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  1. View File Passion Version 2.6.x.x Submitter TwilightStorm Submitted 08/03/2017 Category The Sims 3 Requires  
  2. View File IMPORTANT: This post has two files for download. One is a package file containing a non-default nude bottom, the other is a .wso mesh file for use in TSR Workshop. The .wso file is only for those among you who want to use the mesh for your own creations/editing other peoples' creations and is NOT to be put in your mods folder! If you only want the nude bottom and aren't planning on creating/editing anything yourself, don't download the .wso file. You have no use for it. This CC is completely free You can modify it in any way you want and I don't really care about being credited. That said, if you make changes to it, I simply ask two things: 1. If you decide to upload it somewhere, keep it free. Don't put it behind a paywall. 2. Share it with me. There are lots of talented creators out there who can no doubt improve on my stuff and I'd love to see where you take it. Even if you don't think what you've made is very good, share it anyway. Your basic idea might inspire me or someone else to improve it further or to make something entirely new based on your design. If you have requests, try me. The worst that can happen is you get a no. Just don't ask me to mesh. I only do textures/retextures and I wouldn't even call myself an expert at that. Details: This is a non-default nude bottom made from PRETTY LADY BABIES' decrapified ITF leggings mesh. It gives the butt an actual crack, instead of something that's just painted on and it looks really great compared to most of what else is out there. I mainly use it as a workaround for bodysuits and swimsuits to give them an actual thong/wedgie look, which is achieved by categorizing the suits as tops instead of full body outfits. If anyone here is a master mesher and would like to try their hand at combining this with a nude top to make a full body nude outfit, you would make me a very happy camper! Most of the bodysuits and swimsuits I've made really belong in the outfits category, but since there's no full body nude outfit out there and the only alternative is to use the EA swimsuits as a base mesh - none of which have buttcracks - this is the only way I've found to make them look (almost) right. There's a creator over at TSR called Bill Sims who makes some pretty good bodysuits as tops that go really well with this bottom. Here's just one example of his work that I use in my game: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-clothing-female/title/wrapped-strapless-bodysuit/id/1411544/ The only "flaw" with this design is the fact that he's made the string part recolorable along with the rest of the suit. It gives the impression of a really wide string that separates the buttocks. That may seem like a plausible design for really skinny sims, but if you like more curvy women (as I do) it just looks a little weird and unrealistic. You usually don't see the string on women with more plump butts IRL. It disappears between their scrumptious curves, the way Mother Nature intended As you may have noticed with some of my designs, my "trick" is to make the string as thin as possible and completely black, so it blends in with the natural color of the buttcrack and essentially becomes invisible. I don't know how to make default replacements, so if that's what you want, you're welcome to make it yourself (and please share). If you can find me a tutorial on it somewhere, I might do it, but I'm no master modder with huge insight into how s3pe and other tools work and I don't have the time or the patience to spend hours or days figuring it out, so it has to be fairly simple to do. Base game compatible with version 1.67 (haven't tried it on earlier versions, but it should work, as the mesh is a standalone) For young adult and adult females Enabled for all categories Defects: The ITF leggings mesh creates a slight seam around the belly that I haven't been able to figure out how to get rid of. It's not too bad in game, but it's there. If you can do something to get rid of it, please share! It's been driving me crazy for more than a year! Credits: PRETTY LADY BABIES for the ITF leggings mesh. The basic leggings (without the ugly panels that the original EA item came with) can be found here: http://prettyladybabies.tumblr.com/post/85997168564/prettyladybabies-itf-gr8-booty-leggings-a I would have linked directly to PRETTY LADY BABIES' download of the .wso file as well, but as it's on tumblr and the post has no link to click that will take you to a standalone download page, the best I could have done was provide a page number. Only problem with that is PRETTY LADY BABIES still creates stuff for TS4 and the way tumblr works, every time she posts something new it'll show up on page 1, pushing all her older posts back. If I link to page 6 of her blog (where the post with the file is as of this moment), it won't be there anymore in a month or a year, making the link useless and sending you hunting for the file yourself anyway. In case you were wondering, no I don't remember where I got the skin, eyes or hair for the model. If you recognize this as your work and find it important that I credit you, let me know. UPDATE: Upon request, I've added a teen female version of this as well. Both the package and the .wso file are there. Feedback and suggestions welcome. Submitter StevePanker Submitted 05/05/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires  
  3. Hello All, I've been thinking about creating this for a long time! While Oniki's Kinkyworld Reference Guide and Maraas' Guide have a wealth of information, I still see the same questions repeated a lot in the Kinkyworld Download Thread. Please check the Reference Guide and Maraas' guide before asking a question, chances are the information you're looking for is there. This FAQ will not cover computer or coding issues so please don't look for answers to those types of questions here, I'm no expert! I will also not be covering the cc you need to get your Sims out of censored pelvis area bumping. I won't be covering cc at all! I've provided some tips for cc in the Tip section. This FAQ is strictly about the Mod (and it's animations in relation to the mod. If you are experiencing difficulties with animations stuttering, looping, and/or stopping please kindly direct those questions to their respective thread owners. ) If you have a question (or know of one!) that is not listed here, please post it below or send me a PM (preferably with the answer) and I will update this post. Troubleshooting Tips Best Practices Misc Tips Note, I've put the answers behind spoiler tags to save space. Now, onto the questions! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q. Hi! Whenever I direct my Sims to Woohoo I get the message "no stage found." Help? Q. Why won't my Sims woohoo when I tell them to?! Q. Oh no! What have I done? My Sims stand in the middle of the bed instead of sleeping! Q. Do you know why there are no rapists in my game? Q. Okay, I followed your advice but my Sim still hasn't been raped! Q. My Sims' Woohoo only lasts for a minute, help? Q. How do I make my Sim into a whore/callgirl/escort? Q. Can sims get pregnant from being raped? Q. How do we know about Mod Updates? Where is it written? Can we have an alert/notification on this website/on a facebook page? Q. In the future, do we just replace the old .package file with the new one, or is there any risk of version mismatch? Q. Does this mod work with the latest Origin updates? Q. How do you initiate a threesome with this mod? Q. My Sims' and their [insert relative] won't woohoo! D: Why?! Q. So I was trying to crank my Sims' gears by watching some KinkyTV but there's nothing there? Q. Help! My Sim's penis is [insert color here]. Q. Why isn't my Sim's body not aligned right? Q. My Sim's boobs are distorted. Any suggestions? Q. Where can I find the cannabis items? Q. My Sims are trying to do the nasty but I get an annoying popup about condoms. Where can I find them? Q. Help me please. My game is bogged down with lag because of all the service Sims Kinkyworld dumps into my game. Q. My sim is trying to watch a live kinky show but every time I click on the laptop, there's no show! D: Q. Why won't my Sims go beyond teasing? They're horny, they get it going and then stop? I am exhausted. It's 5:43 AM. I'm giving this a rest for now. Send those questions and answers in! Good luck and Happy Simming! ^ ~ -- L. With thanks to: OnikiKay, OregonRain2, Lovelybones19, JolieRouge, MaryJane, DeletedUsername, janyses, Maraas, Mr. Col, genericlogin, MaryJane & many other helpy helpertons!
