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  1. That's the beauty of modding, if you don't like something you just change it, adapt it to what you need. Then another person will do the same and so on, with some luck the lessons learned will be shared and pave the way for new people trying new things. Or everybody will just demand donations, whatever happens first...
  2. a "wanna be" abandons modding quickly, you aren't one of them. keep it going.
  3. well, I used it a couple of times and really tried to understand it, but I always ended organizing and joining my packages manually.
  4. I used SweetFX's SMAA to replace the game antialiasing implementation, in that aspect it made my game faster, also SweetFX loads quicker than Reshade. You have to place SweetFX's files on your "bin" folder: [Folder where you instaled the game]\BASE\Game\Bin\
  5. The body part you’re using lacks a pregnant mesh or “morph”, you can download a different set of naked parts that includes the pregnant morps, check here.
  6. Sexy Catsuit for Female

    Nice job. The only way the texture might interfere is if you include it on a Top, that way it will conflict with some skirts/pants. But because is a bodysuit you won’t have problems, also you can use the textures to make an accessory.

    Everytime I entertain the idea of buying The Sims 4 something like this happens… And to be honest I believe some people on the sims community overreacted; but at the same time the simsgurus showed, once again, how unprofessional they are taking on account they belong to a multi-billion company, that should know blaming your customers never works, but who I’m kidding...


    So, happy 18th anniversary Sims franchise, I guess.

    (yes, I will end buying the game, but I don’t have any hurry to do so :tongue:)

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    2. JoshQ



      I bought a WD Blue 120GB because my previous was very old (2nd generation Intel ssd) and out of warranty; on my old dual core it didn’t seem to improve load times or gameplay. But I can tell you, jumping to four cores/4 threads with ddr4 (both overclocked) is a whole new experience for me. My game loads under 5 minutes, browsing CAS is fast, and lag is almost gone and even when it happens it’s just for a millisecond, even on buggy worlds like Shang Simla, Isla Paradiso, Twinbrook, Hidden Springs and Sunlit Tides.

    3. johnpage


      Hmm interesting i must check out some prices,  only 120 gb is that with system and sims 3 on same ssd or is your system seperate ?

    4. JoshQ


      Win10 and Sims 3 plus my save folder on the same SSD (I still have around 40GB left), everything else is on a mechanical disk.


    Some tweaks here, some mild overclocking there and now my new PC runs pretty well; at least laggy worlds like Riverview and Isla Paradiso are completely playable now compared to my old dual core :smiley:


    In the past I had to use tools like RadeonPro, GeDoSaTo or more recently, Nvidia Inspector, to cap my framerate to 30fps, that’s how bay my computer was. Now I have to cap my framerate to avoid going beyond 60-180fps, the game just cannot display beyond 60 but it will push your GPU and that generates excessive heat for nothing.


    So I decided to give RivaTuner a go, it’s easier to use and lighter compared to other apps and haven’t found a problem yet.

  9. Wanted: Rome or Greek world

    Check Monte Vista, an italian themed world made by EA with some ruins and roman themed building parts
  10. ImpHeels Gala

    Also, I'd already made a couple more of platform shoes, so look at the download section or search for my content on my profile. I'll definitely make some more but I'm on a break until march, in the meantime check rauul’s
  11. Its on "Very old list of all the CC I use" below "esential mods and tips", probably need to make a specific guide but I'm lazy
  12. copypasting from and old post, hope it helps: Mastercontroller also allows you to use A LOT of face and body custom sliders, without it you’ll be limited to a dozen or so. Also it allows you to increase the limits of those sliders, so you can make “big” sims. To do that clic anywhere in the game and select: NRaas / Mastercontroller / Settings / CAS Search for Slider Multiple: Facial and change the value to 2 or 3 (I use 3). Now that you’re in that menu also change Show Numeric Slider Value, Multiple Accessories Per Location and Multiple MakeUp Per Location to “true”.
  13. Sorry for necroing, just want to share my experience moving from a 7 year old dual core to a Ryzen 1400 stock w/8GB DDR4 2666 C15 on Win10 64bits. Short story, works perfectly fine. S3 loaded in 7 minutes instead of 12 and even when I experienced drops from 90fps to 24 when using the map, the whole game feels a lot more responsive. Now, here´s the kicker: I didn’t reinstall W10, just changed mobo/cpu/ram and restarted on the same hdd, I just installed the chipset drivers and the power plan from AMD’s website, plus my mobo latest bios. After several tests everything seems to be fine but probably things should work much better on a clean install; also my mods folder is a mess, haven´t found the time to organize/optimize it. What I´m trying to say is that there’s a lot of room for improvement not counting overclocking. So yeah, S3 doesn’t seem to have problems with Ryzen and I'm a happy camper

    Since the last update to photoshop I’d noticed lag all around and several crashes, probably because my PC is a piece of crap… Because of that I partially moved to paint.net, I noticed it converts PNG to DDS files with less artifacts and with this plug-in it can generate alpha masks for multipliers. I used paint.net on some of the textures for Stockings Set F, specially on the speculars.

    My only grip is it doesn’t work when trying to make a color mask with 4 channels or haven’t found the way yet, and of course the program doesn’t have all the tools and resources found in photoshop. I’ll definitely upgrade my PC this year, thanks to the RAM and GPU price fiascos I won’t be able to get a monster computer but I think even a “low-end” would be 4 times faster compared to what I’ve today...


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    2. RitualClarity


      CPU craziness will continue and perhaps get worse before it gets better. As I understand it, it has to do with the ram that is causing some of the pricing up along with the Bitcoin issues (so if Bitcoin interest drops we will still have some issues) that is the reason the ram has increased recently as well. Haven't been able to confirm this with real credible documentation though.


      I saw this coming and got my upgrade (gfx card) earlier so I woudn't have the same issue. I got mine in December. Now, the craziness is moving to the 1060s and even the 1050s and likely to move downward. Same for the AMD side. Shame you don' t have a 1050Ti... That would have been slightly better.


      By several 100's of dollars of Bitcoin... when it is on the extreme low.... flip it.. repeat once or twice then you can afford the graphics card for what you originally invested in the bit coin lol.


      The really crazy thing is most if not all of the people that are trying to mine coins are actually not making money (at least in my location) with the expenses of hardware, electricity and the fact these card die so fast. (ran at 100% over long time) Whatever you do... don't buy a clearance or second hand graphics card from the web, ebay or elsewhere. (can buy from a trusted friend) as those are likely mostly if not fully used up and will die shortly later if not on arrival. People are dumping these on inexperienced customers to re-cope some of their money.

    3. JoshQ



      Yes it´s a complete mess and as you said is going to get even worse, my lowly 1050 cost twice now…


      So I’m not going to be able to play Witcher 3 at 4k-120fps with this new setup, but at least editing meshes, textures and even video is going to be faster :smiley:

    4. RitualClarity


      At least you can edit your meshes and such better. That and that monster processor and motherboard combo... will set you up pretty good so that when you can upgrade your graphics card, you will be pretty much set. :smile: