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  1. Two esps? Do I need both or does 3 supersede 2? Thanks! Looks great and thanks for doing this.
  2. Oh how dumb of me. (Face Palm). I am so used to having the basic meshes and the Bodyslide versions as an overwrite. Thanks!!
  3. Bluegunk

    SkyrimVR - SexLab Lite SE / Framework SE 1.63

    I heard the Chinese version of SkyUI is unstable. Tends to CTD on saves. Have any of you using it experienced this?
  4. Thanks for these conversions! I just downloaded the MediaFire Chain Metal Outfit, but the Meshes Folder/ 00_ArsDazConv/ is empty! The texture folder is populated. Might you please be able to check into this? Thanks!
  5. Bluegunk

    VR technical thread

    MO is replaced by MO2 which is very much a growing and developing work. Check out its page on Nexus under Skyrim SE. It's now backwards compatible to Oblivion. (The game - not the inter-dimensional hole in space-time...)
  6. Bluegunk

    VR technical thread

    Thanks! I've put my VorpX projects to one side for now. If I get stuck I'll be back.
  7. Bluegunk

    Skyrim VR

    The "View Yourself VR" mod [ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16809 ] somehow breaks main quests. The author is trying to discover how, but since the mod brings up a picture of you in your current gear when opening the Inventory screen, my guess is Quest items that arrive in the Inventory are being broken (like a Dragon Claw or the Dragon Stone from Bleak Falls Barrow). Hopefully he will have it fixed soon, because the mod is a great idea.
  8. Bluegunk

    Skyrim VR

    I'm running it on Oculus Rift (6 days into setting it up). Works a treat - SKSEVR is available, a lot of SE mods work unchanged, Flower Girls VR is there, and I use an ENB, too. Player animation mods are a waste of time because you have no body. SkyUI and its MCM menu is a bit of a sticking point - hoping it will be converted. It almost works but not quite. So it's not available right now. Racemenu is still faffing about in Alpha and hardly working for SE. in VR it's a dead loss due to DLL mismatch. I've almost given up hope this will ever be available out of Alpha. You can see yourself quickly with the mod VR Mirror. The other "See yourself" menu mod has a major quest-knobbling flaw and is not safe to use at the moment. You can use the SE Creation Kit if you download the SkyrimVR Strings mod from Nexus. Warning - it's blurry in VR. It took me an age of tweaking but the Reddit SkyrimVR thread is a great source of help. For the discerning gentleman, there is a whole new world of wobbly boobs out there waiting to be discovered. The Oldrim mod companion "Lynx" (I think no longer available after it's author flounced off in a huff) is enough to turn eyeballs to steam. I'm now out of hospital and the heart surgeon says I'll make a good recovery. There is a close-up cheat line and the mod "No More Standing Too Close" is a must https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4784 . I'm sure other stuff will turn up, too. The Sextreme Loading Screens mod also 'comes' into its own here (as no-one else can see the loading screens... ).
  9. Bluegunk

    VR technical thread

    OK so the latest VorpX no longer has Configure VorpX > Game Settings Optimizer Advice needs to be updated. I just spent £30 on this.
  10. Bluegunk

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    I asked Jeir (Caliente) about this and it's a kind of default line that appears when armour is equipped. It's a red herring and can be ignored. I found the CBBE XML files supplied on the Caliente page were not that sensitive for collisions. Perhaps someone on this thread can provide more 'adventurous' ones?!
  11. Bluegunk

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    Thank you! I'll go and dig it out. The game is now on the whole running very well with HDT SMP in. I just get the occasional drop in FPS - usually only in the smallest indoor cell possible, lol. I've dented the game further by implementing 2x NVidia DSR. Nothing like trying to kill Skyrim by taking it to the brink...
  12. Bluegunk

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    Yes - hair has full collision, etc. It's a wig so I'm not sure how to use a non collision version (but I think there is a wigs mod around?) Anyhow, using ELE-Lite and the Rudy ENB version for it, I am having some very good results. I was able to remain in full HDT stuff indoors in Sleeping Giant with no noticeable effects. So I am pleased with this result and will stick with it. Shame ELE is not quite as rich as RLO Thanks for your comments and help!
  13. Thanks for this mod! I'll try the follower out as I am in mid play-through. For Skyrim SE I use the Schlongs of Skyrim Lite for Tempered Skins. I know this is not on your requirements list, but will this work instead of the full Schlongs? Thanks!