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  1. Analust Animations WARNING! THIS MOD CONTAINS 18+CONTENTS. Hi everyone, started making adult animations for Sims 3. So there will few glitches in animations. Anyway I hope you will enjoy my work! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements:- Kinky World Mod: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Current number of animations : 24 Animation List :- Version 1.2- Floor Doggystyle A | Vaginal \ Anal Doggystyle B | Vaginal \ Anal Doggystyle C | Vaginal \ Anal Doggystyle D | Vaginal \ Anal Doggystyle E | Vaginal \ Anal Prone A | Vaginal Prone B | Vaginal Prone C | Vaginal \ Anal Prone D | Vaginal \ Anal VIP Chair A | Vaginal \ Anal Cowgirl A | Vaginal \ Anal Cowgirl B | Vaginal \ Anal Double Penetration A | Oral & Vaginal \ Oral & Anal Double Penetration B | Anal & Anal \ Vaginal & Anal Double Penetration C | Oral & Vaginal \ Oral & Anal SwingSet Doggystyle A | Vaginal \ Anal Doggystyle B | Vaginal \ Anal ChairLounge Double Penetration A (M/F/M) | Vaginal & Oral Double Penetration B (M/F/M) | Vaginal & Oral Double Penetration C (M/F/M) | Vaginal & Anal Couch Doggystyle A | Vaginal Doggystyle 3P (M/F/M) | Vaginal & Anal Chair Cowgirl A | Vaginal \ Anal Double Penetration | Vaginal and Anal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pets:- Have removed pets animation but will be creating a separate animation file. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes:- I really apologize for poor update. Most of the mistakes are fixed and added few animations. Have checked with my game all animations are working nice but still if you find any issue with animations I will try my best to resolve it. I have removed pets animation but will be adding it later in different package file. Thanks for your support and understanding guys. Have fun! Installation: Extract files into your mods folder. Register with name KinkyAnalustAnimations and you are good to go. Download: KinkyAnalustAnimationsV.1.2.zip Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-yiPBdVLrkSTIS4CikHSQ4p336BEWW7Y/view?usp=sharing
  2. View File WARNING: MATURE 18+ L666's ANIMATIONS FOR KINKY WORLD 203 animations for Kinky World Mod / Passion Mod New Update S.16 Essential: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43249-sims3wip-kinkyworld-v026-updated-24-dec-2015/ Sets: Bondage sets: Stockade BDSM Furniture http://www.sexysims....ad.php?t=175302 Bondage Frame http://www.sexysims....ad.php?t=174813 Cars: Audi http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects-furnishing-vehicles-cars/title/2009-audi-tt-roadster/id/946156/ Bwan Speedster http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects-furnishing-vehicles-cars/title/bwan-speedster-yl-w-o/id/954256/ Recommended: Morphing Nipples - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - NATURAL BREAST NUDE TOP (Breast Fix + 3D Morphing Nipple (WIP)) Displace Maps - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - DETAILED VAGINA & BUTTS (Default Replacement) Displace Maps and Skins - [The Sims 3] GECK.O's - SKIN COMPLETE SET (Texture, BumpMap, Shine, Eyes (WIP)) Morphing Penis - http://cmarnyc.blogs...18975f2e60ef8eb Other Skins - http://navetsea.blogspot.com.br/ Not Recommended: Additionnal CAS sliders How to Install in Kinky World: Unzip my packages inside in your mods folder; Inside game click in Kinky World >>> Settings >>> Animations >>> Position lists write the name: KW_L666_Animations (139 animations) KW_L666_RapeBdsm_Animations (30 animations) KW_L666_Kinky_Animations (34 animations) Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/l666 Last Updates and objects available: Submitter L666 Submitted 02/14/2016 Category The Sims 3 Requires Kinky World
  3. View File ADULT CONTENT 18+ Requires: Oniki's Kinky World OR Passion The new update arrived. (v.1.5) There are 8 new animations for your sims to enjoy! Now with WORKING handcuffes included in the download. Thanks to Asser and Twilightstorm for sharing! Only place them in your mods folder to have them show up on the animations! View full animation list and required objects: How to install: Download my replacement Pole Dance Animations for Kinky World: If you're using the latest build on Patreon, this isn't needed anymore, the animations are included. Don't override it. If you're using the public version, you still need this animation override. Submitter MaryJane Submitted 02/16/2017 Category The Sims 3 Requires Oniki's Kinky World or Passion View File
