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  1. My Followers Pack 5 - Standalone Followers - LE / SE View File This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fifth merged pack. Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ Read Helia's story here. Read Isabella's story here. Read Leah's story here. Read Oasis' story here. Followers: Helia, Isabella, Leah, Linn and Oasis. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. They wear the following clothes/armor: Helia → Companion's armor / Dawnbreaker Isabella → Fine clothes / Steel sword Leah → Archmage robes / 2x Ebony daggers Linn → Elven armor / 2x Elven daggers Oasis → Tavern clothes / 2x Scimitars I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Helia - Outside Kilkreath's Temple, Solitude. Isabella - East Empire Company Docks, Solitude. Leah - Wandering around Shor's Stone. Linn - Sky Haven Temple. Oasis - Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA - SE / LE Skin - Leyenda Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE Submitter Anuketh Submitted 09/19/2020 Category Companions Requires Read description Special Edition Compatible Yes
  2. Let me introduce you to my current character, Morgana. Please enjoy. Part I: Captured Part II: Escape Part III: Learning in nature Part IV: Witch of the swamp
  3. This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fifth merged pack. Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ Read Helia's story here. Read Isabella's story here. Read Leah's story here. Read Oasis' story here. Followers: Helia, Isabella, Leah, Linn and Oasis. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. They wear the following clothes/armor: Helia → Companion's armor / Dawnbreaker Isabella → Fine clothes / Steel sword Leah → Archmage robes / 2x Ebony daggers Linn → Elven armor / 2x Elven daggers Oasis → Tavern clothes / 2x Scimitars I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Helia - Outside Kilkreath's Temple, Solitude. Isabella - East Empire Company Docks, Solitude. Leah - Wandering around Shor's Stone. Linn - Sky Haven Temple. Oasis - Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA - SE / LE Skin - Leyenda Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE
  4. Version 1.0


    This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fifth merged pack. Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ Read Helia's story here. Read Isabella's story here. Read Leah's story here. Read Oasis' story here. Followers: Helia, Isabella, Leah, Linn and Oasis. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. They wear the following clothes/armor: Helia → Companion's armor / Dawnbreaker Isabella → Fine clothes / Steel sword Leah → Archmage robes / 2x Ebony daggers Linn → Elven armor / 2x Elven daggers Oasis → Tavern clothes / 2x Scimitars I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Helia - Outside Kilkreath's Temple, Solitude. Isabella - East Empire Company Docks, Solitude. Leah - Wandering around Shor's Stone. Linn - Sky Haven Temple. Oasis - Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA - SE / LE Skin - Leyenda Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE
  5. Juliet was Elisif The Fair's cousin. At an early age she was sent along with her cousin to be married to a nobleman and help strengthen relations between Elisif's family and the court of Solitude. But she was born to liderate. Become Juliet's personal bodyguard and escort her to fulfill her destiny as Empress of Tamriel. Will be released when we reach 110 followers on !! Thank you for all the support! Read Juliet's story here. Name: Juliet Hair: Brown Level: 5 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. She carries a dwemer dagger and wears a Jarl Outfit. Juliet has been exclusively made for LE and SE. Without ports of any type. I've personally tested Juliet in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Outfits that match this story: Noble dress from Divine Elegance Kozakowy's 1600 Isabella De Bourbon Court Gown Kozakowy's 1660 Gown Kozakowy's 1700 Lady Sarah Churchill Gown Kozakowy's 1760 Black Stays Corset Outfit Kozakowy's Black Corset Dress Blue Palace, Solitude. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio - SE / LE Skin - Bijin Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE
  6. This is the second new sets of outfits i made for this little project! The imperial light & heavy armors, i hope you like em! Both armors use the same scarf, so both have the Empire emblem on the end of the scarf, the heavy uses a golden pin and the officer's helmet uses the decor from the mod "Ryse - Damocles and Boudica" And pleasy if you have any suggestions and ideas please let me know! -Light- -Heavy- -Officer- Some Screenshots of the armors in game! enjoy!
  7. Carries on from: We rejoin Aerina in the north of Cyrodiil as she is making away back home to Skyrim. Upon crossing over a bridge... she hears a familiar sound... Aerina, in an almost hypnotised state thinking about what the troll did to her, stays on the ledge for a while watching him. Aerina comes across a small tavern along the road. Off the side of the tavern is an old rotten wooden storage shed which might have something Aerina could use. Aerina cautiously enters the musky shack only to find loose armor pieces like a rather small breastplate, a single pauldron, and some other armor pieces. The bartender pushes Aerina down to her knees and takes his robe off. GIF: Cum dripping from her mouth onto her tits... she stands up to talk to the bartender She cleans herself up using the red shirt she was hardly wearing and throws it onto the floor of the shack... She heads off to find somewhere to put on the armor pieces Bonus Shots
  8. The day of judgment on the souls of both theirs and ours, would come sooner than I have hoped it would be. At this very moment, I should be resting, preparing for the coming battle. But I close my eyes, and I see the things in my past, and those images came flashing in my mind, as I arrived at the last stop of my path. Everyone who remembered me are already dead, and I am the last one standing who still remember the man I once was. Perhaps the person who is strong enough to mark my end and take this from me, would be strong enough to live on, with my story. Perhaps, even, they could bring my memory to see my homeland once more - whatever it will become. I have to write this all down. I must not let myself be forgotten, nor my crimes be forgiven, for this... The mission in Skyrim shall mark an end for everything, and I would never again see my homeland with my eyes. When I was a child, I lived in a village near the outskirts of the great Alik'r Desert. Not a day had I not climbed atop that cliff near my village after a day's hard work with my family, admiring the beauty of my homeland, of the yellow sands that have witnessed the history of this ancient, vibrant land I call my home. In my home, I used to sit on my mother's lap, while she told me a tale she learned from her mother, and her mother her grandmother; of a knight riding on a giant, winged, beautiful beast - a beast who never age, never feel sorrow - to fly in the skies of Tamriel, passing through Hammerfell, High Rock, Cyrodiil, and Skyrim, to bring the children like us to a land that knows no sorrow or loss, one where rivers flow, trees grow - a land where we can all be free and joyful. I was fascinated with this knight's story, eagerly waited for this hero and his beast to come and bring me to that promised land. I have wondered - would that land be even more beautiful than the Alik'r Desert? Would I be too absorbed by that land's joy, that I no longer want to return to my home? As I grew older, I had slowly become more, and more, occupied by the difficulties and confusions of adulthood, and, in the end, forgot the story completely. I started to worry about my village's crops, about chasing the woman of my dreams, about making deals with the traders in the cities for a slightly higher price for our produce. I have kept living in that village, which, the beauty of the land eventually became an image that bored me everyday, for with the scene of the Great Alik'r Desert, accompanied