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  1. Oh bother it. I use the 3BBB and that's the mod I am using (but not actually used in game yet.). Sorry.
  2. I tried this out and woah! Amazing work! Simply amazing! This must have taken you ages to build. I really appreciate this. Thanks!
  3. Try: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30831?tab=files
  4. As a long term fan of Fertility Mode, I am tracking your mod with lots of interest! Once you have it to beta I'll be keen to try!
  5. I have the two sisters in my game. I checked them out with the console: player.placeatme command and they appeared; looking bl**dy good, too! I've gone over to Bannermist Tower, and the two girls were busy fighting a bunch of bandits. Once the bandits were defeated, the girls were happy to join me. And I was able to roll the usual follower commands with them. I have around 600 mods in my game. So if this mod is able to break, you can be sure I would break it. I'm good at doing that. 😁 So if the girls are not showing, then folks need to examine their load order and check the girls, or the Tower, or the landscape there are not being overwritten by something. You should also check you have XPMSSE (lack of it will make them invisible) and all the other mods required to support the girls. Thanks for the mod, Nelfim! 👍
  6. Argh, you noticed. Thanks for not killing an old pervert like me!
  7. I'm using CBBE, Acro748 3BBB, plus Labia Variants body in game, with ABBA (Arousal Based Breast Adjuster), SLIF, etc. Using Fair Skin in game. All working 100%. But I'm disappointed the PC and NPC vaginas look so dry. With (Sexlab) arousal hitting 40% and up, I'd expect my character to look aroused, not like a desiccated sand sculpture from the driest desert east of the Atacama. 🌵 Please, are there any texture / specular overlays folks might know about that turn the vagina texture into an oozing, glistening joy 💦? I can't find any for the above body and skin (nor any similar). ABBA's (slightly) wet shader only arrives at 90% arousal, which is so late the author must suffer from dehydration. I'd love to change that to 40% but can't. I tried adjusting specular for Acro748's body vagina but my Paint.Net skills are abysmal. Any recommendations (or even quick mod creations) gratefully received. Thank you! (PS yes, I have the Dripping when Aroused mod). (God I hope Vyxenne doesn't read this...gulp 😱 ).
  8. OK here's a new question please! I use Acro748's 3BBB Body Amazing, overlaid with Labia Variants that works with SLIF and ABBA. I also use Bijin Skin. And Wet Function Redux. Bijin Skin is very good, but I would like to make my player's pussy look as wet / slimy as possible even before Wet Function does its thing. Bijin has no specular for the vagina. Pure Skin has but it's not brilliant. Anyone know of a texture layer, or a Wet Function Redux setting that would bump this right up? I'd want something that works with Bijin, Fair Skin or Pure. I'm useless with Gimp or Paint.net. Thanks!
  9. Hi Sorry - it's still there! To fix the original for myself I made the change in the Facegen Nif. Changing the ESP alone won't fix it. https://postimg.cc/gallery/Ty6Tc0g If you fix the same in both Facegen files, you'll be golden. Love the girls thank you! And Danika is amazing. Thanks for a great futa mod! NB to get 'male' animations for Danika users must allocate masculine animations to her. I use the "Sexlab Gender Change" mod which is simple and low key, works out of the box.
  10. Thank you for that! I had virtually the same response from Acro748, and so I was able to solve this problem by pointing the NIFs at the modded follower's tri files. The authors had pointed them incorrectly at vanilla player tris, which caused the issue. It seems some follower authors are unaware of using the correct tri files. All good now!
  11. I had that too, on both sisters. I called them in to check them over and they're fantastic! Look forward to a fix for the missing texture part. Meanwhile it is fixable by altering the relevant Facegen NIFs line so the Noora line points to ks hairdos.
  12. Hi Methu, I do not like the 'Danger' anime sound. So I replaced that with a 'panic' breathing sound I got free off the Internet. I added a few more breathing sounds and altered the ESP to accommodate them and it's OK now. The regular breathing is weirdly sexy but a little loud! I think you could do a LOT with this mod, such as mix it with the vanilla game sounds to make it all fit together. Thanks for what you have provided! For Skyrim SE users, update to Form 44. PS - could this be changed to a left-hand ring, or a fire and forget spell?? Allowing other rings to be used.
  13. I'd love to try this mod. Your sisters look fantastic and I would like to add them to my game. I assume the mod works with Schlongs of Skyrim even though it is not a requirement? But like others I find COTR is a bit of a stretch too far for me; it has limited skin textures and other things that could upset my nice set up! I'll keep an eye on things to see if you can come up with a version that does not demand this mod. All the other goodies I have already. Actually, stuff it. I installed COTR... 😁
  14. Thanks! The bikini is great apart from invisible gloves! I'll see if I can spot the fault, but just to let you know. Oh...wait. Silly me I know why! D'Oh. All good.
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