  4. Here's where you can post your Sims 3 pictures! I hope everyone wants to share again!
  5. Hello All, I've been thinking about creating this for a long time! While Oniki's Kinkyworld Reference Guide and Maraas' Guide have a wealth of information, I still see the same questions repeated a lot in the Kinkyworld Download Thread. Please check the Reference Guide and Maraas' guide before asking a question, chances are the information you're looking for is there. This FAQ will not cover computer or coding issues so please don't look for answers to those types of questions here, I'm no expert! I will also not be covering the cc you need to get your Sims out of censored pelvis area bumping. I won't be covering cc at all! I've provided some tips for cc in the Tip section. This FAQ is strictly about the Mod (and it's animations in relation to the mod. If you are experiencing difficulties with animations stuttering, looping, and/or stopping please kindly direct those questions to their respective thread owners. ) If you have a question (or know of one!) that is not listed here, please post it below or send me a PM (preferably with the answer) and I will update this post. Troubleshooting Tips Best Practices Misc Tips Note, I've put the answers behind spoiler tags to save space. Now, onto the questions! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q. Hi! Whenever I direct my Sims to Woohoo I get the message "no stage found." Help? Q. Why won't my Sims woohoo when I tell them to?! Q. Oh no! What have I done? My Sims stand in the middle of the bed instead of sleeping! Q. Do you know why there are no rapists in my game? Q. Okay, I followed your advice but my Sim still hasn't been raped! Q. My Sims' Woohoo only lasts for a minute, help? Q. How do I make my Sim into a whore/callgirl/escort? Q. Can sims get pregnant from being raped? Q. How do we know about Mod Updates? Where is it written? Can we have an alert/notification on this website/on a facebook page? Q. In the future, do we just replace the old .package file with the new one, or is there any risk of version mismatch? Q. Does this mod work with the latest Origin updates? Q. How do you initiate a threesome with this mod? Q. My Sims' and their [insert relative] won't woohoo! D: Why?! Q. So I was trying to crank my Sims' gears by watching some KinkyTV but there's nothing there? Q. Help! My Sim's penis is [insert color here]. Q. Why isn't my Sim's body not aligned right? Q. My Sim's boobs are distorted. Any suggestions? Q. Where can I find the cannabis items? Q. My Sims are trying to do the nasty but I get an annoying popup about condoms. Where can I find them? Q. Help me please. My game is bogged down with lag because of all the service Sims Kinkyworld dumps into my game. Q. My sim is trying to watch a live kinky show but every time I click on the laptop, there's no show! D: Q. Why won't my Sims go beyond teasing? They're horny, they get it going and then stop? I am exhausted. It's 5:43 AM. I'm giving this a rest for now. Send those questions and answers in! Good luck and Happy Simming! ^ ~ -- L. With thanks to: OnikiKay, OregonRain2, Lovelybones19, JolieRouge, MaryJane, DeletedUsername, janyses, Maraas, Mr. Col, genericlogin, MaryJane & many other helpy helpertons!