always the carriage from the city, that was to take our crops and give us a purse of gold, or to sell supplies of all sorts to our village. The scene of the Alik'r Desert... became something that was associated with my family's business - the worries I shared with my father every day. But everything changed, on the day when a magnificent, winged, giant creature soared above me, flew to the cliff I have always climbed on as a child; the creature was emitting a vibrant, fiery color, one that was both my joy and worries - gold. And, without looking back, the winged beast passed through my village, straight into the heart of the Alik'r Desert. It was then, I was reminded of the story that was told to me when I was much, much younger. Was it here to save me? The creature that brings joy and scorches everyone's sorrow, to my rescue, to bring me out of that boring, repetitive, pointless everyday-life? From a distance, I could still see the creature's movement, for it was indeed a giant beauty. The great beast became grounded at a sandy hill, its beak near the ground, as it began smelling the land itself. So, so fascinated by its elegant movement, I dropped my hoe and ran to the beast. I knew it was not possible, but I still had hope that... it was indeed the creature from my mother's story, that it could free me from this life of endless farming, eternal chasing of a girl who might not even feel for me the same way - a world without a meaningful future for me. I observed the creature from a distance, despite having come closer than I was. The child's story drove me to chase the creature, but I could not go anymore closer to the beast; I feared, with the sense of an adult, that it would suddenly find out my presence, and do what most other beasts on Tamriel would. But as the creature soared to the sky, leaving our village behind, I found myself... blindly chasing the beast, to wherever it may lead me. I could not give up the chance to a new life, even if it was so, so silly for an adult to believe in those stories, that the beast was truly the one to bring the children to a new paradise, that it could... save me, and lead me to a life that is joyful, without problems, and... new. I followed, ran and ran, in the beast's direction. For as long as it had flown, had I run without even knowing exhaustion. Until an hour later, when it finally stopped, atop the sea. I looked to the horizon, the sea that was beneath the creature. A new life, one of joy and cheers, just beneath- It was then, I saw clearly what that beast was. In the skies, guiding dozens and dozens of ships to the shores of Hammerfell, all flying the same flag, chanting the same name, wearing the same sigil- The Flaming, Golden Eagle. I guess, in the end, it did lead me to a new life, and took away all my problems. I watched the Eagle scorch the city, from where the carriage came to my village to take away the crops everyday; the stores which sold the supplies were all sacked or burned, the traders who wore those cheery masks when they handed me the gold and took the produce, came to wear the same face - one of terror, hopelessness, fear - as they burned beneath the Eagle's flames, twisted and deformed by the heat and desperation - and finally, perished before the Eagles, whose feathers seemed to be golden, but were in truth all black. The Eagle did not stop at the city. Soon, it made its way to the next location - the village I have called home. And so, those Eagles in black-gold, who, like I once did, followed that creature into that place I made home at. They pillaged the farm and slaughtered every villager in front of my eyes; papa, mama, and the girl I had been after, all became an addition to the pile of corpses which fed the crows that came later. I watched, paralyzed and undetected, that the Eagle and the Eagles removed all my sources of problems, within a mere matter of hours; and when they had had it their way, got what they have come for, they left we with this new life, this new land. One that was burned, barren; a place of desolation, fear. The paradise that the beast offered. A desert which lost the yellow, and became red instead. From that moment, I had come to realize the wrong of my wishes. I dreamed of a world, where my life would begin anew in eternal joy and laughter, no longer bothered by those repetitive, daily tasks which had become my pain, annoyance, boredom. But the reality is... That life of happiness was not meant for me, or anyone who live in these mortal, fragile bodies. We were meant for conflicts, for violence; for hatred towards the enemies, and vengeance against those who have wronged us and ours. Then, I made my wish again, to another giant, winged beast - that I would have the blood of those who destroyed my home, that I would see the red beneath their yellow, fine, thin skin, like how they spilled my family's blood on the sands of the Alik'r. Unlike the Flaming Eagle, this time, I could see the man who rode that red, magnificent beast. The hero who was truly supposed to bring us all our salvation, as implied in his name. It was then, I realized - the tale had always been true, only that I had recognized the wrong creature, wearing the wrong color. It was never supposed to be a golden eagle who brings joy, but a red dragon that slays those who bring misery. A dragon which flames will burn the villains, a beast which skin will be painted in the blood of his nemesis. Peace and joy were a dream, we must fight, pave a way and forge a future as we saw fit. As they have sung about this "Great" War we fought, decades later - "...The Eagle soars, its talons sharp; the Dragon rises, its flame burns the dark. And the young sailor fell to the Abecean, as his bride awaited for her champion..." The most glorious battle, above a world of water which tasted like salt - an environment I had never believed truly existed, until I finally left that desert of a homeland. I unsheathed my weapon - the first gift the hero gave the each of us - a sword which blade was carved with that dragon's shape. I held the sword tightly, both my hands shivering, as the Eagle soared again, leading the ships from a far away land, prepared to burn the brothers and sisters I came to hold dear - just like it did my family back then. Except this time, I was no longer alone. I had the hero, and the dragon he rode - with each of us, each of his Legion being the Dragon's scale, ready to defend the giant, winged creature that had become our sole dream and ideal. I looked at my weapon, and I saw a reflection of myself - a face of eagerness for revenge, and of bloodlust, of wrath... Of the sorrow and pain that came from loss. Then, I saw the shape of the Dragon on that sharp, clean, colorless blade. I was the weapon in my hand, blessed with courage and strength by the beast I had wished to; I stopped my hands from shivering, for I would, soon, paint this beast with red, and have my anger satiated, as they both should be. I looked upon the hero, as he gave his commands. The great sea battle began, and we threw away our blood, hoping to exchange that of our enemies. At that moment, all I could think of, all that occupied my mind, were the burning, twisted faces of terror those traders showed in their last moments, and the smiles that had been taken away in my village; then, I heard the sounds of the enemy ships' cannons, those which blasted our comrades' vessels into pieces. Anger filled my whole soul, I fought, I bled, without any remorse - not only for my homeland, but also for the larger cause that the Dragon and its rider had blessed me with. Comradeship. It was a moment of every warrior's dreams, of all patriots' wishes. We spilled their blood as they spilled ours, painting the Abecean with the red that ran our veins. Yet, at the heat of the battle, the Eagle evaded our every arrow, and arrived before the Dragon. It was then, I finally saw the rider of the Eagle herself - a masked woman, dressed in all black and gold, just as her followers the Eagles were. But unlike the hero, who guided the Dragon to its path with wisdom and inspiration, the woman sat on the Eagle's saddle, using her sorcery to tame, control the Eagle, while the Eagles