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  1. NX2C Sloot Suit? Oh yes. Downloaded it the moment I saw it, upgraded to TBBP and handed it to Ivy who wears it with honour. Very nice job, Chic Geek!
  2. Just popping in to see what's up and saw your video for future Ivy updates. Fantastic! I look forward to it so much, and to Chic Geek's fabulous recordings, too. Is there any chance of using AAF's hug and kiss animations so I can give Ivy a bit of care? I suppose that would make her dependent on AAF, so I can understand if not. Many, many thanks for Ivy!
  3. 3DNPCs "Boston Bordello" seems like a good start for that, if the author lets you mod on it... Elianora wrote the story for that mod element, I believe. Once the short story is done the place is just left there for the player to use. Who knows what nefarious outcomes could occur from using it? Mwua hah hahhh... Ahem.
  4. Oh joy! I look forward to it when you 'make it so'. Many thanks!
  5. I love this mod. Currently I'm playing Fallout 4 - any chance you might touch base with Flashy on this site who has a Fallout Mod called RSE (Realistic Salacious Encounters)? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/105587-rse-realistic-salacious-encounters-09-01-18/ I think there is a huge amount of synergy in what he's doing, and what you do for Skyrim. While the mods and games are different, the AAF system in Fallout is weak on the animations front and you seem to have loads of great ideas that could apply there. Flashy's RSE is more scripts based and calls AAF animations as needed, but maybe the two of you might bounce ideas? The kissing and other animations you call are amazing. If you don't want to, fair enough. Thanks anyway for this mod!
  6. I'm calling by to see progress and wow - flying fast and furious as always! I've been using "Immersive Lover's Embrace Remastered" (ILE:R) on Nexus for ages. But that mod continually fails me for the hug and kiss hotkey scene. The author says he has updated it, so when you have a multi-companion mod (like AFT), ILE:R will run a quick check to find the nearest companion with the mod's ring and the romance, and select that person. Well, it still does not function for me. I get the routine "Sorry guv'nor, your companion hasn't been romanced enough so get lost, understood?" (or similar) message from the mod. And that's despite shagging her almost to death moments before in the mod's wake up (and blank screen) sex moment. There's rings, perfumes, aftershaves, and all sorts of things that lead up to (non-existent) hugs and kisses and they clutter up the inventory. Well, I've had enough of the mod. RSE reliably gives sex! Yay! (currently Ivy and Piper use the double bed all night leaving me standing up - weird) But I would so much like to use hotkeys to: Have a kiss / snog with my chosen snog partner (may not be the same one each time) Have a hug with them and if possible have - well, what would be called "heavy petting" in the UK. Fondling, early foreplay. Maybe things like this: There's a mod on LL for Skyrim SE called "Follow Me for Sex" It has some intense kissing and various other sex scenes fired by dialogue - you can see the offerings in the list in the description. I offer that as inspiration! Regarding your developments of RSE and RCO, Flashy, is there any chance of hug and kiss features like this that can sort of keep your in-game partner and the player bubbling along until that pill turns red in the bottom corner of the screen? At the moment comments and other stuff build up the red pill until your "libido is in overdrive" event. Well, how about also hugs, kisses, fondling, groping (etc) through the day as we explore? OK, AAF animations may not yet quite there yet, and I've no idea what leito and the others offer. perhaps CPU (above) could help? Thanks for listening to my waffling. Have a great day and whatever you decide will be welcomed!
  7. Flashy, to quote a certain character in Fallout 4: "Outstanding!" Thank you for your continued and energetic creativity!