  6. View File Passion Version 2.7.x.x Submitter TwilightStorm Submitted 08/03/2017 Category The Sims 3 Requires
  7. View File WARNING: MATURE CONTENT 18+ HEY! Thought it's about time to start contributing to this community. Contains 2 animations More to follow. Just add "KW_Swanny_Animations" and "OKW_Swanny_Animations" into your sims 3 mod folder When Ingame in Kinky world settings type "KW_Swanny_Animations" to register them. Submitter Rizlaswan Submitted 06/22/2017 Category The Sims 3 Requires Oniki's Kinky World  
  8. Warning! Adults only! Sex animation for Sims 3 2.0 These mod add 140 animations Essential : New Passion By Superstorm http://www.loverslab.com/topic/82485-passion-requires-patch-level-163/ [Obsolete] Alfiechan's Passion [Obsolete] Kicker's Animated Woohoo Recommended : Lady666 Animation http://www.loverslab.com/topic/46174-sims3wip-lady666s-sex-animations-for-animated-woohoo/ Sims 3: The Morphing Penis - New version http://cmarnyc.blogspot.fr/2013/05/the-morphing-penis-default-replacement.html Not Recommended : Additionnal CAS sliders Installation : Just install Amra72_Animations.package and AW_Amra72_Animations.package in your sims 3 mods folder dont forget install Animated WooHoo before In game add Amra72_Animations in posistion list of Animated WooHoo setting More infos about installation http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43963-how-do-i-add-amra72-animations-in-posistion-list-of-animated-woohoo-setting/?hl=amra72 These animations can be used with : Animations list : Amra72_Sims3_Animation_pack_1.9.rar Old Amra72_AW_Sims3_Animation_pack_2.0.zip New Change Log: V 2.0 New Anim Doggy Kneel B Floor New Anim Doggy Kneel C Floor New Anim Doggy fingering threesome Floor New Anim Romantic Missionary A New Anim After sex Floor New Anim After sex Bed New Anim Blowjob C DiningTable V 1.9 Minor fix Minor Update New Anim Vaginal/Anal 3P MFM/MFF/FFF - Coffee Table New Anim Spoon A BedSingle/BedDouble/Altar New Anim Spoon B BedSingle/BedDouble/Altar New Anim Spoon C BedSingle/BedDouble/Altar New Anim Spoon Climax BedSingle/BedDouble/Altar New Anim Blowjob Bathtub/Showertub V 1.8 Add New Anim Rough Missionary side Bed Double Add New Anim Doggy 3P Coffee Tables V 1.7 Add New Anim HandJob Didlo Bed Add New Anim BlowJob Didlo Bed Add New Anim BlowJob Massage Table Add New Anim Blowjob Climax Chair/Toilet Add New Anim TitsJob Chair/Toilet Add New Anim HandJob Male Solo Chair/Toilet Add New Anim Rough Blowjob side Bed Double Add New Anim Rough Doggy side Bed Double Add New Anim Doggy Anal Bed V 1.6 Add New Anim Fingering Massage Table Add New Anim Doogy Anal Lounge 2/3 and 3/3 Add New Anim CowGirl Chair Lounge 2/3 3/3 Add New Anim Rough Missionary Floor Add New Anim Rough CowGirl Floor V 1.5 Add New Anim BlowJob B Floor Add New Anim Kiss Lounge Add New Anim BlowJob A Lounge Add New Anim BlowJob B Lounge Add New Anim BlowJob C Lounge Add New Anim Missionary Cunnilingus Lounge Add New Anim Missionary Lounge Add New Anim Doogy Cunnilingus Lounge Add New Anim Doogy Lounge Add New Anim Reverse CowGirl Lounge V 1.4 Add New Anim Footjob Floor Add New Anim 69 Floor Add New Anim Missionary C Coffee Tables Add New Anim Missionary Climax Coffee Tables Add New Anim Stand Front A Floor Add New Anim Stand Front B Floor Add New Anim Stand Front C Floor Add New Anim Stand Behind B Floor Add New Anim Stand Behind C Floor Add New Anim Blowjob Cumshot Coffee Tables Add New Anim Doggy B Cumshot Coffee Tables Lesbian Animations 0.5a In game add Amra72_Lesbian_Animations in posistion list of Animated WooHoo setting These animations can be used with Animations list : Amra72_Sims3_Lesbian_Animation_pack_0.5a.rar Change Log: V 0.5a Minor fix V 0.5 Add New Anim Dining Tables Solo Masturbation 1/2 and 2/2 Sims Add New Anim 69 Bed Add New Anim Missionary V 0.4 Add New Anim Bed Solo Masturbation V 0.3 Add New Anim Floor Stand Cunilingus Front V 0.2 Add New Anim Floor Scissors V 0.1 Add New Anim Floor Stand Solo Masturbation Add New Anim Floor Stand Mastrubation Behind Add New Anim Floor Stand Cunilingus Behind Add New Anim Floor Lying Down Cunilingus Behind CumMask_Amra72.rar Teddy.zip
  9. Pinkgirl4you

    Missing animations?