  4. There's so many weird, freaky and funny things goin on the Sims world and now with Kinky World on our games that weirdness has increased to a new level. Why don't we show our weirdest screenshots? (Glitches, weird places to woohoo, weird looking sims or just things that you found funny in your game) So I will start: This thread was created just for fun and to have a nice time Everyone is allowed to post screenshots and little stories of them.
  5. Here's where you can post your Sims 3 pictures! I hope everyone wants to share again!
  6. Better Off Together Chapter 10 – Story By Panzerfeck I was in a dream, I was sure of it. Nothing on Earth is this surreal and yet so heavy all at the same time. I couldn't control my rapid heart rate. My chest was tight. I felt swimmy. I switched on the bedroom light, stripped and climbed in between the cool bed sheets. Bliss! That soft coolness enveloping me, it helped me to relax. I began to talk the moment I heard her bare feet padding along the landing carpet, looking up to the ceiling as I felt her light weight depress the mattress, and at last her warm, smooth flesh as she drew into me. 'I feel twenty years younger and at the same time I feel twenty years older. It feels strange. All I can think about is the day you meet somebody and the jealousy I'll feel because I'll know what it feels like to fall for you...' 'Who says I'll ever meet somebody who loves me like you do?' Kerry asked, and then, 'or somebody I can love as much as I love you?' 'It's just a thought,' I smiled, meeting those cat's eyes again and 1-2- 'Stop thinking!' 3-4- 'Tell me how this feels, then!' 5-6- Our lips met, both hard and soft, fighting and resisting, bodies entwining. We breathed into each other and breathed each other in, lips parting, tongues meeting, and then came that sweet moan I was dying to hear. We parted soberly to look at each other again, to rise out of the deep end just so we could breathe the air. 'I'll show you what you do to me,' Kerry's voice faltered, overwhelmed by emotion, her breaths short and ragged. She pushed me onto my back and whipped away the bed sheet. Faced with her lush, soft nakedness, I sat up to soak her in. That's when she whipped back her hair and straddled my thighs, sitting bare in my lap where the tip of my engorged cock kissed at the thick fleshy hood of her clit. 'Hmmm,' she groaned and began to gyrate against me. I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her smooth flesh into mine. Hungrily, a man possessed, I took my sister's full, warm, soft tits into my mouth, one at a time to suck on her erect nipples. She was sensitive. Shhhh, she hissed through her teeth. 'Ffffffuck,' she whispered hoarsely, then, 'lie back down, be told!' 'Argh, you feel so fucking good,' I said, winded as she forced me back against the mattress. 'Spoke too soon,' she said shaking her head, biting her lip again as she wrapped her hand around the base of my lengthy erection. Now she was hoisting herself up, aiming the head of my cock between her soaking pussy lips, the entrance to a dripping pink furnace, eyes intently grinning at me. 'This is what you're doing to me,' she said and meant every word. I held her hips in place as she hovered over me teasingly. 'So this is what I'm going to do to you...' My mouth dropped wide open. My face distorted with a tortured frown, as the sweetest sigh eased out of her throat, I watched her sink down onto me an inch at a time. The head of my stiffened cock was in her, then the long shaft followed suit, and then we touched base, my little sister's ass nestled against my bulging ball sack. I was in her, all the way in her, and now she was sliding up and down me; my raging boner dripping with her sex as we locked intimately together. Kerry bucked against me, our pubic thatches making friction together, both gasping in delight, and then we met, hot bodies pressed together, tongues wildly wrestling one another. 'Just lie back and let me do this, okay?' she moaned, and who was I to argue? I closed my eyes and stroked her thighs, driven wild as those angelic moans grew louder. I don't know where I went or for how long, but I didn't fall asleep. That would have been impossible how good her pussy felt, the way she coaxed me. She took my hands at one point and pressed them to her breasts. 'You love these tits!' 'I fucking do!' Opening my eyes, I saw her smirking at me. So I tweaked her hard pink nipples and yanked them teasingly toward me. 'What else do you love?' she demanded to know. 'I love you,' I offered honestly. 'Stop sucking my dick, bro,' she purred. 'What else do you love?' 'I love how we feel together... 'Mm-hmm,' she moaned, clearly more excited. 'What about it?' 'You're making me want to shoot my spunk deep into you!' 'And I'm going to let you do that,' she nodded. 'What else do you love?' 'I love your lips for kissing,' I groaned, hissing through my teeth as my dick began to pulsate and expand. With all my will I was now fighting the urge. I didn't want this to end. As if she read my mind, or was it that I'd given her the answer she wanted, Kerry seductively lifted herself off me, leaving my cock to flop back wetly against my belly. Another dreamy, passionate kiss and then suddenly she was sucking my hard-on clean of her own pussy juices. 'Ohhh, that's so fucking good,' I groaned. 'How do my lips look wrapped around you?' she teased. 'Muhhhh,' was all that came out of my mouth. I couldn't handle her. I just couldn't. 'Come in me,' she whispered with a cheeky wink, one hand sliding up and down the slippery shaft, light as a feather. 'Will you come in me, please?' I growled, ready to relinquish control. 'Flip me over, get nice and deep, fuck your little sister and come in her,' she dared, wiggling her divine bubble-butt in the air. It didn't take long, that final escalation of events, or at least not from how it felt. Yeah I flipped her around onto her back, aimed dead centre of her pretty pussy and pushed so deliberately slow so that it felt like we were melting together in a mixing pot. Taking control, the little sister persona came back, the dominant bitch was gone. Those brown eyes now gazed submissively back at me as we gyrated, joined at the hips, my straining length plunging sordidly into her squishing, dripping pussy. Blood related sexes couples, we were too good together to remain out of bounds. Now we were embraced in passion, kissing deeply, surging towards consanguineous orgasm; and I hoped, I wanted, wished, and prayed that we would fall in love with each other. My dick was raw by the breaking point. I was burning red and straining to burst. With every plunge and vinegar stroke, Kerry moaned and cried, her unbelieving eyes so wide. 'I can't wait any longer,' she said, lips trembling, and nodding she gave me the go ahead. One last kiss I drove home deep and clasped my hands with hers. And thunder rolled, lightning before my eyes - sunken in to the hilt I squirted her full, feeding her, sating her, drowning her womb with her brother's spunk. What a feeling to be wrapped up in my sister, just another thirties couple, together sweated and feverish in the afterburn of such intense sex. We kissed another hour after that and then made love the second time. Guilty smiled passed back and forth, we made our pact never to tell. But in my my mind I knew that If I wanted to tell the world one thing, that I loved Kerry with all my heart, there would be nothing wrong with that. Breathless and spent, it was dawn's turn to come next. Kerry suggested we sleep in her bed that night. Mine was soaked in both her sweat and mine, and her come and mine and, well... We had yet to baptise her bed too, maybe tomorrow. Who knew? 'Goodnight shit-poke,' she affectionately cooed as we lay our heads down to sleep. 'I love you.' 'Goodnight cock-breath,' I said as I kissed her one last time. 'I love you too!' End Of Chapter 10
