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    Skyrim, FO4, RPG games, science fiction, fantasy, history, volcanoes, storms, sex (of course), cosplay, mediaeval weapons and society, rubber, latex, and those sort of kinks. I can kind of use a PC and have tried to mod, but failed badly so far. Also a long term Xena fan.
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  1. On the Nexus Acro 3BBB mod page have a look at the Requirements link. There's a growing list there. Not sure about LL though.
  2. REQUEST FOR A NEW MOD OR ADD-ON I've used Sexlab and Flower Girls for ages (years, literally). I can't mod, nor animate, nor script (and hell, have I tried. But I have a logic disconnect with words caused by mild autism). ðŸĨš So I'm not able to do this myself. It has bothered me for ages that after sex, or masturbation (including the mod Cumshot), the player/NPC leaps to their feet and dresses in an instant, looking like they spent the last three minutes listening to Heimskr at full throttle whilst suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. The Sexlab Ragdo
  3. Hudson Leik. What a character in Xena! Loved her in that show. 😁
  4. That's a good idea! I'll go for that. Thanks! In the long term it would be useful for this mod to omit mannequins.
  5. Thanks for that! Actually, I dropped FNIS completely. I did run the two side by side for a while (like in your instructions), but decided to drop FNIS because Fore has retired. So I guess Nemesis' lack of creature compatibility affects this mod. I don't really wish to go back to running FNIS and Nemesis side by side again. Cheers for the information; I appreciate you taking the time out to answer. 👍
  6. Yes, I know there is a non-futa version! OK. I've taken the risk of adding the SOS mod back in... so far I haven't been overwhelmed by futanari! I think I got the settings right this time. I'll give Amarith a try now! Thanks!
  7. Ah ha.... I shall check that setting out. Thank you! Update - the SLSO mod specifies: 3)goto sexlab mcm enable separate orgasms For others, I have checked and double-checked potential conflicts and got nowhere. So much so that I've rolled back and set things up a second time. I may have had an error burnt into my save that prevented the mods firing. Many thanks for your help everyone! Let's leave it there, now. 👍
  8. I have a small conundrum with the Nexus mod, Sexy Mannequins. This SOS-Addon-Futanari mod will give the human-like female mannequins a schlong. Now, I understand normally with a female NPC you'd get SOS to remove the schlong and after that, no problem. But Sexy Mannequins do not act like NPCs, and so SOS (Full) simply does not recognise them. ðŸĪ” So once schlonged, I cannot for the life of me get the damned dick off them! Not even with console inventory commands. The SOS No Futanari mod does not appear to work on them either. Is
  9. Thanks! I have Dripping When Aroused. It's "DW.esp" One of my all time favourites. Which is why I am so puzzled at lack of...dripping...or anything.
  10. Thanks for stepping up and answering! Here's my SLAB settings pages (2 pics) https://postimg.cc/gallery/VJJrsLx Using even Matchmaker I'm getting nothing. This is...weird. I've not known such a dry spell! OStim is not meant to make any difference to Sexlab so I doubt it is that in my load order. The Filter Gay/Lesbian should still pull in the relevant animations. The animations work - but the liquid effects do not.
  11. New play-through being built. I just had Sexlab's Random Sex fire up and a female follower had a go at my female player. They had a good time together using Sexlab Separate Orgasms, and...well, that was it. No squirt, no cum effects, no nothing. No Dripping when Aroused completion effects. Zippo. They looked drier than a day in the Sahara Desert. I have Sexlab set up for cum effects (and the application of them), and all the usual. I have a bucket load of sexlab mods, Here's my mod list: https://modwat.ch/u/bluegunk Why is everything so dry?
  12. Great follower. If you could wean her off the requirement for SOS- Addon - Futanari CBBE SSE it would be awesome. I would feel more relaxed about downloading and installing her. If you want an example, the mod Futanari Prisoner uses a special penis that is registered as an add-on schlong, meaning she's standalone (so to speak). SOS-Addon Futanari is a mod that I still have...nightmares...over. It takes over a game and goes out of control. I wake up screaming in the night remembering Lakeview Mannequins all growing dicks... ðŸĨķ It spreads kind of like Coronavirus
  13. Might I please just double-check the mod choice remains support for either Sexlab or Flower Girls, please? Thanks! DWA - one of my favourite mods. Thanks for all the dripping! ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ðŸ‘
  14. Thanks for the info! I'll follow the link up. 👍 Always good to learn more about this!
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