    Hey all. I recently downloaded some mods! And I got the Onika or something like that, mod. So there's a menu for sex. It gives you two options. Duo and group. But when you open either, it says animations missing??? Can anyone give a direct download link , to the mods I need? Please. Will attach pics. Oh and also, the picture of him naked, he is supposed to have a dildo in his hand, but it's empty? He does have a penis and balls by the way. And the woman do have nipples. Sorry for poor quality pics! I have a crappy phone.
  10. Warning! Adults only! Sex animation for Sims 3 Animations only for Oniki's Kinky World Mod These mod add 137 animations 1.4 Essential : You need Oniki's kinky World for Sims 3 your can found here : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43249-sims3wip-kinkyworld-v026-updated-24-dec-2015/ Recommended : Sims 3: The Morphing Penis - New version http://cmarnyc.blogspot.fr/2013/05/the-morphing-penis-default-replacement.html GloryHole : http://www.ladymoiraine.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=489 Cars : Thanks Dooda Bwan Speedster YL w/o : http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects-furnishing-vehicles-cars/title/bwan-speedster-yl-w-o/id/954256/ 2009 Audi TT Roadster : http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects-furnishing-vehicles-cars/title/2009-audi-tt-roadster/id/946156/ Not Recommended : Additionnal CAS sliders Installation : Just install "KW_Amra72_Animations.package" and "OKW_Amra72_Animations.package" in your sims 3 mods folder In game add "KW_Amra72_Animations" in position list of KinkyWorld setting These animations can be used with : Animations list : Change Log: V 1.2 Adding automatic WooHooStage progress New Anim Doggy Anal Bed Single/Bed Double New Anim Rough Missionary Side Bed Double New Anim Doggy 3P Coffee Tables V 1.1 Fix Altar Position New Anim HandJob Didlo Bed New Anim BlowJob Didlo Bed New Anim CallOver GloryHole New Anim HandJob GloryHole New Anim BlowJob GloryHole New Anim Stand Doggy GloryHole New Anim HandJob Male Solo Chair/Toilet New Anim Rough Doggy on the side Bed Double New Anim Rough Blowjob on the side Bed Double New Anim Blowjob Climax Chair/Toilet New Anim BlowJob Massage Table New Anim Missionary A Pool Table New Anim TitsJob Chair/Toilet V 1.0 Fix incompatibility with AW_Amra72_Animations and AW_Amra72_Lesbian_Animations V 0.1 Add New Anim Stand Behind A Pool Table Add New Anim Stand Behind B Pool Table Add New Anim BlowJob Car Click here to download this file
  11. The Sims 3 along with KinkyWorld and other mods gives you so many fun erotic ideas you can play around with. Here are just a few. . . (note: I'll add the full 100 things to do overtime, here are just the first few). Table of Content - WIP
  12. WARNING! ADULT CONTENTS! WARNING! Sexy Animations for Oniki's Kinky World This is my very first sims 3 animation for kinky world hope you guys enjoy! I'll try to do more when i have free time. If you enjoy my work, please support them on Patreon. Thank You! Installation Copy KW_K69_Animations & OKW_K69_Animations into your Sims 3 Mods file Ingame Kinky World Setting add KW_K69_Animations into Positions Animations List 126 LL Animations 89 Patron Animations 126 Patron +1 Animations 132 KW_K69_Animations v2.10.rar Add AF Sofa Masturbation Add AF SingleDoor Masturbation Add AF Bathtub Masturbation Add AF Single/DoubleBed Masturbation Add AM Single/DoubleBed Masturbation Special Thanks Oniki's Kinky World SpaceMan's Blender Rig MaryJane's Blender Rig The Master's Animated Woohoo Tutorial Amra72, Mike24, L666 for their awesome animations
  13. Okay so, I can't get sims to rape, woohoo or anything even with the kinkyworld installed. It has options and I can select them but then the sims say "Why on earth would I do that?" and cancel everything. They won't do it anywhere or with anyone. Help....