  7. View File isthisreal69's Naughty Tattoos As there was a lack of naughty tattoos for my sims I created some myself. It's only a handful for now but if there are good suggestions or I get some new ideas I will add more in the future. Pictures: Installation & Requirements: To get these tattoos to be at the places you desire you need nraas MasterController and the ExpandedTattoo expansion. Make sure you pick the newest versions and install them like any other mod (put the .package files in your Sims 3 Mods folder). After that simply put the tattoo .package files from the .zip in the Mods folder and you're done. Ingame you can find the tattoos like any other in the "looks" category. Put them any place you like, although some work best at their designed spots. If you've got any ideas or suggestions I'm willing to implement those, just leave a comment and I'll try to get to them in time. Submitter isthisreal69 Submitted 05/11/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires nraas MasterController, ExpandedTattoo
  8. WARNING! ADULT CONTENTS! WARNING! Sexy Animations for Oniki's Kinky World This is my very first sims 3 animation for kinky world hope you guys enjoy! I'll try to do more when i have free time. If you enjoy my work, please support them on Patreon. Thank You! Installation Copy KW_K69_Animations & OKW_K69_Animations into your Sims 3 Mods file Ingame Kinky World Setting add KW_K69_Animations into Positions Animations List 114 LL Animations 76 Patron Animations 107 Patron +1 Animations 114 KW_K69_Animations v1.90.rar Add ToiletStall Grope Add ToiletStall Handjob Add ToiletStall Cunniling Add ToiletStall Front Add ToiletStall Behind Add ToiletStall Climax Special Thanks Oniki's Kinky World SpaceMan's Blender Rig MaryJane's Blender Rig The Master's Animated Woohoo Tutorial Amra72, Mike24, L666 for their awesome animations
  9. View File WARNING: MATURE 18+ L666's ANIMATIONS FOR KINKY WORLD 203 animations for Kinky World Mod / Passion Mod New Update S.16 Essential: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43249-sims3wip-kinkyworld-v026-updated-24-dec-2015/ Sets: Bondage sets: Stockade BDSM Furniture http://www.sexysims....ad.php?t=175302 Bondage Frame http://www.sexysims....ad.php?t=174813 Cars: Audi http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects-furnishing-vehicles-cars/title/2009-audi-tt-roadster/id/946156/ Bwan Speedster http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects-furnishing-vehicles-cars/title/bwan-speedster-yl-w-o/id/954256/ Recommended: Morphing Nipples - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - NATURAL BREAST NUDE TOP (Breast Fix + 3D Morphing Nipple (WIP)) Displace Maps - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - DETAILED VAGINA & BUTTS (Default Replacement) Displace Maps and Skins - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - SKIN COMPLETE SET (Texture, BumpMap, Shine, Eyes (WIP)) Morphing Penis - http://cmarnyc.blogs...18975f2e60ef8eb Other Skins - http://navetsea.blogspot.com.br/ Not Recommended: Additionnal CAS sliders How to Install in Kinky World: Unzip my packages inside in your mods folder; Inside game click in Kinky World >>> Settings >>> Animations >>> Position lists write the name: KW_L666_Animations (139 animations) KW_L666_RapeBdsm_Animations (30 animations) KW_L666_Kinky_Animations (34 animations) Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/l666 Last Updates and objects available: Submitter L666 Submitted 02/14/2016 Category The Sims 3 Requires Kinky World
  10. Warning! Adults only! Sex animation for Sims 3 Animations only for Oniki's Kinky World Mod These mod add 137 animations 1.4 Essential : You need Oniki's kinky World for Sims 3 your can found here : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43249-sims3wip-kinkyworld-v026-updated-24-dec-2015/ Recommended : Sims 3: The Morphing Penis - New version http://cmarnyc.blogspot.fr/2013/05/the-morphing-penis-default-replacement.html GloryHole : http://www.ladymoiraine.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=489 Cars : Thanks Dooda Bwan Speedster YL w/o : http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects-furnishing-vehicles-cars/title/bwan-speedster-yl-w-o/id/954256/ 2009 Audi TT Roadster : http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects-furnishing-vehicles-cars/title/2009-audi-tt-roadster/id/946156/ Not Recommended : Additionnal CAS sliders Installation : Just install "KW_Amra72_Animations.package" and "OKW_Amra72_Animations.package" in your sims 3 mods folder In game add "KW_Amra72_Animations" in position list of KinkyWorld setting These animations can be used with : Animations list : Change Log: V 1.2 Adding automatic WooHooStage progress New Anim Doggy Anal Bed Single/Bed Double New Anim Rough Missionary Side Bed Double New Anim Doggy 3P Coffee Tables V 1.1 Fix Altar Position New Anim HandJob Didlo Bed New Anim BlowJob Didlo Bed New Anim CallOver GloryHole New Anim HandJob GloryHole New Anim BlowJob GloryHole New Anim Stand Doggy GloryHole New Anim HandJob Male Solo Chair/Toilet New Anim Rough Doggy on the side Bed Double New Anim Rough Blowjob on the side Bed Double New Anim Blowjob Climax Chair/Toilet New Anim BlowJob Massage Table New Anim Missionary A Pool Table New Anim TitsJob Chair/Toilet V 1.0 Fix incompatibility with AW_Amra72_Animations and AW_Amra72_Lesbian_Animations V 0.1 Add New Anim Stand Behind A Pool Table Add New Anim Stand Behind B Pool Table Add New Anim BlowJob Car Click here to download this file
  11. View File MedBod Compilation These are the same files you can already download on the SimLab forum. This is just an attempt to organize them and also to take advantage of the Downloads section. Future releases will have their own individual posts. Before downloading: Description: Originally known as “Medieval Naked Body for The Sims 3” and converted into a top and bottom with added tits from CmarNYC’s top and modified tush and calves. The result is a “meatier”, more toned body compared to the original that retains the same functionality (more or less). In terms of compatibility you can use custom skins, 3d and texture accessories and shoes (from EA, me and anyone else) without problems, maybe with a little clipping on some 3D chokers/necklaces in the base of the neck. Default and custom body sliders work (except for Cmar’s nipple size sliders), discoloration below the boobs will show if you go down on both breast size and weight sliders and also on extremely muscular femsims so around 80-90% of body-types are covered. For those that uses skins with nipples on a different position or that just don’t wan 3D nipples there’s a “Barbie boobs” version available. When mixing apparel made for MedBod with tops and bottoms created by EA or other people you’ll find a gap on the hip, that’s because MedBod differs on shape on that area. Some clothes can conceal this gap so you’ll need to experiment as seen below. I tested the body with several animation packs available on the SimLab, the bottom-line is they worked and I didn’t saw anything too weird. What