followed her blindly, just like I once did. The Eagle's talons had cast the hero from the Dragon's back. The hero managed to climb back on, and led the great beast to bite back at the opponent, teeth in the Eagle's flesh, tearing its wings apart. The Eagle fell from the sky, and the hero led the Dragon to press the attack, with the goal - the dream and purpose of every men and women that were the scales of the Dragon - to slay this winged, giant, flaming beast once and for all. Yet, the Dragon turned its head, grabbed the hero with its teeth, and threw him into a golden cage. The mighty red creature descended upon the Eagle, not only to lick its wounds, but also to guide it to the land I once called home - the land which was the purpose I followed the Dragon, in the first place; then, pieces by pieces, the Eagle removed the Dragon's scale, cut off its wings, until it became naked, soft - humiliated by the Eagle and its rider. I lost the hero. I lost my comrades. I lost the mighty, red dragon that was the source of my pride and hope, which, in the end, chose to let misery and pain come to the land I hoped it would free and restore joy to; to forsake the men and women who gave their lives to become the beast's scales, allowing the Eagle to tear them off and have its way with them. The Dragon was not the creature I believed it was, nor was its rider - the man I once thought to be my salvation, yet allowed the creature to wither and succumb - the hero. I left his side, before the Eagle could tear me off as well. I traveled alone, in a land which name I fought for, yet was never granted the luxury to explore. Near a city where two heroes once defended the world from a God, as if nostalgia had kicked in, I climbed up a cliff, my mind occupied with thoughts and confusions, not realizing that climbing up a cliff had become much easier than when I was the child. I reached its endpoint, and stopped, thought to myself - perhaps, there was never a hero, nor a creature he would have mounted, that the stories were only lies to give the children hope for the future - a future that is grim, hopeless. I looked down from the cliff, realizing it had always been so easy, for me to end these struggles, to leave all my problems and sorrow behind. But those faces appeared again. Of the traders and villagers. Of the girl I once loved. Of my father and mother. Not in terror, fear, or sorrow, but... of different faces. I saw them again, in my childhood - the traders would wear their smiling faces, ignore me and head straight to my father, while my father would smile back at them, as he moved the crops to the carriage, and afterwards took the coin purse from them; then, he would revert to his own grumpy, annoyed self, yell at my mother about the dinner being still unready, then call the other villagers to the inn, for a round of Nordic Mead - he would get totally drunk within three rounds, drunk enough to drop the spoon when he tried to have dinner afterwards; then, he would wake up to a hangover that would last until next day's noon. My mother would scold him for giving her more housework than needed, yet, she would be so patient with him, and clean up all the messes my drunken father had made; she would swear, and smile, as I played with the girl, whom I grew up with and later fell for. We ran around the village, causing every other villager to curse at us; then climbed up the cliff together, and watched the sun sets on the horizon, giving Hammerfell one last touch of warmth, before it was replaced by the cold, dark night of the Alik'r Desert. I looked into the girl's eyes, and the girl before me had already become an adult, just like I had. I touched her face, like how I had always wanted, dreamed, but never brave enough to try. I leaned closer to her, my forehead touching hers, and our lips only a few inches away. I closed my eyes, fearing that all these were just a dream, while hoping all these to be real - that papa and mama were still yelling at each other, but smiling behind each other's back; that the traders were still coming everyday, to bore myself to the end - that the Eagle, Dragon were all just a dream I made, a flash of thoughts that crossed my mind as I panicked before the girl I had a crush on- But I opened my eyes, and saw only the cliff. Fearing, panicking, I immediately closed my eyes again, hoping that in darkness, my home would appear once more - even if it was just an illusion for a slight comfort. Then I opened my eyes, closed them again, then opened again, closed yet again... Eventually, I was forced to understand, that the place I saw as home no longer existed, and the people who once loved or annoyed me were all gone now. Those claimed by the Eagle, and those abandoned by the Dragon. First a dream that was a lie, then a hope taken away by those who were supposed to fulfill it. I had come to understand that we could not dream anymore. There was no hero, nor his mount; and in truth, there has only ever been two ways for me - death, or fight to free my land, my people... and myself. I returned to Hammerfell, my home, after what became to me an eternity. The Eagle was still pressing, lusting after our homeland's control - the reason why they would spill blood on our sands, bring conflicts and bloodshed to the entire continent. If I am to avenge my family and those I cared about, to restore this land and cast away the source of her miseries, then the Eagle must not take what it came for. I would slay it, before I drown it it in the red, dark rivers that it desired so. The Forebears, one of the two factions that ruled Hammerfell before the Eagle came to be, embraced me with open arms. It was with the Forebears, that I learned there were many, many like me, who rode on the Dragon, fought and bled on a foreign land in the name of His Imperial Majesty, with the false hope I once had about that beast. I was not alone, nor was I different. My story was that of the Redguard people, of the land I saw as home; a story that every man and woman in Hammerfell had experienced, and a story that would continue, if the Eagle lived on. I fought alongside my comrades against the Eagle, enduring its flames and resisting its gold. This time, I - we - do not fight for someone else anymore. We would fight in the name of Hammerfell, in the memory of our fathers, mothers, children, friends, loved ones - those who had fallen before the Eagle's flames and talons, those who could not live to this day and see what monsters we had become. And, this time, I would not be so foolish to believe in a single hero or his beast again. I believed only in myself, and in the goal that saved me from the cliff. In the end, without the Dragon's flames and claws, we stood against the Eagle alone, and gained victory, at the cost of thousands of young Redguard men who would have been our people's legacy. Yet, at this very moment of victory, the other faction that ruled Hammerfell - the Crowns - had returned from the civil war of Cyrodiil, which they fought in another foreign lord's support, while their own country burned in flames and her rivers ran with our people's blood. These deserters fled from their land, then fled from the foreign lord again, to the land they once abandoned. The Crowns were few, and we had the control of most of Hammerfell. Those traitors were shunned upon, in no position to threaten us. As the new single power in Hammerfell, our goal changed; from protecting our lands and families from the Eagle's grasping talons, to holding the authority we had established in our land. To rule and tax her people, to make the law and order as we saw fit, to protect the very, very own interests of the Forebears, from the Crowns themselves - from our fellow Redguards. But I had never believed in the Forebears' cause, if there ever was one. After the Eagle and the Dragon, not anymore. Whatever they needed me to do, I did without questions, for their motives were never of my concerns, and only with them, could I survive. Ideals, motives, causes - all just pretty speeches and big words, empty, idle promises, to lure young men such as I to fight and bleed in their stead. The Eagle, the Dragon, and the Forebears. It did not