  8. OK, cheers and thanks for the update!
  9. There is one mod that uses the tunnel - a companion mod. Can't recall the name, though.
  10. Thank you for a heartfelt piece. You know: you have a talent to become a writer, should it ever appeal to you. Personally (and for what it is worth from an Aspie like myself) I think you needed to go to India and do what you did. How you feel now is not how you would have felt if you refused to take the break. So it has done you good. (Er... hope that makes sense.) And being far away in another country is often a good place to reflect on life back home, regardless of the outcome. I suspect in due course you'll probably feel the urge to make changes for yourself, as a result of what you experienced. OK, I should just shut up now. Well, you will probably be back when you read this. Hope you had a good flight home and, once you feel ready, we'll hopefully see you back here again.
  11. Red Rocket basement looks good and the external entrance would certainly work with Elianora's RR Home that I use. I saw the "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" poster - that takes me back! I loved that series as a kid (and the film). That and Lost in Space. I'll shut up now before I start rambling on...
  12. Oops, my error. None the less, I think the two suit each other well. OK, the basement is free-standing, but it so suits Ivy you could offer it as an Ivy add-on. Well, that's entirely up to you! As I said, my early worry is your basement planned at Red Rocket would need to be able to integrate with the more popular of the RR mods around. Which was why wondered if using a house in nearby Concord might be safer. I think there are only one or two mods that affect northern Concord, one is an extra interiors mod, and a couple of other mods like Wasteland Barb, player homes, etc. However, there is no Workbench in Concord so the idea could well be useless. As for Ivy's creation, my apologies, yes of course it's post war (I had a senior moment earlier !).
  13. Your Red Rocket Basement is a really cool idea. After all, left for over 200 years Ivy should have been doing something to fill her life waiting for her redeemer. But (and there is always a but!) I use Elianora's Red Rocket home. Elianora's Red Rocket does not have a basement, so if you create one it will need to operate comfortably with that, or other Red Rocket mods. I would be highly reluctant to lose my Elianora Red Rocket home. This makes me wonder if the basement might be better situated either at the Sanctuary Root Cellar (where Ivy is already established) or a neutral basement / house location (like in another part of Sanctuary, or Concord - avoiding the current batch of extra Concord interior extension mods if possible)? For example, Wasteland Barb is located in the nearest house in Concord to Red Rocket, where she is holding out against Raiders until you rescue her. Therefore maybe Ivy can lurk in another house in Concord? It could be part of the back story, where Dr Stein left her or something - Dr Stein's home (full of interesting experimental goodies above ground) and his "gruesome" cellar laboratory area where he created Ivy. This is where she has been stuck ever since the war, and she has re-created the cellar into her own home as she waits for her redeemer.... All Dr. Stein's Ivy-creation experimental operating tables and kits could be there, forming a backdrop to her story and her player-home space. 'Tis but a thought.... I'm really excited by your upcoming developments on Ivy. I am still finding new stuff from her. Awesome! She is absolutely the best companion on FO4. You should feel really proud of what you (and Chic Geek) have created! Meanwhile....fancy making a version for Skyrim??? PS - since disconnecting her from AFT I do not think I have had 'missed' speech points and, in fact, seen I have seen some extra ones from Piper, which surprised me. So this advice seems to work well.
  14. I am using AFT and, to be frank, I seriously do not think I missed much. Yes, there are slight issues with AFT, but for me they are not game breaking. I believe I've seen where the problems occur: during one or two set scene conversations, I have seen a weird moment when people just stare at each other for a few seconds. I assume that's where Ivy's interjection failed to occur on that occasion. This happens very rarely, probably only 4 times for me in many hours of play and none of which made any difference in the overall game play. I have had many successful Ivy interjections which have been beautifully inserted into the game (they look like original game content! Awesome!). A couple of days ago I followed the instructions posted on these comments for removing Ivy from AFT. I'm interested to see if this fixes it. So my feeling is yep - there may be a problem allowing AFT to run Ivy. But at the end of the day that parts that are missed are not actually going to do anything to the game other than cause these rare blank moments in cut scenes. And given Ivy cannot alter the outcomes of the cut scenes anyway, it's just an inconvenience. Happy to be shot down in flames if others have had a worse experience! Meanwhile - I am really looking forward to the coming updates!