I did noticed is some clipping courtesy of MedBod’s generous derriere and wider upper-torso and back, it’s expected because the animations were made with the default body proportions in mind. Bimbo sims take precautions. Two things you won’t find are a default replacement and a version for male sims. The former is because I just don’t know how to do it, even after following some tutorials; as for the later, the male body from Sims Medieval has completely different UV coordinates on shoulders and neck, it needs someone with knowledge and patience to fix it. Below I’m including a zip with the project before I jumped ship, you’re free to do whatever you want with it just remember you’re on your own. amBody_Medieval.zip Details for top and bottom: Base game compatible For young adult and adult females Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, swimwear, athletic, career and validformaternity Disabled for random sims Polycount for top: around 3000; bottom: 1088 All morphs included Zips contents: MedBod Top and Bottom Simple Lingerie n03* Clothing Pack Fusion Stockings n01 and n02* Sexy Rabbit Swimgear and Lingerie *Unlike their equivalents located on the stockings/accessory compilation these versions have a body mesh included and extra detail on the textures Submitter JoshQ Submitted 10/20/2016 Category The Sims 3 Requires
  12. Better Off Together Chapter 9 – Story By Panzerfeck 'And I didn't say to stop,' Becky said. 'I just asked if you knew what you were doing.' Testing the waters I pressed my lips softly to hers and kissed her again. Her lips parted under mine. She was starting to breathe a little heavier. I blew a sigh right back at her and enveloped my lips against her lower parted lip and held it there until she came down on me softly and pulled away with a gently smooch. 'Tell me,' I sighed. 'What you're doing to me,' she hinted. Lazily she heaved herself up, craning her neck to allow her a sideways glance. Her eyes scanned mine and then lowered to my crotch. I was bulging and I didn't even realise. 'I'm going to bed,' she said serenely, 'don't stay up too long...' The look she gave me as she disappeared through the living room door left little to the imagination as to what was going on. What was I to think? I felt overwhelmed, crushed by the sudden gravity of our encounter. All I could think about was our mother's face. 'If there's a god then you know this was happening and you have the power to stop me,' I prayed to her in my mind. 'I'm not even religious and I'm asking, so make an exception and tell me. I'll lose my fucking mind one way or the other!' In my mind she knew. In my mind our mother knew. And therefore she knew that what little love there was in this world sometimes, and that it was sometimes better for family to make good of that love than to let it die afraid and alone. Yes, whatever the mind must do to justify these things. I heard her angelic voice moaning on the air once more, from down the stairs where I switched off the lights one after the other. Visions warped my mind and soul, Becky naked, hot and heavy, torturing her wetting sex with her fingers. And this time I had caused her to. I tasted her on my lips as I climbed the stairs and made my way into the light. Her bedroom door closed again, and - what do you know - mine too. This time there would be no mistake, no creeping attempt to hide away. I headed straight for her door, turned the doorknob, and walked straight in. There she lay, that jaw-dropping sight, naked as the day I found her, sprawled and spread-eagled across her bed. In the light of her bedside lamp her eyes met mine, bare breasts heaving and falling softly. For a moment again she hesitated. I raised a hand disarmingly. 'It's okay,' I said. 'I understand.' 'I'm glad,' she breathed. My eyes went from hers to the wondrous view that was her neatly trimmed pussy - puffy, pink and glistening wet. I stood mesmerised for some time, unable to think what to say. My breathing became heavier in the silence as I inhaled the sweet humidity of her sex. 'This is what I do to you!' I declared as a whisper. She nodded. Our eyes met again. 'What would happen if we kissed like we really wanted to?' No answer, just faster, shallower breathing. Kerry lightly gripped at her bare pussy and bit her bottom lip. 'I think you know,' she said and swallowed hard. 'Well...' Goddammit I had to cross that line somehow. Our need for each other was crushing me to death. I breathed hard and heavy but I felt like I couldn't breathe at all. 'If that's what you really want, I'll be in bed, okay?' I nodded. End Of Chapter 9
  13. Better Off Together Chapter 8 – Story By Panzerfeck We never spoke of the nature of the magazine I'd caught her looking at and maybe that was for the best. All cards up front, we were both as guilty as each other. If I wanted an explanation I'd have had to be ready to give one. We settled amicably for a limited low simmer of embarrassment and a slight absence of conversation; which all lasted but a few days. I was just glad that she hadn't settled for her ex. Sometimes your own right hand was the party to bet on, and in this case that was true. She didn't need him. She didn't need to live with the belief that happiness didn't rely on respect and trust. That's all that mattered to me and I just wanted her to be comfortable with herself. Again I was trying to be more her mother about it - I suppose nurturing her into understanding that there was nothing wrong with her current state of being - and otherwise just relying on my usual neuroses and childish jokes to get us through. But what I missed in those days was the closeness between us, because I had scared her away, or she had scared herself away; humiliated by the experience. Thankfully that returned soon. One night I was in need of a good sprawl-out on the couch, no electronic distractions, just a little relaxation and contentment. Rebecca walked in the room, having been playing X-Box upstairs. She just looked at me for a moment, and I couldn't deny how adorable she still looked in her snug white cotton pyjamas. 'Join me,' I invited sleepily. There was a slight moment of hesitance, by about a thousandth of a second, before she made her way to me. I budged over a little, getting twisted up in my t-shirt and lounge shorts. Now she was lying next to me, one knee against my upper thigh as a hand tugged my t-shirt free. We were just looking at each other for a while. It was too easy to fall into her big soft brown eyes, the way they looked up to me sometimes. Kerry had does' eyes, so often ambiguous and otherwise straight to the point. I don't know what she saw in mine to make her like that. I'd heard before that there was a six-second rule about looking somebody in the eyes. Stare for long enough and it either means that you're either about to kill someone or fuck. 'We should go out sometime,' I said, and then reiterated, 'sometimes...' She cleared her throat and then softly asked, 'why?' 'Like wing-buddies,' I suggested. 'Like we go out and help each other get what we want, when we want it, and watch each other's backs. That sort of thing...' Her lips curled downwards - not a big fan of the idea I guessed. But then, 'I'm happy here for now. It's like my big brother says, "who takes care of you like I do?" The urge was coming, my heart expanding. It was going to overwhelm me sooner or later. I had to ask but I only meant it innocently. I smiled and asked her if I could give her a kiss. Straight-faced as anything, she nodded and carefully tilted her chin up, inviting me to her subtly pouting lips. Just the slightest touch, like a butterfly kiss, I parted her with, and she returned it. I breathed deeply, drawing closer and wrapping my arms around her. And again I planted another light kiss on her lips, and another. We breathed each other in, up close and eye to eye. 'Do you know what you're doing?' she whispered back. I took it as a negative and tried to pull back, but she latched on, moving with me; no distance gained. 'I just kissed you is all,' I said weakly, not knowing what to expect. End Of Chapter 8