  14. View File Warning! Adults only! All others will find Warts in bad places, and you will go Blind! Sex animation Only for Sims 3 Kinky World Animations only for Oniki's Kinky World Mod I am very New to sims animations, I am sure these are not very good, i am trying to improve, as i go, I thought these were maybe worth uploading. <<<Installation>>> Drop them in you "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods" folder. 1. start up the Game and load any saved game. 2. Open the Kinky World Settings Menu to add new Animations, should be under the global woohoo Menu 3. Type "KW_Galgat_animations" and click ok. Or you could from the desk top highlight KW_Galgat_animations, right click it, and copy on the desk top, then go back to the game, and use ctrl +"V" key to past it in. any way that will let Kinky World know there there, and it can use them. If you don't do that they will never show. *********************** ******Updating***** Get rid of the old files, and install the new ones, they will have everything that the old had, and extra, and you might have problems if you tried to keep the old, and the new active. ********************** <<<Credits>>> Ashal of course. Maryjane >> Wore them selves out helping my dumb arse, I really do thank them loafkowalski >> for his sucky post, that got me to thinking, maybe i could do a few of these. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/71805-man-it-sucks-not-having-anyone-releasing-new-ts3-animations/ TheMaster >> for his wonderful tutorial, it was a really, really big help Kinky World: http://www.loverslab...ed-24-dec-2015/ RECOMENDED MODS: Lady666 Animations: http://www.loverslab...nimated-woohoo/ Amra72 Animations: http://www.loverslab...nimated-woohoo/ Mike24 Animations http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3194-the-sims-3-mike24-animations-for-kinky-world/ The Master's Sex Animations for Animated Woohoo and Kinky World http://www.loverslab.com/topic/41458-sims-3-the-masters-sex-animations-for-animated-woohoo-and-kinky-world/ Submitter galgat Submitted 02/01/2017 Category The Sims 3 Requires Sims 3, and Oniki's Kinky World Mod and its needs  
  15. Animated Car and Other stuff volume 2 This new Forum will still have car with would work around L66 animation and amra72 animation but it would also feature other type of vehicle which will not work for the animation unless the new animator do animation for them. This forum will also feature both the Kid sims vehicle and may also carry one or two pieces of cloths I did in the past google Sims 3 conversion from other Games Dailycard. Now I like to first thank my Donor for the 5 Bucks and those of you downloaded over at Kinky car as well. The Motorcycles will require The Sims™ 3 Fast Lane Stuff and ambition for the Harley. This part of the post have reached its limits were uploads are concerned therefore I will be adding more stuff to the 3rd post on this page. L666 animation have been unlock for the following in game cars they are yomoshoto Evasion, Wornado Triage, Big lemon, VFN Kompensator and Bwan Speedster YL. To other Animators the _XML object should be the following, if you are going to do car animation <Objects>CarSports,CarSedan,CarHatchback,CarExpensive2,CarUsed2</Objects> Suzuki 12Hayabusa.rar othercar unlock OKW_L666_Kinky_Animations.rar Ferrari FXX Evolution.rar Maserati MC12.rar Aston Martin DBS Volante.rar Bugatti vision GT.rar 2017 lamborghini centenario.rar 2017 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster.rar Devel Sixteen.rar Fenyr.rar Yamaha Midnight.rar Suzuki Alto 2015.rar Harley Davidson.rar Austin-Healey 3000 Forcer.rar 1956 BMW 507.rar Ford Model A Sultan.rar Chevrolet Aveo.rar Rolls-Royce Dawn 2016.rar 1933 Duesenberg SJ Sedan.rar 2014 BMW S1000 RR.rar Kawsaki Ninja ZX 10R.rar Update_othercar_unlock_OKW_L666_Kinky_Animations_V-15.rar NSX Honda 2016.rar 1937 Ford V-8 De Luxe Station Wagon Smith Deluxe Statio by Dailycard.rar Lincoln continental sedan1962.rar Aston Martin DBR1.rar Ducati 1098R.rar Chevrolet Corvette GS.rar Maserati GranCabrio.rar Land Rover Defender SVX.rar AMC Javelin AMX.rar Lamborghini 2010 Murcielago lp 670-4 sv.rar Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster.rar Koenigsegg Agera RSR 2016.rar Kawasaki KLX250.rar MBK Nitro.rar Ford Mustang GT350R 2016 Convertible Concept.rar jaguar f type convertible.rar Koenigsegg CCXR.rar BMW R1100 street.rar Lexus LFA Roadster.rar Lexus LFA.rar B-DCMB Robinson Raven 44 Helicopter.rar Volatus Helicopter.rar Volatus Copper 1.rar Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Intercept.rar Ferrari Lusso.rar Praga R1 AC.rar Mclaren 720S 2017.rar LV-DC.rar
