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  1. Sorry to bend off topic (so to speak). Has anyone a tweak / script / that would make a mod like "Aroused Sexy Idles" recognise Futa? So far as I can see, all these aroused idle mods are blind to the Futa side of players/NPCs I'm on SSE, but I can convert an LE mod if one's about. Thanks!
  2. Kalena's outfit is pretty much baked on as part of her modded skin. I don't touch it but you might be able to remove it using the console commands. You might get invisible skin bits. Kalena did have an issue of some parts of her becoming invisible during sex but I believe the latest is cured of that. I have mine listed as V2, SE, but I can't track where I got it from. The link I have is to Nehaberlan's LE page but I can't see it there. If you have problems with your version I'll send you over mine. In Seraphina's case the SE port author provided a nude version in response to an ask from me, so use that in the download. You should be alright with her. I tend to use NFF for follower outfit management though some followers are best left out of the NFF system.
  3. Please recover and be well again, Nehaberlan. I know you have a rough time with your seizures so rest up and know we are all fighting for you.
  4. Hey really pleased you got it sorted! Enjoy! 👍 My MO2 looks different because I use Style Sheets. I chose one that makes it easier on my eye - Paper Automata. They're on Nexus - just search under Mod Organizer. I also use a 21:9 screen so there's plenty of room for all the columns. I adjusted the Paper Automata font size up a bit, too, as my eyesight's rubbish. You can add columns to the left pane by selecting from a list; right-click in the column header space and you'll see the list. That's where you'll find the "Content" one. You can adjust the column widths to suite yourself, though I expect you know that. PS don't forget your BHUNP3BBB body needs to be before the XPMSSE in your right pane! Let me know how things work out. Happy to help any time.
  5. Two things from my experience: Firstly do not ESPFE the SOS Addon files. SOS often loses them and cannot 'connect' up to them. Stick with ESPs. Secondly, the ERF High Poly Add-on is an outdated model from LE and uses an older file structure. You can use it, but (to my mind) the SOS Futanari CBBE SSE is far superior in both finish and file structure. So best not to bother with that one. So long as SOS is up to date, add-ons are installed afterwards, they ought to appear. Make sure any texture overwrites come later in your install/load order. And make sure you have the correct XPMSSE Skeleton. You can ask SOS to restart in its MCM menu. Also it is advisable to use the Tempered Skins for Males SOS Full Version so you don't get weird feet on males.
  6. Sorry - just catching up with this. (Time Zones). Sorry you had a rough ride, Nehaberlan - do take it careful and good luck. TheVinylMenace - I get the impression you have your right MO2 pane sorted, and you have put the left pane in the same order. By placing texture packs I simply mean they have no ESP, so you need to be careful where you place them in the left MO2 pane. Some textures (Majestic Mountains) come with an ESP so they may get overwritten by another texture pack later in the left pane. It's just something top watch about. I'm a little puzzled over your install procedure. With LL mods I download them to disk, then manually install into MO2. Once I've installed using the usual procedure, the ESP is automatically placed in the right pane ready to go. I don't need to move ESPs from one pane to another. This makes me wonder if there is a disconnect in your installation that is activating the ESP but it is then unable to find the meshes and textures that should go with it. Are you able to post up a screenshot of your entire MO2? Here's mine (sorry it's a bit fuzzy): https://i.postimg.cc/s2ZCNBQ3/MO2-Layout.png I would be interested to see the "Content" column in the left pane.
  7. But you can't change it to Form 44 for Skyrim SE due to a Quest error in it. It crashes the CK.
  8. I've had loads of experience with Kalena and she works fine. Great mod! First up, have you sorted your right pane ESP load order with LOOT? That is the first job to do. Your left pane, above, is a mess. Once you sort your ESPs with LOOT, arrange your MO2 left pane to match the ESP order in the right pane. XPMSSE usually should go after all the other mods. Having it early and overwritten by Kalena will cause the invisibility issues. Also notice the CBPC and HDT stuff needs to have the correct order, too. This should be: CBBE (Caliente) (or UNP etc) Bodyslide & Outfit Sutideo HDT SMP, CBPC, 3BBB, XPMSE 3BBB LAST after any HDT / SMP mods. Texture packs will have to be distributed carefully in the left pane so you get the correct overwrites. PS - yes, sometimes MO2 will put the ESP into the right pane but for some reason does not activate it. Here's a recent load order from me so you can see the order that LOOT put my stuff in: https://modwat.ch/u/bluegunk You'll see XPMSSE at 841 on the list. PPS - sometimes LOOT makes weird decisions. Don't be afraid to make adjustments; just use LOOT as the main guide.
  9. I see you moved from Nexus, Netherworks. Shame Nexus made such a stupid decision. Now, a quick question please: when I decide to provide an outfit to a follower, my understanding is what they are wearing is removed and stored in a "Satchel". I recall the once-only pop-up that announces this. However, if I do this the Satchel is always empty. The follower's clothes are gone forever. So, my question is where does it go? Should the original kit be in the Satchel or am I misinterpreting this? Thanks for any assist!
  10. I'm looking for a recommendation for a low-script-impact Sexlab mod that would help me allocate random sex hookups to a group of NPCs. They could get on with bonking as a background activity in their group. Any recommendation for the most useful mod please?
  11. Thank you @manpan22, and @JuliusXX. I use Serpentine Tides myself. Perhaps I ought to sit down and experiment with the XMLs. I'll make a start on that. [I used to fiddle with the collision spheres a while back but they are hard work!] I think the biggest issue I'm facing is matching collisions with Acro's A-D breast sizes. Is there a swift solution to that? RESULT! Of course, use Racemenu in game to adjust 3BBB body morphs. Did some adjustments and got a pretty good match.
  12. I've been reading around 3BA all day today and cannot find a good reply to my question: What set up / xml choices make for THE BEST breast collision results with the 3BA body? I mean: seriously good collisions, hands, fingers, arms, wrists, breast on breast (if it exists). Everyone focuses on vaginal, anal and (who knows: nostril collisions?) I'm trying to get as close to real as possible with breasts, (waving my fist in challenge to Bethesda, Havok and the game engineers - yeah I know 'real' is impossible). Of course, not forgetting to thank Acro748 for his genius 3BA set up. 👍
  13. I downloaded it twice to make sure and checked through the structure. There are no facegen files in the mod, nor BSA. However, it's easy to generate them at my end and that solves the problem! But I see you have put a file up so thanks for that! I've downloaded it. 👍
  14. I am wondering if anyone please might help fix my conversion to 3BA of the SB Corset Armor CBBE (Bodyslide) SSE? [Source: SB Corset Armor It used to be on Nexus but got pulled.] I converted it to 3BA but I made a bodge of it, and the gloves have weird HDT stretching at the fingertips - so you get black streaks from them. I've no idea how to fix it. It is an awkward conversion because the gloves are art of the main armour and not separate. I attach my conversion - if anyone might be interested in seeing what can be done to fix it I'd mightily appreciate it. You'll see I converted it to ESL which I did a while back. The original ESP is in the optional folder. Thanks! NB this is my bodged version! Don't use it in your save! SB Corset Armor SSE.7z
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