surprise me, when the Forebears' leaders were all suddenly assassinated overnight, and the Crowns took over the next day. They all had it coming, and I would pay no sympathy to their deaths. The Forebears, hence, fell into chaos. One by one, our holds and camps were wiped out by the Crowns, until a scattering, dwindling number remained by my leader's side. I could have left them, yet, the Forebears had become my home, a place where my new family had chosen to stay... And this time, I would not leave my family behind. Not again. The last of the Forebears searched of a place where the Crowns had not yet reached, and in the end, they found one. In that place of destiny - my home - that village at the outskirts of the Great Alik'r Desert. It was at the noon of night. The Eagles had already left, leaving a desolation of ruined houses, burned farmlands, and the crows which circled above the village, as if its new comers were soon to be their feast, just as those who lived here a dozen years ago. The others of the Forebears sat by a house's hearth, lit up by a spell. They sat there, confused, terrified; without a cause, without guidance. Some prayed, others simply shivered, while our leader stood outside the house, watching for any suspicious movement outside, and if there were still other Forebears to come. I grabbed a broken chair, immediately recognizing that to be the one which my mother used to sit on, while she told me the stories about the hero and his mount. I cleaned it up a little, then found some tools in my father's old box to fix the chair, so that it could look the way it used to be, when mama was still sitting there. After an hour, the chair was good as new. I touched its handle, looked at it for a few minutes. Then, I closed my eyes, hoping, for one last time, that I could see at least my mother once more. I opened my eyes again, yet all I could see, was a vision of the chair blurred by tears, of a village changed forever by an Eagle, of a people marked for eternity by war and contempt, in the chase of their own ideals and visions of a world. I stayed with the chair for one last moment, then left for the house where the other Forebears had gathered, never sitting on it. The last of the Forebears gathered, arriving from different safe shelters around Hammerfell. A few dozens of warriors and mages-alike sat in that old house, searching for a new purpose, a new name, for the title "Forebear" represented a failure that lost the whole country to the Crowns. I walked outside, to our leader, the man who lost his father and mother to the Eagle, and his wife and sister to the Crowns. He was holding in his arms that last gift from his wife - their infant daughter - for a short while, before he had to put her back in the house for warmth and care. He was gazing upon the Alik'r Desert, in the way that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. I joined him, admired her beauty for the first time since that day, as I told him about my past, my story, and the time when I used to live here. The moonlight in his eyes became brighter, and brighter, as I reminded him of his own past, his own story; of an ideal we thought we could believe in, when in truth it was just a story used by those in power; of a family we did not remember to love, when we still had one; of a life we did not know to cherish, when it was in truth the most precious thing. I asked him what shall become of the Forebears. He gazed upon the Alik'r again, and asked me one last question - what I, as a man, believed was the greatest thing on Nirn. I answered just what I believed in. And so, in the ashes of the Forebears and the red sands of a desert, the Alik'r Warriors were born. My family, my comrades. My own belief, without the influence from any hero. We shall be Redguards, the warriors and mages who guard this land painted with red. We shall do all we could to protect our only family from the rest of the world, from those who seek to harm us and separate us from each other again, even if it meant doing immoral, harmful deeds; so long as it allowed us to stay together, to... survive, and continue the struggle in this world. The attacks, assassinations on the Crowns began. Riots and chaos were spawned in cities where the Crowns controlled. Treasuries were sacked, all who stood in the way were seen as the Crowns' colluders, and executed. In that cruel world we lived in, to be able to consider mercy is a luxury - one we did not have. It went on a few years, until an unexpected person arrived at one of our underground bases. He showed my leader a sigil, one which shape was once the most important thing to me - of the beast which rider I thought would be my salvation. Then its rider, now the brain of the Dragon itself. Yet this person was not him, but merely his messenger. It did not feel good, but was logical - how would a high and noble champion such as himself even come down to find a group of... mercenaries? After all, that "champion" no longer needed to keep up the acts before us. He had received news of what we did to the Crowns, and he would like to aid our cause, for in truth, the Crowns and the foreign lord they had fought for, were both secret assets of the Eagle. So long as the Crowns lingered at Hammerfell, the Eagle would always have a foothold in our homeland. He could not allow this to happen, and believed that neither could we. The man's ideals and courage no longer spoke a word to any of us, for we had seen its falsehood. The messenger, realizing this, used a far more convincing persuasion approach. A carriage of gold, blueprints, ores, and herbs. We would expand to be a force that could rival the Crowns again, and at the same time, we would, in the shadows, serve the Dragon once more. And so, we took this foreign gold from a foreign lord, to fight for his pretty, empty ideal, just like the Crowns once did for their own lord. For one more time, the fight against the Eagle was resumed. We recruited more people than ever, and soon, fueled by our hatred and the Dragon's gold, we were able to engage the Crowns in open battle again. Cities were taken, holds established, and our reign had returned - no longer flying the flag of the Forebears, but of the Alik'r Desert and its red sands. But one day, the gold simply stopped coming from Cyrodiil, and the man never showed up again. Some say he was last seen in a port city of Skyrim, but regardless of his location, I could be certain of one thing - the Dragon had abandoned us, yet again. Enraged, we began attacking the cities of Cyrodiil, killing nobles that were loyal to the Dragon, and eventually, crossing the water where I once fought on for the Dragon, to impale the heart of the Eagle itself. That place's name was Firsthold. I picked a warrior I commanded - a man who had barely reached his adulthood, never even tasted the sweetness of love - to come with me, sneak into the city's inn, to deliver a message to that woman who rode the Eagle. The Eagle had spilled blood on our sands, so we would do the same on their own lands, with their own people's blood. Twelve young souls, with yellow, fine, thin skin. I saw the rage, the hatred... the sorrow, in his eyes, when he killed them all - the same emotions that were once reflected on my sword, when I fought at the Abecean Sea for the first time. In sending him to his mission, I had furthered the cycle of hatred, and ensured that more souls, more young men and elf, would be sent by both sides to slay one another, until one side was truly destroyed. And then, I saw a young man, who was no older than 15 by the look. A Wood Elf, paralyzed, eyes filled with terror, anger, disbelief - the same man that once stood near the village, when an Eagle came to burn it down, taking away his home, love, and family. The thirteenth in the inn, the only soul that was not yet claimed by our anger. My warrior was ready to take him as well, but before his blade could meet that elf's neck, I stopped him. Not for mercy, not for compassion. But it was... because I simply could not watch that raging soldier on the Abecean Sea... to kill that man, who had his peaceful life in a village, seeing the Alik'r Desert everyday. He insisted to kill