  16. Kinky World custom Cars This is not my first car for the Sims 3 but it is one I did for the Kinky world. However it do not work 100% with lady 666 climax, but when you take it for a drive the wheel will rest to the original position. Later on I will add more models However if you choose to use my modified OKW_lady666_kinky_Animations file.The car wheel and the body will not move but you will have to replaced OKW_lady666_kinky_Animations with mine.It updated today. Audii r8 Syper.rar Maybach Exelero.rar McLaren 650S GT3.rar Ferrari 458 Spyder 2011.rar lamborghini Aventador J.rar Chrysler_ME412.rar 2008 Mazda Furai.rar Zonda pagani.rar Morgan Aero Supersports.rar Dodge Viper twinsturbo.rar Jaguar F-TYPE SVR Coupe 2016.rar Jaguar Project 7 Boss workshop.rar Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder LP 570-4.rar Lamborghini Gallardo SuperTrofeo.rar Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss.rar OKW_L666_Kinky_Animations.rar RR3_KTM_X_BOW_R.rar Devon GTX.rar Spitfire 4 MK2.rar Audi R8.rar Hearse.rar Jaguar E type 4.2.rar Lamborghini Veneno.rar Lamborghini Veneno roadstar.rar MG TF 1500.rar Jaguar E type.rar 1971 Chevrolet Corvette ver 1.rar 1970 Chevrolet Corvette ver 2.rar 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider.rar 2015 Ferrari FXXK.rar La Ferrari.rar 2016 McLaren 570GT.rar La Ferrari ver2.rar La Ferrari ver 1.rar McLaren P1 by DailyCard.rar Eldorado_59.rar Bugatti Veyron 2009.rar Bugatti_Veyron_SS.rar 1954-Mercedes-Benz-300SL-Coupe.rar 2017 Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4.rar Lamborghini Aventador SV.rar 1966 Shelby Cobra 427.rar 2016 Pagani Zonda LM-R.rar BAC Mono.rar Koenigsegg Regera 2015.rar Pagani Cinque Roadster.rar
  17. So, I have a mersim and she looks great in land form. But once she goes for a swim in the ocean she loses everything... eyes, hair, swim top, tail... I'm not sure how to fix this?
  18. Hello! I want to convert some sims 4 animations to the sims 3 but I don't know how. I know there's a way to convert sims 3 animations to sims 4. Can someone teach me how to convert sims 4 animations to the sims 3? Thank you in advance!
  19. My first few virgin (I couldn't resist the chance, okay?) attempts at making/shaping a horse dick. However, it'll eventually be dicks and can be used as an accessory in game for photos. I have absolutely no freaking clue how to do animations, but I'm willing to work with someone to make it work for beastality situations or regular horse breeding or even stallion/gelding masturbation. I know it needs work. This is the very very very early stages. Just wanted to brag that this is also my first time making any cc and of course, it has to be kink. I also need help since I ran into a hiccup to try and texture the penises and convert into a .package file for TS3 from Blender. My goals: Make a 'curious' pose pack (Male and Female) (Basically people looking, touching, licking horse penises and getting turned on or stuffs.) 'Deflowered' pose pack (Male and Female) (First time being horse fucked, or sex at all with a horse.) 'Mare Care' pose pack with Male human fucking mare, or fingering. Poses for breeding stallions and mares. 'Masturbating' pose pack for horses and humans or humans masturbating horses. Penises that are limp, half out, fully erect, masturbating and during breeding/mounting. Make a bench or something for human sims to be 'bred' in or something like that. other goals: find someone who can make animations in the sims 3 and make this not poses, but actual animations. Lemme know what ya'll think. and of course there's the other goodies that I've begun to make with ONLY poses and tried to add my creation to one of the poses.
