him things would seem flat ... anyway go and support the guy here https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3682-better-body-november-15-rigged-penis-update/ 2) Lunar eclipse, check him here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3436-sims-4-lunar-eclipse-new-hd-penis-model-hard-and-soft-ver-updatewickedwhims-compatible/ I AM OPENED TO ANY SUGGESTIONS ABOUT FUTURE PROJECTS, SO IF YOU WANT SOMETHING FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST, PREFERABLY BY ADDING A PIC DOWN BELOW SO guys...i created a patreon account link here https://www.patreon.com/user?u=10967382 it means if you want to support me then please do so ...and it also means that probably i'll post first there and then here...we'll see how it will go...again it's not mandatory (obvious )but it's appreciated ... and still all the thing a create will be published here as well...sooner or later Submitter sstormyy Submitted 04/07/2018 Category Clothing Requires  
  25. [Sims 4][WIP] ooOLaLa World's Sex Animations for WickedWhims [TS4] (15th October 2020) [10+ Animations!] View File View File WARNING ADULT CONTENT! (NSFW) YOU MUST BE 18+ Use this mod at your own risk. Made possible by TURBODRIVER's Wicked Whims Mod Inspired by the pros: Amra72 (Since Sims 3) & Mike24 (Sims 4) ooOLaLaWorld (TS4) meets WickedWhims Animated Penis - Animation Showcase FEATURES : BREAST PHYSICS, OBJECT MOVEMENT, PENIS & BALLS MOVEMENT ANIMATIONS MAY BE PATREON EXCLUSIVE Click 'show' next to "spoiler" to view Available Animations List: - All animations are fully equipped with sound in-game - Click 'show' next to "spoiler" to view SPECIAL THANKS: TUBRODRIVER for making this even possible. Amra72 & Mike24 for inspiring me personally. Cmar for the original penis mesh Denton for the enabling breast movement Azmodan22 for the animated penis mod Autobanned for the tongue mod Thanks to you all on the forum who show your support for ooOLaLaWorld. You're awesome! For ooOLaLa World to work you need TURBODRIVER's WickedWhims Mod. Read the thread to find out how to download and use the mod: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/66213-sims-4-wickedwoohoo-111008-31-july-2016/page-1 DOWNLOAD Submitter ooOLalaWorld Submitted 01/29/2017 Category Animations - WickedWhims Requires TUBRODRIVER's WickedWhims Mod
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