the elf. In a brief conflict, I inadvertently smashed his head on the bar table, in so doing, claimed his life. I... killed me. Without spending too much time in the inn, I left the enraged warrior and the paralyzed Wood Elf, and took the first ship that sailed Cyrodiil, in where I would hide for a few days, before I heard the news that an Alik'r Warrior had slaughtered twelve elf students by his lonesome, then killed himself. I returned to Hammerfell, told lies to my leader and comrades about that young warrior's death, that I was never able to enter the inn, due to the warrior poisoning me to make sure I would not share or steal his glory. The story was believed, and I continued using lies to find myself a way to survive. So many years have passed, since then; not a day, not a night, was my mind not occupied by the faces of the man whom I betrayed and killed in Firsthold, of those young elven students who died in the inn, and of the traders, the villagers, the countless innocents in the graveyard that is Tamriel. It was in those dreams, I realized - that those beasts I once believed in were not lies of a child's story, but exactly what they were supposed to be all along - for they had made their own definitions of joy and sorrow, and did to their best to bring this world to their own visions, just as I did. For I, too, was a beast all along. Now, once again, the Alik'r are under siege by the Crowns, about to be destroyed, once and for all - except this time, we will not be able to choose a new name to start over again. The Eagle's victory has become unavoidable, for the Dragon is too weak to stand against it; the Bretons have willingly embraced the Eagle, believing it has liberated them from the corrupt nobles who enslaved them; Skyrim is shattered, torn apart by its own conflicts, thanks to whatever plan "he" has in stall for the Dragon. But the Dragon is no longer part of my concerns. The last of the Alik'r leadership have been taken by the Crowns' last attack, thanks to a woman called Iman. I have never expected myself to be the last Alik'r veteran standing, yet the responsibility had fallen to me, to lead our remaining few to a way out - if there is one for the likes of us. Ironic. We are named the Alik'r Warriors, yet for over five years, I have not seen the Great Alik'r Desert again already. I wonder what has become of my village, if it still dots the outskirts of the Alik'r Desert - has it received some new inhabitants who rebuilt it, or would it remain the ruined relic that was the mark left by the Eagle's flames. Perhaps, just perhaps, it would be removed by the Eagles, to clear space for whichever purpose they saw fit. After we have evacuated to the mountains, where the Crowns could not follow, I met a mysterious woman, dressed in black, her face masked. Just like I told my story to the Alik'r leader, I told her everything. Trust, lies... No longer meaningful, to a man who is near his end. Then, she shared hers. One of wars, loss, hatred... And in the end, clarity. I wondered, why I would believe her story. I have believed in a hero riding on a creature to bring happiness, I have believed in a Dragon which flame would burn the dark and grant its followers vengeance; after I found the belief to be nothing but falsehood, I neglected to believe in a cause that all my comrades did, even after they were gone. For two decades, I was without a belief, nor an ideal that was driven by a role model. Perhaps, in the end, I would place my faith on a stranger who, maybe, understands what I have experienced? But regardless, if there is still something that is worth believing in... I do hope that I can believe in an afterlife. I know the kind I would like to go. I close my eyes, and recall the story my mother once told me, of the knight who brings children to joy and leaves sorrow behind. If this hero truly exists, if this hero would lead me to my afterlife - please take me to that promised land of joy. Not that land of rainbow and rivers, of tales and trees; but the land, the village, where my mother was sitting by our house's hearth, telling her child your stories, as I looked beyond the window, and saw that great, beautiful, yellow Alik'r Desert. Notes: This story uses lore which I wrote outside the canon of Elder Scrolls itself, with the ground that the events and characters do not contradict established lore in the game, and that they contribute to the narrative. 1. The "Eagle" represents the Thalmor, and the "Eagles" represent those who believe in the Thalmor ideal - a paradise where everyone who believed them could be free 2. The "Dragon" represents the Empire, as its flag is a red dragon 3. The Dragon's rider is a character I created, whose name is "Amulius Salvian", he was first a general of the Imperial Legion, then became the High Chancellor later - hence, the Dragon's "brain" 4. The "foreign lord" and "civil war in Cyrodiil" are things I created for the lore post-Great War, the foreign lord is the deposed High Chancellor whose name was "Benito Aurelius", who served Titus Mede II's predecessor, but deposed by Titus later; he then colluded with the Thalmor to wage civil war against the Emperor, using unfair post-war reparation taxes as the reason, to bring the people of Cyrodiil to rebel; he also employed the Crowns of Hammerfell to join him, promising that the Thalmor will leave Hammerfell once he becomes the Emperor and signs a new pact with the Thalmor. The very civil war was the reason why the Empire was so difficult to recover, and was forced to lose more and more sovereignty and advantages to the Thalmor 5. The Eagle's rider is a character I created, the real title goes by "High Archon"; she leads the Thalmor and holds all power of her state; I made her female because it was stated in the Thalmor Embassy's Justiciar whispers, that "Herself had become more and more concerned about Skyrim's dragon, and sent more High Mages to Skyrim" 6. The Forebears and the Crowns are factions in Elder Scrolls' real lore, after hundreds of years after Arena and one thousand year after The Elder Scrolls Online, they have become much, much different, due to the turmoils in the Fourth Era 7. The Alik'r's destruction happened before Skyrim's event, according to the story; in Skyrim, their mission was to find out the woman who betrayed the Alik'r to the Crowns and the Thalmor, which led to the Alik'r's destruction; the excuses the player hear from both the Alik'r and this woman were in truth both lies 8. The Alik'r was depicted to have elements of terrorism, as it would explain why they were unwelcome in Whiterun, which was, for a time, neutral; and that Hammerfell was not at the State of War with the Empire and the Thalmor, making it only possible for the explanation to be that the Alik'r was not an accepted organization even in Hammerfell, and that it was a "common enemy" to the rest of Tamriel 9. This story is a text which the player picked up after they killed a specific Alik'r NPC, in my mod; the player would give it to either of two followers in the mod, one of them is a Thalmor, and the other is an Imperial Legionnaire. They would reflect differently to the story of the Alik'r 10. The protagonist of the story is not one of the "big" characters who impacted the history of Tamriel, he is only one of the many "nobodies", like the random thieves and bandits the player encounters; he writes the text, expecting the person to kill him to take his story and live on with his memory, as no one else would remember him once he dies, and he doesn't want to be forgotten forever, like the many before him who died in the wars between the Thalmor and the Empire, the Crowns and the Forebears/Alik'r.
  9. Something appears to have glitched in my game (some time ago, but I only just noticed) I've played through the main questline with the Imperials winning the civil war, but for some reason, the Rift (Riften, Shor's Stone, Fort Greenwall and possibly Ivarstead) are still controlled by the Stormcloaks. Laila Law-Giver is still the Jarl rather than being replaced with Maven and the bard in the Bee & Bard still sings Stormcloak affiliated songs. Can anyone tell me what's gone wrong and how I can fix this?