  20. KinkyWorld Butler Mod by Tartacus V1.0 Requires Late Night Ep This is the first mod I have ever made, I have tested it over a long period to make sure all is as should be but please consider this as a work in progress. Butlers should now work as they are supposed to and should not disappear off your lot, they will Clean your lot. Repair broken items and look after children and may even feed the fish. They will not cook unless asked to do so. For best Child Care results Baby Monitors from the store are recommended. I have not tested on Bridgeport and expect there may be problems with highrise apartments. The Female Butler now comes with a new outfit consisting of a maid's top with open bottom courtesy of Bloom (MTS), a pair of Lace knickers courtesy of Harmonia, (they are classified as bottoms and not KW underwear) and shoes by Altea127. These are included in the package, you may need to set the CASP properties in KW Debug for these, set them as removable, remove for woohoo and suggested 3 for nakedness value. existing butlers uniforms will not change. It only applies to newly employed staff. The Male Butlers outfit is standard as I am unsure what users would like him to be dressed in. I very much welcome ideas on this. Butlers expect regular woohoo as part of their salary and a Horny Butler is unlikely to do much work so you must keep them satisfied. Butlers in their spare time love to Swim, Read Books and watch TV, if they are watching TV and there is work to be done then turn off the TV and they will continue with their work after moaning about it. If reading or swimming for too long and you need them to do something KW debug cancel interaction will get them working again. I have made this to work with Oniki Kays KinkyWorld although it should also work as a stand alone mod and would consider this to be a Work in Progress and welcome suggestions and ideas. I would like to thank Oniki Kay for the help and guidance with this, also the makers of S3PE, Cmar for her Outfits Tool and Bloom, Harmonia and Altea127 for the outfits used. This is mainly a tuning mod and should not interfere with other mods as long as they don't also affect butlers or their outfits. TartsKWButlerV1.0.7z To hire butler use the phone and hire service as normal. The only way to end the butler service is by dismissing the butler and using a landline phone to cancel the service before new butler turns up. I have noticed that an exhausted butler will leave your plot at around 3am and return a couple of hours later recharged. Added new version V1.1 All butlers should now be young adult. Made a couple of changes to Butlers tunings. Added Male Butler uniform, Open shirt courtesy of LadyFrontbum (MTS) and Leather pants by ekinege (TSR) both included in package. TartsKWButlerV1.1.7z
  21. View File I know I stated a couple of months ago that I will stop creating content and posting it, but this ones have a long story and I will summarize it (only if your time is letting you read it) First of all, credits are own by JoshQ for his/hers feet and Mr. Antonieddu for the sandals When I first saw Mr. Antonieddu's sandals for Sims 4 I fell in love with that shape of them and felt an urge to have them converted for Sims 3 After spending hours, days and finally weeks trying to match the vertices alignment with the shape of the feet I managed to have them matched Seeing that everything came to a final and decent shape I started to create additional group and shape them according to the leg shape Reassigning the UV map texture was a though battle, but it end up 'nice' for every group, then I assigned the bones for the mesh with huge sweats The final test: make them appear in Sims 3; with a carrot stick in the butt I prayed like a monk to have them working without crashes and glitches. The result? PASSED!!! Created a version for teen after the adult mesh by repeating the same grinding from step 4. That was another successful pass And here you have them (not with the awesome shape fitting the feet like a sock, but still decent according to my knowledge and patience to make them happen). These are compatible with teen and adult female sim and available to any outfit category Will lift your sim 11 units above ground Only one colorable channel available Watch out high detail mesh: 8800+ vertices and 12000+ faces (this is for 1 group, try multiply with 5 and your mind and GPU will blow up) so you better have the fresh nVidia RTX series or 1080ti - just kidding, it's working FINE on my RX 570 4GB If shit happens to your game because of them, please let me know and I'll try to fix it (maybe) P.S. I was to excited how they came to life so this is the reason why I'm sharing to you, to make your sims a 'little' more special than others in your city. Cheers to all of you Submitter rauul995 Submitted 10/14/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires View File  
  22. So I have Alfiechan's Passion mod and Oniki Kinky World. Do they conflict with each other? Whenever my Sims use Passion they just merge on top of each other and after a second they separate stating that it ended. There is no animations. Any help?