  14. Better Off Together Chapter 7 – Story By Panzerfeck I quickly and quietly swung open the door, following through with my weight to try to prevent the door from creaking, and so I could open it and close it behind me in one fluid motion. Before I realised that the sounds of my sister being pleasured were actually coming from within my very own bedroom, I was frozen in place, my mouth hung agape, still grasping the doorknob and yet going nowhere fast . She was stark naked but for a pair of white ankle socks on her feet and the lower late-afternoon sun filtering through the partially closed blinds of my windows painted her in a dream-like golden glow. But there was no time to linger, as in the very moment I saw her, she saw me. Rebecca had one foot up on the bed, and another hung over the side. Jesus she had a lush body; milky, heaving, perspiring breasts; soft white belly; long smooth legs... Now she was screaming, almost mortified, and I was yelling "wowwww" over again as my hands failed to work the door. I was transfixed by her nakedness, surprised by my own sudden hardness, and as we locked eyes I apologised and escaped. Why I escaped to her bedroom instead, was beyond me. Now I sat at the edge of her bed laughing to myself, with one hand over my mouth to stifle the sounds. I was somewhere between hysterical and delirious with horror and excitement. I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry,' I could hear her panicking from my room. It continued as she rushed in to find me sitting there. She was wearing one of my shirts now, way too big for her, and yet barely hiding her upper thighs. 'I'm so sorry...' 'Shut up, it's fine,' I resigned, standing up. 'I was just...' 'Yeah I saw the fine details already,' I said, avoiding eye contact now. It didn't stop me from sensing the massive cringe that caused. When she asked what happened to my hand, I came to realise that I was bleeding again. 'Why my room? I was trying to avoid you knowing I was here!' 'I was... yeah, why are you home early?' she tried to change direction. I held up my wounded hand. 'Arseholes happened, Becks!' And again; 'Why my room?' The tears practically exploded forth. 'I'm sorry,' she cried and repeated herself, getting more and more worked up until I buried her deep in my shoulder and forgave her. It wasn't long until I found out, but not from my sister. I left her alone, promising her that everything was fine. We all do silly things and the simplest plans are never foolproof, after all. Returning to my room, I discovered that in her rush Rebecca had forgotten to cover her own tracks. It was a revelation for one thing to find one of my magazines on the bed , but specifically viewing the title "I Gave My Incredible Hot Sister a Creampie". How many times that day was the bomb going to drop? What a day! What an endlessly ridiculously fucked up motherfucker of a day! But damn I wish I had a photo of Becky fucking herself silly on this very bed. My heart was palpitating wildly and my dick was so hard seeing her like that. I needed a woman! End Of Chapter 7
  15. Better Off Together Chapter 6 – Story By Panzerfeck Back at The Ship that Saturday I was sat in my usual seat, drinking my third pint and reading a book about the horrifying experiences of soldiers in Iraq - you know, light-hearted reading - and I was able to drown out the pretentious banter of the disturbing number of incomers with their fake airs. Yes, I don't like them very much! Just then one of the visitors to the island comes over and starts critisising my reading material, saying how I supported the genocide of the middle eastern people by reading such militaristic propaganda. ‘What the fuck is it to you, you?’, I shout at the ignorant twat. By now I am getting rather angry, you know, kicked out of my house for the afternoon, reading a crappy book and now having some prick coming over and critisising me for minding my own business! ‘Don’t fucking swear at me you ginger prick, me and my mates will come and show you how real men settle arguments…. Do you like hospital food you racist cunt?’ Quite how this ignorant twat figured I was racist by looking at my reading material perplexed me a little. I decide that the only courses of action available are to either leave and admit defeat or leave and not admit defeat…. I chose the latter. The dick head never saw the sucker punch coming and before he could pick himself up again, I was on my way home nursing a rather sore hand. So I came home early without even thinking. The last thing I wanted was to be hanging around the village if dick head and his mates were looking for me. I quietly let myself in and went to the kitchen to wash the blood off my hand. I wasn't even paying attention to anything but the rumble of blood in my temples. I wasn't fighting mad, but I was mad at myself for losing control. I just wanted to keep the negative thoughts and feelings out of my head. People avoiding being rude cunts really improves my chances. I slowly headed upstairs when it hits me. The time was just past four. I said I'd be gone until about half five. I could all of a sudden hear a very distinct sound on the air. Kerry, my sister, was making no effort to disguise her moans of delightful pleasure. I was not supposed to be home yet, after all. I felt dizzy and sort of displaced, like my senses had retreated within and my inner self had flown out of my body. Her bedroom door was closed, but rather than hastily walk by - and my god what I'd have given to be in the sack with a girl who moans as sweetly - I had to remember which floorboards under the landing carpet were the creaky ones, because they led straight under her door. One false move and she'd be freaking out, and rightly so. I didn't want her to know I was there at all. What if she was with him, her twat of an ex? Now on my tiptoes, like some comical cat burglar, I was trying to pass by the door to Kerry's room, heading towards my own. The sounds of her pleasure were getting to me because, fuck me, she had the kind of vocals that could make a guy come alone, used just right. There's a porn star in particular, name of Lisa Ann, who's the dirtiest bitch alive, but she moans like a sweet innocent angel. This was what I was hearing and I was coming over all funny, trembling with the slightest release of adrenaline. Finally I got past the door and crept towards my room. My own door was closed... I didn't remember closing my door on the way out.. End Of Chapter 6
