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  1. Yes, you need CSA. MCG only informs CSA that an abduction should take place. If you don't have it, you will only get Respawn or bad end scenarios (if you've enabled them)
  2. Finally got around to play with the new patch. The bug I mentioned before seems to be gone, which is cool. However if I have a raider/gunner prisoner following me into settlements (or Diamond City/Goodneighbor), they still always aggro the locals, unless I manually add them to the player faction as an ally in the console ("addfac 1c21c 1"). I can reproduce this one every time. It also reverts back to aggro, if I manipulate their inventory or if designate them to wait (so they're called slave again), meaning I have to do it all over again. Since it doesn't seem to be mu
  3. Ah, that blows. Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) my extra Covid-time is about to expire, so I don't have time to look into this myself. I never really developed with C++, not to mention jumping into an existing codebase like F4SE. My modding clout isn't what it used to be, so requesting something like that probably would would be a bit presumptuous.
  4. First of all, sorry if this has been asked before. Is it possible with XML to have face tints applied to actors? I seem to have it all set up correctly with tagged animations and facial tints being correctly loaded in looksmenu, but they won't show. I assume, that's because the overlays are meant to be applied to the body texture not the face texture. So, is this possible? If not, are there any plans to make it possible? Or if neither, is there a way to "abuse" the system to apply it anyway? (nudging textures or anything like that)
  5. Thanks, I know how the systems work. It works as you describe for all the other ones, but not for this particular one. (Marcy, btw) She's permanently frozen at 0,2. I have cloning of unique NPCs enabled and it works for all the other Sanctuary NPCs in my Conqueror Playthrough, but her. Oh well, not the end of the world, but if possible, I'd like to avoid accidentally breaking the mechanic in the future.
  6. No need to apologise. It's good to know, that adding them won't harm my game, as far as MCG is concerned. Do you by any chance know, what could cause a slave to not increase its submission value? I get the notifications, but the value in info still shows 0,2. All I could think of that could have impacted that particular NPC, is me editing its visuals with the looks menu.
  7. Hey guys, love the mod! I'm having a bit of a problem with captured NPCs. I didn't find any info in the faq so I'm asking here. I've captured several raiders and raider bosses and unfortunately all "neutral" NPCs, like Carla, Drumlin Diner NPCs, etc, are hostile to them, i.e. they shoot them on sight. I found that occasionally they aren't hostile (after reloading and fast travelling), though that isn't really reproducable. Sometimes they shoot, sometimes they don't. Do you guys know of any solution to this problem? I don't use any other AAF systems mod and don't use a
  8. That's great and thanks for the reply, but how do I fix my game now? What quest do I have to terminate, what values needs to be reset, etc? As I said above, Magicka, MagickaRate and MagickaRateMult I have already reset to default values, yet Magicka regen still doesn't work. The quests have also been disabled in the MCM. I'm sorry to say this, but as it stands my game is broken, due to me blindly assuming that these mage quests were similar flavour stuff like the blacksmith quest. Also, as a general advice, you might want to consider to split off these functionalities
  9. Meanwhile, how can we restore it to a default state? Magicka, MagickaRate and MagickaRateMult are all on default values, but it's still not regenerating for me. Not trying to bash you or the mod, but there should be more explicit explanation in the OP or in the MCM that actually explains what this is doing. Even if you don't do that, disabling the option or putting a "not finished, use at your own risk" would/should suffice to restore the game to its default state or not use it to begin with.
  10. Is there any way to disable cursed dialogue, or drastically reduce that it's happening? I use the SSE version found in the conversion tracking thread. I still want to play the game...
  11. Probably no one that has used any Bethesda mods in the last five years has not heard of LL. We have >2 million members. In the end, I don't think that MxR's audience is of the perpetually offended kind, nor are they unfamiliar with LL.
  12. My PC has a cum overlay stuck on her body. Unfortunately, I have no idea which mod is even responsible for the cum anymore, so my search for an answer with fo4edit was unsuccessful. Here some details: The overlay was applied during a RSE-CSA scene with a human raider. It's applied to one breast. I've had this happen before, but "fixed" it by reloading a previous save. This time I've noticed too late and I really don't want to lose all progress. F4SE, RSE, AAF are all the newest versions available (from a couple of days ago). AAF and RSE work fine other
  13. It is not legal to distribute. Sorry. But I had the same problem yesterday. Here are some perfectly legal ways to restore the old fallout4.exe until an update to f4se is released: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/6540926-how-to-rollback-fallout-4-version-steam/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/1727575977557794280/
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