  10. A male character I played with, this is a character that is ready to be retired after a few more adventures. In these screenshots he is with his wife whom he married on a whim, after he was shocked to find out he couldn't marry Legate Rikke. After his retirement this man considers doing amateur pornography and nude modeling as a hobby.
  11. Just Skyrim military things I usually play around with faction units, sometime I mix them together or simply use them in normal form, I put the uniforms on my chars with their normal faction or sometime the opposite faction for fun So this entry contains military armorus of the civil war factions and my mix mashups for certain certain units and some nude shot to test fair skin texture, in nutshell I like play around in military armours and sometime put a bit history and other inspiration too. Svenja will wear the most normally, this is her default "dragonborn" look, nothing special non-warpaint version, faction neutral one, my favored nordic carved armour on her. Why this look related to civil war, well mostly the "dragonborns" fight their own armours, so does my one. Stormcloaks So this is the normal stormcloak gear and Svenja's armour in their faction, general stormcloak infantry with holdguard gear with a shield and two handed weapon, lightly armoured for the terrains and the ambush tactics, stormcloaks not prefer to fight the Legion head on. They usually wear an amulet of Talos to show their faith aligment in war and try plead to Talos for blessing in war. I just the put the blue colored wairpaint on her to align her more tot he faction, this is Svenja's civil war look. And the nude one, cause I know not everyone find normal protective armours sexy The well known berserker armour of Frea, this is what you probably familiar, I used other mods mixed with vanilla stormcloak armour and some inspiration of germanic warriors and viking berserkers. Her armour is light armour like the other stormcloak soldiers, her shoulder pit more protected and she wears trophies of her enemies, skulls of the strongest and the bear, she as the others Talos worshipper, she has an amulet too. Her flag is simply tp shown inspiration for the other troops, due her fighting style she usually the first who rush into battle, as she slaughters her allies raise morale, while her enemies get demoralised. And the her nude shot. The Empire/Fourth Legion This is my default choice of the armour of the Imperial Battlemage, heavy armour with various items to assist the magister in battle, this is Gauis Magnus default set. And the nude. I call this one the Auxililary Nord berserker one, pretty much the 4th Legion version of the Nord berserkers. Lighty armoured troops for flanking, with a flag of the Empire, lighter shield in case of arrows and an axe. Opposed bear, they wear the "lion" in their head inspired my the roman troops. Of course that is an sabre cat. Alternative Frea if she would fight for the Empire, less fancy version of her berserker armour more legion looking one. Auxililary Nordic Skirmishers, aka the ranged troops of the 4th Legion, for scouting and generally shooting in the back, this set inspired by the roman Velites, very lighty armored ranged skirmisher of the polybian legions of Rome. This one wearing wolf fur and skinned wolf head as helmet along with the lightest of the imperial armours., equipped with an imperial longbow. Skyrim legionnaire, pretty much the vanilla version, just with studded medium armour for mobility and nordic shield, this one is the most used infantry of the 4th legion , trained and equipped to use the imperial tactics and formations, more defensive orinted troops. And some nudes again. End
  12. Version v1.0


    A simple replacer for Imperial Light/Medium Helmet and Stormcloak soldier helmet (including guard helmets)
  13. Version 1.1


    Deana deserves more than here she is, but in my eagerness ta learn I think I will skip that part for now. She is a pretty balanced follower with magic & weapon skills. My first follower was naked but I did through trial and error find a way to put some clothes on Deana. I mean come on show the girl a little respect. Making a mod like this requires so much of other peoples work, if I forget anyone in credits please inform me. Thank you and enjoy your time spent with Deana Stonewall. Credits for the preset My Dream Girl by tinkywinky060887 here at ll SGHairPackAIO SG Textures Renewal UNP Brows by Hvergelmir The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam Teeth Plus - Redone by urgarulga BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente Tribal Clothe The UUNP team . WOW!! what people can do when they come together. Resources used in pics OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine by Ceo with osex plugin Ultimate Assortment by Favoredsoul by Favoredsoul and my previous mod companions playground. Deana Stonewall you can find her in Whiterun Belethor's General Goods
  14. Version 1.0


    This mod is very simple. It adds dead Imperials to Whiterun. This is mainly for immersion after the battle for the city is over. It is best to use this after the civil war. The bodies will eventually despawn. Why did I make this? Someone on the forum wanted something similar (and I was bored). Hopefully the necromancers out there will enjoy the bodies.
  15. Story [UPDATED] Act I - Awakening Ten years. The majority of that time spent honoring the chosen mandate of protecting Solitude. But what does that matter, when a mere suggestion is more powerful than truth? A suggestion that requires no in depth understanding, just supposition. Due to that, I had friends turn on me. Those who I had served with, some I had even helped train. But the belief, was stronger than any friendship or camaraderie we may have had. The truth was obvious - but the lie existed to placate those who knew justice would not be served to the one responsible for some time. So in this, they went for any scapegoats they had. Such as I, who supposedly assisted in Ulfric's escape, when it was another guard whom I tried to stop, but ended up knocked cold on the battlements. Too much mead a few hours earlier, perhaps, which in the moment could not have been the mistake it eventually became. Along with Roggivr, who they knew assisted in Ulfric's escape, and knew he had knocked me out that night. But his action towards me? Ignored. Instead, all they cared about was they had someone to lead to the chopping block, and perhaps a second waiting to calm their nerves. I honestly do not know. So I spent a week in the dungeons, thinking about how much merits, truly meant. If people believed you had done something wrong, even if common sense should tell those making the decision, you did not? Nothing - for they perhaps, believed it too. But then I was released, with a brief apology, and I have to think being bitter for what happened is justified. Though even so, I did not have the thought to take any revenge. At least, not until that night a few days later, when I...died. The rumors existed. Even surrounding the Court Mage of Solitude, but those were ones that seemed, safe. But others, were less so. Many feared them, and rightly so. My own thoughts were not specific, and seemed less relevant when I had to stare one down that night, the thought instantly going through my head, that a veil had been lifted from my eyes. No longer rumor, no longer myth, or stories told to inspire fear in children, and grown men and women. Though it was to be more than that. No mere assault in the middle of the night, no. An attack, as I realized there were at least four of them. Vampires. The blur I watched was taxing. Not vivid memories, just flashes of events. Drawing my sword to face down the "monster", one of them being killed by me, another guard being fed on by another one of them, two of them assaulting a woman who had been nearly stripped naked, and then one I had missed, managing to use a fallen sword to impale me through the stomach. The fall seemed, endless. Then the last, the sight of yet another, who seemed far more timid than the rest.. She leaned down, saying only "I am sorry . I tried to stop them, and they would not listen". The last thing I remember from that night was a pain in my neck, and something being forced down my throat. The next is, cold, the stone and faint warmth of candles, the sound of creaking