  16. Better Off Together Chapter 5 – Story By We had made a habit of snuggling up together on the couch to watch television on the lazier nights. By then the awkwardness had faded and was replaced by the awareness of other things, such as the shape of her body against mine and the sleepy heat that generated between us. t didn't arouse me, even though I now knew that she would sleep with me if she thought it would make us happier together, but the heat often left me being the one experiencing a little stiffness. Still we would talk, but the closer together we got, it was reduced to small talk. You couldn't talk at the usual rate without blasting each others' faces with hot air and inappropriate noise. So we spoke quietly and less often and often found each other just gazing. I enjoyed it a lot and so did Kerry. We were content just moulded together and inhaling each other. The casual terms of endearment happened more often though, and the more they did, the more the fondness in my heart became something more intense. "I love you, you ridiculous twat!" she would say. "And I love you, you crazy big titted bitch!" I would reply. You know, the usual... Just like with the click of a finger, our cosy little existence was threatened the day when she told me that her ex wanted her to give him another try. I couldn't wrap my head around it. I was furious but I bottled it all up tight because I didn't want to scare Rebecca into his arms. He'd only use her again. No matter what, no dog that ever learned its lesson stopped being a dog anyway. He just settled for less than his heart's desire, and continued to medicate with sympathy pussy. 'He's just going to use you again,' I told her. 'He couldn't even look after you like I do. Why would you want to go back to him?' 'Because I'm tired of being alone,' she said. 'You're not alone,' I reminded her. 'But I suppose I'm just too safe and boring for your liking.' That last part had her grinning like an idiot and ironically calling me the idiot. 'Well so fucking what?' I asked. 'I'm fucking horny, that's what,' she grumbled. 'Oh yeah, that! Forgive me for somehow recalling what I never cared to remember, but didn't you say he had an average penis and barely the sense to use it?' 'I might have,' she replied uncertainly. 'What of it?' 'No girl I know is desperate enough to repeat these mistakes.' 'And how many girls do you know, exactly?' Kerry stated her defence case. 'One,' I said confidently, to which she tittered childishly. 'And that really narrows down the odds of me being right. Don't prove me fucking wrong!' 'Yeah I'm gonna need the house Saturday afternoon,' she said regardless. So back to step one we went! End Of Chapter 5
  17. Better Off Together Chapter 4 – Story By Panzerfeck The next day went as lazily as any quiet Sunday could expect to go. Music, laundry, and light cleaning, took up the first few hours. The rest went to lounging around and reading in the sunlight by the living room window. Well, I was the reader. Rebecca's reading material all came from Facebook where she spent most of her spare time. I was reading some boring sci-fi novel, or so she thought, but the novelist known as Christine Feehan was known not so widely for her knack for intense sexual chemistry. Not that I was sporting a raging hard-on in front of my sister, but my jeans fit me a little tighter than usual that evening. Suddenly the questions started again. 'What'd be your ideal relationship right now?' 'I don't know,' I consciously sidestepped. 'I never think about them seeing as I don't seek them. What, are you trying to set me up?' 'Oh just spit it out. Since when do I judge?' she persisted, and avoided my question. 'Fine,' I relented. 'Same as I'm doing right now.' 'Oh fuck off,' she spat. She wasn't telling me to go to hell in so few words. She just wasn't biting down on the bait. She'd only ask again if I didn't tell. 'No, really,' I insisted. 'How can you have the energy to do much other than to go to work all week and then to relax in between the amount of shagging I'd be getting up to if I could? She, whoever she is, would have an Olympian vagina, and an appreciation for procrastination.' Rebecca grunted, stifling a typically-Rebecca boisterous laugh deep in her throat, and then sighed. 'Uh-huh,' she replied in agreement. I too sighed. Then; 'You know you don't have to meet anyone special to have that in your life. That's almost everybody.' 'And would you recommend the Polish, Russian, or Filipino mail order bride?' I asked and then tittered sarcastically. I dove quickly back into my book. 'If something comes up then great, but it's not my priority. I just like my space.' 'When do you want me out?' Kerry asked. 'I don't want you out,' I said. 'If somebody makes themselves available to me then I'll just ask you to disappear for a few hours, like you ask me to. ' 'And what about at night?' she asked. 'Well then one of us gets to listen in to the other getting their brains fucked out I guess, unless you have headphones!' I started to laugh at the absurdity of having this conversation with my sister. 'Is something else on your mind? You're asking a lot of questions lately...' She stiffened awkwardly. It seemed to me that she was conflicting as to whether she should remain where she was sat, opposite me on the same couch, or to get up and go. I couldn't figure her out. 'I think I'm just frustrated and taking it out on you. I'll stop.' What was I to make of that? Now I had to put down the book, and once I put down the book I had to focus my attention solely on her and to try to figure her out. 'You know you don't have to be my sister all day every day,' I suggested, meaning that she didn't have to worry about boundaries or treading on eggshells. I couldn't tell whether she understood me or not when she replied with, 'I'm trying not to be.' Was she? And how could she even begin to take her very obvious frustrations out on me, brother or not. 'Think about what you aren't saying very carefully,' I suggested. Her eyes widened and then intensified their returning gaze, a hard, unbelieving glare. 'How the fuck do you do that?' 'It doesn't matter,' I dismissed. 'Just be careful of what you're *not* saying. Or just fucking say it all,' I concluded. She fidgeted with her fingernails. Her eyes also concentrated on her fidgeting fingers very hard, with a creased and troubled brow. 'I just get stupid ideas sometimes, thinking that we're just better off together. Do you get me?' 'I've said many a time, I'm happy to have you,' I said again. 'But that's not what I mean...' 'No shit!' 'Maybe we'd be better off,' Rebecca said and shrugged wildly. Hint-face! Just when I thought that she was repeating herself without knowing it, it turns out that she had used the word together, each with a different meaning. 'Do I have to spell it out for you?' 'You might,' I said dumbly. I was struck utterly stupid, like someone had cracked my head open with a spoon and given my brains a stir. Rebecca bit her lower lip and carried that anxious look into an impregnable silence where I waited and waited. 'Forgetting that we're related,' she finally said, and the unease in her voice concerned me. Considering what was being hinted at that evening, and yes I did hear right when she reiterated what she was saying, to say that I was startled would be an understatement. Did I lose my mind, or panic, and keep my little sister at a distance? No, I made my excuses and said I'd think about it when I was in the right mind, which might have been never! But that night I did sprawl out on the couch and invited her to snuggle up with me and I made sure to tell her that I loved her and cared about her. I made sure that she knew that I wasn't scared of her. I did what I could to make her know that. Not far from my mind was the possibility that she meant "here and now" rather than some day in the near future. Our closeness came at the risk of a little awkwardness that night and I sensed her stiffness against me, just the slightest bit of tension within her, as her face drew nearer to mine. But no matter what, at least then, I wasn't about to kiss her like I'd forgotten that she was my sister. End Of Chapter 4