  23. This is Fleabottom, a medium-sized world, not-so-nice-place to be. Requires: Ambitions for the bridge crossing the Blackwater. World Adventures for the nectary. Supernatural for the Magic Shop. University for Bedrock Bowling. CC used: Cyclonesue/TSR, Bridge Lane lots, textures. Download at TSR. The all_Rabbitrugs_doors.rar goes into your Package-folder. The world will not work properly without this. Credits go to the creators of all the cc used. This is the first world I made for Sims 3, it is Beta, so, nowhere near perfect. Pictures and whatnot can be found in the thread Creating a World for OKW. Feedback, suggestions and screenies welcome. Note: the world is unpopulated! Added Josey Wales Grocery with rabbithole-door. Now you can buy condoms there. Updated note: trouble with Call Girl service---->delete the high rise! What`s new? Added the Grocery, is now part of the world. Rabbitdoor. Barney Rubble Bedrock Bowling, arcade. Needs University. Added a communal pool. Added some more residential lots, more room for your sims. Added Speak Easy Bar, for starter whores. Replaced the bridge. The Cantina now has rooms with beds upstairs. Added Madame Ivanka Massage Parlor, empty shell plus rabbitdoor. Add your favoured massage table and Sauna. Added Cyclonesue`s Bless The Little Dears Park with some more details to fit the picture. Tested with OKW 0.2.5a. Added a larger beach, Lifeguard Career works better. Added a BotShop (Into the Future). Added a library. Added a Salon/Tailor/Dressmaker. Added a port and a diving lot (Isla Paradiso). Added some details to the Blackwater Line Park. Added a Fire Station (Ambitions) Added a KW-Highschool (Kinky World) Tested with KW build 332 patreon. Added the Bates Mansion (Supernatural). Added the Bates Motel. Tested with 0.36 Public Build 362. all_Rabbitrugs_doors.rar Fleabottom Beta 1g.7z
  24. View File This CC is offered completely free You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary I don’t take requests nor commissions Details: Base game compatible For young adult and adult femsims Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: 5468 2 color channels Only available in .package format Defects: Were to start?… Weirdness on CAS, in-game looks fine Boobs clip when using custom sliders and/or use the weight slider to make overweight sims, it’s controlled 90% under normal simming (aka no sex or animation mods of any kind) The back of the skirt also clips under extreme animations but I’m calling a mulligan because the original also has issues So in resume, if you are playing without sex mods, don’t use slider mods or prefer your sims “petite” you won’t have problems most of the time Notes: I was able to add vertices without subdividing sections of the mesh, a first for me Sadly it was not enough because dress and boobs have too different shapes, it is doable but after all the time I invested I prefer to use the learned on other projects Compatible with shoes, texture and 3d accessories from the game, yours truly and other creators although there’s chance of necklaces and alike clipping on the base of the neck I’m adding a complementary headband I extracted from Sims Medieval, it’s located on the ‘glasses slot’, has two color channels, it “weights” 1k something polygons and it is compatible with the hat sliders, also has an internal face and other little details so hopefully is different enough zip contains: afBodyEp2DarkAgesEDIT_forMedBod.package / AccessoryMedievalHatFloralHeadband.package Credits: Original textures and meshes from Electronic Arts Submitter JoshQ Submitted 11/26/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires View File  
  25. View File This CC is offered completely free You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary I don’t take requests nor commissions Details: Base game compatible For teen, young adult and adult femsims Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: 5486 3 color channels Will elevate young adults and adults 9 “units” above ground, 8 to teens Only available in .package format Defects: Shoes look “all-kinds-of-weird” on CAS, in-game looks fine Texture stretching on the tip Potential clipping with floor, chairs, beds, etc. and animation misalignment under normal simming. This can also can happen on custom animations and poses and also might cause leg/feet extreme bending (I usually don’t have problems on my game while using Passion or OKW, but I cannot guarantee yours) 3D accessories that contain morphs, like necklaces and alike from the game and other creators, might interfere with the shoes and cause severe deformation, don’t use both at the same time Notes: To spice thing ups I decided to transform this pumps into platforms and add a ‘glitter’ texture, oh boy that texture gave a me a lot of troubles even when I doubled the size to 2048px, it mostly looks ‘good’ on light colors, everything else loses detail If you know what you’re doing you can replace the texture BUT is advisable to scale back the UV map so it plays nice with patterns Every single pair of “Impossible Heels” is compatible with the default body, MedBod and any other custom mesh that follows the default leg seam Credits: Original mesh by MrAntonieddu Submitter JoshQ Submitted 11/26/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires View File