bones. In a rage, I felt what seemed like the snarl of a wolf come from my own throat. I had no questions as to what happened. It seemed, irrelevant. Something that may become nothing more than a past life, one I no longer live. Stumbling to the streets of Solitude, I took the slight of a guard. The rage built again, with a flare in my veins. So be it. They believe Vampires to be a monsters creatures? They have no idea. Act II - Vampire The concept of Evil is hard for most to understand. They see it as something simple, perhaps branding a wolf attacking defenseless livestock as such. Forgetting the natural order of things, believing themselves so high above it, that it should never effect them. To them, it is not natural, for they have progressed past it, even if their own actions make that belief a lie. The only real progression is, that some do not have to hunt for their food - as others can be paid to do that work in their stead. Any upset in that flow, and those who are used to it, feel reason to complain. Where exactly would I fall in that? Somehow, I feel no reason to lay claim on a name for wealth, power or anything else. While others are content with leaning on political power, though once I had no care or concern for these thoughts, now I believe that such power is, weak. For it only takes a better opinion to change everything, to make you lose that power. Or, someone who does not care about rules, only that they want something, and their actions to get it, will not be about staying in line. Yet, I still find this a bore, since it is more about discussion and debate, than actions. About three months ago, I was sent to investigate this old structure, near a northern road in Haafingar, which itself was on a hill sloping down to meet the Sea of Ghosts. It seemed to be an old mausoleum, the architecture being of a sort I had never seen before. Though I was told the place was very old, going on perhaps a few thousand years, and yes, most were curious as to why it was still standing. Though there were similar examples of such places in Skyrim - Nordic and Dwemer ruins, for example. So most did not consider that point, too much of a surprise. But when I arrived, it was not exactly the ruin I was expecting. Surely, it had the expected trappings - a few gravestones around the seemingly small structure, their names far too faded to read, and signs of recent travel, the snow being disturbed by someone other than me. But this paled in comparison to the two lit braziers next to the entrance. Along with the fact that it was clear this place had signs of habitation. Of what sort I did not know, but at the time, I felt, perhaps, unconcerned? I am unsure as to why, but I left the place soon after, almost putting it out of my mind. Though when I left Solitude after the events which changed me, it seemed to come back, for reasons I am still unsure of. What I found, was that the place was empty. However, it no longer seemed to be the sort of mausoleum that perhaps Solitude's Hall of the Dead is. Instead, it seemed pristine, decorated for royalty, possessing various trappings that would not be entirely out of place in Solitude. Save for perhaps the few things that suggested this place was not meant for the residence of mortals. Such as the low fog that permeated the place, the persistent cold in spite of the various lit braziers, and behind one of the doors, was a room containing an upright coffin, lined with red velvet, and made from dark wood. I have perhaps done stranger things recently, and I have no illusions that such events will not become more frequent. Act III - Dawnguard What faith did I possess? What considerations did I make for what is right and wrong? Well, is it not perhaps clear? Even days of being a Vampire has not really turned my perceptions of them, since I truthfully did not have a real perception before. How can you forge a belief in, or of a creature that may be nothing more than mere myth? A story meant to scare you, meant to keep you from wandering the streets at night. As if such a story does not make you give into the fear of such a thing, giving them power over you - and yet you are meant to hate them with these stories. Meant to somehow not fear this vast unknown that seems incomprehensible to you. However, what makes it worse, would be those who have a strong belief in the Divines, to the point of being bloodthirsty themselves, wanting to snuff out any traces of Daedric Worship, which naturally included Vampires. The Vigilants of Stendarr, a group that somehow had some political sway in Skyrim, ironically enough, because they themselves were known to spread fear of Daedra, and all the entities they spawn. Perfect bait for a uncultured, unknowing province that, like others in the Emprie, had suffered through the Oblivion Crisis so long ago. True or not, the things they say are not exactly meant to make you fear Daedra - they mean to make you fear what the Vigilants will do to you, if you in any way, consort with them. Yet, I had known Haafingar and the rest of Skyrim to not like the idea of just anyone assuming the authority of the guards, and what have you. But on this, perhaps I am mistaken? Though in truth, what seems far more important is not even the Vigilants. Rather, another group, whom I found out about when I, perhaps in a fit of nostalgia, decided to patrol around Solitude's front gate in the middle of the night. None of the other guards seemed to care, and perhaps I did not either. Though my attention soon took to an Orc, wearing armor of a make I had yet to see, and when his eyes met mine, he began walking twoards me. He explained to me that he was in Solitude recuriting those willing to join the Dawnguard, a group of mercenaries that sought to hunt down...VAMPIRES? There was no confusion in his eyes. No hint that his reaction to me was any different from speaking with any of the other guards. I questioned to myself, how he possibly did not know. However, he explained the reason for the group's apparent reformation was to fight the growing fear of Vampire attacks in Skyrim. Something I knew about. He suggested that if I was interested, which I cheekly did show interest in, perhaps just because I was curious, that I should travel to a fort southeast of Riften, where I would find members of the Dawnguard massing, though it seemed that might not be the right word for it. Why? At least two days later, and that means a carriage ride with my red cloak over my head during the day, I arrived to find very few people. A young man greeted me once I entered the valley, and I later found out that he was nothing more that a farm boy wanting to join the Dawnguard and fight Vampires. By the gods...he has no idea what he is in for, and does not care? The fool. I did not talk to the others, save for one who was the leader of the group, Isran. Though on that matter I did not have a choice, since I entered to find him and a man who seemed to be a Vigilant, from what he was saying - which was interesting by itself. I had heard of a place known as the Hall of the Vigilant, home of the group in Skyrim, located southwest of Dawnstar, in the Pale. This Vigilant, Tolan, suggested that it had recently been attacked by Vampires, and that it's leader, Carcette, had been killed. But, there was more. Apparently the Vampires had a goal in mind - a cave in the mountains above the Hall had something the Vampires were after, and the task appointed to me, was to find out what this was. I found it interesting they made little mention of "go kill all the Vampires you find", but perhaps this means they have a little more sense than would be expected. How absurd is their consideration for this task? Travel for a few days halfway across the province to obtain information? Though the only reprieve I had from this, would be that I already had knowledge of the area. I had the curiosity to pay a visit to the likely charred hulk of the Vigilant's Hall, but I did not do so. For I viewed this task as far more important, though I was not likely as concerned about it, as perhaps these Dawnguard were. To suggest that I did not encounter Vampires, would be a lie. However, it seemed true that with my weapons, and skill in using them, they proved little trouble. Perhaps due to the fact that my knowledge of blacksmithing lead me to melt down all those silver coins I found in these