  18. Better Off Together Chapter 3– Story By Panzerfeck 'I thought you were going out today,' she said from the doorway of my bedroom. Here I was, like a kid who'd grown old before his time, reading comic books on my bed on a Saturday afternoon; happy as a pig in shit. The sun was shining, the neighbourhood was buzzing the same as it did the arse end of Hump Day, and the hermit had ventured out of her room in her pyjamas to hint to me that I needed to get the hell out of my own house. I heard the hint in the tone of her voice. The girl was horny and needed me gone. Not that I cared what she did in her own room. I respected privacy. I didn't exactly make any noise, but I didn't try not to make my own bed squeak at night. People have needs. 'I thought you didn't have anybody,' I said absently as I perused a full-page spread of The Punisher shooting another hapless moron criminal point blank range in his hapless moron face with a combat shotgun. 'Can you just go do something for a few hours?' The cheek of the girl... Lazily I slumped off the bed and up to my feet, facing the open doorway where she stood. I didn't need to ask why. The poor girl was desperate for some alone time, even if she had to manually fuck herself into a coma. The colour was high in her cheeks, brown eyes dark and intense, and otherwise she looked edgy and barely self-restrained. Yup, I was not going to argue, and she knew that I knew. She wasn't ashamed that I knew, despite refusing to say it in so many words. I cleared my throat and looked away, searching the room for where I'd last left my shoes. 'Ehhh,' I agreed. I looked at the time on my phone. 'I'll be back around five.' 'Make it six,' Rebecca suggested. Oh for fuck's sake, fine. I waved her off. 'Thank you,' she offered almost apologetically. Half an hour later I was reading the same damned comic book in the quietest corner of The Ship, while the ordinary people in their civilian drabs flickered their eyes from their partners to me and then back again, not so covertly. End Of Chapter 3
  19. Better Off Together Chapter 1– Story By Panzerfeck 'Where the fuck have you been?' came the impatient call from the living room, high above the enthusiastic chatter of the BBC's evening television show hosts. Winter was on its way. The nights had gotten shorter again, and on that wintery day, I'd celebrated an early afternoon with a few pints, or six. I could write volumes about the state of my life over the past seven years, and my sister's, but to cut it short we were facing the onset of middle age together and had grown comfortable. To begin with it wasn't difficult, but it's amazing how you can go from living in the corner of somebody else's life to being left high and dry and needing sprawl-space. Rebecca and I got in each others' way and we didn't want to count on each other so much, but as time went by and we got used to living alone, together, it just became a matter of convenience for us to pool our resources and to live like a couple So there were bound to be days where no plans could be counted on. Days like today, plans went to shit. And because I preferred to drink during the day on the odd occasion that I drank at all, I would get home to Rebecca asking where her fucking dinner was. 'I was at the fucking pub,' I called out, bursting to relieve myself for the twentieth time that day. 'Where the fuck was my invite?' she yelled. Of course I was on my own a long time before now. That's how I came to be with this perfect little setup of a tiny two-bedroom house, which I had all to myself, until Rebecca’s fiance of ten years got the boot. He was all talk and no substance right up until the day she discovered that he was using her as an excuse to get sympathy pussy. I love my sister, I really do. I looked out for her when mum died. Dad was long gone by then, when I was twenty and she was sixteen. Now I was thirty six and she was thirty two, we were trying to make the most of it, like we were reliving our youth the way we should have been able to the first time. Rebecca, living with social anxiety and occasional bouts of major depression, was devastated by the failure of her one certain relationship. I'd never had anything lasting over a year. I just grew used to being alone. And I didn't mind that at all. Most women I met either seemed like they were from another planet, or their motives seemed aimed towards turning bad boys good, leaving me to pick up the pieces when they got their arses handed back to them. I knew that not all women were the same, but nobody was trying to convince me otherwise. I learned to love being alone. Bollocks! My favourite human was making dinner and I was halfway shitfaced on a perfect day. What else did I need? 'Will you find somewhere to be on Saturday afternoon?' she asked as she stirred the taco spices into the sizzling ground beef. 'I need the house.' End Of Chapter 1
  20. I got this problem when I loaded up a game and tried to woohoo. The various selections for the type of woohoo were disabled with "no animation found" message. Then I started a new game, this time, however, the animations were working. I saved that games and the next time I loaded it, same problem. if anyone can help me with this problem... the only mods I have installed are: Framework AwesomeMod CMAR GECKo female nudes Amra72 animations for KW L666 animations for KW mike24 animations for KW KW masteranimations kinky world masteranimations ONIKI Kinky world
  21. WARNING: MATURE 18+ L666's SEX ANIMATIONS Recommended Mods: Animated Woohoo+ (Link Not Rated) or Kinky World - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43249-sims3wip-kinkyworld-v025a-updated-12-oct-2015/ Recommended Animations AW and KW: Amra_72 Animations AW- http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36728-sims-3-sex-animations-for-animated-woohoo/ Amra_72 Animations KW-http://www.loverslab.com/topic/47255-sims3-sex-animations-for-onikis-kinky-world/ The Master Animations AW and KW- http://www.loverslab.com/topic/41458-sims-3-the-masters-sex-animations-for-animated-woohoo-and-kinky-world/ Mike24 animations AW and KW - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/54718-the-sims-3wip-mike24-animations-for-animated-woohoo-and-kinky-world-update-14042016/ Sets: Bondage sets: Stockade BDSM Furniture http://www.sexysims....ad.php?t=175302 Bondage Frame http://www.sexysims....ad.php?t=174813 Cars: Audi http://www.thesimsre...ster/id/946156/ Bwan Speedster http://www.thesimsre...