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    Skyrim, FO4, RPG games, science fiction, fantasy, history, volcanoes, storms, sex (of course), cosplay, mediaeval weapons and society, rubber, latex, and those sort of kinks. I can kind of use a PC and have tried to mod, but failed badly so far. Also a long term Xena fan.
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    Just retired (early) "silver gamer". Long term married (but always open to genuine interest from the ladies - pm me!). Kids - grown up at home.

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  1. Bluegunk

    CBBE Bodyslide Conversions

    Thanks for the weight painting advice and future possibilities!
  2. Hi - like an old pain I am back again. As you know, Nehaberlan, I made a personal port of Kalena to SSE for myself (I've now added a UNPB body and she bounces - she is doing well in SSE). However, in trying to sort clothing problem with a different follower, Kalena somehow got brought into iAFT's Outfit Management. How, I do not know. Normally I don't touch AFT's Outfit Management due to the explosive bugginess of it and I never intended any follower to go in to it other than the one I was working on. Unfortunately, if I switch off iAFT's Outfit Management for Kalena, she immediately equips Vanilla Steel Armour. But her default outfit the game should recognise is surely the one she comes with: the 'nightie' and heels? Once in that Steel Armour, I cannot access her original clothes. I have tried lots of ways, from removing everything from her before the process, then removing the steel armour. But if I re-equip her original clothes, the steel armour comes back. If I try to re-start Outfit Management on her, the game freezes solid. I've used console commands, shouting, making coffee...nothing works. I really have dug my own grave here, and I wonder if you might have any ideas I could try, please? I've also asked on Oldrim's iAFT forum, too. Thanks! Hope you are well. UPDATE - I could not solve this so I have back tracked to a safe save. Thanks anyway!
  3. Bluegunk

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    Thank you - I really do appreciate your help!
  4. Hello once again! I'm still using my personal port to SE of Kalena and she is doing very well. CPU (who helped you out) has a mod called Follow Me for Sex and I'm experiencing some difficulties getting Kalena to work with his mod. Are you still working on Kalena?
  5. Bluegunk

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    Sorry CPU I'm back again. I just had a chance to try Follow Me for Sex on a follower and had a bit of a disaster. I'm going to experiment further. Here's what happened and how it is a bit complex: I use the trans follower Kalena Rios by nehaberlan (self-ported to SSE) and s/he works a charm with Sexlab. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2329-kalena-rios-transsexual-follower/ . I use the ported Oldrim mod Sexlab Gender Change [ http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/715-sexlab-gender-change/ But when I used her with FM4S she did two things, firstly equip a fake penis (she's already got one) and secondly lose all her dialogue so I could no longer interact with her. When she did speak it was with a rough Nord voice, not the one she is modded with. Animations do work, its just the whole thing goes wonky. Turns out the Sexlab Gender Change mod causes the voice and menu problem. On the Nexus mod version, Racknosian Posted 17 August 2018 - 12:09 AM: Completely breaks followers/npcs they lose their original dialogue and voice and whatever they were doing before like selling and followers can no longer be recruited, What am I doing wrong >< It's the same thing that happened to me. I can fix her with a reload. FM4S can't recognise the Sexlab Gender change or something? I run SE, Sexlab Framework 1.63 Beta 4, iAFT, My Home is Your Home and a load of other mods. I have the mods required to run FM4S Any ideas on what I can do to sort this out please? I am going to continue experimenting and I'll let you know what turns up. OK it is my fault being the one that uses a transexual follower...... ! UPDATE: tried with YuiH Sha (SE version off Nexus) and all went well with her, no problems (apart from a weird spanking session: https://ibb.co/mx8Ha0 ). So it's likely my trans follower Kalena causing issues. However, YuiH Sha when dismissed as a follower for no apparent reason started peeing or squirting ( https://ibb.co/h1iYYL ) as she walked away, like the report from CelesUden earlier... I dropped the Gender Change on Kalena which helped a great deal, but fM4S sees her as female.
  6. Bluegunk

    CBBE Bodyslide Conversions

    Would anyone be up to converting the Lucrezia Navarre robes [ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17279?tab=description ] to bodyslide and CBBE physics? I seem to be Outfit Studio Challenged - a rare and difficult condition.
  7. Bluegunk

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    Thank you. I use a controller (PC) but I discovered I can hold the spell and position the toilet seat quite easily. Presumably there is no post-drop adjustment? So that is sorted! I took two screen shots of what happens with the MCM menu: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2oszebl8o/ I click on Manage the Toilet and then the Bathing MCM page goes blank. It stays that way, even if I exit and re-enter the MCM menu. And here's the papyrus log: http://www.filedropper.com/papyrus0 Thanks for your help! PS I also mentioned a while back that nothing happens when I click on the Enable Go to Sleep option box in the config menu: https://postimg.cc/WhWhKTQ8 I can click on the box, but nothing happens - no X or anything.
  8. Bluegunk

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    Hi CPU I'm having a bit of trouble with toilets! I spawned a toilet and it arrived, on the floor with a stick rising out of it. I assume the stick is some kind of control feature for positioning? OK, so I went to the MCM to manage my toilet, Clicked on Manage Toilet GO, and the menu went blank. Out of the MCM I could still do nothing with the toilet. In the MCM the Bathing page was still blank. I never can get to manage the toilet. Am I missing something blindingly obvious here, please?
  9. I see 1.2.2 covers CBBE SE - I take it your earlier versions like 1.2.1 do not? Just seeking reassurance. Thanks!
  10. Bluegunk

    CBBE Bodyslide Conversions

    Am I right in my understanding that the heavier the weighting (like into the reds) the less 'lift' an item will have against, say, a leg movement in walking? That walking should have only a light weighting to allow the cloth to respond and not allow the leg to clip through? You are absolutely right. Practice. As a beginner my result looked like a UFO around the character! But I'm keen to learn now that I have tried.
  11. Bluegunk

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    I use the two mods together and I have noticed no problems at all. I have had both MCMs straight from the start and only used LOOT to sort them. Currently MME is after FM4S in my load order. I have a pretty full load order, too. Since I'm building a new play-through I've thoroughly tested everything. It could be possible a third mod is interfering?
  12. Bluegunk

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    Her losing interest was reported by Saeros on 19 September on this thread. Someone offered to support her to quite a lot of cash.