Nordic ruins, into enough silver to make a fine silver blade - one that I had also previously crafted in steel. In addition, my recently gained knowledge of enchanting magic, allowed me to place such magic on this silver blade - an effect which seemed to bind the soul of a creature to a gem, if they died while under the effect of this magic. Against these Vampires, such an effect was not too important, but the silver was. It strains me to consider that it should be dangerous for me as well, but I do not feel repelled, blinded, or anything else while wielding this blade. Another point to make was my favor of the crossbow. A sight common to some guards in Solitude, and I preferred it over the much more common bow. The Dawnguard did suggest that such a weapon was effective against Vampires, and it seemed they were indeed correct. I did note that they did seem to be after something here. Yet for the few words I eavesdropped on, they did not know exactly what. Or if they did, they seemed to be avoiding saying it outright. Perhaps they knew of my presence, even if they did not immediately attack me? Or perhaps they wished to keep the knowledge from their lessers - thralls bent on the service of these Vampires. In what seemed like a large cavern, I took in the sight of something that I had never seen before, yet the architecture, was familiar to me. What looked like the same stone used on the Mausoleum, was also used here. But this was no undercroft, this was something else. Even the Vampires trying to unlock it's mystery had no idea what to do. Though they were more of a challenge, I still did not exert too much effort in dispatching them. More to the point, I stood in the middle of a circle of arches, surrounding a single, waist height pillar. Scattered around this circle was also a number of silver vessels, each containing some vibrant violet powder. Perhaps I found this just as confusing as them, though one detail stood out - atop the pillar, was a silver dome, with a faint red cast. Perhaps a mistake, but I chose to place my palm on this. I quickly realized it would be a mistake, were I not a Vampire. A steel spike pierced my hand, and I watched as purple energy surrounded me, filling the channels in the floor. Given my notice of the vessels, it now seemed a simple matter. Moving them into certain positions lit a flame, and soon the floor dropped toward the center, revealing a stone monolith beneath the center of the dais. When I put my hand on it's surface, it slid away, as a woman fell out of it, an into my arms. When she looked up, I looked into a pair of glowing, red eyes. "Who...who are you?" Act IV - BLOODLINE She knew. Just as I knew the exact same truth about her - she was a Vampire, like me. Only, that seemed to not be it. I do not know how, but I could tell that there was something different about her, which I could not even begin to guess what it was. Her clothing was decidedly unique, something I had not seen before - save for something similar on some of the Vampires I had encountered in this very tomb - which I had even stripped one of the Vampires of, almost like a perverse trophy, since I had to profusely wave it around, trying to get rid of all the dust and ash. Which brings to mind an almost scary thought, that if I should die, I would leave behind the same. Not that I am really concerned about taking up space in some crypt at this point, though it is true Skyrim had traditions of burials that, in some way, involved burning a corpse, rather than the more common earthen burials in Cyrodiil, or so it seemed. But what I took note of otherwise, would be two things - one, that she had some sort of large, golden scroll hanging from her back, and that at her waist, was a sword of, like her attire, a make I had not seen. The scroll seemed to be something of value, and while my thoughts decidedly did not focus much on that point, the question I had to ponder was if it held significance. The sword merely suggested she had some skill with one, which I could certainly appreciate, given that it seemed she was going to be a companion in my travels, if only because she had a request to make of me, and she also gave me her name - Serana. Which was that she wanted to travel to her families home, off the northern coast of Haafingar, northwest of Solitude. Perhaps a place I had seen before? I recalled to her a castle I had seen in the distance while traveling the coast, and she confirmed that to likely be the place. I agreed to her request, and we left the ruin together. Though it seems we were not to travel for days to reach this place. She mentioned that, if I knew where it was, she could offer to get us there quicker. I saw the slight smirk on her face as she mentioned that I should take her hand, and told me to, trust her. I shrugged, and eagerly took her hand. When I did, I first watched as her form dissipated into a swarm of bats, and it was not be only her, but myself as well. How long this took, I am unsure, but I saw flashes during this time. Sights of a small village in the swamps of Hjaalmarch, flying over Solitude, the coast of Haafingar, and when these flashes stopped, I was staring at the castle in the distance, a small dock before us, with boat that could take us there. "Um, this is part where we get into the boat, you with me?" Traveling in the boat, I felt somewhat, anxious. I had no idea what outcome my choices would lead to, and in a sense, I was both terrified and unconcerned. Mostly because I knew that, I had not felt the need for food in the last few days, and perhaps beyond the odd bottle of ale or mead, the only thing sustaining me was blood. Something obvious, to be sure, but it was something to consider when I thought about what would be my future. The knowledge of a Vampire's longevity, is something that most stories and legends suggest, the only fear there being that if such a detail is not at all true. If it was, that would mean that death would be far less likely of a possibility than if perhaps I had remained as one of the Solitude guards. Though that was not it, I felt it might be best to consider it all later. After all, it occurred to me that, I was about to meet Serana's family, and while my intentions of marriage might be far off, I still felt as if I was going to ask a question that I was not ready for. Once we landed on the island, I could not help but marvel at the castle. It seemed a place which was way past it's prime, like any apparently abandoned fortress might be, but with this one, it suggested it was still in use, with the braziers lit behind a gate, which clearly lead inside. It was a thought I had to change into that leather outfit, which I did in this seemingly unused watchtower near the dock, with Serana politely waiting outside. When I emerged, I nodded to her, and I saw an expression on her face which was hard for me to read. I paid little attention to it, as I headed up the stone walkway to the castle, but eventually, she tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned, she seemed, just as anxious as I was on the boat. She explained, perhaps vaguely, that it might not be the best situation I was getting into. That she did not know how people would react to her, much less me. I asked if she was okay, and with words of gratitude, she suggested we enter. When I turned, I witnessed an old man standing just inside the gate, who loudly proclaimed "Lady Serana's back - open the gate!" When we entered, I first took in the short entrance hall - a pair of gargoyles sat on both sides of the room, a blue carpet with Nordic designs lead to the main hall, and from the windows on the left, a shaft of moonlight entered the room. Before us was unquestionably an Altmer, whose attire was similar to what I currently wore, only his was instead, grey. He looked at me with a certain look of disapproval, his glowing eyes not causing me the fear it may have instilled in others. "How dare you trespass here..." He then turned his eyes to Serana, who barely regarded him, but the look in his eyes changed. "...Serana? Is that truly you?" I stepped forward, cautiously, while the Altmer move forward into the main hall, standing against a railing between two downward staircases. "My Lord, everyone - Serana has returned!". (To be Continued...) Modlist [UPDATED] Screenshots [UPDATED]
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