-w-o/id/954256/ Recommended: Morphing Nipples - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - NATURAL BREAST NUDE TOP (Breast Fix + 3D Morphing Nipple (WIP)) Displace Maps - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - DETAILED VAGINA & BUTTS (Default Replacement) Displace Maps and Skins - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - SKIN COMPLETE SET (Texture, BumpMap, Shine, Eyes (WIP)) Morphing Penis - http://cmarnyc.blogs...18975f2e60ef8eb Other Skins - http://navetsea.blogspot.com.br/ Animated Woohoo and Kinky Newest Updates S16 AND S1 Added Bed , Car, Bath Animations - KinkyWorld Added Sounds Object - KinkyWorld Nex Stage - KinkyWorld L666 Rape and Bdsm pack: - Hard Doggy Anal Floor - Teasing - Rape Floor - Hard Doggy Anal Floor - Teasing Attack - Rape Floor - Facefucking Blowjob A Rough Couch - Facefucking Blowjob B Rough Couch L666 Animations pack: - Cock Rubbing Pussy B Massage Table - Missionary B Massage Table - Menage Cunilingus Side Bed 3P FMF Bed - Rimjob MM Bed - Makeout Kiss B Bed - Cunilingus Counter - Rimjob Counter - Reverse Cowboy/Cowgirl A Couch / Chair Living - Lap Dance Chair Living Oldest Updates Sims 3 sounds already included All languages How to Install : Inside game click in Settings >>> Animations >>> Position lists write the name: L666_Animations (139 animations) L666_RapeBdsm_Animations (30 animations) Thanks my Friends: Pedrovpbr an Monica Hoffner. You were my first guinea pigs in this project. Special Thanks: Amra72 The Master OnikiKay You are really awesome! Previews Animated Woohoo Downloads - 169 animations: OUTDATED L666_Animations_V-15.rar (130 animations) L666_RapeBdsm_Animations_V-1.a.rar (26 animations) NEWEST L666_Animations_V-16.rar (139 animations) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Kinky World Downloads - 203 animations: Click here to download this file If you like my animations, support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/l666 Special Thanks to All My Patrons: MrsSanta, Big Anal, Atruesimtale, Kalm Yo'Tits, Kirstie, Impulse
  22. Animated Car and Other stuff volume 2 This new Forum will still have car with would work around L66 animation and amra72 animation but it would also feature other type of vehicle which will not work for the animation unless the new animator do animation for them. This forum will also feature both the Kid sims vehicle and may also carry one or two pieces of cloths I did in the past google Sims 3 conversion from other Games Dailycard. Now I like to first thank my Donor for the 5 Bucks and those of you downloaded over at Kinky car as well. The Motorcycles will require The Sims 3 Late Night and ambition for the Harley. This part of the post have reached its limits were uploads are concerned therefore I will be adding more stuff to the 3rd post on this page. L666 animation have been unlock for the following in game cars they are yomoshoto Evasion, Wornado Triage, Big lemon, VFN Kompensator and Bwan Speedster YL. To other Animators the _XML object should be the following, if you are going to do car animation <Objects>CarSports,CarSedan,CarHatchback,CarExpensive2,CarUsed2</Objects> Suzuki 12Hayabusa.rar othercar unlock OKW_L666_Kinky_Animations.rar Ferrari FXX Evolution.rar Maserati MC12.rar Aston Martin DBS Volante.rar Bugatti vision GT.rar 2017 lamborghini centenario.rar 2017 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster.rar Devel Sixteen.rar Fenyr.rar Yamaha Midnight.rar Suzuki Alto 2015.rar Harley Davidson.rar Austin-Healey 3000 Forcer.rar 1956 BMW 507.rar Ford Model A Sultan.rar Chevrolet Aveo.rar Rolls-Royce Dawn 2016.rar 1933 Duesenberg SJ Sedan.rar 2014 BMW S1000 RR.rar Kawsaki Ninja ZX 10R.rar Update_othercar_unlock_OKW_L666_Kinky_Animations_V-15.rar NSX Honda 2016.rar 1937 Ford V-8 De Luxe Station Wagon Smith Deluxe Statio by Dailycard.rar Lincoln continental sedan1962.rar Aston Martin DBR1.rar Ducati 1098R.rar Chevrolet Corvette GS.rar Maserati GranCabrio.rar Land Rover Defender SVX.rar AMC Javelin AMX.rar Lamborghini 2010 Murcielago lp 670-4 sv.rar Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster.rar Koenigsegg Agera RSR 2016.rar Kawasaki KLX250.rar MBK Nitro.rar Ford Mustang GT350R 2016 Convertible Concept.rar jaguar f type convertible.rar Koenigsegg CCXR.rar BMW R1100 street.rar Lexus LFA Roadster.rar Lexus LFA.rar B-DCMB Robinson Raven 44 Helicopter.rar Volatus Helicopter.rar Volatus Copper 1.rar Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Intercept.rar Ferrari Lusso.rar Praga R1 AC.rar Mclaren 720S 2017.rar LV-DC.rar
  23. Caged_Fenrir

    Kinky Challenges

    Just some challenges I thought to make the game more interesting. Feel free to post more challenges. *The Celtic Knot Legacy* (aka make the most fucked up legacy) Using incest. Have sex with parents, siblings, even grandparents. Have kids and make them follow the same path. If an outsider is brought into the family, everyone has a right to have sex, and even babies, with them. *Dog Breeder* Start with a woman and a Dog (plus points if you adopt a Stray or a Wicked Dog) and make puppies. After they grow up into adults, they breed with other women or with their own mother (the starter woman). **None of these pics are mine. They belong to their respectful owners.
  24. Hello, I not to long ago I downloaded Oniki's Kink World Mod and when I first put it in my game everything worked perfectly, but soon after my game crashed because the world I was in was so big and was generating a lot of sims but I thought it was the kinky world mod because it comes with a lot of stuff, so I thought my game couldn't handle it anymore. But I soon found out it wasn't the mod so I put the packages back in my mods folder and started a new family. After I put the mod back in the animations stopped working. All the aspects in the game work such as the drugs and ect. and when I click for the sims to woohoo they do the action but not the animation, they both just stand in the middle of the bed but the game says they are woohooing and even still have mood lits come up after. I've tried to take out the mod and animations and put it back it, installing the animations back in the packages thing in the Kinky World settings, Deleting the Kinky World packages that were already in my game and downloading a new file, uninstalling it by clicking the kinky world settings and then taking out the packages, and I've tried taking out the caches in the mods folder but it still doesn't work. Maybe because the first time I took it out of my game I just took the packages out and didn't click uninstall in the settings first but idk? If this has happened to you and you have a solution pls comment back.
  25. View File BBPumps FINAL Edit This CC is offered completely free You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary I don’t take requests nor commissions Details: Base game compatible For teen, young adult and adult femsims Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: 4542 4 color channels Will elevate young adults and adults 6 “units” above ground, 5 to teens Only available in .package format Defects: Shoes look “all-kinds-of-weird” on CAS, in-game looks fine Some shading defects all-around but most are noticeable at full zoom Potential clipping with floor, chairs, beds, etc. and animation misalignment under normal simming. This can also can happen on custom animations and poses and also might cause leg/feet extreme bending (I usually don’t have problems on my game while using Passion or OKW, but I cannot guarantee yours) 3D accessories that contain morphs, like necklaces and alike from the game and other creators, might interfere with the shoes and cause severe deformation, don’t use both at the same time Notes: I refined the shape from scratch, added some vertices here and there, I also remade the UV Map and generated some new parts These and the first version won’t conflict, you can use both at the same time Every single pair of “Impossible Heels” is compatible with the default body, MedBod and any other custom mesh that follows the default leg seam Credits: MrAntonieddu for the original mesh Submitter JoshQ Submitted 07/15/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires